A Weekend with Jeff’s Father [Final] [DDfunlol]
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A Weekend with Jeff’s Father [Final] [DDfunlol]

May 18, 2024F95

The characters in this game are Jeff’s parents before his birth “NCSM game.”
The game tells of an ordinary weekend in their “world”.
And in their world, sex has no limits and all the reasons are valid for having sexual realtions with anyone!
If you can’t understand that, this game is not for you!

(NTR is not avoidable :KEK: )

Thread Updated: 2021-09-01
Release Date: 2021-08-18
Developer: DDfunlol – PatreonDiscord
Censorship: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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– 1 million correction for the display of images and animations!
– 50 tubes of aspirin!
– Added two days!
– more than 1000 new images and more than 50 new animations!
Act 9 Part 1
What’s up?
– Act 8, short but fun!
– Act 9!
The 4 people who participated in the “contest” have their character in the game!
3 days playable!
A help file is available!
More than 1300 new images and dozens of animations, some of which are new and contain 40 frames per second!
Initial Release
Demo Act.3
Developer Notes:
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Second demo of the game “A weekend with Jeff’s father”.
And yes, now the game has a name!
This version contains a few bugs that I’m fixing as I go along!
Remember that the goal of this game is to try the MZ version of Rpg Maker.
3 Acts are now available!

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    A Weekend with Jeff’s Father [Final] [DDfunlol]