Accidental Woman [v1.23.4 Cheats] [ThaumX]

Accidental Woman [v1.23.4 Cheats] [ThaumX]

February 4, 2024F95

Accidental Woman is an interactive fiction life sim game for adults. It’s built in Twine Sugarcube, and can be played on most OSes and smartphones. In the game, you take the role of a recently single and unemployed man who takes the offer of a longtime friend to move to the secluded town of Appletree. Due to an unfortunate accident, you find yourself completely transformed into a woman, and will have to deal with far more than just transitioning to small-town life!

Thread Updated: 2024-02-01
Release Date: 2024-01-17
Developer: Thaumx PatreonWebsiteBlog
Censored: No
Version: 1.23.4 Cheats
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Animated, Sci-fi, Transformation (M2F), Rape, BDSM, Pregnancy, Simulator, Character creation, Oral sex, Anal sex, Vaginal sex
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1- Extract both Resource Pack and HTML into the same directory.
2- Click on “AW x.x.html” to start playing.
Your directory should look lie this:
312125 Capture | Free Adult Games
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New Items
  • The Tingler app has had an overhaul!
    • Potential partners now more appropriately judge your appearance rather than just saying yes most of the time, with better logic for decisions.
    • New option to send a titty pic, instead of a full nude.
    • Both titty pics and nude selfies affect your odds of success, generally positively, but amount depends on your attractiveness and attributes. Sharing a pic of some beestings will probably hurt your chances.
    • Now makes better use of your seduction skill to seduce your target.
    • Futas are automatically revealed when sending a full body nude.
      • New really good selfie images for futa characters (4)
    • Futas can choose to reveal they are a futa or not when asking if they want to come fuck.
      • Now uses Coconut Brain™ AI system to determine if they’re cool with fucking a futa.
        • Coconut Brain™ FutaLove module improved with better logic!
      • Discovery during a sex scene uses the same system, but being surprised carries a significant penalty. However, it’s possible to play a sex scene and not reveal anything…
        • Could be a way to help boost your relationship before a reveal…
    • Titty pics use image that matches the size of your character.
    • No more clicking a bunch of times while using the app.
    • Some dialog improvements, just a few.
    • Selection of available NPCs is now much improved!
      • No more getting a permanent NPC by accident.
      • Ratio of male to female candidates now improved!
        • Gay guys aren’t gonna look for women on the app.
        • Straight women aren’t going to look for women.
          • Many Appletree ladies are bi, unless you change the procedural generation settings.
        • Something else I totally forgot, but it seemed really good at the time!
  • Improved the phone texting interface a bit.
    • Now has the option to auto-forward messages from the player without a click, while still having floating/moving message bubble effects.
      • Clicking for every message is annoying.
    • Was actually more troublesome than expected to do :p
    • Only the Tingler app makes use of it so far.
  • I bit the bullet and finally made a proper set of breast images matched to size.
    • Painstakingly crafted so that each image is properly sized to the in-game size and reality.
    • Steady progression of images through the most common sizes (at least one image per cup size, more at the smallest sizes).
    • 22 images ranging from flat-chested to hucow.
    • Image shows in your character description in the character menu when hovering over the word/s for your breasts.
    • During your character review after naming your character the images also show.
  • New hover text setup.
    • Macro usable anywhere in the game with custom text color to indicate the hover popup.
    • popup appears in bottom right or top left in self-scaling window so that it doesn’t get in the way of the mouse cursor.
    • Full support for internal and external logic, allowing far more flexibility in content.
  • “Cock Info” section of character details tab of character menu has been improved.
    • Better display of information, more clear to prevent confusion.
    • Now includes volume.
  • Addition of info about the main quest components and how to get them to the www.aw-wiki.com game guide.
  • New activity when you visit the Institute via the world map.
    • Option to “explore” will be available at the main Institute location.
    • Player goes exploring the Institute campus. As you’d expect, this does not go well.
    • Images, fun status effect, sexy words.
    • Content in the spoiler below.
Exploring the institute involves happening upon a tentacle monster, a hot sex scene with some unique elements, cumflation, and an after scene that happens once the cumflation is done.
Bug Fixes
So many. There were a bunch of text fixes, so I won’t include those.
  • Fixed error in the hover text over the “relationship ready to advance” checkmark icon in the dating system.
    • Previously, when dating and not yet exclusive, hovering over the “not ready empty checkmark” would say that the player is already friends with the NPC. It now correctly states the reason.
  • Futa Condom Bug!Previously, when using a condom as a futa in the full sex scene, it wasn’t taken into account upon ejaculation. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be removed at the end of the scene.
    • Sex system now removes any used condoms (gross)
    • Condom break check is now fully implemented, preventing insemination if the condom survives, along with appropriate text.
  • In certain situations at the end of a sex scene, the check for a diaphragm in the player’s inventory could fail upon attempting to use it and cause a error.
  • Dom/Sub dating fix.
  • Exercise bike now properly accounts for chastity devices.
  • PC AI portrait option now displays with a default image if the player’s choices don’t fit the library of AI images, along with explanatory text.
    • Required some new code to advance-lookup images to make sure they exist.
  • Some other misc places where sex toys weren’t checked properly.
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  • Fixed the cup size string so that it shows the player’s real cup size, and not raw cup size.
  • Changed the text in character creation breast size so that it no longer shows the raw cup size string, because this just confused most people (understandably).
  • New effect framework added to the card game.
    • Allows wide ranging effects such as drawing a bonus card or gaining extra pleasure from a certain card to be easily implemented from a central location without adding new code all over the place each time we want an effect.
    • In terms of game design, it allows us to represent a lot of details about the character and situation withouthaving to add a card.
      • Just adding cards bloats the deck, making balance and deckbuilding more difficult.
      • Cards are mostly optional, meaning the player can just not play negative cards that come from status conditions like being drunk or mind broken (for example). The same is true for the NPC.
      • Cards have a limited range of possible effects unless you want to start adding in code to other areas outside the card library, which is both a pain and prone to bugs. The effects system allows more effects and less bugs.
    • Currently there are 5 possible status effects, basically a limited sample. Effects are quite easy to add/define, and we hope to be able to use them for numerous aspects of the character and npc.
      • Some things will still add special cards, or do both! The effects system is more to add capabilities than change plans for some of the cool things already discussed.
    • Effect system has 32 effects programmed in, though not all are “hooked up” yet to the relevant code.
      • Effects are: “startArousal”, “maxArousal”, “minArousal”, “addArousal”, “subArousal”, “startOrgasm”, “goalOrgasm”, “addOrgasm”, “subOrgasm”, “startDesire”, “addDesire”, “subDesire”, “maxHandSizeCap”, “minHandSizeCap”, “startHandSize”, “addCardDeal”, “subCardDeal”, “addResist”, “subResist”, “stopResist”, “blockCardDraw”, , “blockPlayItem”, “blockPlayPosition”, “blockPlayKink”, “blockUseItem”, “blockCard”, “blockBodyPart”, “blockPoseType”, “limitPlayItem”, “limitPlayAction”, “orgasmPerTurn”, and “arousalPerTurn”
    • Effects have their own card-like items that can be viewed by clicking the “effects” button.
      • The view shows both the NPC and PC effects at the same time.
      • The “cards” show an image and the details of the effect.
      • Hovering over a card shows what causes the effect.
  • Fixed some inappropriate text concerning exposure inserted by the enemy in some recurring conversation text. (various conversation tag content)
  • The hucow breeding cumflation event now takes into account whether the player is wearing a diaphragm or not, with different possible outcomes based on the age/effectiveness of the diaphragm and whether spermicide (or sperm helpers) were added.
    • The player is informed during hucow social content that a diaphragm is the best way to avoid getting knocked up while pregnant. This makes that a reality.
  • Fixed the dreaded NPC suicide bug.
    • NPCs you have a relationship with will no longer be killed needlessly.
    • Came down to a minor value flip… never noticed it until I sat down and read through each step of each line of code. =P
  • Fixed an unrelated issue that could cause the total NPC inventory to swell very slowly with time, despite npc population limits.
  • New build of AW-SugarCube, the twine format we use (v1.17).
    • Allows use of local image files not stored in memory while maintaining the use of passage wiki notation and the special ‘data-passage’ html property. This keeps all forms of AW images interchangeable in the code.
    • AI portrait images are no longer stored in the browser memory.
      • Tiny decrease in amount of browser memory.
      • because local file access requests are limited to just portraits, the speed of image display and passage change is not affected. (the whole reason we load images into memory in the first place is to avoid this portion of the “chuggy” nature of other twine games, particularly because we utilize far more images than found in other twine-based games.)
  • Image loading process has been sped up.
    • Partly by optimizing load process.
    • Partly by allowing some images to continue loading after finishing the loading screen, thereby reducing perceived loading time.
  • You can now choose your player character’s portrait!
    • There are 5 options presented to you when making a character in a new portrait selection page that appears after the physical review page when making a new character.
      • AI Portrait: using the stable of AI generated portrait images we’ve built up.
        • Selects image based on race, skin color, eye color, hair color, hair length, & age.
        • Female NPCs will not use the AI image that is selected for the player, no doppelgangers!
      • SVG Portrait: The system we’ve been using up until now that updates regularly and displays a simplified character portrait based on several traits.
      • Custom Portrait 1, 2, or 3.
        • A selection of animated portraits with blinking, breathing, or boob shaking.
        • These portraits can be easily replaced with an image of your choosing, without bothering with an AW image mod. (Instructions in the game.)
        • Once you choose an option (1, 2, or 3) that is the option for the rest of that game. Otherwise it defaults to 1 if you choose later in the game settings menu.
        • Multiple options are there so you can have custom images for different characters you want to make, so you can change between saves/playthroughs without changing images each time.
    • The choice of portrait can be changed from the game settings menu at any time.
      • For users playing a save from an older version:
        • The custom option will default to 1.
        • The AI option will show an easter egg portrait. 😀
      • The portrait won’t actually update to the new one until you move to a new location, because of the way portraits are loaded/handled.
  • Card Game Stuff!
    • Default orgasm points number was changed from 9 to 13 to make the game a bit longer and prevent the “You were standing in front of each other saying something sexy and occasionally fapping until you both came” situation. Optionally, you can change it back to 9 or 21 in the CG settings menu (it only affects the next CG sex scenes, not the one you are playing already).
    • Action delay option added. You can choose a pause between NPC’s actions so you can see better what they are doing now. Changeable in the CG settings menu.
    • Desire mechanic. To make the game a bit saner we introduce the “Desire” points. You have 3 of them and they are spent on every action. Desire points replenish every round but they force you to think more strategically and remove the insanity of doing a long string of nonsense actions on the same turn. Also, note the cool violet flame animation!
    • Lesbian sex added. It is a major change to the system which affects a lot of mechanics. To my surprise, I noticed at the last minute that it seems to work with futa NPC too. Sex with futanari partners is not tested though and can result in some errors. Lesbian sex should be stable.
    • Card removed: Cunnilingus. This is a temporary solution, we probably will make some changes to the system next month so the same pose cards can be played “in two ways” via the menu, i.e. “Would you like to be a top or bottom partner?”. For now, I replaced it with two different pose cards as a workaround.
      • There is an ongoing design debate about card targeting. if a single card should be usable for either character, like items, or if there should be two cards that are specific to the pc or npc that should happen for each action that could have two targets. Chime in on discord!
    • New pose cards: Cunnilingus top, Cunnilingus bottom. Pretty self-explanatory, basically the old Cunnilingus pose card just in two variants so you can choose who will be the top in the lesbian sex.
    • New pose card: Sixtynine. The system considers it as a universal “oral” pose so you and your partner can use any oral action cards while in this position.
    • New pose card: Scissoring. A sex card for females. Basically, most of the sex-related action cards can be used in this position but I could miss something so if you notice some weirdness please write us about it!
    • New action card: New action card: Not done yet! You can use it right after your orgasm if you want to continue sex and go for round two. For now (since the player’s turn is the first in the round) you can’t play it after NPC came. Probably will change that later.
    • Suck Clit. Basically a Suck cock card, just for the lesbian sex.
    • New item cards: Cuffs and Buttplug. You can apply them and other items to yourself or your partner. You can buy both at the “Prude” shop in the adult district. Items now properly restrict the body parts they are put ontointo.
    • Coconut Brain (AI) was tweaked and expanded to make it behave in a predictable and sane fashion. NPCs now have their motivation levels working properly (e.g. won’t play cards they don’t like) and generally act in a way more fitting their kinks and traits.
    • Tutorial was updated to reflect the changes.
    • A new system to handle the click blocking will (we hope) result in more stable behavior of the CG system. (on-off toggle setup for html click handlers)
    • As always, a rapid development of the CG requires a lot of testing and we would be happy to hear your suggestions and feedback on the new mechanics and AI in our discord server!
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I am having a hard time at this writing thing, so gonna pass out once the release is out. Please forgive the brief or cryptic descriptions I will undoubtedly make.
  • Improved hucow job task resolution.
  • Large hucow daily-event expansion.
    • Daily events are events that happen every day while a hucow when there isn’t a more targeted condition-specific event that takes place. They explore life as a hucow, and also operate mechanics related to your cow performance.
    • Different types of events have better explanatory text in dev comments, and a number indicator for which scene it is. (i.e. “[2 of 20]”)
    • lots of images added.
      • images of coop personnel, scene-specific images in AW fashion, etc.
    • If you get a punishment outcome for the day, you will now receive an actual punishment, which will have various effects on your character.
      • Several more events are planned, only one added for now to make it functional.
      • Added “Deepthroat Training” punishment scene.
        • Doses you with shorter-duration compound eta (oral consumption)
        • Bloats your tummy with cum.
        • Fun scene.
    • If you get an experimentation outcome for the day, you will now participate in an experimental type event where the coop tests something on you. Effects will range from very good to quite bad, though the bad effects depend on your perspective…
      • Currently only one 2-part event with multiple potential effects, but more are planned.
      • Added the “Cock Eclair” experiment scene.
        • Scene is two parts. The first involves eating a cock-shaped eclair, which they use to test a new compound on you and a couple other cows.
        • The second part is the outcome/effect of the compound they tested on you.
        • There are six outcomes with a random chance of occurring.
          • 3 outcomes are some level of good including udder growth and bonus milk production.
          • 1 outcome is a fun scene where you have an itsy-bitsy seizure and resulting vision/hallucination. The bad outcome.
          • 1 outcome that is mildly bad/inconvenient that includes a wet hucow thigh gap.
          • 1 neutral outcome.
    • If you get a “Cowing” outcome for the day, you will experience a look at activities that you do during an average day at the Dairy, including taking classes, exercising, and a number of other things. This reveals more about being a hucow, hucows in general and the general setting, and some other fun stuff.
      • Currently has three large events, a series of classes prevented by a friendly milkmaid named Sara.
      • Each event has a different theme/tone, and generally focuses on hucow teats or the milkmaids themselves.
      • One of them contains some Thaum doodles 😛
      • Explains why hucow teats are so sensitive/orgasmic, and some other lore stuff.
    • If you get a “Social” outcome for the day, you will experience an event with other hucows in a social setting at the Dairy. These start of short and light hearted, becoming longer and more relevant as you move through the list of events. These give you helpful hints for content/characters, and also give tips to achieve certain kinds of objectives. They also reveal more of the setting through the perspective of hucows themselves.
      • There are 16 events, 11 (or 12?) of which are new to this release.
        • If you load a save, you may have to “wrap around” past the older events to see all the new ones.
      • Some events contain choices that will impact your standing with your fellow hucows, but not in a dramatic way (you won’t suddenly be hated/loved).
    • Job event tester has been expanded to support these events for our testing purposes. Players with the Elite build ($20 supporters) can play all these events (and all the other job events) quickly from the new game menu.
  • Sex system initial menu has been redone/improved. Now is more clear about selecting your desired sex system (sex scene, quick sex, card game) with information about each.
    • A standard sex scene with tutorial is no longer required before seeing this menu the first time.
    • Choosing the card game sex will now launch the tutorial the first time you play the card game for each game/player character. It can still be closed easily.
      • This is because the surprising amount of feedback from players saying they didn’t understand how to play or what the objective is, despite a big “tutorial” button, lol.
  • The female AI portraits library is now done, barring a future expansion with more traits represented.
    • Info: We will give the player the option to use a selected portrait based on their character after character creation when they start a new game, but unlike the svg portrait, the static portrait will not change with the character. Probably in v1.23 release. Next up will be male NPC portraits most likely.
      • Big thanks to Cowbot for helping to make all these! 3,418 unique images!
    • Players who load existing games may still have female npcs using the svg portraits. This is because portraits are determined when the npc is generated.
  • The way images are loaded into memory when the game is loaded has been changed. The game now proceeds before portraits are loaded, while they continue to load in the background. This will reduce the effective loading time.
    • We will probably change the way resources are handled for portraits specifically in the future to further limit load times and allow us to use the background loading for more resources.
    • The new setup I have planned should also reduce memory usage, but not dramatically. Performance gains are performance gains though.
  • I did a lot of coding stuff for the card game to make it do things in a sane way. Most of you probably don’t care, and I don’t feel like trying to explain. That said, stop by the discord and we can talk about it if you’re interested, or someone can point you to a previous explanation, whatever works.
  • Besty was kind enough to explain new features of the Sex Card Game:
    • New kink cards mechanic: You can play kink cards now which affects you and your partner. More details on it you can find in the in-game tutorial (Tutorial button in the card game screen)
    • New item cards mechanic: You can play item cards and choose who you want to use the item on. Item cards are obtained by getting the items in the game. More details are in the same tutorial.
    • The total amount of cards is 39 now
    • New action cards: Deepthroat (Available to the characters with oral kink), Milk yourself (Available to the lactating characters), 3 dom actions that you can get in your deck by playing the “Dominant” kink card, 3 sub actions that you can get in your deck by playing the “Submissive” kink card.
    • To make it more versatile we introduce a new “Second Thought” action card. It discards all your current hand and deals you 5 cards from your deck. A good way to get rid of the useless cards.
    • New item cards: Gag. We will add many more next releases, it took quite a bit of time implementing and testing the mechanic so it is a proof of concept now with just one card. You can buy a Ball gag at the “Prude” shop in the adult district.
    • New kink cards: Dominant and Submissive. Both affect the scene heavily causing various new mechanics to shine – adding cards to the deck, drawing a random one, and many more. We will add more kinks and eventually cover all existing character’s kinks in the same fashion.
    • New deck view screen where you can look at all the cards that AW has to offer including the ones not available to you yet. This makes it easier to know how to get more cards to your deck (hovering the card will show you the info on obtaining it) and eventually, we plan to introduce the real deckbuilding mechanic which will allow you to remove and add cards to your deck forming a perfect deck to fit your desires.
    • Coconut Brain AI was heavily expanded. Frankly, it was just a randomizer in the last release and was not intellectual at all. All it cared about was following the rules of the game. Now, its capabilities are much more. Using a system of tags and general goals it does its best to play in a coherent fashion following objectives and utilizing cards in a sane fashion. This should result in various NPC playing in their own style which reflects the specific set of kinks and traits they have.
    • The tutorial for the card game was updated to reflect new additions.
    • New “Settings” menu regarding important card game options.
    • Following your suggestion we implemented two blocks with texts reflecting card that was played in a standard style. This connects the mechanistic style of the card game with the in-game chain of events and adds “more sex” to it. You can see the small displaylog in the upper left corner of the CG screen and the bigger screen is shown at the end of every round (though you can hide it or just disable it in the CG Settings).
    • More nice animations and effects!
    • The starting hand size is limited based on the character’s kinks: Liberated makes it 6 while Shamefeast can only have 4 cards on her hand. The standard is still 5.
    • Max hand size is 8 from now on. If you somehow dealt with more cards than your max hand size it will burn, muahaha.
    • Rapid development of the CG requires a lot of testing and we would be happy to hear your suggestions and feedback on the new mechanics and AI in our discord server!
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  • Shooed npcs away from the hucow player’s dorm room.
  • Added hucow panties, swimsuit, and a home-made sweater image for the paper doll.
  • Added the full complement of bull NPCs to the farm coop.
  • Improved the estrus breeding event.
  • Made some improvements to the kink and mutation player/NPC classes.
  • Improved the player character description in the character menu.
    • Now includes better information about lactation.
    • Now has images that can show below the text description for certain key items, with potential for more.
  • Fixes to an event and the animal shelter where you might encounter a canine.
  • The character menu will now properly display all kinks and mutations.
    • Kinks in particular were missing some items, including liberated as well as kinks not available at the start.
  • Not really visible, but created a new setup to compile the builds of AW more reliably with more flexibility for various installations/environments, so newer team members can compile for testing more easily.
    • It even checks our AWR resource files to make sure we’ve got everything packaged up right.
  • Improved the description of Amenorrhea mutation in the character creation menu. Now more clearly describes the effect and purpose of the mutation.
    • Also emphasizes that periods are hassle-free in AW.
  • In “I don’t know why I didn’t add this years ago”: added a new popup to the loading screen that will appear if resource files aren’t loaded after 10 seconds.
    • Tells new players what to do to fix it.
    • May also trigger for players with particularly slow PCs. Let us know, we can adjust the timing.
  • A whole new sex system – the AW Sex Card Game
    • A ton of work went into this, from game design to just animating things.
    • You can play by clicking the “CG DEMO” button on the new game screen.
    • When a normal sex scene is launched in-game, you can choose between the normal sex scene, the scene skipper, or playing the card game.
    • The card game isn’t fully integrated with AW, but most of the basic items are covered:
      • Relationship and general sex numbers tracking.
      • Cheating and vows
      • Can be creampied or creampie others (basic but functional)
      • Mental status changes from orgasming/sex.
      • Health and energy
      • Sex addiction
    • The game has a basic tutorial that can be opened by clicking the tutorial button.
    • The game has an emergency exit button you can click if somehow the game goes awry despite all our testing.
    • Has 26 cards to start.
    • Much of the UI is nearly there, but the cards themselves have some (nice and sexy) placeholder images.
      • We’re going for a unified style of AI images with colors coordinated to the type of action/pose for both poses and actions.
    • While the code is there to start sorting available cards by character (body, genitals, kinks, goals, mutations, etc), for this demo version we assume a standard female player and male NPC, just to stick with the limited card library.
    • The best way to explain it is for you to go play it yourself.
  • Sixteen hucow social images to go with planned hucow social work events.
    • You’ll cycle through the images each time a social event plays, the social event system is set up to cycle through a long list of minor events to bring you different content each time until the loop repeats.
      • Starting with 16 generic events, other social events are story/character driven.
  • Five new hucow social work scenes where you hear gossip or …interact… with hucows in other ways.
  • New hucow job event where you get milked for the first time, introducing you to the milking room, milking bench, and general setup/environment.
  • Abigail is now a defined NPC, and will appear for hucow characters.
  • Abigail will now come round you up if you don’t show up for your daily time at the Dairy.
    • There is a 15 minute forgiveness window where you are late before Abigail gets you, she has to come find you, after all.
    • There are two versions of the punishment event.
      • The first time you don’t actually receive a punishment, and instead are given more of a warning.
        • You notice Abigail is dressed differently that day.
        • You may discover something about her.
      • The second and subsequent times she’s far more upset at having to stop what she’s doing and round you up.
  • The second discipline event has been added for when you break a hucow rule and are punished.
    • You get an injection of Eta, but this time Abigail makes sure it applies completely and activates it. Pretty sexy way of doing that, too.
    • Learn a little more about Eta from Abigail’s dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where the second shallow creampie ad wasn’t showing when wasting time on phone.
    • Second ad is more detailed about this “pregnancy prevention method”.
  • New “Farm Fresh” milk ad when wasting time on phone.
  • adjusted the semen half life age function so that semen does not persist in the reproductive tract nearly as long, still heavily affected by both character’s traits and mutations.
  • Fixed multiple other random bugs.
  • There were probably other things, but I can’t think of them. My brain is worn out.
    • Oh, created/edited some images for use in the character description thing and with hucows, but didn’t get to add them in yet.
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  • Fixed a bug where the record of certain forms of miscellaneous income (like prostitution) were not getting reset each week, leading to incorrect numbers on finances.
  • Fixed a bug with a backup check for generating hucow NPCs had an extra “s” and caused a red banner. Harmless, but looked bad.
  • Fixed some more Anenn (Airell) bugs that caused some harmless but annoying text issues in certain events.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Dorms” button in the Building B Dairy Dorms Lobby that led to a bad/blank location. Also fixed the Besty Cat Words on the button so it now says “Your Dorm Room”
  • Fixed some formatting issues that could appear in Gestique Clinic fertility boosting treatments page when text size is set to “Large” and above.
  • Fixed tiling of certain background images that could happen on high resolution displays.
  • Fixed the extra </div> found below IUD removal in the Gestique Clinic.
  • Fixed the heat/estrus check so that it won’t display when the character has their reproductive cycle suppressed by hucow birth control.
  • Added buttons to the Hucow area of the Dairy so that you no longer see a collapsed action button area.
    • Added option to milk yourself.
    • Added an option to “explore” that results in you seeing an interesting scene before you’re caught and shooed away to the Barn Complex.
      • Includes a fun new image.
  • Improved the futa selection area in the character creation menu so that it is no longer a Cat System.
    • Better functionality, particularly when using character randomization options.
    • A more obvious and safer toggle for being or not being a futa.
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Words: 3,308,821 (22,533,666 characters)
Codes: 165,259 lines of TS
Pictures: 7,026+ (3,402 portraits)
  • More AI NPC portraits courtesy of CowBot. We’re almost done with females!
  • Meet Emma, a mysterious resident of the hucow dorm paddock.
    • Find her by exploring the area.
    • Follow her.
    • Learn her story.
    • Make important decisions!
  • Penis alteration for futa characters is now possible at the Dollmaker Clinic in Appletree’s Medical District.
    • Shrink or grow your schlong without taking risky medications.
    • Reverse excessive growth if you *did* go to far with those medications.
  • Fapping with a limp noodle can now be done.
  • Taking too much Estratitol now has a chance of causing a boobsplosion bad end.
    • Taking Estratitol as a hucow will automatically cause this bad end.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
    • Especially Anenn/Airell bugs.
      • Besty swears that one day he will travel to Brazil and bite him.
  • Maximum cock hardness now takes player’s height into account.
  • A nightly “cock balance” function will now make sure you have at least a minimally-proportionate member.
  • Taking the hucow job or loading an old save (backward compatibility) will now call for the creation of new hucow npcs.
    • They are a normal mix of procedurally generated traits a pre-defined ones that match their place in the story.
    • NPCs will mostly be cows, but also include bulls and coop employees.
    • These NPCs will not be created with normal playthroughs, so they don’t take up space or waste performance.
      • Hucow NPCs that already existed before the hucow expansion like Sunshine will still be generated for normal games.
    • The random NPC cap will be lowered by 50 for hucow games, to give extra space for the dedicated hucows.
      • There will likely be a rash of suicides in Appletree once you become a hucow as the lowered cap is implemented.
    • Currently only a handful of the permanent hucow NPCs are defined, but the list will grow.
      • Examples: Poppy and Queenie
    • The purpose of these NPCs are to populate the hucow area with appropriate NPCs, and to provide a variety of story opportunities and interactions with your fellow cows.
      • Bulls and coop employees too!
  • Barn Star beauty parlor has been added to the barn complex.
    • All the beauty treatments you’d expect.
    • Upstairs will have some more things with spa treatments and such.
    • Acupuncture sessions available from above the Barn Star
      • Because Sunshine mentioned it off hand in the Hucow Prolog.
      • Helps fix the psyche of the PC a small amount.
      • Open every Wednesday.
  • Tincow store is now open in the barn complex.
    • Big store with a variety of floors/departments so you never have to leave the farm.
    • You can buy clothes, home items, furniture, electronics.
    • More items likely to be added in the future, including hucow specific ones.
  • “Some new cool posters in downtown Appletree”
    • Besty was having fun with something I guess.
  • New tagging system added for NPCs using existing NPC class objects.
    • A quick way to find hucow, bull, teacher, coop employee, police, etc. NPCs.
    • New NPC list methods to grab the new categories easily.
    • Eventually the coop will mostly contain these NPCs, but that part isn’t implemented yet (gotta finish making all of them first!)
  • hucow.ify() function created.
    • Adds a second layer of generation to NPCs (which are procedurally generated using statistical data except for Lily and Toby).
    • Allows us to quickly turn a normally generated permanent NPC into a hucow at each hucow stage, a bull, and farm coop employees.
    • everything from tit and cock size to implanting a pre-existing pregnancy. (a lot of stuff)
  • New permanent hucow NPCs you may already recognize from various places.
    • Queenie, Poppy, Katie, Adelaide
    • Includes location/schedule stuff so they go where they should be.
  • Expansion of some of the player masturbation content.
  • Overhaul of NPC breast stuff.
    • Improvement of npc breast calculation to match PC.
      • Now supports hucow sizes
    • Actual calculation of lactation related items, rather than very basic lactation setup.
    • Calculations no-longer one-time at npc generation, so that hucow characters can progress during play.
