Captain Hardcore [v0.17] [AntiZero]

Captain Hardcore [v0.17] [AntiZero]

January 23, 2024F95

Board your ship and explore the darkest reaches of the universe in search of the hottest and most depraved space sluts. Bring them aboard your research vessel where you can customise their looks in your bio-metrics lab, probe and experiment on them in your high tech science chamber, or create virtual scenes using your ships Cyber-Masturbatorium – all in the name of science!

Thread Updated: 2023-12-07
Release Date: 2023-11-11
Developer: AntiZero Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.17
OS: Windows x64, Android
Language: English
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3D game,  Animated, BDSM,  Male domination, Masturbation, Oral sex, Sci-fi, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Virtual reality, Mobile game
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Install Game
Download ResponseModifier and start_ch.bat from page 43 of comments. Place them in top folder with captainhardcore exe
run start_ch.bat
click start in the yellow box
press any button in the black box
click on paste on the wall in front of you
click on activate
click on enter
in the next room walk past the girl and find the desk click start
alt tab and press stop on the yellow box
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  • NEW: 23 male skin pre-sets!
  • NEW: 29 male face pre-sets!
  • NEW: Over 140 male morph sliders!
  • NEW: 10 male hairstyles!
  • NEW: 16 male clothing items!
  • NEW: 2 short female hairstyles.
  • NEW: Adjust camera movement speed in desktop mode by scrolling with the mouse wheel while holding right mouse button.
  • Improved: Added thrusting command to the Lovense integration for the Gravity toy.
  • FIXED: UI bug when resetting morphs.
  • FIXED: Issue with the male jaw physics constraint.
v0.10 Hardcore Quest
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  • NEW: More than 50 new pre-set faces! I’ve tried to include a wide range of shapes so you can create much more varied characters. Each pre-set can also be adjusted using the old face morphs for even more variation.
  • NEW: Broken Core environment.
  • NEW: Special fur shader for pubic hair! With 17 pubic hair styles. This hair shader is more than a flat decal, it adds some fuzz/bushiness for extra realism.
  • NEW: Customisable pubic hair colour.
  • NEW: Fluid settings for lactation. Make their tits leak slowly or grab them to make them squirt. This can be adjusted per character.
  • NEW: Image plane improvements from the PC version. Now supports transparent PNGs. There are two blend modes available: Masked and translucent. This opens up lots of new possibilities – use it to create accessories like glasses, ears, horns piercings, or even use it to construct environments!
  • NEW: 14 new makeup textures.
  • NEW: 16 new tattoos.
  • NEW: Customise colour of all toys.
  • NEW: Customise glow of all toys.
  • NEW: Setting for disabling object collision on the Image Plane and all furniture.
  • Improved: Reduced the Image plane minimum scale.
  • Improved: New physics/collision system that adjusts character mouth and lip collision automatically, based on morphs.
  • Improved: Disabled player collision with the bench in the Dungeon.
  • Fixed: Bendy Dildo 1 was sometimes difficult to select.
  • Fixed: Eyeball transforms not resetting when resetting the face morphs.
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  • NEW: More than 40 new built in character skin textures!
  • NEW: Skin preset menu and improved UI that allows you to import your own diffuse, normal, specular etc on all skin presets (instead of just the “Texture Import” setting).
  • NEW: Special fur shader for pubic hair! With 17 pubic hair styles. This hair shader is more than a flat decal, it adds some fuzz/bushiness for extra realism.
  • NEW: Customisable pubic hair colour.
  • NEW: 14 new makeup textures.
  • NEW: 16 new tattoos.
  • NEW: Rera hairstyle.
  • NEW: Experimental rope gun for Asstronauts. This gun shoots rope which can attach to characters and other objects. The first object you shoot at will be attached to the end of the rope, and the second point can be grabbed to pull on the object.
  • FIXED: Solved an issue with imported normal maps being inverted.
Notes: I’ve tried to fully support old character saves but the new texture preset system may cause issues when loading characters made with older versions.
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  • NEW: More than 50 new pre-set faces! I’ve tried to include a wide range of shapes so you can create much more varied characters. Each pre-set can also be adjusted using the old face morphs for even more variation.
  • NEW: Audio import object – import any 16 bit .WAV file for music, ambient sounds etc! With Loop, Spatialization and Attenuation settings. Spatialization makes the sound directional, and attenuation adjusts the volume based on the radius and listeners distance from the sound. Disabling these options will play the sound in stereo non directional mode. Place files inside the AudioImport folder to see them in game.
  • NEW: Spiked Choker accessory.
  • NEW: Long hair style.
  • NEW: Settings for disabling player and object collision on the Image Plane and all furniture.
