Accidental Mind [v3.4] [Myscra]

Accidental Mind [v3.4] [Myscra]

January 16, 2024F95

A mild-mannered shlub in a world of superpowers develops the ability to enter the dreams of other people after a horrific accident involving being crushed by a flying supervillain and uses said powers to affect those around him.  A text based game with a few background images for color.
Thread Updated: 2024-01-10
Release Date:  2023-12-30
Developer: Myscra PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 3.4
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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Male protagonist, Text Only, Corruption, Male Domination, Mind Control, Superpowers
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Nayika’s full dreamscape is finished, including a map of sorts to transverse
  • Nayika’s level 2 dreamwalk across the Misty Seas
  • Her level 2 mundane repeatables
  • Her level 2 pervy scenes, including a new one (if you have the right base set up)
  • New Dialogue for Nayika (and Liane)
  • The second Cafe sex-friend, Dee, who is just completely over working
  • A new group meeting event when you have Kiara, Prism, and Amita, with conversation topics (just like individual convos)
  • A bunch of minor fixes, typos, and changes
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Liane’s Dream Update
1.26 Million words
Liane Dreamscape Ritual
– Reworked older events
– New lead in to the dreamwalk
– Multi part event to finish the dreamwalk
– Full dreamscape is set up
– Lots of dreamform NPC’s to interact with
Level 1 Hang Outs
– Yoga
– Housework
– Gardening
– Hanging out with Kiara
– Shopping with Kiara
– Her special time
– Hanging out at work
– Singles Night
Liane General Changes
– Tracker, Index, Lounge, Phone, Color Change Settings, and Theater of the Mind should all be fixed for her
– Stat Bars added
General Changes
– No Cape Option for Suit
– I gave up and just made the dreamscape the same color as normal passages
– Progress Bars for all NPC
– Capped Library NPC’s Like stat
– Theater of the Mind has been updated. The code is cleaner and more compartmentalized and it looks nicer.
– Added in explore button after you found Base if you want to keep going and looking around the city (This may be really buggy).
– Explore the city: Added some text and checkmark to the base
– SuperManageSide & SuperManagePart – now shows costume is complete
Cafe Rework
– Added in the first of the ladies, Gabby, the naive and chipper new employee
– All of her hang out scenes
– Promotion scenes
– Sex scenes
Random Stuff
– fixed up the quick start so that you can set each lady at any level
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Nayika Dreamscape ritual
– Redone older events with her
– Meeting up with her and Crystal Scene
– Dreamscape intro Scene
– Multiple small scenes as part of finalizing the connection
– Main Scene and Level up
– Central area
– 8 surrounding areas
Level 1 Hang Outs
– People Watching (Downtown – New Area)
– Club Hopping (University Main)
– Investigation Help (Harbor Side)
– Working Lunch (Park Side – Lonely Stone Park)
– Walking Around (City Center)
– Vouyerism [Pervy] (Harbor Side)
Convo Options
– Super Career
– Her Civilian Alias
– Her Relationships
Nayika General Changes
– Fixed her Icon (Trident for her altering power)
– Tracker, Index, Lounge, Phone, Color Change Settings, and Theater of the Mind should all be fixed for her
– Stat Bars added
General Changes
– No Cape Option for Suit
– I gave up and just made the dreamscape the same color as normal passages
– Progress Bars for all NPC
– Capped Library NPC’s Like stat
– Theater of the Mind has been updated. The code is cleaner and more compartmentalized and it looks nicer.
– Added in explore button after you found Base if you want to keep going and looking around the city (This may be really buggy).
– Explore the city: Added some text and checkmark to the base
– SuperManageSide & SuperManagePart – now shows costume is complete
Cafe Rework
– New Interview Scene
– 4 levels of the Job, each with a promotion scene and random events
– Should still work with Prism’s investigation but this needs checking out.
– No Ladies yet
FIXED – New bugs
– Nayika’s index profile – missing tags
– Nayika descriptions updated
– Nayika phone – formatting
– CS.apk – Nayika’s location fixed
– Amble Home – do not advance time at late night
– Explore the city – it works now
FIXED – Old bugs
– Tetons – Fixed missing tags when Amelie is work
– Send Messages – stopped Prism’s investigations call appearing twice
– PrismGala – stopped character teleporting when they consult with Sam at dawn after the Gala
– ParkArea – shortcut for Lonely Stone park changed to B
– PrismPostMissionBO – removed daynum increase
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+100k Words. 1.16M Total.
