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AlwaysFan [v0.6.1] [AtemX Games]

January 23, 2024F95

AlwaysFan is an adult visual novel where you play as Chris (customizable name),
a 21-year-old man who is in a difficult situation after the death of his parents.
With Emilie, an albino girl and childhood friend who is in a situation similar to yours,
will you be able to overcome these difficulties?
What relationship will you have with Emilie and the other girls you will meet during the story?
Can you protect them in this crime-ridden world, or will you sacrifice them to your own lust?
It will depend on your choices!

Thread Updated: 2023-12-31
Release Date: 2023-12-31
Developer: AtemX Games – Patreon Itch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, creampie, groping, voyeurism, titfuck, stripping, prostitution, dating sim, animated, exhibitionism, oral sex, teasing, anal, romance, corruption, ugly bastard, rape, drugs, multiple penetration, group sex,  harem, anal sex,  pregnancy
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1. Extract and run.
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New content :
– Week 6 is now available!
– First endgame: With Natacha alone. A secret ending with many variations that will require very specific choices to unlock (Good luck to those who want to get it without cheating!)
– 3654+ new images (Does not include older updated renders)
– 253 new animations (Does not include older updated animations)
– 23590+ lines of code
– New musics
– New sound effects
Old content:
– Visual enhancement to some renders and animations from the first week of the game
– Added a transition image when skipping the shower scenes
– Day 14: The renderings of the last scene with Marcus and lea have been updated, so that Marcus’s office is more in keeping with his standing…
– Day 18 & 22 (Sharing): Added dialogue options to let Cassandra become an escort even if you’re not in a relationship with her and if Emilie didn’t go to Robert’s on day 13.*
– Day 31: Modification of one of the animations in the scene of Iris going to the Biggerman tower, to make it more consistent with the sound (+ camera travel).
– Day 33: Added a photo shoot with Emilie only if Lea doesn’t come to your house that day (Appears in the AF gallery from day 35)
– Day 35: Added a missing image when you and Emilie go to the shop to buy her a new phone
– Modification to the “Other” gallery tab. Now scenes involving the main character and others will be separated into two separate tabs. In addition, Natacha’s Flashback with Marcus has been moved to a new tab within her own category.
– Spanish translation by Darax added up to week 5.
– An animation has been added to the quiz help button to make it more visible, and it is now possible to close the help by clicking on the text.
Bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug causing a crash when browsing Emilie’s cowgirl set on Alwaysfan.
– Fixed a dialogue from Natacha at the amusement park that was not triggering correctly.
– Lea’s voice volume increased in her h-scenes
– Other minor text corrections (Thanks to everyone who pointed out these typos!)
* Developer’s note: I’ve made this change because Cassandra is needed for a sharing scene that involves Emilie in the new week (so as not to deprive those who are only in a relationship with Emilie of this scene). I’ve made as many checks as possible to ensure there are no inconsistencies caused by this change, but if I’ve missed anything, please let me know :).
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New content:
– Week 5 is now available!
– 2647+ new images (Does not include older updated renders)
– 217 new animations
– 19555+ lines of code
– New musics
– New sound effects
– Day 2: Added a short flashback about the MC, varying according to your behaviour with Emilie up to that point.
– Day 3: Added a short scene with Emilie reminiscing about the past.
Old content:
– Visual enhancement of almost all the renders on days two and three.
– Added a real animation when Emilie does her squats in day two, instead of a slideshow.
– Visual enhancement of the bathroom sex scene with Emilie on day 3 (which is also the first repeatable shower scene)
– Visual improvement of the sex scene with Emilie on day 5
– Visual enhancement of the sex scene with Emilie on the sofa on day 7
– Visual improvement of the Biggerman Tower sex scene on day 7
– Fixed a text inconsistency in the first visit to Amanda’s house.
-Compression of images and animations to stay within the 2GB limit imposed by Android for apk files.
(Note: I’ve used a different method to compress these files, so if you notice any problems with this version (missing images/animations), please let me know.)
– Visual improvement of the AF gallery
– Added a video tab in the AF gallery (limited to certain characters and certain routes).
– Added a subscriber counter for girls in the AF gallery (only active from week 5 for now)
– Added a “RPG” tab in the replay gallery, for scenes related to HWO.
– Added a “Naming options” button in the replay gallery, allowing you to change Emilie’s AF username as well as the MC’s name.
– Slight visual corrections to the replay gallery.
Bug fixes:
– Fixed an error that allowed access to the choice to make Cassandra an escort when the player had previously left the sharing route, leading to text inconsistencies.
– Fixed a bug that displayed an error message when trying to view Cassandra’s relationship screen before week four.
– Fixed a bug that no longer checked that you looked at lea’s photos before her visit in week three.
– Visual improvement of the intro.
– Other minor text corrections.
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New content:
Week 4 of the game available!
– 2057+ new images
– 139 new animations
– 14832+ new lines of code
– New music tracks
– New sounds effects
– Added menu themes for winter, spring and summer.
– Added an option to change the menu theme (Seasonal will automatically change it according to the current date)
– Redesign of the relations screen.
– Optimisation of the gallery’s code
– Added a hidden button in the gallery to unlock scenes (My assistant might be able to help you…)
Bug fixes and miscellaneous:
– Fixed some incorrectly displayed names in dialogues
– Android: Added the ability to swipe to hide the interface or open the menu (Edit: tested and working).
– Android: Reduced image quality to stay within the 2GB limit for an APK.
– Visual improvement of several animations from the first two episodes, mainly the laggy and pixelated ones, as well as the renders that transition between these animations. (Day1: Emilie shower & night grope scene; D2: Emilie first time; D10: Emilie + Peneloppe NTR scene; D12: Cassandra all path; D13: Natacha dances).
– Correction of various typo’s.
Know issues:
– The gallery unlocker doesn’t unlock the first scene of Emilie, this will be fixed in the next patch.
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New content:
Week 3 of the game available!
– 2359+ new images
– 121 new animations
– 14701+ new lines of code
– New music tracks
– New sounds effects
Previous weeks:
– Day 7: The scene at the Bigman Tower is now fully displayed only in the sharing route. It will be viewable in the other routes later in the game, in a future patch and only if you want to.
– Day 11: Added a choice in sharing route to continue the escort job without going to Robert’s the following Saturday.
– Day 13: Added a help button during the quiz to get the solution to the questions with a little explanation. (I got a lot of feedback that this quiz was too hard and/or too long and that it was boring to look for the answers on the net. I think this is the best compromise for those who want to try it legit and those who don’t want to bother)
– New wallpaper and music for the main menu.
– Added a new in-game menu “Your AlwaysFan” allowing you to access at any time of the game the pictures taken during the photoshoots.
– Emilie will now ask you at the beginning of the game if you want to activate the quick menu or not.
– Added an option in the preference menu to activate the quick menu (permanently), for those who have accidentally disabled it or have played a previous version of the game.
– Optimization of the night scene reruns code.
– Optimization of the gallery allowing to hide the interface, to access the menu, quick menu and to roll back as in game. (Take effect only from the second replay of a scene).
– Android: Compression of the images of weeks 1 & 2. (I decided to do it only on the android version and only on the old content, because the apk can’t be bigger than 2 GO and that has an impact on the quality of the renders which is less visible on a phone or tablet screen).
– (29/10 update) Added the Spanish translation of the first two weeks to the core game (Thanks again to Darax for this translation), this will be updated later, stay tuned!
– (29/10 update) Ergonomic modification of the interface (choice, quick menu and font). thanks also to Darax for that.
Bug Fix:
– Fixed a bug in the gallery that set Cassandra’s relationship to sex mate instead of childhood friend and remained so for the rest of the game if you play one of her scenes just before starting a new game. (thanks Zeanrith for pointing this out)
– Fixed a bug that caused the quick menu to disappear permanently after day 11.
Know issues:
Android version:
– When you close the game without going through the main menu, the gallery doesn’t update sometimes, this is unfortunately a limitation of renpy that I can not bypass because Persistants are not saved correctly. So think to go back through the main menu before closing the game.
– The quiz help tooltips may overlap the answers on phone screens, however you can still click through or roll back to clear the tooltip.
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– 2315+ new images
– 94 new animations
– 13009+ new lines of code
– New music tracks
– New sound effects
– New relationship Screen (accessible from the in-game menu)
– New Gallery Screen (accessible from the main menu)
– Save screen improved (100 slots per page and possibility to rename saves)
– Font change in some menus
– Day4: Added a choice to not post emilie’s nudes (Love route only)
– Day7: Added a choice to deny the “service” from Amanda
– Several code fixes
– Improvements of some renders to be more in line with the latest ones
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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2537978 Patreon Banner3 | Free Adult Games
I’m AtemX, the creator of AlwaysFan!
This project is my very first Visual Novel, I hope you’ll enjoy it!
If you like the game and want to see the rest of the story, you can support me on patreon and make suggestions to improve it on discord, I’m listening!
Sharing? Prostitution? Exhibitionism? There are too many tags that bother me, should I try this game?
I know that this is something that interests/worries a lot of people so I want to be clear about this. All sharing type sex (whether sharing, swinging, or any other form) are in a separate path. The choice that leads to this path is announced and if you follow the romance route, you will not have access to it.  So if you want a story without sharing, don’t worry, you won’t have to spend the whole game dodging choices to avoid a scene you don’t like. Also, most of the other fetishes (Harem, anal, exhibitionism,…) are also optional.
Another harem game?
Yes and no, you will meet several girls during your adventures and many of them will be romanceable (7 girls with a major role in the story and two with a more minor role) but you can just as well do a playthrough with only Emilie, it depends on your choices and will change the ending of the game.
Is the sharing content Netorare or Netorase?
The sharing path is a Netorase route (Sharing, pimping, swinging,…).
I play on android and my gallery does not update!
This is a bug due to Android, which does not handle persistent variables well, to avoid this bug it is recommended to always save the game and return to the main menu before closing. If you do not return to the main menu, the scenes you have viewed will not be added to the gallery.
Is there a gallery unlocker?
Because of the bug mentioned above, I have integrated one into the game, it is however hidden, as I don’t want those launching the game for the first time to just unlock the scenes without doing the story (When the game is finished I will replace this with a visible button but require to have seen one of the endings). Finish the current episode and my assistant will tell you how to proceed…
Will you do a walkthrough of the game?
No, the game has a lot of choices and there are sometimes a lot of possibilities to switch from one route to another, which would take too much extra work time that I prefer to spend on new content. What’s more, there isn’t just one right path, several choices can lead to different scenes, and it’s not possible to discover everything in a single playthrough. Make the choices that best suit who you are and what you are looking for, and you will get the story you want!
The game show is too hard, I don’t feel like looking for the answers to all these questions, is there a mod for that?
It’s already in the game, check the top right corner of your screen ;).

Extras: FAN SIGSSpanish Translation**

* This unofficial port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.
** The translation of the previous patch is already included in the game, so there’s no need to download it if it hasn’t been updated for the current version.

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