Amour [Final] [Octopussy]
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Amour [Final] [Octopussy]

July 8, 2024F95

Amour is a game where you should hold position and shoot down your enemies with love from your guns, when they reach your character they should start sex scene with him. In game will be 5 monsters on each of 5 locations (25 monsters total) for first character – girl angel named Anaitis and 20 monsters total for second character.

Thread Updated: 2023-07-29
Release Date: 2020-04-23
Developer: Octopussy Patreon
Version: 1.03f Legendary Hero Tier
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Interspecies Sex, Tentacles, Mind Control,  Lesbian, Female Protagonist
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1. Extract and run.
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-Ero animations with crawling and flying vines gets their sounds back
-Ero animations now work normally during battle scene (fixed bug with cumming)
-Fixed bug with pistol magazines
-Fixed bug when pistol made shoot on level loading
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  • Enemies in 5th location now run bit upper, because half of them running inside the menu
  • Fixed bug with enemies which not appears, now all should counts right (If not please write about this)
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  • Added 5th, final location (Shapetown)
    -5 Battle animations
    -5 Ero animations
    -Background animation
    -Added new spawn system for 5th location
    -Stasis wall mode edited for 5th location
  • Added 2 costumes for Legendary Hero tier (costumes added to all animations, include sex scenes and battle scene)
  • Added idle animation after climax for EVERY ero animation in the game, it was created for gallery, battle stage not need in it, but in gallery transitions between ending of animation and starting will be smoother
  • Added cheats for Legendary Hero tier
  • Fixed bug with ero-animation of Purple Veggie enemy
  • Fixed bug with ero-animation of Crawling Vine (now girl will be clothed when outfit changed to uniform)
  • Some fixes in teacher ero-animation
  • Improved quality of some ero-animations (some pictures in them has been resized and looks pretty bad, I fixed this)
  • Changed stats and costs of bazooka, shotgun and Automatic Rifle
Legendary Hero Exclusives
-Angel outfit
-Christmas outfit
-Cheats: open all gallery, unlock all levels, add money
To change the outfit enter the player upgrades and choose outfit what you want ^~
To use the cheats in the player upgrades hold ctrl + left click on the angel outfit
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  • Added crosshair
  • Added animation for fire-love bullets flame
  • Added dressing module
  • Added “Naked” outfit
  • Added location “Deep Coral”
    – 5 monsters walk, get hit, die animations
    – 5 monsters ero-animations
      – Animated background
  • Fixed projectile hit animation
  • Fixed button hovering bug
  • Fixed main menu bug when buttons from main menu accidentally appears under the upgrades panel
  • Fixed some sound bugs with girl voices
  • Added randomizing generation by X and Y of swarm and air type units
v0.62 Beta
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-Added Jungle location
-Weapons module, now you can buy normal upgrades, special upgrades, which was works too!
-Weapons special upgrades, which allowed you to kill more enemies
   *Fire-love bullets for pistol
   *Piercing shoots for auto-rifle and sniper rifle
   *Different ammo for shootgun
   *Double arrows
   *Guided rockets
-Enemies module, now they have armoring, special stats and special abilities
-Sportgirl can normally jump
-Lizardman can defend
-Birdman can finally normally flying
-Enemies will not aciddentally appear or disappear in middle of screen
-Reworked enemy spawning
-Improved bestiary, now it show information about enemies
-Improved animations using, now enemies who running get hit on another layer so it looks better
-Added some gravity for arrows
Animations & Graphics
-Improvements in main hero animation
-Animations of this monsters has been improved: sport girl, sportsman, birdman, lizardman
-Added 5 battle animations
-Added 5 ero animations
-Added animation in main menu
-Improvements in interface, now it looks better
   *Changed main canvas (former teammate who ruined demo release used 160×90  canvas in game, lol, so I changed it to normal 1920×1080, and fix all buttons placements and size, it takes few days for me to fix it)
   *Added new icons for upgrades
   *Added some sfx to buttons
-Reworked University location, and mystic castle location
-Added stasis wall  (And a sfx for teleporting enemies behind the wall)
-Added sfx of character appear on level
-Gallery interface
-Better gallery integration
-Fixed muzzlefire