Intro to Liane – She catches you and Kiara and interest starts to brew (from a few angles)
Intro to Nayika – More allies you have the better, especially one that is willing to help out when necessary
Blaire – Do you want to reveal the truth or not?
The Library – Complete overhaul. Four level of employment, three sexable ladies, lots more money.
And a lot more stuff, some of which I have completely forgotten about. Check out the change log for full details.
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+80k words (sort of, lots of optimization). 1.06M Total Words
The main focus of 2.4 is one finishing up Prism’s basic progression. All of her level 5 events and dream sequence have been included and I added her endgame skip to the initial cheat menu. Prism now has another set of 4 investigations for each of her paths (the calendar now has tips for these courtesy of Neoptolemus). Her dreamform has been added as well. Lots of little things (when I couldn’t find motivation, I tinkered around). Kiara can build a tracker that keeps track of the current locations of the NPCs that you have met. A bunch of bug and typo fixes.
There’s a bunch of other stuff that were changed, please see the included changelog for a more thorough list.
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+80k Words (including -35K after optimizations) which brings us to ~980k
– A lot more NPC stuff, including some fun scenes.
– The first achievement scenes – These are extra long scenes with some specific requirements to unlock. So far I have two for Blaire which are accessible in parts of her dreamscape after she is maxed out. The reason I added these scenes is to add in some scenarios that dont really fit into the current game. I’m always open for suggestions for these (especially from patrons) so feel free to message me (I do have some hard limits with stuff I am not comfortable writing about however).
– End Game Blaire stuff – now you can go to the club with the Dedicated path and head home early from the club for some fun with the FWB path
– Upgrading your base. Each of the bases will have their own features (and eventually, site specific sex scenes). Since this is all being added over the course of several versions, I have added a button to switch the bases to another one for free. I’ll keep this until the base stuff is complete.
– Some new QoL features and just some things that I thought were neat. Stuff like a backpack to see what items you have (with hover tooltips), combining the GPS and exceldrive apps on the phone, and an improved index (this one is mostly for me to flex my worldbuilding muscles).
– Lots of bug fixes (You may have to sleep for some things to set properly). There have been some one time issues with older saves that I have not been able to reproduce so let me know either here or on discord if you run into them.
– A LOT of code optimization and streamlining behind the scenes
– Partial Mod support. I’ve had a few requests from people wanting to write their own stuff. Twine is not really made for mods so I tried to fit something in that would be both simple and not break the game. Right now It’s in to make sure the structure itself doesn’t cause problems. Later on, I will be putting out a clean version with the Mod stuff in and a Modded version that other’s can work on as well. Once it’s fully implemented, I’ll have write up some documentation for it.
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+142k Words which brings us to ~900k
Prism Level 4
  – Including the start of her branching story line. There is no choice for this one, it all depends on how happy she is with how things are going (High or low disillusionment).
  – Three new events with variations: Fancy parties as Prism’s date, helping her out with her investigations, and going for a nice (completely non-sexual or suspicious) walk around campus
Advancing the Main Story
   Searching for a Lair. Currently, this is just locating the possible lairs (one each in Downtown, City Center, Harbor Side, and Park District) and purchasing them from the Tychai Dora. As time goes on, I will add features to the bases to give them a unique spin (and an option to switch, if the one you ultimately chose does not have the features that you want)
  -Dialogue options and her dream form (Try the fire maze again to find her)
Lots of bug fixes and typo corrections and other minor stuff
See the Changelog for the full breakdown.
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-Fixed Locat error
-Fixed dreamconvo errors
-Fixed double time for field exercises with Prism
-Tychai no longer a conversation option before meeting them
-Fixed updater which was leading to a bunch of problems with the new poker game
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-Revamped the poker mechanics as it plays into the main story
-Introducing Some NPCs
  – The Tychai, the wheelers and dealers of the Super world
  – More Vivienne, the seamstress’ mission is now a go
  – Adaline, Blaire’s mother
– Blaire
  -Now has her own conversation mechanic when she is sunbathing or at school, lots of backstory and exposition.
