Bryn’s Adventure [v0.90] [Bryn]

Bryn’s Adventure [v0.90] [Bryn]

April 13, 2024F95

Redhead school girl get’s blackmailed into doing various missions around the city, involving nudity,
exhibitionism and other risky tasks.
Collect GPS tags and convert them into Task Points to unlock the missions at night.
Missions depend on day or night when they’re completed.
Bryn has 28 days to achieve 12 mission points.
Avoid strange men at night.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-12
Release Date: 2024-04-12
Developer: BrynPatreonItch.Io
Censored: No
Version: 0.90
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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2dcg, Female protagonist, 2d game, Aicg, Blackmail, Exhibitionism, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Stripping, ENF
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.90 (Tech Demo)
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EULA added at the start of the game.
New* Running animation embarrassed and confident fixed.
New* Crawling animation fixed.
Crawling mechanic refined, now works with a delay to feel better when toggled.
Skip text now implemented by pressing CTRL/Control.
Right clicking the mouse will hide any text message windows to show the player the entire screen.
Music changed for Bryn’s home.
Photobooth 1 added, recall room added.
Photobooth 2 (Renamed Photobooth 1 mission to 2, amended in game)
New* Raining Event
The Baldman appears at night in the School, Shopping, and Office District. He only appears at night after day 12 if it is raining. (20% chance it is raining). He is a HARD difficulty, he chases Bryn from double the sightline of normal walkers and runs at the same speed Bryn has when she is running using Stamina. If caught by the Baldman, the player will be teleported to a minigame where they must escape.
v0.8 (A new save will be needed)
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Added missions
School 3
Train 3
Both added to Recall room.
Added a short cut scene with Kimi IF Bryn is caught at night in the school district x3.
Added a short cut scene with Bryn’s Mom IF Bryn is caught at night in the home district x3.
Removed Background ‘Womp-womp -thump-thump’ music. Replaced with ambience sounds instead.
Added save options for some missions before they start, mainly day missions.
Moved home District bus stop closer.
Increased Stamina capacity to 1000 (previously was 750)
HumpR 1, now shows up correctly in the recall room. (Please try a new save if this issue persists. It has worked on a new save during testing)
Flash 2 now can only be started it Flash 1 is complete.
Fixed a minor map bug for School 1, and School 2 start locations in the Recall room. The text on the graphic stated Shopping, but it was clearly the school district.
Train 3 fixed with graphical, speed issues.
*Other Fixes
You can no longer start a mission that requires a dildo (Train 3), without the Dildo event being done first.
Heartbeat audio issue fixed.
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Mall 1 Mission added
Beach Day Timeline Event amended – Now occurs on Day 7. Save beforehand added, remade and worked the BJ scene when Bryn tries to get her bikini back.
Adult Store Timeline Event added – (Occurs on Day 9)
Mall 1, Beach Day, Adult Store, Landlord, all added to Recall room.
Recall room has empty spots reserved for where the future missions will go for V1.0.
Separate stats overhaul – With the different types of nighttime interactions, these will now separately add up some stats will have some factors with different endings.
Day Time Bus routes added – Basically quick travel for daytime. Bus stop on every level, first one is at the bottom of the Home District, downwards from Bryn’s apartment.
Free Save mode – The computer (Page 2 on it), now has the option to turn on Free Save mode. Once turned on. This CANNOT be turned off.
Bryn’s Boyfriend? – There is a new short scene to explain what happens with the WOAH App and Bryn’s Boyfriend. (Occurs Day 2)
Mission Points and Game time – Now moving over to Mission Points, 12 to be collected over the space of 28 Days, (Summer break). The 12 Mission points are not final, subject to change when all missions are added to Final V1.0. However, game time will not change. 28 Days to do 12 missions. Easy.
Running naked but confident graphic – The small graphic where Bryn is running in the corner now only changes to the ‘confident’ look after 10 times running around at night.
Taller sprite – Used some of the Patreon money to purchase a plugin to make the characters seem a little taller. (Less frumpy and squished), I wasn’t initially serious about using it, but actually it looks better than I thought.
Blue Camera’s added – This is nothing, don’t worry about it for now. Planned for a future event.
A to do list – Will be made to show what the steps are for V0.8, V0.9, and V1.0. This will help myself lay out all of the tasks needed to be done from this point to the end. That will be released soon.