  • New fert.impregnate function
    • Allows an NPC to be made pregnant at various stages of pregnancy.
    • Allows NPCs to start pregnant (for now only hucow NPCs, where pregnancy is very common) rather than having to wait to get pregnant through the normal fertility system.
  • Number of pregnancies is now tracked for the player and NPCs.
    • Previously only tracked number of children born, but number of pregnancies is important for hucows.
  • Pregnancy as a hucow now grows breasts.
    • Both PC and NPCs have their breasts grow hucow style.
    • Replaces the typical human breast growth from pregnancy that’s already part of the fertility system.
    • NPCs receive a simplified growth process.
    • PC has a transformation effect that has their breasts grow over a number of days early in their pregnancy.
    • Amount of breast growth is based on the number of pregnancies the hucow has had.
    • Developed a central pregnancy udder growth curve to match hucow lore, that controls how much udders grow for a pregnancy.
      • Initial pregnancies are significant and part of the progression of hucow stages.
      • Diminishing returns result in steady but decreasing growth over consecutive pregnancies.
  • Changed the “Slut Parser” so that it only starts altering game text once the “super slut” threshold is reached.
  • Gaining the slut, superSlut, and hyperSlut kinks will now progressively add more of the other kinks to your character.
    • Gaining the first level “Slut” kink is fairly minor, mostly removing shamefast kink and making sure the default kinks are on, so that the kinks are compatible with being a slut.
  • The Treatment now can turn you into a slut, or even turn you into a super-slut if you are already a slut.
  • The Treatment code affecting your nipples and areola has been significantly improved, was mostly an overlooked before.
  • Changed the way that indenturement debt works. It now goes up as you incur medical costs, particularly the treatment, rather than starting as a large lump sum.
  • Some more tweaks to starting breast sizes.
  • Hypermilky mutation taken at character creation once-again grows your breasts.
    • New growth is proportional rather than being a flat cc value.
  • The minimum ejaculation size was reduced to 0.5ml
  • Lot of fixes to typos and general editing of the new hucow content.
  • Breast growth in transformative system transformatives will now report changes in breast size rounded to the nearest 10 or 5cc.
    • Still probably way more detailed than a character would reasonably know, but not quite so bad.
  • Transformative icon hovertext will no longer preface items with “Transformative”. it looked kinda dumb.
  • The Treatment has been shortened!
    • The old length felt to long in terms of gameplay, and the extra length just made it feel too slow rather than making the change feel more significant.
    • New Treatment length is 9 days instead of 16.
    • After-Treatment period has also been shortened.
  • New “Sharing is Caring” random Hucow daily job content.
  • The character details menu will now display your character’s max erection strength for futa PCs.
  • New Drug: Jack’d
    • Purchased in a bottle of 10 doses wherever sketchy male performance enhancers are sold.
      • Cum & Go, Nature’s Treasury, Prude
    • Each dose lasts 24 hours.
    • Allows you to get an erection of at least “erect” strength regardless of how big your cock is.
    • minor bimbo gain for each dose taken.
    • minor decrease in egg-release and multiple-egg fertility factors.
    • If the player has the multiple ovulation mutation, there is a chance they could lose the mutation.
    • Taking another Jack’d pill while under the effects of a prior Jack’d pill will apply a slightly stronger version of the above side effects in addition to the normal side effects for the pill.
  • Re-scaled the multiple-egg fertility factor across female fertility scores to better align with fertility system probability outcomes.
    • Improved the way the fertility system handles ovulation and multiple ovulation mathematically.
      • Previously could cause unintended ovulation results.
    • The multiple ovulation mutation now has a reduced impact on the multiple-egg fertility factor (128 vs 200)
      • This is scaling it to the new numbers, so isn’t as much of a nerf as it may seem.
    • Fixed a bug in NPC procedural generation that resulted in npcs with the multiple ovulation mutation having a multiple-egg fertility factor that was way too low.
  • Stores and shops around Appletree had their shopping improved.
    • Several items present only in one store, or absent from a location it would reasonably be, was added to other locations.
    • Inventories were organized by category so that similar goods were kept together and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.
      • Even the grocery stores have goods now organized by department instead of being just a random list.
    • You can now buy cum at Whole foods, because why wouldn’t you be able to?
  • Taking a fertility booster will now longer violate a “no transformation” marriage vow.
  • Significantly reduced the cost of many drugs and treatments at the Gestique clinic.
    • Costs are intended as a tradeoff with the expectation of enhanced income from babies… but the prices seemed to be too high of an initial barrier.
    • Starting with a normalish fertility and advancing to higher levels seemed to not be a viable play experience for non-cheat players.
  • The FutaFest drug and Semaxin will now cause your testicles to grow.
  • Fertinex gene therapy is now available at all levels of fertility.
    • The benefit to fertility is still capped to reaching level 6
    • Players with fertility above 6 can now gain the megafertboost trait that allows reaching the highest fertility level.
      • This was previously only possible via Progenerate career or hucow Treatment.
  • New Cheat: Now you can disable bad ends from breast and testicle size.
  • Changed how the Hyper Ovulatory Phase mutation works to release multiple eggs, making it slightly less predictable as to when extra ovulation days occur.
    • Even with detailed fertility information, players with this mutation will only report on the primary ovulation day forecast, not on any of the potential ovulation days.
  • Added the much-requested ability to fertilize egg/s in a second womb after already fertilizing the first, from your multiple ovulation days in one cycle due to Hyper Ovulatory Phase mutation.
    • Sperm will be killed after the first fertilization, so you’ll have to get more before your next in order to get two pregnancies from one cycle.
    • May result in some weird timing (or seemingly doubled events) when you have two pregnancies only a few days apart.
  • Menstrual cycle information forecasts now have a more levels of accuracy.
    • Wording for cycle info for a character with no enhancements to knowledge is more vague.
      • Cycle forecasts are more broad in terms of dates related to your specific ovulation day.
    • The Amenorrhea mutation now correctly obscures cycle information from the player.
      • Players with advanced knowledge will still be subject to randomization of ovulation forecast information.
      • Players with no extra information will have no idea what part of their cycle they’re in.
    • Changes to wording across more levels and cycle stages.
  • Descriptive text in character creation mutation selection for some fertility mutations has been improved/clarified.
  • Added a new fertility implant called OVAGUARD
    • Prevents your egg-release and multiple-egg fertility factors from decreasing from pretty much every cause.
      • This includes the Jack’d drug, and even special fertility modifications.
    • Causes an increase in these factors over time.
      • Present rate is likely too high, but want to test overall effects.
    • Causes missed doses of hormonal birth control (past a certain overall chemical threshold) to be twice as damaging to birth control efficacy.
    • Has a weird gif for when the device is implanted.
    • The device can not be removed.
    • Available at Gestique clinic.
  • More killing in porn games
    • Achievement for becoming a murderer.
    • New random event where you have an opportunity to shoot a drunk NPC that is harassing you.
  • Added term for your current menstrual phase to character status menu
  • small improvements to the fertility info display in the character status menu.
  • New Hucow Finance course available.
    • Learn that udders are assets.
    • You want your assets to grow.
    • Invest in your assets
    • Watch your investment grow.
    • Farmer doodles.
  • New rules central definition and tracking system used across multiple hucow systems.
  • New method of injecting punishment of work-detected rules violations into a scene so that it doesn’t overwrite any existing mandatory scenes.
  • Completed the hucow status central function.
    • Adjusts various statuses (autonomy, behavior, compliance, intelligence) according to centrally-adjustable/tweakable rates.
    • Adjustments also take into account central difficulty scaling values.
    • Expanded hucow status values to include a decimal place, to allow for better scaling behavior.
      • scaling small status changes could otherwise result in unintended results.
  • New hucow punishment function for constructing a four-part punishment scenario.
    • Initial text relating to the specific rule broken, involving the relevant NPCs.
    • Getting into punishment position with Abigail.
      • currently two variations, first time and subsequent, with room for more.
    • Second text specific to rule from Abigail
    • Actual punishment
      • punishment applied is based on overall standing and progression along the punishment route.
      • Punishments are not directly tied to any specific rule.
  • Punishment for two hucow rules.
    • Breaking curfew.
      • Abigail will come get you.
      • Differences based on first or second violation.
    • Taking Birth control.
      • Discovery and decontamination from Doc Mya.
        • She doesn’t like birth control at all.
        • She may do something slightly mean if you break the rule more than once.
      • Lecture from Abigail and penalties for ruined milk
    • Initial compound Eta injection.
      • The first in the punishment series as Abigail first turns you into a hucow ready for more intense experimentation.
      • injection causes some hucow stat loss, and can cause additional loss upon orgasm.
  • Your chosen sex behavior at work will now have outcomes.
    • increase to companionship from interaction with the herd.
    • Increase to satisfaction from sexual activity at work.
    • changes to herd opinion.
    • Various benefits (and potential penalties) for different choices.
      • Cows don’t like it when you won’t play with them, for example.
    • If you are in estrus you will likely be inseminated by a bull, if you have bulls enabled for sex.
      • Can also be inseminated at random if lucky.
    • Also a rare chance for a creampie from a coop worker if you have your threshold set to everyone.
  • A short enough skirt/dress (very short) will now count you as being exposed for checks that look if your lower half is on display via high-exposure garments or not wearing them.
    • Does not count you as naked, so there would be no penalty from the law, etc.
  • An event can happen when you are in estrus and a bull notices.
    • Requires your lower half to be exposed.
    • probability decreases but can happen multiple times per day.
    • Currently not written because the scene involves willpower checks and such for potential resistance to getting inseminated… sorry.
      • There is a gif though!
  • Curfew is implemented as mentioned above.
    • Dorm paddock will not let you leave normally once it is late enough.
    • Abigail arrives sometime after 10 minutes past the hour
    • Curfew is 11pm Sun-Thur and midnight on Fri-Sat.
  • Sunshine 69 nerfed heavily.
  • Other stuff we can’t remember or didn’t bother including in commit notes.
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A little git fuckery and a tweak for better game experience. There’s still a couple bugs to fix, but the git fuckery bug causes a big-enough issue for the backer build that I wanted to release this right away.
  • Fixed an issue where changes in the 1.16 bugfixing branch was overwritten on merge into the 1.17 branch without notification of a conflict. This results in the time chunking status subfunction to crash in the backer build specifically. It means that some status items are not running in 1.17.0 [backer] including lactation, exhibitionism, semen refractory mechanics, fluid calculations, etc.
  • Fixed skirts getting dirty from vaginal fluids leaking between the legs. I know that yes, if sitting, with enough liquid, the skirt *could* get dirty… but that’s no fun. Also, the fluid mechanics all assume a standing position anyway, so it wasn’t supposed to happen anyhow.
  • Changed notification of panties getting wet with femlube so that it only occurs once panties are sufficiently wet, and not just getting a little damp.
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Words: 3,249,020 (22,132,631 characters)
Code: 161,575 lines of TypeScript
Images: 720 new female portrait images courtesy of CowBot
Don’t forget to check out the incremental change log from version 1.16 to see all the bug fixes and changes since 1.16!
  • The Buzzword bar has been added to East Downtown.
    • Original concept by Jimbo, written by Krysis
    • Body writing themed location where the waitresses get written on. It’s pretty fun.
    • Not finished, but there are several things you can see over subsequent visits.
  • Cleanup of 15min Time Status process that manages many time-based mechanics for your character. This included some improvements and fixes to make it work better and behave a little more predictably.
  • New Transformative System
    • Transformatives are managed centrally with supporting functions, with object-based format for easy addition of new transformatives.
    • Transformative display for active transformatives icons and text in the character status menu.
    • Transformatives are split into three main parts. An active effect, nightly effects, and permanent effects.
      • Active effects are checked during the standard time status process every 15 game minutes, and are meant to do things like maintain a minimum arousal or other ongoing effects that couldn’t easily be done before.
      • Nightly effects are for the major body changes as a result of the transformative, and they output custom text describing the changes.
      • Permanent effects are for things that are maintained even after the transformation is over, and include both active and nightly effects.
        • Example: a permanent minimum arousal
        • Example: a minimum level of muscle tone
    • Nightly effects are displayed (if they occur) after sleeping, and are described as if the player is discovering or noticing the changes in the morning after waking up.
    • Enabled backward compatibility of transformative data.
      • for pre 1.17 games
      • for old games updating to new versions with newer transformatives.
    • Added key transformative data to game save.
  • Three new transformatives utilizing the new system.
    • cute new cow icons for these <3
    • Bovinex has been reworked to use the new system, as it is essentially exactly the kind of thing it’s meant for.
      • Bovinex has had several changes and tweaks to its effects, and is now more clear on what it’s actually doing to you.
      • Bovinex now lasts 7 days.
    • Pre-Treatment has been added.
      • The initial cocktail of drugs intended to get you ready to turn into a hucow. It’s length is variable and depends on how long it takes you to get ready.
        • Characters more closely matching the Farm Coop’s ideal candidate will have a shorter duration, potentially as short as 1 day.
      • Effects all described as they occur, but generally more mild than the full Treatment.
      • Causes temporary impotence.
      • Maintains a slightly heightened level of arousal.
      • impacts hucow stats
    • Treatment has been added.
      • Huge transformative lasting 16 game days.
      • Contains a number of changes, with new things happening each day.
      • First example of a drug with zoned changes, where player variables approach a desired zone from either direction.
      • Causes temporary impotence.
      • Changes a wide variety of character variables in order to turn them into a hucow.
      • Adds three new mutations to the player.
      • Maintains a moderately heightened level of arousal, which calms to a permanent light increase to arousal.
      • Breasts turn into udders and grow.
      • Impacts hucow stats
      • Has permanent effect where wearing clothes on upper body causes penalties to the player due to sensitive udders.
      • Other permanent effects need to be added…
  • Male sterility and impotence effects added to the game.
    • Impotence prevents player from gaining an erection.
      • Currently does not prevent sex… but neither does having a micro penis. This will have to be corrected in next update.
    • Sterility prevents player from producing sperm.
    • Can be used as temporary or permanent/reversable effects.
  • Paper doll clothes now have levels of transparency that happen when the clothing item has a high level of exposure, letting you know that the item exposes more and/or allows access to key body areas.
  • Further adjustments and tuning to lactation
    • Breast size due to lactation
    • Hucow-specific milk capacity calculation
    • standard milk capacity calculation
    • milk production rates
  • New event with “Mama” (Clarabelle) on day two at the Dairy
    • Explains how the dairy schedule works, and reveals more about the character.
  • Initial pre-treatment meeting with Doc Mya
    • Explains the pre-treatment and a little about the Treatment.
    • Informs player about what parts of their body need work to be ready for the treatment, with a lot of variations based on the player’s specific variables.
    • Answers questions the player may have about pre-treatment or treatment.
    • Starts the actual pre-treatment transformative.
  • Recurring pre-treatment meeting with Mya, where she talks about your progress.
  • Three new mutations added to the game.
    • These are used presently with lactation, but have intended uses elsewhere as well.
    • They are split into three instead of just “is hucow” because that way other effects could use them. (transformative expansion, if chosen, will have lots of new mutations and transformatives that use them)
    • These are listed on the character menu under special mutations.
    • Udders: denotes that the player has the structurally different breasts, used for milk capacity and tie-ins. Also used to describe the breast’s shape with unique hucow shape.
    • Teats: denotes special dimpled teat with lots of milk ducts for higher milk flow rate. Affects milking speed. Affects nipple pleasure (sex act pleasure NYI)
    • Orgasmic Breasts: denotes sensitivity of breast and enhanced ability to orgasm from breast/nipple stimulation. Affects rate of orgasm and multiple orgasm from milking.
  • There is now a dress code for hucows, which basically requires that you don’t wear any clothes on your upper body. Dress code is only in the Dairy during job time.
    • Extreme-exposure (50) tops are technically allowed
    • Wearing a top or bra will trigger an event with a farm hand who chastises you. The first time is a warning if you are new, afterward there are behavior stat consequences.
  • Initial rules break functions code and data
    • tracking broken rules, and time of occurrence, and applying consequences.
    • Used for disciplinary content, stat change, and regaining/losing behavior points.
    • A centralized place to allow better balancing and adjustment for difficulty level.
  • central scaling data to allow balancing and altering difficulty levels from a central location.
    • Needs to be expanded with user-friendly getter properties to automatically use relevant values.
  • Lots of changes to the job system specifically for hucows.
    • Handling of job work choices.
    • Unique changes to how standard events are handled.
    • New social event system which plays a daily event based on hucow stats and work choices.
      • Events occur only when a higher priority standard event does not occur.
      • Includes four possible outcomes, with mechanics to choose tied into stats and choices implemented.
      • Currently no content for these, so a simple generic event message is used describing the types of events that would have happened had they been written.
      • For event-based stat changes such as a hypnosis session
      • Includes a cute farm hand image.
    • New job task handling code setup, prepped for milk and stat mechanics to be implemented in future update.
      • intended for more systematic stat changes
      • will be used for milk production and related mechanics.
  • dynamic check for readiness to begin treatment
  • Hucow stats implemented.
    • Four new stats specific to hucows. Behavior, Autonomy, Compliance, and IQ.
      • Stats explained in game.
    • Now display in character/status or social/career menu.
      • IQ is a hidden stat, so cannot be seen directly.
    • Parsers created for Behavior and Compliance stats.
    • Basic stat for herd opinion added, but not implemented.
      • Semi-hidden stat where only threshold values are viewable, primarily inferred via interaction with other hucows.
  • New Social/Career menu for hucows showing more relevant information like milk quota, behavior, etc. and not showing irrelevant info.
  • Changes to the Character/Status menu.
    • Status bars adjusted to be more concise with 2 fewer bars.
    • Slightly reorganized to be more logically arranged.
    • Hucows now have Compliance and Autonomy displayed on these stat bars.
    • Status effect window now seamlessly displays transformatives if they are in effect and if the specific transformative is set to display.
  • Hucow Difficulty added.
    • Specific difficulty setting for hucow content that operates separately from standard difficulty mechanics.
      • Used to tune your hucow experience to be more friendly/easy or more realistic/hard. (or just fap mode, so you can do whatever)
    • Difficulty setting selector created.
      • Includes detailed description of what each difficulty level means.
  • Hucow Tutorial added to end of Day 2 hucow job content.
    • Explains the hucow stats.
      • What they mean
      • What they do
      • General concept of what makes them change
      • Consequences to high/low values.
    • Explains some other basic info about being a hucow.
  • Cowbux expansion
    • Cowbux now have their own unique color and icon.
    • Now have central cowbux object and some initial function defs
  • Initial orientation now takes proper account of if the player started the game with hucow as a job choice, or applied later.
  • Capture of initial character data for genetic purposes at end of prolog.
    • used primarily for hucow stuff now, but can also be useful for future transforms.
  • Calculation function which determines the character’s “Breast Growth Index” or general ability to grow breasts as a hucow based on multiple factors.
    • Used in transformatives to allow better breast growth algorithms for more realistic/predictable behavior not heavily based on RNG or simple percentages.
  • Some fixes to initial orientation text, and description of hucow stages.
  • Added child-heal treatment.
    • Given to player during day two if they previously had a child.
    • Includes expanded conversation with doc mya
    • status effect that is unpleasant for the player over 3 days until their body thinks they’ve never been pregnant.
  • Sunshine now has a image in the orientation
    • Also a better NPC portrait image!
  • Expanded the fertility setting function that bulk sets female fertility factor values based on a numeric fertility level.
    • Instead of overwriting old values, it now takes into account previous values.
    • If fertility score is increasing, will only alter a fertility factor if the new value is higher than the old value.
    • If fertility score is decreasing, will only alter a fertility factor if the new value is lower than the old value.
    • This means a bulk increase from a treatment/effect/mutation won’t “reset” a specific factor that’s higher if the player worked on increasing it.
    • reduced randomization of individual factors
  • Changes to character creation menu
    • A button option removed and put on the initial page.
    • Button spacing adjusted
    • Allow all buttons to fit onto sidebar without scrolling
  • New hucow job wallpaper.
    • I’ve gotten better and better and making hucows using AI.
    • This wallpaper is pretty nice.
  • Added an arousal record to the game.
    • Same functionality as other stat records such as satisfaction, happiness, or bimbo.
    • Only records changes to arousal from systemic causes, does not include event-based arousal changes.
    • Intended to help player find long-term/recurring arousal sources.
  • Added “The Hucow Treatment” pamphlet item to the game.
    • non-consumable inventory with item image
    • given by doc mya
    • can be read. Includes a large amount of content explaining the history and effects of the treatment. Also a larger image of the hucow on the pamphlet cover.
    • Useful info without forcing the player to read it.
  • Cleared up scenes with getting caught stealing from Oleg, making the resolution more obvious.
  • Major change to starting breast size at character creation.
    • Went with fixed CC caps regardless of band size, with minor extra cup restriction for very small bands that require starvation weights.
      • Previously was cup-based limit based on band size.
    • More fair, works better.
  • A certain someone released a timeCock into the world.
    • The dates in the game have mysteriously moved forward 10 years.
    • 42 is a cooler number anyway, so I didn’t fix it.
    • Actually a better timeline fit given the current year, even if it’s a different universe, people compare the time to our time, and 32 feels too soon now.
  • 3.9% less Anenn fuckups.
  • Major alteration to Lactamax and Mammarex drugs.
    • Nerfed the amount that they’ll grow your breasts significantly.
      • Mammarex is still based on initial size, so will have better results with larger starting size.
      • Mammarex still improves in effectiveness (and bimbo gain) with each subsequent dose.
    • Now will result in more realistic/less extreme breast growth. For growing breasts a more moderate amount to gain some cup sizes, instead of massive inflation.
    • Note: Bovinex size gain also nerfed.
  • Added new drug Estratitol
    • Can be found in medical district research area in the Russia Medicine store.
    • Causes rapid massive breast size gain.
      • For those players who want the mega mommy milkers they used to get with Mammarex/Lactamax combo.
    • Has a cool advert image.
    • Has a cool consumable inventory description and image
    • Some fun little text when you wait for it to work, and it actually kicks in.
    • Also causes a lot of bimbo gain.
  • Added Russia Medicine store to the game in the medical district research area.
    • Has a helpful “employee” named Gregor (with picture!)
      • May or may not work for Oleg “Besty” Bestyovich (Russian Mafia)
  • Placeholder scene for starting the Treatment.
  • Hucow Semen-Rich Diet
    • Hucows get benefits similar to cumplete due to their semen-rich diet.
    • Will result in semen addiction, but addiction is constantly fed with meals so has no negative impacts on the player.
    • Causes positive status effects.
  • Adjustment to pussy wetness mechanic.
    • Works better with arousal and spread of wetness values.
    • Less flood situation just from having wetness 4/5, now more responsive to arousal level.
    • Added additional threshold so femlube gradient is smoother.
  • Adjustment to arousal parser to add one additional level description and better match the meaning of the values.
  • Fixed map text system so it will now properly display the possible events for tertiary map locations instead of always using primary or secondary location to drive event text.
  • Added hucow bed to hucow dorm after hucow job start.
  • Whole new milking function for hucows
    • Output text is still placeholder, but the mechanics work.
    • For milking using the milking stations that are in the dorm room or other possible places.
  • Added hucow dorms to home inventory system so drag/drop interface works properly.
  • Added hucow dorm as viable location for “sleep” action button.
  • Changed time threshold for “sleep” action button to be 9pm instead of 10pm.
    • Not sure who’d go to bed that early in the real world, but it’s helpful in AW for those jobs with earlier start times.
  • Added “Sunshine 69” action to the hucow dorms bedroom.
    • Temporary cheat type action to boost all your non-hucow stats to make it easier to move quickly through the transformation content.
  • Lots of new location content added to the hucow areas of the farm coop.
    • REMINDER: we still have a lot of work to do with this, so the content/locations are not in their final form. However, it all works/is usable. Just gotta build this stuff up one paw at a time.
    • Spa center:
      • Scenes for pool, sauna, massages.
      • You can hear some interesting gossip from other hucows.
    • Cinema
      • Exists.
    • Crafting Space
      • Meet a hucow that loves crafting but is horrible at it.
      • Unleash your creativity and try making a sweater, a flower arrangement for your flat or even sculpt a dildo!
        • Sweater can be worn.
        • Flower arrangement can be placed.
        • Dildo does dildo things.
    • Pond area
      • You can go swimming or get a suntan nearby.
    • Eat at several cafe/restaurant stuff in the barn complex.
    • Escape the dorm paddock via a tunnel under the fence.
      • Can fail if your boobs are too big.
        • You can end up getting stuck with some fun consequences.
      • Besty also thinks you should fail just because, so there’s a RNG if you make it or not.
    • Random map texts for the various map areas now appear.
    • Take a peak at upcoming classes in the barn area.
    • Workout at the gym in the barn area.
  • Dorm room is mostly functional
    • Milking works
    • Sleeping works
    • Cleaning works
    • Inventory works
    • Still needs some work, but is functional.
  • Various minor fixes and such.
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  • Fixed the repeating times on the job selection display for non-hucow jobs.
  • Improved the warning screen when starting the female prolog to further emphasize the graphic content contained in that prolog.
    • Added a back button so players can return to the story selection screen.
  • Added a “what’s the difference” link to the description of male/female story on the story selection screen.
    • Popup contains low-spoiler information about the difference between the two stories and that they fit together as part of one whole.
  • Minor tweaks to hucow job application code to be more forgiving when the player has multiple disqualifying items.
  • Adjusted the hucow job application code so that it will always reject the player when pregnant (was previously was possible to squeak in with all other bonuses maxed).
    • Hucow transformation is bad for fetuses. Come back when not pregnant.
  • Fixed a sperm event Anenn fucked up that would impregnate you incorrectly with tentacles.
  • Changed the highest muscle category for female attraction to “She-Ra” to match the male “He-Man” label.
  • Adjusted the character review text in male prolog so that it was less ambiguous about why the player was sleeping naked.
  • Slight changes to breast size word parser.
    • Tweaked descriptors for smaller breasts slightly “downward” toward smaller sizes.
    • Tweaked some of the word probabilities.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPC arousal to persist after sex, causing them to start future sex scenes super horny and ready to cum.
  • Added new “vulva only” cum results to sex scenes.
    • Several positions/actions can result in the player getting a little cum in their vulva (the exterior happy flappy bits). Usually from ejaculating in that general direction, or from getting cum on the pubic mound and having some run down into the vulva.
      • Example, stand facing each other position, where the NPC penis is pointed in the general direction of your groin/stomach. most goes on your stomach, some on your pubic mound, and a tiny fraction gets in your vulva.
    • Vulva cum can technically cause pregnancy, but is unlikely unless other factors are at play (such as pushing the cum in, or having a vaginal symbiote)
    • Sex system previously treated vulva cum as a creampie, which isn’t really correct.
    • New text will state that some of X’s cum got in your vulva, making it more clear about what happened.
  • Added a note to the hucow dorm bedroom to make it even more clear that no, you can’t sleep yet.
  • Fixed bug where a certain scene in dating in a certain location didn’t have any buttons to continue, because Anenn, as usual.
  • Adjusted the npc-driven interactions to be a little more sane.
  • Added arousal reduction in male prolog so that player wouldn’t end up with brain damage in certain situations.
  • Fix to a janitor job event where you were stuck and couldn’t continue.
    • Also a red banner for a typo. Usual Anenn bugs… Kinda glad he’s not adding to them anymore…
  • Coop Home Menu fix (note… really shouldn’t be playing with this yet)
  • The cleanliness number in the status record note is now properly rounded instead of having 10 decimal places.
  • Inseminations at the animal shelter can now cause pseudopregnancy
    • Requires the pseudopreg mutation
    • follow on from this is not tested!
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Words: 3,197,739 (21,782,949 characters)
Code: 159,385 lines of TypeScript
WARNING: Hucow path is fully capable of being “checked out” along with new locations. This is obviously not complete, however. Perhaps save before selecting it as a job, so you don’t wind up stuck in a dead end job you can’t quit.
HOW-TO: The best way to see the new hucow/prolog content additions is to start a male story prolog. You can save before choosing the job (so you can see reactions from different jobs). Then pick the hucow job. Experience the hucow variation of the prolog. Read through the hucow orientation event, and then you can poke around a little bit to see the new maps. After that, you can go back to a normal playthrough.
  • Compressed some more of the newer images in the resource files, reducing download size by about 60MB.
  • Made the breast cup size requirement for fertility storm slightly lower.
  • Certain jobs can now reject your application.
    • Currently only the Progenerate and Hucow jobs can reject your application.
    • If rejected you can always apply later.
    • Restrictions and starting rank based on ability to do the job.
  • Changes to the Tentacle Store located in the club district.
    • Improvements to some “species binder” descriptions and information.
    • Changes/additions of small limited bonuses for playing with different species.
    • Now when you gain the “tentacle breeder” mutation it is always visible in character details.
    • Visiting the species that grants the tentacle breeder mutation now has additional scene text based on whether or not your body has changed.
    • The Maria and Marius scene now has a significant amount of extra content describing the results if you trick Marius into giving you a creampie.
      • Multiple variations that describe as your body gets better at being compatible with their species.