  • NEW: 16 example PNG accessories – Glasses, ears, horns, piercings and wings.
  • Improved: Image plane now supports transparent PNGs. There are two blend modes available: Masked and translucent. This opens up lots of new possibilities – use it to create accessories like glasses, ears, horns piercings, etc!
  • Improved: Reduced the Image plane minimum scale.
  • Improved: New physics/collision system that adjusts character mouth and lip collision automatically, based on morphs.
  • Fixed: Simulated hair now fits the head correctly when applying new face presets.
  • Fixed: Image plane and camera screens affecting navmesh.
  • Fixed: Image plane UI disappearing.
  • Fixed: Ball gag and other clothing now fits the new face shapes correctly.
  • Fixed: Hand physics going mad when ragdoll is enabled.
Known issue: Loading a scene or character created with an older game version might have issues with clothing or hair items that don’t fit the head correctly after applying the new face pre-sets. This can be fixed by removing and re applying the item.
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NEW: Teledildonics menu with beta support for all Lovense toys. The menu has space for more toy integrations that I’m hoping to add in the future.
You can have multiple toys connected and each one can be assigned to any object in the game.
They’re controlled by the objects movement. For example – if you assign the Max 2 to a characters hip bone, then it’ll vibrate + pump in time with their hip movements.
Toys can easily be assigned to any body part, object, character or in game toy. The slider adjusts how sensitive toys are to movements, so you can adjust things to your preference/animation speed.
NEW: WIP preview of the new face menu with 2 new faces. Choose from multiple base face shapes and modify them using the existing face sliders. This creates a lot more character variation, I’m planning to add a lot more faces in the next update so it’ll be possible to completely change the characters facial features with the press of a button.
NEW TOY: Gravity Restraints that can be used to restrain a character. Will automatically attach to their hands and feet on touch (similar to the restraint machine mechanic).
NEW: Spawnable Image Plane object – Import any image as a background or reference image! 15 example backgrounds included.
NEW: 5 new preset makeup styles.
NEW: 4 new preset tattoos.
NEW: For those that want to unlock everything right away there’s a hidden computer in the title screen where you can enter the cheat code “69420”.
NEW: Security computer in the Broken Core final deck now has a coolant tank that must be emptied, this will cause the computer to overheat and explode.
Improved: Dying in the Broken Core will restart you on the same deck, it no longer means restarting from the beginning.
Improved: Broken Core reduced to 5 decks.
Improved: Made the final wave of bots easier.
Improved: Alarm now stops when the final bot is destroyed, not on a timer.
Fixed: Bug where bots would incorrectly spawn in the locked room.
Fixed: Decals now apply to lips.
Fixed: Toys losing glow setting when changing scale.
Fixed: Mipmaps not working on the thong.
Fixed: Pressing ESC while viewing the help menu or release notes un pauses the game but does not close the menu.
Fixed: Alarm sound in the Broken Core kept looping if the player dies.
Fixed: Bald hair setting not saving.
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Gameplay changes:
NEW: Large procedural space station with 8 floors. Each level is randomly generated when you play it. Use the elevator to reach the next floor. If you die you’ll start back at the first floor (unless you die in the final wave of enemies on deck 8), but this might change later.
NEW: Enemy AI (with voice acting) – finally something to shoot and kill! The Self-Aware Science Bot was originally created as a science robot, these little fuckers have malfunctioned and gained sentience. They’re now noticeably more… unstable.
NEW: Dynamic enemy spawning system for spawning waves of enemies.
NEW: Credits pick up – dropped by enemies or found when looting containers.
NEW: Health pick up – dropped by enemies or found when looting containers.
NEW: Player health system and death screen.
NEW: Wrist HUD display for VR which displays health, credits and map data for the current area.
NEW: Mini map and world map with fog of war that’s revealed as you explore. In desktop mode hold R to see the full map. In VR the map is mounted on your wrist, you can glance at it to see what’s nearby or aim at it with the laser pointer to expand and see the whole level.
NEW: Map marker system that displays important locations such as elevators and vending machines etc.
NEW: Vending machine that sells supplies. Currently only sells health packs but designed to add more items later.
NEW: Currency system, player can collect credits and use them at the vending machine to purchase supplies.
NEW: Lootable lockers and chests.
NEW: Exploding barrels.
NEW: Teleporter that can take you on board other ships.
NEW: Added music for space travel and the galaxy map.
FIXED: Gun clips through walls in desktop mode.
FIXED: Gun projectiles are spawning behind the gun in VR causing them to sometimes collide with the gun or players hand.
