Back to the Roots [v0.20 Public] [The Priceless Beam]

Back to the Roots [v0.20 Public] [The Priceless Beam]

June 12, 2024F95

You will play as a guy who left his hometown and became very rich. But money can’t warm the soul. He realized that something important in his life was next to him, always.
Fate heard him. His created application was stolen and he was left with nothing. The only thing he has left is a chance to restore everything as it was before.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-12
Release Date: 2024-06-12
Censored: No
Version: 0.20 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Ahegao, Big Tits, Big Ass, Groping, Handjob, Oral sex, Incest, Masturbation, Vaginal sex, Romance, Voyeurism, Creampie, Sandbox, Rpg, Mobile game, Footjob, Anal sex, Titfuck, Black mail, Sex toys, Spanking
Planned:  Group sex, Harem, Virgin, Exhibitionism, Bdsm, Lesbian, Pregnancy, Cheating
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1. Extract and run BacktotheRoots.exe.
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– Added 120+ images
– Added 18 animations
– Reworked animations to Yui’s repeatable scene #3 during day time
– New location – Private club
UI changes:
– Narrator text color and style is changed
– Gallery not unlocked counter (Overall and for each girl)
– New notify transition
– Now if dialogue or menu choice appear, any house map will disappear
– Added several icons to notepad to separate hint and an indicator that tells you about uncompleted repeatable scenes
– Repeatable scenes now display with different color comparing to quests in the menu dialogues
– Reworked notepad UI code and remaining gallery code
– Minor changes to other UI code
– Reworked UI for change relationship in notepad
Compressed and android versions.
I’ve come up with a different approach to compressing images and animations. Now the size of compressed versions (android) will be smaller, but the quality will be a bit higher than was before. In a future (or after 0.21) update, I will work on a regular version. It’s size could be reduced by +-30-35%, while maintaining 99% of the quality.
Other changes:
– Small changes to code part
– Compressed most of the audio maintaining its quality (almost)
– Added ambience to some quests
– Added 116 images
– Fixed some misc. images being in low quality
– Fixed bug when girl’s gallery window won’t disappear on close
– Added 141 images
– Added 23 animations
– Some old variables will be changed to new ones when the save is loaded
Gallery code revamp (2/2)
– Reworked most of the gallery code
– Added several UI features to gallery
– Maintainability of gallery has been improved
– Added 165+ images
– Several hints bug fixes
Gallery code revamp (1/2)
– Several old bugs were fixed
– Added missing girls to gallery/scroll
– Placeholders for upcoming changes
– Added 120+ images
– Added 12 animations
– Added 5 Sina’s repeatable scenes
– Several gallery bug fixes
– Some android bugs were fixed
– Game size improvements (2/3)
– Added 164+ images
– Added 5 animations
– Several fixes for new hint system
– Game size improvements (1/3)
– Added 150+ images
– Added 13 animations
Hint system has been reworked.
Now for each character they are checked and assigned depending on the current game moment, not the quest in which they were assigned earlier.
NOTE: I tried my best to check everything, but it’s hard to catch each bug. If you see anything weird with hints – please report it.
– Character name colors have been slightly changed to improve visibility on the black namebox background
– Several bug were fixed
– Several improvements to game size. A slight reduction in game size is possible in future updates
– Added 175+ images
– Added 25 animations
– Added new location – Dorm
– Several bug fixes
– Added placeholders for harem hints and 2 new characters
– Added 205+ images
– Added 30 animations
– Several bug fixes
– Several UI changes
NOTE: After thinking about android version creation, I came to the conclusion to leave only version, with compressed images will be the best option. Since the game engine has limited capacity to 2Gb, reduce size without affecting quality with each update will be increasingly difficult.
If at any point you feel the quality is too low, please report it.