      • Variation for results if don’t have tentacle breeder mutation.
      • Variation of results for first and subsequent times being successfully impregnated.
  • You can now have a tentacle pregnancy from the tentacle store.
    • See above for requirements, it’s a process.
    • New content for pregnancy and birth, as well as discussion with store keeper after she finds out impregnation was successful.
    • I finished the art for birthing eggs, it’s part of the birth scene.
    • I finished the art for unsuccessful impregnation, it’s in that area.
    • Eggnancy can cause minor lactation gain.
    • Eggnancy has a small chance of giving you the pregnancy kink.
  • Updated the rates of NPC insemination to be higher, and changed the options to be a wider spread of insemination rates.
  • Consuming a drug-class item (Heat, alcohol, cum, etc.) in the Institute particle collider location will no longer cause time to stop.
  • Fixed Bovinex transformative progression so that it goes in the correct order.
    • Note: Bovinex will have a significant reworking and nerf in the future.
  • Changed the background image in certain early game screens so text wouldn’t be on top of text.
  • Repeat Note: 2 new bad ends in the cave adventure. New location with cool scene that can give you a cool new power (mutation). Full directions on wiki page. See incremental change log for details.
  • Drug need will now decrease overnight if you’re no longer considered “addicted” (addiction value below addiction threshold).
  • Fix to the Hindenburger component quest scene where initiating the scene might not be available.
  • Some improvements to the overnight environmental effects calculation.
    • Now better balanced and responsive.
    • Protection caps to prevent effects from altering player stats beyond certain danger thresholds.
    • Output in the status record is now much more understandable.
  • Clothes now stain properly instead of just getting “dirty”.
    • You can now see the substance on your clothing, and how wet/dry it is.
    • (Dirty value is meant to display general grunginess from wearing)
    • Besty did this, so there is a 27% chance the washing machine won’t completely remove cum stains from your clothes.
  • Notification messages from clothes getting ‘stained’ are now more informative.
    • Water tells you that your clothes are just wet.
    • Pussy juices tell you that your cunt got your clothes wet.
    • Other substances tell you that your clothes got dirty.
  • Two new job data sets specified for hucow path.
    • First is for transformation period.
    • Second is for period once you are an actual juvenile hucow.
    • Transition between two will be invisible.
    • Allows us to handle the two portions differently: the transformation, and general hucow life (and push for increased milk production)
  • New job options screen for hucows displaying new possible selections.
    • controls your behavior: agreeableness (how enthusiastic or resistant you are)
    • controls how you manage your lactation during the shift
    • controls your threshold for what kind of sexual partners you will accept during your shift (useful if trying to avoid pregnancy or discipline, also some other effects.)
    • purpose of choices and meaning of options detailed in help popups.
  • Can’t quit or be fired from the hucow job.
    • Discipline, milk quotas, production bonus, etc. not implemented, just the initial code for supporting them.
  • End-of-job for hucows places hucows on the farm coop map, rather than sending them to Appletree.
  • End of week budget screen overhauled for hucow characters.
    • food, goods, supplies provided by the farm coop.
  • Added indentured debt and cowbucks basics.
  • Job info hover info panel reworked to display relevant information for hucows, such as your quota, current milk collection, etc.
  • Job screen will tell you are in danger of not meeting your quota.
    • It won’t right now, because quota is fixed at zero until the whole production requirement stuff code is done for second stage hucow.
  • Job selection screen now has hucow job added, slightly customized, with a important special job notice for players who may not be aware that being a hucow is different from normal play.
    • Also contains information about what sort of hucow stuff is available so far.
  • Some generation adjustments to certain existing hucow characters, most notably Sunshine and Doctor Mya.
    • Doctor Mya now has boobs.
      • New portrait and full body image for Mya.
    • Sunshine breast size and age tweaking to fit storyline.
  • Three new NPCs (not yet specified to generate, interaction currently only in orientation scene.)
    • Laren Oats, director of the diary division. Portrait and full-body image.
    • Clarabelle Rackful, boss of dairy collection/farmhands. Was previously only mentioned as the players boss in the milkmaid/farmhand job. New portrait/full body image.
    • Abigail Crawford, herd manager responsible for discipline, with some other things going on. Portrait/body image
  • New Hucow section added to the game encyclopedia.
    • Presently has some random information on hucows that might be interesting to read. Will eventually be expanded to cover things properly.
  • HUGE secondary prolog event for characters who start down the hucow path.
    • Over 14,000 words. I think it’s pretty good, lol
    • Introduces several characters, shows off the farm coop dairy area, and gives a lot of setting information about being a hucow.
    • Some variations based on starting rank, body, boobs out or no, time/type of joining (first job from male or female prolog, or after prolog), kinks/personality stuff. Not huge variations though.
    • Options when asked to sign your life away by signing your indenture contract.
    • Also happens to explain several things that aren’t yet visible. You’ll get a sense of what’s coming with the Hucow Expansion.
    • Kind-of long, but it feels necessary to give the right kind of experience, especially when adding new mechanics/play style.
  • Lily now recognizes what job you pick in the prolog.
    • She may give some encouraging, excited, or snarky comments depending on what you choose. You no longer are immune from conversational repercussions from choosing to be a stripper.
  • Both prologs change if you choose to become a hucow.
    • Female prolog change is fairly simple. Agent Mann is happy he has less work to do, since you won’t need an apartment and the dairy will be keeping track of you.
    • Male prolog change is more extensive.
      • Changes the dynamic between you and Lily.
      • Removes the final resolution in favor of a totally new one.
      • Some changes because you don’t need to pick an apartment.
      • Some insight into embracing your femininity.
    • NOTES
      • For the male story, you will still be able to help Lily with her machine. (New types of endings planned based on hucow playthrough)
      • For the female story, you won’t be required to help Lily. The main quest will be totally abandoned and replaced with a new ending type. However, right now you will still be asked to show up etc.
  • New method for easy/reliable determination of hucow status implemented.
  • New hucow-specific flags object created.
  • HC split to separate function for primary job functionality.
  • The “Welcome to your new life” image at the end of the prolog has been subtly altered for players on the hucow path. See if you can figure out the difference!
  • Fixed the ball count selection options in character creation and cheats menu so that you can now properly select three testicles if desired/unlocked.
  • New nutrition settings for hucow class characters due to high concentration of semen in the diet. Will provide similar bonuses as cumplete nutrition semen-based liquid diet.
  • The action button to milk yourself (hand or pump) has a lower fullness threshold so it will appear sooner. (60% vs 75% full)
  • Male prolog had numerous links standardized to buttons.
  • The quick action section in the character menu will now only show the most relevant option for hand milking or pumping, rather than both.
    • Both options are always available in the actions menu.
  • You can now pump your breasts when you are away from home.
    • Only works with pumps that are now labeled as “[PORTABLE]”
    • That 75lb monstrosity of a magic milker is not portable.
    • Using a portable pump while away from home will not add milk to your milk cannisters for sale. Milk pumped away from home is wasted.
    • (Milk pumped at work still adds to milk cannisters)
    • adjustments to various areas to accommodate this change.
    • Milking action button will show pump milk while away from home if you have a portable pump, rather than showing hand milking button.
  • New milking scenes when hand milking or using a pump.
    • Different versions are based on how full your breasts are.
      • Pumping normally, while nearly empty, and while empty.
    • Some text improvements.
  • Adjustments to lactation training gains from hand and pumps.
    • Increasing lactation training will now occur more quickly.
    • Stronger pumps are faster at increasing lactation training.
    • Weaker pumps and hand can raise lactation training to a higher level.
    • NOTE: “full” lactation training level is 7. Levels above this are training beyond what would happen when feeding children.
  • Hand milking will no longer remove all the milk from your breasts.
    • Now more realistically leaves a remainder inside of 15-20%
  • Fixed bug that caused the pregnancy acceleration treatment event at the Progenerate job to occur over and over under certain circumstances with twin wombs.
  • Cows now have multiple facial expressions.
  • Major Lactation Mechanics Overhaul!
    • Breast milk capacity calculation has been completely changed.
      • Originally capacity was almost entirely for fun, and not really based on reality. Basically, most of milk capacity was based on breast size.
        • Breast size has only a limited effect on milk gland size, which determines production rate and storage capacity. Genetics for the general size of your mammary glands is more important. So while smaller breasts do tend toward smaller glands, and larger breasts (obesity size gain excepted) toward larger glands, this is only really a statistical relationship. Genetics for gland development are much more important, so a woman with genes for larger gland growth but tiny breasts could produce more milk than a woman with large breasts but genes supporting limited gland growth. The woman who had the genes for large gland growth AND large breasts would win over the large gland growth and small breasts woman, but not by a lot, and not enough to really matter.
          • Many women have genes that don’t allow sufficient growth of mammary glands, (or even any glands at all in very rare cases) and can’t actually effectively nurse a baby.
      • New capacity is a mix of reality and fun. This is to bring more highlight toward Hucows, who have different breast (udder) structure altogether.
        • Capacity is now significantly affected by the character’s lactation ability, which is really a measure of the character’s mammary glands.
        • Rather than a small bonus/penalty on top of this base number for size, size is significant, controlling 1/2 of the maximum value. The idea is to have some fun with the mechanic, while still holding somewhat true to reality here.
        • Numbers are based on medical studies with data about women’s milk capacity. That data was used to derive a range of minimum and maximum capacity based on lactation ability (gland genes). some sauce: Daly, Owens, & Hartmann, 1993; Kent et al., 2006
        • The minimum capacity is half of the max capacity. The character’s capacity falls somewhere between the minimum and maximum based on a breast size range from 300 to 1200cc per breast with an even distribution.
          • Any breast 300cc or less has the minimum capacity.
          • Any breast 1200cc or more has the maximum capacity.
          • Uber giant breasts in normal characters are now just for fun and sexiness, and do not earn you more milk money.
          • Characters with tiny breasts and huge glands (high lactation ability) will not have their breast size or appearance affected by this, because that probably would be unfun for some people, and just generally not sexy.
      • Hucows have an entirely different capacity calculation.
        • Hucow breasts are not like human breasts, and are more similar to cow udders (no surprise). They have glandular tissue distributed fairly evenly throughout the breast, in addition to a far higher ductal volume as a result. Likewise, Hucow breasts also have connective tissue throughout as well, which gives them far more support than a normal breast and leads to their bouncy buoyant (but still natural-appearing, not circular) shape despite their huge size. Udders are still primarily fat, so nice and soft/squishy.
        • Hucows have no upper limit to milk capacity, and their capacity is entirely based on udder size with no diminishing returns. (we may even need to add in increasing returns due to volumetric growth of milk ducts.
        • Hucow capacity very likely will need tweaking.
      • Capacity is still a major component of milk production, because capacity is directly linked to how fast milk is produced. (bigger glands = more storage, more production)
    • Major overhaul of actual lactation (milk production) mechanic
      • Values of base time to fill breast milk capacity have been significantly lowered to better approximate empirical values. An increase of 166% (266% total value) for normal lactation ability.
      • lactation ability still gives a bonus to these speeds, but they are less dramatic.
      • Players producing milk more quickly means that they will have to deal with milk more regularly, which is closer to the originally intended effect.
        • Fun fact, lactation speed was nerfed in the past (poorly) to help moderate income from milk sales… capacity should have been nerfed instead :p
      • Players producing milk faster means collecting more milk, which will help make up for losses in milk capacity above.
      • Player weight still impacts milk production
        • “plush” weight value (4) on higher half of normal BMI still provides highest production.
      • Health still impacts production.
      • Nutrition does not yet impact production (planned)
      • Lactation training now has a smooth S curve where differences at low and high levels have less effect than middle levels.
      • Breast milk fullness now impacts lactation speed!
        • This mirrors real-life, where a hormone contained in breast milk moderates the body’s production speed. The more milk/hormone in the breast, the slower production gets.
        • Production curve means that the time to fill the breast remains about the same, but production is 50% higher than average while empty, and 50% slower than average while full.
          • when breasts are over-full, production slows even further. This will have the effect of making spills a little more manageable.
        • Players who milk frequently will thus be rewarded with more milk.
        • Currently there is no dwell time mechanic in place. This is planned, so that lowered or increased rates lag behind actual fullness as in real life. This will be important for hucows trying to meet production quotas.
    • Milking times have been decreased dramatically so they take up less of the character’s day.
      • Time to reach orgasm calculation has been adjusted for this.
      • It’s been made slightly easier for characters w/o sensitive nipples to cum.
      • hucows with developed udders will almost always orgasm.
      • this mechanic will need work to handle milk volume better.
  • All the various areas/buttons that send you home will properly send a hucow player to their dorm.
  • Trying to enter the apartment common area or an actual apartment while a hucow will give you a message instead of letting you go home as with a normal character.
  • Farm Coop map navigation framework finished.
    • Now has 2 sub-maps.
    • Dorm paddock area where hucows live has a new submap that lets you visit various places.
    • Barn complex recreational/shopping area has a new sub map to let you visit various areas.
    • A new dorm room location that will serve as the player’s home while a hucow.
    • Many locations are there, but not all, and they are generally empty of content. the focus was on expanding the map and prepping the places.
    • Main coop map was redone to match new submaps/buildings.
    • Dairy building still needs to be split between hucow/milking area, and admin area you normally visit.
  • NPC info screen now works a lot better.
    • Lots of fixes to minor errors.
    • knowledge advancement shows correctly
    • character stories should now actually show like they’re supposed to.
  • Anenn tomfuckery NPC-initiated interactions should now all work.
    • At least 95%, Besty promises.
  • Even more bugs I forgot.
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Chrome Warning: Chrome’s new “Memory Saver” feature seems to be occasionally causing bugs to occur. This feature takes data and stores it on the HD instead of keeping it in memory when a tab goes inactive or browser loses focus. Because AW has a lot of data, this can cause problems if the data hasn’t finished being reloaded before actions are taken. You can disable this feature in Settings -> Performance -> Memory Saver, try excepting AW from this feature, or you can wait a few seconds before doing anything when you return to your AW game. Avoid leaving the tab when things such as sleep are processing/running.
Version 1.15.1: Fixed a bug with sex scenes not ending if clothing data wrong
Version 1.15.2: Fixed some Besty & Anenn bugs
Version 1.15.3:
  • Fixed issue where eating shrooms could cause the game to dead-end.
  • Fixed issue where random events could pop up during dates.
  • Fixed issue with pronoun macro resulting in red errors in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug where option text in dialog macro during male prolog could blend together.
  • Fixed bug causing female NPC hair length to generate wrong, resulting in uniformly short hair.
  • Removed option to select breast shape from character creation. (It gets auto-calculated afterward anyway.) Remind players of breast shape override.
  • Breast size maximums in character creation reduced to more sensible levels. New max is (E/G cup)
Note: Breast size max shrinking may be a surprise, so quick explanation: with Hucow expansion we’re planning on expanding amount of breast growth options, and generally overhauling how fast breasts grow and how the treatments work. Smaller starting sizes allow more room to grow, and since I was already at the same spot with the breast shape… I did that too.
Note to the Note: we originally planned to reduce starting breast size quite a while ago after we had added multiple breast growth options… but just never got around to it XD
Version 1.15.4: Never got released, because a new round of bug reports right before release.
Version 1.15.5:
  • Some HTML tag bugs fixed (caused warnings, but no game impact)
  • Fixed Anenn bug where checking if the player is lactating and had milk was done in the most idiotic way possible.
  • Fixed some bugs with certain calls for npc name in one set of sex action text.
  • fixed some <span> speech bugs that result in yellow text
  • Fixed the Milk Tank cheat
    • bug caused consequences to be checked as if character had normal milk capacity, despite capacity being 4x the normal.
  • Improved No Leak cheat.
    • Text that pops up on milk leak event now informs you that milk didn’t leak due to cheat, rather than showing the normal leak notification.
    • Improved so that you won’t lose any milk below breast capacity.
  • Milk savers item now has a capacity limit for preventing breast leak messes. Leaking milk more than what they can physically hold will now result in the excess going onto your body/clothes.
  • Threshold for negative consequences from overly-full breasts decreased to 105% of capacity.
  • New cap to breast milk content at 115% of capacity. Previously breasts could fill to ridiculous amounts if lucky.
  • NPC data validation added to the start of the sex, date, and hangout systems. Mostly to help catch issues if they occur, and maybe track down Chrome memory saver issue.
  • Fixed up Besty’s new simplified cleaning.
    • Home menu now has relevant information about cleaning printed.
    • Removed superfluous cleaning frequency setting.
    • Changed percentage options directly to time spent.
    • Made cleaning rate faster to adjust for changes in cleaning process.
  • Updated lower exposure code so that dresses are properly accounted for.
  • Changed phone “Status:” list text.
    • “Exposed” red text now replaced with “Naked Pussy”.
    • Now uses nudity check, which is threshold for police attention, rather than generic exposure which checks for clear visibility.
    • (The legal/police standards are ridiculous, which is why they’re appealed during the game.)
    • Added green “Breasts Shown” encouragement message when tits are exposed.
  • New nightly check to make sure all npcs in data are valid, deletes property if not.
  • Fixed bug where if futa player cums as male, pc pleasure wouldn’t be reset. This caused sex to not be completable if the player chose to keep going.
  • Fixed a bug where week history was not being recorded at the end of each week, meaning the history was constantly comparing the player to the version of them at game start.
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Minor Issues: loading page progress bar completes a little too early because the additional work from loading in the 2,466 portraits. It’s just a couple seconds, but we’ll have to add some buffer to the progress bar to be more representative. wasn’t going to play with this immediately before the release!
NPCs from older saves will not automatically update to new portraits. Newly generated NPCs while playing those older saves will.
  • All the “white” women and some of the Asian women now have AI portraits to replace the SVG version. We’re gonna keep adding these, eventually moving over to the male portraits.
    • If you load an save from 1.14, some of the NPCs you bring with you may not utilize some of the portraits due to a minor bug. Newly generated NPCs will, however.
  • aw-wiki.com now has something there. We killed the old wiki software because bots just loved it too much, and they can fool the captchas we tried.
    • Now has some FAQ type stuff, some tips, tricks, and spoilers. Will expand more as we go.
    • The actual wiki never had much in the way of contributions anyway, and all the important information about playing the game is in the in-game encyclopedia.
  • Improvements to the UI status bars in the top right of the main game screen.
    • Colors are now more responsive to your status, with colors changing to orange when the level of the stat is getting bad.
    • When a stat enters a spiral state, the label on that stat in the status bar will turn red, making it easier to notice that your character is in trouble.
  • Overhaul of vaginal wetness mechanic.
    • Originally, the current wetness status was supposed to change with events based on your body’s wetness level. In practice, this didn’t work great, so we overhauled it.
    • New current wetness status is dynamically driven by arousal, using your body’s propensity for wetness to decide just how wet you are at any given moment. which is pretty much how it works in real life. Get aroused => get wet. Lose arousal => dry out.
      • While this mechanic doesn’t allow for random current wetness bonuses from events, those were pretty rare anyway.
    • Added a time-based system that combines with your current wetness to add fluids to your genitals using the body condition system. This will allow characters to soak their panties when they’re turned on, with normal mechanics such as femlube running down the thighs, staining clothes, etc. (depends on how wet of a character you are, and how long you stay aroused)
  • minor adjustment to PC description.
  • Overhaul of the Arousal system, including mindbreak and penalties.
    • Characters no longer have a max arousal calculated based on libido and certain traits/kinks. The highest value is now fixed at 12.
      • Sluts have a max libido of 13, and hypersluts have 14. The parser is coordinated however, so that the terms used to describe arousal matches normal characters. They have a larger window where they are considered “unaroused”. This was done primarily because these characters gain arousal much faster, and this gives a little extra buffer.
    • Parser for arousal terms standardized with more descriptive terms. Parser terms also signal when arousal is at an unhealthy level, which wasn’t obvious before. (“dangerous” for 10 and 11, “dissociative” for 12).
    • Guide entries in the encyclopedia for arousal updated to match new mechanics.
    • The phone display text of your arousal will now turn red when arousal reaches the dangerous level as an additional warning. This will only happen for non-sluts!
    • Penalties no longer happen for exceeding max safe arousal!
      • You can now reach any arousal level up to the max.
      • Penalties now occur when you sustain your arousal for long periods of time. This means that you need to lower your arousal via sex, masturbation, or some other means once it gets that high.
      • Going to work or to any event/activity that takes a long amount of time could be dangerous if your arousal is already high! Remember to schlick before you click!
      • Maintaining an arousal of 10 (dangerous) for 90 minutes will cause light negative effects including an increase in bimbo/brain damage, increased stress, and decreased satisfaction for each 15 minutes you spend in that state.
      • Maintaining an arousal of 11 (dangerous) for 60 minutes will start moderate negative effects, the same as above.
      • Maintaining an arousal of 12 (dissociative) for 60 minutes will start strong negative effects as above and will cause the mind break spiral status. Once you are mindbroken, negative effects become severe. This includes if you stay at arousal 12 for longer than 75 minutes (being mindbroken after 60).
        • Mind break continues to have negative consequences on other mental status as before.
        • Mind break still causes arousal to increase more quickly and drop more slowly.
        • After initially getting the mind break status, you have a 12 hour safe window before additional episodes of prolonged high arousal can give you a doom flag (or bad end you immediately on hard difficulty)
        • If you sustain 12 arousal for more than 60 minutes and are already mindbroken (and past the safe window) you will gain a doom flag as with other stats, and will bad-end if you don’t fix your mindbroken state.
  • Fixed a bug where players with the Fairy Tail job could be promoted higher than allowed level, causing job crashes.
  • Added the Big Buddy scene at the pool in the residential common area. Eavesdrop and learn what some Institute divisions have been up to!
  • Fixed a bug in belly burst code that gave the large safety bonus to all players except Fecundate Division employees, who were the ones actually supposed to get it. This should resolve the early game burst issues at Progenerate, and make that job and peak fertility easier.
  • Fixed a bug in the nightly goddess check code that incorrectly boosted fertility to 9, and caused a couple other odd effects. Max baseline fertility WITH the fertility goddess mutation should be 8. Fertility 9 should only be reachable by taking Bovinex under the correct conditions (expect Bovinex rework as part of hucow expansion), and a new event at the Progenerate job.
  • Progenerate Mega Update!
    • Thanks to the magic of AI, it was finally possible to create images representative of what the Fecundate Division looks like. A bunch of barely clothed super pregnant women in an office building isn’t something you can really find with Google image search. 😉
    • Daily content doubled, showing images of coworkers and expanding on the everyday feeling/vibe of working there.
    • New “Everyday Life” type event series with seven unique variations that give a better idea of what it’s like on floor seven.
      • Performance reviews with your boss
      • Chatting with lots of pregnant ladies in various situations about various things, all accompanied by images.
    • New “Elite” fertility boost scene.
      • Can only happen if your fertility is already at the goddess level (8).
      • Meet a nurse who works with the R&D folks who has a special opportunity.
      • Choose whether or not to get the special treatment.
        • Treatment increases fertility to 9 and increases libido to a minimum of 6.
        • Refusing has no negative consequences, and the offer will eventually come again.
  • New Phone UI Function: The Time Skipper!
    • Press the timeskip button on your phone, and a new UI will pop up.
      • UI sits in the corner so you can keep an eye on your character’s status as you move time forward.
      • Buttons allow you to skip 15, 30, and 60 minutes forward.
      • All usual time mechanics still operate, which is why you should keep an eye on them if you intend to skip more than a short period.
      • Usable everywhere you can use your phone freely. Skip forward to date time. Skip forward until it’s time for your class. Skip forward until the shop you want opens.
  • Condom Mechanics Rework
    • Condoms were way too dodgy. Their low reliability largely defeated the purpose of using them. This has been fixed.
    • Condom-break function rewritten to have more realistic functionality in the condoms, and condoms will work a vast majority of the time. The Duramax Safe Premature Ejaculator edition condoms will only break in 3 out of 1000 uses.
      • Also included rebalancing of condom data to meet intended expectations for the condom types.
      • All condoms except the pleasureburst have a very high level of effectiveness, in the upper 90% range, the worst being 97%. Even the pleasureburst will work nearly 4 out of 5 times.
    • Condom sabotage effectiveness rewritten to give a wider spread of results across the 5 levels of possible sabotage.
    • Acid vagina and acid precum mutations will not be so strong at destroying condoms.
      • Effects still dependent of the amount of time the condom is in use.
  • Diaphragm Mechanics Rework
    • Diaphragms are far more effective than previously.
    • Unlike condoms that are only checked once, diaphragms are checked each time semen in the vagina tries to move onto the cervix as part of the vaginal fluid simulation.
      • Diaphragms automatically block all sperm sprayed into the vagina from hitting the cervix while setting the cum’s initial positions.
      • Unlike a condom, when a diaphragm fails, it still prevents the majority of the semen in that check from reaching the cervix, and the amount that makes it is quite small compared to a normal creampie volume.
      • Diaphragms in general are still less effective than condoms, but are a good second (or doubled-up) option at max apx 95% efficacy for blocking any sperm from reaching the cervix.
    • Finally added a spermicide item that can be used to get the diaphragm up to full effectiveness.
      • Can be purchased at a pharmacy after asking about birth control.
      • Player can still use ProSeed lube with diaphram if they own it and not spermicide.
    • The menstrual cup has been redone. It now functions as a 5 pack of disposable diaphragms. These aren’t as effective as a new diaphragm, but still function respectably.
      • They happen to be *extra* good when used as a fertility aid to trap semen next to the cervix.
    • Descriptive text of all the diaphragm use actions has been improved.
    • Diaphragms now age more slowly, though still dependent on your luck with the RNG.
      • Removing a diaphragm has a 25% chance of moving it to a higher age category.
      • Diaphragm effectiveness decreases with its age category (used, old). Used diaphragms are still pretty good, but no longer have peak performance and a small level of variability is introduced when inserted that reduces effectiveness from peak.
  • Extra location for options to configure your phone’s shortcut buttons has been added to the game settings menu. Many people seemed unaware of this functionality.
  • Male NPCs have had their mutation frequency tuned fairly strongly when not under the effect of NPC generator settings.
    • Certain mutations are much more frequent, some are more frequent, and many remain at about the same frequency.
      • Mega nuts and power ejaculation are the “much more frequent” ones.
  • New Procreative AI
    • Originally, we used the procreation and certain other components of the AW NPC neural network (such as loyalty, willingness to betray, etc) to determine if an NPC would make an extra effort to try and impregnate you, by not pulling out quite right, or using a sabotaged condom, that sort of thing.
    • When the neural network was pulled, we replaced all that with “Coconut Brain” logic with help from the RNG. It works in theory, at least statistically, but really doesn’t match behavior with specific NPCs well.
    • Created a new deterministic output that will calculate an NPCs desire to get you pregnant into 8 discrete steps based on all the data we were previously feeding the neural network.
    • This is specifically for procreation, and can be used with other code to answer questions like: Will a dude insist on a condom? how likely is he to refuse wearing your extra-thick no-sensation one? Would he deliberately cum inside you when you asked him not to, or maybe sabotage a condom?
    • The new AI is in full use in the sex skip system (and will eventually make its way into sex.)
    • It links NPC attitudes to behavior and allows you to predict an NPC’s behavior if you know them well enough. They will behave consistently in the bedroom, though all decisions will generally have a small level of limited randomness to account for mood.
  • Complete Sex Skip System (SSS) now implemented!
    • Becomes available after your first sex scene in the game, unless you have tutorials disabled in your game settings (then it’ll be available immediately).
    • When starting a sex scene, you will now see the sex skip window. You can click a button to play the scene normally, or you can choose your options and skip the scene.
    • You can choose actions along with risk or impregnation thresholds. Available actions and risk/impregnation depends on if your PC is futa, and whether your partner has a cock or not.
    • NPCs have their own opinions on what they want to do, and how much risk they want to take.
      • Male NPC behavior closely follows their Procreative AI outlook, in terms of refusing condoms, or doing some shady shit.
      • Female NPCs are much more flexible as a result of the barrage of pro-pregnancy propaganda throughout the world. While they may normally insist the player wears a condom, there is a chance that they had a rough day and just said “fuck it, creampie me”.
    • There’s a large degree of player control over risk thresholds for vaginal sex. 9 different threshold settings for using a player’s vagina ranging from “take no chances” to “breed me”. Each option results in intelligent behavior to meet those goals.
    • Impregnation control is limited to 5 levels, as the female NPC has more say in what happens. Ranges from “I’ll wear a condom whether she wants me to or not” to “I’m gonna breed her”
    • Output follows a standard output format.
      • description of your activities
      • description of your orgasm
      • description of the NPC’s orgasm.
    • Time, PC satisfaction gain, stress loss, creampies, cum eating, etc. etc. all operate very similarly to a full sex scene, allowing you to skip them without consequence.
    • Overall, the thing is pretty good. Possibly even better than full sex for people playing a roleplay mode that prevents pregnancy, or just trying to avoid it while taking risks. (Because of the new AI and clear risk thresholds)
  • Tingler and CoerceMe have been spruced up.
    • Fixed the bizarre bugs that would crop up, turned out the macro combination didn’t like printing a “/” symbol.