FIXED: VR keyboard is still visible after selecting a new object.
FIXED: If you press ESC when in the settings menu the game un pauses but the menu is still visible.
Improved: Galaxy map destinations are now easier to click.
Improved: Plasma pistol projectile velocity increased.
Known issue: Occasionally an enemy will play a voice line after dying.
Known issue: Credits and ship location do not save yet.
Known Issue: Occasionally map markers are not removed when they should be. Markers are too small in VR mode.
Known Issue: Lighting needs to be optimised, if you have problems with frame rate try reducing shadows and other graphical settings.
Known Issue: Changing from VR mode to desktop mode causes the fog of war to reset and mini map to disappear.
Sandbox changes:
NEW: 10 new hair styles (plus bald option). These are work in progress and do not have physics enabled yet, but a future update will add physics simulation with hand and object collision! I’m also hoping to port these to Quest, but can’t say for sure yet, as hair is much trickier on mobile due to the lower rendering and performance capabilities. My hope is that at least some will work well on Quest. I’ll add even more hair in the future, but wanted to do these now as it’s been highly requested for a long time.
NEW: Controllable restraint machine with adjustable arms. Characters hands and feet will automatically be restrained when placing them in the gravity beam generators. (Must be unlocked by completing the broken core mission).
NEW: “Broken Core” environment for the Cyber Masturbatorium. (Must be unlocked by completing the broken core mission).
NEW: Added “None” animation – use this instead of the default idle to help keep scenes lined up.
FIXED: Improved the wooden bench collision in the fantasy dungeon.
FIXED: Light radius not saving.
Improved: Morph values are displayed when adjusting them.
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NEW: Fantasy dungeon environment. The largest environment for the Cyber Masturbatorium so far (excluding the ship).
NEW: Hand posing system. Character hands now have selectable poses like grasp, one finger, two fingers etc. There’s a slider to control the strength of the pose for each hand.
NEW: Accurate hand collision and physics for characters. They can now use their hands to interact with toys and other characters bodies, including genitals and mouths. This opens up lots of new possibilities when creating scenes! There’s an option to enable/disable this per character so you can save the extra CPU load if not being used.
NEW: Spawnable Cameras and Screens. Cameras can be animated or attached to any object in the scene, and the screens can be scaled and placed wherever you like so you can view the action from different angles in VR. They can also be used to take photos in VR. In desktop mode the cameras can be possessed and flown around like the current camera system. You can set up multiple angles and switch between them easily with the mouse or arrow keys. Cameras can be hidden by disabling “Cameras visible” in the main settings.
NEW: Fluid settings for lactation. Make their tits leak slowly or grab them to make them squirt. This can be toggled on/off per character.
NEW: Dungeon demo scene and character preset.
NEW: The plasma pistol can now be used in desktop mode. Press Q to equip.
FIXED: Rare bug where characters hands and feet could not be moved, This was difficult to reproduce so hopefully it’s fixed for everyone.
FIXED: Bug where it was possible to get stuck in recording mode if you tried to grab an object with the other hand while recording an animation.
FIXED: Cum fluids default colour was wrong.
FIXED: Character eyes were rolling right back when the player is behind them (this only became apparent after adding the cameras!)
FIXED: White UV seams on skin type 3 and 4 when viewed from a distance (or at lower resolutions)
FIXED: “Play without motion controllers” now resets when the game is restarted. It was originally added for Oculus dev kit users to interact with things using the mouse but caused problems for players that enabled it by mistake.
Improved: Character scale slider can now go slightly lower. This is as low as it will go without breaking physics.
Improved: Stopped the menu from appearing if the player holds down the button while recording an animation.
Improved: Removed a lot of unused assets and cleaned up the project.
Known issues: There’s a problem with the hands deforming with some hand poses when the curvy 1, 2 + 3 morphs are cranked up. The morphs will need to be re done to fix this.
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This update contains some of the first gameplay systems: Space travel, galaxy map, plasma pistol and the shuttlecraft. There’s also a new Giant mode for characters and customisable fluid colours.
For the first time you can use the shuttle to leave the ship, land on Planet X and explore an alien world.
Once the main sandbox mechanics are finished development will shift more to gameplay and content, so new devices, clothing, hair etc will be added alongside gameplay updates which will gradually introduce the mechanics.
Quest will have an update next, including a new ship environment and more features from the PC version.
Thank you everyone for the incredible support!!