  – Talk to her subconscious in the dreamscape for some conversation she wont talk about outloud (Requires level 5).
  – Call her on the phone to chat for small bonuses to her stats or to automatically take an autocab to where she is.
– New construct that lets you move between dreamscapes (It’s expensive)
– Appearance changes and a bunch of mechanic stuff. The big ones are:
  – Load saves from the main screen
  – The bottom window only appears when you are looking on something, then dissapears  with a click
  – Moves the cheat menus a bit and hopefully got rid of any loops when you click between them
  – Lots of under the hood stuff (this was the main focus this time around)
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Lots of Typos
Fixed the Bondage knowledge bug
Fixed the missing Table components when talking about Prism’s family
Fixed the wrongly directed links when discussing BDSM
Fixed the description of one character randomly showing up.
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– Full Dreamscape and all access
  – Multiple mini events, three exit scenes, and level 3 scene
– Level 3
  – First Sex Scene Aftermath Scene
  – Training level 3 (plus some rewrites)
  – Meditation level 3
  – Meditation Distraction Sex Scene
  – Date/Debate level 3 scene
  – Date/Sex Scene
  – Class level 3
  – Invite her to dreamwalk or “relax” over phone
  – Phone Invite “Relaxation”
  – Using Handcuffs
  – Using Rope
  – Sensory Deprivation
  – Three new convo topics for second round (In BDSM)
– Story scenes
  – An Interesting Scene after a Date
  – Find out what happened to Umbralette (Should happen automatically after level 3 dreamwalk)
– New NPC
  – Vivienne (with some dialogue and the beginning of a quest (not in yet))
  – Added pass time button to Prism Invites so you don’t have to wait to the next day
  – Unread convo topics in Bold (wont work with previous saves)
– Other changes
  – Lots of typos and bugs
  – Cleaning up the send message phone option
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So I am setting myself up for a  1 month release schedule and compartmentalizing my workflow so I can get things out in a timely manner (i.e. not saving all editing for the end and such)
One feature I have partially included for testing (due to the work involved)  are status bars. Now, when you are in the dialogue tree with Prism, it will indicate your scores for any attribute that is modified. If people like it, I plan on adding them in everywhere with the next release.
+70k Words, ~707K Total
Prism Content
– Confrontation Scene and Follow up
– Working on her mental shield
  – New Item “Carnelian Focus Crystal”
– First section (5 rooms) of Prism’s dream (The Lair) + Dreamwalk
– Scheduled Events
  – Meditation Practice (Lvl 0 and 2, One shot and repeatable)
  – Helping in Class (Lvl 0 and 2, One shot and repeatable)
  – Late Night Meal (Lvl 2, One shot and repeatable)
  – Training (Lvl 2, One shot and repeatable)
– Post confrontation dialogue tree changed
– Level 2 Dream Sequence
  – Outfit Updates
– Lounge, Index, and Vault changed
Changed Prism Content
– Some outfit changes to go along with story
– Went back and added appearance buttons
– Hanging out automatically increases Rapport by 1 (before choosing topic)
– Prism home events will put you in your room, instead of living room
– Added back in a call with Kiara about Prism that was somehow lost
– Added prompts to let you know why Prism is not showing up on time
– The first week is now a cut scene
  – each day is something new to descibe some basic mechanics and features
  – each night is Cerebralite’s lessons
Changed Kiara Content
– The diner automatically gets set up for her hypnosis instead of being a missions. This works for Partner and Sidekick paths
  – New scene will trigger automatically
– Loses night activity when preparing for bypassing Prism’s mental defenses
– Added reminder to calendar about which relay mission is active
– Added mission tracker to Kiara Partner computer screen
– Rephrased Kiara’s Hypnotique ability to coincide with new lore
Other Changes
– Added in status bars to show progress in some stats. Currently it only works with Prism’s dialogue trees to test it out
– Added GPS button on phone with map of the game
– Added new cheat buttons for faster money and skills
– Removed the Sleep inducing and dialogue help constructs for now (to limited a use)
– Combined the money and skill boost construct into one.
