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  • Father Sins [v0.12] [MBF Games]
    Abandoned   /   QSP
    May 19, 2024F95

    John is the most common worker. Quite normal life. Another story about a man with a huge potential, who had no luck in life and now have to work for the asshole boss in a very strange company. And also for a small salary. John has a family. Two adorable daughters and a wife. Wife,

  • The Club of Lovers [v0.1.3A] [Club Of Lovers]
    May 18, 2024F95

    The Club of Lovers is an 18+ game that tells about the strange events that happen to your main character. You have to decide the fate of this girl, whether she will become a slave of her dreams, gain power over her or be freed from desires, having learned the truth. You are a key

  • Well of Time [v0.0.4.5] [Selina Games]
    Onhold   /   QSP
    May 17, 2024F95

    This game is about a girl who fell into a well and woke up in a completely unfamiliar area. At

  • SaraGame [v1.0.3] [SaraGames]
    May 14, 2024F95

    You have to play as Sarah, this is a woman of 35 years old, she is very beautiful and almost

  • FemLife [v0.99] [Mr_saturn]
    May 13, 2024F95

    Femlife is a simulation of the life of a young woman, Violetta. You are just coming to the city, renting an apartment, looking for a job, taking care of your body. Violetta can be a good girl, and that’s alright, but the real fun begins when you don’t have any restraints, right?See MoreProstitution, drugs, vodka,

  • Power [v0.3.1.2] [Strobilus]
    May 9, 2024F95

    Far to the west, a wondrous new world had been discovered. The unknown lands attracted the explorers, but their paths

  • Son of Asia [v60.0] [SonOfAll]
    Completed   /   QSP
    May 8, 2024F95

    Son of Asia is an Asian real porn game built around the themes of Son of a Bitch by Avenger. It is not a modification, it is a completely new game. The protagonist is a young man whose father is in a coma and now has to take on the responsibility of running his company

  • Zireael [v0.9.4] [SaraGames]
    May 2, 2024F95

    You play as Ciri, who has found out that people are disappearing in the village of Riverwood, and you need

  • Girl Life [v0.9.2.2] [community project]
    April 17, 2024F95

    Based on the Russian game ЭТО by DeGross.This game is about the simulated life of a woman containing elements of

  • Clean Slate [v1.0.0] [mugwump]
    April 11, 2024F95

    You are given a chance to start your life over with a clean slate — but even your gender is up for grabs and if you don’t play your cards

  • About It [v0.96.5 Public] [about_it]
    April 11, 2024F95

      An open world sandbox game with no pre-planned plot. All NPCs and events in the game are generated depending on the actions, preferences, and desires of the main character. Emphasis is placed on gaining complete freedom to interact with the environment. There are no pre-planned endings in the game, but there are always choices

  • Vicindio [v1.99.24] [Solid Snekk]
    March 18, 2024F95

    A light adult action-adventure game created in the QSP engine. Thread Updated: 2023-12-10 Release Date: 2023-05-17 Developer: Solid Snekk  –

  • Extacity [v0.21] [MvH]
    February 28, 2024F95

    Young guy live with Dad, Mom & Old Sister. Study at school, but his teacher betrayed him. Our protagonist goes

  • Mother’s Best Friend [v0.17.1 Cheats] [MBF games]
    Abandoned   /   QSP
    February 17, 2024F95

    Overview:This story is about a young man living in a rich family. From the very beginning he had everything he

  • My Life [v0.4] [Floser]
    Abandoned   /   QSP
    February 13, 2024F95

    “I was normal, a rough girl who lived in a rustic cabin not far from the city. I had it all. Loving parents, friends, money. Now I’m 21 years old. I graduated from high school, the University and it`s time to get a job.” Thread Updated: 2023-04-06 Release Date: 2016-06-04 Developer: FloserCensored: No Version: 0.4

  • Evil 2 [v0.70] [community project]
    February 7, 2024F95

    Overview: This game is an open world QSP based RPG style game.  Much of the inspiration for this game comes from the original game EVIL with similar game mechanics and storylines.  It is a lot different than the story based visual novels where your hand is held throughout the game experience.  No hand holding is

  • Corporate Queen [Final] [Rebby]
    Completed   /   QSP
    February 5, 2024F95

    A small story about corporate greed, and older women in nylons Thread Updated: 2023-05-12 Release Date: 2023-05-12 Developer: Rebby Censored: No Version: Final Language: English Length: 5 min Genre: See More 3DCG, Female protagonist, Cheating Installation: See More 1. Extract and run. As this is a QSP game you are required to use a QSP

  • Slave Market [v0.39] [Markets]
    Abandoned   /   QSP
    February 5, 2024F95

    This is a very short and simple proof of concept for a QSP game with a focus on more developed

  • Son of a Bitch! [v0.30] [Avenger]
    February 5, 2024F95

    Overview:The protagonist of the game is a young man who just graduated from school and has to choose a way of life. You write his history. He lives with his mom and elder sister. And there are a lot of girls and women in games world! (Click on First Option to start a new game,

  • Studentgirl [v011] [Vasiygame]
    Abandoned   /   QSP
    February 4, 2024F95

    It’s a life-sim as a schoolgirl. It’s just you and your sister  You have quite a bit of ways on how you can choose your life. You can be a prostitute, stripper, office worker, nurse, mistress, etc Updated: 24 October, 2017 Developer / Publisher: Vasily Avdeyev Censorship: No Version: 011 OS: Windows Language: Russian, English

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