– Added 175+ images
– Sophie is now available at work
– Several minor bug fixes
– Several UI changes
– Several writing fixes
– Reworked the code and rewards while working (at work and home PC)
– Added an About Her section to the notebook where various quotes from the MCs about the girl will be added during the story
– Added 180+ images
– Added 32 animations
– Fixed bug with quest about work on Lina’s costumes
– Several fixes for hints
– Several UI changes
– Text is enlarged in some places on android version
– Added 220+ images
– Added 12 animations
– New character & new location
– Fixed a bug with Mia (it was available only from Monday to Wednesday)
– Fixed a bug with quest where MC fix his computer. It was available before it was supposed to be, and then mc’s hint was overwritten
GUI Changes:
– Redesigned backgrounds for dialog, character name, choices, stats on top left.
– Now if you have already visited a repeatable scene, there will be a check mark to the left of the option when you re-select the character dialog menu
– Quick menu has been slightly redesigned
– Skipping indicator has been fixed and redesigned
– Added indicator to the notepad indicating that there is at least one girl with an unfinished main storyline/has available repeatable scenes
– Reworked the icons of the girls in the notepad (and small icons on the minimap)
– Added button hover sound
— In case the sound is unpleasant/annoying to you – added an option to turn it off.
NOTE: I changed text size for android version. If at some points text is not readable or there are visual bugs – please feel free to report it.
– Added 275+ images
– Added 24 animations
– Fixed a bug when using Quick save.
– Added MC name change.
– Toggle buttons are now displayed correctly.
– Added 230+ images
– Added 44 animations
– Added 5 new home scenes (Yui)
– Lina and Sina’s are now absent at Tuesday/Thursday after work.
– Added icons indicating that the main story line still has unfinished quests and that not all repeatable scenes have been completed.
– Added 215+ images
– Added 28 animations
– Added 8 new home scenes (Hina, Aoi)
– Some old animations have been fixed.
– Now, if an event is triggered in room, it will display an exclamation mark icon on it.
– Several UI changes.
– Several bugs were fixed
– Added 300+ images
– Minigame was removed. A lot of people were complaining that minigame got in the way a lot. In fact, it was of little use in the game, so take it down. In the future it will be replaced by an extended scene where the MC will interact with different girls while working.
– Mia/Lina and Sina’s homes have been added.
– Gallery has been fixed so that it now depends on persistent data rather than saves.
– Lots of UI improvements
– Lots of minor bugs were fixed
– Added 250+ images
– Added 23 animations
– 3 new characters – Stacey, Emi, Lily
Major UI changes:
– Player now moves using new Home minimap. It also shows girl’s icon if she is in the room.
– Changed interaction with girls. Now player should click on girl’s icon above her to interact.
– Lots of repeatable scenes were added to characters and actions in home. Most of them have level of scene.
– Adjusted information about girls. For Hina, Aoi and Yui player now can change their relationships.
– Added replay gallery.
– Added Home and Work PCs. They give access to work/play game/gallery.
– Added minigame for work.
– Lots of changes and improvements to different scenes
– Adjusted story after mc wake up to fill important untold moments.
– Reworked Akari sex scene
New application arc preparation:
– Increased default money reward by 2.
– Increased default app readiness/per 1 job by 4.
– After reaching 3% of an app readiness money reward and app readiness/per 1 job will be increased by 2. Gap 15%.
– Added 450+ images
– Added 30 animations
– New character – Jane
– Lots of minor tweaks to all scenes
– Slightly reworked all characters
– Audio changes. A lot of music and sounds have been added and changed
– Interface changes. Many small changes. The scene with love/lust points change is now in the form of a pop-up notification.
– Converted images to webp. As a result reduced game size (-65%).


+8 new events
+9 new animations
– Home arriving and First talk with Aoi events were completely rewritten
– UI changes. Reworked map, scroll and stats. New areas on map.
– A lot of dialogues have been redone and corrected. (But the work isn’t over yet)
– Audio. A lot of different music has been added, which changes depending on the environment.
– A lot of minor improvements and bugs fixed. Also fixed relationships with Aoi, Hina, and Yui.
– Initial Release

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