Space travel – select a destination in the galaxy map and the ship will take you there using its hyperspace drive.
NEW: Galaxy map – Open the map from the computer screen in the bridge. You can use it to travel between locations. The ship can jump a maximum of 300 light years and you can select any destination within range. The galaxy is small for now but it’ll grow once more of the gameplay systems are built.
NEW: Scanner module – Used from the computer screen in the bridge, it’ll reveal any nearby waypoints for the shuttle, more functions and waypoints will be added later!
NEW: Shuttle that can take you down to planet surfaces. Once you’ve scanned the area and found a landing site you can use the shuttle in the hangar at the rear of the ship to descend to the planet’s surface. To return to the ship just get back in the shuttle and press launch.
NEW: Demo planet environment (Planet X). This small planet area was created to develop the look and feel of an alien planet environment.
NEW: Plasma pistol (VR mode only). This is the first weapon, there’s not much to shoot at yet but you can practice your aim with the bottles in the bar (don’t shoot your crew members!) This is still work in progress, I’ve not decided how ammo will work yet so for now it has unlimited ammo. Desktop support is almost finished and will be in the next build.
NEW: Weapon/Item selection menu (Opened by holding B on the right Index controller or A on Oculus). Time is slowed down while the menu is open.
NEW: Customise pee and cum colour.
NEW: Scale slider for all toys.
NEW: Giant mode – this can be enabled on all characters and most toys. It increases the sliders range so you can create giant characters and toys!
NEW: Added footstep sounds for walking on dirt.
Improved: Characters now scale from their feet instead of the middle of their body, this stops them getting stuck in the ground when making them larger.
Improved: ESC key now closes the main menu in desktop mode.
Improved: Some tweaks to the Vive wand controls.
Improved: Disabled teleport while in POV mode.
FIXED: Large characters have their feet stuck in the ground when spawned.
FIXED: Player falling into space when loading some scenes.
FIXED: Some minor audio bugs.
FIXED: Login issue caused by a bug in Patreons API.
FIXED: Added “Intel OpenSSL Fix.bat” inside the FluidGame directory. If you experience crashes on an Intel 10/11th gen processor then running the game through this file instead of the .exe should fix it.
Known issues: The collision settings UI can get screwed up when giant mode is enabled, but auto collision is still working.
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v0.10 Change log:
NEW: Hand physics (enable in the settings menu) – you can now insert your fingers into the mouth, pussy and ass and grab the dick or strapon. Hands will cup the breasts and ass realistically and while skin collision isn’t perfect all over yet this improves interaction and immersion a lot!
NEW: Breasts and ass collision is a lot more accurate and adjusts automatically with the morphs. This fixes the problem where large or small breasts would have a lot of clipping or collide with objects that are not touching them. Auto adjustment should work well in most cases but it’s not quite perfect yet. There’s some sliders in the misc menu that can be used to fine tune if needed (disable auto adjust collision to see them). There are areas of the body that still need work (mainly the legs) but this is a big improvement and I will work on improving it further!
NEW: Record animations in desktop mode using mouse movements. Select an IK point, toy or other object and press R to start recording. All movements will then be recorded until you press R again to stop. It’s possible to create natural looking movements but with less freedom than in VR.
NEW: Vive trackers can be attached to all objects including toys, so you can strap a tracker to your waist and use it to control a virtual dick.
NEW: All object and IK attachments now save with the scene.
NEW: Patreon login system. This is set up so that if you upgrade your tier it’ll automatically unlock the relevant content and you won’t need to re-download the entire game. If you downgrade or unsubscribe you’ll always be able to play the last version you had access to.
NEW: 5 new makeup textures.
NEW: Scene load button that takes you straight to the load menu.
NEW: Quick save/load feature. In VR press and hold the save or load buttons for 1 second to quickly save or re-load the current scene. In desktop mode press F1 to quick save and F2 to quick load.
NEW: Sort scenes by name, new or old. This is useful when you want to keep the most recently saved scenes at the top of the list.
NEW: Dick length can now be adjusted.
NEW: Voice volume and pitch controls.
NEW: Filter character presets by male or female. Male and female are now saved in separate folders.
NEW: Sort character presets by name, new or old.
NEW: Delete character preset button.
NEW: Number of scenes is displayed at the top of the scene menu.
NEW: Scene date and time are now displayed when hovering a scene.
NEW: Independent settings for smooth locomotion, teleport and snap turning to give you better choice of movement type.
NEW: Change the field of view when using the scene thumbnail camera by scrolling with the mouse or pressing up/down on the thumbstick in VR.
NEW: Added a red glowing sphere when recording an animation to make it clearer that something is being recorded.
NEW: Added new character presets and updated some of the old ones.
Improved: The VR menu tabs now highlight when selected.
Improved: Character name is now pre entered in the text box when saving a character.
Improved: Dick erection and veins sliders have been moved to the morphs tab.
Improved: Reduced default dick length.
Improved: Player now always faces the right direction when opening the scene menu or when opening a new environment or scene.
FIXED: Attach system now works correctly.
FIXED: Long stuttering when opening the load scene menu. Instead of loading the entire list of scenes at once it now loads just the first 20 and more are loaded as you scroll. Images are now loaded asynchronously to improve performance.
