A Gentle Girl and A Short Escape 3 [v2.01] [Unidentified Flying Monster]
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A Gentle Girl and A Short Escape 3 [v2.01] [Unidentified Flying Monster]

July 3, 2024F95

This is a sequel to A Gentle Girl and a Short Escape 2.

The story takes place a month or two after the previous game, but you don’t need to have played it to enjoy this.
This time, you and your girlfriend are transported to another world, in typical Isekai fashion… And you’ll be offered hospitality, having to work as butler and maid in return!
This game is good for those who enjoy fantasizing. Whenever you’re not with your girlfriend, a standing picture of her will be displayed on the screen. You may see her lose her clothes, or engage in perverted acts while being away from you… Stimulating your imagination and making you wonder how she could have ended up like that.

Thread Updated: 2021-09-05
Released Date: 2021-06-24
Censored: Yes
Version: 2.01
OS: Windows
Language: English (DeepL MTL + ED Picker Mod)
Translator: @TheDarkSky (Me!) – BlogBuy Me a Coffee (Please consider~!)
Store: DLsite
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1. Extract and run.
If the game isn’t working, try re-extracting and playing under Japanese Locale
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v2.01 (also EN v1.1)
– Entire TL has been redone with DeepL (removed line breaks, TLed, and re-inserted line breaks)
– Name length limit increased to 6 characters, suffix length limit increased to 5 characters
– Modifications and additions
– Addition of events
– 1 CG and 1 erotic standing picture added
– Correction of typographical errors
– Initial Translation
Translator Notes (PLEASE READ!!!):
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Back in late April, I immediately MTLed this game since I am a big fan of this series, and while it took more work than it normally would for a simple MTL (because line breaks had to be inserted manually), I was rather satisfied with the final result. But since the original creator wasn’t, he kept updating it here and there, adding more features and extras.
Now that 2.01 was out, I felt like it was time to go back to this – and while it looks like this isn’t the final version yet, I think it’s good enough to release this again, with more improvements this time around. My original MTL featured the following:
– The entire script and menus (except for some very, very minor elements, like the “Load” button in menus or some minor lines) have been completely MTLed
– Since replaying this game to get various endings is too much of a timesink, an additional NPC has been added into the recollection room. They will show up only after beating any ending once, and they will let you pick an ending of your choosing (the option to have the ending names spoiled or not has also been included).
And some other small additions. Without mentioning the original developer’s additions (check previous changelog for details), I have also added the following:
– MTL HAS BEEN ENTIRELY REDONE IN DEEPL. “Oh, it’s just because Translator++ added the DeepL plugin, duh”, you may say. But no, I still did it manually – and since DeepL produces some top tier poetry whenever there’s line breaks in the middle of the text, I manually removed every line break, passed the text through DeepL, and put back in again the correct line breaks to make text fit in English. This took A WHILE, but the quality of the translation is much superior (in my honest opinion) to Google Translate’s.
– MC’s name’s character limit raised from 5 to 6, because it definitely fits much more names when written in English. MC’s suffix’s character limit raised from 3 to 5, so that you can actually be called MC-kun instead of MCkun (since the original limit was 3). With it being 5, you can also use other suffixes like -chan, -sama and so on.
Hopefully this TL will be a good basis for when the last version comes out later this year. This took LOTS of work (done while I felt a little sick tbh), so if you want to show any support please, PLEASE consider donating a few coffees, I sincerely appreciate it!!!
Extras: Patch

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    A Gentle Girl and A Short Escape 3 [v2.01] [Unidentified Flying Monster]