Agent17 [v0.23.10] [HEXATAIL]

Agent17 [v0.23.10] [HEXATAIL]

May 13, 2024F95

You are an ordinary-looking pervert with average grades, blending into the background at school without anyone paying much attention to you. Occasionally, you may face bullying from troublemakers, possibly even being robbed or coerced into doing their bidding. However, one fateful day while heading home, you stumble upon a damaged phone. The phone initiated transformation in your life.

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This phone has the power to solve all your problems. Contrary to popular belief, an unknown individual called Agent17 obeys the commands of whoever picks up the phone, allowing you to instruct her to carry out any task. Suddenly, your life takes a dramatic turn for the better. You triumph over the bullies who tormented you, and you exact revenge on the teachers and principals who held you in contempt.

The mundane school life that once held no interest for you begins to change as you start interacting with a multitude of talented and captivating individuals. As your connections deepen, you gradually uncover their hidden secrets. With the formidable abilities of Agent17 at your disposal, you also delve into their unknown mysteries. Moreover, you realize that your life is brimming with countless fascinating discoveries awaiting your exploration.

Puzzle adventure game.
( Not a visual novel )

This game consists of very easy repetitive puzzles, money farming, and a few sex scenes.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-12
Release Date: 2024-03-12
Developer: HEXATAIL Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.23.10
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Thai, Indonesia, Arabic
Machine Translation: Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Russian
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3dcg, Adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Cosplay, Fantasy, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Humor, Incest, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Milf, Ntr, Oral Sex, Sandbox, School Setting, Sexual Harassment, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.23.10 Bug fix
-Invisible yard
v0.23.9 Bug Fix
-Unable to get Dana’s panties
-Missing skill experience when opening doors with the spacebar key
-Semen not consumed when ejaculating into mouth when donating semen
-Sapphire is not visible in rooms.
-Fixed translation errors
-Thai line breaking issues
-Arabic right alignment
v0.23.8 Bug Fix
-Dana display error on Christmas map
-Luna does not move
-Dishwashing error
v0.23.7 Bug Fix
-Sapphire Mart sex scene error Fix
v0.23.6 Hot Fix
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-map quest error
v0.23.5 Hot Fix
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-map quest error
v0.23.4 Bug Fix
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Fix translation errors
japanese, german, spanish, russian, french
Sex count system bug fix
Chloe is still a virgin Even after sex
v0.23.3 Bug Fix
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Added BBQ party scene
Button image missing in Sapphire scene
-Thai (100%)
-Added machine translation. – (lots of errors- Fixing it now)
v0.23.2 Bug Fix
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Changed the barbecue grill upgrade material from aluminum to titanium.
Christmas gate error
Mom’s tear medicine Next Day bug
Change Text Dana kiss Quest
Bug where the downtown area is closed
Dana Pajamas Quest Bug
Not displaying too many items in the backpack
TV semen increase bug – Problem with semen accumulating up to 7/6.
Zoom out puzzle exit button
v0.23.1 Bug Fix
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Principal’s Office Memo Bug
Discount Skill Puzzle Bug
Mom’s tear medicine refill
Prison phone button bug fix
Error when talking to Luna.
Dana sleep bar bug
Dana Old Quest Removed
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New Map
-Massage Shop
-Fishing drone Pick up only one per day.
Modeling remake
-Amber (mom)
-Main Character
Quality up
-Aria interaction
-Alice, Ruby First Say
-Anriel Hand Scene
-Repair wall
-Sticker Claw Game (add drop system)
