Bonds of Blood Chapter One [v1.0] [Svengali Productions]
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Bonds of Blood Chapter One [v1.0] [Svengali Productions]

January 22, 2024F95

– In a sinister world, where monsters of all types prowl the night,
you are one such creature who hunts down those who are foolish enough to break the city’s laws.

– This game throws you into the role of a ‘Dhampir’, or half-vampire,
in the service of the most potent vampire anyone you had ever seen ‘The Mistress’, the leader of the ‘Kesamaan’, a sect of Vampires she started to help maintain ‘The Façade’, and keep her people from causing problems for the human world.

You will traverse her city, and enforce her laws, as she rules the night with an iron fist …yours.

Thread Updated: 2022-01-16
Release Date: 2022-01-16
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English, Spanish, and Russian
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1. Extract .rar file
2. Run .exe to start the game.
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Chapter 1.0 Complete.
This is the Official release of Chapter One.
Added: mistress repeatable feeding option
Added: 4way cum options and scenes
Changed: true damage was removed, now different weapon types have different damage multipliers against certain races.
Fixed wrong companion buttons on combat
Fixed buttons on choice options overlaping text box
Fixed issue where using skip would shrink the AutoSkip button
Fixed issue where clicking leave after debriefing scene was not working
Fixed highlights on tutorial
Fixed issue where quest display was not updating correctly
Fixed issue where player HP was not being displayed correctly on the “You” panel
Fixed ghoul egg vibrator scene
v0.26 Beta
UI and Camera Reworked, most things should keep the same aspect ratio on any resolution Fixed issue where Highlight All Buttons where not working Fixed issue where players were not being able to progress after booting the game for the second time and on. If you can’t save, check your access permissions, execute the game with Administrator mode or do not put the game on a system folder.
v0.25a – 2021-12-15
Beta Version (Prologue)
400 backgrounds, 2100 animation frames
Developer Notes:
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This is a partly open-world visual novel, with a slight RPG feel, but no required grind. The player will be able to name the MC and his servant. As the game progresses, many locations will be unlocked where you can travel, interact with many unique characters, and decide the many of their fates.
ALIAO – All Love Interests Are Optional, so are all of the sex scenes, you can either choose to ignore all of them, or have fun with every woman in the base game, and you will also be allowed to turn off certain tags/content in the options if you don’t even want the option of seeing it. The fonts, cursor, controls, and various other things are customizable, as well.
This game has a complete character creation and turn-based battle system, using action points to plan your turn, and a companion system to get aid from your allies, along with various difficulty levels to make things easier or harder as you desire, however, it can be mostly ignored if you do not care for these elements.
I hope you enjoy playing Bonds of Blood, as this has been a true labor of perseverance, if you do and have the means, please consider supporting our efforts, if not, I completely understand, we are not all in a place where that is an option, and I do not want your money if it will make life hard for you, but I would love if you would share any honest feedback in the comments.
How will you handle your job and your love life? Join us and find out. 😉
Thank you, Svengali Productions
To Play on Mac
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1. Extract the app using Unarchiver instead of the default unzip app as the default app can mess up permissions
2. Open the terminal and type: ‘xattr -cr ‘ (without quotes) then drag the app to the terminal window
3. The command should look like this: xattr -cr <path_to_game>
4. Press enter to execute the command. The game should now launch properly.
Unfortunately unity messes up permissions on mac so you often need to do the above if you want to play unity games.
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