-Added helper for first launch of game (you can delete this file “AppDataLocalLowOctoPussyAmourGamedata.dat” if you really-really want to see helper, because if you have a savefile she will not appear)
-Rebalanced all systems, now locations will have 5 levels instead of 10, reworked amount hp of some monsters, changed costs for weapons upgrades
-Added sounds to interface
Knowed new bugs:
– sometimes reloading strip bugs and not show that weapon reloading or etc. it works bot for bullets and shells, I not know what happens and at this moment can’t reproduce it to fix it :’c
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Known bugs:
  • Sport Girl sometimes jumps vertical after death and block bullets
  • If really try, then a shot from the weapon can go looped and follow you through the menu until you launching the level
  • Gallery disabled, anyway here was no new characters and still 2 locations, because I can’t work on animations during I work on code ^^” but anyway you can watch all animations in previous version ^~
  • Enemies sometimes just dissapears after you hit them without death animations
  • Some enemies who should die in air not launches airDeath animation
  • headshoots not increase damage on pistol, rifle and shootgun
  • Enemies from 1 and 2 location have the same hit points
  • Last 3 levels of locations is too long
  • Some monsters start their get hit animation with “Set” option instead of “Add” option, so sometimes it looks like they sliding on the ground
  • Hitboxes of enemies was not disabled few sec after they start their death animation so they can catch some additional bullets by their bodies
  • Characters has wrong size in perspective
  • Shoots flame animation works incorrectly
  • Sometimes enemies can lags and warps on few pixels to front
-Mobs and damage system
  • Sport girl now can play her jump animation
  • Fixed some hitboxes on Nerd and Teacher enemy
  • Reworked damage to armor system, now it work much correctly, and some armored monsters will not get damage from pistol, rifle, shootgun in their chest, only in weak points (at current moment near to all armored units have weak point on the head
  • Birdman now use it fly animation from 6 level of location
  • Reworked moving system, 2 scripts was combined in one and get simplification (This is another change where you will not see any differences ^~)
  • Reworked enemies massives from scratch, now it much easier to coding
  • Reworked battle interface buttons, now it show which weapon is currently used by player
  • Timer now changed on monster left counter
  • Added HP in interface, ammo and shells (also in right up corner was debug window with reloading and ammo, this will be here in some next builds)
  • Added reloading circles on weapons panel
  • Added indicator of escape from ero-animation and button (also during few versions until will be added hero upgrades you will need to hit space only 10 times instead of 25)
  • Added upgrades for weapons
  • Gallery now will also work like bestiary, where you can watch enemies description and abilities, at current moment enemies not have description
-Weapons and bullets
  • All weapons get planned parameters of dmg, reload, rate of fire and etc., and now the playthrough is a look like a challenge, instead of… just shoot from rifle and you can complete all levels (but yes, on max level upgraded rifle now you can do the same ^~)
  • Change design of bullets for pistol, rifle, shootgun, bow, sniper rifle
  • Changed speed of bullets
  • Shootgun now shoots like shootgun
  • Now arrows are stuck for a short time in enemies
  • Bullets now uses animations of hit
-Locations and levels
  • Location system was totally reworked, if earlier it was launched on different scenes – now it launches on one scene, this make easier to coding but you will not feel any differences  ^~
  • Bit changes in background designs and they placements
  • Reworked system of platforms, now it will be always platform of 3 level (Yes I planned that player will upgrade platform to get advantage of standing higher, but now I think that it is not important and better will be if player will always have 3 level platforms)
  • Changed hitboxes of levels (now it looks like player shoot in ground), added scripts which prevents player to aim and shoot backwards
-Saving and loading systems
  • Rework of saving and loading system (because in that, what has been, was used wrong libraries)
  • Now it saves after level, instead of saving after every shoot of gun ))
-Sounds and Music
  • Changed main menu music
  • Added hit sound to arrow (but I not like it and I think I will change it a bit)

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To use cheats: in the player upgrades hold ctrl + left click on the angel outfit
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