Behind the Dune [v2.35.9] [David Balsamique]
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Behind the Dune [v2.35.9] [David Balsamique]

January 9, 2024F95

The opening statement needs two corrections. First, the novel Dune was written by Frank Herbert. Second, the 1984 movie was directed by David Lynch. Set in the distant future amidst a feudal interstellar society in which noble houses, in control of individual planets, owe allegiance to the Padishah Emperor, Dune tells the story of young Paul Atreides, whose noble family accepts the stewardship of the desert planet Arrakis.
As this planet is the only source of the “spice” melange, the most important and valuable substance in the universe, control of Arrakis is a coveted — and dangerous — undertaking. The story explores the multi-layered interactions of politics, religion, ecology, technology, and human emotion, as the forces of the empire confront each other in a struggle for the control of Arrakis and its “spice”.

Thread Updated: 2023-07-24
Release Date: 2023-07-21
Developer: David Balsamique SubscribStarWebsitePortfolioTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 2.35.9
OS: Windows, Android, Flash
Language: English
Pinups: Here
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2DCG, Male Protagonist, Parody, Sci-fi, Animated, Management, Mobile Game, Mind Control, MILF, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Group Sex, Lesbian, Bukkake, Teasing, Big Tits, Incest, Loli, Interracial, Titfuck, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Harem, Humor, Lactation
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1- Extract the compiled file
2- Unzip and run .swf
Note for the phone players: If AdobeAir doesn’t install automatically, you can download it here:
Wait 15 seconds, it will download automatically.
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I added an uncensored version of that draw, in Duncan’s camera, and corrected minor bugs.
In this update, I have included a relax illustration to introduce the porn scene that was added last month. And for those who have already seen everything, just try out the SWF attached, which features the animated/clickable version of that new illustration.
-For those who are new to that update, get ready to enjoy gardening on Arrakis! If you have a previous save, just go buy a bulb to the smuggler.
-Detail: In the Scene Menu, the second commentators is now randomized. However, Baron Harkonnen stays because he has the best lines.
-Jessica’s nurses baby Alia… and eventually Paul.
-2 GILF scenes in the story with the housekeeper if Paul had sex with the Reverend Mother.
I have finished to color the sketched quest you saw last month in Behind The Dune. In total, there are 5 new animations and 2 illustrations.
A patreon has suggested that Paul’s butt should disappear when clicked in the Irulan end. It’s done so you have a better view.
-Shadout mapes (the housekeeper) won the poll. She now has a sex scene if you save her from the attack.
-Her face is a bit improved, and after the attack, she can wear a stillsuit (use the mirror on her).
-An adult version of Alia is visible in the first prescience vison. She is animated (Click her pelvis).
-One more scene with Sabibah (scare Fremen), to extend the previous pee scene.
-Sabibah’s face is improved in her vaginal scene.
-New photo in Duncan’s camera. Find the traitor to see it (or just check the scene menu).
-Mirror item to talk about the appearance of interlocutors. The choices are better arranged throughout the game.
Chani can change her outfit when she likes Paul (show her the mirror).
-The Reverend Mother has improved. She can be fully undressed if she likes Paul. She can also wear other clothes. You can click her hood to remove it.
Many Dialog corrections. Jessica was sometimes not saying the right things after the credits. I continue to improve the other dialogs to make the game more fluid.
-The walkthrough is here. The comments are allowed on that GoogleDoc if you have suggestions.
-The sandtrout scene with Anbarin has one more animated shot.
-The end where Paul marries Irulan changed. It has 3 versions: with Harah, Chani or Jessica. The previous version is available only in the Scenes menu.
-The face of Jessica is improved in her old riding scene, same for Yueh but less obvious (watch the attached the comparisons).
-The GPS on the map is back. Click the button.
-I mention the Alia scene you can see on my Pixiv. It’s not in the game for the moment, but on another plateform it will be.
These scenes were weak points that were bothering me a lot. Now they are gone. I hope you will like that too.
… If somebody tells me “Jessica’s face was better before”, I will contain my rage 🙂 .
-The 8 illustrations of last month are colored: 7 photos by Duncan + the hugg of Jessica.
-The interpretation of the wedding vision is more open (Blad Runner unicorn way 🙂 ). It’s now after the game, as a bonus. To unlock it, you need the scenes with the cooperative Jessica (boobjob, handjob, hugg) and select the end she asks. Wait a day.
