~Prince Side Story~ How Far Will the Sow Prince Fall [v1.01] [テディ✕3]
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~Prince Side Story~ How Far Will the Sow Prince Fall [v1.01] [テディ✕3]

April 18, 2024F95

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  I had a very important childhood friend.
  We were always together since childhood, and one day I planned to confess and wanted to marry her.
  But then, a guy transferred to our school and everything went into complete disarray.
  My childhood friend was broken in both spirit and body, and, in the end, she became his.
  Even though I knew she was in danger, in the end, I did nothing.
  It was all a consequence of my own doing.
  This is the story of the worst possible outcome, a conclusion that is my fault.
Thread Updated: 2024-03-14
Release Date: 2024-01-31
Developer: テディ✕3 Cien
Translator: DazedAnon PatreonDiscordGumroad
Censored: Mosaic
Version: 1.02
OS: Windows
Language: English (GPT-4)
Store: DLsite
Prequel: Link
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The PATCH will contain the latest updates and fixes to the game. Install It.
To Download and apply the Github Patch.
1. Extract files from patch to game folder. Replace All.

Patch: Updates/Fixes

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    ~Prince Side Story~ How Far Will the Sow Prince Fall [v1.01] [テディ✕3]