A Succubus Is Born [v0.2.4] [DrunkSuccubus]

A Succubus Is Born [v0.2.4] [DrunkSuccubus]

January 13, 2024F95

In this game, you play as a young virgin who gets transferred into another world with RPG rules. She is forced to pick the Succubus class. She is very inexperienced (especially sexually) and therefore has to adapt quickly. She will have to unlock and use an uncommon set of skills and abilities in and out of combat in order to triumph. Eventually, she will start to enjoy her new life…

Thread Updated: 2023-11-12
Release Date: 2023-11-12
Developer: DrunkSuccubusDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Female protagonist, Virgin, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Vaginal sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Stripping, Teasing, Adventure, RPG, Turn based combat
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Update: Replace html file
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v0.2.4  – 2023-11-12
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– Added 2 new spells. If you are playing from a save file, they must be enabled with a fix in the “Fixes” menu in the cheat menu.
– Removed the spell menu from “Bob”, added a spell menu to the side menu.
– Ambushes. You can get ambushed by Rogues after finding the first one in the forest.
– When fighting against enemies with essence above 1, AP is no longer reset. If AP is above 50% when making the enemy cum, it is set to 50%.
– Getting fucked by the entice/masturbate combo now registers as a “First fuck”, meaning you can use Cowgirl or Reverse cowgirl without stunning or mesmerizing the enemy first if you get fucked this way.
– Chance for enemy to start fucking you during “KISS ATTACK?”. He needs max AP and you need to have fucked him before.
– Chance for enemy to fuck you after you tease, if he is enticed. He needs 75% AP and you need to have fucked him before.
– Warriors can now use “Steady nerves” a maximum of 4 times and Rangers a maximum of 3 times.
– Increased GP gain from combat a bit.
– Added a difficulty modifier to the “Tail whip” agility roll. Not balanced/play-tested, may change this. Feedback for this would be appreciated.
– You can now only get facefucked by your opponent when climaxing if he has his cock out. (Thanks Subli)
– Alluring eyes can now only trigger once per combat. (Thanks Subli)
In the future, there will be ways to shift between different locks while already in a lock.
– Gave “Stunning looks” an “upgrade”, but reduced the activation chance to 20% from 25%.
– Fixed some… weird shit with Medivh while purchasing spells. Most of you probably did not notice this. (Thanks Subli)
– Minor fixes, typos.
– SP of bandits near their castle scales slightly more with endurance, giving them a higher SP.
– Fixed reverse cowgirl mastery appearing incorrectly (thanks Victory).
– Fixed rogue event not triggering if playing on save file(thanks Victory)
Remember to check the “Fixes” menu, if you are playing on a save file.
Also, a friendly soul decided to join up with me and provide some much needed coding experience. He is teaching me all kinds of stuff and will surely help make the game better. Hopefully.
v0.2.3  – 2023-11-02
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This is a very small update, mainly to add the “Fixes” menu to the cheat menu
– Added a “Fixes” menu to the cheat menu. Some stuff might be messed up if playing from an old save, like prisoner system or “Entice” spell missing. Can be fixed through this menu.
– You now get 3 “tries” per energy when looking for people to fight in the forest or at the bandit base.
– Added an encounter with a Rogue after 2 blowjob kills. After this event, Rogues (Lvl 2-4) can be fought in the forest.
– Slightly reduced Rangers arrow amount.
– Changed Vitality drain unlock req to 5 endurance and 3 intelligence.
– A few fixes, typos.
v0.2.2  – 2023-10-30
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– The “Facefuckable” perk can now be unlocked. You can be facefucked in some situations in combat if unlocked. This includes during blowjoblocks, which will lead to a facefucklock.
Perk unlock requirements: Charm 8, Endurance 5, Succubus level 8, Blowjob mastery level 4
– The “stunned” condition now skips the charm check when attemping either the Cowgirl or Reverse cowgirl skill.
Also, if riding an opponent while he is stunned, you can continue riding him an additional turn (which results in previously (almost) unavailable non-insert riding videos where you are in control. Of which there are 101 combined for the two skills…)
– The “stunned” condition now skips agility checks when using “Pullout”.
– The “stunned” condition now kinda works with “Pussygrind”, but still needs a bit more work. At least you actually get an extra turn now.
– “Vitality drain” can now be used during blowjob locks.
– Pussygrinds can now drain essence/kill. SP damage scaling with dexterity reduced to 0.5 from 1.
