Boring Days [v0.33.7a] [AntiMyx]

Boring Days [v0.33.7a] [AntiMyx]

July 2, 2024F95

Have you ever dreamed of a game that was full of role reversal content? Wanted to see a rich and powerful MC submitting to the women around him?
How about seeing his maid dominate him and force him to clean his own mansion? Or having his secretary make him bring her coffee and massage her feet? Or having an intern with no talent put him on a leash and take his wealth from him? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I recommend you give this game a try.
Boring Days is heavily focused on femdom content, so if you don’t like that fetish, please don’t bother downloading this game.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-02
Release Date: 2024-07-01
Developer: AntiMyx Patreon  – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.33.7a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Games: Edicts
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Real porn, Male protagonist, Female domination, Male Domination, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex
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1. Extract and run.
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Added a scene where she suggests you hire her friend Brandy instead of your secretary
Added a new scene in the mall
Added a new scene in the sex shop
Added a new scene after buying a throne
Now her facesitting desire doesn’t reset without actual facesitting scene
Added a scene in her apartment
Added a chance that she’ll ask you to massage her legs after you bring her breakfast in the bed.
Returned a condition that the hero must have at least 10 cooking skill to cook breakfast on his own.
Now she can ask the maid to teach you how to cook (the wife has to be assertive to do this).
Added a new after takeover scene with her (watch TV at afternoon on Tuesday).
Fixed a bug that prevented the player from progressing in the secretary’s route.
Fixed a bug when the maid cooked same breakfast every day.
Fixed bug with maid’s obedience and playfulness swapped
Fixed some bugs with wife bath scene
Fixed some bugs with time system
Fixed some bug with missing passages
Added two ass worship scenes after a restaurant date.
Added a scene in which she appears during your cooking lessons.
Added a cooking exam scene with her.
Added a cooking exam scene with her and your wife.
Added a new girl in the IT department.
Added a first scene with this girl.
Now the mc can see dreams (only one dream for now)
To see this dream, you need to help your maid with the sunscreen and also see the last segment of the pancake scene
It now takes 4 foot massage scenes instead of 6 to get your maid to catch you
The wife’s desire for a foot massage now grows faster if her lordliness is higher, and slower in the opposite case
Now your wife can refuse a foot massage if she’s not in the mood.
You can now only take her out to a restaurant on Friday when she is in the bedroom or backyard
Now you can only take her to the lake on Saturday mornings when she is in the backyard.
She now swims in the pool on Saturdays
Now she does yoga on Tuesdays (gym downtown)
Fixed a bug where she was sunbathing topless at low openness and in a bikini at high openness
Now she comes to the bakery on Thursdays
Now when she visits the bakery, your wife gets assertiveness and lordliness, but you can prevent it (in this version just by visiting, but in future versions you’ll have to beat Jenny in a discussion)
Now she comes to the mansion on Sundays and once every two weeks
Now new scenes during her visit should activate with 100% chance
Fixed some bug with previous update content
Known issues:
For unknown reasons, the game is not very willing to accept this update. So I recommend you to run this game twice (close it and run the html file again) and also refresh the page.
Lake date is slightly reworked. Also, openness limit is greatly increased.