-New Puzzle
-Add eye drops
-Renew Phone Button
-Add Midnight
-Skill System
-Coom System
-Sex Log System
-Barbecue System
-Sticker UI renewal
-Add Status Menu
-Selection condition display
Official language
-Indonesia  (New)
-Thai  (New)
-Arabic  (New)
Bug Fix
-Phone button not visible after prison
-Display problem when dialogue exceeds 4 lines
-Fixed gift shop text overlapping issue
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-Fix translation errors
-Change Patreon logo
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– Earrings  $150 -> $70
– liquid $100 -> $30
– scrubbers, brush $300 -> $100
Gift Shop Crash Bug fix
Translation Crash Bug fix
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– Loading error Fix
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1. Opening door with space bar error
2. Door entrance error
3. Correcting and retrieving laundry room money errors
4. Remove Elsa Scene heart needs.
5. Correcting Ice Queen sticker display error
6. Correcting translation errors.
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1. Vietnamese Thai Fix.
2. Lockpick Error Fix
3. Arm wrestling UI Error
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-Ruby’s House
-arm wrestling
-When I wash the dishes in the evening, mom moves to room.
Quality up
-Sakura Deepfake Video
-Aria semen Coffee scene
-Added trigger for sleeping pill quest.
-Change Options UI
-QuestMap design change
-Changing the far-view UI during Sakura Handjab
-Open the lock with the Spacebar key.
New Function
-Auto Text Option
Bug fix
-Bug to have sex with Luna before completing quest.
New Language Support
Machine translation
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– Sticker error
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– Spanish support.
– Helen Quest Error
– even when Sakura is exhausted, the hand grip is heard.
– Interruption issues during German play.
– Luna’s photos were not displayed on the mission phone.
– Sticker Back Error
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-Dana Massage
New character
Change the story
-Start : What MC was going to buy for $600 was a Camera -> VR device, and  Find Computer
-Meet Anriel.
-into Dana’s room.
-Can prevent the relationship between the teacher and the principal.
-Dana Quest Order Changed
-Delete Dana diary. (I’m planning to make it again later.)
Add Destiny Choice. (Like Erica, Ruby)
Reset quests From the save file
-Helen’s (Teacher) quest
-Dana Diray quest
-You can wash the dishes anytime.
-Resource Mission Renewal
-Destiny Card System
-Organizing products
-Inventory and Shop can be dragged on touch screen devices, even if the player is touching a Item.
-Show seller in item description
-Back Button Add (Option)
-Principal’s safe UI size up
-Agent phone changed to iPhone 14 pro.
-Quest Ui
Bug fix
-If you go into Anriel’s house at night, change it to night.
-Music stops after sexbar roulette.
-A bug with notice on Pearl.
-Error message during Christmas Amelia conversation
-Change the Amelia school uniform tab not to be displayed
-A bug that doesn’t sell Amelia underwear
-Bug that displays books purchased at the bookstore
-Bug that allows multiple choice of Dana’s fate card
-A bug that doesn’t show the Christmas ice queen sex scenes
-A bug where sex was possible before the Luna quest was completed
-Display menu even when Ariel is sad.
-Bug that doesn’t translate “leg” during Dana massage
-Correct translation and misinterpretation.
– Error in conversation with Christmas AGENT17
– Error Getting 2 Fate Cards for Sapphire
– The problem of not being able to proceed after the second round of Dana massage.
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Main Content (100%)
Sub Content
-Undressing game
-Map button redesign
(Show girl location on map button)
-Menu redesign
-Patch notes page, popular votes, saves, inventory …. etc
-Renewed heart system
-Change to two date systems.
-Changed autosave points.
-Fog effect
Minor changes
-Hexatail are no longer displayed on the map.
-Show button even when you can’t wash dishes or clean the toilet
-Korean spelling correction
-Fixed some language errors.
-German Support