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Various bug fixes
Tileset Fixes
Missions added
Flash 2 (Added to Mission help & Recall room)
Park 2 (Added to Mission help & Recall room)
Day event added
Beach day out with Kimi (Occurs on Day 6, a premessage will be sent to Bryn days before to inform her)
Have now been designed to look ‘shadier’ and have had their scripting redone, they will frequently check at a higher rate meaning they are faster at noticing Bryn. (You have been warned)
Rape Events at night
SFX added/changed for Rape events
GFX Rape1 (doggy style) has been amended thanks to lewdpirate
Thank you so much for the support on Patreon those of you who are free members and supporting members!
The money has gone into much needed amounts of coffee! But also an SFX pack which I have introduced some new sounds, and also will look back at existing sounds for replacement in the future. So thank you to those who have supported the project this far!
We hit over 1000 downloads on Itch alone which is fantastic!
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General bug fixes
School grounds are now not accessible through the lamp post poles.
Park 1 only activated at night, I must have switched off Night mission from testing that as the first ever mission from most likely V0.1
Items have been deleted, Missions no longer give out items. If you do have any from a loaded save, they will still exist, it’s better to leave them in the game (at least for a while until V1.0) as it may break the game deleting them from the database. But this has been fixed and the items will not exist in a new game.
Bryn no longer walks through the wall in her apartment/room.
Bryn can no longer run around topless during the HumpR 1 mission in progress.
Small text clean up, the Menu used to say Bryn (Naked) etc, that was just for me choosing character placements, they have now been renamed to Bryn’s outfit, or current status Naked/Crawling.
Bryn’s coat is now closed up for the landlord event as it starts, hiding her body underneath before being inspected.
Dumpsters/Trashcans removed entirely and replaced with a static replacement, in an old development of the game Bryn used to be able to hide in them which would confuse walkers.
Leaving the school at night now randomises the GPS spawn locations.
HumpR1 New*
Added a new mission called HumpR1, I didn’t add HumpR2, as I decided to merge some of that idea into HumpR1 which gives the player a choice of 3 different photos for Bryn to take and upload. HumpR is basically an adult platform, like OF and is accessed through her computer.
Train 2
Fixed it, so when you ask the smoking guy (which starts the mission), the Jogger nearby now looks away as part of a fix to allow the mission to continue and play out.
Added a difficulty option, which simply increases the rate of detection of Bryn at night. I’ve decided not to increase speed at the moment for this option and see how the rate of detection works at a further distance.
Tutorial text
Added in the tutorial text, reminders that you can change keyboard binds, access the computer to save and convert GPS tags. Introduced toggling for Crawl also. Small additions but crucial to new players.
Added a lot more daytime NPCs where possible. Some NPCs will have subtle dialogue changes, more around the Home district and the School/School parking lot if Bryn is caught more than 3 times out in those districts.
Short Scene
Added a short scene where Bryn is interrupted before going outside at night as soon as the Train 2 mission is collected as she tries to leave her building block in a coat.
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V0.4 Generally is a culmination of QOL (quality of life) updates that needed to be implemented in the game for growth and a lot of these improvements have come from you, the players.
NPCs have been rewritten to chase and give up at a fairer distance, even shorter chase distance when Bryn is crawling.
I’ve added a few daytime walkers, just generally mulling about the streets and some in the school. There is still some work to do with these as Bryn becomes spotted more at night and the dialogues of those will change through how often Bryn exposes/gets caught/particular mission outcomes. For example after Bryn goes out naked and get’s caught by a walker in the school district 3 times, the dialogue changes with the students hanging outside the school during the day.
Parking Garage 1
NPCs have been replaced for the Parking Garage mission, I’ve tried to make it more of a sneak past mission as they look around on the spot, and also avoiding some of them walking. I have now implemented the same tech that was not included in that area when Bryn crawls, drastically lowering their chase radius. Generally being chased and having a good amount of squares away and dropping to the floor can help stop an NPC in their tracks.
I have increased stamina capacity by a further 30%, it is now at a rate of ‘400’ , where in previous versions it was 300 and a lot less in early versions of the game.