    • Sending an image will now result in sending an actual selfie image.
    • some minor improvements to appearance/function.
  • Home Cleaning Mechanic Simplification!
    • Dramatically simplifies cleaning to remove micromanaging different aspects of home cleanliness. Now there’s just a single value, and you clean to improve that value. Simple.
      • Doesn’t apply to hard difficulty, because hard difficulty is supposed to be more realistic.
  • Accidental Genocide!
    • “Fake” Temporary NPCs were subjected to the final solution.
    • This setup was an attempt at keeping the world more populated while still respecting individual NPC’s realistic schedule. (would Joe be in the mall at 2pm? no, he has a job scrubbing test chambers at the Institute)
    • The problem is that NPCs are big complex simulated things, and just generating more of them to have more running about isn’t a great solution for performance and save-size reasons.
    • So I invented “Fake NPCs”, something I’ve regretted ever since.
      • They run around places to make it seem like there are more people.
      • They cause all sorts of bugs because Cats and Capybaras tend not to use them right.
      • They can turn into real NPCs in certain special conditions that we didn’t really plan on happening much at all…
        • Except a subset of players go around forcing this to happen all the time
        • And the process to turn them into real NPCs doesn’t always work great, because it’s right in the middle of using them.
    • Now we make the real NPCs run around twice as fast.
      • We just respect their schedule a lot less. The day you happened to see Joe at the mall was the day he got off work because of an escaped cockasaurus.
      • We still respect schedules, just not as much. Populations will still naturally change by location and time.
    • No fake NPCs were actually killed. We just relocated them… to another valley.
      • They are happy there, not having been murdered at all.
  • Dialog modal window was made a little prettier, since you see it so often.
  • New scene was added to the Reisewoods trail, a nice BDSM couple.
  • The scene for getting pierced was finally written, after being forgotten with [placeholder] for the text.
    • It’s been years… damn.
  • When you add any NPC to your contacts you can immediately see their basic body info in the NPC Display window.
    • There were some circumstances where they could be added and the event to unlock this never happens, so you’d have a boyfriend and not know what he looks like :p
    • We just assume that if you meet them, you know what their body looks like well enough to unlock the info.
  • Besty fixed the bug with shifted school schedules/reminders.
    • He swears.
    • He insists that he was a good cat this time.
  • Lots of other fixes and shit like that that weren’t big enough to write/down or note in the commit. This thing is seriously already long enough.
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The Reisewood Release – v1.14

Change Log (safe)

3,122,813 (21,293,555 characters)
Code: 156,143 lines of TypeScript
AI Portraits: 664
  • A new AI portrait selection function was created.
    • Includes anti-duplication function to use a second portrait with the same traits, if another NPC is already using the first. (plan is for two portraits for each possible trait combination, though this number is expandable.)
  • SVG portrait generation was streamlined to use NPCID instead of prebuilt values, optimizing memory use and allowing dual portrait configuration.
    • Slightly slower portrait load is visually indistinguishable on test machines.
  • NPC Main class altered to automatically supply:
    • A fixed image (permanent NPCs like Lily or Daisy)
    • An AI portrait image pre-selected using a reverse-compatible method at generation, if the portrait has been added to the game already.
    • The older SVG portrait if prior two options are unavailable.
  • 664 AI portraits have been added to the game, created by the awesome Cowbot.
    • The process has been partially automated and streamlined to improve the speed of adding more, so expect a lot more in 1.15.
    • Current portraits represent female characters with pale skin.
    • Current compression scheme reduces file size by 91%
  • New tool in devtools menu for elite build players: NPC portrait viewer. Will allow you to see the portraits of all the currently existing NPCs.
  • Skill Schools now grant an automatic 3 skill points instead of 1.
    • Original rate was meant to be more realistic in terms of how fast a person learns and improves, but this didn’t fit in well with the timeframe of the game.
    • Performance/skill check-based skill growth in classes can still happen.
  • Character description will no longer claim that a wet pussy could be because of a low libido.
  • Character description will now include mention of parasites.
  • Loading pages have been changed to be more similar to start page for a more consistent look/feel.
  • New additional kink texts for CoerceMe app interactions.
  • Lots of fixes to Tingler and CoerceMe.
  • Default speed of NPC texts has been sped up dramatically.
    • While having slightly more realistic times for the texting interface can look/feel nice, this gets old pretty quick when you’re waiting for the NPC to respond… sorry.
  • The Pleasure Buzzer arcade in the mall has some changes.
    • New better text.
    • The “look around” action (performed by clicking the location image at the top of the screen) has been totally redone.
      • If already infected with a C-39 parasite, will show the college retro gaming club posing for a group photo.
      • If not infected… all sorts of things happen with different variations depending on your clothing and choice.
        • The resulting infection still doesn’t stick.
  • You can now get parasites removed as part of the regular checkup scene at Dr Weiner’s clinic. Some unique text there describing what does/doesn’t happen.
  • Sex action selection popup has a new minimum height, making it easier to avoid the mouse leaving the popup and closing it.
  • When using the kink override setting in sex scenes, there are no longer popups informing you that your chosen kink text doesn’t exist for some actions/text.
  • Several bugs were fixed!
    • If you report a bug on our bug tracker, please pay attention to information requests! Most of the bugs we have there are now awaiting a response because the report was unclear or we couldn’t replicate the issue.
    • Please report bugs! you can report them here: https://www.aw-wiki.com/mbt/
  • Some fundamental changes to the game data system.
    • Should prevent the sporadic occurrence of “value rollback”, which could then lead to a bug (or just be annoying).
    • Womb burst and miscarriage were removed from the list of excepted bad ends.
    • The bad end exceptions are intended only for status-management bad ends like depression or mind-break.
  • The Reisewood is now a visitable area in the game!
    • It’s the map area to the NW of Appletree!
    • Go explore!
    • Includes two activities (hiking + stream) that are superior to other status control methods like meditation.
    • There is a ton of new content attached to this area.
      • Not all content is immediately available (chain for repeat visits/requirements from other areas)
      • Not all content is available at all times of the day.
      • Some content is random, and may only happen after actively spending enough time in the area unless the RNG likes you.
      • Mystery! Adventure! Sex!
Change Log (spoilers)
You may want to visit and spend some time exploring the Reisewood before reading this…
  • The Reisewood Campground has been opened for visitors!
    • Actually, it is technically closed to visitors due to wildlife.
    • Includes 6 sub locations
      • Parking Lot & Trailhead
      • Campground Office
      • Camp Restrooms
      • Camp Pavilion
      • Campsites
      • Reisestream
    • Go hiking down the various trails threading through the Reisewood
      • Numerous events can happen!
        • Find lost items or discover magic mushrooms.
        • Eight unique scenarios can happen, with some variations in many.
        • Also includes a chance to discover why the Reisewood Campground is closed…
          • One scenario is an encounter with one of two different different creatures that escaped from the Institute, each with its own scene.
      • Activity is very rewarding, but it comes with the slight danger of encountering a sexbeast.
    • The pavilion sometimes has people there using it as a nice place to have outdoors sex.
      • Have fun with Mike and Judy and take part in their sex game that probably involves a remote control.
      • There is multiple stuffs here.
    • Enjoy the Reisestream, a tranquil stream that eventually drains into the Sahne River.
      • Enjoy a relaxing time playing in the shallow stream.
      • Encounter some other women enjoying the stream.
        • Discover what they’re really doing.
      • Six unique scenes, plus extras.
      • Decide if what they’re doing is a good idea, and if so, take advantage of your new knowledge
        • Basically, catch a vaginal symbiote if you want.
        • Eventually catch a vaginal symbiote if you don’t want.
      • Playing in the stream is relaxing and improves most mental stats.
        • Very strong positive effect
        • Enjoyment of the stream will eventually fade, but will still be beneficial.
  • Get infected by a vaginal symbiote! (vaginal parasite C-39)
    • Can be removed at Dr. Weiner’s clinic within 7 days of bonding.
    • Two different scenes of getting infected (willing, unwilling)
    • Bonding event that prompts you to look the guy up and see what it does.
    • Several static effects while infected:
      • Minimum arousal is set to 2 instead of 0.
      • Vaginal Hostility fertility factor is improved slightly beyond divine level, and can not go below this. (vaginal hostility will remain at this level even after removal, but can decrease from that point)
      • Semen will no longer drip out of you after a creampie. All semen is captured and moved to the cervix/womb with peristaltic motion.
      • Pleasure from vaginal sex will be increased by 20% in addition to other bonuses, increasing your odds of orgasming successfully.
    • Several events can occur at a rate of once per day as long as you meet the requirements. Events have a mini scene and usually an image.
      • If no requirements for a new effect are met, no event will occur.
      • If no elastic mutation: gain elastic mutation.
      • If no risky sex kink: gain risky sex kink.
      • If wetness is below 5: gain 1 additional wetness
      • if Libido is less than 7: gain 1 additional libido
      • if creampie addiction is not maxed, gain 15 addiction
      • if does not have vaginal enzymes mutation: gain mutation (no scene, it’s a surprise!)
  • Some stuff I forgot, find it on your own :p
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Words: 3,093,943 (21,118,486 characters)
Code: 155,467
WARNING: The allowable number of save slots has been decreased to 4 plus the autosave.
  • In-browser save slots have been decreased to 4 plus the autosave, from 7 plus the autosave.
    • This was done because players with smaller browser local storage limits, and those with large NPC counts and thus large saves, were exceeding the allowed size causing errors.
    • AW has a lot of simulation data, so saves are not small like most text web games.
      • We’re actually pretty good about keeping all non-necessary data out of saves, even serializing things into arrays and then rebuilding on load with class constructors.
    • We’re planning on switching to executable releases, which should allow us to increase the number of save slots again.
      • The main reason for switching to exe is to prevent game data corruption due to leaving an AW tab open in the background, and general browser memory-saving shenanigans.
    • Remember, you can use the save-to-file function, which is the safest way to store your game data anyway. There are also no limits on how many saves you can create this way.
    • If you currently have more than 4 slots being used in your browser cache, you will receive a warning to export your saves to file before continuing with version 1.13
  • Added a “Game Fucked” notification that occurs with sleep, which is where most players experience issues due to corrupted game data.
    • Again, corruption is usually caused by leaving the tab open when not actively playing.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of bugs, including a mass parser problem related to someone’s use of find & replace (or something…)
    • Can now view the standard side UI while in a school page.
    • Besty bug where rent price seemed to climb each week throwing off budget information fixed
    • Heat overwhelming libido bug
    • Lab conversation in later stages bug
    • bimbo and cum parser setting being reset after loading save
    • text overflow in dialog choice box fixed
    • Player’s penis will not show as available in sex scenes when they don’t have one
    • etc. etc.
  • Achievements page has been expanded with new prolog unlocks, and will show if you’ve completed the male and female story prologs individually.
  • The difficulty of negative environmental factors towards happiness has been reduced somewhat.
  • Adjusted and clarified some of the existing male story endings.
    • Some got simple clarification, some got some new content to better illustrate the ending.
    • Changes don’t affect the actual outcomes, just make things a little more clear for some endings where that would be useful.
  • New endings for futa players.
    • Most “choice scenes” for the male story now have additional options and content when the player character is futa.
      • You can now choose to become fully female in most cases.
      • Lily generally suggests the option of becoming completely female, something she usually encourages, depending on the specific scene.
    • There are now new variations supporting a player staying futa and turning totally female, including new transformation events content that doesn’t involve waking up later in Lily’s bed or guest bed.
    • The general theme or outcome of the endings are respected, though now Lily will be a little less happy (usually) if you chose to stay in a futa body. She may suggest the possibility of having the penis removed later.
      • The True Ending now has a difference enough to gain the (FUTA) tag version of it instead of keeping the normal ending name. The outcome is the same, but there’s more dialog and cuteness related to the PC being futa.
  • 3 new Illustrative world events. (Help worldbuilding/setting explanation)
    • New “Panties with a Skirt” random world event.
      • Can occur when the player is out and about in Appletree, and is wearing panties with their skirt (including crotchless or otherwise exposed panties).
        • Does not occur at night.
      • A concerned citizen will discover your fashion faux pas due to a gust of wind, and a whole series of events ensue.
      • Helps illustrate the general attitude about clothes, even though the player character is able to dress conservatively if they wish.
    • New “New Ad Council Ad” world event added.
      • Can occur when the player is downtown.
      • Player happens upon a group of women upset about a new Appletree Ad Council ad that recommends eating semen daily, but probably not in the way you think.
    • New “Neighbor Borrows Cum” world event added.
      • Can occur at any time while you’re at home.
      • Neighbor comes over and asks to borrow some cum because she’s cooking and ran out.
      • The kind you offer her, and her responses to it, depend on your food budget.
      • If you are a futa, you can offer to give her some “fresh” with ensuing fun.
  • All the required info for the below general random events was added to the in-game scene guide, so no need to repeat them here! 😀
  • 4 new general home events. (Just fun, keeps things more lively)
    • Suspicious Bitch at the Door
    • Drunk Neighbors
    • A Slutty Neighbor’s Offer
    • A Neighbor’s Win-Win Proposal
  • 10 new general city events (more kink-focused fun events)
    • Nude Hide and Seek in the Park
    • City Titty Show
    • Drunkard Trouble
    • Licking Proposal
    • Doggo’s Tongue
    • Some Casual Fucking
    • Care to Swing With Us
    • Cheated Girlfriend
    • A Beer and a Ass Fuck
    • Anal Stretching at the Park
  • Some new fetish dialogs added to tingle
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  • Fixed a bug that caused huge travel times when moving between the home and apartment common area.
  • Updated the watch a cockmongering match with a variety of team names, and fixed a bug in the text output.
  • Made adjustments to the NPC suicide system.
    • System will no longer kill off NPCs that you have a relationship stronger than acquaintance with.
    • Fixed a bug that affected weighting causing NPCs to appear to be much more “ignored” by the player, which caused NPCs to be killed too quickly in favor of new potentially more interesting NPCs.
      • This was particularly true when under a lot of pressure to kill NPCs because the player interacts with many “fake” NPCs forcing them to be generated and exceeding the NPC count limit.
  • Increased the safe pregnancy bonus for working at Progenerate by 50%
    • Now a 150 fundal height and 12 baby buffer before bad end.
  • Added a new feature to the Tummy Hugger that tells the player how many fetuses they can carry safely in a single womb.
    • This feature includes the bonus for pregnancy experience, and shows the specific limit for each womb if the player has two.
    • New function supporting this can be used to output data elsewhere as well.
  • Made a major change to the way Saradberol (zygote splitter) works to create identical twins.
    • Saradberol now has a 75% chance to cause a zygote to split instead of 33%
    • If the current number of implanted zygotes is within 6 of the max number of fetuses, it will drop this percentage to 25%
    • The goal is to make saradberol a little safer to use while ultimately allowing for even larger pregnancies.
  • Made some adjustment to lactation training, allowing higher training values to be reached with lower power pumps and hand milking.
  • Hand milking adjustments
    • The quick action button for hand milking when out of the house now works properly.
    • The icon has been changed from the “pump” icon to a new “hand” icon to indicate the difference.
    • Hand pumping now has 5 different images for variety instead of the same image every time.
      • Note: A lot more milking variety with pumps is something planned for Hucow Expansion.
  • Some fixes to the appearance of the “Read Something” menu for wasting time on your phone.
  • Adjustment to the cyclical progression of Fecundate Division Events.
    • The player’s first seradberol event will instead result in a boosted dose of OvuMax, which is safer in case the player doesn’t get the full spread of elasticizing treatments in time. Plus OvuMax fits right in with Fecundate.
    • New OvuMax suppository event at the fecundate division.
      • The nurse discusses training with large pregnancies to increase the amount of babies you can have safely.
      • Nurse discusses OvuMax, side effects, how it works, etc.
    • Seradberol injection event now has a new text for injections after the first where the nurse suggests using OvuMax on your own.
  • You will now get a happiness boost for getting most fertility treatments at the Gestique clinic.
  • Fixed some various text overrun and format issues at Gestique
  • The character’s menstrual cycle will now start one day later than before. This essentially pushes back the day the player could get pregnant by 1 (ovulation day still has random variability based on several factors)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cumvial use hovertext to be invisible. The options should make a lot more sense now!
  • Fixed the brain damage percentage display in the character details menu so that it displays properly.
  • There is a new Female Supremacist lecture you can attend at FutaFest.
    • It’s fairly short, but has some NTR “not cheating” gifs as part of the lecture.
  • The selection of events at FutaFest had the formatting enabled.
    • A last-minute bug for the prior release had us disable it… it’s enabled now.
  • There is a new event at the Bureaucratic Corps where you find a sex toy remote.
    • Play with a new B-Corps employee!
  • The number of testicles you have now affects the size of your semen reserve.
    • Having only one testicle reduces reserve size by 25%
    • Having three increases it by 25%
    • Having no testicles reduces it by 50%
    • Semen reserve has a minimum size, this change will not reduce it below that.
  • There is now a BDSM event at FutaFest.
    • You must be a futa to participate, however, because Besty is mean.
  • The Tingler App had a lot of fixing done.
    • The background color for NPC characters will now change depending on whether or not they have a cock.
    • There is also a gender icon now, so no more guessing “female or futa?”
  • The CoerceMe app has been created in a similar style to the Tingler App, of course still focused on con-non-con and harder sexual activities.
  • The “browse the booths” activity at the FutaFest has been created with several interesting things going on.
    • Walk around the con and look at various display booths.
    • You will experience three special booths in a random order.
    • Wheel of Cock – Win a chance to suck a magnificent cock.
      • You won’t be able to resist if you are a slut, have a cum addiction, or too low willpower.
      • Drinking the semen has an interesting effect.
        • If you are a cum slut and addicted to cum, you will gain the “cumpire” mutation, locking your cum addiction to 100. (Remember, cum addiction is super easy to manage–beneficial, honestly–if you use cumplete nutrition as your food choice.)
        • Otherwise, it will give you the cumslut kink and make you addicted to semen.
    • Futa Juice – Check out a new beverage company startup and taste their product.
    • Futa Grow – A doctor doing a little community service. You’re given the option to take an experimental drug.
      • As a futa, it will grow your cock up to 2 inches in length, add some girth, and increase testicle size by up to 12cc (avg 10).
      • If you are not a futa, it will itch and burn and eventually result in you growing a small cock and tiny balls in a small scene with a cute little girl cock.
      • Returning to the booth after being dosed will result in two different scenes depending on whether you were a futa or not when you took the drug. non-futa players can get a bonus dose to give them some growth as with normal futas.
    • You leave your time browsing the booths with a couple keepsakes.
      • A new keychain for your Missibitchi Lingual keys
      • Some face painting
  • A ton of new job events have been added by Anenn. Just a ton of stuff.
    • Two to three new events for every job.
    • Events are “normal” but also allow for futa players.
  • Fixed the issue where when leaving a school class, the class would still show up in your schedule for a week.
  • Made the NPC job “Public Toilet Scrubber” far less common.
  • Not choosing a home in the female prologue, or any of the prologue skip options, will result in new behavior.
    • You will now be sent to live at “Cumslut Row” instead of a random or missing home.
    • Cumslut row apartments cost only 469 per month in rent, cheaper than any other option. “4 69, cum to Cumslut Row!”
    • Cumslut row has the lowest possible score in all home categories.
  • Restrictions on using the prologue skipper have (finally) been enabled.
    • You must complete a prologue before you are able to skip it.
  • Redid the job milking code!
    • When working at their job, the player will milk themselves during work hours using office “employee pumps”. (A mandatory appliance for all Appletree employers)
    • Output in the end-of-day daily performance screen will tell you about any milk pumped and any new milk canisters filled.
    • You will no longer have to worry about being overly full of milk at the end of the work day.
  • Fixed a bug where FutaFest time progressed too quickly at the end of the day.
  • Fixed 391 separate instances where Anenn had used a macro incorrectly causing a bug.
    • Arousal will now be gained/lost appropriately.
    • No errors from these anymore.
    • He is a capybara, it should probably be expected XD
  • Fixed a bug with the heat consumables that could cause excessive arousal gain, and wouldn’t cause proper adjustments to fertility cycle to move the player to a “dangerous” part of their cycle.
    • In other news, a use for heat is to help get yourself pregnant without waiting for your next cycle to come around.
      • This was always intended, but didn’t work and was only recently reported in the verbose console output.
    • Players with two wombs should be careful to avoid giant pregnancies directly on top of each other.
  • Job content counts have been updated with the latest amount of content for 1.12
  • Lots of other bugs were fixed.
    • Why doesn’t anyone want to document bug resolution?
      • Probably because it’s boring, or we do it in the middle of working on something else.
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Words: 3,020,393 (20,676,939 characters)
Code: 154,428 lines of TypeScript
  • When using a breast pump to fill milk canisters, more information will now be displayed about your progress.
    • Includes total owned canisters, and ml of milk in your “in progress” canister.
  • New Tingler app is now available in the player’s bedroom.
    • Replaces the original tingler where you just selected an NPC from a random list and had sex with them.
    • CoerceMe app is still in the old format for now, but should be overhauled in the next release.
    • There are various NPC texting scenarios that can happen in Tingler.
      • scenarios depend on their personality, intelligence, gender, etc.
    • You can now send and receive nudes
      • It’s even possible to get a much-coveted dick pic!
    • Depending on various checks and such, you may fail to convince the NPC to fuck you.
      • Besty wrote this logic using his patented “Coconut Brain” technology.
  • The FutaFest is now a thing! In a time when there are never enough cocks to go around, we should celebrate women with cocks working to ease the shortage!
    • The FutaFest occurs pretty much every weekend for now, Friday through Sunday.
      • It eventually will occur just one weekend per month, but we wanted to make it easier to see for now.
    • There are several all-day events that occur at the festival, and you can choose one to participate in each day you attend.
      • Futa players will have the additional option of participating in many events specifically as a futa.
    • FutaFest Events (so far):
      • Meet Ingrid Björnsdotter, a famous futa BDSM porn star.
        • She can be seduced, leading to some fun.
        • You can make friends with her.
        • She’s got a pretty interesting concept to her, I won’t spoil it here.
      • Cock Sucking Competition
        • Participate as a competitor, or volunteer to be sucked.
      • Squirting sex event
        • Try to squirt yourself, or make others squirt with your cock.
      • Orgy event (because of course)
        • Content of the event changes naturally depending on whether you are a futa or not.
      • Breeding Event!
        • Split along the expected lines of being inseminated or doing the insemination.
    • Get a free mystery drink before checking out an event.
      • Hint: none of them are alcoholic…
    • There are a variety of things for you to see when the event closes for the day.
      • Authentic end-of-convention feels.
    • You can find the FutaFest inside the resort in SE Muschi Valley.
  • Players with large testicles will now have their scrotums become more “dangly” due to the weight.
    • Amount of hang is determined by size, earliest threshold is 50cc.
  • Futa players whose testicles reach the gigantic size of 1,500cc each will trigger a bad end.
    • A status icon will appear when testicle size approaches the limit (1400cc)
    • The bad end is pretty fun, and involves the balls suddenly growing out of control to gigantic size, and the aftermath.
  • Futa players who do not have testicles, but undergo enough testicle growth from various treatments available in game will now trigger a “ball drop” event.
    • Internal testicles are essentially forced out of the body by their increased size, becoming normal external testicles.
    • This only affects players with the LadyNuts mutation!
      • Without the mutation, testicle size will now remain 0cc.
  • The drug OvuMax is now available from the Gestique fertility clinic.
    • This drug can be taken multiple times (if you can afford it).
    • This drug has a temporary and a permanent effect.
      • The temporary effect lasts until the next ovulation after your treatment.
      • The permanent effect is… permanent.
    • The temporary effect:
      • dramatically increases the chance of you ovulating, regardless of your base fertility (or ovulation factor variables)
      • Provides a sizeable increase to the odds of multiple ovulation. The total effect of this depends on other fertility factors and how they come together, but the strength of the bonus (100) is about half of the strength of the multiple ovulation mutation (200).
    • The permanent effect:
      • Each dose you’ve taken increases the chances of ovulating at all by 5 percent.
      • Each dose you’ve taken increases the multiple ovulation factor by 15.
      • Each dose you’ve taken will reduce the effectiveness of hormonal birth control at preventing ovulation by approximately 5 percent.
    • This drug can and will result in larger multiple pregnancies, especially if the temporary effect is stacked on top of a large permanent effect from many doses.
      • See the changes in belly burst below…
  • The belly burst bad end from gigantic pregnancies has been adjusted.
    • Players working at progenerate now receive a (big) bonus to their max pregnancy values, rather than being immune to belly burst.
    • The “max number of babies” limit has been slightly increased, which should also help low fertility players who have multiple pregnancies.
    • Wombs now gain “experience” from successfully delivering babies.
      • Each 8 children born increase the max number of babies before burst by 1, and adjust the fundal height similarly.
      • For players with two wombs, the experience contributing to the max child limit is specific to the womb. If womb A has given birth to 16 babies, then its max is increased by 2, but womb B is not affected.
      • Wombs only gain this experience if the player has all 3 elasticity treatments from Gestique.
      • This experience is not tracked in a way visible to the player. You’ll have to pay close attention if you hope to reach truly gigantic pregnancies.
    • You will now be able to slowly increase the size of your pregnancies and hit higher records. Let us know how high you get!
  • Gestique now has a Pregnancy Progress Check exam.
    • This check’s primary purpose is to see if you will burst from an excessive number of babies.
    • The exam is offered for free, and can be repeated as often as you like.
    • If your pregnancy/life isn’t in danger, The check will provide some basic information about the health and growth of your fetuses.
    • If your pregnancy is in danger of causing a burst bad end:
      • If you do not have the full set of three elasticity treatments, the doctor will recommend that you get them and get a new scan afterward.
      • If you do have the full treatments, the doctor will give you two options.
        • Try to go natural: basically do nothing and see if you make it.
        • Get a special C-Section: remove the babies and send them to a facility with artificial host wombs.
          • Only available once pregnancy progress is > 50%. The doctor will tell you to come back if you are below 50.
          • The procedure is free.
          • You will “lose” all the babies. They will not appear in the creche, and you won’t receive government/progenerate/etc. funds for them.
          • Surrogate status will be reset.
          • This removes only babies that are 50% grown. If you have two wombs, it may remove the more developed pregnancy instead of the one likely to cause problems. It will remove both pregnancies if both are > 50% progress.
    • This check isn’t perfect!
      • The “amount of babies limit” check is totally accurate. This is the check that would normally cause a burst bad end.
      • The “max fundal height limit” check isn’t. The fundal height is primarily of concern to players with twin wombs, both of which have large pregnancies, and both of which are close together in time. However, fundal height is very unlikely to cause a burst unless things come together just right.
        • This check can also result in a false positive, particularly if very near to birth.
        • This check only works when close to the burst size limit, so checking very early won’t find anything.
  • A new “Fruit of the Womb” panties ad appears in the “read something” action.
  • Some new scenes and activities have been futafied.
    • Camgirl scenes
    • Some residential area events
    • Resort events/activities
    • Jogging and some other exercise activities.
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Words: 2,898,293 (19,954,205 characters)
Code: 153,210 lines of TypeScript
Tears: +72
  • NPC fetus development has been adjusted to increase the speed of NPC pregnancies.
    • This will make it easier for a complete pregnancy to fit within the usual time span of the game.
    • It’s basically assumed that women would want to at least minimally take advantage of available treatments to speed up their pregnancy, so there IS an in-world basis for increased gestation speed besides the game design one.
    • A standard pregnancy should now take between 3 to 4 months of game time, depending on the NPC. (most will be closer to 4)
    • An additional cheat mode has been added to further reduce the duration of NPC pregnancies. It essentially doubles their gestation speed.
    • Note: fertility boosts also affect the length of pregnancy while they are active.
      • For NPCs, this is mostly limited to dosing them with drugs like heat.
  • The male story prologue has been partially expanded for futa content.
    • Presently this focuses on the “mutations” conversation with Lily in the bathroom.
    • Lily will discuss the various male mutations that the player may have.
    • There is also a section where Lily discusses the player’s testicle situation, as well as makes comments comparing the size of the player’s new penis with what they had as a man.
      • This is an early way to discover that the male story protagonist wasn’t particularly well endowed.
    • The discussion contains a lot more “practical” information than the general descriptions in the mutation selection menu.
  • Also added a brief section if the player has the Fertility Goddess “mutation”, regardless of whether they are a futa or not.
  • NPC birthing scenes are now implemented.
    • There are a variety of different results/interactions depending on the nature of your relationship with the NPC.
    • The results are largely split between whether you visit the hospital or not.
      • Friends, dating (and not your kids), and your kids without a relationship, each have a unique notification conversation after the NPC gives birth, either by text or phone call.
      • If you are in a significant relationship with the NPC you will go to the hospital to offer your support.
        • Your reaction to the news will vary based mostly on the paternity of the children and your relationship.
        • False paternity situations the player may get an uneasy feeling.
        • The PC will generally still try to support their partner even if the kids aren’t theirs, though how they feel about it will change.
