Bare Backstreets [v0.7.4] [Jasonafex]

Bare Backstreets [v0.7.4] [Jasonafex]

June 23, 2024F95

BBS is a high-octane side-scrolling brawler packed to the brim with adults-only content. Every enemy you encounter is out for you in more ways than one. Tackle 6 unique stages ranging from the corrupt underbelly of the city, to the tropical jungle and it’s hidden ancient prophecy.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-23
Release Date: 2024-06-20
Developer: Jasonafex PatreonWebsiteTwitterDiscordYouTubeTwitchItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Combat, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Furry, Monster, Side-scroller, Platformer, Gay
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.7.4 Update June 20th
Patch Notes:
•  Temporarily removed Lovense support – This is NOT a permanant change, it was just so broken I could not in good faith release it in its current state. (Yes the button is still there.)
• Reworked most UI menus
• Reworked enemy AI system
• Reworked character physics
• Reworked animation system
• Removed some sloppy game logic that was causing slowdowns (more to come)
• Added new custom handler for game and UI events.
• Nerfed the Hornets – They will now fire in bursts of 3, and then enter a cooldown for 3 seconds)
• Added back enemy Domination (this might be buggy, just warning you)
• Fixed bugs related to enemies disappearing randomly, after sex, and after being hit
• Arenas will now actually animate their walls, and the walls work as intended! No more out of bounds enemies!
• Arena waves are limited to 3 minutes, to counteract any potential out of bounds enemies that may occur.
• NPCs turn to face you, and can have their clothes destroyed. (Though if they die, they will respawn, and you will collide with them. For now you can dash to get through them)
• Gallery should have functional pallete selectors now.
Well, this is Koy signing off, I’ll see you guys next month for more fixes and updates! (Including x32 and Mac versions)
v0.7.3 Update March 17th
• Added Lovense functionality and setup instructions (Enable from main menu)
• Added support for the itch IO updater (Alternative way to update your game)
• Implemented FPS counter accessible by pressing `
• Fixed Kobold sex scene B not appearing in gallery
• Added shadows to player/enemies
• Credits screen now supports wide screen
• Added fast forward button to credits screen
• Fixed fire placement and hitbox hurting the player too quickly (Now takes 1.5 seconds)
• Implemented Pooling API and Texture Optmization
• Fixed Gidigt Clothing layers beneath despite no combat damage/not dissapearing
• Fixed placement of some animations in gallery
• Fixed player character missing voicelines on game over screen
• Fixed AI softlock after escaping sex scene (or when initiated)
• Fixed Bushes/Grass decorations moving again when you move past them
• Fixed Upward jumping velocity gets immediately interrupted by walls when holding forward (Should go up)
• Enemies now play their crouch frame briefly when getting back up
• Player now has a 0.5 second invincibility window after taking damage (Prevents damage stacking)
• Converted enemies into spawn groups
• Added Werelizard sex scene B (Verge/Gen/Jade)
• Added new Cave stage variant + music track
• Mimics now have a reveal animation when you get too close
• Reworked AI for most enemies (Now have a detection radius before triggering aggression)
• Huntress will now hop backwards to avoid the player before firing her bow
• Reworked combat particle effects
• Fixed text being flipped in the gallery on SFW mode
• Fixed Werelizard spit clipping into the ground
• Fixed hard crash when quitting from debug stage
• Fixed audio bug that occurs after collecting 5 J symbols
• Fixed Gidgit’s helmet on training stage being uncolored
• Fixed loading screen softlock when restarting a stage
• Fixed delay on Munchy spit sound
• Fixed hornet looping sound effect
• Fixed Snu-Snu snake beam only working on the right
• Music now fades smoothly between arena transitions
• Winning the areana now prompts you to open the chest reward
• Fixed end of level portal for all characters
• Added button to credits screen that doubles the scrolling speed
• Improved performance of enemy AI
• Fixed a sliding issue when dashing or rolling on slopes
• Reduced ending lag on Verge’s up attack
• Fixed getting hit during an NPC interaction causing a softlock
• Improved audio balancing
• Jade now plays the majority of her sound effects and voicelines
• Removed overlapping sound triggers from Snoggler/Huntress
• Added new bouncing sound effects
• Fixed Gen’s drill kick multi-hit property
• Fixed Verge’s butt slam freezing on impact or when performed too close to the ground
• Fixed projectiles disappearing early
• Fixed weapons clipping out of Jade’s hand during a double jump
• Fixed roll distance going further than intended on slopes
• Fixed Jade getting stuck on walls (She now slides down)
• Fixed Jade getting stuck on the corner of platforms
• Fixed Jade doing a counter attack after taking damage
• Fixed Jade landing at a weird angle from her roll glitch
• Fixed Jade’s bomb explosion not rendering properly
• Fixed flinch animation lasting longer than intended
• Fixed attack button sometimes not working
• Piranha Plants hitbox moved e earlier in his animation
• Jade no longer plays her jump sound again when leaving a platform