Crawling is temperamental for some reason, even though I’ve tried to muddle around with the feature. Adding delays to stop Bryn from flickering from feet to floor seems to completely bug out and remove the option for her to get back up again. So for Bryn to crawl ‘A light tap-tap-taperoo’ is all you need to do on the key to toggle it.
Recollection room and Mission help
I have worked these two in together, now accessible by Bryn’s computer you can access the Mission help and recall room, allowing you to see a visual map of 1, Where to pick up missions. 2, Where to carry out those missions (visual map after they have been unlocked), and the conditions required (day/night/clothing etc) and 3, Recall graphics from a scene you have completed in the past. All referenced by coloured check points Red not picked up, Orange in progress, and Green complete.
I know I mentioned the combination of category missions and keeping them all collecting in the same location, but I have decided against this for now. I want the player to still run around at night and look for them (also with the help of using the Mission help and Recall room), as this still brings in the risk-reward and hopefully with the rework on NPC’s, Stamina, Crawling this will make the discoverability less tedious.
The school
Removed an entire floor, Library added as mentioned and included before, added some NPC daytime characters there. School is only ‘in session’ when Bryn is in her school uniform. She cannot access the school during the day if she is not in school uniform through the front door, unless she sneaks through the back entrance but the school will be empty if she is in casual clothing or anything other. I could program in that the school is open open on Weekdays (e.g Day 1-5, closed day 6-7, and repeat for weekly rotation) but I feel that becomes, unnecessary.
Turn off running animation
Accessible option to toggle through Bryn’s computer.
Skip Intro
Added the option to skip the intro, gives a short message of what the objective is for the game and then starts the player off out at naked, for Bryn’s first run outside at night. It still starts the player with introducing the walkers, phone booth points, and GPS tags as that is still vital parts of the game’s function.
Mission timescale
21 days to complete 10 missions, I think this will change in the future. When more missions are added in V1.X I will then start to look at removing a time limit overall, and have it to Mission points, instead of mission complete. I want to add missions where Bryn can offer to do ‘extra’ tasks during a mission which may add an extra mission point.
Where are we going now?
Before moving onto adding more mission content/ lewd/ embarrassing events/occurring daytime events that happen periodically throughout the days passing, I want to focus on the following below. I will create a new roadmap early in the new year covering what content I want to release leading up to V0.6 and this will generally cover adding content if the stability of the game is doing okay.
With a lot of bugs hopefully dealt with and please keep reporting them back to me, I have attempted and fixed all that have been mentioned *fingers crossed*, but nothing gets fixed if it’s not informed.
Graphics and scene polish
The plan is to polish off those graphics that already exist in the game, making sure fingers add up, generally speaking from comments it is just the fingers that need work on. I also want to add subtle polishing of scenes where the scene tints black so the area map is not on display when a graphic is shown (Unless the area map needs to be shown for actions), I think I started doing this for a few missions already but that is another aim.
I want to start populating the world throughout the day, with small dialogue changes before we get to V1.0. I have started this off to trial for V0.4, it’s nothing major in terms of environment actions, but it’s the small talk.
The Sheep/Save sphere
Is still going to be left in the versions of the game leading up to 1.0, the aim is to hopefully have a good balance of mechanics, stats, the entire works before removing this option entirely. I could always introduce a method where Bryn/the player can purchase a single time use Save progress item, being able to bank these up in the inventory if you know that you may need to save before a tough mission.
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There is an issue with V0.3 which you may not notice straight away, but I am currently in the process of updating these on the Itch.io website and F95Zone where I post also. You will be able to get the V0.3b on those links within the hour of this post.
The issue was game time, was still limited to 10 days even though I had set other parameters within the game to 21. The ‘end game’ message would activate still after 10 days had passed. This has now been fixed.
School update
Removed an entire middle floor, should make it less tedious in getting around the school. Added some daytime NPCs to the school and the odd few in the home district as a little test. (More will be added in a release of V1.0 when we finally get there).
Added a Library 1 mission
This will not be shown in the Map locations app (more about that below), this can be picked up in the Office district at night, the library is found on the ground floor of the school.
School accessibility during the day
The school is now only accessible when Bryn is in her school uniform, the intention of only having school missions in school uniform during the day. ‘Meaning school is in session’ I could however make the school only open on days 1-5 (mon-Fri), closed day 6 and 7, and repeat etc. But I’m swaying with over thinking on that with other things I could be doing with the game.