– Added note in library job to explain why you are making more money with money boost contact.
– Added 20 new variables to updater
– Skill and money enhancers were giving way too much, put them back where they were supposed to be ( instead of )
– Removed some stray <br>
– Removed the “Blaire has a dick” typo (Even though it was funny)
– Fixed the indicators in different training areas
– Fixed Delphi not working in skip menu
– Fixed out of sequence issues with Kiara’s mental block
– Fixed out of sequence issue for Prism
– Fixed Prism’s talk not working over 60 rapport
– Various Typos and rewrites
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– Bunch of typos
– Bunch of Error Messages
– Time issue when using theater of the mind from the lounge has been fixed
– removed ability to redo the BnE training after it is learned
– fixed issue with buying the self-deception book
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This updates starts off the Prism Path and adds some features that I think may be interesting.
+103k Words, ~637k Total
General Changes
– Bad Ends! You can now lose the game if you’re not careful (all are based around Prism as of now)
– New Construct – DoppelSam – Access the Lounge at any time from anywhere
– New Construct – Virtual Consultant – Helps you not ask the wrong thing with the new dialogue system
– All Index files on characters have been redone
– Lounge has been redone to make it clearer
– Improved the “skip to end content” buttons, now for Blaire, Kiara, or both
– Now added in One Time event title banners (they are darker than repeatable events), so you don’t accidentally skip a special event.
– New buttons outlines to indicate when one can’t be used.
– Added stop signs to locations that can’t be accessed at a given time.
– Lots of proofreading (especially with punctuation)
– Fixed the Pass time button to make it easier to use.
– Reduced the chances of getting a nothing random event
– Bunch of other stuff I cant think of
Theater of the mind
– Important enough to have its own entry
– The theater construct is now a check list for all pervy scenes and allows them to be replayed. Ultimately, I want to include special scenes if you hit 100 percent.
– The main focus of the update, all of her scenes have been redone, expanded, and new ones added.
– Time of her visits reduced to accommodate the extra scenes, eventually ending up with the ability to call her over to visit.
– Instruction of a rudimentary dialogue system, lots of background info about the world and Prism. This will eventually replace the current knowledge system for each primary woman. Keep in mind that some topics may be upsetting until your closer to Prism. Also, new subtopics will show up after certain events (some are accessed via random scenes, others by asking the right questions). This will also help determine if a certain scene ends in game over or not.
– All of her sexy scenes have been rewritten to bring them up to my current standards.
– Her Hypnotique alter ego finally has her passive (it helps build rapport with Prism)
I also made a Patreon.
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So this update is primarily endgame Kiara stuff and some Blaire+Kiara stuff, plus a lot of under the hood stuff to make things smoother and more consistant.
+45k Words, ~534k Total
General Changes
Added in some random events for cafe and library job
– Added Help Wanted signs for library and Cafe, you no longer have to spam the computer to find them, just show up
– Hints on where your stalker will appear
– Fixed buttons for buying things, they will now always show up and just give you a message if you cant afford it
– Buttons for location will always show but will read as Closed if they are inaccessible
– General bug fixes
– Reworked 10+ passages for improved readability and quality
Max level sex scenes for each of her 4 personas (she will call you when you max everything)
  – Feedback – Mental Sex scene accessed while dreaming
  – Delphi – Call her from your room for quick service (1/day)
  – Hypnotique – Head to the hotel for a gangbang (1/day, First with you and some ladies, then optional to join in with Kiara and some guys)
  – Aliavoce – Head to the country club (new area in Park District) for a nice wholesome orgy (1/day)
– Max Passive abilities for each of her 4 personas (triggers as above)
  – Feedback – Boosts constructs (currently make tethers stronger and autoambulator faster)
  – Delphi – Boost missions (more reward, less caution and cost)
  – Hypnotique – Not applicable yet but will act as a tether for non-connected targets (such as shielded or 0 level)
  – Aliavoce – Boost to passive money and skill training
Kiara and Blaire
– Updated the pool, university, and mall scenes for Kiara level 5
– Reworked the Pool, Club and Home end scenes to be selectable and added in level 5 Kiara stuff (Showing off anal at the pool, threesome in a club bathroom, and a nice dinner with under the table fun at Home)
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-Fixed alchemy room
-Fixed pass time button
-Fixed some typos and missed buttons
-Updated lounge to match current level
-Added tracker for prism visits in Calendar
-Fixed alchemy room bug
-Fixed alchemy room bug caused by the previous fix
-Fixed scene not triggering from one of Blaire’s calls
– Various typos
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Okay, this one was a bit much. I basically wrote Kiara 2.5 times, once each for the sidekick and partner tracts and then several different sections based on the second split for each. Thankfully, as I’ve mentioned before, Kiara will be the most complicated of the targets to write so things should be faster from now on and I can maybe get back to my ~1 month release schedule.