FIXED: Changed the way the character preset list is created to prevent stuttering and other issues when having a lot of characters.
FIXED: The “IK Enabled” checkbox is back.
FIXED: Player spinning around uncontrollably when standing on physics enabled objects.
FIXED: Animation timeline UI is now disabled while recording an animation, this stops the player from clicking pause/rewind or scrolling through the animation at the same time as recording which can cause some strange bugs.
FIXED: Scenes saved in the ship after pressing the exit button in the CM are sometimes loading the wrong environment.
FIXED: Stange physics issue when the ball gag is equipped.
FIXED: Lighting performance issue in the “floating in space” level.
FIXED: Pressing back to scene while using teleport locomotion sometimes causes the player to be stuck in the floor.
FIXED: Fixed an issue where it was possible for the fluid emitters to affect  performance when they weren’t being used.
FIXED: If you enter POV mode while using the desktop camera then the game is stuck in camera mode after leaving POV mode.
FIXED: If you equip a clothing item while the slot is hidden it will show the clothing but the slot remains hidden.
FIXED: Lock pose disables character light.
FIXED: When saving a scene in the ship the player does not spawn in their last location when taking a thumbnail screenshot.
FIXED: Bug where scene thumbnails sometimes failed to load.
FIXED: Vive tracker buttons should now work without having to bind them in Steam VR (need feedback on this to check if it’s really fixed).
FIXED: Ambient occlusion setting not saving on restart.
FIXED: Disabled shadows on the thumbnail camera so it doesn’t get in the way when taking a shot.
FIXED: Laser dot disappearing behind the scene menu.
FIXED: Sometimes the player is starting in the default location instead of the last saved location when opening a scene (90% sure this is fixed, need feedback).
FIXED: Head IK rotation not saving with the scene.
FIXED: Right hand toggle grab setting was not saving after restarting the game.
FIXED: Fixed an issue with the characters looking in an odd direction after loading a scene.
FIXED: Graphical glitch where fluids can become frozen and permanently stuck after deleting the Penetrator.
FIXED: When loading a new scene fluids from the previous scene are still visible and ‘frozen’ in the new scene.
Changed: The giantess scene has been moved temporarily, you can find it inside the Cyber Masturbatorium on the right of the scenes menu near the switch.
KNOWN ISSUES: I’ve had a lot of crash reports from people using Z590 motherboards recently. After a lot of detective work I’ve found this isn’t a problem with my code or the login system, it’s an issue that affects all UE4 games on this board for some reason. It’s even affecting older versions of CH that don’t have the login.
Some patrons are having the same problem in other games and I’ve seen similar reports online. I’m guessing it’s a driver or BIOS thing so you can try updating those to see if it helps.
Something that fixes it for most people is disconnecting their ethernet, if you encounter a crash when logging in try disabling/disconnecting it and activate over Wifi instead.
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NEW: The head can now be moved, rotated and animated easily. This took a while as it required an upgrade to the IK system and a lot of adjustments to the physics but it was a much needed function! This really helps with posing characters and can be animated like the other IK points. It also works well in desktop mode.
NEW: POV (point of view) mode for VR and desktop. Press the POV button to teleport inside the body of any character and see through their eyes. Hold down right thumbstick to reposition/align yourself relative to their body in VR. You can use a Vive tracker strapped to your waist to control the hip movements! Hip tracking also works with a controller attached to your waist if you set it to toggle grab, so you can enjoy this feature even if you don’t have trackers.  Press A or X to exit POV mode.
NEW: All spawnable objects can now be animated. You can animate a toy thrusting or a paddle spanking for example. This opens up lots of new possibilities!
NEW: Individual clear buttons for each IK point that erase their motion. Toys and other objects also have a clear motion button. This makes it a lot easier when animating a scene as a mistake no longer means erasing everything.
NEW: All toy colours can now be adjusted and some toys also have adjustable opacity and glow effects.
NEW: Vive trackers can be attached to any point on a character including the head for blowjobs or the feet for foot tracking.
NEW: Up to three Vive trackers are now supported. Set them to Waist, Left Foot and Right Foot in “Manage Vive trackers” in Steam VR.
NEW: Lock pose setting. This hides and locks all IK points in place so you can’t accidentally grab one and mess up your scene.
NEW: You can now attach the long dildo and penis dildo to the Penetrator.
NEW: Settings to control the strength and damping of breast, bum and thigh jiggle.
NEW: The + and – buttons  on the timeline now control animation playback speed.
NEW: 2 new scenes (Sexy Time 2 & 3).
Improved: It’s now much easier to rotate and position the hands in VR.
Improved: Upgraded to a new IK system that allows better head/spine movements. This was needed to create the head IK point.
Improved: Optimised the character animation blueprint.
FIXED: Move object button not working after grabbing an IK point.
FIXED: After deleting a character the move and delete buttons are still visible.
FIXED:  The Vive tracker button now works properly, you no longer need to press T to attach to an IK point.
FIXED: It should be easier to grab the ass in no motion controller mode.
FIXED: Issue with reflections when loading the ship level from the Cyber Masturbatorium.
FIXED: When loading a custom texture the file name is displayed in red even though it loaded correctly.
FIXED: When changing from VR to desktop and back to VR extra Vive trackers are being spawned.