-Detail: You can ask her to change her haircut, after the credits. I explore that kind of feature for later.
I have 2 details to add to feel the game good enough before starting a new game:
-The actual blowjob of Irulan is ugly (no?), and not fitting anymore with the optional new lines of Jessica. I’m thinking of a better end.
-The scene with Anbarin being caught by sandtrout stops abruptly. I will add a view on her jiggling pumped pussy.
-New long scene with Jessica. For the moment, it will happen automaticaly a few hours after her handjob scene in the water tank.
-New choice at the end: “Yes, but be my queen instead, Jessica”. If you showed interest but did not use too much the Voice on her, you’ll have an illustration (sketched).
-New item: a camera. It can have a total of 7 new pictures (sketched), many after the end of the game.
-The scene of Jessica riding Paul is back. Just click on “Other angle” in the actual version.
-When I improved the boobs of the Reverend Mother, I forgot the nipple slips option. It’s back. Touch them 8 times.
Some people had only a black screens with the previous version. I guess it was because of the fullscreen method. I changed it. It’s not automaticly fullscreen now.
-Some bonuses of the Harkonnen end are now available with all the ends.
-New angle for the blowjob of the Fremen, Jessica, Irulan, the smuggler and Harah helped by Yueh.
-The content of the “scene menu” has to be unlocked little by little. The percentage of unlocked scenes is like a score/challenge (cheat mod : Click the top of the tower to activate cheats/unlock gallery ).
-The medicale examination of Paul, by Dr. Yueh is colored/animated.
-The handjob by Lady Jessica in the water tank is colored/animated.
Anal is possible with the Reverend Mother (Happens after trying the Voice on her).
-The Reverend Mother’s boobs are improved in the dialogues (They are not a block anymore).
-Better Blowjob for Anbarin. It’s a template that will be used for many characters (click on Paul’s dick to make it transparent… maybe i should do that kind of option more often).
-Story detail: Leto reacts when he sees the picture of Lady Jessica boobjobing Paul.
-The scene about the making of the Water of Life is finished. Includes a sex scene and a scrolling picture of Khaira.
-Pee scene with Sabibah improved. Better draw, more animated.
-Sketch for Yueh doing the medical exam of Paul.
-Sketch for trying the Voice on the Reverend Mother longer.
-Sketch for a sex scene with Jessica in the water tank (the boobjob scene is necessary to see that one… We dig the subject).
-Some players hate the pieces of shit in some anal scenes. In the communication, there is a button to remove them.
-The sex scenes about sandtrout with Chani and Anbarin is finished (I think it deserves one more close-up though).
-New quest to make the Water of Life.
-The sex scene about that quest (with Khaira and Stilgar) is sketched.
Big illustration with Bene Gesserit people (RM, Alia, Jessica, gard) to illustrate the deaths with the Gom-Jabbar test, and also when you tease Stilgar too much. Took me a while but good result I think.
-The examination of Harah’s breasts is animated.
-Chani’s sex scene has one more screen (touch between her legs… I think it’s kind of funny).
-The Fremen leaders have new boobs animations. They move separately now, it was a block before.
-For Harah’s boobjob, the red button on her outfit works, so you can see her boobs.
-The bug making you lose the questions dialogues is fixed.
-The spice appears in the desert, depending on its amount. Living sandrouts can appear too.
New quest about sandtrouts is sketched.
-New little quest with Harah.
-Sketch of Yueh playing with Harah’s boobs.
-Jessica being stalked while sleeping.
-Yueh’s shower scene.
-Yueh’s sexy punishment.
-Paul dying bitten by Lady Jessica is illustrated (use the voice about 6 times on her).
-Sketch of Chani showing her pussy before her sex scene.
-You can travel in the desert even if you did not found a sietch around (The spice in the sand will be improved later). Useless for the gameplay so far, you just can see sandworms more easily.
-A new version of Jessica riding Paul. You can watch it in the Scenes menu (You saw it on my page last month).
-I continued the story of Alia.
-A map with a new system of harvest: better gameplay and more animations.
-3 New characters and new storylines (Harah, the Harkonnen’s captain, Alia).
-About 35 more sexy scenes (I confess 10 are “just” reskinned animations).
-A save function. The game saves your progress when you click on “Quict(auto save)”. You also have an extra save with the “Save/Load” option.