I did try a new bug fixing / proofreading process so I apologize now if I missed anything.
Please take part in the poll if you are interested.
+89k Words, ~489k Total
General Changes
-Added keys to buttons for the home room, intro screens, and main hub areas
– Made lounge a bit easier to read
– Added an Index for the voyeur that keeps popping up, once you find out who she is
– Added descriptor buttons for some minor NPCs
– New computer message when surfing web
– Added color code for time of day
– Added passtime button to make some parts easier (its on the phone)
– New Construct – Autoambulator (walk home with the touch of a button)
– New Construct – Escape Hatch (leave dream at any point)
Minor Revisions here and there
– Some Progress in Super Career (Code Names)
– Level 5 intro and Dream sequence
– New entry for telepathy and stealth training
— Level 5 work entry
— Level 5 Hanging out and shopping with Kiara and Liane
— Level 5 Gaming (Playing, and Challenge)
— Level 5 Comic Shop (Hang and Tease)
— Level 5 Diner (Dance and Menu)
— Level 5 Uni (Hang)
— Level 5 updates for Programs (Bimbo)
— Remix version of Cusu and Trigger for field testing
— New money making missions for Lvl 5 and subtype
— Level 5 work entry
— Level 5 Hanging out and shopping with Kiara and Liane
— Level 5 Gaming (Playing, and Challenge)
— Level 5 Comic Shop (Hang and Tease)
— Level 5 Diner (Dance and Menu)
— Level 5 Uni (Hang)
— Level 5 Minions (Molly and Kingston)
— Made minions easier to get, five days instead of ten
— Level 5 Missions (City Center and Harbor)
Blaire and Kaira
– Set everything to 5 so it’s less grindy
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-Hopefully fixed all the extant bugs without creating any more.
-Reworked all of Blaire’s dream endings and a few of the locations descriptions
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+30k words, ~400k Total
A smaller update than usual, fitting in some of the stuff I meant to do last version and did not get to and a few new stuff.
General Changes
– Keyboard Shortcuts – Currently only for the intro and for the Players room. It’s a bit of a pain so I wanted to test it first. If it works the way I want it to, I will add it gradually with each version until everything is done.
– Added some options to change the color of the sidebar
– Added the city center random events
– A bunch of rewrites (Molly and Kingston Missions, Both Blaire dates, All of the Blaire/Kiara stuff)
– Added a small hint in the forge room and fixed the hint in the lounge
– Scene replay – again it requires a complete reworking of some code so its limited for now but will be fleshed out in later versions. For right now it includes the two Blaire dates and the Poolside threesome with Blaire and Kaira.
– A construct that increases the money earned from jobs.
– A construct that increases the amount of skill gained from training.
– Kiara missions now finalize before the cut scenes
Mystery Guest
– A bit more from the person who spies on you and Blaire in the library (A future possible partner)
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1) Blaire Blowjob in library until she spies on you
2) Blaire Sex in Library until she spies on you
3) Kiara tease at the mall until she spies on you
4) Wait until Kiara contacts you
5) Kiara sex at the diner
6) Wait for Kiara to contact you
Blaire and Kiara
– Redid the swimsuit hangout part. It is less of a garbage code.
