Annelitte [Final] [shoku]
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Annelitte [Final] [shoku]

June 30, 2024F95

Annelitte is a tactical strategist in the special ops division of National Corps, who had outwitted the enemy in countless skirmishes.

She would do anything to protect her motherland, even break the rules of war and defy direct orders.
Her insubordination is her downfall…

Thread Updated: 2019-07-01
Release Date: Japanese 2014-04-07, English 2019-06-30
Developer: shoku DLsite
Translation: Daedroth ULMF
Censored: Yes/Mosaics
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Japanese
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2DCG, 2D game, Japanese game, Voiced, Censored, Animated, Female protagonist, Turn based combat, Creampie, Group sex, Ahegao, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Rape, Multiple penetration, Monster, Internal view, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Tentacles, Urination, Oral sex, Titfuck, Teasing, Sex toys, Groping, Handjob, Spanking, Sleep sex, Corruption, RPG, Futa
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1. Use locale emulator or set your system locale to Japanese.
3. Extract and run.
Developer Notes:
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56 H works (56 base CGs) = 31 H scenes + 25 H anime (event & battle)
Over 500 images worth of variations
Sexual harassment in battle using erotic moves!
Armor degrades in 3 stages, and there are 3 kinds of persecution!
Outside of battle there are also daily life sexual harassments!
All anime scenes.
Dress up the heroine in 10 types of cosplay.
(Annelitte’s main outfit, bikini armor, school swimsuit, school uniform, PE clothes,
china dress, nurse, bunny girl, assassin and shrine maiden)
Plus kisekae (clothes change) options for panties, glasses and other accessories.
When Annelitte reaches 100% saturated lewdness she’ll be totally naked.
The people react differently to her and she may become a whore.
Enemy defenses are strong but each has a weakness to fire, lightning or prayer.
Enemies are marked by symbols on the map.
4 bad endings are possible.
When you achieve a bad ending, the game
will restart from that same point.
Save anytime from the menu.
Assault, gangbangs, prostitution, anal f*ck, anal gape, tentacle sex, bug sex,
railed by huge d*cks, group sex while comatose, electric shock erotica, piss,
masturbation and more. WARNING: depicts pregnancy, birth, egg spawn.

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    Annelitte [Final] [shoku]