-Translation Modification System, (Thai, German only)
Enhancing security.
-Makes Sticker harder to hack.
Lag improvement
-Improved snow effect lag
-Improved gold use lag
Bug Fix
-Hanc marginis exiguitas non caperet.
Sex Sound
-Luna (Sexbar)
Bugfixes and translation fixes
v0.19 Christmas Event v2 Ice World
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Main Content
-Christmas Event v2
–Alice, Aria, Amelia, Ruby, Jihye
–Luna, Dana, Sophia, Sakura, Elsa
–Ophelia, Agent17, Ice queen (Christmas Costume & Scene)
-Ice queen
-Ice World
-Bubble tea (Skip time reduction)
-electric line
-spin stone
-find christmas ball
Modeling change
-MC (skin quality)
-Sakura (personality enhancement)
-HEXATAIL (All Change)
-Sticker shop closed at night.
-Jihye’s door narrowed change.
quality up
-Ruby First sex – (Awkward movement changes)
UI Added
-(PC) Mouse back button support.
-Item Inventory Category
-screen hiding function in the selection menu.
UI Change
-Change MainMenu background
-Change Map Title
-Sex Notice in map
-Sub Inventory Item Count
-Men are not marked on the map. (Show quests, if any.)
-Ren’py engine version up
Bug fix
-Roulette error
-Problem with ringing at night even when there is no phone
in jail.
-Change the time skip time to at least 0->1 second.
-Title Agent17 errer fix
-Ruby’s underwear color error
>No quest notification to the guard
>Fix Helen Notty bug in the morning >Remove thin white space over photo
>Valentine event starts when Agent17 is not known
>Mission call background music does not end
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-Jihye Event
-Agent17 Event
-Claw  machine
-Wood Craft
-Come On Dick
-Add Japanese
-Quest navigation renewal
-Save page renewal
-Sticker system.
-Sticker shop
-Coupon package
-Amelia Free sex Quest
-You can only read books in my room.
-readable books are colored button
-Add inventory scrollbar
Quality up
-Ruby ntr scene renewal
-Add Dana Footjob scene
-Amelia fanboy
-HEXATAIL Modeling change
-Performance improvement
-Memory management improvements
-Android Crash
Bug fix
-Aluminum fishing rods are not recycled.
-Sophia sleeping fills bug fix (edited)
v0.17 Dana massage
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-Dana Sex
-Anriel Event
-Red Rose quest
-Aria quest
-Ophelia Events
-Luna without panties scene
-Next Door Fishing
-SEXBAR Roulette
New Map
-Anriel House
-Add Chinese
-Panties collection book
-Mail system
-Spy Camera system
-UI Hide Button
-Save Page Renewal
-Log System for bug tracking
Quality up
-Luna name changed to Butterfly at the sex bar
-Irene casual wear design change
-Add Anriel Underwear
-Red Rose Quality up
-Discount 90% when having sex with Luna the 2nd time
-100% success rate for all missions
-increase in mission resource
-Time skip 10 -> 7 seconds
-Income increases when donating semen
-Bookstores and gift shops open immediately.
-Luna kiss handcuffs condition 2->1
-Luna tits sex handcuffs condition 3->2
-Ejaculation delay drug price change  200 -> 20
-English font change
-Correct spacing of two lines of text.
-Added shake effect to inventory items.
-Improved quest navigation design
-Changed Amelia’s eyes closed to 2 hearts.
-Changed patchnote page design.
-Changed sponsor page design.
-Mouse wheel available in shop
Bug Fix
-Helen Quest Notice Error
-Red Hat Quest Notice Error
-Sleep Quest Notice Error
-Amelia time change timing fix
-Fix broken mission text
-No quest notification to the guard
-Fix Helen Notty bug in the morning
-Remove thin white space over photo
-Valentine event starts when Agent17 is not known
-Mission call background music does not end
Vietnamese language support.
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  • Luna Sex
  • Valentine’s day event
  • Book Shop
  • Madeleine renew
    New Character
  • Anriel
  • Quest Progress UI
    New Item
  • Bathroom detergent
  • Dishwasher
  • Amazing scrubber
  • Amazing cleaning brush
    Bug Fix
  • Sofia Deep throat is possible without taking ejaculation delay pills.
  • Dana sleep menu text is broken
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to exit from Ruby’s toilet.
  • Lag improvement
  • Engine update
  • v0.15 Fix 4
    – English language improvement