– Navigation system now works during showers. It still doesn’t (and won’t ever) work with the dirty talk minigame. (Thank you random Discord person)
– Added an option to gain XP in cheat menu. (Great idea KKStrider)
– If you have perks that reduce damage, amount reduced can now be seen when taking damage (same goes for stimulation, but currently only 1 stim-reducing perk).
Save files should work… including the two save files here even though they are from 0.2.1. Let me know if they don’t and I will make new ones.
v0.2.1  – 2023-10-28
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– Consolidated some stuff in the battle menu.
– Fixed problems with “Blowjob of The Beyond” special skill.
– I can’t spell. “Entice” and “altar” is now spelled correctly. Everywhere! However, I cannot hack your computers and change the gif/image names for the spell and the altar. You will have to do that yourself:)
– Warriors can now make vertical strikes and not only horizontal strikes = fixed warriors not being able to hit you if you are on your back or on your stomach. They just swung at nothing like idiots…
– The “stunned” condition now works with cowgirl and reverse cowgirl
– Fixed “Orgasmic charm” message popping up all the time.
– Infused words command cock pull out fix. If you succed, the enemy now actually pulls out his cock.
– Made it more obvious how to unlock blowjob and what to do after the skill is unlocked.
– Fixed stretching at home for the umpteenth time…
– You no longer stay kneeling after succesfully using “Pullout”.
– Spell unlock messages no longer interfere with “perk available” messages such as “Crippling status effects”.
– You can now only train agility by running in the forest once per day.
– PTSD debuff is now permanent. Chance to freeze up during combat reduced to around 3%.
– You no longer gain mastery proficiency if mastery level is 10 (max).
– Enemies can now only use the skill “Steady nerves” 5 times per combat. AP reduction is now 3 instead of 5.
– Prisoners now no longer locks your prison management when they starve to death. Also, prisoners can now be fed with the “Various meats” item. This allows them to live 1 additional day.
– You regain your chain/rope upon prisoner death.
– Lingerie now increases AP of enemy as intended and the correct amount is displayed.
– You now need 4 blowjob kills to get the event progressing main storyline after unlocking blowjob.
– You now need 7 blowjob kills to get “alluring eyes” event.
Thanks for the feedback everyone!
v0.2  – 2023-10-24
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A lot of stuff added in relation to sex. You’ll figure it out.
As with most other stuff in the game, the sex part is not that balanced yet. I really can’t tell if you are gonna one-shot your enemies with as single “Cowgirl” once you unlock sex or fuck yourself to death…
– The “Death-defying desires” quest can now be completed. The quest involves a lot of magic by the ever cheerful Medivh, a ritual, an alter, a bit more magic and a lot of cum!
– The “Scout out the bandits” quest can now be completed. This quest has you moving into potential bandit territory. Surely, nothing terrible is going to happen…
On that note…
– Finally got around to introducing some new enemies with brand new skill sets. Tired of getting punched in the face? Now you are gonna get stabbed, sliced apart or pierced by arrows! Much better!
– New enemies: Ranger, Rogue and Warrior classes.
Make sure to check out the right side menu when fighting the new classes!
– A new quest is available after completing the “Scout out the bandits” quest. A single word will suffice here… SEX!
– After the “Scout out the bandits” quest, random bandits can be fought in the forest. In future updates, you will have to fight and conquer the bandits, but for now, these fights are just for your own… enjoyment.
– 3 new skills related to sex is now implemented.
– Enemies now have a “Cock size”. Either normal, big or huge (The “BBC” size (xD) will be added later).
– Semen is now unlocked as a resource during the “Death-defying desires” quest.
– Added a “Semen conversions” menu to combat. Semen can be used during combat to restore HP (as with everything else, have not yet balanced this) or to gain “Beyond points”. These points can be spent to use special skills during combat (currently only one of these special skills, unlocked through the alter, cost 25 mL semen). For now, Beyond points cannot be stored between combat.
– Added a prisoner system. It’s not much yet, but the framework is there and will be easy to expand and build upon in the future. Prisoner limit is 2 for now.
– 9 perks either fixed or implemented (I think, kinda hard to remember…).
– The “Teasing tongue” perk is now fixed/implemented… not sure if it was available before… it is now anyway. You now also properly get facefucked with the perk as intended. This is currently the only reliable way to get facefucked.
– Added a new conversation with a certain bony patron of yours regarding women. (thanks Troqu)
– Added an option to try to resist when enemies tries to strip you. Should make the lingerie stuff easier. Also, it just makes sense to have that option. (Thanks KKStrider)
Also changed lingerie XP req from 50 to 75. 50 was a bit too easy, me thinks.