– Two Scenes at Home with Blaire and Kiara
   – Titjob and Sex
– Two Scenes at the Club with Blaire and Kaira
  – Fucking Blaire and Fucking Kiara
– Two Scenes at the Pool after first time with Blaire and Kiara
  – Practicing deepthroat and Stretching Kiara (as in making her more flexible)
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+80k Words, sp ~370k
General Changes
– A bunch of rewrites and general editing
– polished the UI
– Updated the Lounge
– Changed the random encounter to only morning through evening, for more consistency with the descriptions
– Got rid of fractional time moves
– Modified some titles
– Tried to reduce the number of clicks for some events
– Honestly, at this point there are probably other stuff I have just forgotten
-Massive rewrite (still the same scenes but cleaned up and better writing)
– Level 4 dream and aftermath
— Their is a second choice to be made here, splitting the sidekick and partner route again. These will mostly effect scenes in minor ways but will have some unique events down the line (end of level 5 and storyline stuff), they will not be to the extent of the Partner/Sidekick differences
– Added stealth and telepathy training
– No access to her Sunday morning
Level 4 gaming (Hanging out and Challenge)
–Level 4 Diner (Hanging out and Special Menu)
–Level 4 University (Hang Out)
–Level 4 Walshs (TV and Shopping)
–Level 4 Work
–Level 4 mall (Hang and Tease)
–Hypno Programs
—Level 4 CuSu and Bimbo
—New Program – Hair Trigger
—New Program Forget me not (storyline)
—New targets, methods, and approaches
—New equipment to buy
Level 4 gaming (Hanging out and Challenge)
–Level 4 Diner (Hanging out and Special Menu)
–Level 4 University (Hang Out)
–Level 4 Walshs (TV and Shopping)
–Level 4 mall (Hang and Tease)
–Work (3 and 4)
—Test Runs (has some difference with each new relay mission). Variants for 3 and 4
—Molly & Kingston, Kiara’s very own minions, get to join in.  Variants for 3 and 4
—University and Park Relays
—Gain Molly
—Gain Kingston
Minor change for FWB, her new friend at the club only shows up after she is settled into her role
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+90k Words, so ~290k
General Changes
– Phone is now on side bar and has a new screen
– Added calendar to phone for dates and times
– One shot events are now green buttons
– Added hints on where to gain knowledge of Kiara and Blaire
– You can now change color of background and text via settings (these are persistent so they work across saves)
– Working at La Lune and Library for cash
– Ask Cerebralite some questions in the lounge for random unimportant backstory
– Added Porn Store for future events
– Changed some level 1 stuff (getting rid of her mental block is 4 small events rather than happening off screen)
– Level 3 Scenes (non-specific): Stealth and Telepathy Training, Sleeping Over, Events with Mother
– Level 3 Sidekick Scenes: Planning Meeting, Gaming and Challenge, Class, Diner and Secret Menu, Comic Shop and Tease, Watching her work
– New Sidekick Scene – Testing out her various programs
– New mission system for sidekick (send Kiara out to do stuff) – Earning money, hiding activity, setting up a tracker, gain info about prism, build hypno program) – Burned state if you draw to much attention
– New computer program to track your burgeoning super career
– Level 3 Partner Scenes: Planning Meeting, Gaming and Challenge, Class, Diner and Secret Menu, Comic Shop and Tease, Watching her work
– New mission system for Partner (help Kiara out expanding her influence, earns small but constant income) – Events for neighborhood, Diner, Main Street) single events for Tracker and Prism. Burned state if you draw to much attention.
– Her Dedicated and FWB paths now have 3 scene transitions over a few days rather than 1 transition.
– Blaire dates now have specific times
– You can enter Blaire’s dream at 5th to alter some of her choices
Blaire and Kiara
– Hang out with both women (Uni, Mall, and eventually sunbathing)
– First threesome while sunbathing (assuming everyone is happy with each other and Kiara has a swimsuit)
– One off-shopping event with follow up sex scene (different for Dedicated and FWB and different if they are maxed out)
Other Characters
– Removed Liane stuff for now, need to build it up later
–  Prism Scenes (Run into her in the real world), (Follow her to get some important info) (Meet with Kiara to decide what next)
Random Events and Texts
– Sam wants to talk after being hypnotized by Kiara
– Liane overhears you and Kiara
– Blaire sees you with Kiara at university and mall
– Kiara sees you with Blaire after sleeping, jogging, mall and uni.
