Atrocious Empress BAD END [Final] [Sexecute]
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Atrocious Empress BAD END [Final] [Sexecute]

January 25, 2024F95

In a certain empire, the tyrant Eliade reigned, known as the “Evil Empress” for her brutal and inhumane reign of terror.
Her reign, which seemed to last forever, ends with a coup attempt by the Empress.
The only two options given to the tyrant empress are ‘execution’ or ‘carnal act’.

Thread Updated: 2022-10-25
Release Date: 2022-10-22
Developer: Sexecute DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)
Translator: AceCyclone
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.1 – 25/10/2022
Added New and improved translation. Edited Machine Translation.
Available pre-patched or in a separate patch file to include in your already downloaded Atrocious Empress.


Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Game overview
This work is an event exploration type RPG specialising in extraction.
There are no combat, level up, riddle solving or any other elements that hinder the entertainment value of the game.
The content of the game is that you control the evil empress Eliade and are raped by NPCs.
The character with a heart mark floating above her head is the main event of a lengthy story.
The story progresses by seeing a certain number of these.
However, the main character is the ‘sex tool’ and ‘meat tool’ of the entire population, so he has to talk to NPCs around.
Short H-events occur when you talk to NPCs around the area.
The content of the mob rape changes with each stage of degradation, but when the stage has progressed, all previous mob rape is recollected.
The contents of the mob rape also change with each corruption stage, but you don’t need to collect them all as they are all released to the recollection room.
There is no need to collect them all.
The empress, who was high-flying and arrogant at first, continues to be raped, and her body and mind are corrupted. ……
The story is about the process of her fall.
Translator Notes:
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Here’s the finished edited MTL, let me know if there’s anything wrong, such as bugs, clipped text, or untranslated text.
Things to note:
  • If you download the prepatched version, the volume settings might be too low for you, I had set them at 20% and forgot to change them back before uploading it.
  • I had to re-encrypt the patch with rpgmaker to get it to work, but there still might be something wrong with it. If there’s an issue with the patch, leave a message here and I’ll see if I can fix it.
  • There is a visual bug at the hotel: After doing a certain event at the hotel, the exclamation point that identifies an event will remain. So, if you’re confused as to why that event isn’t activating, it’s a visual bug and the event has already been completed.
To apply the patch, extract the contents into your www folder where your game’s executable is located, and choose to replace the files.
Translation Patch:
Thank you AceCyclone for translating!

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    Atrocious Empress BAD END [Final] [Sexecute]