• Crouch jabs no longer break after spamming slide kick
• Nerfed Gen’s knee momentum and slide distance
• Verge now correctly plays his dash voiceline
• Finished import of Verge/Gen sprite cleanup
• Fixed one frame of Jade’s panties rendering black during her jump
• Fixed enemies dieing too easily when knocked down in the Arena.
• Fixed visibility on a broken platform
V 0.6.3 (June 15/2021 – Week 50)
• New Enemy – Kobold
• New NPC – Kane
• New S*x Scene
• New Area – Gym
• New Music – Training Stage
• New Tutorial System
• New Dialogue System
• New Portraits
• Cycling Entity Spawners
• Reworked Debug Stage
• Integrated Graphics Support
• Added Anti-Aliasing
• Audio Balancing
• Many Bug Fixes
– Removed h.264 videos and replaced them with image sequences to fix a crash related to failing to load video files.
– Fixed a loading issue with platforms that caused invisible platforms/crash on stage load
– Fixed flickering on z buffer platforms
– Fixed music bugs during arena fights
– Fixed crates breaking in water causing water to feeze
– Fixed attacks being slow after being stunned
– Fixed shield not blocking sex scenes or grabs
– Fixed terrain filler props rendering over particle effects
– Fixed a SFW mode softlock after being defeated
– Fixed wires not hanging from platforms
– Fixed game over black screen
– Fixed spikes doing too much damage to clothing
– Fixed incorrect amount of clothing on hard mode
– Fixed hitbox being reversed after stun
– Hard and Bareback Difficulties now have more lives
• New collectibles
• New status effects
• New particle effects
• New werewolf sex scene
• Sprite cleanup
• Many bug fixes
• New enemy – Snu-Snu Snake
• Water added to stages
• New hazards
• New s*x scene
• New environmental graphics
• Expanded debug room
• Post Effects toggle added to video menu.
• Damage and Stun System rework
• Reworked loading sequence
• Misc bug fixes
• Major performance improvements
• Changed build architecture to 32-bit.
• Increased stamina regen.
• Reflected projectiles now damage enemies.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes.
• Added Big Gunt
• Added backwards dash
• Added score screen
• Added input binding
• Added gameplay settings menus
• Added character select navigation with controller controls
• Added XP system
• Added damage text indicators
• Added uppercut knockup effect
• Added period of nontargeting when re/spawning
• Added camera and sprike shaking on impacts
• Added N/SFW visual element in gameplay HUD
• HUD is now deactivatable
• Updated menus and UI
• Updated login screen
• Updated particle effects
• Updated character and enemy stats
• Updated sounds
• Updated respawn effect
• Replaced blinking-out deaths with death’splosions!
• Tweaked sex minigame
• Tweaked shading on sprites
• No need to login back in after first playthrough
• SFW mode now plays SFW background in game over scene
• Reduced ram requirements
• Reduced build size requirements
• Windowed/fullscreen setting bug fixed
• Shading/color flickering bug fixed
• Many misc bug fixes
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An optimization Patch has been released:
• Red Werewolves now spawn as per usual
• Fixed a bug where Genesis would use the wrong portrait when spawning
• Removed AnyPortrait dependency ( GPU lag )
• Removed Amplify Shader dependency (Redundant with a new version of Unity)
• Removed Bolt dependency
• Missing voice acting and sound effects have been fixed
• Controllers are now detected automatically upon first input on menus
• Build is now much smaller file-size wise after culling unused assets.
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New Features:
• Genesis, our first female playable character
• A second playable stage, themed around Autumn with it’s own music track
• Character Select Screen, with new options such as being able to pick your starting level
• Animated Character Pinups that you can strip via changing the difficulty
• Pallet support, including a silver skin for Vergence
• Sex Scenes are now layered to support additional palettes
• Core engine rebuilt from the ground up for better performance
  • Bolt has been removed from the project and replaced with C# code. As a result, the game is much more stable.
  • Unified the navigation system, now all Creatures use the A* Pathfinding system instead of separate systems for Land and Flying Creatures.
  • Pixel Perfect component has been added to the Main Camera. This reduces the artifacts in the level tiles.
  • Switched from Object based Creatures to Component based, reducing the number of objects present in normal gameplay.
  • Animation frames are now represented by a single object instead of an object per frame
  • Platforms have been simplified and improved for easier jumping from below and dropping from above
  • Sound playback has been adjusted to allow for different sounds for different Creature Variants
  • UI Elements are now separated based on use I.E. Game Elements such the HUD and Pause Menu now only exist in the game levels rather than just be invisible.
Gameplay Changes:
• Mimics have been added to the public build.
• Finishing a stage will take you to the other stage before ending the game.
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Password: 3 9 6 1
Latest Password – 3 9 6 1
Login Password: gg4x07
Offline PIN: 2794
Updated password 2021-06-16:
Win x64

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