Adventures in Celestria [v0.25] [Purple_Afro2002]

Adventures in Celestria [v0.25] [Purple_Afro2002]

May 16, 2024F95

Adventures In Celestria (Formerly known as A new World) Your mother abandoned you and your father, so he raised you alone since you were a child and when you were 22 years old happened what scared you the most, your father died. As you are alone you decide to sell the house that your father left you to move, just before the sale you decide to take things out of the attic where you find a box that belonged to your mother, inside it you find a necklace that belonged to her you decide to take it with you, but when you take this necklace transports you to a place unknown to you to a new world called Celestria a world full of strange creatures and magic in which many adventures await you.
Thread Updated: 2024-05-16
Release Date: 2024-05-15
Developer: Purple_Afro2002BoostyItch.ioTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows
Language: Spanish, English (Google Translate)
Other Games: 4 Mothers
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3DCG, 2D Game, Male Protagonist, Big Tits, Cheating, Big Ass, Milf, Incest, Netorare, Sandbox, Vaginal sex,
Handjob, Blowjob,  Adventure, Combat,  Footjob, Monster, MonsterGirl,
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1. Extract and run.
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– You can now access much of the map of Celestria.
– New characters.
– Liora
– Mariel
– Undine
– Corwin
– Agnes
– Thalassin city map fully available.
– Introduction events for new characters ready (5 events).
– Now you can regenerate your Mana with potions or just resting in an inn (20 pearls).
– New Enemies:
-Dark Orcs
Added gay sex scenes (optional) if you lose in a fight against Dark Orcs (optional).
Added a new game against the Dark Orcs (then game over).
– Added a new main quest.
– Added Event Mission for Undine (with replayable scene).
– Removed a plugin that froze the game in the loading screen.
– Added Event Mission for Liora (with replayable scene).
– New event and Mission for Debra with Sex Scene(Repeatable)
– New event and mission for Roxan with Ecena of sex(Repeatable)
– New story mode event for Minerva and Mission for Durgana (unlocked after Erin’s event).
– New event for Morgan and Minerva to go to Celestria.
– Minerva’s profile pictures were changed,
  made her less pale.
– New Main Story Event and sex scene with Minerva.
– New Mission for Sefora.
– New Main Story Event and Mission with Minerva and Morgan.
– New Event for Sefora and sex scene.
– Now you can explore the abandoned Mine of the Town
  after doing Sefora’s Mission.
– New Goblin King Event (Grommok).
– New mission for Grikka (and a new spell to learn).
– All Celestria Map is finished (still can’t be accessed).
– New event for Erin.
– New characters:
– New Enemies Added:
It is recommended to start a new game in this version.
End of the Introduction
Added the option to choose NTR or NO when meeting Roxan.
Added an Event for Roxan with a Sex Scene in the Non NTR Route.
Made some visual changes in the menu.
Added an event for Debra with Sex Scene.
Developer Notes:
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The native language of this game is Spanish, but I’ll try to bring a more or less decent translation
for people who speak english,
my main idea would be to bring an update every 15 days,
but I could do it every week if this project has enough support.
If you like you can support on TWITTER or becoming a member on Boosty(or donating on this one)
to be aware of the updates.
The game will focus more on Harem above all, it will have a little bit of NTR,
but it will be totally avoidable as well as other things that maybe aw will add later on
like FUTA, GAY, FURRY AND OTHERS(anyway everything will be depending on DEV’s taste).
To unlock quests talk to the characters and more will be unlocked.
The game can be played on Android by emulating it on JoyPlay.


Extras: Portuguese MTL 0.20

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    Adventures in Celestria [v0.25] [Purple_Afro2002]