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Broken Sky [v0.08] [Wistala]

February 4, 2024F95

Broken Sky is an adult Visual Novel made in Renpy that focuses heavily on player choice, with minor RPG elements. It contains a mix of both furry and human characters, and contains a range of fetishes to satisfy your darkest desires.
All extreme content (NTR included) can be avoided by the choices you make, but if you’re worried about seeing a certain type of content by accident the game also includes content toggles in the preferences menu!

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Enter a futuristic world recovering from a century long war, and decide whether you’ll be the peoples savior, or their ultimate destruction.
Get to know an ever growing cast of characters as you recruit them to your cause, and to your bedroom. Will you take control of those around you, or be controlled yourself as you grow your power and influence?
Broken Sky revolves around player choice to drive the narrative forward, but your choices will change more than just dialogue. The story will have drastically different paths based on your decisions.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-03
Release Date: 2024-01-05
Developer: Wistala PatreonSubscribeStarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.08
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Male Protagonist, Ahegao, Furry, Netorare, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Dating Sim, Dystopian Setting, Fantasy, Romance, Superpowers
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1. Extract and run.
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Finally, before I list the changes for this update, if you found the  game through F95zone (which I’m assuming is basically everyone) I’d  really appreciate it if you took the time to leave a review for the  game!
Now on to the good stuff! If you’d like to find out what the changes are  by playing the game yourself then don’t ready any further and go enjoy!
Introduction has had many changes in grammar and a new narrator
Changed some gallery scenes to included more context and spicy buildup
Added music and sound effects to the entire game. (These are temporary and will be replaced when I have the funds to have custom music and sound made.)
Added new CG with Kara in the Serpents Lair
Added Karas new scene to replay room
Added interaction between Lilly and Kara (No CG)
Added new interactions with Lilly after viewing Karas scene
Added new character and sprites: Eirronth
Added new character and sprites: Peach
Added new character and sprites: Juniper
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First you will need to start a new game! Don’t use a save from previous versions as some of the choices at the start of the game now have different outcomes!
I’d also like to thank everyone that has already signed up to support the game, without all of you this wouldn’t be possible!
The next update on February 2nd will likely be shorter in content than this one, so I’ll be using the extra time to try and put some polish on the existing parts of the game. (Sound design, menu redesign, adding more expressions to Olivers dialogue.) If you’d like to hear about how it progresses over the month be sure to read the dev logs available to Supporter tier and up!
Finally, before I list the changes for this update, if you found the game through F95zone (which I’m assuming is basically everyone) I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to leave a review for the game!
Now on to the good stuff! If you’d like to find out what the changes are by playing the game yourself then don’t ready any further and go enjoy!
Added Replay room
Added “Unlock all”  button for replay room to end of new content
Added content toggles and tag definitions to preferences menu
Added one of Anai’s sprites
Added Vordruth sprites, Bio and secret stats
Added Kara sprites, Bio and secret stats
Added Sade sprites
Added Olivers nude sprites and secret stats
Added new CG with Lilly
Added Patreon/Subscribestar/Discord buttons to Main Menu
Added placeholders for future scenes
Fixed a stat in Lilly’s Bio that was missing some numbers
Changed or removed some choices that used to disable content (moved to preferences menu)
Added transitions to Lilly’s original CG’s to make them smoother
V0.071 changes (Currently only uploaded to Patreon but still free):
Added option to haggle with the man outside the black market
Many grammatical errors fixed
Adjusted credit transaction amounts across the board to better reflect world economy
Edited Developer message when meeting Oliver to reflect that content toggles are now in preferences menu
Fixed Kara’s disposition description in her secret stats
Fixed game skipping the new scene with Lilly when going from FWB to open relationship with her
Fixed issue with Lilly’s total sexual encounters not increasing after new scene
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-Mainly addresses the soft lock around the AI menu, which is now fully fixed!
-Many more spelling and grammar fixes.
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-Updated dialogue between Lilly and Oliver when waiting for meeting with Wistala for those who have NTR/cuckolding/sharing turned off to separate paths more cleanly.
-Added dynamic updating of the “Relation” stat on Lilly’s contacts page depending on what you decide to call her as a submissive MC.
-Fixed issue with players getting stuck after making a phone call.
-Fixed issue with one of Wistala’s sprites having a different eye size.
-Fixed compatibility issue between saves of versions 0.05 and 0.06 that would cause the players relationship status to say no one even when dating Lilly.
-Fixed issue where MC mentions talking to Lilly about what happened between her and Oliver while waiting for meeting with Wistala, even if nothing happened.
-Fixed multiple spelling and grammar mistakes.
-Hoping I didn’t break something else while making these fixes.
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-New character “Wistala” sprite added.
-New character “Shoshi” sprite added.
-AI stats/secret stats added for Wistala
-AI stats/secret stats added for Shoshi
-Oliver will get his secret stats page added next update along with a wider range of emotions!
-New scene with Wistala
-One game over scenario added (make sure to save!)
-First test of the phone call system implemented (free calling to come at the end of the introduction)
-Content toggles for sharing/cuckolding added in a new dialogue choice (No need to start a new game)
Bug fixes:
-Fixed an issue with stats not updating in the stat screen after receiving +1 to all.
-There was an issue where a message about Lilly’s affection towards Oliver rising would display even with NTR disabled, this was actually not a bug and falls under sharing or cuckolding or NTR depending on other choices made later on.
-Fixed an issue with several lines of dialogue where an entire sentence became italicized instead of a single word.
-Fixed an issue with player stats not updating to reflect being in a new relationship.
-Fixed an issue where Lilly’s sprite in her secret stats menu did not show the proper expression depending on whether she is dating the player or not.
-Made a few small changes to instances of dialogue to keep lore consistent.
– Initial Release
Known Issues:
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