Aphrodisiac 2 [v1.3] [CreativeName.Exe]
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Aphrodisiac 2 [v1.3] [CreativeName.Exe]

July 7, 2024F95

“Welcome, dear traveller, to the only place where your deepest,
most perverted desires are satisfied by a swarm of thirsty tentacles, all in guaranteed safety!
Here in the Den, kind tentacles will offer their wet services to anyone* who wishes them, and no one else.
That’s right! All acts are consensual.
*humans must be 18 or older.” – Rose.

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Hello there, fellow tentacle lovers =D
Aphrodisiac2 is a game about thirsty ladies enjoying the company of loving and unbelievably loaded tentacles.
Explore the wild Den and convert tentacles to the way of lust,
or lay back and enjoy one of the many semi-animated scenes at your own pace.

Thread Updated: 2022-09-03
Release Date: 2022-09-03
Developer:  CreativeName.Exe – Patreon PixivTwitterDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.3
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2dcg, 2d game, platformer, female protagonist, tentacle, monster, big ass, big tits, animated, fantasy, adventure, vaginal sex, oral sex, multiple penetration, futa, and more
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1. Extract and run.
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Latest update: v1.3
-Added Aphrodisiac Spa
– Separated from Aphrodisiac 2
– Updated launcher icon, menu background, gallery background, etc… to match the new fiery esthetic.
Added Dropacle tentacles, moved some existing tentacles around.
Added Pause Menu, so you can return to the main title from adventure mode scenes and gallery scenes.
– Added “Grabber” tentacle in adventure mode.
– Added multiple instances of existing tentacles in hidden places.
Developer Notes:
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Adventure Mode (in development):
Play as Flora, the first lady to enter the den.
Explore wild environments to find and convert feral tentacles to the ways of pleasure.
This mode takes place in the past, prior to the pacification of the Den.
Sex scenes are unlocked by winning battles rather than losing.
This mode will be developed over time and released in segments whenever they are ready.
Gallery (Released):
Here you may view all of my semi-animated scenes, both sketchy and colored.
A conveniently one-handed scene navigation tab will let you dictate the pace of the animation,
as well as allowing manual control over individual frames.
This tab consists of five buttons that can be either clicked with the cursor, or accessed with the left side of the keyboard (W, A, S, D, Space).
Each scene comes with a bit of narrative.
Some of them will explain relevant lore about the Den, others will give an introduction to the current scene.

Aphrodisiac Spa

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