Alterverse – Jade Shadow [Day 4] [Suidakra]

Alterverse – Jade Shadow [Day 4] [Suidakra]

February 23, 2024F95

Raquel Lopez is working as a forensic scientist for the local police. But she is also known for being the heroine Jade Shadow. Besides she wants to know who might be behind the deaths of her parents. Is the murder in the city park somehow connected with it?

Thread Updated: 2024-02-23
Release Date: 2024-02-22
Developer: Suidakra Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Day 4
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3dcg, Female Protagonist,  Oral Sex,  Teasing,  Combat,  Rpg,  Superpowers,  Turn based combat, Wet clothes, school setting (Nora quests),  Urination  (optional), rape,  Female domination,  Groping,  Humiliation,  Titfuck
Tags will be updated with upcoming content
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1. Extract and run.
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Day 4
-1 quest about Nora
-4 story quests
-bus molester scenes (actual only for the new work outfit)
-After the last story quest, enemies spawn in the city (test phase, only in the slums for now)
-Jade Shadow gets a Katana and a Wakizashi now at the start of a new game,
get the weapons in the recollection room on older saves
You need to equip the weapons by yourself, the auto-equip doesn´t work for some reason
-Light system options on the PC in the apartment (hopefully the end about the “dark night” issue)
-Dialogue renders instead of full scene renders from now on (full scenes for explicit content)
– 1 quest about Nora
– 4 story quests (including route decision and 1 fight)
new light system
option to activate/deactivte some kinks/fetishes on the PC in the apartment, basically they are set off
(this is normally content I was paid for and not planned to be in the game from the beginning)
Day 2
– 4 small quests
fixes and changes
Day 1
– 3 quests
Investigate the park crime scene
Decide between Pub gossip and Shadow in the park (one optional fight with different outcomes)
you can visit the gym daily to get stat boosts after a while
you can shower daily to recover some hitpoints
PC at home has a database about the game mechanics, people etc.
rest on the couch to change from daytime to nighttime
go to sleep to start another day
watch news in TV after the fight
discover the city (very lifeless so far, sorry)
fast-travel between bus stops (map should be in the game folder)
Known issues
-Damage is shown before skill animation
-attacks that miss, show the hit animation
Roadmap 2024:
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February – day 4 update
  [Story]The makeover
  [Story]Dead ends
  [Story]The informant II
  [Story]The murderer
  [Nora]Way of corruption III
  Bus molester
  Light settings on PC in apartment
April/May – day 5 update
  [Story]The dept
  [Story]The hideout
  [Nora]Way of corruption IV
  End of the first story arc
Summer – bring the city to live update
  Fill the city with NPCs
  small sidequests, like cat on a tree
Later this year
  Starting the second arc, focus on getting information about her parents deaths
  Optional route, about Raquel loosing her job
  -> 1 to 3 part-time job options, like maid, waitress, dog sitter, delivery girl…
I will update the roadmap frequently
Developer Notes:
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-I was the original modder for Masked Heroine – The Green Shadow Rachel
-last year I was asked to do a remake of the game, but I didn´t like the idea at first
-within the last months I had some ideas about a more or less alternate version of the original game
-besides my job, family and hobbies I have been one of the German translators for Fashion Business
-the game will be provided for free
-updates won´t be on a regular base, I will work on the game as my time allows it
-I am always open for story and character ideas, but I dislike scat, pregnancy and spear like dicks on “normal” males
-I am a fan of wet and transparent clothes, guess what is planned for day 2
-I will react to reasonable criticism, but female protag and RPG Maker haters will be ignored
-there is also a discord server for more news and discussions
Win :

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    Alterverse – Jade Shadow [Day 4] [Suidakra]