– Added a new enemy sexual attack “Lick pussy”.
– Added a new command to “infused words”: “Pull out your cock”.
– Added the framework for more complex enemies, like “Allegiance” and “Race”.
– Changed requirement for “Evade” to become unlockable from 4 to 5 agility.
– Potion tolerance is now increased by endurance instead of intelligence. Simply made more sense. Also, endurance is maybe the least useful attribute.
Changed “Infused words” jerk off command SP damage from range (intelligence up to intelligence*1.5) to range (intelligence*0.5 up to intelligence *1.5). Still preeeeetty good.
– Now, when you try to use handjob or blowjob (and now also sex skills) first time in combat without stunning or mesmerizing, your turn is no longer skipped. You just go back to the menu.
– Made it less likely for players to miss the “blowjob lock” event. You now get a notification telling you when you are ready for the event and how to get it.
– Increased “Alluring eyes” activation requirement from mastery level 2 to mastery level 4.
– Removed “Unlocked skills” in “Bob”. Redundant, since you can always view full description of your skills in side menu.
– Removed “Unlocked perks” in “Bob” and added a “Perks” menu in the side menu. This way, you can view your perks even when in combat. (Am gonna do the same with spells at some point.)
– Reduced the length of a few videos here and there and reduced the quality/size of all videos a bit.
– Reduced a lot of “white space”! Had been annoying me for a few months. Credit (again) to SawYerTitties for providing the solution!
– Stretching at home is now available after buying the yoga mat. Whups. (Thanks again KKStrider)
– Fixed lingerie effects not activating at the end of turn during combat. (Not quite sure if this was an issue…? It was when I tested, but maybe I just messed something up.)
– Fixed cost of “Vitality drain” perk not appearing correctly.
– Fixed an issue with “Mesmerizing kiss” perk. Enemies now have a chance to kiss you with the perk. As originally intended.
Reduced attribute req for “Flexible magic” perk. It was way to high for such a simple perk.
– Reduced size of all images a bit.
– Disabled the “Suck finger” skill. Whups.
– Fixed endurance roll against enemy endurance not appearing correctly.
v0.1.6  – 2023-10-07
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– If you tan on the beach while you already have a tan, the duration of the tan (and the +1 charm buff) will be extended for 1 day (Thanks again Lednacek).
– Fixed charm roll not displaying correctly for 7 repeatable encounters (2 town “Hunt down a meal”, 1 lake, 1 beach “Fool around”, 2 forest explore, 1 forest explore/river). Also increased encounter chances. These repeatable encounters are only available after the blowjob skill is unlocked.
– Potions during combat. Added inventory tab in combat menu during your turn. You can now only drink potions in combat from this inventory. Made no sense to be able to drink potions e.g. while giving a blowjob… even less if you just died.
– Fixed issue where “Potion tolerance” would not increase with intelligence. The increase is now properly displayed in the side menu.
– Decreased “Infused words” jerk off command SP damage to range (intelligence up to intelligence * 1.5). Increased fail chance during mana infusion from d10 to d25. Probably still too OP…
– Reduced AP required to attempt to kiss from 45% to 20%. Figured it needed to be lower than handjobs (33%).
– You can now see how damage of your skills scale and with which attributes when unlocking them or after having unlocked them in “Unlocked skills”. Keep in mind that all damage is rounded down.
– Minor fixes.
– A few typos.
v0.1.5 bugfix – 2023-10-05
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– Fixed an issue with a kissing perk, that would get players stuck, if kissing an enemy with the perk active and an already revealed cock (Thanks fredinator!).
Also took the opportunity to remove some whitespacing.
– Fixed agility roll calculation not correctly showing enemy roll.
v0.1.5 – 2023-10-04
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– Main storyline continuation. No new quests completable, but “Death-defying desires” is getting there.
– Updated the perk “Stunning looks”. Effect is the same, but flavor text now properly displays the new “stunned” condition introduced in 0.1.4.
– Updated perks “Tail whip”, “Vitality drain”, “Infused words” and “Alluring eyes” to properly display attribute rolls.
– Slightly altered the effects of Infused words. Now your opponent only develops resistance against your commands if you actually manage to properly infuse your words (win intelligence roll). Also, even if the command is successful, your turn no longer ends afterwards. Also increased the SP damage from range (2 up to intelligence) to range (intelligence up to intelligence * 2). This perk is probably VERY OP with an intelligence/charm build.