      • There are mechanics to alter the character of the birth for different difficulties based on the NPC’s physiology, but currently only the “easy” childbirth is implemented. (all visits to the hospital will result in easy childbirth)
      • Writing childbirth scenes is hard, seriously. I also saw some shit when searching the interweb for images. Having experienced some births in-person with my kids… ugg, let’s just leave it at that. :p
      • We will likely expand some of the writing to be more relationship-sensitive in the future, the setup is there, but more words are needed.
  • There were a lot of bug fixes this month, but as always bug eradication will be a continuing effort. Complexity makes it easier for bugs to happen.
    • There was some additional bugfixing support this month provided by xnzda (thanks!)
    • Some examples:
      • You can no longer take repeat doses of bovinex if you take them all in one session.
      • Clothing information popups will no longer be hidden behind dialog windows when viewing sections of your clothing inventory.
      • Brain damage is now displayed properly as a percentage instead of always being 0.
      • Cum addiction treatment will now work correctly
      • etc.
  • The wardrobe paper doll system has been expanded to be futa-compatible.
    • Will now properly display cock and or balls if the player has them.
    • many different hand-drawn clothing items were adjusted to reflect the player’s package as appropriate.
      • for example, no balls hanging out of short shorts or panties.
    • I still have a strong urge to draw all the various clothing styles for the paper doll, so that at least every style is represented if not the unique colors. Or at least, expand some of the sections so more styles are represented, especially when it comes to lingerie and tops.
      • Takes time to do, but I think you guys would like it. Let me know what you think on Discord!
  • The player body portrait will now display futa genitalia when present.
    • Currently there is support for a variety of penis sizes.
    • We still need to create more overlays for larger testicle sizes.
  • All Surrogacy Center events are now futa compatible*.
  • The Tentacle Shop downtown are now futa compatible with some unique extra attention given to the player’s additional equipment..
  • Final futafication of school events.
    • Mrs. Fubb’s Parlor and Monster Tamer Studio is now fully futa compatible*.
  • All the player birth scenes have been made to be futa compatible*.
  • The Double Donger scenes are now futa compatible*.
  • Marriage proposal scenes (particularly the kinky ones) are now futa compatible*.
    • Wedding scenes still need to be futafied, this is just all the proposal variations.
  • Various lesbian tanning events are now futa compatible*.
    • Not so much ‘lesbian’ now that a cock is involved :p
  • The SIRE initiation event probability has been significantly reduced so that it will not occur so frequently in the case you put joining SIRE on hold.
*Futa Compatible: means that extra content for futa players dealing with their cock has been added to existing scenes, generally expanding them while leaving the flow/outcome of events generally the same. The amount of content added varies considerably based on the specific scenario, but usually adds up to a lot.
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Words: 2,870,373 (19,789,442 characters)
Code: 153,032 lines of TypeScript
Headaches: 64.3
  • Bug fixes courtesy of Besty, you can always check mantis to report a bug or view our progress on outstanding bugs at http://www.aw-wiki.com/mbt
    • You do require an account to use our mantis bug tracker, but it’s easy to create.
    • We don’t share information about our followers/subscribers/users/players/etc. with anyone, ever.
    • We won’t even email you unless you chose to receive email updates on a bug, or in the rare case we need to ask a question/get more info to try and fix it.
    • Reporting bugs via Mantis does make it a lot easier for us to keep track of them and get them fixed, compared to discord reports.
  • All the jobs (including the Oldest Profession pseudo job) are now futa compatible!
    • The Bureaucratic Corps job at the institute is now futa compatible.
    • The Maid Pouffiasse job is now futa compatible.
    • Character counts for the various jobs have been updated
      • Click the content button in the job selection menu to view.
  • Most of the school event content has been made futa compatible.
    • Dancercise
    • Oldest Profession
    • Maid Pouffiasse
    • Deep Drill
    • Freak Dance
    • Mrs. Fubb’s Parlor
  • The “futa compatible” stuff we’ve been talking about over the past releases contains a mix of basic futa modifications as well as more involved futa-specific variations on existing events.
    • Not just a simple “ignore the cock unless necessary to keep from breaking immersion” thing.
    • Usually doesn’t include futa-only events… but there are a few that have snuck in here or there.
  • Added a get out of jail free card to the game in the form of an erotic art exhibit at the university in the gov’t district.
    • Visit the exhibit to get a mental unfucking similar to the emergency one offered by Dr. Lector, but without the normal negatives of therapy with him.
    • This mental unfucking can only be used once per character/game. Afterward viewing the gallery will act as a normal meditation session to reduce stress and anger.
    • The art in the gallery itself is a collection of uncensored AW release images, along with a couple others.
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Words: 2,848,164 (19,661,720 characters)
Code: 153,030 lines of TypeScript
  • A new global event occurs during the summer in Appletree.
    • A breaking news bulletin with sexy news anchors tells the player about the repeal of the public decency ordinance.
      • It’s a fun scene, and will appear automatically
    • Afterwards, full nudity is legal in Appletree, and you will no longer be hassled bythe police for revealing your pussy.
      • This was a planned ‘world event’ that I forgot about adding XD
    • If your save is after the event window, it may not trigger for you.
  • There is a new street cafe that can be found in SW downtown.
    • A rather unique barista serves fappiccinos, the new trendy caffeinated beverage from South Korea.
    • Obviously named for fapping.
      • frothed mix of espresso and semen atop a short glass of warm breast milk.
    • Drinking one will improve your mood and health a bit, reduce fatigue like any good coffee should, and will provide a modest dose of cum.
      • Can increase risk of addiction or alleviate withdrawal symptoms, like any cum source in the game.
  • You might see a new ad campaign while reading something on your phone at home.
    • Shallow is safe! pro creampie adverts.
    • Two new images with amusing text in the AW style.
  • Some heavy adjustment to the algorithm that determines if your NPC lover will cheat on you.
    • Tweaks chances across several categories.
    • Considers more personality/situational factors.
    • New cheating-type processing to be a little more realistic.
  • New SIRE storyline is available in the Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job.
    • Written by Krow, we just integrated the content into the game.
    • Totally futa independent, can enjoy as a normal character.
    • Two events with multiple paths/outcomes are currently available.
      • Introduction to SIRE, and the choice to take part or not.
        • You can also delay, and get a new option to join and outcomes with different text at a later time.
      • Rapid Pregnancy Initiative
        • Various choices with different outcomes.
        • Can make you a large or huge bundle of credits (2K or 4k)
        • Can also result in a bad end if your body isn’t up to the challenge.
          • (being at fertility storm level fertility will keep you safe)
    • While the introduction is more intriguing/mysterious, the second is quite long and sexy. You should definitely give it a try if you’re into the Fecundate Division job already!
    • More events are already in the works, this is a very promising event series!
    • There are a couple “missing” images, this is expected because there’s some fan art on the way.
  • A new scene is available at the Maid job.
    • The scene becomes available if you are caught without wearing your uniform on the job.
    • Allows you to get a new uniform in case you’ve lost/donated/destroyed the one you were initially given.
    • Of course, expect to be punished for your transgression!
  • Sex for more than just one round!
    • You can now go for round two (or three, four, or even five if everyone has the stamina for it).
    • When a male NPC ejaculates (or you ejaculate as a futa) ((or you ejaculate into a male NPC who then ejaculates)) (((etc.))) you can start another round of sex during sex scenes.
    • The NPC may not actually want to continue, especially if it’s a male and they already ejaculated.
      • Or they may just not be able to perform again.
    • Works in different combinations with futa/non futa and various NPC genders.
  • You can now have friends with benefits!
    • Having a friend should only increase the opportunities for casual sex, not reduce them!
    • Not all NPCs will want to have sex with you.
      • Depends on the status of your relationship with them.
      • Also depends on how the NPC feels about such behavior.
    • Having sex with a friend won’t cause you to switch over to the romance track.
    • Besty declares that the AI may make stupid decisions about all of this.
      • Tell us about weird behavior so we can adjust.
    • Sex is available as an option at the end of a friend hangout session.
  • Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job now supports futa players.
    • Adjustment to existing content, along with some unique futa scene variations.
    • Having a cock and being surrounded by ‘eager-breeder’ women can cause some arousal or even stress in certain situations.
  • The Oldest Profession pseudo job (escort service) has been converted to be futa compatible.
    • Showing up to service a client with a cock where none was expected can cause interesting things to happen.
    • Most people are cool with it though, this is Appletree, after all.
  • Some minor compatibility work done to Street Walking prostitution.
    • Still needs some more work, but should be much less “cock doesn’t exist!” now.
  • Converted a good deal of the Fairy Tail massage parlor job.
    • Some new futa-specific happenings that can be good or bad…
    • About 2/3 of existing scenes now allow for your third leg in the scene.
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Words: 2,811,586 (19,450,921 characters)
TS Code: 153,030 lines (doesn’t include comments!)
New suite of fertility tools available in the dev tools menu. (Elite build only)
  • Check fertility status of all female NPCs
  • Several commands to inseminate, induce ovulation, grow fetuses, etc.
  • Track sperm in NPCs
  • These tools are used for testing fertility stuff on our end, but could be used for fun too!
  • Tweak to job mod ingest code to allow higher salaries for job mods based on job respectability level.
  • NPC cross insemination system!
    • It’s weird that none of the female NPCs in Appletree are pregnant. This fixes that.
    • Starting at the beginning of the game, a percentage of female NPCs (including futas) will be chosen randomly and inseminated by a random NPC (including futas).
      • Represents sex between the generated NPCs that is assumed to be happening to the 90K other people in town as well.
    • NPCs can get pregnant from this sex, but factors like birth control, time of cycle, and other things come into play.
    • The default rate is to have 10% of the female NPC pool inseminated each night.
    • The rate of insemination can be changed in the game settings menu, and can be turned off altogether by setting the rate to 0.
    • NPCs that you have a relationship with can be inseminated this way.
      • It only counts as cheating if they get pregnant, and this can result in several things happening.
    • Lily will never be inseminated using this system.
    • NPCs that you are friends with that get pregnant will contact you when they give birth to share the news. [dialog NYI]
  • NPC fertility system is fully enabled.
    • NPCs ovulate, get fertilized, implant zygotes, grow fetuses, develop externally (and this is viewable in NPC viewer!) and give birth.
  • NPCs will now contact you by phone when they find out they are pregnant.
    • NPCs will only contact you this way if you are in a serious enough romantic relationship (exclusive+) or you are the father of the children.
    • There are 8 primary versions of this notification depending on the circumstances.
      • Congrats on getting me pregnant: from someone you impregnated that is not in a serious relationship with you that is happy about being pregnant.
      • Damnit you got me pregnant: from someone you impregnated that is not in a relationship with you that is NOT happy about being pregnant.
      • FYI you knocked me up: from an NPC you got pregnant that is fairly ambivalent about it.
      • Lover happy: from a romantic partner who is happy you got them pregnant.
      • Lover mad: from a partner who isn’t happy.
        • Some NPCs will lie and pretend the baby is yours, happy and mad variant.
      • Divine conception: from a romantic partner who you didn’t impregnate, but who also doesn’t know how they got pregnant.
        • Finally get to bring Water of Life into the picture!
        • Some NPCs will lie to you about this, you can still call them out on cheating during a date.
      • Cheater: from a romantic partner who cheated on you and is admitting it.
      • Cheater (futa): Same as cheater, but with a different dialog because you could have gotten the NPC pregnant, but someone else did instead.
    • You can break up with the NPC during the cheater notifications.
    • There are some variations that happen in most of these based on more specific circumstances.
  • Adjustments/improvements to sperm motion simulation in female reproductive tract.
  • New “Dieting” option in end-of-week budget menu.
    • The PC will not lose weight from diet and exercise unless this box is checked.
      • It is assumed that if you aren’t dieting, you eat enough to make up for any caloric shortfalls.
    • Allows you to benefit from higher-end food without risk of losing weight unintentionally.
    • Using the diet button won’t cause you to lose weight, it only allows it. Poor diet/lifestyle can still result in weight gain even with dieting box checked.
    • All this info included in a help popup.
  • Food budget explanation popup improved and expanded.
    • Better explanation of different budget levels and what they mean for diet.
    • Added info on Cumplete Nutrition diet.
  • New Sure Leak Condoms ad in the “read something” action.
  • Futa characters can now eat their own cum after masturbating at home.
    • Variations based on how much you ejaculated.
    • Standard benefits/effects of consuming semen.
  • NPCs will notify you when they give birth if:
    • They are your kids
    • You are in some sort of relationship with them.
    • Notification only – content/scenes NYI
  • Futa variations have been added to all SPERM job events.
  • Futa variations have been added to all Pole Riders job events
  • Five new futa-specific medium events added at Pole Riders job
    • Scene options with different tips and outputs.
      • Tips are probably a bit too high and may need to be nerfed.
    • About 16K words.
  • New sex scene action: Lick Nipple
    • Full descriptive text, 2 default variations and one variant for each kink.
  • New orgasm texts for the PC ejaculating.
  • A lot of sex system testing and fixing.
  • Your character will now react appropriately when the NPC pulls out to cum (and you’ve asked them to do so)
  • You can now choose who to put a condom on if you’re playing as a futa character and you chose the “put on condom” action.
  • Liquor cabinets are now functional!
  • I managed to repair the Mantis Bug Tracker database, and updated the software.
    • This was keeping us from updating issues/bugs properly. many have been cleared now.
  • Lots of bug fixes!
    • World map travel time fix
    • Progress in the coil winding task fix
    • Fix for some actions not happening/allowed in certain sex positions
    • Etc. Etc. Etc.
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Change Log
2,784,114 (19,279,718 characters)
Code: 152,454 lines of TypeScript
Images: 3,450
Save Compatibility: Large data changes mean older saves are not compatible (sorry).
in no particular order as usual… lol
  • Fap difficulty will no longer get a brain damage bad end.
  • Relationship time limits have been drastically reduced.
    • While the original time limits were based on some sort of minimal realism, with marriage happening in just over half a year, this just wasn’t that much fun for most of you.
    • Time requirement for each stage of relationship progression has been cut in half.
  • The NPC editor in the cheats menu has new relationship functionality.
    • Allows you to forcefully set your relationship status with a given NPC up to the “engaged” level, as well as friendship.
    • Normal use works fine, but the tool can cause bugs if misused.
  • New “Appletree Bee” story appears in the “Read Something” content.
    • Involves an extraction nurse at the EverHope Clinic.
  • NPC class/data restructuring for status and birthcon class. This is part of changes to allow use of birth control, and interaction with it, as well as some general improvements and new methods. Some new code requires new NPC generation.
    • Breaks old saves, sorry.
    • New tracking setup for the player’s kids they’ve birthed.
  • NPCs now can use hormonal birth control, and IUD use is now functional.
    • Use of IUDs is strongly tied to the NPC’s personality, overall percentage is low.
    • Hormonal birth control use is partly based on personality, and partly on random chance.
      • Rates of birth control are a modification of rates currently found in the US.
      • Less than 25% of NPCs will use non-condom birth control.
    • In place but not usable yet: sabotage hormonal birth control, ask NPC to stop/start birth control.
    • Effectiveness of birth control mirrors existing PC items like patch, pill, and implant. Some NPCs use “homeopathic” birth control pills.
      • Homeopathic birth control is of course completely ineffective.
      • Rate of “special full-strength” pill use is low.
  • The NPC Census available at the university is now fully functional (broken education statuses fixed).
  • Much expanded set of item cheats.
    • A much larger percentage of the game’s consumables can be added to the inventory now.
  • New futa cheats tab in the cheats menu.
    • Allows you to adjust most of the futa-specific character items.
      • Descriptive items like circumcision status and scrotum looseness.
      • Penis length
      • Penis girth
      • Testicle quantity
      • Testicle volume
      • Futanari mutations
    • Conversion cheats to either become a futa or stop being one.
      • These are more complex, and while they have been tested at a basic level, there may be unexpected interactions. (e.g. your NPC lover is not okay with you being a futa, but you’re past the point where the relationship would have ended.)
      • When reporting any bugs that occur after using, please include the information about using the conversion and when.
  • Wearing condoms as a futa character is now available.
    • Works with both normal and sabotaged condoms.
  • NPCs can ask you to use a condom (or ask that you don’t use one).
    • The NPC’s decision in this regard is determined by many factors such as:
      • Whether they are using birth control.
      • Their personality and having certain kinks
      • The relative safety of the time in their menstrual cycle
      • How much they love you (and therefore want your baby).
    • If you cum inside an NPC when they wanted a condom, they can get angry.
    • Likewise, if you pull out and they wanted you to creampie them, they can get upset with you.
    • You can ask the NPC whether they want a condom or not, or just ignore the topic altogether.
    • There are still a few kinks to work out in regard to the NPC AI and doing things counter to their wishes. (Starting sex without a condom, for example, seems to happen in certain circumstances. In that case, just change position and put one on… or don’t.)
  • A lot of texts and options in the sex system were changed to accommodate a futa player character.
    • Orgasm texts should be coming in the next release, but so far it’s a lot more relevant to being a futa, less text from an incorrect perspective.
  • Fixes/improvements to problems with the futa reveal and lube use from earlier releases.
  • Some jobs have been gone over and expanded so that they recognize and utilize futa characters.
    • No futa-only events yet.
    • Hucow Farmhand job is futa compatible.
    • Institute Services Division is futa compatible.
    • Mostly consists of action variations and changes to dialog so your cock doesn’t seem out of place (and maybe gets a little use, too).
  • The job selection page “job info list” has been updated with new character counts. The information now includes which jobs are futa compatible.
  • New sex library additions for the sex scene system.
    • A full set of kink specific text for the speed up and slow down actions.
    • Some more text for certain areas it was needed.
  • Tweaks, fixing, and tests of the birthing scene stuff to make sure it works.
  • The usual various bug fixes.
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Words: 2,758,197 (19,109,478 characters)
Code: 151,176 lines of TypeScript
  • Seven new “futa” sex positions in the sex scene system.
    • Six are vaginal, one is anal.
    • More should be added later, this is just initial sample.
    • System differentiates between type of fucking going on: player getting fucked, or player fucking the NPC, and restricts actions accordingly.
  • New restrictions on actions of the player for futa-only actions.
    • You won’t be allowed to fuck someone or use your cock for anything if it’s too small.
  • New scene finish system for futa fucking.
    • Player given the choice to take 4 actions before ejaculating.
      • Keep going (no special action)
      • Pull out
      • Thrust deep (ejaculate while as deep as possible)
      • Pretend pull out (get one spurt in before pulling out)
    • Full sperm disposition system (NPC reproductive tracts operate just like PC’s, with natural movement, sperm migration, etc.)
    • Final action text is custom to the position you’re in and the final action chosen.
      • currently only a single variation for all the possibilities.
    • NPC reactions make sense, but are currently just filler that is nice. NPC opinions on getting creamed, birth control, condom failure, etc. coming in future update.
  • Three new sex actions (futanari options) with full text library
    • Keep thrusting (equivalent of female do nothing)
    • Focus on Fucking (more sensual/aware version)
    • Thrust Deep
  • You can now use lube during sex.
    • You must use lube before fucking an NPC’s asshole.
    • You can use the lube on your pussy to increase your wetness
  • New “cock availability” icon in status display area
  • Sex toys in sex scene fixed and implemented.
  • Revealing your cock in sex scene results in acceptance or rejection, odds based on NPC.
  • NPC can be asked if they are okay with being the PC’s anal bottom.
    • Reaction will vary by NPC
    • You only need to get consent once with each NPC to enjoy their backdoor pleasures for the rest of the game.
    • For now, if the NPC rejects your advances, you can keep trying until they give in and let you fuck them anally.
  • NPCs can get pregnant with your kids, mechanically, but there isn’t a real effect for this yet except that you get a temporary notification message of your success.
    • Full AW reproduction simulation.
  • EverHope Semen Bank added to the game.
    • Added new semi-NPCs, Isla (nurse), Mei (attendant), Robert (doctor).
    • Futa player can register at the clinic. This has a unique opening scene.
    • Repeatable later scenes.
    • Masturbation with 3 different flavors
    • Onehole extraction.
    • You can ask for Isla’s help. She will help you with the breasts, or a nice blowjob to extract your semen.
    • The sperm bank will pay 1.5 credits for each ml of semen. (Not yet calculating virility)
  • Various fixes and improvements (birthing scene, swimming pool, and others)
  • New Dev Tools (elite build only)
    • Semen Viewer: will allow you to view the semen inside an NPC’s reproductive tract by entering their npcid.
    • Semen Reserve Refill: refills your semen reserve to full.
    • These were used for testing purposes. Expanded futa and npc fertility cheats will be added to the cheat system in a future update, they need to be built, and npc fertility items will need to have a user-friendly wrapper made.
  • Some more minor futa content/variations for general activities.
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Words: 2,729,804 (18,896,450 characters)
Code: 149,487 lines of TypeScript
  • Female Story prologue now supports futa players.
    • The nurse will now comment on your member when she’s measuring your sizes.
    • There is a nice self-discovery masturbation scene that happens in the hospital. The female story character never had a penis before, after all.
    • The player character doesn’t tell Toby about her extra equipment, you’ll have to reveal that later if you advance your relationship with him.
  • The physical description for male and female story characters immediately after the main character creation has been updated to support futa characters.
  • The Hucow Farmhand job events have all been edited by our professional editor.
  • Player masturbation has been reworked and support for futas added.
    • Futa players will now have the option for a “Quick Fap”
      • This option is less satisfying than female options, but it’s faster and you’re significantly more likely to get off successfully than with the “Quick Schlick” option.
    • Main menu image now shows a nice futa gif if the player is one.
    • Female masturbation mechanics have been adjusted.
      • They now take more factors into consideration, such as arousal level, pregnancy, kinks, etc. for determining success.
      • Benefits have been tweaked.
      • Probability setup has been adjusted.
      • The amount of time it takes has been tweaked.
      • If you fail to orgasm, you will now use ALL of the allotted time.
    • Pregnancy now gets in the way of female masturbation options, and can reduce odds of success.
    • Sufficiently pregnant women will get a new screen with a “how will this work” image when their belly is too big to make a masturbation session practical.
    • You will now see a window that explains the masturbation outcome–along with an orgasm image if successful–rather than just having a simple corner notification.
    • Futa players are rewarded with a written scene for their masturbation.
    • Overall appearance is nicer, and the disjointed text has been removed.
    • Female chastity should still allow male masturbation, and vice versa.
  • New orgasm mechanic has been added to the game.
    • This is code that is called with arguments for every orgasm in the game except for the sex system and prologue.
    • The primary purpose is adjusting the semen reserve and feeding the body condition system.
    • “Female” orgasms result in a small ejaculation, while “male” orgasms result in a full ejaculation.
    • Pussy juice and cum possibilities are fed to the body condition system to make you and or your clothes wet in relevant location.
      • Sometimes cum or femlube from orgasms are “clean” because you clean up afterward, or you were naked, etc. It’s all scene specific.
    • Additional satisfaction and arousal reduction effects are provided for futa characters, due to the dual nature of their orgasm.
    • Orgasming now reduces player energy by 2.
    • Arousal trimming mechanic has been added to cap arousal post orgasm, which should help reduce incidents of runaway arousal.
    • Semen ejaculation volume is retrieved from the standard formulas built into the fertility code. Small ejaculations from a predominantly female orgasm are only about 1/3rd the volume of a normal ejaculation. These ejaculations will always take things like virility boosts and mutations into account.
    • Female wetness is determined primarily by the base vaginal wetness. (Vaginal wetness is chosen at character creation, but can be modified by several things during the course of the game, usually in the direction of ‘more wet’.)
      • Because we added calls to this code to so many locations, the possibility that we made a mistake in a given location is greater. If you notice an orgasm where you get soiled inappropriately (such as getting cum or femlube on you while in the pool), please let us know so we can fix it.
      • Body and clothing condition was built primarily around the concept of external fluids getting on you, not your fluids coming out. This means there may be some bugs where cum gets on your skirt instead of your panties, or lands on your shirt instead of your belly… we will need to work on this more. Do let us know if you notice any weird behavior though!
  • A new PC Memory system has been created.
    • This system is used to create one-day persistent memory effects for certain things.
    • Primarily, this is to determine if the player remembers taking medication or not, but it could be used elsewhere if the need arises.
    • When you check the description on a virility supplement or birth control pill, there will now be information on whether or not you’ve taken it that day.
      • If you remember, you will be told whether or not you’ve taken it.
      • If you don’t remember, it will say simply that you can’t remember.
    • The chances of you remembering are random, but modified by whether or not your character is forgetful, has a good memory, and your bimbo level.
    • If you don’t want a memory reminder, and want to count on your own memory… just don’t check the item description. 😉
  • New drugs and transformatives for futas!
    • From the cum & go convenience store questionable supplements rack:
      • Infinity MegaCum (drug)
      • Gooey Gold (transformative)
    • New drugs & transformatives menu and options at the farm coop dairy.
      • Now have to ask reception about treatments and browse an information binder before you can purchase treatments/services.
      • You must ask about female and male treatments separately.
    • Hubull transformatives added
      • KX-Hubull (transformative)
      • Viasil (transformative)
      • Fulsac (transformative)
    • Male fertility supplement available at either pharmacy.
      • FertilAid (virility booster)
    • Male treatment options at the Gestique fertility clinic
      • Creation (virility booster)
      • Semaxin (virility transformative)
  • Virility Boost is now a thing.
    • Functions similarly to fertility boost score in that it is a temporary increase to PC virility.
      • Virility boosts have the additional affect of increasing ejaculation volume and refractory rate, in addition to things like motility and sperm count.
    • Virility boost decays more rapidly than fertility boost (10%/day), virility supplements would need to be taken every day for maximum effect.
    • Virility boost status can be seen in the character status menu.
  • Creation virility booster added to the game.
    • strongest virility booster available, at least for now. “Prescription Strength”
    • overdoses are not good for you.
    • Boosts up to 80% are achievable, 30% per-pill gain.
  • FertilAid virility booster.
    • solid herbal/nutrient supplement.
    • overdoses still aren’t good for you.
    • can reach boost level up to 40%, 20% per-pill gain.
  • Infinity MegaCum drug added to the game.
    • Causes a very large increase to ejaculation volume and refractory rate for 24 hours.
    • Causes a significantly reduced ejaculation volume and refractory rate for 24 hours after the drug wears off.
  • Gooey Gold drug added to the game.
    • Crazy Chinese medicine with crazy Chinese effects.
    • Twelve possible outcomes including both good and bad outcomes (good outcomes are more likely)
      • Penis/testicle shrinkage
      • Penis/testicle growth (including huge growth chance)
      • Cumsplosion event
      • Grow or lose a testicle
      • Gain the Bitch Breaker mutation
  • Semaxin transformative added to the game.
    • Permanently increases your virility, primarily affecting sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm endurance/survival.
    • I’ll just say injection.
  • KX-Hubull transformative added to the game.
    • Male version of the hucow transformative.
    • Causes your body to take on a more amazonian appearance.
    • Causes dramatic testicle growth.
    • Causes an increase in penis size.
    • Causes an increase in libido.
    • Causes a dramatic increase in virility.
    • Causes the Lilith’s Curse, No Refractory, and Power Ejaculation mutations.
    • Causes you to grow two testicles and a scrotum if you have none.
    • Causes you to grow an extra testicle if you only have one.
    • Increases your bimbo score significantly (not as much as Bovinex though).
    • Gives you the slut kink (or superslut kink if you already have slut).
    • Gives you the risky and pregnancy kinks.
  • Cool new KX-Hubull bad end can now be achieved by taking more than one dose of the transformative.
    • Debating “murderfucker” achievement
  • Viasil transformative added to the game.
    • Penis enhancement transformative.
    • Surprisingly, it does exactly what it says on the tin.
    • Increases the length and girth of your cock based on its current size.
    • Each future dose will cause less growth, until it reaches the minimum size increase of 1/8th of current size.
    • There is a limit to the maximum size you can grow using this treatment.
  • Fulsac transformative added to the game.
    • Increases testicle size semi-proportionally to current testicle size.
    • Has a 50% chance to cause your testicle to split into two smaller ones if you only have a single testicle.
    • Will increase your bimbo score (amount increases based on number of prior doses)
    • Has a chance (increasing w/ number of doses) to give you the mega nuts mutation.
    • Having the mega nuts mutation will cause a higher percentage of testicle growth.
    • Reminder: testicle size is significantly related to ejaculation volume and refractory rate.
  • New self-thoughts for futas!
    • self-thoughts are the (usually pink) internal monologue text that appears below a location description.
    • thoughts relate to your cock and erection status in various situations/locations.
  • New sex toys added to the game!
    • Purchased at the Prude shop in the adult district downtown along with other sex toys.
    • 2 chastity cages, one normal and one tiny.
    • scrotum stretching ring
    • Besty assures me that all the item-related issues with reaching a certain part of the body in chastity has been resolved.
    • 2 onaholes were partially created, but not implemented yet.
  • You can now confess that you are a futa to your partner during a date.
    • It’s generally better to tell people these things before they find out in the bedroom!
    • can result in various outcomes depending on the NPC.
