Azurite Lewd Contract in NTR Guild [Final] [Misokko Company]
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Azurite Lewd Contract in NTR Guild [Final] [Misokko Company]

January 30, 2024F95

This game is about completing dungeons to remove your boyfriend’s curse.
You can party up with two other members of the guild to defeat enemies but they will take advantage of you when you lose a fight.

Enemies can also destroy your clothes and rape you in combat.


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The Evil God Loki — A god infamous for the fact that
he performs nefarious mischief and laughs at suffering people.

Adol, who is the master of the guild that the heroine belongs to
and the heroine’s fiance at the same time, has been cursed by Loki
so that he sleeps forever.

The guild loses most of its members due to the absense
of the guild master. Now only a novice (FMC) and two male members remain…

Will the heroine be able to to disenchant Adol’s curse
while keeping her virginity?

Is NTR avoidable?
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You can avoid NTR by not losing fights, but the game will cuck you either way by not showing you any lewd content if you do.
So.. is it really avoidable? :rolleyes:

Thread Updated: 2022-08-07
Release Date: 2018-03-27
Original Title: Azurite 寝取られギルドの淫らな契約
Developer: Misokko Company – DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Translator: Saikey NTR Studios – DiscordPatreonPixiv
Language: English (MTL)
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2DCG, 2D Game, Female Protagonist, Censored, Oral Sex, NTR, Big Tits, Creampie, Vaginal Sex, Sexual Harassment, Rape
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1.Install the Japanese language pack.
2. Run a Japanese locale emulator or just run a Japanese locale.
3. Extract and run.
Japanese Locale Instructions
Combat Fix: Here

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    Azurite Lewd Contract in NTR Guild [Final] [Misokko Company]