Bare Boob Brawlerz: Power Claw [Final] [X-MiGuPLAY, LLC]
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Bare Boob Brawlerz: Power Claw [Final] [X-MiGuPLAY, LLC]

January 17, 2024F95

BBB is a SciFi Nudie Fighter. It features 2 different fighting game modes! This is causal & meant to be taken light heartedly. It’s perfect for playing during that down time between your triple A FPS rounds that is causing all those problems in your life. So, take a break… have a fap, X-Migu PLAY is back!

Thread Updated: 2023-12-15
Release Date: 2019-11-27
Developer: X-MiGuPLAY, LLC Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3DCG, 2D Game, Animated, Adventure, Graphic Violence, Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Female protagonist, Sci-fi, Simulator
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1. Extract and run.
Developer Notes:
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Back after 1.7 yizzears with another JUG-o’naut title! BBB: Power Claw! See the game play video to get a feel for this game! Fight through 20 levels of ‘side scrolling boobling brawler brutality’ and engage in several 1 on 1 boss battles as you take control of four different topless brawlers in this … uh … brawler. This is a one player game that celebrates the only physics that matter at the end of the day. Bare Boob Brawlerz plays with a retro feel and is meant to be enjoyed humorously and CASUALLY.  Don’t buy it if you are expecting a $60 triple A fighting game. I mean seriously.

Thank you Omo Perouse for sharing the game!

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    Bare Boob Brawlerz: Power Claw [Final] [X-MiGuPLAY, LLC]