-The game works on Android phones. It has a non-porn mode to play in public 🙂
– Game is available in SWF format
-10 pages of english mistake found by Hamlet. It’s supposed to be a 99% clean. We used this weird/funny version where you can read all the comments of the characters. If you find a mistake, don’t hesitate to message me.
-Sex scene with Irulan. Easy to have at the end of the game.
-The face of Anbarin corrected in her vaginal scene.
-You can put your head between the Guild ambassador’s tits.
-There is a dialogue/quest to have sex with Zakiya (Hint in the picture).
-The post credit moment had quite some work. You know there is 6 ends to the game so it has 6 different situations now (locations and dialogues change). I share with you the script if you are not crazy enough to try them all ;p .
-The Harkonnen’s end has now Alia catching her family having sex.
-Loading screen with advices when you start the game. The most useful is to ask for Duncan’s opinion in front of a lady to know how to have sex with her (he has new lines).
-Press a key to hide or restore the interface (or menu button on phone). Press spacebar to be in full screen or window mode.
You can consider that update like my last “big” update for Behind the Dune. In march, I take decisions on what’s next. It will be Vega Hunters OR the sexy Choose your Adventure app. I need to meet the colleagues.
On BTD, I will correct what has to be corrected depending on what I find, and depending on your feedbacks. Like: Did the “hide Interface” and “fullscreen” options worked for your device ? Did that bring unexpected problems for your device ?
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No new stories. Just polishing.
Vaginal sex scene for the 4 Fremen and the smuggler. Jessica’s one is updated to have an ahegao face. You have these scenes after their “romance moment”: Khaira’s quizz, giving the krysnife to the right Fremen, share water with Sabibah,etc…
-Shower scene with Harah and Chani: bring both of them to the palace. As usually, push the bathroom logo when it’s red (The baron explains it).
-Animation showing the years passing after the credits.
-Details like english corrections, arranged dialogue options or the right haircut/eye color for Lady Jessica in her boobjob scene.
You can see the new content in the scene menu if you are lazy.
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-2 new sex scenes in jail. Harah and Chani.
-Khaira now have a dialogue to lead to her handjob.
-The 4 Fremen leaders can smile now.
-Details like the companions were cutting cinematics texts, comments of the captain, or Harah appears as a concubine in the sex scene where Irulan is married to Paul.
-Correct the english of the last scenes.
-Chani and Harah in the shower.
-Re-use the new vaginal animation with other characters (smuggler!).
-Dialogues to justify Zakiya’s anal scene and the captain sex scene.
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UPDATE: loop bug at the end and disappearing captain corrected.
Guide: Arrows on the map helps to know where to go for the main quest. I don’t think you can be blocked now.
-The game already has an autosave function, but now you have 1 slot in the SAVE/LOAD menu. Easier to explore possibilities.
-Jessica, Duncan, the captain and Chani have 1 more expression in dialogues.
-The ghola of the sardaukar captain is buyable.
-Followed buy the captain(ghola), you can go in Arrakeen when you want.
-Not finished sex scene with Harah in the new jail.
-Coitus with Jessica and the captain.
-Details: Alia’s red button work in the lollipop scene. Interface is less heavy. Holophone pranks when Paul infiltrates the Harkonnens. Lot of english corrected (not on the infiltration of Arrakeen). The bug that prevents to convince Stilgar with the help of the ghola Duncan or Leto is solved, you don’t HAVE TO kill him now.
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-The safe for work scene for the awakening of the ghola is done. So the game can 100% be played at work.
-Shower with Irulan and Alia available, when they are both in the palace.
-Alia eats a lollipop after you found them somewhere in the palace.
-Vaginal sex done for the Reverend Mother, try the voice on her (I remind you that she accepts to follow you, now. So you can save her from the palace attack).
-Vaginal sex with Harah is ready too.
-60% of the english is corrected… i’m late because I thought we would have time too finish today.
I worked on making the path to the end more fluid (better key dialogues). I also worked on Jessica’s sex menu to make it more coherent when you chose the Harkonnen end.
The game should be good enough at the end of november. It will be time to think about showing it to the world and replace the 2016’s version.
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-The introduction scene showing the space travel is back in the game.
-The storyline changes a bit to have a better rythm (Mainly visions happen at better moments, the water reserves are unlocked when Stilgar is your friend, the attack of Arrakeen depends on other events).
-The baron, at the holo, will tell you how to see: The Reverend Mother taking a shower with Jessica, and the smuggler with the Harkonnen captain. You can eventualy guess on your own how to see them.