    • As expected of Appletree, many NPCs will be very happy about you having a cock.
  • NPCs will now discover that you’re a futa when you are sufficiently undressed during a sex scene (if they didn’t know already)
    • Various outcomes are possible, but they are less likely to be understanding.
  • Female NPC portraits should work now, by god.
    • Besty and I pooled our efforts on this one.
    • If there are still problems somehow, try starting a new game (old NPCs may still run afoul of a certain bug if they were spontaneously generated based on filler-npc interaction.)
  • Big new gloryhole expansionfor the gloryhole in shake & pop.
    • Use your cock instead of servicing someone else’s!
    • Potential activities include:
      • Anal sex
      • Vaginal sex
      • Blowjob
      • Handjob
      • Tittyfucking
    • Anenn said “Be careful, some girls are mean…” and I was too scared to ask him what this means.
  • Lots of additions of futa modifications/content to “everyday” things for futas.
    • Home item variation for the machine gun fuck machine.
    • Home item variation for the rocking stool sex toy.
    • New nighttime dreams for futas.
    • Shower events for futas.
    • Special “morning events” for futas.
    • Jogging futa variations
    • Pool & swimming futa variations
    • Tanning variations for futas.
    • Restless events for futas.
    • TV and wasting time on phone variations for futas.
    • A problem while trying to meditate that can happen to futas.
      • Anenn did this, and I’m honestly too scared to look. He promises it works though.
    • Events that happen at the Lake Clitea resort now have futa variations.
  • Bug Fixing.
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Words: 2,029,233 (18,174,775 characters)
Lines O’ TypeScript: 147,385
A lot of bug fixing. Pretty much all the bugs that have been reported have been fixed, though some may have an “Anenn Fix” applied…
– Paper doll images bug fixed
– Fixes for several home items like flowers.
– Sex machines will now actually satisfy you instead of just making you hornier.
– Stage 4 of the main quest should finish correctly.
– Text in the quest to acquire special components has been fixed. The quest was telling you that Oleg would appear in the club district when he was actually appearing in the amusement district.
– Besty caused a lot of headaches with this one… sorry.
– Plenty of other stuff, just check the Mantis bug tracker if you’re interested.
Made minor tweaks to the interface in several places in order to make it a little easier to use or more intuitive.
A new scene involving Oleg and the component quests was added, the scene occurs when you “ask for a discount”.
Every single non-random NPC now has a custom end-of-game story that tells you what happened to them after the game ends.
– You will still need to at least be acquaintances with them in order for the story to appear at the end of the game.
Several random endings for random NPCs have been written.
– The system assigning random endings has been changed so that no two NPCs can receive the same ending.
– 17 different endings, we’ll probably add more since they’re fun to make.
You can now feed the ducks at Tesla Reservoir.
– Quack!
A lot of work on the sex act and orgasm libraries.
– 18K words of new action descriptions.
– Every sex action now has at least one description for each of the 14 different kinks.
– The kinks are: lesbian, hidden in public, open in public, nonconsensual, romantic, risky, pregnancy kink, player IS pregnant, submissive, dominant, size queen, degrading, slut, bimbo.
– The standard or default description for all sex actions now has at least 2 variations.
– A lot of proofreading, fixes to pronouns, and addition of parser calls in relevant areas.
– The system is generally complete in terms of writing but will need plenty more editing…
Added some more small variants to common actions for pregnancy, such as doing the laundry while pregnant.
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A bug got into the release that can cause sleep to freeze up when pregnant. Anenn has been suitably chastised 😉 This fix also ensures that pregnant sleep events won’t happen before the player knows they are pregnant, and that nighttime lactation events won’t occur if the player owns overnight milking devices.
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Words: 2,867,764 (17,204,029 characters)
Code: 209,822 Lines TS & JS
Body Portraits: 713,687,040 combinations
This change log is a little different because it is so concentrated on marriage.
  • There is a new game soundtrack with a more dystopian feel.
    • You can replace the game’s music by substituting your own mix file in .mp3 format. Just replace this file with your own: resourcesaudioGameMusic.mp3
  • New school events added to Mrs Fubb’s Parlor (4K words).
  • The player and NPCs can now propose marriage.
    • NPCs will pick a proposal scenario based on their personality.
    • The player can choose the proposal scenario they use, but some options are limited by the PC personality.
    • Several scenarios are possible, with over 10K words of content.
    • The result of the proposal will depend on the NPC and the status of your relationship if you propose to them. If the NPC proposes, it’s up to you how you answer.
    • Keep in mind that the NPC won’t propose immediately as soon as the relationship is eligible to advance, just like other relationship stages. Proposals happen as an offshoot of the normal dating process, so be sure to give your lover plenty of opportunities (dates) to propose if you’re waiting for them to pop the question.
    • If you pick a proposal type that really runs counter to the personality of your lover, they are likely to get mad at you!
  • There are several wedding-planning-type events that will occur as part of the engagement process.
    • You’ll need to choose your dress, the venue, officiator, decor, discuss any special vows, invite your friends, and other things to get ready for the big day.
    • Most things are quickly taken care of in a conversation with your fiance (we don’t want wedding planning to be boring).
    • Some portions of the prep work will require you to show up to a pre-arranged meeting, such as picking out your dress. You don’t want to forget!
  • On the day of your wedding, you’ll be able to show up to your venue of choice and actually get married.
    • Or forget to show up… which won’t turn out well for your relationship.
    • There are over 12K words of content for the various ceremonies and customizations.
    • There are opportunities for you (or your partner) to flee from the alter.
    • There are also unique reactions from your guests that you can discover based on the wedding you chose.
      • You may want to be cautious about nudity or publicly consummating your marriage in a very public place like the city park!
    • The wedding ceremony is mostly complete, but the reception afterward is not, so remember to make a save before getting married if you want to quickly view the reception in v46.
    • The game is still playable after getting married, but you won’t find gameplay much different than beforehand, as married life elements are coming in v46 and v47.
    • The officiators all have different ceremonies they perform with different undertones and different vows “do you take X, in sickness and health…”. Some are pretty raunchy!
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Words: 2,829,529 (17,011,268 characters)
Code: 209,282 lines of code
  • The Wrench club in the club district downtown is now playable.
    • Has actions to try out, and works with club events.
  • Phoenix Book Club events chain has been expanded with some new fun.
  • The main quest progression in Area 69 has been expanded with two more outcomes.
  • An ER has been added to the Appletree hospital for emergency treatment.
  • The Sunrise Addiction Clinic has been added to the medical district.
    • Provides unique treatments for each type of addiction to cure the player.
    • Treatment happens all at once, so they tend to be extreme.
      • Courses of treatment range from 500 to 1750 words.
  • New dialogs have been added for your romantic partner when living together.
  • Besty still sucks at writing change log information.
  • A feisty r*pe scene can happen to your character if you roam around downtown late at night.
    • Reminder: use content settings to prevent content you are uncomfortable with!
    • The player has a chance to fight off the attacker based on a fighting skill check.
      • fighting is a new skill check (see below).
    • Because of the situation, firearms can not be used, but they are acknowledged if you have one.
    • This event can have strong negative effects on the player depending on how it plays out, and can also severely damage or destroy your clothing.
    • The event is only possible when downtown after 10pm.
      • Some locations such as the town hall and the mall are excluded.
      • The event is more likely in the adult or club district.
      • Your appearance affects the rate at which it can happen.
  • Skill system improvements
    • A new skill check has been created called “fight”.
      • It utilizes the Martial Arts and Athletics skills.
      • It is intended for situations where strength and conditioning are important in addition to technique.
      • The ratio of skill use is dependent on the Martial Arts skill’s level.
    • Some fixes were made to existing combined skill checks so that skill levels can be increased as intended.
    • Adjusted how strongly skill check difficulty affects the odds of gaining a skill, increasing the rate of skill gain from easier skill checks.
  • Clothing system improvements
    • Donating a piece of clothing while wearing it will no longer cause an error.
    • Clothing dirtiness improved to utilize two sources of making the clothes dirty.
      • Clothing gets dirty slowly when being worn by the player.
      • If the player is dirty due to not showering or “other events”, clothing will get dirty faster.
    • Clothing now accumulates damage with wear, and will eventually break.
      • This can lead to an embarrassing situation if an item falls apart in public.
      • Clothing damage happens only to the clothes you’re wearing.
      • If worn 24/7, an item should last approximately 3 months but can last longer or shorter based on your activities.
  • Drug and Addiction system improvements
    • Drug duration and what drugs the player is affected by is now centrally tracked.
    • You can view what drugs are in your system by looking at the character status menu.
      • If the name of the drug is green in the addiction/need column, it means you are currently under the effect of that drug.
      • If the drug name is gold-colored, it means that you are still affected by the drug’s fertility effects, but that the main effects are over (Heat and Satyr only).
    • Drug need does not increase while still under the effects of the last dose (does not include the fertility period for Heat or Satyr).
    • Drugs now have an expanded array of beneficial effects to make them more worthwhile. In general, they will make it easier to maintain your character’s mental status.
      • Alcohol: didn’t get much. It increases the rate at which you get tired but has a small positive effect on stress.
      • Creampie: has a small positive effect on stress, happiness, and satisfaction. These do not stack with the effects of cum. Note that players can still gain the benefits of a creampie even when using a diaphragm, IUD, or hormonal birth control.
      • Cum: has numerous weaker effects that mirror the actual effects of cum. It has a positive effect on stress, happiness, and satisfaction.
      • Focus: has a moderately positive effect on stress, reduces the rate you get tired/sleepy, has a moderately positive effect on happiness, and a strong positive effect on anger. It decreases arousal gain and has a weak positive effect on Satisfaction.
      • Heat: Increases the chance that you will ovulate when it’s time, may cause you to ovulate early, and makes hormonal birth control less effective. It also affects/dilates your cervix making it slightly easier for sperm to pass into the womb. It increases arousal gain somewhat, has a moderately positive effect on stress, a moderately positive effect on happiness, and stabilizes satisfaction making it harder to gain or lose.
      • Satyr: In general causes your reproductive tract to be more hospitable to sperm, and increases the amount of time they can survive in your womb. Has a strong positive effect on happiness, reduces how fast you get tired, and increases arousal gain.
      • Sex: No new effects
      • Zone: Has the strongest positive effect on stress, a strong positive effect on happiness, reduces anger, slightly reduces arousal gain, and increases satisfaction gain.
  • Fertility System improvements
    • Changed the formula for determining sperm death at each time/movement step for semen in the vagina.
      • The system is now more responsive to male and female fertility stats (vaginalHostility & spermSurvival).
      • The rate of death increased, this is most noticeable for lower fertility values and is more accurate.
      • The cap for how many can survive has been increased, though this will only matter for the highest fertility situations.
    • Changed the formula for determining sperm’s ability to penetrate the cervix and move into the womb environment, and changed the balance in the movement algorithms.
      • The rate has been decreased in both cases: fewer sperm will attempt to penetrate, and fewer will succeed.
      • Cervix penetration success is more responsive to fertility values.
      • Minimum cervix penetration is now 0, though this will only be possible in extraordinary circumstances.
    • Changed the code determining the sperm halflife in the womb.
      • Overall sperm will die faster in the womb, this is more dramatic for lower fertility values from woman and donor.
      • Sperm tended to live too long in characters with average to low fertility, this corrects that.
      • This also adds effectiveness to barrier birth control where a very small amount of sperm may enter but should be unlikely to “succeed”.
    • Fixed an issue that caused sperm to ignore a diaphragm when moving in certain situations.
  • New events have been added to the dating system (20K+ words)
    • An average of two new events for each location, each with an average length of about 1000 words.
  • New events have been added to skill gain classes to spice them up (8.5K words).
  • Bug fixing and the usual minor stuff we forgot to write down.
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Change Log
2,783,973 (16,847,044 characters)
Code: 208,354 Lines
  • Improvements to the game revolving around passing out late at night.
    • The time that the player will pass out has been pushed back to after 4am.
    • There is an improved warning that you are nearing this time that happens after 3am.
    • The probability of different events that happen while you are passed out has been changed.
      • Fap mode players will no longer receive the “mermaid” bad end, and will instead get a normal passed out event.
      • The “mermaid” bad end now has probability based on the number of times the player has passed out, starting very low and becoming more likely.
    • Many in-game areas and activities have been adjusted to enforce their closing times.
      • Clubs will kick you out after they close, with an amusing image.
      • The mall and bullseye security will escort you outside after closing.
      • Players prostituting themselves won’t find clients after 3am when the streets are deserted.
    • The game should not autosave immediately prior to passing out.
  • The Little Shop of Tentacles has been created (9K words).
    • The name is a bad reference to the Little Shop of Horrors for some reason.
    • After discovering the shop initially in the club district, you can visit normally afterward.
    • You can browse the “species binder” to see the 4 species of tentacle available for play.
    • You can pay the fee to have “playtime” with any of the 4 species.
    • In addition to sexy writing, playing with tentacles can have a number of benefits depending on the species.
      • Standard mental stat benefits such as happiness and satisfaction gain.
      • Unique benefits depending on the species, such as orifice widening or a permanent increase to one or more fertility stats.
      • “Tentacle Fan” mutation now appears in the character menu.
      • Some unique fun status conditions and a new achievement “egged”.
    • Some new art to go with one of the scenes.
    • Consentacles!
  • Fix to the data validation system for player and NPC fertility.
    • Individual fertility stats are no longer inappropriately capped just above the ‘fertility goddess level’.
    • Brood Mother fertility now works as intended (some stats were capped too low), and appears on the character mutations list in the character menu.
    • Individual fertility stats can now be improved significantly beyond their level at the highest base fertility score, as intended.
      • To view your fertility scores, use an item like the toilet fertility probe.
      • Note: each stat controls a specific aspect of your fertility, such as chance of ovulating, hostility to sperm, odds of zygote implantation, etc.
  • Addition to the dating system (16K words).
    • 8 new activities are available in existing date locations, many of a sexual nature.
    • Some of these are activities that would normally be available in these locations, such as some adult fun while watching a movie.
    • Some are just adding some sexy or AW-like options to more mundane locations.
  • More expansion of the sex scene system (16K words).
    • Added more content and post-orgasm actions to oral sex situations.
    • Added more kink support for the sizequeen kink to various actions and orgasms.
  • Added a new nightclub to the club district downtown called Wrench.
    • Intended to be more of an industrial club with some contrast in theme and events to the existing club Shake & Pop.
    • Currently, the location has no content and is there for demo/preview purposes. You can enter the club and look at the various rooms.
  • The Kegelator machine in the apartment common area workout room can now be used for some adult-themed exercise (1300 words).
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed, and some rough items polished/improved.
    • Players will no longer get a “missed the date” when attending the date.
    • Skill gain in the prologue was disabled to prevent errors and abuse.
    • Prostitution now drains your energy, you can no longer grind thousands of credits by serving clients like a robot without rest.
    • Balances to tips while working at Fairy Tail, you will now earn more money.
    • Energy fix for bicycle home items.
    • Fixes to the Nature’s Treasury health store.
    • Fixed the Hanna Bowen debt quest.
    • Exercise amount will now properly reset each week so that it doesn’t snowball until you starve to death.
    • An informative hint will now appear below some texting windows reminding players to click the “send” button in order to continue the conversation.
    • Saving is now restricted in some areas of the prologues where saving can cause potential errors.
    • You can now buy pickles, allowing you to roleplay as a Russian.
    • Many other minor bug fixes (check the bug tracker for details)
v0.41.1 Cheats
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Words:  2,582,406  (15,577,952 characters)
Code Lines: 204,323
  • New end-of-game system added to the game.
    • Displays the official ending to the game after sufficient progress in the main quest is made.
    • Currently has only basic content.
    • You can continue playing in a non-canon ‘free mode’ after the ending if you wish.
  • Expanded special component quests in the main storyline.
    • Includes new art for one outcome.
  • You can now visit your children in the government district.
    • Visit the creche to check out your crotch fruit.
    • Some activity scenes of visiting your children are now available.
  • The giving birth scene has been expanded
    • Now has additional content if you choose to call a friend or lover.
      • Unique content for couples as well as for Lily supporting you. A scene exclusive to spouses has also been created, but can’t be viewed without artificially setting yourself married to an NPC.
    • If you call your lover when giving birth, there is extra content in the child naming scene. This is particularly true if the child obviously doesn’t belong to them.
  • Additional pregnancy events have been added.
    • These will occur randomly while pregnant.
    • One arousal-based event is pretty large and allows you to contact a partner for some sexytimes.
  • A lot of bug fixing and some general polish has been done.
    • End-of-game statistics improvements.
    • Some editing and correction of content.
    • Some additional utility features (for writing) added.
    • Lots and lots of bug fixes (check out our Mantis bug tracking page!)
See More
Words: 2,489,980  (14,941,883 characters)
Code Lines: 203,439
  • Improved the hover text display that utilizes jQueryUI for hover text on icons and map locations.
    • Should be less intrusive now, particularly in phone UI and map navigation.
  • Added high-resolution map of Muschi valley.
    • Shows more areas outside the valley.
    • Click map has been improved to be more representative of actual locations.
  • Improved the process for loading game saves and running backward compatibility.
    • The game will now properly load unique game state variables, and initialize new ones.
    • The game will now properly load temporary variables from the time of the save.
    • Modified SugarCube yet again because that’s how it has to be.
  • Expanded the Clothes class to have a property that automatically considers clothing wetness when returning exposure value.
    • Clothes now naturally become more revealing when wet instead of requiring additional checks.
  • Added tracking feature to stress, arousal, anger, and milk production status values.
    • You can now see just how much stress you accumulated or milk you produced in the game stats page.
  • Created the “Liter of Semen” inventory item to refill certain sex machines and possibly some other uses in the future.
    • Can be purchased in the adult district downtown from Prude.
  • Added a new menu and several scenes to the Double Donger sex-machine.
    • The machine can now inseminate the player.
    • The machine can be refilled using a “Liter of Semen” item.
    • There’s a lot of different text possibilities with this one.
  • Fixed the game cheats so that they run properly when using the prologue skip feature.
  • Added the father’s name to the social menu’s simple child display.
  • Story characters (such as Tyrone from the main quest) now have their names tracked when inseminating the player.
    • Zygotes/babies/children from these characters will no longer show as “unknown”.
  • Fixed the button placement issue in the male prologue that caused some players difficulty with continuing.
  • The amount cum/creampie/sex addiction that reduces each night has been adjusted slightly.
    • These addiction values will not drop quite as fast as before.
  • Added an image and description for the Sultry Eve Enema Kit.
  • Automatic showering when going to bed now works as intended.
  • A new Fertiseed ad can be seen when wasting time at home.
  • The main story quest has been expanded with two new stages.
    • The first stage is creating wire coils for electromagnets.
    • The second stage is mostly carried out by Lily, and functions as something of a ‘break’ for the player.
      • While there are no work tasks during this stage, you can still see the machine coming together if you stop by the lab.
    • Prep work for the following stage involving obtaining unique/rare components has been done.
    • We still need to add unique dialog items to the characters for the new stages.
  • Premade characters have been expanded with several new characters.
    • The selection menu has a better appearance and is more functional.
    • The description of the characters is a little more detailed.
  • A new game statistics page has been added to the game.
    • You can view it from the bad end page to view your final game statistics.
    • You can also view it from the character menu during the game.
    • Contains a lot of interesting details about your stay in Appletree.
  • The “getting ready in the morning” controls have been improved.
    • Your previous choice will be remembered so you don’t need to select an option each day.
    • Generally functions as expected, having your character get dressed, do her hair, and put on makeup automatically.
      • You need to create presets for these in the wardrobe and grooming menus before they will do anything.
  • You can now be a surrogate at the Progenerate Technologies Surrogacy Center located in the medical district.
    • Visit the center to sign up as a potential surrogate.
      • You can’t be a surrogate while working in the Fecundate Division at Progenerate, they already have the rights to your womb.
    • You’ll be contacted when there is a client available for you.
      • You’ll be able to choose whether to accept the client or reject them.
    • Different clients are willing to offer different rates.
      • Many clients are interested in a more natural breeding process and will want to inseminate you themselves.
      • Some father and mother clients will want to inject zygotes.
    • You will be paid partially up-front and will receive a delivery bonus for each baby.
    • Over 12,000 words of impregnation content.
  • Hanna event chain finished (5,000 words).
  • Additional small map events (2,000 words).
  • New whoring scenes (2,000 words).
  • New little events at various jobs (around 500 words).
  • New bigger map events (1,000 words).
  • The Phoenix book club is now open! (1,400 words).
    • Look around in the Phoenix Nest bookstore…
  • The downtown area received a lot of love and is more fleshed out now.
    • New food supplements in Nature’s treasury shop as well as food components.
    • Fastfood places downtown are working fully now.
    • Several setting/ambiance stores are now open, such as the Squash store, Pen Island, and hardware store.
  • You can now buy groceries at Bullseye.
  • Some more info status icons showing up on different occasions to inform you about what is happening to your character.
    • I don’t know what this means either -ThaumX
  • Relationship “time to advance” is now shown in the “serious conversation” menu during a date.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
    • A bunch of fixes we forgot to write down, of course.
    • Tanning on the balcony action was fixed.
    • Hangouts location suggestion fixed.
    • FairyTail leaving the massage button fixed.
      • You won’t be blocked in the shop if some scene or event interrupted it now.
    • Tingler and CoerceMe apps don’t throw an error when you click “GO” button without selecting a mate first.
    • Fixed one-piece swimwear exposure bug.
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Words: 2,262,821 (13,524,364 characters)
Code: 197,546 lines
Body Portraits: 64,880,640 combinations
  • Mod Interface Expansion
    • New Pseudo system to support pseudo Twine passages, allowing twine-like behavior for mod content.
      • Support for pseudo passages has been built into the scenario and interaction systems for ease of use.
    • Added support for custom sex actions with custom sex action library content.
      • Currently only supports adding player actions.
      • Lets you add whatever crazy actions to sex scenes you’d like.
  • Added support for weekly church sermon visits.
    • Players can attend a service at one of the game’s three churches located in the downtown area.
    • Players will receive some mental health benefits from the sermon, but may also find themselves becoming more perverted or corrupt over time (tiny change with each sermon).
      • type of effect depends on specific church attended.
    • Actual sermon content hasn’t been written yet because I ran out of time.
    • A new NPC has been added to the game: Mistress Leilanz, Cockiarch of the Church of the Holy Phallus.
      • She happens to be a dominant futa.
  • Improved the Omni Kill function for timed Omni events, it is now more effective at killing things.
  • Added support for sex scene NPCs to the <<name>> macro to simplify using a sex partner’s name.
  • Added new muscle arm overlays to the body portrait system.
    • Appears only at muscle tone level 6 (“bodybuilder”) because of muscle.
    • Muscle leg overlays also planned, but I haven’t finished drawing them.
  • Added Black Butte encyclopedia entry.
  • New conversation content in the main story quest with the appropriate NPCs (Lily and Kim or Sara).
    • Approximately 4,500 words, limited to quest phase 1.
  • Sex Scene System Expansion!
    • Added new AI code to the sex scene system to choose kink text intelligently based on the characters and scene.
    • Fucktons of new sex action description content.
      • No exact word count, but approximately 20,000 new words.
      • The entire sex system contains approximately 40,000 words of content now.
    • Anal orgasms now have descriptive text.
    • Receiving an anal creampie will now result in an asspie omni informing the player about semen in their colon.
    • Changing the player’s persona during a sex scene will be used to help choose kink content.
      • Useful for example if your character is both a dom and sub, and you want to specifically be a dom in the scene rather than allowing the algorithm to choose for you in the scene.
    • Sex scenes will now properly contribute to sex addiction.
    • Sex scene tutorial image updated to remind players that some sex actions require a certain skill level to unlock them and that you generally have to remove clothes to access naughty bits.
    • Added a ConNonCon Tingler app alternative so you can arrange a non-con sex encounter. (allows player to view sex system noncon content)
  • Added the Cockmongering video game to the Pleasure Buzzer in the mall.
    • Functional minigame, see how high you can score!
    • Loosely based on the global professional sports sensation.
    • Playing the game is also a fun activity for your character.
  • All sex furniture works now and can be played with.
  • Some bugs with shower options have been fixed.
  • Hair length should now display properly in the grooming menu.
  • New SSTD causing temporary fun effects.
    • Pretty sure Besty based this on covid-19.
      • Will resolve on its own, or can potentially be cured at the doctor’s office.
  • New activities are available at the Hoden Springs area.
  • Added the Laura Comstock job event.
    • The event can be triggered while working at any of the three Institute jobs.
    • Approximately 2300 words in length.
  • Added a water slide to the Lake Clitea resort area.
    • Because who doesn’t like water slides?
  • Conversations with strangers can now actually lead to sex if you’re slutty enough.
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Words: 2,172,579
Characters: 13,100,957
Code: 193,147 lines
PC Body Portrait: 32,440,320 combinations
Thaum’s Changes:
  • Resized the status bars in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Allows showing 6 rather than 5 progress bars.
    • Added a milk fullness progress bar for lactating characters.
    • Non-lactating characters will show energy and health separately.
  • Cheat mode overhaul
    • All but one cheat modes are now functional and work as intended.
      • The non-functional mode is NPCs starting with higher like value
    • New cheat mode added: Milk Tank.
      • Allows characters to store 4 times the milk in their breasts without affecting milk production rate.
  • Body Portrait Updates
    • Pubic hair options fixed to work better with other skin shadow overlays.
    • Three new pregnancy belly sizes, bringing the total number of pregnant sizes up to 7.
    • The NPC viewer in the social menu now displays the NPC’s body portrait if the character is a female or futa.
      • Added a cock and balls overlay to display futa NPCs correctly.
  • Lactation will now give a reduced happiness and stress benefit.
  • Minor tweaks to the interaction between different status values.
  • Exercise will now cause you to gain a small amount of happiness if your happiness is low.
  • Some improvements to vigor gain overnight and during naps.
    • Vigor gain will now display properly in the status record.
  • The Farm Coop area now has proper descriptive text for all the areas. Finally.
  • NPC relationships will now decay over time if you don’t maintain contact.
    • The rate of decay, and how long you can go without contacting or spending time with an NPC depends on the type of relationship you have.
      • Romantic relationships tend to decay faster than friendships.
      • Younger, less secure, romances decay faster than stronger more mature ones.
  • A new main story quest added to the game for both male and female starts.
    • Lily will contact you toward the end of your third week of play after the prologue.
    • The initial phase of the quest has a good deal of writing for each.
      • Each has the possibility for some extra frisky content such as giving Lily a blowjob or looking at her junk.
    • New artwork for Lily’s junk added to the game, a standard drawing and an anatomical drawing.
    • Quest gives you access to Lily’s basement laboratory, where you can work on the quest and also meet and interact with Lily and your male/female start opposite.
      • Completing the opening portion of the quest will give you a new inventory item that grants access to the lab.
      • The current amount of conversation in the lab is limited due to time constraints. Each phase of the main story quest will open new conversation options in Lily’s Lab.
      • NPC characters appear and work in the lab, based on their own schedules, and you’ll see them working on a number of different tasks based on the main story progress.
    • A new interface for Lily’s lab centered around making progress toward repairing the rejuvinator.
      • The initial phase of repairs allows pretty straight-forward work toward completion, while future phases will have other interesting activities.
      • Gives progress in percent and with a special progress bar.
      • Shows tasks of the repairs completed, the task in progress, and any future tasks that your character is aware of.
      • It provides different options to work toward quest completion and talk to other people in the lab.
  • Boobs and Silicone:
    • Bra cup size is now properly calculated when the character is lactating and has breast implants.
    • The amount of silicone contribution to current breast size is shown in the status menu in parenthesis.
  • You can now navigate to Lily’s place from the Appletree map.
    • Female-start characters will have to meet Lily first.
    • You will arive outside Lily’s place, giving you the option to explore, look around, ring her doorbell, and enter her basement lab directly if you have access.
    • Lily won’t like it if you ring her doorbell in the middle of the night.
  • Two new achievements added to the game, “Sparky” and “Jehovah’s Witness”
    • Both involve ringing Lily’s doorbell…
  • A new home item, a lemonade jug, was added to the game.
  • Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
    • The first action button to travel to the bridge to commit suicide will now appear earlier in the depression status so that the transition from having one to having many buttons will not be so dramatic.
    • There is now an action button while at the bridge to commit suicide when you have the suicide bad end.
    • You can now commit suicide without having flagged a bad end as long as you are depressed enough.
  • The existing game soundtrack has been replaced with a new one.
  • Some minor bug and typo fixes.
Besty’s Changes:
  • NPC got their own clothing generator dressing them up into proper attires.
    • Sex system was expanded to allow undressing both NPCs and PC during the scene.
    • Some actions and positions are available now only when your (or NPC) clothes are not in the way.
  • Breast size reduce surgery added to the medical district.
  • Added the actual ability to start sex with a stranger in the club. You need to attract one by dancing first.
  • Dates and Hangouts:
    • Almost every location has new actions! (test needed)
    • Now you can try to kiss your date! Good luck with this.
    • New dating area and new coffee place added.
