Ashley the Pirate [v0.5.0.1] [YioruYioru]

Ashley the Pirate [v0.5.0.1] [YioruYioru]

January 15, 2024F95

This game has a pirate theme, and the plot is about a princess who ends up suffering a “shipwreck” and ends up in a village,
she is in search of her father, and will do anything to find him, even become a pirate!

Thread Updated: 2023-11-20
Release Date: 2023-11-19
Developer: YioruYioruPatreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
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2DCG, Animated, Big Tits, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Humiliation, Internal View, Rape, RPG, Sexual Harassment, Slime, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Ntr, Oral sex, Lesbian, Monster, Group sex, Turn based combat
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1. Extract and run.
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– 2 New Events on Oasis with Kaidus
-Content with story progress on Arena
-12 New Animations (5 for Ashley/7 for Female NPCs)
-Arena Outfit and NPC Reactions
-New Enemys
-Arena will have 10 fighters (4 fights for ashley, and 6 to watch.)
-Each Female participant NPC in the arena will have one or more unique scenes.
-Dungeon Pyramid expanded with Side Quest
-Improvements to some animations.
-Now the bounty hunters will be tracking Ashley’s Ship
-New Npcs added in other places.
-More Extra events (Some of them were added in update which was an unplanned update)
-More NPCs reactions added to the Princess outfit.
-M-ilkM-ilk Island and Extra Events
-Max Level 26
-Quick INN added on Noble PUB.(Now you can spend the night there.)
Note – You can recover the Arena outfit with the purple queen in case you end up losing it. )
-Downview animation scene improved with more frames.
-Some characters have been changed.
-New NPCs, (including the new arena npcs, it only has dialogues with them.)
-Some bug fixes.
Extra: 2 New Events with Mati on Heart Island
  • – New GreenKing Events
  • – Princess Dress
  • – P-eeping Scene and New NPC Girl on Heart Island Sally
  • – New Scenes for Ashley (C-Blow Scene, New Prison One, SleepS-uck)
  • – Expanded Heart Island
  • – New drinks that remove the sleep effect
  • – Make expressions in mirrors
  • – M-ilk System and Events(I will still be improving the reactions of the NPCs.)
  • – New NPCs
  • – Art and frame Improvements in some animations.
  • – Combat Maximum level 20
  • – Option for companion automatic attack
  • EmperGuard SoftLock after the lastevent Fixed
  • Heart Island INN Vicent Dialog Fixed
  • Dwarf cave Dialog Fixed
  • PrincessDress Fixed on B-lowJob Scene Fixed
New GreenKing Event with Mizumi Peeping Scene
New Peeping Event for Sarah at Night
  • The main new combat completely redone from scratch.
  • New Enemys
(Tentacle Plant Monster, BoobS-uck Plant Monster, Fairy Monster,“SlimeKing”)
  • New Wanted – Crazy Cooker – (Available after Kelvin’s arrest.(Carrot Island)
  • Status Menu
(It is possible to check the level of hunger, thirst and sleep in him and also see your level and EXP)
  • Possibility to fight unarmed
  • Torn-clothing in combat
  • L-ewd animations in combat(Almost all enemies have L-ewd animations during combat.)
(Bounty Hunters and Rotten Pirate do not have L-ewd animations in combat.)
  • Possibility to fight naked and walk naked in battle locations.
  • Peeping Scene with Orc Girl
  • Several fixes at various points in the game.
New NPCs
  • Sarah – GranPine Island
  • Jonas- V-Island
  • Hilda – EmperCity Witch House
  • Jay – Emper City Port
  • Mike Dwarf- EmperCity Center
  • Merlyn Brown Star – V-Island Arena
  • Zven The Viking – Carrot Island
  • MasterWet – Emper City Rich District
I hope you guys like it! Remembering that during the updates I will bring more improvements to the combat, this is not the definitive version.

Errors, complaints and anything else please report to me, during this next week I’ll be striving to fix as many things as possible as quickly as possible.