– Made it less likely for the player to miss the point when they are able to train their tail at home.
– You now gain perkpoints every second level. This will change in the future, as I add more interesting ways to gain perkpoints. Also increased cost of spells. (Thanks anonymouslylurking)
– Added cheat option to gain perkpoints.
– Resolved an issue where player would be stuck in combat. Now, you can only get the combat quest if the handjob skill is unlocked, not just available for unlock. (Thanks GamerT)
– Fixed some bad coding where you didn’t start with 4 max energy if you picked the 2+ agility talent/option in the beginning of the game (Thanks Lednacek!).
– Added cheat option to flee from combat. Don’t want any more people getting stuck. (Normally fleeing is only possible with the “Terrify” spell)
– Decreased the amount of “white space” when unlocking perks and other places. (Thanks SawYerTitties!)
– Typos and minor changes.
v0.1.4 – 2023-10-02
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– Instead of only knocking down enemies, the darkbolt spell now also inflicts the “stunned” condition. This skips the opponent’s next turn. Also added some flavor text to skills used on a stunned opponent.
– Increased MP cost from 10 to 15.
– Stunned condition also allows you to give first handjob or blowjob in combat making this an excellent alternative to the mesmerize spell if you have the MP.
– Typos.
– Temporarily reduced the proficiency necessary to gain attributes. Thanks for the feedback, people!
– Reduced randomness in attribute checks. Now you roll a d6 instead of a d10. This is done to make attributes more impactful on roll chances.
– Temporarily made the “demonic seduction” spell unavailable, as it is no different (not before sex is available) from the “mesmerize” spell.
– Fixed charm roll not appearing correctly in combat during 4 kissing perk passages.
– Redid combat flavor text during the 4 kissing perk passages. Now more descriptive and flirty.
– Temporarily reduced cost of one of the kissing perks “Perfect lips” from 3 -> 2 (in future updates, more ways to gain perkpoints than only through levels or quests will become available). The perk in question allows MC to transition from kissing to blowjob. Requires Succubus level 10,  Charm 10, 25 successful blowjobs and kisses in combat to unlock.
– Enabled history control (go-back arrow in side-menu). Until combat is more polished and balanced, I see no real reason to disable this feature.
– Made Melinas questline a bit shorter to get to blowjobs faster.
– Made it so you don’t necessarily “cease to exist” should you have too little gold to pay rent. Gives option to go back, so you can cheat up some gold from your home.
– Fixed issue with “Wank material” perk. (Thanks Dono1973)
v0.1.3 – 2023-10-02
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– Typos, minor fixes
– Lingerie quest: Lingerie now steal XP when winning combat topless. You had to be completely dressed before.
– Fixed agility roll not appearing correctly after enemy attacks.
– Added an option to gain gold. Cheating, but hey, not like this is balanced anyway.
v0.1.2 – 2023-10-02
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– Typos, minor changes and bugfixes.
– Reduced the amount of days that has to pass before Graves is willing to have “fun” with you.
– Made enemies weaker (in avarage) partially by reducing maxAP and maxSP of opponents. MaxAP is now 7*control (+/- random factor) and maxSP is now 5*endurance (+/- random factor).
– Made it easier to find a certain someone on the beach, which you need in order to complete the blowjob quest.
– Changed HP potions restoration from 50% to 70% of maxHP.
– Changed maxHP gain per endurance point from 5 to 7.
– Added descriptions of attributes to the talent options passage in the beginning of the game. Also removed the “Quick learner” talent choice (may be back later).
Thanks for the feedback!
v0.1.1 – 2023-10-01
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– Redid how rolls work. Now there is more chance involved and you are always able to either win or lose a roll regardless of your attributes (this was not the case before), unless the power gap between you and the opponent is VERY big. Also, a “guide” where rolls are explained becomes available after your first handjob kill.
– I also gave rolls a bit of a visual overhaul. Now you can see what you and your opponent actually roll and how it is calculated instead of only seeing who wins. The new coding behind the rolls also makes (possibly more complicated) future roll types easier to integrate.
I might do something similar with SP and AP damage (and maybe HP damage inflicted by enemies) as with the rolls so you can see exactly how damage is calculated. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
– Typos and minor changes.
– Increased the chance of finding locations when exploring the forest early on. Sorry for potentially wasted time (Thanks Connor Montana).
– Handjob skill. Changed agility roll to charm roll.
