Alice in Cradle [v0.25f] [Hinayua]

Alice in Cradle [v0.25f] [Hinayua]

June 4, 2024F95

Alchemist lady Noel runs around the 2D field
Fight monsters and get Ryona while making full use of magic

Thread Updated: 2024-06-03
Release Date: 2024-06-03
Developer: Hinayua FantiaTwitterWebsiteCi-en
Censored: Yes
Version: 0.25f
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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2dcg, 2d game, animated, female protagonist, rape, platformer, monster, combat, fantasy, censored, japanese game, side-scroller
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1. Extract and run.
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ver 0.25f (24/06/03 – 02:30:33)
  • Added new config to “????”.
  • Fixed the examine/talk key to play an additional announcement.
  • Expanded the content of “Recent Memories” in the Sensitive Matters tab.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to unfavorite chests in the Alchemy Guide.
  • Fixed an issue where when loading data for Oshigama Lv2, the “Oshigama Lv100” message would be displayed immediately after loading.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen effects when HP/MP decreased during fog looked strange.
  • The O2 gauge has been made easier to see even on bright screens.
  • Fixed issue with ripped clothing at the eastern entrance to town.
  • Fixed an issue where the rarity of coffee maker items would increase more easily when favorability was high.
  • Fixed an issue where there were items whose HP increase skill value and actual HP were different by 10.
  • Fixed an issue where HP/MP up skills would have the effect of “HP/MP decrease” when eating food that decreases HP/MP.
  • Grapple Shoes will now also affect knockback caused by small attacks other than shotguns.
  • Fixed to prevent tripping on small steps.
  • Fixed an issue in which the battle would stop when attacking a location other than the boss’s main body during a fake stun during a boss battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Grade 5 Herbal Tea could not be crafted.
ver 0.25e (24/05/13 – 22:12:04)
  • Fixed an issue where players would fall into nothing if they made a U-turn at the start of a map movement sequence.
  • Fixed an issue where players could break through the barrier that would prevent them from entering the city with their clothes on.
  • Fixed so that the camera follows smoothly when moving on stairs and ladders.
  • Fixed a bug in the processing when moving the map when the standing picture was hidden.
  • Fixed an issue where certain floors would only break once in Athletics where you can get Comet Dive.
  • Fixed an issue where the Korean version of 4ASCEND was not included.
ver 0.25d (24/05/13 – 02:16:05)
  • English version was officially implemented!!
  • The BGM in the school area has been changed to a special song.
  • Fixed an issue where when VSync was off, moving between cities or maps would not work and the player would have to return to the previous map.
  • Fixed an issue where the lizard restraint movement was not successful.
  • Fixed an issue where the confirmation screen UI for effect reel and treasure chest reel was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where some standing pictures would penetrate to the outside right of the screen when the UI position was set to the right.
  • Fixed an issue where players would freeze when using Orbital Shield in mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue where players could clip into certain breakable walls, such as burnable blocks.
ver 0.25c (24/05/09 – 21:11:06)
  • Implement movement from city to home.
  • Corrected so that “Search” can be separated in key config.
  • Fixed so that when you dispense milk or juice in town, you will receive the item even if you do not have an empty bottle in your inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of farm milk obtained in the farm minigame was always 1. You can get up to 8 pieces depending on your score.
  • Fixed an issue where the save data selection screen could not be moved up and down.
  • Fixed an issue where the key configuration decision screen was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where visibility would end if fog appeared immediately after a thick fog, or if a thick fog appeared immediately after a fog.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could pop into inaccessible locations on some maps.
  • Fixed an issue where when acquiring a skill at the dojo, the corresponding skill treasure chest would disappear, making it impossible to complete the treasure chest. (It is now switched to 150G money.)
  • Corrected the part where there was terrain where it was impossible to escape if exhaustion occurred in the Sanctuary Area.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze when loading save data with Orbital Shield left unused.
  • Fixed (hopefully) an issue where event text would sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where the food could be lost when performing “deposit food in storage and depart”.
  • Fixed an issue where an error occurred in the food creation UI.
  • Corrected to make it easier to see empty bottle holders and empty bottles stored in empty bottle holders.
  • Also, fixed an issue where if you tried to move water from the storage to the inventory while there was an empty bottle in the empty bottle holder, the inventory limit would be exceeded.