-The sietches are more crowded when a troop is there. It’s more alive. There are harvesters outside.
-The Reverend Mother and Jessica were stuck in their room because their sex scene had only one background. I did the missing pictures, so they are now free to follow Paul everywhere.
-When a Fremen had sex with Paul, she does not close her stillsuit after you pushed the red button.
-The non-porn version works (except the ghola’s awakening is not finished).
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-Paul’s followers can comment now
  Duncan leads to sex scene
  Chani is too nice, Harah is not
  The SCENES menu is commented by Vladimir Harkonnen!
-Revenge end (sex with the 6 Fremen): Kill the Baron and the Emperor.
-End with Leto becoming emperor (sex with Jessica+Irulan): Make Leto a ghola.
-Irulan’s boobs moves when dressed.
-Kill Stilgar storyline opportunity: Use the Voice on 2 Fremen.
-Correct the bad english with a native speaker friend.
-Put the animated introduction in space.
-Finish the non-porn version so I can show my mom what I do of my days
-Improve the extras when the story is finished
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-The Harkonnen ending is colored.
-An improved version of the smuggler riding Paul. Just pay her services one after the other.
-Long sex scene with the Guildian Ambassador when you reach an average harvest of 5t/day.
-A new window/tutorial helps to understand the rewards you had by harvesting well.
-Sketch of the Fremen harem ending (Kill the baron AND the Emperor to see it).
-The followers stopped disappearing in sietch Tabr.
-Two Lady Jessica appearing at the same time.
-Continue replacing the sketches.
-Add the followers’ dialogues.
-Correct the english mistakes.
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-3 animated draws for the spicehololic Irulan, near the end.
-Sketch added to the Harkonnen Ending.
-After the Harkonnens take back Arrakis, their harvest troop will be there.
-Legendary Music made by Stéphane Picq added!!!
-The softcore part (picture and text) of all the endings.
-The sex scene of the Harkonnen ending (At the end, say you’ll kill the Empror and the Baron, then agree with the baron).
-The sex scene of the original book ending (Don’t take Leto as a ghola, kill the Baron and marry Irulan to have her BJ).
Blowjob and ridding of Jessica after you use the voice 4 times on her.
Titfuck of Irulan.
Don’t forget you can see the sexual scenes in the menu “SCENES”, and also the “cheat” in clicking the smuggler’s tower.
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Remade stuffs:
Anal sex with Jessica after you buy a ghola.
Vision with the Baron, the Emperor, the Guild and Irulan.
The final battle animation.
What is new:
Spice orgy illustration.
Birth of Alia illustration.
Lady Jessica milks when you touch her nakes boobs, after you lose the castle.
Alia, baby, can talk to you.
3 Sketchs of Irulan’s new sex scene, at the end.
The scenes menu is done, so you can have a look to each porn scene… which means you can check the new scenes without playing.
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Remade stuffs:
-Spice harvesters available. It brings interest to the gameplay. And Zakiya will want one to work with you.
-A knife hidden in a sietch unlocks Anbarin’s sex scene.
-The Voice is available against the Fremen leaders.
-Quizz to have a concubine, after the Arrakeen attack.
New stuffs:
-Harah dialogue and boobfuck. It’s the only full new scene. I attached it to that message.
-Spice orgy sketched. A moment is very large so you can scroll the scene.
-Sketch of Lady Jessica giving birth to her daughter.
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-The harvesting spice system works! With a lively planet and goal system.
Harah, the widow. No big dialogue yet.
-Harkonnen soldier pussy licking.
-Lady Jessica just bathing with Paul.
Guild ambassador with improved face.
Chani, no big dialogue yet.
-Chani’s romance scene.
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There are 4 more converted sex scenes (The picture tells everything):
-The smuggler showing pussy.
-The 4 Fremen main sex scenes are all there now.
-The Harkonnen soldier blowjob.
And 2 new story animations:
-The attack of Arrakeen with way better designed soldiers.
-A sandworm riding to remind the 1992 Dune game
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-In the communication room, you can chat with Irulan that can show boobs, or the Baron.
-The smuggler has new boobs. More 3D.
-A minute after you meet the Fremen with short hair, you have the vision of Jessica having hardcore sex.
-Pee scene of Sabibah.
-Boobjob of Jessica. You can do it as many times as you want. Jessica can follow you everywhere.


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