  • Max level is 10 for now but I intend to add more in the future.
(Don’t worry that if you exceed the xp limit, when I add more levels you will automatically level up to the next level.)
  • Previous saves will work.(However, if your save is from an earlier version, such as v0.2 or v0.3, you may have some text problems.)
  • The level system has been reset, so regardless of which save you are in, Ashley will be level one, but you will have your weapons and inventory items working in combat.
To get around this, I created a system that if Ashley is in level 1, the enemies will have their HP reduced so that it will be easier for you to defeat them. In level 2 the enemies will have normal HP and from level 5 on, some enemies will have more HP.
  • Some older saves from v0.2 or v0.3 may have problems with the final battle result TEXT not appearing correctly
  • Unfortunately items classified as accessories such as rings and so on are still not identified in battle, I intend to create an update focused on making them work better in combat.
For those who want to create a new save, this is the best time.

v0.4.6.4 (Christmas Update)

  • Christmas Dress
  • One new scene
  • New Christmas Island Themed(Natal Island: Available after getting the boat)
  • 4 Events in Santa’s factory.
  • 2 Random Sleep Events  in Santa’s factory.
  • New NPC Aragama – Will chase Ashley if she is naked in the night (Emper City – Main District)
  • New NPC Arbor The Centaur WIP(No Sex events)
  • PrisonEscape SoftLock Fixed
v0.4.6.3 Fix
-SexSleepScene Remake
-SideMissionary Scene
(Optional Choice when Default Scene Happens)
-Lyla Peeping Scene
(How to activate the Lyla event:
you need to enter and exit the Granpine INN 2 or3 times.)
New NPC Drakfou Added in Rich District (Outside) and inside Rich INN in the Night


-New Sex Emper Guard Outfit (Still need to add reactions to NPCs)
-New Nursing Animation.
-New events(2- Greenking Events/ 2- Rich INN Events/ 1-Old Man -Granpine/2-Mati/1- Sefrim at Night)
-It is now possible to sleep and have sex with companions in Rich INN.
-Grope Maid Outfit Art Fixed
-Some minor bugs Fixed
-GuardJobDone Bug Fixed
-Fixed Alucard Loop Bug
-GuardJob Outfit Bug Fixed
-Vika Dialogue Fixed
-GuardEvents SoftLock Fixed (Critical)
– HotFix