  • Little changes in the city map
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Proposing the date/hangout without selecting the proper meeting place first must not cause the error now. Default meeting place is Park. (test needed)
    • Hair color fixes:
      • Best head salon now actually dyes your hair.
      • White, Cafe Noir and some other colored hair are displayed properly in the character portrait.
      • The color order was also fixed in female portraits.
    • Starvation bug was tested and it seems I fixed it actually last month lol.
    • Laundry button was added to all home tiers bathrooms. (need to test out the nightly auto laundry)
    • Addiction to sex, cum and creampies grows slower now.
    • Tanning lesbo scene fixed, there were also a report about red text but I believe it is the result of <<has>> macro still derping and not the scene itself. ANyway, was not able to replicate twine errors while testing.
    • All grease now dries off properly over time (test needed)
    • Forgetful “on the pill” selfthought fixed.
    • Bcorps printer event sex (test needed)
    • Missed datehang Check fixed (test needed)
    • Fixed legs shaving both auto and override options.
    • Fixed NPC induced hangout/dates asks (probably, test needed)
      • Asks will not happen one after another now.
      • Also texting box will not cause errors
    • Fixed addiction balance and withdrawal consequences.
    • Starting 1661 code fixed to 1551  to fit the actual letters panel.
    • Fixed the areas where you can get raped.
    • Descriptions in npc census.
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Known Issues:
  • Autosaves from older versions may still suffer from the passed-out bug, but autosaves in v30 should work fine.
  • There are still a couple Besty-Bugs where clicking the reply button on the text message screen (with only 1 dialog message) will cause an error message to appear. This won’t hurt anything or hide any text, it’s just annoying.
  • Some job application results job descriptions don’t fit into the provided space in the prologue skip menu (cosmetic).
  • Invalid/bugged scheduled dates/hangouts brought forward from older versions will still be invalid/bugged.
  • Occasionally the female portrait in the NPC interaction interface will be off placed with some meaningless text above it.
Words: 2,138,380
Characters: 12,802,602
Code Lines: 191,146
Body Portrait Combos: 20,275,200
In no particular order, as usual…
  • Fixed the Teat Enhancement treatment so that it doesn’t cause breast enlargement.
  • A green checkmark will now appear in the dating status window when your relationship is eligible to advance.
  • Players will now milk themselves while at work.
    • The amount of canisters filled is reported on the job results page.
  • Added the e-vie overnight breast pump to the game
    • Players will now leak milk overnight (losing it) if they overproduce while sleeping.
    • If owned, the amount of milk/canisters collected will be reported on the sleep screen.
  • Updated the Items Cheats!
    • New improved display for cheat adding items to your inventory.
    • More game items are now included in the cheats.
    • Added a ‘furniture starter pack’ with mostly high-quality furniture.
  • Fixed a bug where Besty duplicated the item key for a home item (liquor cabinet).
  • There are now dreams in the sleep display!
    • 6 standard dreams, which are mostly quirky and fairly unique.
    • 2 dreams for unsatisfied characters
    • 2 dreams for pregnant characters
      • 1 additional dream for late-stage pregnancy.
  • Lactation fixes and tweaks to improve the experience.
    • Higher capacity and lower production speed for higher lactation ability so that milking isn’t required so frequently.
    • The overproduction bug has been fixed.
    • Milk will no longer accumulate while pumping breasts, will be pumped instead.
  • Added a status change recording function, called the Status Record
    • Records are can be accessed from the status page of the character menu.
    • Records include a brief description of the cause of the change.
    • Records include an estimated change value and are color-coded for positive and negative changes.
    • The included status items are happiness, stress, companionship, vigor, satisfaction, and health.
    • Hundreds of status changes are now categorized this way 😀
  • Fixed a bug preventing ovulation (and thus pregnancy), and also caused an incorrect “days till ovulation” reading.
  • Created AW_Fixer.ps1, a patching script for already released game versions.
    • It should be much easier to release fixes for minor bugs now, rather than doing an entire re-release.
  • Fixed the StartNap() function to properly display output and apply nap effects.
    • Description of the nap and effects are now properly displayed in a dialog.
    • Added a new “napping” image for this display.
  • Hucow transformatives breast growth balanced.
    • Mammarex growth now less extreme.
    • Lactamax growth is still based on initial size and number of previous doses, but growth overall is less dramatic.
    • Bovinex will now increase breast size to a minimum of 1750cc (up to 2000cc) if the player has breasts smaller than this when treated.
    • Bovinex breast growth for already-large breasts now ranges from 350 to 500cc only.
    • Hucow ears and tail now properly display in the character description.
  • Balanced the overnight health regeneration.
    • Standard regeneration has been slightly increased.
    • Negative health effects of addiction are milder and have higher required thresholds to be applied.
    • Still debating if cum and creampie addictions should have health effects removed for non-withdrawal addiction.
  • Changes to the overnight environmental status effects.
    • Some minor balance tweaks, increasing the importance of cleanliness and reducing the importance of furniture.
    • Environmental effects will now stay within certain thresholds and will not cause suicide or other negative outcomes by themselves.
      • Note that having very low happiness due to these effects will still make it easier for other game events to ‘push you over the edge’.
  • Jobbing system improvements.
    • Players can now actually be fired for poor job performance.
    • Players can now quit their job voluntarily.
    • Quitting or being fired will mark you as being unemployed, and therefore unsuitable for continued residence in Appletree.
    • Players can obtain a “self-employment” visa so that they may remain in Appletree even without a traditional job.
      • This will let you live as a prostitute, hucow, brood mother, etc. without having to hold down a job.
    • Players who are unemployed without a visa will eventually be repurposed (bad end).
    • Players will receive notifications from the Appletree government about their unemployed status before they are repurposed.
  • Added a Visa Office to the town hall building downtown.
    • Players may go there to obtain a self-employment visa.
    • There are various possibilities that can occur based on your stated form of self-employment and whether you meet minimum requirements for being self-employed.
      • You can give a blowjob to get around any of these requirements.
  • Added several guns to the game that are available for purchase.
    • The guns each have their own characteristics, but there are not currently used in the game.
      • Intended for more complex combat in specimen-escape and other fun events that haven’t been written yet.
    • Guns can be used for the random rape/assault events to defend yourself.
    • Some guns are considered illegal, but nobody is going to bother to check.
  • Added the Pump & Dump Guns & Pawn store to the game.
    • Located in northeast downtown.
    • Special scene added to convince the shop clerk that you can be trusted to browse the illegal firearms.
  • A new “read something” item added to the player’s living room.
  • Body portraits are now a thing.
    • Currently, there are 20,275,200‬‬ combinations, though this number is much bigger than it feels in-game.
    • The body portrait is capable of displaying female NPC bodies, but this is not currently enabled.
    • The player’s body portrait can be viewed on the right side of the character menu.
      • Clicking on the portrait will pop up a dialog displaying a larger view of the portrait.
    • The portrait displays all 8 hip sizes, and the four smallest shoulder sizes.
    • 31 breast sizes can be displayed, ranging from AAA to ΩB cup.
      • Large areolas can be displayed.
      • Large and inverted nipples can also be displayed.
    • The Fertility Seal medical tattoo is displayed and changes slightly while pregnant.
    • Ten variations of pubic hair are available, in addition to the default shaved/hairless look.
    • Four different labia appearances based on labia size.
    • Pregnancy is displayed in 4 stages based on fundal height.
      • Currently only displays up to a single full-term pregnancy. Larger pregnancy bellies are planned (pregnancy bellies have to all be drawn by hand).
    • Your groin will become messy if you’ve had a creampie and/or have cum on your genitals/groin.
    • There are some limited chest/belly textures for characters that are buff, very skinny, or have low muscle mass and low weight.
      • Eventually want to improve muscle and fat display, but this must be hand-drawn.
  • Fixed Fertili-Tea to properly apply a fertility boost.
  • Fixed the issue causing autosaves to immediately jump into a passed-out scene.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and little improvements that I didn’t bother to write down and thus don’t remember!
Besty’s Changes!
I keep telling him to do a better job with his change log… We’ll get there eventually.
  • Manual images now appears once the system they are about is triggered.
    • Thaum Translation: some of the tutorial images now properly display when using a game system such as jobbing or dating the first time.
  • Tan was added, now sunbathing will temporary change your skin color.
    • Thaum Translation:
      • You can now sunbathe in the residential recreation area.
      • Tanning temporarily makes your skin color darker, the tan fades over time.
      • Tanning does not affect the skin color of your children.
  • Bring total number of base cookable dishes up to at least 20 (19, oh come on I can’t do it anymore)
    • Thaum Translation: There are now 19 cookable dishes in the game, they are all pretty unique and/or Russian.
      • Cooking Lich Meat will curse your game.
  • NPC and PC portraits for female characters are now here!
    • Thaum Translation: New SVG system similar to system in use for males to generate face/head portraits for female NPCs and the player character.
      • Existing NPCs from saved games will maintain their existing portrait.
      • Tried a different look from the existing male SVG portraits.
  • New lesbian sex scene in the recreation area (1500 words)
    • Thaum Note: I think you can find this in the tanning area. It’s fun.
  • Changed fixed the order of the stuff on the main screen. Now weather goes first.
  • Fixed all the stuff you have reported this month. (And more stuff you have not but we fixed it anyway lol)
v0.27.1 Cheats
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Words: 1,999,997   Characters: 12,095,923
Code: 184,823 lines
Pregnancy belly size is now calculated for pregnant characters
Based on the fundal height measurement, for a more accurate estimation of belly size.
The description of belly size is now part of the character description in the character menu.
Fundal height and the size of your fetus/s can be found in the character details page.
Added gestation acceleration functionality to the fertility system.
Players can now take three accelerant drugs, each of which will shorten their pregnancy. (Amount shortened depends on the drug and whether the player has the rapid gestation mutation.)
The drugs can be found at the Gestique Fertility Clinic & Spa or will be administered automatically in the Progenerate Technologies job.
Refined the temporary fertility boost functionality of the fertility system.
Added two fertility-boosting medications, available at Gestique.
Note: fertility boost naturally decays over time.
Added a consumption scene for Fertili-Tea fertility-boosting beverage.
Tea will now tell you when you drink it if it boosted your fertility, or if your current fertility boost is too high to be affected by the tea.
Added zygote splitting functionality to the fertility system.
Splitting zygotes is how identical twins happen. Previously all multiple pregnancies were fraternal.
Added a drug called Saradberol that dramatically increases the odds of zygotes splitting when taken shortly after egg fertilization. (Available in Gestique.)
Added womb elasticity and womb burst functionality to the fertility system.
It is now possible for the player’s belly to burst during a hyper pregnancy, resulting in a bad end.
This effect should not be unlikely for most players, provided the player has taken the elasticizing treatments if planning on hyper pregnancy.
In most cases, the belly burst will require the twin-wombs mutation and dual pregnancies.
Belly burst thresholds will likely need to be adjusted based on player feedback.
Players working for Progenerate Technologies will never have their wombs burst thanks to their advanced technology.
Three elasticizing treatments/transformatives have been added to the game. They are available in the Gestique Fertility Clinic & Spa, or via working for Progenerate Technologies.
Added a unique bad-end for the belly burst event.
11 new fertility-related drugs have been created and added to the game.
All of them are available at Gestique in the medical district.
All of them have had their own unique ads created, along with mini-scenes for having them administered.
The player’s base fertility score (comprised of the results from several variables) can now be increased to 6 via fertility transformatives.
The Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job now has 5 new events.
Primarily scenes for the administration of fertility drugs/treatments
One scene involves vaginal stretching near the end of pregnancy. This will also improve birthing results.
Major overhaul of the medical district to meet ThaumX standards.
Medical services are now obtained from clinics that each have their own unique offices as planned.
Dr. Weiner now provides general practice services from his clinic
Abortion is now available during the first trimester from Dr. Weiner.
H. Lecter’s psychiatry clinic has been created.
New writing for the emergency mental treatment scene.
Therapy appointments now happen in his clinic and have some new images.
Cosmetic Surgery is now available from the Dollmaker clinic as intended.
Transformatives can now be purchased from the Irresistible or Proliferant clinics.
The Gestique Fertility Clinic & Spa has been opened for fertility treatments.
Fetal Health Sauna scene is now available to increase fetus health.
Full range of fertility treatments available.
Reformatted in the resource load skip buttons so that people would be less likely to click them when they shouldn’t.
Fixes and improvements to Screen Reader Mode (SRM).
On-Off toggle buttons now properly display as system checkboxes in SRM.
SRM can now be turned on from the system menu using a dropdown.
Details on SRM on the accessibility page have been clarified, with a better secondary on-off button.
Some other minor fixes to SRM functionality.
New huge event chain for the Institute S.P.E.R.M. job.
Events become available upon reaching the “Technician” rank, as it involves assignment to a new research project.
A total of 6 events in the chain at about 20,000 words, with some internal choices and different possible outcomes.
Events include some more extreme content, primarily BDSM and torture, but also impregnation and a potential lesbian sex scene.
New job content items (5) for the S.P.E.R.M. job.
Wrote location description content for the new Resort area off of Lake Clitea.
A new random event that can occur late in pregnancy.
New unique text colors are now shown for the 2nd and 3rd NPCs that take part in a conversation to make it more clear who is speaking.
Skill training schools have had their class times adjusted to make it easier to attend when working a normal job.
A new recursive function is in use with the game’s backward compatibility function.
Backward compatibility is now more stable, and should no longer cause game errors when playing with old saves (provided the save isn’t corrupted).
Scenario window will now scroll-to-top when displaying a new page of content.
Fixed the problems with the Sperm-Vac and items cheats.
Fixed the bug preventing the use of prologue skip in $5 builds.
Made it so that the escape hatch doesn’t work on death/bad-end screens, and the escape hatch window will now properly close after use.
Prevent “go to sleep” double-clicks
High-tech bed fix
Body liquids drying over time
Fix NPC initiated convotags
Strip club private show scene (738 words)
Bodyweight gainloose fixed
2 Stripper job events (1600 words)
Test possible after-sex bug in maid job events
Swapping work on the first day fix
Create map passages for Lake Clitea resort with navigation.
Stripper work Wednesday bug fixed
Random minor events (1100 words)
Test two dates at the same time
Autosave fixed to keep it from overwriting after loading
Test jobbing once again to be sure it is okay.
Ball-sack shop opened
Bullseye athletic clothes department opened
New athletic items and shoes.
20 new jewelry and accessories items added.
You can now cook hamburger and blini
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Words:  1,951,812   Characters:  11,520,510   Code Lines:  183,181
Known Issues:
  • The male start prologue skip has not been updated to include the final details of your relationship with Lily, so you will not see any changes to your relationship if you skip the prologue.
  • Old saves can sometimes be unreliable. This doesn’t always occur, but there seems to a fault in backward compatibility that occasionally causes issues. If you are experiencing bugs or strange behavior, it may be best to start with a new game. This is more likely for older game versions.
  • Not all conversation tags have writing/placeholder writing so you may see the message that “this x conversation tag hasn’t been written yet”. This is more likely to occur when there is little interesting to talk about (because it is more likely to pull more obscure tags).
  • Male Start Prologue has been completed.
    • Your choices and relationship with Lily in the prologue can result in six different outcomes. Each outcome has two options for the player, resulting in a total of 12 possible player reactions. [6,500 words]
    • Your relationship with Lily will be properly set after completing the prologue.
    • A minor cheat has been added that allows the player to choose the ending they want to get manually.
    • Update to wardrobe tutorial to make it relevant to current wardrobe system.
    • Updated the description of non-institute jobs.
  • Female Start Prologue has been completed.
    • There is a new Science Aptitude Challenge test in the Institute Job Fair to unlock the SPERM career.
    • The empty displays/booths in the job fair have been filled with content about Appletree and the Thornton Institute. [2,500 words]
    • The final scenes of the female prologue have been written. [6,500 words]
    • Toby has been defined as a proper NPC and can be interacted with after the prologue.
    • Organ Donor Ad created “Give the gift of research!”
  • Lily and Toby starting relationship values adjusted based on male/female start.
  • Player menstrual cycle starting time tweaked to better match timeline
    • Also allows quicker integration with Progenerate job.
  • Restrictions on starting jobs have been lifted, it’s now possible to start the game with any available job rather than being restricted to institute jobs.
  • Custom Story threads have been added.
    • Unique NPCs (such as Lily) can have custom story threads that let them talk about their own unique past instead of being randomly selected. [besty]
    • Lily and Toby each have a full set of story threads that discuss their past. Their story will vary subtly depending on whether it was male or female start.
  • Institute Services career (janitor) has been expanded with a lot of new content!
    • several new events, including event-chains and repeatable events, can happen while working in this career. [11,500 words]
    • Players will meet Marta, a coworker in zone D, and can become friends with her outside of work.
      • Marta is a unique NPC that has been defined.
    • New “job content” items for everyday things that happen at work.
  • New “Restless Sleep” scene.
    • Prevents game errors caused by going to sleep too early.
    • Allows players to safely forward the in-game time to a time appropriate for sleeping while gaining a limited amount of extra rest benefit.
    • Includes a fun video of a restless sleeper.
  • Improved skill check system
    • temporary skill bonuses are now calculated automatically in the skills class.
    • derived skills are now standardized and implemented for skill checks.
      • Skills like performance, stripping, management, etc. that depend on a combination of standard skills.
      • Succeeding in these checks can result in skill point gain for one of their parent skills.
    • Skills are capped to 80 points when assigning skills during character creation.
    • Character creation skill assignment will now properly apply a penalty to purchasing sex skills if the character is shamefast.
    • The cleaning and aesthetics skills can now receive a limited price bonus for certain characters.
  • Added some new pregnancy events that occur during pregnancy.
    • Morning sickness event during the correct portion of pregnancy that responds to your current map location so you can puke in the correct place.
    • Food craving event with multiple food variations.
    • Pregnancy arousal event.
    • Baby’s first kick event that plays the first time you detect a pregnancy kicking. There are some minor variations and a unique version for your very first pregnancy.
  • The Hyper Menstrual Cycle mutation now properly affects sperm survival.
  • The Fertility Seal tattoo ovulation tracker now properly displays days until ovulation
    • Fetal age/growth information made more clear
  • Added the Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job.
    • Job includes 6 new primary events. [7,000 words]
      • Birth control discovered event
      • Insemination event
      • induction event
      • fertility boost event
      • hip-widening event
    • Giving birth to children while employed at Progenerate will give a larger birth bonus, however you will not receive weekly income from these children (you were only a surrogate).
    • Several unique job content items for everyday activities in the Fecundate Division, complete with images.
    • Unique hiring process also factors player fertility into initial job position.
  • Added some job content images to replace the “placeholder” that was in use for other institute jobs.
  • Added new links to the job selection menu in screen-reader mode to make them easier to use.
  • Updated the on/off toggle switches used in the game to a screen-reader friendly version in screen-reader mode.
  • Improvements the the Womb class to ensure proper womb status information.
  • Improvement to the menstrual cycle and ovulation timing code.
    • Added aftOvulation flag for ease of tracking pre/post ovulation.
  • Some tweaks and improvements to the parser.
    • Generic cock size parser command will no longer poll cock girth when selecting a size verb. This will temporarily prevent the “changing size” issue with characters that have cock length that isn’t matched by cock girth. (extra girthy or unusually narrow)
    • Breast size verbs slightly tweaked, and mistake in breast noun parser fixed so that it will no longer return “mosquito bites” for normal-sized breasts.
  • Several grammar/typo fixes throughout the prologues.
  • Updated the character description to no longer give two breast sizes while lactating and cup size isn’t different.
  • Loading a game with an interact window open will no longer let the window remain open.
  • Escape Hatch will now remove the sex-scene loading cover and other menu items that previously could remain stuck on the screen.
  • Added code to prevent children from entering sex scenes if NPC settings are adjusted to generate children.
  • Updated hospital sweats for the female start.
  • Fixed the navigation issue that could happen when having sex after a date in some locations.
  • Fixed the character viewer in the social menu.
  • Fixed the shitty pronouns used in the PC sex action text.
  • Updated the navigation system to properly track time when moving between tertiary club locations and an outside location.
Besty’s Changes In His Own Words:
  • “NoRagerts” Tattoo parlor was added, tattoo services were transferred from “Penetrated” parlor.
  • Custom tattoo creation implemented, single tattoo mods can be created, downloaded as a standalone mod and uploaded in the tattoo parlor.
  • NPC options working properly now, design was fixed for easier use.
  • Nutritionexercise system and weight gainloose implemented.
  • Home scales for checking weight and BMI.
  • 7 New NPC in Farm Coop area with unique storythreads.
  • Unique story threads system for NPCs. Now semi-defined and defined NPC will have their own stories, not just from the generic list.
  • Story threads viewer in NPC info screen.
  • New striptease club in the club district.
  • Stripper work basic setup.
  • Map for lake Clitea resort can be ogled from the world map.
  • BB&B home items shop.
  • New furniture items in BB&B shop and Bullseye electronic.
  • Brewing machines and the moonshine. Available in Bullseye.
  • Accessibility switch in settings.
  • Alternate home inventory menu for players with screen reader software.
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Words: 1,895,265 (Only 2.9% are “fuck”!)
Characters: 11,292,539
Lines O’ Code: 179,992
  • Lot of new writing for the sex scene system.
    • Actions all have appropriate text, new writing is more variable-responsive
    • Almost 3K words of text for orgasms in different positions/situations/etc.
    • After-scene actions now all have text content associated with them.
  • Numerous fixes to parser-related issues.
    • Many malformatted parser calls have been fixed, particularly in sex scenes
    • several parser functions adjusted/improved
    • Many of the sillier nouns have had their weights reduced or been removed altogether.
    • Some new macros to speed writing certain things.
    • Some parser errors caused by UglifyJS fixed
  • New and Improved Sex Scene actions.
    • The player can now request NPC to cum inside or pull out.
    • The player can now use their own condoms when requesting a condom in sex scenes. (use of sabotaged condoms is still pending because I just forgot about them…)
    • Actions to remove a condom, and NPC actions to wear one or remove it have been improved.
    • Several minor fixes.
    • Bug affecting the ability to change sex position has been fixed.
  • General Sex Scene Improvements
    • NPCs can now pull out (or try and fail to pull out) when having sex.
    • Condom break function improved and now accounts for the bitch-breaker mutation.
    • New faster action button menu that requires only 1 click per action.
    • The transition time between actions cut down by 50%!
    • Several new position diagrams illustrating the current sex position.
    • loads of minor fixes.
    • Cum now feeds cum or creampie addiction.
    • Characters that know about your Vaginal Enzymes mutation won’t try to wear a condom.
  • New insemination and cum-handling methods in the character Pussy class.
  • Improved semen handling in the fertility system.
  • Two new images for the paper doll illustration (panties)
  • Makeup can now be done at salons, allowing you to learn new styles.
  • The player can now be scarred (think like tattoos, scarification) though this system is not 100% tested.
  • Several fixes to hangouts and dates
  • The Progenerate Fertility Seal is now available
    • Purchase from the doctor in the medical district.
    • Allows you to view additional fertility information with higher accuracy.
  • Several new prostitution scenes.
    • includes body writing, bareback, and anal sex scenes.
  • Body Writing is now a thing, and you can have your body written on with a marker.
  • Tattoos are now a thing, and you can get all sorts of fun tattoos.
    • Tattoos will be easy to mod, possibly with custom tattoo system similar to the custom clothes tool in the game. (you can already get custom writing though.)
    • Tattoos can be obtained at the Penetrated Piercing Parlor in the mall until a suitable tattoo parlor is opened.
    • Tattoos can be removed in the medical district if you want.
    • View details about your tattoos in the grooming menu.
    • You can see an overview of your tattoos in the character menu.
    • NPCs in interactions can now comment on tattoos and body writing.
    • Tattoos affect attractiveness, based on NPC.
  • General improvements to the medical district doctor’s office.
  • Character menu status page has been improved with some additional information and reorganization.
    • Fertility information now split between the basics and having advanced fertility information (currently only from the fertility seal tattoo).
    • You can now see your current “effective” willpower (0 to 20 scale).
  • Four new magazines with interesting descriptions, text, and effects are available for purchase from Cum & Go.
  • Cum & Go now has a new clerk named Daisy Blackwell who is happy to see you.
  • Some new minor items including some beers and snacks purchasable at cum and go.
  • Interaction System improvements.
    • NPCs will now come up to talk to you (coworkers and classmates).
    • Improved options for starting a conversation with a stranger.
    • Conversations more accessible in general.
  • The autosave system is now fixed.
    • Besty says “It must work now!”
  • Player now properly resumes play after work from the correct position on the map.
    • Travel time to work is now accurate for the job location (jobs inside Appletree will be quicker to get to).
  • New Serial killer Event!
    • Serial killer portrait by me, he’s pretty damned creepy.
    • The event includes abduction, potential escape, and other twists and turns I don’t know about because Besty wrote it 😉
  • General proofreading and typo fixes. (Big thanks to everyone Besty got to proofread for him!)
  • Tweak to the difficulty of gaining skill points, it is now somewhat easier for a skill to level up.
  • Fix to a bug with schools that caused skill gain from taking lessons to be significantly less (rather than more) common.
  • Fix to Lily’s starting relationship values.
  • WTF accomplished (Besty)
  • Fix to a few location images that were too short.
  • Lots of general fixes to minor or issues and typos.
    • Several transformative fixes
    • fixes to some conversation tags
    • fixes to the body condition system
    • new “super.die” function related to omni items that just won’t die.
    • SSTD fix
    • fix to appletree shuttle busses
    • icon fixes.
    • fixes for jonesing and addiction
    • fixes to minor items found in the residential area.
    • removal of old placeholder buttons and obsolete buttons.
    • maid sex fix
    • etc. etc. etc.
  • New/Improved maid sex event
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  • Maid job sex event.
  • Maid job bosses are now semi-def NPCs.
  • Shoes and stockings are now available in Tight Threads mod creator
  • Expand+ boob surgery.
  • S.P.E.R.M. Job Event fix
  • Extra icons for custom clothes
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Words: 1,824,459
Characters: 10,784,438
Code: 176,579 lines
Pharma Corps: 8
  • Greatly expanded the medical district.
    • Several new transformative medications are available in the private practice area of the medical district.
    • Traditional cosmetic surgery is available in the hospital.
    • You can now visit the emergency room if you have critical health or mental stats to get your character healed up. (The emergency mental help is particularly amusing…)
    • You can now book weekly appointments with a psychiatrist, and visit them to help your mental condition.
    • There’s plenty of different things to see or have done to you in the medical district, you can even visit your general practice doctor.
  • Tight Threads now has a custom clothing creator tool to create your own clothes inside the game.
    • When you create custom clothes, they are available immediately to purchase and wear.
    • You can also export your custom clothing as a clothing mod to reuse or share with others.
    • There is a tool in Tight Threads to allow you to import custom clothing mods into an existing saved game.
  • There are several new tutorial images describing important game mechanics in a friendly fashion. They’ll show up with the other tutorial images when you start a new game.
  • Game mods can now be autoloaded using a mod-package file.
    • The game comes with a default file containing the official mods.
    • There is a tool in the game to create your own mod package available on the mods page.
    • All mods packaged into mod-package.awp will be automatically loaded when you play the game, removing the need to load mods each time you play the game.
  • New encyclopedia entry on the 8 main pharmaceutical companies found in the world of AW.
    • The game has 8 new company logos for each of these companies.
    • These companies produce the transformatives and drugs you’ll take in the game, such as the catgirl transformative from Nekomatics.
  • New Event chain in the S.P.E.R.M. career path.
    • Includes multiple related events that happen slowly over the course of several game weeks.
    • One event features an original animation of something you uncover at the Institute.
  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements.
  • Minor content additions here and there, such as new churches to be found downtown.
  • We did a bad job of keeping track of all the little things we did this month, so there are undoubtedly some things we’ve forgotten here…
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Words:   1,801,281
Characters:   10,647,432
Code:   175,298 lines
Unique Drugs:  4
-Male prologue expanded with new content, including the ‘getting a job’ scene and the ‘tour of Appletree’.
-Female prologue expanded with content upon waking up after your accident.
-Female Quick-Start option implemented.
-New background music added to the game, with new sound menu and saveable settings.
-Numerous fixes and minor improvements throughout.
-New short-and-simple writing guide for modders and content creators!
-New Wish option at the downtown ‘town square’ water fountain.
-Drug System Implemented!
-Addiction system, including non-linear addiction progression
-Withdrawal effects, including unique effects for each addiction
-Drug cravings when you’re craving a fix
-Drug items for the four AW drugs, complete with effects and all sorts of fun.
-Drug dealers added to the game.
-Hanna at the club district downtown has her own story and is datable.
-Pedro in the residential area, your #1 choice for buying drugs!
-People selling shit at the club (Shake & Pop)
-Clothes now properly get dirty.
-Clothes can be stained.
-Laundry system for manually washing clothes if you need to.
-New splatter function and any liquids on the character can now flow lower down your body thanks to gravity.
-Asuka’s event has a new custom artwork
-Some Icons in the game were improved to be more clear.
