A Skinwalker Fantasy [v0.14a] [TheSkinFlayer]

A Skinwalker Fantasy [v0.14a] [TheSkinFlayer]

January 26, 2024F95

Skinwalkers are sorcerers, warlocks of legend who can alter their physical apparence to better suit their impulses, and trick infortunate people into following them in the wilderness so that they may never reappear. Except, they do reappear, their likeness does, the skinwalker can wear the skin of a person or an animal and effectively mimic them to a certain extent. That is where you come into the story, the little town of Sancester has been in the middle of strange disappearences, and this time it is not about people, it is about skinwalkers mysteriously vanishing and a deafening sound that came from somewhere around town.
You, being a rather new skinwalker, are asked to investigate the town and discover what’s happening and why this town seems to be in the center of a big conspiracy !

Thread Updated: 2023-09-04
Release Date: 2023-09-03
Developer:  TheSkinFlayer PatreonSubscribeStar –  Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.14a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, 2D Game, Animated, Male Protagonist, Combat, Horror, Humor, Monster, Paranormal, RPG, Turn Based Combat, Sandbox, Trainer, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Bukkake, Corruption, Creampie, Footjob, Furry, Groping, Handjob, Humiliation, Male Domination, Prostitution, Sleep Sex, Voyeurism, Ahegao, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Rape, Slave, Vaginal Sex
Planned tags:
Multiple Endings, Combat, Graphic Violence, Management, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Furry, Group Sex, Harem, Incest, Interracial, Lactation, Pregnancy, Sexual Harassment, Spanking, Teasing, Transformation, Virgin,
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1. Extract and run.
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Version 0.14a
Problem with some labels that gave an error
Version 0.14
Anthology first story : Stuck in the cavern
Finger vagina/ass, fuck vagina/ass, feet fetish, spread pussy
3 new random battle maps for regular battles based on the location
1 new background with alts for the Howling Woods
New animations for Maria doggystyle (vaginal and anal); with variant of the creampie screen
Some advancement in the Maria corruption quest
Being stuck, unable to continue the main quest in some instances
Maria strip scene modified a little bit
Maria Duke BJ animated scene modified (hair and eyes)
Carmen Fuck scenes tweaked a little bit
Maria night licking and creampie scene (TF was I thinking with her clitoris, like I know it’s cartoony but it was way too much)
Changed Cumming sound
Many bugfix in the code, it seems it was easy to break the game (Now it should be GOOD. Let’s hope I didn’t miss anything..)
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Sell All button for the restaurant and for Alden
New dick type for Carmen Gloryhole scenes (Small)
Different colors for dicks in Carmen Gloryhole scenes (3 colors, making it 6 different dicks in total)
Restaurant background
New Leg Perk – Light Steps (To always be able to escape a battle)
New Area – The Howling Woods unlockable after you get 25 Total Control in the First Forest
Some new enemies and a new boss (with new Fear mechanics for battle)
New fucking scene with Duke and Maria (with a smiling alt)
New after creampie scene with smiling alt
Itch.io link in the main menu since it gets more and more following
BUG FIX / Modifications
Variable problem that made you go to the main screen in some instances
Carmen icon in the haven is slightly different
Fawn has less attack and less HP
Xp and Skw Points gain for Owl
Changed the face of Maria in the intro (Once again!)
Problem in some instance with the Meditation of the Sliver Cat’s perk
Patreon or Subscribe Star activated game gives you 300 Skinwalker Points at the start of the game
Easier to find the bosses of the two forests (required 60% control in the deep forest, now only 30%)
Gain more money at the gloryhole
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BUG FIX / Modifications
If you asked “About the gloryhole” after Carmen has accepted to do it, it wouldn’t find the right label and give you an error
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More sprites for Maria
“Slave” Carmen dialogue for the gloryhole (Convincing her to do it)
Gloryhole animated scenes of Carmen (Idle – Dick1 HJ – Dick1 BJ – Cumshot)
Maria enjoying Duke when licked at night (when >= 45 corruption)
Maria animated Handjob scene with Duke at morning (And alt. scene smiling when >= 55 corruption)
Maria animated Blowjob scene with Duke at morning
Added buildings and details on the map (public toilets and cinema)
BUG FIX / Modifications
If you failed the sleeping minigame you could get a bug with your quests when over 25 corruption
Some variables were acting strangely, it should be good right now?
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New visual for MC’s skinwalker form
Sprite for policeman enemy
Tonfa item
Vodka item
Marker item
2 animated scene of Carmen (Vaginal and aftermath)
“Slave” Carmen in the Skinwalker’s cavern
Reanimated the whole Maria sleep scene
New cock variation for Maria night scene: Skinwalker
Blowjob for Maria night scene
Titjob for Maria night scene
Quest for getting Maria out of jail
Quest for getting rid of George
Animated scene of Maria (Pussy licking)
BUG FIX / Modifications
Changed a little the Main Menu
Changed the handjob sound
Added stuff to the police station background
Updating Renpy fucked my code (regarding quantity for example) so I had to correct that
Polished the sprite of naked Carmen
Polished Maria in the intro scene
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Human meat has its own sprite.
Added dog meat.
Added perk Canis Ancestry (+10% damages to wolves)
Duke has new sitting sprite where he faces the player, with blinking eyes. Also variant on four legs.
Duke boss sprite
Glitch effect when Bahadzidgo talks and also when you talk in the skinwalker form
Option in Preferences to make the background of many menus a still image (helps the FPS)
You can get the Analyst perk during the Corruption path and the Canis Ancestry perk during the Love path thanks to the Deep Forest.
Deep Forest with 3 new enemies and a boss
New Special Attack : Fly Above which adds wings to the player while active
Little icon next to “Hunt” in the Forest action list
Stun mechanic in battle
New perk Sharp Claws (25% chance of inflicting bleeding with regular attacks)
1 CG of Maria Stripping
Sleeping Maria Minigame (Undressing, Caressing, Dick buttons)
Sounds for hand job and cumshot
Quest “A Tale of Animality”
BUG FIX / Modifications
The face of Duke is back at the beginning of the game when Maria talks in the forest.
Maria Trenchcoat sprite was too long
The black outline around Maria was too thick for some sprites.
Wolf meat is not sellable by default.
Quest Notification moved a little higher.
The perks of the torso will not appear on the arms or legs slots.
Fixed when perk name was too long, it could misalign
Changed Maria’s face and hair in the introduction scene of the house
Changed regular Duke sprite
Changed opacity of the text box
Changed the layout of the player in the battle overlay (to make place for more effects like “Flying” or “Stun”)
Changed the Lair menu layout
Changed sound for Double Attack
Polished strip scenes CG of Carmen in Maria’s Love Path
Polished the handjob animation of Maria in Love Path
Added SubscribeStar – I feel like it’s more logical considering my content
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Demo Initial release
Developer Notes:
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Hello! I’m quite new in the community, as for posting at least. I’ve been working on a small project for a while. And I’m eager to see what the community thinks of it.
I mean it’s not perfect but it’s the beginning, and I wil improve it as I go on. A lot, and I mean a LOT has yet to be done. The system is quite complex for a Renpy game and I’ve not seen many Renpy games which can do that, sooo pretty good I’d say! It should have a gameplay that reminds you of trainer games for some characters for what’s coming in the future. I’ve been influenced a lot by the games of Mity, so there’s a good chance it’s going that direction.
If you think this has a future, let me know, it’ll make my day and motivate me!

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