安妮的游戏 The Game of Annie [2023-07-14] [Potentknight]

安妮的游戏 The Game of Annie [2023-07-14] [Potentknight]

July 10, 2024F95

In this game, the player can use guns to shoot enemies, can use cold weapons to attack enemies, can use explosives and set traps. The same computer-controlled enemy will do the same thing to the player. There are monsters in the game that attack and bite the player. Players can practice yoga movements and fitness movements in the yoga gym, players can practice dance movements in the dance studio, players can change clothes in the changing room and customize the figure of the character.
*A NOTE from your friendly neighborhood Zemax, to prevent the blue balls, There is NO sexual content in this game*

Thread Updated: 2023-07-14
Release Date: 2023-06-13
Developer: Potentknight Steam
Censored: No
Version: BUG fixes and updates 2023-06-20
OS: Windows
Language: English/Simplified Chinese
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3D game, Female Protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Post-apocalyptic, Action, Indie, no sexual content, character creation, Monster
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1. Extract and run.
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BUG Fixes and updates 2023-07-05
Most effects are recycled using object pooling technology to avoid the performance cost of frequent creation and destruction of objects
1. Remove excess physical collision of AI shells to reduce performance consumption
2. Object pooling technology is used to optimize special effects and reduce performance consumption
3. Fixed the outline display effect of infected persons
4. Fixed the loot drop for common infected people
5. Reduce excess particles of blood effect and reduce performance consumption
6. Adjust the screen Settings, the maximum frame limit is 120 frames by default
It is recommended that the player set a maximum frame limit, too high a frame number will cause the graphics card fan to generate excess revolution increase the burden
BUG fixes and updates 2023-06-20
1. Slightly reduced the frequency of AI human speech
2. Fixed a logic error when picking up bow ammunition
3. Optimized the shader for robe clothing
4. Optimized the shader for all sock costumes
5. Fixed the flag display before the alarm starts
6. Lowered the minimum number of enemies to appear while exploring
7. Adjusted the targeting speed of AI human enemies and the game difficulty
BUG fixes and updates 2023-06-18
1. Adjusted the battle backpack UI wide screen automatic adaptation
2. Adjusted the wide screen automatic adaptation of the main menu UI
3. Remove treasure chests from skirmishes (treasure chests remain in exploration mode)
4. Increased the speed at which players stand up after falling down
5. Added the option to return to the main menu after the player dies
6. The countdown UI icon has been added to the UI of the evacuation location
7. Reduced the size of some plant colliders
8. Lengthened the length of the resource UI that can display units
BUG fixes and updates 2023-06-17
1. Fixed UI location error on city map
2. Fixed the size of the enemy tag UI
3. Enhanced the enemy refresh mechanism in exploration mode to avoid the situation of no enemies
4. Significantly increased revenue from skirmishes (encounters)
BUG fixes and updates 2023-06-16
1. Adapt to fix the battle part UI in the wide screen scale
2. Newly added the function of marking the enemy, which can be marked and sustained for a period of time after staring at the enemy
3. Improved refresh logic for exploration and encounter missions
4. Weapon swaps other than shotguns will not be aimed off
5. Increased the reload speed of the double-barreled shotgun
6. The collider of the building ruins was repaired
7. Enhanced listening ability so that players can hear enemies even when they are hidden
8. Increased the weight of the animal to prevent the doll system from flying too far
9. Increased the number of parts you can get for Skirmish battles
BUG Fixed 2023-06-15
1. Increased durability of melee weapons
2. Melee weapons are faster to attack and easier to trigger execution animations
3. Initial ammo replenishment of the third assault rifle is back to normal
4. The fourth shotgun clip capacity is increased
5. Players can increase the walking slope and reduce the frequency of falls
6. Player explosives no longer deal damage to fortifications
7. Fixed the height of the city buildings and fixed the border loopholes of the viaduct map
8. Night defense AI teammates fight more aggressively
BUG Fixed 2023-06-14
1. Optimized AI enemy tracking logic
2. Optimized the birth position of the AI enemy, even if it is not in the waypoint position, it will automatically find the nearest position and adjust it
3. Optimized the hero’s backpack logic to avoid being unable to open when hidden
4. Optimized the trigger range of the search task
5. Fixed the initial AI position for city defense at night
6. Fixed an edge vulnerability in Forest Encounters
7. Now players can jump freely on flat ground
BUG fixed 2023-06-13
1. Optimized the color setting logic of underwear
2. Fixed AI waypoint issue on some maps
3. Reduce the number of animals
4. Added UI prompts when changing magazines
5. Fixed the weapon display value error
6. Fixed the free camera in the locker room
Developer Notes:
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Thank you players for your support! Thank you.
Updated the effects of throwing items and added the hint of throwing items running out
Don’t forget to use the Listen function (hold down the middle mouse button) to mark the enemy’s position
Press T to turn on the flashlight and upgrade the weight ability to carry more ammo ~
Love you!

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    安妮的游戏 The Game of Annie [2023-07-14] [Potentknight]