New A nal Scene (Like Behind Scene)(It will be selectable depending on the event.)
2 Extras events in Old Farm with Greg and another with the Old Farm.
AutoSave Added Optional (It needs to be activated every time you load into the game in the settings menu.)(Saves when the map changes and when the menu is opened.)
More Fixes
Bouncing Tits in dialogs
New Nude Poses
Ass Gro pe Animation
4 Peeping Girls Scenes
Mast. Scene/ShowerScene
New Sex with Another View
Fame System
Orc Island Quests Implemented
Stall Events
Some Sex Dialogs Improved
New NPCs
Prison System Remake with 3 new unique scenes.
More events with the GreenKing and Maid events.
Merchant Ships in the middle of the sea.
AnotherSexScene Animation Improved
and other minor additions.
Note: two extra events have been added (one with the Green King, one with Alucard and Gallery Events Added.)
Maid Events
Rich District
Maid Dress
New Emper Guard Events
4 New animations
New events
Change in the dialogues in the main sex scenes.(Only in INN Boyfriend Scenes)
Hey Guys! A Small Fix Patch!
-Purity Potion Fixed.
-Some Minor Bugs Fixed.
v0.4.3.3  – EXTRAS
– Granpine Island PUB – Random Sex with Old Bill Event in cleaning event
– Greg Blow Scene (Old Man Farm)
– Orc Sex Request Optional (Witch Emper City)
– New PUB Drunk Event with Edward B.
– Change in some NPCs Design. (WIP)
Patch fixing several problems reported in the last few days.
v0.4.2 HotFix
– Critical error when losing at the tutorial of the game fixed.
Some small bugs were fixed.
– Critical and Minor Bugs Fixed!
  • Finau Reaction and Dialog Fixed.
  • Old Man Event Fixed.
  • Bat Scene and Gallery Critical Error Fixed.
Bug Fixes
  • Little Thief quest appearing on quest log, fixed.
  • raft disappearing and causing Softlock on some islands fixed.
  • Kelvin appearing in the raft after arresting him, fixed.
  • Softlock when buying the first event of the blacksmith of Emper CIty in the gallery fixed.
  • Error in Edward’s gallery event fixed.
  • “A”nal option with Old Man added. (GranPine Island).
  • “A”nal option with Bounty Hunter Searcher.
  • Each dwarf in the cave got an extra event. (Total 3)
  • Option to sleep inside the dwarf cave.
Bugs and errors.
  • Npc Duplication on Emper City fixed.
  • “A”nal option with Henrique added. (GranPine Island).
  • New Random Scene with Robert (GranPine Island).
  • Two more new NPCs added in Emper City added.
  • Changed external look of the Noble Pub.
Bugs and errors.
  • Blurred parts of the new sex scene fixed.
  • Endless Grope in Prison bug fixed.
  • Duplicate dialog in Prison fixed. (Blow Scene)
  • Bounty Hunter with Mask error fixed.
  • Nipple Pinching color bug fixed.
I will probably release another patch version in the public release with some new and more elaborate events on the 7th or 8th.
  • More frames were added for some sex scenes and some scenes were sped up.
  • Traveling NPCs added.
  • The difficulty of some enemies was drastically reduced.
  • More NPCs and Noble PUB in Emper City.
  • OrcOrc Island Side Quest and Cave. (It is a very quick quest, nothing complex)
  • Heart Island Expanded with new NPCs. (Only new NPCs and side events were added, I still want to add a big side quest on this island, but I will need a little more time.)
  • New Small Events in Prisons.
  • Companion Affinity checkers added.
  • Some NPCs now react to the type of clothing Ashley wears. (WIP)(Not all NPCs, just some that I consider interesting to add.)
  • Ashley’s reaction now appears in the sex dialogs according to her Desire level. (WIP)
  • Before a scene happens it is possible to remove the internal view by pressing the “left control” key (It is not possible to remove or add during the scene.)
  • Shower Events
  • New events at night in Emper City.
  • Orc Doggy style, Threesome, and Wall Scene Altered.
  • New faces for some scenes. (WIP) (Doggy Style and Missionary according to the level of desire.)
  • Load option added in the Menu.
New Scenes
  • POV “A”nal Scene.
  • POV Threesome Scene.
  • New Sex Scene.
  • Side Blow Job Scene.
  • New Orc Scene.
  • Alternative HandJob Scene.
New Works Events
  • Delivery Job  – 2 more random events.
  • Brothel – 2 more events.
  • Casino – 2 more random events.
  • PUB (EmperCity Port)  – 2 more events.
  • PUB (GranPine Village)  – 1 more random event.
  • Thief Quest – 1 more event.
  • Emper City Weapon Store – 1 more event.
Bug Fix
  • SaveFiles Transfer Bug Fixed (Desktop Version).
  • Slow Companions on Battle Bug Fixed.
  • Carrot Island Battle No Companions Error Fixed.
  • Claude Night Visit Bug Fixed.
  • Emper City PUB Color Bug fixed.
  • Pirate Grope Scene on Carrot Island Bug Fixed
Critical error on the Old Man’s farm – Fixed.
TekoTeko Island Boss Cave Bug – Fixed.
(Patrons Credits Updated.)
  • More 3 new events have been added
Auto Message Skip added.
A key – Skip the message slowly.
S key – Skip the message quickly.
It is now possible to sleep in the farmer’s house on Carrot Island…
  • Granpine Night Bug Fixed.
  • The error of the blinking animation on Buu Island Fixed.
  • Emper City WeaponShop Loop Bug Fixed.
  • 3 new events have been added.
  • Improved wardrobe system.
  • Fixed the problem with the companion menu, now only the ones that are in the area or the group will appear to select. (No more companion spoiler.)
  • Added confirmation when ending a relationship.
  • Brothel Nude Error Fixed.
  • The error of the blinking animation in the castle prisoner scene was fixed.
  • Ashley’s face appearing without body bug in the thief quests fixed.
  • Bug of getting stuck in the castle after doing the first quest fixed.
  • Daggers damage slightly reduced.
  • Miles Stuck INN bug (Granpine Island) fixed.
  • Sleep with Raymond Crash Fixed.
  • Now it is possible to walk diagonally. (Only in Desktop)
  • A slight change in design.
  • Quest Markers Added.
  • Quest Notifications Added.
  • Option to Hide Companions Added.
  • Some enemies have some new attacks. (Only in new saves.)
  • New Weapons. (Daggers Only in new saves.)
  • New Events with (1)Alex, (2)Daniel(GranPine Island), (2)Old Man Farmer.
  • New Companion
  • Moans Added(Optional). (It’s just a test, in the future, I plan to hire some voice actress to do Ashley’s moans… )
New works
  • Bunny Girl Job on Casino. (Emper City)
  • Brothel Work (Emper City)
  • New Weapon Shop Work (Emper City)
  • Pub Work (Emper City Port)
  • Delivery Job (Emper City Port)
  • Thief Job (Granpine Island)
  • Bounty Hunter Missions (For now there are only two missions, due to the complexity of doing them.)
(Note: Over time I will be adding more events to these works…)
News Scenes
  • Tits Job Scene
  • Tits Fuck Scene
  • Hard Scene
  • Minotaur Scene
  • DoggyStyle Minotaur Scene
  • Doggystyle Orc Scene
  • Frontal Missionary Scene
  • Alternative Blow Scene
v0.2.6 Fix
bug fixes and Updated Credits.
Bug Fix