FIXED: Fire particle spawn rate in the Manor Bedroom.
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NEW: Motion capture animation timeline and playback controls. This controls all characters in the scene with one UI so you can play, pause, rewind and scrub through the entire scene animation easily.
– It’s now easier to layer up animations, and the IK points will stay in sync with each other as they’re all controlled by one timer instead of having their own individual timers.
– The first motion you record will determine the overall length of the loop, then you can rewind to the start and record another IK point or character and gradually layer things up.
– There’s also buttons to increase or decease the duration of the loop or clear the whole thing.
NEW: Mocap animations are now saved with the scene! When loading a scene the animations will auto play!
NEW: Mocap animation loops are now seamless. The start and end are automatically blended to create a smooth transition.
NEW: All IK points can now be animated including elbow and knee controls, upper body IK and the look at target.
NEW: Upper body IK point lets you move and rotate the upper body seperately to the hip control. This can be turned on and off or hidden in the same way as the knee and elbow controls.
NEW: Use the Cyber Masturbatorium to save and load scenes anywhere in the ship!
NEW: Ball gag accessory.
NEW: Much requested “Position Locked” setting for furniture, this is turned on by default so you can’t accidentally grab objects and mess up your scene!
NEW: You can now enable ambient occlusion in the graphics settings menu.
NEW: 3 new characters.
NEW: Built in scenes.
Improved: Increased flexibility of the torso and slightly improved hand posing.
Improved: Scenes now save the last player location and will spawn you in this location when loading.
Improved: When pressing “back to scene” the player is now teleported to their last location instead of the default spawn point.
Improved: Joint targets now move with the whole character when grabbing by the hip and holding trigger.
FIXED: The double dildos are no longer locked to Asstronaut tier, this should have been the case in 0.6 but I made a mistake and didn’t realise until testing this build!
FIXED: Camera rotation no longer resets itself when switching to edit mode in desktop play.
FIXED: Giant hand in the players face when using no motion controller mode.
FIXED: Disabling and re-enabling joint targets causes them to move to an incorrect position.
FIXED: Can’t move mouse more than 40% up the screen when using Oculus headsets in no motion controller mode.
General bug fixes and improvements!
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NEW: Import ANY Daz Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 textures, or your own custom textures!
  • Supports .jpg, .png and .bmp format.
  • Place them in the Texture Import folder and select them using the new in game file browser.
  • There are slots for diffuse, specular, roughness, normal, bump and decals. Use the decal slot to add custom makeup and tattoos!
  • Decal colour and alpha can be adjusted to customise makeup and tattoo appearance. When using a darker skin texture it’s best to darken the decals slightly to help blend them with the skin.
  • To create your own makeup or tattoos use the Daz Gen 8 UV templates. Use an image editor like Photoshop to place the decal where you want on the template and save as a transparent PNG file. A couple of examples have been included.
  • When loading a character with imported textures the game will pause briefly as it converts the images to textures for use in the engine. A loading screen will be displayed for a few seconds. If any textures were missing or couldn’t be loaded they will be highlighted in red.
NEW: Improved skin shader built to work with any imported textures.
NEW: 3 built in skin texture presets.
NEW: 7 built in makeup presets.
NEW: 9 built in tattoo presets.
NEW: Cinematic camera mode for desktop users with focus and Depth of field settings. Can be used to take cinematic looking screenshots or just for viewing the action.
NEW: Strap on harness (find it in the clothing accessories menu).
NEW: Realistic and bumpy dildos for use with the harness. Equip these in the clothing accessories menu.
NEW TOY: Realistic and bumpy double ended dildos.
NEW TOY: Realistic penis dildo.
NEW Bonus Asstronaut Item: Realistic penis dildo with balls.
NEW Experimental Asstronaut Item: Anal beads.
NEW: Two new built in scenes.
NEW: Three new character presets.
CHANGED: Long bendy dildo is renamed to “Double Dildo – Smooth” and no longer locked to Asstronaut tier.
NEW: Basic thrusting and BJ animations (6 variations of each).
IMPROVED: Clothing items are now sorted in alphabetical order.
IMPROVED: Eye moisture material.
IMPROVED: Optimised mouth physical animation performance.
FIXED: The Oculus stuttering issue should be fixed for everyone, nearly all users that tested 0.5.1 reported a dramatic improvement in performance.
FIXED: Issue with hair going black when shadows were set to Potato.
FIXED: Lip lower depth morph now working.
FIXED: Distortion/skinning issues with all panties around the groin area.
FIXED: Small issue with bunny ears material.
  • I don’t expect this to be a problem for many users but it’s possible to max out your GPU memory by loading too many textures. This will only happen if you import a lot of textures or your GPU does not have much memory to begin with. This can cause character and level textures to appear blurry. You can fix it by restarting the game and loading less textures into a scene at once. 4GB+ GPU memory is recommended to make use of this feature.
  • While testing I noticed an issue with the new thrusting and BJ animations at the last minute – when the character is rotated the animations still play at the original rotation. This means rotating a character 90 degrees causes them to move their head or hip side to side instead of back and forth. I’ll try and fix this in the next build.
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  • Update v0.5 release notes:


    Experimental feature – You can now make your own motion capture animations. The focus here is on ease of use – simply press the select button (there’s a prompt that pops up) while grabbing a sphere to start recording. Press it again to stop recording and play back the animation as a loop!

    You can for example record movement to a characters hip, then while that plays back record another movement to their arms or legs and layer it up. This is experimental and quite basic in functionality (no saving yet), but later I should be able to make it work with elbow and knee controls, maybe it could even be used to record motions for toys, lights and other objects.

    NEW: I finally managed to add elbow and knee controls! This has been requested since day one but I hadn’t had a chance to work on it until now. They are hidden by default, with an option to toggle visibility in the animation menu.

    NEW: 57 new face morphs, including eye shape, size, position and angle, and new nose and mouth shapes.

    NEW: Face morphs are now organised into sub categories (nose, mouth, eyes etc) for ease of use.

    NEW: The clothing system has been completely re-done and improved on. It’s now possible to add and remove as many clothing slots as you like, and each slot can have any item of clothing equipped. This makes it possible to combine items and accessories in any way you like.

    NEW: Clothing colours can now be edited! Some items have multiple sections to edit.

    NEW: Click on a morph name to go into “Thumbstick mode”. You can then adjust and scroll through the list using the thumbstick which makes it much easier to keep your eyes on the girl and see the changes.

    NEW: Auto stretch setting – the ass and pussy gradually stretch and become wider as they are penetrated. Afterwards they will slowly return to their original state.

    NEW TOY: Doe strap-on. This is still work in progress. Once inserted use the attach system to attach it to the characters pelvis and keep it firmly in place.

    NEW: Drink collectables with dynamic fluids (WIP). A few of these are scattered around the ship, they don’t do anything yet but in another update I’ll be adding the names chosen by patrons and a collectable system which keeps track of which ones you’ve found.

    NEW: Thumbstick deadzone setting, this should fix any problems with drifting.

    NEW: Dark empty environment very similar to the Quest level, it’s simplicity (it’s literally just a floor mesh) should give you better performance than some of the other environments. There’s also no baked lighting so you can create a nice dynamic lighting setup from scratch.

    NEW: 10 new clothing items/accessories including 2 pairs of stockings.

    NEW: Added 3 new built in scenes and updated the old ones.

    NEW: Added 5 new character presets and updated the old ones.