Initial release
Developer Notes:
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It seems some people get stuck on the “Death-defying desires” quest.
Will do a walkthrough at some point. For now, you probably just need to kill 4-5 more people if you have gotten the stronger connection to The Beyond unlocked (able to store semen).
These are my plans for the next minor updates up to 0.3:
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Overhaul sex damage system.
– Adding a “pussy soreness” system. Your pussy will get sore after (too much) sex. Soreness gained “per sex act” will depend on enemy cock size and how much you have trained your pussy (see below).
Setting the damage you take during sex to depend on soreness.
Setting the damage you take during sex to depend on the cock size of your enemy. Also maybe adding flavor text to combat depending on enemy cock size.
Adding related perks to this system.
– Adding a “pussy training” system. You will initially have to train up your pussy after unlocking sex. This training will reduce the soreness gained/damage taken from soreness in above mentioned system. I already have perks planned for another kind of vagina training, so this system is more of an initial hurdle a young girl with a small pussy has to overcome.
Had initially planned to implement soreness and training with 0.2, but wanted to get 0.2 out there.
– Properly adding the “inticed” effect to the game. I am not quite satisfied yet with this effect. Right now, your opponents are a bit limited in their ability to fuck you (back) during combat.
– Adding more facefuck content to combat.
– Adding a “hunger management system”. Your powers as a Succubus grows in this update, but it will come with a cost or an “upkeep”, if you will. If you end a day with no cum stored in your body, you will gain a debuff of some sort. Later on, you may be able to gain buffs from having a certain amount. This will likely require a perk.
– Adding the deepthroat skill.
– Adding sexlock perks for (actual) sexlocks, like cowgirl.
– Adding more options to the alter. Already have a few ideas in mind…
– Adding the brothel properly.
– Maybe adding a stamina system to combat. Some skills will require stamina to use, which you will have to manage during combat, so you can’t just spam the best skills. Will have to test this out.
In combat first use “pullout”, then use “mesmerize” spell (make sure to have 10 MP for this) then handjob. Afterwards, raise his AP a few points and win charm rolls for handjobs. This is the simplest (and only) way to win combat in the first few fights until blowjob and/or perks are unlocked.
If you are looking for a game to play for 20 minutes while jerking off, this is probably not for you.
If you follow along the story and read everything, it’s probably gonna take a few hours (not kidding!) before our protagonist starts giving blowjobs and EVEN longer before she starts having sex. This time can, of course, be drastically reduced by skipping through all the conversations.
What we might call the “intro”, is quite long, as I wanted some character development to be present. Some stuff about the world has to be explained and the MC has to acquire a few skills before combat is possible, but I didn’t want to just hand those over. That would defeat the purpose of this being a RPG story. If you don’t want to read (or skip reading) some stuff in the start, a save file is available, that let’s you jump almost straight to first combat.
Since the game is no where near completed yet, a lot remains unbalanced. XP curve, enemy stats/difficulty, grinding/farming enemies, economy, skill damage, (dice) rolls and attribute checks, perks and their acquisition, masteries/proficiency gain and finally the pace of the game. All these are subject to change as I further test and develop the game, so please bear with me. That said, should you notice something that seems out of whack or just have an idea that could improve some aspect of the game, please don’t hesitate to tell me!
Since this game contains attribute checks with (dice) rolls that you have to pass, the history controls have been disabled. That is, no “go back” arrow in the side menu. (v0.1.4: Arrow enabled for now, until game is more polished).
The game autosaves each new day.
Whenever multiple links are present, 1 through 9 can be used for selection. If only 1 link is present, 1, right arrow bottom or the control key can be used to continue. Some mouses has a mouse button mapped to the control key, so that one can be used as well.
I know it’s a big download.
The vast majority of media is videos/clips which I edit myself in an attempt to make them fit the character and situation as well as possible. I also make use of a few gifs and images.
In a game like this, it is quite impossible to “assign” a specific porn star as the main character. There are simply too many different situations for this to be feasible and not enough material to keep the videos varied.
I intend this to be a game, where a single playthrough takes a long time to complete. Hopefully, the rather excessive amount of porn will prevent the game from becoming stale and also allow for multiple playthroughs.
I know there are still some situations in combat that lacks vidoes/video variations.
Feel free to leave comments here on F95zone or on Discord.
Should you encounter any bugs, please tell me and I will fix it posthaste.
Kisses, DrunkSuccubus
A minor fix:
Extras: Skip to blowjob unlock save v0.2.4Perks v0.2

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