Smaller fixes
Trash can to escape the school grounds at night.
Train 2 now teleports the player in the correct location before starting the event.
Map locations for main districts, and the school now appear on the top left for a few seconds.
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Mission and bug fixes
Supermarket 1 and Supermarket 2 missions have been put in correct order, you should no longer be able to start Supermarket 2, without completing Supermarket 1 first. This caused an issue where players could start both and it would interrupt completion.
School 2 chair bug has been fixed, made the chair passable for the event of taking selfies to continue.
Parking Garage 1 now gives completion item.
Train 1 Picture now disappears at the end.
Train 2 Train spotter should move and the event will play out.
Mission completion window increased to 21 days instead of 14, this should help players feel less rushed in completing 10 missions, with how tricky some of the NPCs could be.
Removed the GPS message appearing when you move into specific Districts, this was just in place to test the GPS tags actually shifting locations correctly.
Major updates
Stamina has been rebalanced, double the sprint time, and halved the time for it to start regeneration. Removed the SFX completely for Stamina 0% and 99%, a balloon icon shows above the character only now.
Crawling has been added, this should add a bit more stealth with Bryn moving slower when she crawls, but also putting the walkers and joggers off from chasing you. This also shortens their chase rate to 2 squares instead of 5 when normally running. I still need to work on a moving animation to appear for this on the bottom right, so for now it will just appear as Bryn running. This is temperamental and activates when you quickly press the ‘Page Up’ button to whatever you have that bound to, don’t hold it down.
NPC over hall
Walkers and Joggers have been sequenced better to be smoother in their movement. Some have been defined better pathing and taking a moment to stop and search around. Some have been left at random movement to you on your toes.
NPC h events
In total there were 3 rape events programmed, 1 of them are the same standard animation you already know, 2 are newly added of a blowjob and a titjob. Sound of a man grunting and cumming does need to be added to these, but this has been left out for now. I’ll add these and revise the 4th event/graphic I would like to add at a later date.
Rape Sex – Minus 2 hearts for sexual stamina
Blowjob – Minus 1 heart for sexual stamina
Titjob – Minus 1 heart for sexual stamina
These are at random, giving the player a chance to continue the night out. (This does not apply to the first night Bryn steps outside naked at the start of the game)
Map system
Built a map system which can be accessed through ESC > Inventory > Phone, there is an ‘app’ there called WOAH maps. This will allow the player to track where to pick up missions and where to carry them out at what time of day and what outfit to wear. (No outfit means nude, if there is not a text specifying).
This can also be accessed from Bryn’s computer at home.
Saving game
Players can save the game at Bryn’s laptop. Or at any GPS trade in point (Phone booths). I’ll probably add another sub map menu pointing out these as a poi (Point of interest) at a later date. (The sheep is still there to collect a save sphere if you want to save anywhere in the map, once picked up this is accessed through the ESC menu > Inventory)
Keyboard remapping
I’ve enabled a plug in which allows the user to freely bind their keyboard to any actions in the game.
To be aware of
Items are still added to the inventory when missions are started and completed, these will be noted with Mission 1 (in progress), and to Mission (complete) when completed. These do nothing for now, but will serve as a future purpose to create for scene graphic/recollections to view old mission graphics again.
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Title Screen – Changed it because of the Gaussian blur meme. Scooped it all back up into the tub.
Train 1 – Pictures realigned (movement fixed/skipped movement if character gets stuck, the event continues to progress)
Train 2 – Fixed it Jim.
Supermarket 1 – Fixed path of the man, should no longer interrupt event continuation.
Supermarket 2 – (You guys did know you can walk behind the shelf down? But I changed the pathing of NPC’s anyway ;), it should work from now on )
Photobooth Mission – I made it clear in the mission [Locations attached] bit of text a hint to where the locations are.
Message dialog on first night – Fixed by adding switches to enable the message had already been activated to stop it from reappearing. Used a similar method to fix other messages that will appear from other events that occur.
Parking Garage – Removed the Npc that runs at you soon as you try to escape to the lower floor. Added a few more Strangers than rotate at random.
Saves – Initially I only wanted the game to be saved at Bryn’s laptop, to fix around this being a barrier to saving progress and having to restart if you’ve failed a mission. The GPS trade in phone booths around the city will be activated to save game and convert GPS tags.