-Makeup, clothes, and hairstyles are now applied properly in the morning when waking up
-You can now learn new makeup styles at salons around town.
-Some new achievements 😀
-Clothing is now limited to owning only a single copy of any one item for mechanical reasons.
This release didn’t have as much written content from ThaumX as planned, due mostly to a triad of tomfuckery in the form of catching the flu, stopping a stimulant medication, and quitting nicotine. There’s still a good amount of new writing, just nowhere near what I had hoped. I believe thing will improve as I adjust to the new writing focus and my new medication setup, but I’m sorry for not meeting my goals for 0.22.0 nonetheless.
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Word Count:  1,766,423 (characters: 10,245,255+)
Lines O’ Code: 173,827
Ways to Die in a Cave: 6
Unresolved Missing Persons Cases in Appletree: 6,229  6,230…
Finished fixing the SugarCube game saving system to further improve the speed of the save menu.
Created an infinite dialog queue, which prevents problems caused by dialog window conflicts.
Fixed the bug causing issues with player character height not changing properly, height is now set with a slider.
Created the Global Event System.
Allows events to occur based on complex criteria regardless of present game location.
Uses a system of asynchronous checks to keep the impact on game performance minimal.
Contains an event randomization engine, which prevents certain events from being checked more frequently than others (thus potentially skewing event representation).
The system allows the use of mods to expand the number of events.
Auto quest-event sequencing system allows easy chaining of events.
Created the public nudity event series.
Players who have exposed vaginas in public may get stopped by an APD officer, depending on your exhibitionism skill.
Players who are caught will be fined based on the number of past offenses unless they are willing to do something else instead.
New brief ‘public service’ sex scene.
The more times you are caught, the more likely you are to be stopped by a no-nonsense officer and risk prison.
New sexy bad end for those sent to prison…
The first SSTD has been created, called “the drips”.
Causes you to be excessively well lubricated down below…
Improved the data validation system to use string conversion for number variables rather than simply rejecting string values.
Expanded data validation to include more data areas, including grooming data and key player variables.
Overhaul of breastmilk capacity/production system.
The system now has improved realism and better game balance.
After reaching a certain point in production, further production gains face diminishing returns.
Total possible milk production is still pretty ludicrous in the case of hucow types.
Added the BLYAT!!! profanity checker/filter to the game.
Checks for nearly 2000 variations of “cock” or “cunt”.
This is far from sufficient to prevent a crafty wordsmith from having a naughty name.
The primary purpose is to allow recognition by NPCs that the player’s name is something slutty. (It’s a bit silly how you can name yourself cumdump and nobody bats an eye, lol.)
Added some new game encyclopedia entries
Entry on the Appletree Police Department
Entry on the new disease “the drips”
Guide entry on managing the player’s home.
Added several new image assets to the game, as usual.
Location view images.
APD police officers.
New Item images.
Several images for the Hoden Cavern scenario.
Some new images for the Rory Van event.Other misc images, particularly for new game locations.
Created loli
Check function to check for player characters that have a very young appearance.
Added the Rory Van Event to the game
Introduces the “Sock Collector” a sociopath based on a real person from the AW discord.
Also involves a van with the words “free candy” spraypainted on the side.
Only happens to characters that have an underage appearance, or are named Loli or Rory.
Has a chance of occurring in the residential area in the late afternoon/early evening during the week, or around midday on the weekends.Is easily survivable unless your name is Rory (the name of the Sock Collector.
Improved the time.add function to better handle mechanics processing and give more control for unique situations where delaying mechanic processing is desirable.Implemented a new Async Performance option in the game’s system settings.
Refactored the CSS_Fuck JS stylesheet modifier.Improved efficiency in making style customizations.
Better error handling.SugarCube modifications for better performance control.
Added new data namespace to the game with the purpose of retaining loaded mod data.
Made some style improvements to the game.
Unified several SVG backgrounds for a more consistent appearance.
Improved the buttons on the game’s start page.
Tweaked several basic elements such as the game’s start splash screen.
The player’s “effective willpower” is now properly calculated as needed, and accounts for numerous elements of the character’s status, such as being drunk.
Fixed the rent payment bug that caused the player to be billed for the entire month’s rent each week.
Adjusted calculation of rent prices so that rents are more representative of unit quality.
Living conditions calculation has been implemented in the week system, the game now takes the player’s choices on food and supplies spending, as well as the quality of their home, into account for status mechanics.
Expanded the NPC relationship data class with automatic completion/crosschecks and data validation functionality, as well as new automatic game time tracking functionality for relationship duration.Increased use of AI in the date system, NPC’s reaction to a new date spot is now more strongly controlled by the learning software response.
NPC Relationships Upgrade:Added ability for the NPC to ask the player to upgrade or advance their relationship with the player, such as being the first to say “I love you” or even proposing marriage.
Added the ability for the player to ask the NPC to advance their relationship.
Created new relationship functions to handle complex relationships between player and NPC.
Added data validation to the aw.date data object, preventing errors from mod dates and making the entire system more stable.
Added new methods to the pc trait class object, including the “isX” series of getters to allow easier representation of inverse traits.
Mental status changes while sleeping now take into account your home’s cleanliness as well as improved representation of the home’s overall furnishing.Added home cleanliness and furniture item description set to player’s rooms, replacing the talk about Russia from when Besty was supposed to do it.Created a new player home tutorial guide that launches when exiting the prologue. It contains helpful information that players could miss if they didn’t look for it.Added several generic movie posters to the game resources, and made changes to the Peeper’s Theater now-playing display.Added some new (currently inactive) game locations downtown, including the Fairy Tale massage parlor and the Hard Cock Cafe.Added some content to the Muschi Valley Visitor Center.
Added some more clues into the past of Muschi Valley in the form of a historical exhibit. (There is actually a pre-European Native American history written for the valley, this content scratches the surface.)
Added descriptions and information to the Sahnetorte Bridge and Area 69 areas in Muschi ValleyAdded descriptions and content to the Hoden Springs area!
Get a glimpse of the urban legend, the witch of the woods.
Go pinecone hunting and find the perfect pinecone, for reasons that may amaze and surprise you.
Spy on people changing in the changing rooms, or go for a dip in the springs.
Explore the Hoden Cavern system in a sizeable old-school text survival adventure!
Emulates the fun times of old adventure games such as Zork.See if you can survive the Cavern because death comes quickly to the unwary (old-school rogue-like instadeath).
Discover valuable relics from the valley’s former Native American occupants, and earn 2 new achievements.Six different ways to die, each with its own custom ending (and two of them are quite lewd….Made killing yourself easier than ever!
Now when the player character starts getting very depressed, additional buttons will start populating the menus that urge you to suicide.
Added some new achievements and some new bad ends (with content).
Besty’s List
-Added new content in the residential area
-Includes new actions like swimming in the pool, tanning, and riding the bus.
-New map for the residential recreation area.
-Added a “Make a Wish” action in the fountain area of the central park.
-For now, you can only wish for more money.
-Added some new achievements for achieving things
-You can now commit suicide in the game, with a new bad end.
-New option to kill yourself before you kill yourself when you are depressed.
-Show yourself who’s boss!Hangouts system implemented.
-Various hangout spots you can visit and have fun at.
-There’s a shooting range, karaoke, and moreText an NPC you know to hang out.
-New leather harness bra and panties can be purchased at THOT Topic
-Includes sexy paper doll versionA new event for perceptive characters in the “Prude” sex shop.
-More date spots added to the systemNPCs will now start asking the player out on dates or asking to hang out when they start to miss the player.
-New locations in the world map, including actions and fun stuff to find:
-Restricted Area 69
-Sahnetorte Bridge
-Muschi Valley
-Visitor Center
-Hoden Springs
-Recreation Area
-Woofreadings of various scenes Besty previously wrote by DogBeerHadOne (thanks!)
-Added the work event by Asuka from the writing contest to the Bureaucratic Corps institute career path.
-Added more random texting lines when talking texting NPCs.
-Created a new short-and-simple writing guide for modders and content creators.
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Words:  1,685,590
Characters:   9,796,421
Code Lines:   167,718
-Expanded and refactored the alcohol intoxication system.
-You now properly gain intoxication from drinking, and intoxication decreases with time.
-high levels of intoxication cause dizziness and nausea, and there’s a chance you’ll throw up (which decreases alcohol level slightly).
-The “puke scene” has an interesting image.
-Russian-level drinking will cause alcohol poisoning, which is no bueno.
-Refactored the Omni System.
-Omni events are much more stable.
-Expanded error handling to prevent game crashes/bugs from an error with an Omni event or the system itself.
-Some event bugs have been fixed, existing Omni events work nicely.
-Omni system performance has been improved.
-Added a massive amount of data validation and verification into the game’s data storage objects.
-Values are inherently kept within allowable thresholds and attempts to set an invalid (bug) value are rejected and reported.
-Improved tracking of player data for better analysis of game balance and bug hunting.
– Save file size reduced.
-Inefficiencies in SugarCube’s game save system mostly eliminated.
-Saving the game and loading the game is not affected by the number of existing saves.
-Time to create a save slashed dramatically (takes only 10 to 15% of previous save time), the time required to load a save improved as well.
-Save display menu inefficiency still present, so opening the game save menu can be slow with several saves present (it’s on the to-do list).
-Created image display tool to assist players in customizing game images.
-Available from the mod loading page.
-Shows all game images in thumbnail format with their image data key and the dimensions. Makes replacing or reusing image assets easy.
-New Arcanist Codeworks logo. (Basically, me deciding there should be some sort company/brand name for the project beyond just “that guy ThaumX”. I’ll discuss it later in a dev blog post.)
-Improvements to the Scenario System.
-Easier to use for content, with some fixes/improvements for stability and performance.
-Slightly updated appearance to look 32% less ugly.
-Phone UI menu improvement
-Available shortcut buttons on the phone UI menu are now customizable.
-Several new shortcut icons with direct access to commonly-used menus are now available, such as the “Inventory” and “Actions” menus.
-Access customization settings from the game settings/theme menu.
-Fixed the padding issue with the storefront display causing text to use a limited portion of the screen even in locations without a storefront area.
-Added SASS (SCSS) to the game’s compile process, allowing the use of SCSS for more consise and consistent style sheets, as well as making more dynamic displays easier to create and maintain.
-Added the Date System to the game, which is for dating NPCs, not a calendar.
-You can now properly go on a date with an NPC when you meet them at the place and time you set for your date.
-Dates affect your relationship with NPCs, with gooey things like love and friendship. (note, proper scenes for switching between relationship types, such as becoming engaged and etc. are not implemented.)
-Date Spots system of expansible locations around Appletree added.
-Includes special activities as well as potential events and other mischiefs.
-A limited set of date spots are currently available.
-Dates can end in sex, or your date can reject your sorry ass.
-System for suggesting locations or following along with your NPC date’s choices allows for varied date progression, as well as allowing some interesting relationship dynamics later on.
-NPC AI System partially integrated into the date system.
-NPCs will form opinions using the game’s tag language and learning software, to determine how much they like certain things.
-Systems are in place to expand the authority of the AI System as the AI behavior becomes more reliable. (basically, it’s set up, we just don’t want to turn dates into chaos courtesy of crazy AI behavior)
-Made some basic style improvements to the game.
-Splash screen is now more subdued.
-“disabled” buttons no longer glare at you angrily.
-background patterns darkened and unified to be more consistent across some menus.
-The default pink headers will continue to taunt you until you bother to either pick your own colors from the theme menu or pick a preset from the system menu.
-Tummy Hugger item added to the game, available from a pharmacy near you.
-Allows you to check on your future bundles of joy without resorting to cheats.
-Implements the Jerry Springer cheat so you can see ‘who’s the daddy’ of each child, should you have that cheat enabled.
-Another fine product from Wayland Industries.
-Added SVG portrait system to the game.
-Added data to allow for billions of unique portraits. So male NPCs are now fairly distinguishable.
-Added function to generate SVGs for individual NPCs based on their data so NPCs will reflect the proper skin tone, hair color, and other features.
-Added demo function to the ‘name your character’ screen, allowing you to view the portraits of some random NPCs from your upcoming game.
-All sorts of other little things required to make this conversion possible, such as changes to css and a spiffy data interleaving function.
-Created new async resource loading initializer, to prevent issues with slower machines without causing undue delay in resource loading for others.
-Lots of new AW art things added to the game in my spare time, and a few important ones.
-Get your first clue about the mysterious BPCORP in the corporate campus downtown.
-When spending time reading on your phone at home, there are a whole set of images with some text that appear. Items range from advertisements to news items and more.
-Some new location images, such as Boobies restaurant in the adult area, and hot loads in the amusement district.
-several new items to find around town. Don’t miss out on the Tsar Pluga or renaissance fair.
-4 new game area maps added to the game work Muschi Valley locations
-Clicking on an area from the world map will open up a dialog with the map and some description.
-You can now text NPCs, allowing you to set up dates with them.
-Several game fixes and improvements
-Improved time system stability and error recovery.
-Removed the timecocks from sleeping so that you don’t wake up missing an entire day courtesy of anal rape.
-Removed the ability for the player to be fucked to death by a cock, thereby removing the potential for an unexpected bad end after a lot of ill-advised dry sex as a virgin in a sex scene. (it wasn’t a tsar pluga, so the bad end usually took the form of depression or another cause, as there wasn’t enough health damage from a standard-sized cock.)
-Some general fixes to the sex system, including the repeat action button, and certain positions not properly registering as sex.
-Created an improved content gate function and inline content gate macro to make gating content easier.4Other stuff that I forgot to write down, as usual.
-Making those fancy maps.
-date appointment system rewritten to fit new time unix-like time format
-reminder, calendar systems for new time format too.
-processing of appointments, cleaning the old ones and other mechanical functions.
-new possibly sexy maid events on ignoring the dress code
-new sm maid event on failing to fit the obey the company standards
-reminder system reworked
-7 dating spots with events and activities
-some assets (mostly location pics) for date spots
-written 54 story threads for npc
-story threads was threaded into the dating events
– some new drinks available
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Code:147,592 lines of TypeScript
Total Code: 162,015 lines
Game timekeeping system converted to Unix -like time system.Template system re-written and now functions with backward compatibility to be compatible across game versions.
Compatibility system functionality expanded to includeconsumable code objects.
SugarCube Scope
linking functionality added.
Improved data encoding process to be more efficient and reliable.
Added support for SC parser image arrays, allowing codeless image randomization
All the fixes. Too many fixes to list here. Like 937 of them.
o API html file expanded with information about game variables.
o Detailed ranges and descriptions available for all body variables
o School modding interface implemented– it is now possible to create new school mods for AW.
o Mod schools can be attended in NW downtown, at the Red Light Education Center.
6-page detailed documentation on creating your own school mod written.
Oppaido mod created.
o Adds the Oppaido Dojo to the game.
o Trains the martial arts skill and provides exercise.
o The only place you can learn Shokushu Kendo
and Oppaido.
o New Guide entries on these venerable martialarts.
oEarn a green belt and watch your sensei fend off tentacles!
New method of applying/being hired for a job, the RAPES office interface.
oYou can visit the RAPES officeat Town Hall downtown to change jobs during your game.
oNew guide entry on the job distribution act.
Job modding interface implemented – it is now possible to create your own job mod forAW.
o Jobs can be applied to normally from the RAPES office.
7 -page detailed documentation on creating your own job in Appletree written.
Bullseye Job mod created.
o Adds a part time cashier job to the game working for Bullseye.
o Has daily occurrenceand a repeating event to curry favor with the boss.
oIs a dead – end job, because where would you expect a job at Bullseye to go?
o Todd Semenhöl is kind – of a douche boss.
Age Check functionality expanded to include age – restricted items like birth control.
o IUDs are always available via the Womb Doom.
Conversation Tag Flow System implemented.
Portrait of GLADyS made because why not.
Minor style improvements/changes to start page andnew game menu page.
Added on – access data validation to status class.
Significant changes to build process and script to improve compatibility and reliability.
Several new TV shows available from the watch TV action.
Shoes happen!
o Shoes generator: 16 main styles, 13 substyles, 9 colors, more than 1800 possible combinations overall.
o Shoes Overwear auto de – wear in certain locations (Players’s home for now)
Paper Doll images
Shoes and overwear slots were added to the wardrobe
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Word Count: 1,022,116
words (+41,928)
Characters: 5,685,090
symbols (+ 243 ,180 )
Code: 105,327 lines (+8,741 ) (new, more accurate count method new, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count method new, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count method new, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count method new, more accurate count method new, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count method new, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count methodnew, more accurate count method new, more accurate count method new, more accurate count method)
Templates: Templates created in version 17.0 will work fine, older templates will not.
Saves: Saves from v0.15.0 or later should work fine in this version.
However, if any bug errors made it into your save, they will still show up in this version.
❖ Added the scenario system to the game.
➢ A simplified display existing outside of normal Twine passage navigation. It allows events, scenarios, and quests to be “interjected” into normal map-based play and can be shown/hidden at will.
➢ The design/layout of the scenario view is rather basic for now, focusing mostly on function.
❖ NPC Detail View improved [Besty]
➢ More information about NPCs can now be uncovered and viewed.
❖ Dynamic Avatar Drawer was added to the game for testing purposes, it is not accessible outside of dev and elite versions.
❖ Fertility Code got a major expansion and some improvements.
➢ Sperm is now properly tracked in the female reproductive tract, and will move and change locations naturally.
▪ Additional action options are available at the end of a sex scene as well to remove them or help them along with their mission.
➢ Ovulation now occurs, and the released egg/s can be fertilized by available sperm.
➢ Zygotes will travel for a period of days (exact amount depending on a couple factors) before having the opportunity to implant in the uterus, and which point pregnancy officially begins.
➢ Entire process is impacted by the numerous fertility variables and mutations, as described in the in-game encyclopedia fertility section.
➢ Fetuses will grow over time and are affected by the mother’s health and wellbeing. !Most pregnancy content, as well as actually giving birth, are not implemented!
➢ Birth Control got some upgrades.
▪ Diaphragms now work properly as either a form of birth control or conception enhancement device, depending on use. Spermicidal gel/lube is still not enabled, so they have low efficacy as birth control devices for now.
▪ Diaphragms and other forms of reusable birth control will age with continued use.
▪ A DIY home IUD applicator kit is now available in a pharmacy near you. It will prevent pregnancy 100% of the time. IUDs are currently not removable.
➢ Pregnancy is now linked to lactation, and lactation will increase as pregnancy progresses.
➢ Several areas of initial player fertility calculation have been improved or fixed. The Fertility Goddess Mutation is once-again enabled. Max fertility has been increased, and fertility boosting products (such as fertilitea) are now taken into account.
➢ Fertility code is character-neutral, meaning it also works for NPCs. Ovulation and pregnancy are not currently enabled for NPCs though.
➢ New Cheat options for the [cheats] and elite] versions of game . Allows you to see information about sperm and zygotes and gives some fertility commands and ability to adjust fertility.
See More
❖   Added the interact system to the game.
➢  Operates  independently  of  Twine  passage  navigation,  allowing  persistent  content  without interrupting the flow of the game.
➢  Can load passages and content, and otherwise act like a separate instance of twine.
➢  State and content of the interact system is saved with game saves.
➢  Allows executing functions and custom code on window open and close.
❖   Improved the end-of-week summary display, fixed some issues with displayed values.
❖   Revised persistent game stats system
➢  New display of achievements and unlocks
➢  New functions to save achievements and unlocks as acquired, and check for specific unlocks.
❖   The Jobbening, part deux
➢  New functions to assign a job and handle promotions, job changes, and demotions.
➢  Conversion of old twine job data format to JS.
➢  The three Institute career paths expanded with 2 new ranks each.
➢  New Maid Pouffiasse career path [incomplete] (not available without dev tools).
➢  Improved time/schedule calculation, work outcomes & text.
➢  New event in the services division (janitor) career path.
❖   Expanded School System
➢  3 new schools added to the game (Maid Pouffiasse, The Oldest Profession, Mrs. Fubb’s Parlor) for a total of 8.
➢  Schools have complete description of the school itself as well as individual courses.
➢  School class expanded to allow unique events, event changes, and content.
➢  Many courses now have their own unique content for taking the class or share from a larger pool of content unique to the school.
➢  Total new content in schools is apx 13,500 words.
❖   Orifice stretching added for game characters.
➢  Orifices stretch based on size of insertion, wetness, and current status of the orifice.
▪   Stretching divided into two categories, temporary and permanent.
▪   Temporary stretching naturally recovers with time. Permanent stretching persists.
•   The most likely time for permanent stretching would be upon losing one’s virginity and giving birth. Items will exist to “rejuvenate”  stretched orifices (or use cheats).
➢  Monster Tamer Studio WILL result in some stretching.
❖   Several new actions such as exercise and masturbation are available in the home and residential areas
➢  Intended to help the player control stats at the expense of time.
❖   New encyclopedia entries for male mutations and children.
❖   New “Fake”  NPC system
➢  Generates low-data NPCs to use to help populate Appletree
➢  NPCs are generated based on player settings
➢  Fake NPCs can be fed into procedural generator and converted into full NPCs
❖ Schedule generator to read NPC schedule data and apportion them to likely places around appletree.
❖ Combined Map NPC system that uses full & fake NPCs to place npcs in town, based on the relative popularity of the area and time of day.
❖   NPC suicide system is fully functional.
➢  System reads NPC data to determine if they are safe to delete.
➢  Scoring function will rank NPCs by popularity with the player to delete NPCs that are less popular
▪   This is to maintain a fairly constant number of NPCs in the game when fake NPCs are converted into full NPCs.
❖   Menu Conversion Progress
➢  More of the game menus are now part of the unified game menu.
▪   Theme menu added, with improved functionality.
•   New phone backgrounds now available!
➢  NPC viewer menus have been added (nearby, acquaintances, friends, lovers).
▪   Allows you to browse through matching NPCs, shows basic information about the NPC, and gives the option to open the detail viewer or text an NPC with your phone.
➢  NPC Detail viewer is now available.
▪   Viewable information is based on what you know about the NPC
•   Automatic functions to unlock this information are not implemented.
▪   Viewer isn’t complete, only some fields are available.
❖   New arcade game available in the Applewood Mall in the Pleasure Buzzer Arcade.
❖   Broad testing of existing game code, bug fixes and improvements as a result.
➢  Fixes for problems in the sex scene system
▪   Loading gif displays between action selections
➢  Fixes to the character creation unlocks (unlocked via door lock/burger extruder codes), extra character creation options are once-again available.
➢  Fixes to character creation fertility calculation, proper fertility values for PC now calculated.
➢  Plenty of small fixes and improvements all over the place!
See More
NONE. Seriously. Old saves and templates will crash your game, and you’ll have to restart. Trust me, they don’t work. Backward compatibility was killed by the whole new data structure and auto-backwardcompatibility work so that we don’t have to worry about this in future releases.
Known Issues:
There are bugs. I didn’t have any play test volunteers this time, but the level of fuckery was high anyway so it would have been hard to utilize.
• The sex scene system seems to be running slowly. Partially because of the contrast with the other
game areas being so fast now, but also I suspect an area in need of optimization.
• There are several instances where you will see something like ↂ.pc.example.words. This is a result of the conversion of the data system, and 99% of them have been reported corrected as of this release.
The below bugs were already reported and have been fixed, but remain in version 14.1:
• Complete switch to TypeScript with exception of SugarCube source, libraries, and some minor files
I have a reason not to convert (build process).
• Large shift to data framework, primarily to make other things possible.
• Dramatic improvement to game performance. Passage transition speed isnow 20 to 40 times faster depending on the game area. Other code areas range from 3 to 12 times faster than before.
• This was tested on high-end machines, lower-end machines will see a larger improvement in performance.
• Game save system performance improved considerably, reducing save and load times by as much as 50%. Again, this will be likely be better on lower-end machines.
• Proper resource file loading, along with a visible loading progress bar.
• In order to ensure that all players can load assets without problems, the full image load
occurs before moving to the start screen. While image load speeds haven’t actually changed
much at all, time spent on the loading screen is longer as a result.
• Complete (re)structuring of character data (PC & NPCs).
• Allows for more reliable and easier to code for data interactions.
• Removes the 5-10 active NPC limit entirely without impacting performance (overall performance considerably improved).
• Will allow for much faster processing of NPC changes/updates/mechanics on sleep and weekreview loading screens.
• Serious amount of bugs killed, including some that prevented certain content/mechanics from working properly or working at all.
See More
Words: 778’379 words
JavaScript Code: 51’407
Words: 404’724 words
• Small amount of additional content added to female start. (about 1,500 words and 5 new images).
• Applewood Mall has been added to the game.
• New map area, with normal navigation and 8 distinct zones.
• Existing clothing stores (except Bullseye) have been moved to be located inside the mall. • The mall has been populated with stores, though they are mostly still placeholders at this point. You can see the different kinds of things that will be available there. • Plenty of little exhibitionist-type things to find throughout the mall, with a little better story explanation this time around.
• A possibly sexy secret hidden in the mall, revealing a little of something in store for Appletree. • Food court populated with functioning food stores.
• Peeper’s Cineplex with classic movie event posters.
• Fast Food Locations have been added to the game • There are 8 fast food-type restaurants, mostly available in the food court, but there are a couple spots downtown that have a stand-alone version.
• Restaurants have flavor text, menu items, and can confer minor benefits to the player upon eating. • Basic nutrition tracking in place to track eating food beyond the “assumed” food consumption. • Two new clothing stores have been added at the mall.
• THOT TOPIC, predictably for goths with lots of black.
• Ball Sack Sportswear for athletic clothing, though currently limited to swimwear. • Two new beauty salons added to the game
• A*Nails in the mall, and The Hand Job Pros downtown.
• Presently only offers hair options, makeup, nails, and other options to be added later. • Has a wider range of styles to learn than at Best Head (Bullseye). • Body condition system refactor & expansion.
• Now a much easier to use the system to add various fluids and substances to make bodies dirty.
• Not restricted to limited substances, can track numerous different substances at once dynamically.
• Wet substances dry naturally over time, leaving stains if applicable.
• orifice (vagina & anus) fluids are now tracked using the same system and absorb their contents over time.
• Tied into sex system for semen, and leaked milk now gets on the player’s breasts. • fluid migration/clothing link/automatic sweating/etc. will be later • Showering (and shaving) now in the game.
• Cleans the body of stains/goo • Applies shaving settings to shave on a schedule based on your settings in the grooming menu.
• Custom override settings to allow shaving when not scheduled (or to make shaving manual-only).
• You can now try to wash out your hoo-hoo to remove any substances that are in there. This isn’t as effective as a douche.
• You can use an enema during the shower process if you have an enema kit to clean things out there too.
• Shower speed is now controllable, and you can take a quick, normal, or relaxing shower. Relaxing showers take longer, but are more refreshing. Quick showers are faster but offer little benefit to mental status.
• While body hair has grown in the game for a while, now you can actually remove it. Bushmageddon averted!
• Several restaurants added to downtown Appletree. The restaurants currently have no function, they will serve primarily as a part of dates and hangouts. Price information is listed.
• Improvement to AWR loading code.
• Story format bridge, now less work to specify resources, and more flexibility in the future. (also some potential optimizations)
• Game start loading now a little faster, loading image will display sooner. • Condoms are now properly used in sex scenes. You can offer a condom from your inventory when asking your partner to wear one, or let them wear their own (if they have one.)
• New Location sign display in certain map passages visually displays the sign for different places in your vicinity.
• Basic UI for AI Training feedback added. • Several minor fixes and improvements throughout. •, Of course, the AI work.
See More
The Deets:
Lines O’ Javascript: exactly 38,000
Word Count: 709,122
Times SadFlower was virtually slapped: 374
The Broken:
Clothing The outfits/wardrobe functionality is still broken.
Week Review The display is stretched into a super-long page… It’s annoying, but I didn’t have time to start cracking things open to fix it.
Parser You will probably find words that don’t make sense, and possibly see “parse error” text. Please report it! there is a metric fuckton of possible combos to check, so I know I probably didn’t catch them all. You may also notice that the word variety seems off. These are all guesstimate weightings, so if a particular word seems too common or out-of-place, let me know to help me adjust 🙂
The New:
The Parser! While there aren’t a ton of uses yet, you can see it in action in the appearance tab of the character menu, when milking yourself, and in the week review in a few places. (squashing bugs squashed any extra time for more demos)
Week Review It’s pretty ugly right now, there’s a conflict going on with the display JavaScript that needs sorted out, but it’s mostly functional. You can see it by sleeping on your first night after the prologue ends (and every Sunday night afterward).
Display Stuff Several items, such as Twatter and relocated items, removed sidebar, new action button system/location, and several other UI updates/changes including finishing the character creation makeover. The action buttons are more functional, they provide shortcuts to common actions, but they’re part display rather than pure function.
Lactation This kind-of got added in by accident, I started working on it in a daze following some thread of logic about needing to know the breast size when engorged with milk for the parser… Anyways, now the player can lactate. Milk will build up, and pressure will need to be relieved. You can milk yourself in the character menu -> actions tab. To become milky, choosing the hyperlactation mutation is the way to go.
All (Recources)
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