Business of Loving [v0.13.5i] [Dead End Draws]

Business of Loving [v0.13.5i] [Dead End Draws]

April 12, 2024F95

A NSFW visual novel of love, lust and getting down to business. You play as a young, unpaid intern trying to make it in the biggest company in the city, Business Inc! You’ll not only have to balance your life dealing with your grueling boss Kimberly, you’ll have to balance home life with your single-mother roommate Lorraine as well as find other part time jobs with various other bosses to pay rent on time. Along with that, uncover a scandal of dirty lies and kinky corruption as you slowly make your way to the top of the business empire!

Thread Updated: 2024-03-23
Release Date: 2024-03-10
Developer: Dead End Draws SubscribestarTwitterF95ZoneItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.5i
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Link
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “game.exe” to start playing
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What’s New?
Business of Loving v.13.5 expands on the nudist beach content from v.13!
Hang out with Eleanor on the beach as she spreads out, taking in the sun and a little more…
Welcome To The Nudist Beach!
Explore the new nudist beach area. Just a quick bus stop away.
12 New Scenes Starring Eleanor, the GILFy beach goer.
3 New Scenes involving Lily and Eleanor, together!
New Cheats!
Want to skip to the good stuff? Use cheat ‘au naturale’ to go right to Lily’s Nudist Route!
Bug Fixes!
Charlotte’s Route has been patched up, along with other little fixes here and there.
Just fixing some bugs where Lorraine animations didn’t appear correctly, along with button on the main screen that goes to the Patreon to market the new update. Thanks!
v.12.4 | Pregnancy Fix and New Scene!
Cosplay and Bug Fixes!
Hi guys! As promised a new small update which fixes a few things and adds a new scene for Patty with new voice lines.

If you wanna skip to it, name your character ‘bettrblnde’ to skip though Patty’s content. Then visit her on the office to get the new scene!

Your old saves should work just fine with the new update.

Bug Fixes
Long choice lists now have a scroll bar.

Fixed a bug where Patty’s pregnant route would not trigger.

Fixed a bug where Lorraine + Lily’s Threesome Route wouldn’t trigger. (again -_-)

Fixed the spank bank, no longer missing options.

Fixed Patty’s spank bank, all new scenes are available plus old scenes, once her route is completed.

v.12.3 bug fixes [6/8/23]
fixed charlotte’s route not progressing
fixed missing charlotte faces
fixed missing MC faces
fixed missing madeline faces
29 New Hscenes
  • 24 Hscenes for Lily
  • 3 New CEO Scenes; Charlotte Growth, Lily Growth, Kim Riding Animation
  • 2 Hscenes for Zara
Lorraine x Lily Route has been made a little more accessible. Reach at least 22 scenes with Lorraine, and complete Lily’s route to access it. Meet Lily in her garden to see how that plays out…
**New Location!**
Added a truck to go to the Farmer’s Market.
Check out the stalls, or talk with Zara after the route is over.
16 new Hscenes!
  • 8 scenes and 2 animations for Charlotte
  • 4 for Madeline
  • 2 CEO Patron curated scenes!
    Finish Charlotte’s Storyline!
New Location
– Wally’s, Home of The Wild Wally Burger!
Fast food for when you’re too lazy to cook.
New Character Charlotte!
Charlotte’s just a goth trying to make her way in the world and survive a miserable minimum wage job. Maybe you two can kick it off.
7 New Scenes with 3 special revisits
This is part 1
of Charlotte’s ~Romantic~ story line, and will be concluded next update, hopefully by the end of January.
New Cheat
Wanna skip to the new stuff?
Enter givemegothgf when starting a new game!
Thanks everyone for your patience and support. Enjoy!
14 New Scenes
2 NEW ANIMATION SETS for Lorraine & Lorraine Pregnant
2 Vanilla Scenes and 3 Pregnant Scenes for Lorraine
6 Degradation Scenes for Kimberly
1 Guest Scene for Lily!
14 Patty Scenes (3 Kim x Patty Scenes)
2 Revists (Candy, Ass Touch)
3 Mini Eva Scenes!
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Business of Loving v5.5 – Three’s A Party!
Lorraine and Lily have been neighbors for so long, but never got the chance to know really know each other. Perhaps a fateful encounter can lead to some fun for the both of them…
What’s New?
  • 9 Lorraine x Lily (x Player) Scenes!
  • 4 New Cosplay Scenes for each girl. Purchase from the PC after completing their routes!
  • 3 new degradation scenes for Lorraine…
As you go increase both Lorraine and Lily’s RP, a new route will be unlocked. Keep visiting Lily’s garden to unlock it!
New Cheat!
Already played it? Skip it with the new cheat! Located in the cheat.txt file.
File sizes have been optimized for a much smoother, faster download.
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What’s new?!
Revamped the entirety of Lorraine’s Vanilla Route!
12 new scenes in total, along with 2 new animations.
(Now 30 scenes in total!)
More will be added in future updates….
Replaced 5 scenes with updated, cleaner looking art.

