Arousing Sexual Stories: Risu’s Initial Mission [v1.0.0] [Complete] [TheCardWielder]
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Arousing Sexual Stories: Risu’s Initial Mission [v1.0.0] [Complete] [TheCardWielder]

January 10, 2024F95

In this game, you play as Risu Nutkins, as she finds herself in a mysterious laboratory. While trying to find a way out of the lab she gets help from a mysterious character, and has to journey through multiple different areas to reach her goal. Can you help her to reach her goal, or will the lewd temptations be too much for Risu?

Thread Updated: 2023-12-31
Release Date: 2022-02-03
Developer: TheCardWielder DiscordTwitterPatreon
Censored: No
Version: Version 1.0.1 (Completed)
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, 2D Game, Female Protagonist, Anal Sex, Bondage, Creampie, Tentacles, Robots, Latex, Lesbian
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1. Extract and run.
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-Fixed an issue with some of the lootable jars in the cave/ruins area that were not giving the player Power Cells when they were supposed to
-Added final map of the Forest Area
-Added final boss fight and related animations
-Added four more maps for the Forest Area
-Added three new lewd scenes to the Forest Area with the Forest Dryads as part of the story
-Adjusted the Forest: Cave Entrance map a bit to fit in with the new maps
-Improved one of the stuck in wall animations in the Ruins
-Added the first Forest map
-Added three new enemies to the game: Plant Pod, Maca Mouther and Forest Dryad
-Added the Boss Battle Music to the game
-Changed how the enemy spawn system works so they don’t respawn when attempting certain puzzles or visiting the Relaxation Room
-Changed how much some enemy attacks would increase Risu’s lust so it is now a random value
-Corrected some graphical errors in previous areas of the game
-Fixed some bugs that had been missed in previous areas of the game
-Added the Ruins final maps and Boss fight
-Fixed a but with the Lust system that meant that Lust wasn’t recovering naturally within battles
-Changed Risu’s Thrilling Tentacles skill to be more of a High Risk High Reward skill
-Fixed a bug in one of the new areas of the Ruins that caused some features to not work at all.
-Added the two remaining wings of the Ruins area.
-Tweaked the Melee Defense and Ranged Defense stats to now provide some damage mitigation after normal damage calculation.
-Made it so both Romantic Remedy and Passionate Potential now provide a buff called Devoted Defense that grants a 25% damage reduction buff.
-Halved the stat bonuses granted by Red, Blue, Orange & Purple Gems to help improve the difficulty of the game
-Tweaked some enemies stats so they make better use of them and should provide a bit more of a challenge in battle
-Fixed some issues and missing text that I found while testing out these changes
-Added the Ruins West Wing Map
-Added five enemies to the Ruins area: Cultist, Clay Core, Pillar Core, Golem Core and Jar Mimic
-Update some previous text within the game to fix errors
-Fixed an issue where some events were trying to call on a sprite sheet that’s name had been changed and was reporting loading errors.
-Fixed a bug with one of the puzzles not working due to a load error
-Fixed a bug in the gallery which cause one of the animations to disappear after playing
– Added the Lab Boss
-Added the first couple of maps for Area 2
– Fixed some bugs within the game, mainly related to the new content
– Overhauled the Enemy Detection and Grace Period features so they should function better.
– Fixed a softlock bug related to the basement stairs
– Updated some of the animations in the game so Risu’s tail is anatomically correct in them
– First Public Demo of the game release
Developer Notes:
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Arousing Sexual Stories: Risu’s Initial Mission, or ASS:RIM for short, is my third hentai game I’ve developed. It’s currently in early development stages, and I’m wanting to hear feedback about the game so far so I can improve it for future updates. I do plan on there being more variety of areas and enemies in this game than with MM:NUT, as that was an issue that was commonly brought up with that game once it was finished.

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    Arousing Sexual Stories: Risu’s Initial Mission [v1.0.0] [Complete] [TheCardWielder]