    v0.15 Fix 3
    – Security fix

    v0.15 Fix 2
    – Added Vietnamese language


    See More
    – Added Amelia Event

    v0.12 Fix 1

    See More
    – Add Erica Event
    – Add Sophia Event
    – Add Luna Event
    – Add Jihye Event
    – Add Show Agent17
    New Character
    – Sexbar : Jelly, Candy, Pearl
    – Hospital : Sophia, Jihye, Grace
    – School : Sakura
    Mini Game
    – New Game : Cutting TV wires
    – Puzzle : Change to ‘Click -> Drag’
    – Dana’s sleep : warning to decrease quickly.
    – Safe : Add help
    New system
    – Greatly improved lag.
    – Added automatic unlocking of the principal’s vault.
    – Added ‘Sold Out’ to the store
    – Show progress date on your phone
    – Separately displayed unimplemented in the quest list
    – Added option to flash sex bar
    – During class, comments from supporters appear randomly as a message on the blackboard.
    – Added option to flash sex bar
    Bug Fix.
    – Dana’s morning door-picking image is missing.
    – There’s no reaction even if there’s coffee for Aria.
    – Correct the problem that Chinese characters and Korean characters do not appear on the sponsor list.
    – Amelia’s closing eyes price is 40 to 50.
    Only for sponsors.
    – Skip button everywhere..
    – Add key kit
    – Add shotgun


    See More
    – Add amelia Event
    – Add helen Event
    – Add ruby Event
    – Add luna Event
    – Add ophelia Event
    – toilet cleaning reward 10 -> 20
    – washing dishes reward 8 -> 10
    – Dial safe.


    See More
    -Everything has been renewed.
    -Improved graphic quality
    -Save before v0.10 is no support
    -Deleted events will be recreated after v0.11


    See More
    – Dana sex
    – New event – Dana event
    – New event – Sophia event
    – Lockpick system
    – Drug Store Open
    – Toy Store Open
    – Spanish language support


    See More
    – HOTFIX
    -Lollipop can be purchased 1 -> Unlimited


    See More
    – HOTFIX
    -Amelia Gift bug fix
    -Stealth bug fix
    -Untranslated text fix


    See More
    – Skill system
    – New event – Luna School Sex
    – New event – Dana’s Door
    – New event – Agent17
    – Skill system
    – Angry system
    – UI update
    – Book Store Open


    See More
    – Sex Bar!
    – New event – Luna Sex
    – New event – Ruby Harassment
    – New event – Amelia Story
    – New event – Clare dream
    – New map – Sex Bar
    – New NPC to buy panties.
    – Semen reward 30 -> 50
    – Anal plug cost 8000 -> 5000
    – Add Music and Sound
    – Apply shared translation


    See More
    – Amelia Sex!
    – New event – Amelia Sex
    – Link to translation support site
    – Data Compression  1200M -> 380M
    – Minigame flag Reduced difficulty
    – Knife cost 30 -> 10
    – Mom gives pocket money.


    See More
    – Open Hospital!
    – New event – Sophia
    – Noti system upgrade


    See More
    – Corruption Amelia!
    – New event – Amelia, Erica
    – Add Corruption system
    – UI design update


    See More
    – Sleep Dana!
    – New event – Dana, Sunny, Helen
    – Add minigame Dana sleep
    – Add Random event
    – minigame PC-work reward $5 -> $10
    – UI phone keypad size up
    – UI design update
    – Sponsors display


    See More
    – coupon system!
    – add mission system
    – add minigame PC-work
    – add coupon system [333777]– add patch note
    – add item-popup
    – add green noti
    – android app icon change
    – new event (Erica, Luna, Amelia)

    Developer Notes:

    See More
    Dev comments : Using mod will cause problems
    Modded save files cannot be returned to Plain save.

    Coupon Codes:

    See More
    924-788-9264 ~ Agent
    966-571-8790 ~ Teacher
    792-340-5464 ~ Class-rep
    243-895-3600 ~ Chloe’s Love
    259-592-2488 ~ Dana’s Love
    847-336-9519 ~ Elsa’s Love
    121-933-3254 ~ Sticker Home
    115-948-4696 ~ Sticker Red Rose
    308-175-8929 ~ Sticker Sakura
    236-317-9072 ~ Sticker Candy


    Extras: Anti-Anti-Cheat * – Phone Mod * – Cheat Mods *

    This is unofficial mod download at your own risk.

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