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the alchemy encyclopedia was incorrectly positioned.
ver 0.25b (24/05/04 – 18:44:32)
  • Fixed an issue where magical plants would no longer grow once they were cut.
  • Fixed an issue where bombs could be used in towns.
  • Fixed an issue where name tags in some NPC dialogs were incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where the lineup at the egg store would change every time you spoke to it.
  • Fixed an issue where the 4ascend rule editing screen was misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue where there were hidden enclaves on the map.
  • Fixed elf eggs to be sold in secret storerooms.
  • Fixed an issue where alchemy recipe IDs were misaligned and recipes such as grenades were lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the alchemy encyclopedia’s scroll was rough.
  • Fixed an issue where, after donating the first painting at an art museum, loading the save data to the sick museum director’s state would result in a blank painting.
  • Fixed an issue where Primula’s speech bubble was incorrect when she urinated in the infirmary.
  • Fixed an issue where an error could occur when navigating the city map.
  • Fixed an issue where players could warp while milking.
  • Fixed an issue where the slow fall would not be canceled when the shield was destroyed while the “Fear of Heights” enhancer was equipped.
ver 0.25a (24/05/03 – 00:13:05)
  • First post. Implemented the new area “Gratia” town and the first half of the town scenario.
  • Fixed so that if the game ends without saving after entering the forest, you will be returned to the forest entrance instead of the base.
  • Added a feature to self-destruct with fire damage when carrying multiple stacks of bombs.
  • Easier the difficulty of Forest Nushi at low risk.
  • Fixed so that magic can be called quickly using the right stick.
  • Fixed a bug in block puzzle.
ver 0.24g (23/10/16-2)
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze when a contaminated body appeared in a revenge battle.
  • Corrected the amount of Dark Essence sold at the Wooden Figure Roadside Station so that it increases depending on the favorability rating.
ver 0.24f (23/10/16)
  • Fixed food proliferation bug.
  • Fixed so that the alchemy encyclopedia can be opened on the crafting screen. Also, when you get a recipe, the items used in the recipe will automatically appear in the list in the picture book.
  • Corrected the alchemy encyclopedia so that you can jump to the recipe from the finished item (empty bottle, etc.).
  • Increased maximum money value to 999999.
  • Fixed a bug in the behavior of the reel list on the menu item screen.
  • Fixed so that at the end of a battle, all reels that could be obtained in that battle will be listed in the alchemy encyclopedia, regardless of difficulty and outcome.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not move correctly when switching maps after falling while in a coma.
  • Speed up item display when there are many rows of items.
  • Fixed an issue where Noel’s movement would turn into stairs when walking down the stairs.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to fire bursts if paralyzed during high speed.
ver 0.24e (23/10/09)
  • Addressed an issue where save data from previous versions was not displayed in the macOS version (details are listed above).
  • Fixed an issue where returning to the forest or general store details using the OK key while displaying the entire map would cause the marker installation screen to be entered.
ver 0.24d (23/10/08)
  • Fixed an issue where red, yellow, green and blue markers were not registered in the alchemy encyclopedia when carrying over from old data.
  • Fixed an issue where processing became unstable when clicking a button on the key configuration screen.
  • Fixed so that curry powder appears at Nightingale’s shop after defeating Nushi.
  • Fixed an issue where if you send the food to the warehouse when you leave with multiple same dishes, the food in the bento box will be sent to the warehouse.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur with the Shock Faction of the Contaminated Body Wooden Figure.
  • Fixed so that username is not displayed when displaying log file location.
  • Corrected so that if a corrupted application file is detected, it will be displayed at startup.
  • Corrected to immediately return to title if file loading fails.
  • Fixed so that an announcement will appear if file saving fails.
  • Corrected so that the file will not be destroyed if an error occurs when saving the file.
  • At the start of the revenge battle, the phase of the revenge battle has been corrected to be displayed in text.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could remain stuck if buried in certain hotspots.
  • Fixed an issue where items that fell into the insect swamp could not be picked up.
  • Corrected so that items in the alchemy encyclopedia can be picked up if they can be purchased at the store.
  • When opening the alchemy encyclopedia, it will now be displayed if it is activated near an item or gathering point.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur while switching items in the alchemy encyclopedia.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to break through electric traps by evading them.
  • Corrected the display of sponge magic bullets to make them easier to see.
  • Added setting item for gamepad stick input sensitivity.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when pressing down on a mouse button and performing an operation that caused the button to disappear (such as a tab operation).