    NEW: The attach system for joint handles now works in VR. Select a joint handle by grabbing it and then press the attach button in the Animation menu. The laser will turn blue, aim and press the select button to choose an object and attach. You can attach two characters hips together for example, or attach their hands to a table etc.

    NEW: Playing without motion controllers is now much better. This is good if you don’t have a full PC VR system yet, like a DK2 or any cheap mobile headset supported by RiftCat for example. You can now grab and pose characters and move toys and objects with the middle mouse button. The laser is now controlled by moving the mouse instead of turning your head.

    NEW: Added Vive tracker instructions to the help menu/startup room.

    IMPROVED: Clothing assets are now loaded asynchronously when they are needed which saves memory, improves loading times and eliminates stuttering during loading. This is essential to keep memory usage down in the future when there will be a lot more clothing items.

    IMPROVED: Character lights are now turned off by default.

    IMPROVED: Clothing system now supports accessories with physics like the bunny ears (more to come later).

    FIXED: Grabbing the head should be easier now.

    FIXED: Crash when placing a character between the chair and the desk in the captain quarters.

    FIXED: When loading a character created in an older build the custom morph values should now be retained and any new morphs will be added to the character with their default value.

    Known Issues:

    – Motion captured animations do not save yet.

    – Object attachments do not save yet.

    – Recording animations is experimental and missing some features. There’s no way to control playback or clear a recorded animation yet, and you can not re position an animated point. As a workaround you can save and re load the character in place, or move the overall scale slider which will remove any animations. I will add more controls later.

    – When a mocap animation loops it’s not smooth, I should be able to fix this later by adding a blend.

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Added Android/Quest Version Beta
– NEW TOY: “Penetrator” with adjustable motion, speed, depth, cum fluids, colour, opacity and glow parameters.
– NEW: 6 built in scenes (A night at the manor, Double ended dildo 1, Double ended dildo 2, Love in space, Two girls, Three girls)
– NEW: Manor Bedroom environment.
– NEW: Character scale slider for creating smaller or larger characters (in the misc tab).
– NEW: More animations.
– NEW: Three new hairstyles including a Mohawk.
– NEW: New hair parameters. It’s now possible to disable the tip colour map and adjust tip and root colour independently. You can also adjust Root/Tip weight and falloff.
– NEW: Asstronaut build only – Experimental giantess scene.
– NEW: Added build version to the individual scene loading tiles.
– FIXED: Fixed a bug where characters mouths wouldn’t move when playing a voice sample, or the wrong character would move their lips.
– FIXED: Bug that caused the VR hands to occasionally disable collision when the player teleported.
– FIXED: When using the move function on a character in VR morph targets were getting duplicated.
– FIXED: Objects/Characters added to the title screen weren’t being destroyed when loading the ship level.
– More general bug fixes and improvements!
NEW: Scene saving/loading system for the Cyber Masturbatorium
NEW: Christmas candy cane toy
NEW: Christmas candy scene
NEW: Some new animations that are being tested (WIP)
-NEW: Added Nvidia Ansel Support.
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  • NEW: Multiple characters can now be added to a scene.
  • NEW: Added the main ship level.
  • NEW: Added the Cyber Masturbatorium system.
  • NEW: Added two basic environments to the Cyber Masturbatorium (“Empty” and “Floating in Space”).
  • NEW TOYS: Two butt plugs.
  • NEW: Added a “Character Light” that illuminates characters and can be toggled on and off in the “Misc” tab. These can be positioned by grabbing them (look for the small light bulb in front of the character). To save performance it’s recommend switching these off if you have multiple characters in a scene and using one or two main lights instead.
  • NEW: Added sprint to the VR thumbstick locomotion. Hold left trigger while moving.
  • NEW: Added three original music tracks to the bar.
  • NEW: Added a physics quality setting that helps improve CPU performance.
  • NEW: Added an anti aliasing sharpening effect which can be adjusted in the settings – improves the clarity of the image in VR and makes it less blurry.
  • Improved performance of the characters.
  • Created separate point light and spot light objects.
  • A lot of bug fixes and general improvements!
Bonus + Experimental Features for $20 tier patrons (Asstronaut Code in separate post)
  • NEW TOY: An experimental soft skin system I’ve been working on, it’s early stages and needs a lot more work. If I can improve it enough then it might be added to the game.
  • NEW TOY: Vibrator with 5 speed settings. The speed can be changed from the menu or in VR by pressing trigger while grabbing it.
  • NEW: Experimental physics modes “Full Physics” and “Full Physics (Detached)” This is basically a ragdoll mode, but can also blend with animations. It’s quite glitchy at the moment but still fun to play around with.
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