– Blaire invites Kiara over to hang out with you
– Blaire catches you and Kiara after going at it
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Fixes the missing phone and golden door issues. If you already have a save in which the gold door is missing in Kiara’s dream, then there is a dev button to fix the issue. I will remove this with the next version.
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Had about 90% of this done a week after the last update then took 3 weeks to finish the last 10% (and I still did not get everything I wanted in)
General Changes
+30k Words, so ~200k
– Altered the look of the vault (still not done with it but I am working on it)
– Altered the computer search event (unlocks gambling the first time you use it, also added a guide for a future event)
– Changed knowledge transfer from 2 hours to 1
– Increased chance of getting phonecalls at a given time
– Fixed index pages for cerebralite, liane, photona, and prism
– Changed the look of dev buttons for hints and such
– Since people have had some issues with the grind of the game (which I am trying to reduce), I just straight up added a cheat menu which can be accessed with a new game. Use at your own risk
– Save files should automatically update with the new variables upon loading
– Added park area walk around scenes
– Added street prophet event in the park (30% per day in the morning or afternoon)
New Construct
– Advanced hibernation (sleep for up to a week at a time)
– Added more information about Blaire’s end state to give people
– Made a few modifications here and there to her scenes
– Level 2 scenes for Gaming, Class, Diner, Hanging out and Shopping with mother, and comic book shop
– New scene when gaming with Kiara (placing bets on the outcome of the game).
– New scene at the university, Kiara helps with training your stealth and telepathy
– New scene at the diner, order off the “special menu”
– New scene at the mall, tease Kiara with your powers
– Level 2 events will repeat until next level is finished
– Added Dream events up to level 3
– Added advancement of Kiara’s story after she hits level three, and the first major branch choice of her character (will alter pretty much all events with  her from level 3 and above).
– Added a phone call when certain conditions are met
– Two events to start Lianes progression (its tied to Kiaras hanging out and Watching TV events)
– Various minor things
– I am 80% sure i’ve managed to beat that annoying fucking glitch that locks you in the lounge after events.
– Maybe 70% sure…
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So I finished writing this one like 10 days ago and got caught up in one thing after another. Here is the complete list of changes, thanks to Yamineko for helping me out with bugfixing and for writing one of the scenes.
A Note on Saves
This should work with old saves, I have implemented something that updates the old save with any missing variable. That being said, If it does not work, I have added a shortcut for Blaire after the title screen, it will start the game with her at level 5 so you dont have to go through all the hassle.
General and Quality of Life Stuff
+40k words, so ~170 k now
  • Gambling : Boosted odds of winning, increased prizes, decreased losses, and added a button to just straight up cheat and win at the cost of suspicion
  • Doubled all point gain to reduce the grind
  • Added warning in each area when you can no longer build skills
  • Added a part in the vault to show knowledge progression
  • Added end of content warning in the lounge under spoilers
  • Added more detailed spoilers in the lounge
  • Added tracker for Kiara’s curiosity at level 0 in the index
  • Increased chances of random events from 2/5 to 2/3
  • increased chances to gain knowledge from 1/5 to 1/3
  • Reduced cost of sneaking and price for the football games
  • rearranged some buttons to be consistent
  • Added titles to the random events, and a marker that tells you when you can get the full event. Also marked the lewd ones with a red title background.
  • Added Harbor Side events
  • Did some under the hood stuff to fix the code and make it easier in the long run
New Constructs
Hypnotic trigger – So far can only work on Blaire and put her to sleep while sunbathing, in the living room, bedroom, or during class.
Dream tether – Increase stats for all contected women by 0.5 each night, can be upgraded to do 1 per night.
Blaire Stuff
  • Added events for Dedicated Blaire, short one when she moves in, a repeatable event when shes cleaning in the living room, and a random early morning event when you hit 60 affection. Also added a comment when shes in your house.
  • Added events for FWB Blaire, a one-shot then repeatable event when she hits 60 sluttiness in the club, and a phone message after she becomes FWB.
  • Altered text color for readability
  • Reworked some level 5 stuff to reflect chosen ending
  • Blaire starts at level 10 for aff and slt now, no Idea why I didint do this in the first place.