New kinks include…

Impregnation (Optional)
Pregnant Sex (Optional)
Sleep Kink (Optional)
Butt Sex
Other stuff….
Art updated in the Degradation Route as well.
Added optional revisits of the older scenes in the spank bank
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What’s New?!
Added the poll winner scenes!
3 New Scenes for the Lorraine Route.
1 new Lily animation set.
Added Kimberly degradation route..!~
7 Degradation scenes in total.
1 Patty scene.
Talk to her in the bathroom, then try again…
Fixed the Spankbank to add Ramirez; Lily and Kimberly’s Degrade scenes.
Fixed some of the map to change from day to night properly.
New Cheat code!
Maxes out all RP points for everyone except Ramirez. (Due to coding issues; Will be fixed later on.)
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New Character; Officer Ramirez!
Help fledgling Officer Ramirez catch her perp and make her career,
or help her discover her slutty side as a call girl on the streets…~
There are 18 Hscenes in total this update, and a brand new animation!
There are different paths to take with Ramirez, either Vanilla Route or Degradation Route, along with the dress-up minigame at the end.
Each include the new animation sequence.
There is now a new area of the map to explore, though for now, only the Police Station is available for interaction.
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– Lorraine Riding Animation <3
– Lily Grind
(Degradation Scenes)
1. DG Morning Wood
2. DG J/O Peek
3. DG Dressing
4. DG Bathroom Peek
5. Stripping Scene
6. Assfeel
7. Assjob
1. Ass Play
2. Cucumber Ass Play
Kim gets a small new scene where she makes you address her by a new name..!
As well as a change when you revisit her peeping.
There is now an overlay at all times that allows you to jump to the main map/change the clock, check your RP/DP
and money, and check the number of scenes viewed.
Woa. Since it’s been difficult for me to implement past save states,
I’ve decided to add ~cheat codes~ if you want to skip girls or scenes you’ve already visited.
To use them, start a new game and type them in as the players name. Cheats are in their own text file. 😉
Changed some fonts and all that boring stuff.
Reworked Lorraine’s and Lily’s Degradation routes. They’re now permanent,
but you will be given a warning when you reach it! This will effect the main story when it progresses further, but not end it!
Fixed some dinky facial expressions.
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Some spelling/name fixes.
You can now buy different outfits for each of the girls on the PC!
This will be expanded upon on further updates, but for now they can each get a cosplay and “Eric’s” Outfit.
DVA’s Outfit (Overwatch)
Rouge the Bat’s Outfit (Sonic)
Satsuki’s Uniform (Kill La Kill)
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– Newspaper in the kitchen that you can interact with. Will update you on all the newest “HELP WANTED” ads.
– Lily The Gardener
*12 New Hscenes with Lily the Gardener*
1. Boob Tease
2. Mushroom HJ
3. Boob Hug
4. Wet Tee / Topless Gardening
5. Breast Play
6. Lily Blowjob
7. Cucumber Vaginal
8. Nursing HJ
9. Sunbathing
10. Titfuck
11. Breast Play 2
12. (Degradation) Strip Scene
-And a dress up mini-game for Lily, once all scenes are completed.
– There is now a Degradation System, you can choose to be a meanie if you want. >:3c
Still a work in progress, but you can be mean to Lily. Once you get enough Degradation Points, you get a special scene.
Lily will also stop talking to you if you’re too mean to her, but it will be reset after 2-3 attempts and you’ll be able to chat with her normally again.
Degradation is still a work in progress, but I will definitely add more scenes if there is enough interest. <3
The plan is to make branching paths for each story line, but once you go far enough in the degradation, you lose the vanilla story line.
Other New Stuff:
– New Title Screen!
– New outfits for Lorraine in her dress up mini game.
– 2 mini random Lorraine scenes in the kitchen @ night
– Some new Lorraine dialogue
– 2 new MC poses
– Time Clock button added in the neighborhood; Instantly switches between day and night.
– Room button added in the neighborhood; Instantly brings you to main bedroom.
– increased amount of money able to make with “Sell Stuff Online”
– added a random event with a 1% chance of occurring in the neighborhood screen. (o _o)
-Fixed missing images for Lorraine’s night time scene.
-Lorraine’s scene counter now displays the correct number of scenes played.
-Reworked “The Spank Bank”
-Edited some awkward dialogue
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– Explore your new home! Interact with different rooms and characters to raise Relationship Points.
– Raise your Relationship Points and unlock special scenes!
– Revisit certain scenes for alternate art!
– This game is a work-in-progress! Nothing is set in stone, changes may happen!
– Music is not added yet! This will be focused on in future updates.
– Check out the Read Me file and help out the game!
How to:
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## To start the new route, work at the cubicle in the Business Inc. Office! Make sure to use the Computer. ;D
Patreon: Vanilla
Itch.io: Incest



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