Arabella 1890 [Ch. 1-2] [Basilicata]
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Arabella 1890 [Ch. 1-2] [Basilicata]

January 15, 2024F95

Arabella is an erotic novel written by an anonymous author in 1890.
The novel follows Arabella, the titular character, as she embarks on a journey of sexual discovery and exploration.
Set in Victorian England, the book explores the taboo subjects of sexuality and desire in a time when such topics were not openly discussed.
Arabella’s experiences range from seduction and bondage to group sex and exhibitionism, making the novel a steamy and provocative read.
Despite being written over a century ago, Arabella remains a classic of erotica and continues to be popular with readers today.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-16
Release Date: 2023-11-28
Developer: Basilicata F95zoneSubscribeStarItch.io
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Voices: English
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2dcg, Female Protagonist, Text Based, Voiced, Anal Sex, Cheating, Creampie, Voyeurism, Milf, Virgin, Oral sex, Lesbian, Corruption
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Extract and Run
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Chapter 2: This includes the entire first two chapters of the book. About the voiced content, I had to change the initial narration voice due to technical problems of the online text to voice app I used. I added various voices for the dialogue.
Chapter 1: Debut
Developer Notes:
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I discovered this once banned work of erotica while developing my main work,TableTop BornStar.
Unfortunately, since this is a side project, and always will be since I also have to work on Goss_IP: Ghost Stories afterwards, the updates will be slow and sparse.
With Arabella 1890, I intend to:
– Illustrate the orginal work in detail
– Modify it a little in order to turn it into a text based Visual Novel compatible with platforms as Patreon and Steam
– Experimentaly try to turn it also into an Audio Book, using AI text to voice

Extra : Italian Translation

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    Arabella 1890 [Ch. 1-2] [Basilicata]