  • Changed knocking on her house door to reflect whats going on
  • Fixed invitation for the backyard (aff 25)
  • Boosted chances of extra affection gain at the Game to 30%
  • Added events for gaming (one off and repeating), school, diner (one off and repeating), and hanging out and shopping with Liane.  The work from home event is locked during level 1, this is not a bug.
  • Set up her entire dreamscape, though you cannot access one or two rooms yet
  • added events that lead to level 2 and a text message after the fact
  • recolored her text for readability
  • Added several dream endings, including one that is all on you if you get it.
  • Added her first Home visits, at day 30, 36, and 42  (day 42 requires level 1 kiara)
  • It will still work if you are past these days, they will just go on 6 day intervals
  • A repeating placeholder visit until the next step is set up.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Cavaleris
  • Fixed Phone problems
  • Fixed colors on save menu
  • Fixed many consulting bugs after Blaire dreams
  • Fixed issues with some appearances
  • No longer shop when mall is closed
  • Fixed many problems with infinite sunbathing
  • Fixed not talking to Blaire in her yard
  • Do something else button no longer costs time in some places
  • Fixed Blaire not appearing in her room
  • Fixed getting multiple dream items
  • Fixed Lingerie descriptions not showing up on Blaire’s Date
General typo and formatting issues were also fixed
See More
-Bug fixes (mostly so the game can still be played)
See More
A smaller update to introduce Kiara
-Kiara level 0 events (which will repeat until the level 1s are in)
-Kiara’s connection events
-Minor Bug fixes
-Downtown random events
– Changed the way mental constructs work. Now, each level for each woman gives you a construct point, these points can be used to buy the mental constructs from a mind workshop while you sleep. These are mostly quality of life stuff. I have two as of yet. One that allows you to skip an entire day, and the other that keeps track of how long you have left in dream states. You have to start a new game to get these points (or just use the console, I’m not your boss)
-Currently at ~130k words
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Minor Fixes
– Fixed ladder building in Blaire’s dream
– Put main street events back into the game
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Hennypenny’s changes:
You can no longer see Blaire at the club when she isn’t there
Removed unnecessary /if in hotel room
Waking up after talking to Cerebralite in hotel now puts you back in hotel instead of your home
You can no longer sneak into the game when there is no game
Helping Blaire study now should advance time
Fixed broken Look button when Blaire is in chemistry class
My changes:
– Entering Blaires dream now provides a boost to sluttiness (+2) so hopefully that will speed up the grind
– You can now see Blaire’s affection and slutiness in her index file
See More
Hennypenny’s Fixes (Kept all of them, much thanks to Hennypenny)
Fixed not being able to make the explosives
Fixed Kiara not in class
Fixed not able to enter dream in class
Slight color change of key words
Added money counter
Increased the amount of money you get for micro work
Added sexiness increase to dance at bar interaction at level 1, so hopefully that should make it so you can progress with the game (increase is 4 and you need 20 total)
Fixed not able to break into Walsh House (but it doesnt do anything)
Fixed not being able to play poker
Fixed not able to see status message for levels 2 and 4 in Blaire’s status screen
Some other stuff I don’t remember
My Own Fixes (Thanks for everyone for pointing them out)
-Blaire sluttiness can now be increased while watching her jog, sunbathe, and dancing with her at all levels
-Fixed the PhoneN / phoneN problem
-Added more time to the dream counter x20 instead of x15
-Added a door to escape the dream early
-turned off the phone so you cant call a cab to leave dream
-Fixed stealth and telepathy so they go from 1-15 then 15-30 instead of 1-10 and 20-30.
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  • Initial Release
  • Complete intro
  • 1/7 women completed
  • Infrastructure complete
  • 100k words
Developer Notes:
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Whats Next for 2.35
See More
See More
Lots of behind the scenes stuff to standardize code and make things easier
More NPC to flesh out the world
Adding more stuff to the Bases
A bunch of other things
Text based game only so no pictures, if its not your thing then this may not be for you (though give it a try anyway, you may like it). The image folder is for some backgrounds I added to give the game some color.
WARNING: Save files prior to 2.0 will no longer work. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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