  • Fixed an issue where players could have more items than their inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when entering and exiting the break room.
  • Fixed an issue where the item row could exceed the limit when packing water/cooking into a lunch box.
  • Fixed an issue where Noel would sometimes warp after the battle ended.
  • Fixed so that it would be difficult to accidentally swing the staff when getting up outside of combat.
  • Fixed an issue where nipple concealment was not displayed when in healthy mode (Lv1).
  • Fixed an issue where the target quest on the map would not switch when switching quest tracks.
  • Improved input system. Support for controllers that could not be used. (The controller input in the save data will be reset once. Please reassign the key again.)
  • Also, the input used in the UI has been changed to the newly added UI-specific input (Sort/Shift/Add/Remove) so that it does not duplicate the input used in the game, such as map and items.
  • Changed the button for message logging from Up to Add. Changed the button to hide messages to Remove. The backlog can now be checked while displaying choices accordingly.
  • Added “Item Key Tap + Decide” to the “Use Item Shortcut” option.
  • Fixed to not have to hold down the directional key while using an item shortcut.
  • Significantly enhanced the alchemy catalog. Added support for reverse lookup of treasure chests that eject items and reverse lookup of recipes that use those items.
  • Fixed sorting of item types so that “Items Used” and “Cooking” are at the top.
  • Added new roaming NPCs “Tilda”, “Coffee Maker”, and “Wooden Evening Road Station”.
  • Added a hidden boss for special actions at “Mokudo no Michi-no-Eki”.
  • New items “grenades” and “map markers” were added. Once map markers are purchased, they can be placed freely on the map.
  • Eased the final exam for Primula-sensei at difficulty levels below Normal.
  • Eased the first athletic challenge in the lower right corner of the general store + added a fork in the road.
  • Fixed that the wooden contaminant moves to the humiliation scene even when Noel’s HP is not 0. (Noel’s sexual arousal rate must be over 50% and the contaminant’s HP must be at maximum.)
  • Fixed a problem in which the falling speed did not slow down when releasing a magic in the air after the chanting was completed.
  • Fixed a problem in which enemy effects would sometimes remain unerased.
  • Fixed that when the magic key is pressed briefly, the player tries to cast a magic for a moment (and accordingly, when the magic is almost built up to the maximum, the player immediately moves to the ejection action).
  • Fixed the balance of the energy ball. Instead of the bullet speed being a little slower and taking a little longer to fire, the power of the blast has been enhanced. (Shotgun damage remains unchanged)
[Specifications of the break room]
You can start “serving” by doing a craft similar to alchemy/cooking and burning the aroma that the customer wants.
There are two types of service, “success route” and “failure route”, and the text and animation change for each.
Noel, who is good at flooring, misunderstands! If you ignore the “recommended herbs” and throw in suitable materials such as dried grass, you will proceed to the failure route.
Each route has rewards, but you can only receive rewards once for each route.
If you do both of the 2 routes, you can view the scene without consuming materials from the next time onwards.
The break room scenario is https://twitter.com/T_Miyabi-sensei’s work that draws a very pure Noel-chan with a pitiful brushstroke. Thank you very much to the teacher who drew a wonderful scenario, and the translation team who expressed it without breaking it!
[Difficulty implementation]
Three difficulty levels have been implemented: Casual/Normal/Professional.
Along with that, the “Haniwa Amulet” will be abolished, and its function will be inherited by Casual Mode.
A new “grace gauge” will be introduced for HP and MP on normal and lower difficulty levels. (gray gauge)
If you don’t get attacked for a while, the gauge will gradually recover up to the grace period. Even when HP becomes 0, the game will not be over until the HP grace gauge is consumed.
In addition, the QTE below normal has been simplified. There is no QTE gauge reset penalty even if you fail in casual mode.
Below normal, restrictions will also be applied to Noel-chan’s damage.
When receiving damage in a row, the actual number of damage is greatly reduced.
If a limit is added, the rimmed damage figures will be displayed.
Due to the above two specifications, there should be Noel-chan who survives unexpectedly at the last minute.
Aiming to make adjustments that make it more difficult to die while keeping the poor appearance cute.
[Other changes]
Super healthy mode implementation. (The left-handed Noel-chan pants will disappear.)
Implemented a quest system and an alchemy picture book. Alchemy Encyclopedia can only use the function that allows you to view recipes that can currently be crafted.