Now she can ask the mc to lick her pussy during Jenny’s visits (and Jenny can watch with some condition).
Now she visits the mansion every week.
Now she starts staying the night and drinking in the pool bar only after her third visit.
Fixed bug prevented scene with the mc’s massaging her legs.
Bisexuality changed to Openness.
You can peek on a lake date again.
Now she reacts if you want to take a nap when she in the bedroom.
Added some variety in her common scene (like taking shower or having breakfast).
Now she can takeover again.
Two new scenes for mc cleaning the master bedroom
New scene when she calls you from the vacation
Cooking lessons are restored.
Drinking in the pool bar are restored.
Continuation of her role reversal storyline.
All her content are restored.
All her content are restored.
Dev build:
New feature in the Phone menu – Cheats.
That allows you to control some npc’s desires.
Journal changed to wiki-format (it’s not fully ready in this update)
Added option to skip time from anywhere (not available during events)
Added autosave (can be turned of in setting)
New scenes
New scene with the wife in the Backyard Pool Bar
New scene with the maid in the Master Bathroom (require -30 obedience)
Removed scene where the mc massage the wife’s and the maid’s feet
Added scene where the mc massage the wife’s and Jenny’s feet (they swapped, yeah)
Possible bugs
Secretary path can be buggy, I think. I want add some change to it in the next update, but if there will be too many bugs, I fix it next week.
Now she can stay overnight at the mansion (you should drink with her and the wife on Thursday)
Now her shopping event is repeatable (with new random scenes)
Now you can see her preferences in her detailed information
Side Stories
Party from memories is back! For playing it you should restart game and choose side stories in the game menu
Only first party for now
Now she invites you to play tennis every Wednesday
Now you can actually play tennis with her
Also you can meet new girl here
Her bakery scene has some variation now
Kelly(delivery girl)
Her first training scene is ready (you need your maid’s obedience lower then -28)
Known bug
Bath scene with wife and maid (I’ll fix it when I start expanding that scene)
v0.31 Public
New kink – Self Cum Eating. Visit the master bedroom to activate it.
Now she lives in the gardener house that located outside the mansion
Now she can teach the mc how to cook
For starting cooking lessons you should give the wife at least 3 breakfast in bed(1 if use save from previous versions)
Recommend obedience for lessons is -22 (-18 for first to lessons)
Her teaching scenes (when she forces the mc to do her job) is removed for reconstruction
New event chain when the mc give her foot worship in her bedroom (you need to finish cooking lessons events for it)
Delivery girl
Now every Monday you can receive the groceries delivery (random in noon or in afternoon)
v0.30 Public
New feature – Journal.
Right now there are only two quests in it, but quests will be added every update.
Her facesitting progress is reseted.
Now, instead one initial scene, there’re three scene in quest chain (check journal).
Regular facesitting scene can change depends on amount of facesitting the mc give to his wife.
Now the mc can ask her to ride his face during night hot scene.
New random scene can appear when the mc give her cuni during morning wake up (requires 20 an more assertiveness).
Her arousal now grow slower when it low and faster when it high.
Now you can choose whether or not her final training takes time.
0.29.9 Public
New stat for her – lordliness. It determine how selfish she is.
Removed her obedience stat.
New stat for her – assertiveness. It determine how active she is.
Remade her bedroom hot scene.
Now she can advance at you not only in the morning, but in the night too.
Now she visit the club with Jenny every 2 week, starting with third week.
First scene for her club storyline.
Expanded her first visit scene.
v0.29.8 Public:


