Ashes of War [Ch1.19] [CTStudio]
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Ashes of War [Ch1.19] [CTStudio]

May 15, 2024F95

Thrown into a century long war between the Union and the Kingdoms, a lone starship Captain decides to rebel against his fate. Join him in his galactic journey and discover the various stories that can still bloom in the Ashes of War.
A straightforward Military Sci-fi VN for romance enthusiasts.
Thread Updated: 2024-03-19
Release Date: 2024-03-16
Developer: Cat’s Tooth Studio PatreonItch.ioSteamDiscordTwitterKickstarter
Censored: No
Version: Ch1.19
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Male Protagonist, Romance,  Sci-fi, Military,  Masturbation,  Oral Sex,  Combat, Male Protagonist,  Strategy,
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1. Extract and run.
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Finishing the TOHE Base Assault Plot. +- 35minutes.
New CGs.
More Re-writes.
New Scene.
New CG
Re-wrote Camilla’s introduction
Re-wrote H scenes
New Scenes
New 3d ship animations
New Scene
Some more spelling and grammar fixes (+- first half of the game should be decent)
New 3D CGs
New Scenes
New Cgs
New 3D CGs
v1.13 (Light update)
New Scene
New animation
New Scene + corrections and visual updates
Added new content for the first half of the game (more Rachel flirting mostly)
Near eradication of spelling and grammatical mistakes IN THE FIRST PART OF THE GAME (the rest is WIP)
New 3D CGs
New Scene + corrections and visual updates.
New 3D CGs + (1) animation
Added MAC version (for this version)
Re-wrote a couple of scenes already present
Added new character sprites
Added a Codex for Lore bits
Added a simple Map system.
Added new scenes
First version of the Battle Module added
Added all CGs to the gallery
Typos correction
v1.03 (For Win and Mac)
Save Menu on Right Click
Bigger icons for bottom toolbar
Text now prints faster.
More precise cursor.
Saves now show the screen where you saved.
More spelling corrections.
Added an optimized android apk.
Added a Mac Version.
v1.01 :
Various bug fixes and spelling corrections.
Implemented autosaves in case of crashes.
Can now choose name for protag.
CG Gallery is fixed and working as intended
Added an Android apk for the couple people that could want it.
It’s a straight copy of the Win version. THIS WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE
v1.00 Release
Developer Notes:
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A straightforward Military Sci-fi VN. Sunrider inspired.
There’s not that much H-Content (for now), one for each heroine as of 1.0, so don’t go in expecting a Nukige.
As with most VN these days, this one works mostly as a first chapter, and I’d like to build it along the way.
It’s not kinetic, but there are no routes.
If you’ve got feedback, that’s one of the many reasons I wanted to post it here, so please don’t hesitate.
Plans :
I used Unity because I wanted to implement basic T-RPG elements. It’s in the works, but it’s not ready yet, so for now this is story only.
Previous saves not compatible (saves from 1.15 and beyond should be ok)


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