Magi・Rivellis Infinite Dungeon [v1.10] [yahiruzu]
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Magi・Rivellis Infinite Dungeon [v1.10] [yahiruzu]

April 4, 2024F95

A real-time ecchi dungeon that can be played even when left completely unattended!
The game progresses without stopping, and the standing picture changes one after another.
Defeat the enemies who attack you with erotic attacks, and don’t let the erotic traps get you down,
Defeat the whore Reverie who lurks in the deepest part of the dungeon.
The game is over when both of them are in a state of “complete restraint”.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-04
Release Date: 2024-03-28
Original Title: マギ・リヴェルリの無限洞窟
Developer: yahiruzu DLsiteCi-en
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 1.10
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese
Store: DLsite
Other Games: Link
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2DCG, Adventure, Ahegao, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Censored, Combat, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Groping, Humiliation, Japanese Game, Point & Click, Puzzle, Monster, Sex Toys, Strategy, Teasing, Tentacles, Vaginal Sex
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1. Extract and run.
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Added volume setting system.
Now works even when the window is inactive.
Developer Notes:
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[Game Flow]
If you answer a question correctly, you will prevent the enemy’s attack and deal damage, and
if you answer incorrectly, the enemy’s attack will succeed and you will be restrained.
When you are restrained, your heart gauge increases, and
when your heart gauge reaches its maximum, your
HP decreases.When your HP decreases, it becomes difficult to break out of the restraints, and
when the restraint gauge reaches a certain level, you become completely restrained.
When both players are completely restrained, the game is over.
If you turn on auto mode, the game will progress even if you leave it completely alone.
After clearing the story, you will be able to select a bonus mode.
Any difficulty level is fine.
Basic HCG…32 pieces + various differences
Basic standing picture…2 sheets (many differences)
HCG…30 sheets (Standing picture type HCG.There are some differences)
Ecchi enemies…15 types (for 2 characters ) (1 HCG each)
Trap… 7 types (basic standing picture differences change)

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    Magi・Rivellis Infinite Dungeon [v1.10] [yahiruzu]