Create a new animation (after the fox’s rape/when straddling the corrupted Kenzan)
Corrected so that treasure chests that can be obtained at low difficulty, enemy placement, etc. will not change when re-fighting with save / load. (Whether or not you get a treasure chest is determined by a random number, but this random number seed is now recorded in the save data.)
Removed zh-cnB as the zh-cnB production team merged with the zh-cn production team.
Fixed the surprise attack rate of high difficulty so that it does not rise too much.
Modified to fix the main attribute for each wooden figure bow and arrow crafted.
The first and second arrows fired after being crafted will always be of the main attribute.
The transition will randomly select the main attribute with a probability of 85% and other attributes with a probability of 15%.
Fixed some random numbers used in the game to be recorded in the save file.
It affects enemy spawning patterns, drop items, crafting bow and arrow attributes, and the success rate of aromas in the break room.
In this update, the scenario after rescuing Iksha from the snake and the boss of Chapter 1, “Nushi of the Forest” have been added.
In addition, there are more places to explore in the forest area, and 5 new enhancers and 3 new skills have been placed on the map.
Boss fatal scenes, Nightingale’s cutscenes, and break room cutscenes are not yet implemented.
Also, there are a lot of items that have no use at the moment.
Regarding these, I would like to proceed with the production with the goal of updating within 1 to 2 months.
English / Korea / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese A, B correspondence of the fatal scene.
You can watch it by
defeating Iksha (HP becomes 0) on the second day, or by examining the desk in Noel’s room after the rescue.
Other elements (such as break rooms) are still to come…
Also, this time, the wall climbing glitch by Cyclone Slash is still left by default. This is a service.
20/11/09 (ver 0.09m-0.09n)
Fixed resolution bug. Fixed an issue with window resolution.
Was the item name or description in English? It’s a problem, but I couldn’t reproduce it, so I only adjusted it …
20/11/07 (ver 0.09l)
Fixed a fatal bug in healthy mode
20/11/06 (ver 0.09k)
including Chinese fansub. Really thanks to @rolling_badger, @Kirby_szsr
Fixed an issue where bursts couldn’t be shot when asked to enter an attack or magic button for rebagacha input.
Improved visibility of input display. Fixed a problem that the display tended to shift especially during rebagacha.
Other minor bug fixes.
20/10/25 JST21:00 (ver 0.09ij)
English version is released. Really thanks to @rn_dtm and Flanticia.
Fixed a questionable landing decision.
The drawing process has been reviewed to reduce the load relatively.
Fixed a problem that sometimes it didn’t fall when it was caught in the ceiling by a lift.
Fixed an issue where enemies wouldn’t walk to the left.
Minor bug fixes related to in-game file loading.
Fixed a problem that the treasure chest will not come out for the rest of your life if you go outside without taking the treasure chest after winning the battle in the battle area where the magic treasure chest appears.
Fixed an issue where items would disappear if the inventory was maxed out when opening the treasure chest.
Fixed an issue that tended to make landing on slopes strange.
Fixed an issue that was swaying while manipulating the fireball aim.
Fixed an issue where MP etc. did not recover when sitting on the bench with Bench Auto Save turned off. Also, fixed the problem that MP could not be recovered without cracks. (* MP recovery recovers to a value that does not cause depletion)
Fixed an issue where you would start from the beginning and return in the air if you couldn’t fight without saving.
Fixed a problem that magical power was bad even if it approached when this was low magical power.
Improved the flicker of some drawings when the FPS is lowered.
Improved the display of other unintended drawing effects.
20/10/18 20:00 (ver 0.09f-0.09h)
Fixed the problem that it doesn’t work well depending on the type of controller.
Various other minor bug fixes
Especially the UI side
20/10/18 (ver 0.09e)
Changed the position of the bookshelf so that it does not interfere with the wall that can break it
Fixed an issue where the recovery amount disappears when sitting on the bench after recovering cracks with ankh.
Fixed an issue where the gauge did not make a crisp sound when the gauge was damaged with cracks repaired by ankh or climax. (In this case, no hit stop will occur)
Fixed an issue where holding a spell once and then briefly pressing the spell key to fire it would turn all spells into energy balls.
Slime will now attack even when you are in Mushinuma, and if a slime attack hits, it will be discharged to the outside with a certain probability.