(Some errors have been fixed.)
(Alex Event fixed.)
(Henrique Event fixed.)
(PUB Cleaning Event fixed)
What’s New in VERSION 0.2.5!
Corruption level added to Lewd Diary.
It is now possible to decrease your prison sentence by doing some “services”.
Changes in the level of corruption.
Now the Affinity system works, it is possible to relate to one of your partners. (Subject to change).
Gallery added in the game. (Subject to change).
Hide Dialogues (Message Box) (To hide the dialogs it will be the Q key.)
Extra frames added in some scenes, to make the animation smoother. (As the game progresses I will be improving this.)
New companion added. (He’s a neutral companion and you can’t relate to him, you can find him on GranPine Island in the watchtower.)
Now it is possible for Ashley to remove her panties in the wardrobe.
When starting a new game it is possible to choose between normal mode and adventure mode which adds more enemies and some extra chests.
Angel Feather added with it is possible to teleport out of a dungeon.
New events with Alex, Robert the Blacksmith, Old Man and in the PUB.
Side quest of the goblin base, available after destroying the red flag pirates’ fleet of ships.
There is also a side quest on Buu Island now.
(There are only two side quests, unfortunately they are quick to do, in the future I will work better on the side quests in the game.)
(This version has no Quest to advance the main story, it is a version to bring extra things and improve some things from version 0.2)
* New scenes *
Threesome with Goblins.
DoggyStyle with Goblin.
New Scene when defeated in the Spider Boss area.
Bat Scene(Subject yo change).
Scene on the chair with the Old man.
Wall Scene with Raymond or Robert the Blacksmith.
Missionary with Slime.
Bone Scene.
Some Bugs removed.
Grope Events have been increased.
The maps were slightly auterated and reduced.
Enemies have been replaced, for those who like to avoid battles.
Griding quests removed from main story.
Some enemies now have a stronger version of them.
The version 0.2 saves work in version 0.2.5, but will probably have some conflicts with the game gallery and future skills that the characters have.
First Release
Developer Notes:
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This game has CG scenes and pixel animations.

The battle mode is like Chrono Trigger style.

This is version 0.1 of the game, and I don’t have a specific date to finish it, I leave the demo of the game for you to test!
**As of v0.4.5.1**
For those who are already playing with an existing save, it is possible to fix your Fame in the gallery with the Pirate Ashley event on the right.
(This will look at your choices and put an approximate fame level you should have, It can only be used once.)


Extra: Save

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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