School fencing – That’s been fixed, but may occur in other places.
ARROW keys and WASD – Your wish is my command, credit to plugins discovered and named on the Credits page.
Alert sound for Stamina – Yup. Turned that down.
Stamina – Doubled the amount value given, Bryn can now run away further which means she can outrun the strangers chasing her. Strangers chasing at night – The value of a stranger to give up chasing is 8 squares, this should now be more appropriate. If you feel as thought the chase range of 8 squares should be decreased let me know.
Mission Hints – When you go into the ESC menu and look in your items, if you have started a mission you will have an item that will note the mission, time, location and outfit like so, this is a small work around for now until I implement something better.
Flash the construction workers at the site above Bryn’s school.
T: Day L: School District O: Casual
Things to be worked on for this Tech demo edition
Mission tracking
Hearing all of you mention that finding the locations is an issue, I will develop an interaction with Bryn’s computer at home. Like Naked Order, I’ll set it for the player to pick a district’s map and that shall show you the locations of either a) where to pick up said mission, OR b) if mission is active to show location of mission start.
I’ll work on refining these, I know the tracking and routing of them is random. I’ll work on setting predefined routes for more of them. I am hoping with doubled stamina this will hopefully add to balancing out escaping them.
Stealth crawling
It’s in the works. Trying to bind the Q button to activate it and deactivate it, in activating stealth (crawling slow mode) it will force the NPC’s to lose track of the player and start another course of movement.
Nude lock wardrobe
I still need to look into this.
v0.1 Tech Demo
Initial release
Developer Notes:
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A while ago I mentioned about making a game and got some comments in return which I took on board and rewrote some things.
Dev Back Story –
I started the project back in May, using my spare time outside of my full time career to create it. It’s inspired from the style and mechanics of Naked Adventure and Naked Order, I really enjoyed these risk-run style of games.
I always want to be transparent that I am adequate with software and logic. I am not a coder who can write out JS scripts, or draw beautiful art.
I am using AI Graphics with my own prompts and polishing the images off in photoshop where something may be off, if you notice anything off please let me know. I have mixed a set of sounds to go with some of the events in the game with SFX and BGMs, so generally I’m average at everything T_T.
Please don’t post the usual ‘Blergh ai generated scumbag’ I get it, if that’s how you feel about ai generated stuff, please ignore this game and post.
Sadly a month ago I updated my OS which then killed the RPGMV game engine for me, therefore having to revert my OS and in the process I zip-compressed the entire progress from May to October. But… I never copied it over to the USB stick. You should’ve seen my face when I plugged in the USB to restore all my files and not find the project I have been working on in the past 5 months in my spare time.
This was a blessing in disguise as the game was getting out of control with all the multiple branches I was going down and getting distracted. So as of the start of November I rebuilt it, the entire thing and streamlined what I wanted to produce for a demo release, which I will be releasing in a ‘Rough around the edges’ version.
The demo will introduce 10 missions to be completed within 14 days and include four zones, the story will begin and there will be a successful ending or a bad ending. The work I still need to do for the demo is add NPCs, “generally populating areas (mostly day time)”, and add up some flavour text/interactions with those NPCs.
For now I have just worked on the main thing mechanics of the game to see if it just works.
So below you will find a few screenshots of the gameplay, and a global map view of each of the four main districts (zones), – which I still need to add a bit more to.
Other stuff –
If you wish to support me on Patreon you can and that would be lovely, but I advise you to wait until trying this release of course to see if it’s something you’d like.
Notes and feedback (constructive of course) is welcomed here, please do reply to this post if you have anything in that regard.
Please Note –
Remember I will be working on this in my spare time and hopefully with a bit more to show in a shorter amount of time. I do have a few projects outside of this which are ending in January, which may mean I invest more time into this game BUT alongside my full time career.
This demo will be the only public release that will be free to try but other releases are going to be paid for and released on Patreon and Itch. I aim to not release parts of the game trickle by trickle, (As in none of this installing a whole new game, paying for a whole new game, for one mission – that is where Patreon I suppose is better in a post update rather than Itch.io).
I do have a short roadmap which sections the game into three releasable parts but this would be a decision in progress and may change during the work in progress.
Anyway, thank you for your time, please let me know comments/ideas/improvements/bugs below.
Thank you for your time in reading this post!

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