First meet with Louise – your corporate psychologist.
You can make a few sessions with her and Louise and try on “role swapping”.
She may also ask you for something out of sessions if you visit her workplace.
After the sessions are over, some options in dialogs with her can lead to new results.
You can meet her friend or stepdaughter, depends on secretary you have.
New location, where you can buy various stuff (in future updates).
v0.29.7 Public
New feature for her – it’s her bisexuality.
Now you can walk around the lake on the lake date and spy on other people.
During the restaurant date you can make flirty waitress.
Also, there’s secret scene during the restaurant date (you need turn on new kink for it).
After seeing first Mila scene you can find your finance director in the club one more time.
During this scene you can meet old “friend”.
New kink – be blackmailed and one time chance to activate it when you come in the master bedroom.
You also can activate it from starting menu (if you’re planning to start new game)
Now your wife can wake up you only once a week.
Now your wife can invite you play tennis only biweekly.
You can activate Gloria’s scenes again.
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1. Enable Be Blackmailed kink
2. Meet Rhea before restaurant event with you wife
3. Submit to her in the club restroom
4. Go to the restaurant with your wife and make her flirt with waitress
5. After your wife tell you that waitress spit in your dish you should call a manager
Her story is reseted to setup new variables.
Big continuation of her story with different choices
New events chain with the neighbor’s daughter
v0.29.1 Public
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Removed prologue and mystical component from the game
Possibility to return back is limited to 12 passages (this is done to prevent lags)
You should start a new game because of a change in the code
Her foot massage scene can rise to a new level
Her backstory is changed
Her office scene replaced with another one
New scene with wife and maid in the living room
Continuation her main story (she starts train mc to do chores right)
v0.28 Public
This update does not contain content for the main story, but contains bonus content (second memory. You’ll be able to meet old friends as well as make new ones. Warning: kinks in this update can be quite hard compared to the main game.
New bonus memory scene (you can find it on pc in the home office)
You have to replay first memory to activate second one
v0.27 Public
Added new options to the prologue skipping
Now you can make breakfast in bed for her, when she is tired.
Now you can fuck her.
Now you can tell her to stop wearing panties.
Now you can tell her to start wearing butt plug.
Corrected some spelling errors
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Removed option to select cock size (now it’s always huge).
Added option to work in the home office and skip time
“About mc” changed to “phone” (still in development)
All progress with her reseted (sorry for this)
Added new event chain in the home office (req. -8 obedience for first scene)
Two remaining breakfasts now have scenes (req. -20 obedience for start)
Added new Friday scene in the hallway (req. -28 obedience for start)
Added new scene in the hallway (req. -34 obedience for start)
Fixed bug when MC couldn’t find his wife in a bakery
Fixed bug when the maid was mentioned in the foot massage scene, even if she wasn’t in the mansion at this time
Fixed bug when the maid called MC by default name, even if a player changed it.
Fixed other minor bugs
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New UI (I still working on it)
Now you can choose mc cock size (but it doesn’t affect all the scenes for now)
Now skipping prologue starts Week 2 (maybe I change it later)
For playing Dream Party seqence you should use PC in your home office
Her story and actress change.
Rhea temporaly remove from club
Expanding first scene with Mila (you should choose small cock and let her blow you)
New scene with Mila (you should choose small cock and meet with her in the club again)
Media in her bedroom scene now have sound (and little variability on sub path)
Her restaurant date media now have sound (and little variability on sub path)
Now every Wednesday evening you can find her in the kitchen with your maid
Jenny now visits your mansion every Thursday evening
Now she may oversleep and you can wake her up with your tongue (it’s reverse scene, yeah)
Her obedience now increases when you tell her to take a chair, during a scene in the living room, but if her obidience is already low, she may refuses to do it
Add further variability to scenes on sub path
If you on sub path, she can ask your permission to leave earlier
Kelly no longer appears in the gym .
Slightly expanded the first week, for better immersion (I hope)
Now when you go to bed you can visit Todd and see some events from the past
The first of these events is the party where the hero met his wife
At this party you can find a few hot events for different tastes (please, read carefully first choice before party start)
In this version you can repeat the party event as many times as you want
The beginning of a long quest chain with your maid. To do this, you must find her in the backyard at noon.
New intro. The old prologue is now the main part of the game.
Willpower has been temporarily removed.
New scene with the secretary. During the interview, you can test her oral skills.
Added an alternative to the first scene in the club. Now if you reject Mila, you can meet a more dominant girl.
New event with the wife (going to the mall on Sunday). After this event the player can unlock access to a foot massage for his wife.
New event with the maid. For this, talk to her in the early morning in the kitchen if you are on her sub path.
Added sound to some videos. The rest of the videos will get sound in the next update.
Added the ability to change the volume as well as mute all.
Added walkthrough file to the game directory. Let me know if it was useful or not.
~ Continuation of the main story and introduction of its key NPC.
~ New hot scene with girl from club (you need to go to the club again)
~ Slightly improving some scene from prologue (I hope, at least)
Full story rewrite. You can say it’s almost new game now.
Developer Notes:
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I already wrote on Patreon why I decided to redo the story, but I have no problem replicating it here as well.
When I started working on the game and the story was just forming in my head, the prologue should’ve been different. I wanted that our protagonist build relationship first, find girlfriends and etc., and then – new girl appears and starts ruining everything.
Then I decided to move game start straight to her arrival with the intention to show players a core of gameplay. And this was a mistake cause now it all looks like a protagonist have nothing to lose.
Now I wanna move to setting where main character become more adult, have a wife, a job and a social status. Everything is going well for him, but in one moment he starts slowly losing it. This allows me to add more variable scenes and girls. Of course, DOM/SUB mechanics remains the main theme of the game.

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