Added various differences such as a standing picture of Noel in a dirty state (you can optionally keep it clean)
Fixed an issue where BGM tended to stop during a fierce attack
Set a grace period of about 1.5 seconds after the egg discharge is decided. In addition, an abnormal state of “Incubation Lv2” that is automatically ejected when eggs are laid to the extent that depletion occurs has been added. This makes it easier to culminate in spawning.
Fixed so that the rebagacha becomes heavy when ovulating.
Corrected because I was urinating too much when I could not fight. If you want to see Noel-chan, who has a good reputation for urine pressure, please drink water.
Fixed so that Noel does not stand up until it reaches, spawns, or presses a key. I also tried to sigh
Fixed the maximum experience value calculation for climax from 100% to 200%.
Since it was difficult to understand the name of sensitive mode, we unified it with “healthy mode”.
Fixed the problem that when Noel reached even in the healthy mode, it turned into a female pig that exposed her boobs and lay down.
Fixed an issue where the aim would deviate if evaded while firing magic.
Fixed an issue where repaired cracks would not crack if Noel’s gauge was cracked to the maximum. Also, the cracks that have been repaired even in the climax are adjusted so that they crack slightly.
Fixed some issues with enemies being too close to the player.
Fixed a problem that the flight distance could be extended by hitting magic repeatedly during a dash jump.
The fonts aren’t embedded, and it’s really crap in every sense … It makes me feel like it’s a vulgar indie game just by looking at it … I’ve shown a UI made up of MS Gothic that really doesn’t allow existence at all. Fixed the problem that was …
Fixed an issue where a message such as “I was struck by an insect …” appears even though I was hit by slime. * It was a specification that the element that most pleased Noel-chan since I got it before was announced, but I limited this to the target who is currently committing
Weakened the vocalization limiter when fast-forwarding in the game
Other minor bug fixes
20/10/12 (ver 0.09d)
Fixed a bug where item screens are duplicated
Fixed the problem that the jump input changed to the direction ↑
Fixed a problem that you can go off the screen (I am trying to recover even if it falls)
Added tutorials on running, bursting, and shotguns.
Changed the running process when switching maps (when switching maps while running, running is stopped unless the direction input is entered all the time)
Fixed an issue where you couldn’t recover when jumping into a bug from a slope
Fixed an issue where the lock-on would shift in the bird cage
Fixed an issue where upward insect capture (currently only in the “Yutachi” area) is smooth
Fixed so that MP can be recovered to the extent that MP is not exhausted when sitting on the bench (* If the MP gauge is filled with eggs, it is currently clogged. Please jump into the insect and eject the egg.)
Fixed to increase HP damage when MP is exhausted and taken into insects
Fixed so that you can cancel the magic that you cast by pressing Z + X at the same time (* Noel will always inflict magical power due to damage if you are casting. If you dislike it, etc.) (* Burst When fired, the chanting is automatically interrupted.)
Changed the effect when holding (interrupted by punch, shield, avoidance) magic that is not fully charged.
I made a shotgun (weak attack with magical power) that is not fully charged.
Fixed an issue where coin relationships weren’t saved at all
Fixed an issue where the accumulated sound would shift to the left or right when running left or right while holding the magic.
Fixed an issue where you could slide when you were absent-minded
Fixed an issue where the bill was checked in the middle of the insect
Fixed to reverse day and night when the game is over
Added a bookshelf to the temporary general store. Enabled to reset sexual experience points
Points not to fix yet
If you are caught in a moving object on the map at the bottom right of the mushroom, you will continue to be caught and die (* Noel who is caught is bad.)
If you run and jump into an insect when you are not in battle in the Yudachi area, you will not be able to get out (* I think that only the insects at the bottom are an elite group)
In the current version, Noel-chan’s final form is blank only at the top of the magic tab.
Developer Notes:
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Below are some tips on how to get around the battle.
If you run out of MPs during the battle and the plants aren’t resurrected, just hit the enemy with a light attack. You can take magical power from the enemy. (A lot of magical power can be obtained from the pollutant)
Since the power of a shotgun (holding a chant and hitting a wand) depends on the magic you are chanting, it is justice to hit each individual with an energy ball shotgun. Bomb shotguns will increase the chance of giving abnormal conditions.
When you are blown away, you can be passive by entering avoidance + move at the moment of landing
A few frames with evasion have invincible time
If you start chanting in the air, it will stay in the air (Forsamori Spect System) It may be good to use it to adjust the distance with the enemy

Extras: Cheat

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