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Cellular Shift [v0.6.6] [Pattern On The Pants Games]

July 1, 2024F95

You play as Riley Weston, a young man who tries an experimental serum developed by his friend Jill, and inadvertently ends up turning into a girl. Riley and his friends quickly begin to accept the change, but little do they know, there are strange, nefarious forces at work in the shadows, and events already set in motion that none of them could’ve predicted, including a mysterious scientist and her loyal right-hand with twisted motives that threaten more than just Riley’s life….
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**To make use of the new MC renaming feature without starting over, find it in the Preferences Screen in-game.**
*MC can become Futa starting on Day 10 in-game.
*Controversial fetish content, Futa, and Male scenes are all avoidable *(excluding intro scene feore transformation)*.
*Feedback/error reports are always apprecitated, but in order to fix typos and the like, it helps to know where they are/what was being said. The more info the better. *


A note from the developer:

  The idea behind the initial transformation from male to female, is that it is meant to be the missing piece in the MC’s life, or at least part of it. The female version of yourself was the person you were meant to be, it just happens in a, shall we say, “unconventional” way. As far as any attraction to males, this can be written off as mere curiosity, and then basically ignored for the remainder of the game, or you can embrace it, and say the desire was deep within all along.

*To be clear, you are mainly a female protagonist, but there is an option to become Futa a a certain point
**Harem options are being implemented, more planned
*Futa content is avoidable, but the Futa characters are still fairly prevalent in the story.*
*Male content is avoidable, except for the MC at the very beginning, prior to transformation
*Game currently contains two female characters who become futas; their h-scenes are skippable/censorable, but the characters are still fairly prominent.
*All “rape”-type scenes are now skippable/avoidable, depending
*Contains scenes of brief graphic violence (not sexual)

Thread Updated: 2022-10-17
Release Date: 2022-02-09
Developer: Pattern On The Pants Games PatreonSubscribestaritch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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Sci-fi,  Transformation,  Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, 3DCG,  Masturbation,  Oral Sex,  Lesbian,  Sex Toys,  Vaginal sex,  Stripping,  Female domination, Romance,  Futa/Trans,  Handjob,  Group sex,  Exhibitionism,  Big Tits, Harem
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1.Unzip file and run exe file.
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Bug fix
Details: If you chose Jill in the beginning, then later chose to have the bath scene with her on Day 11, it would cause a crash due to an incorrect label jump after the scene.
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Story: – Over 800 new images, and two new in-game days, Day 14 & 15, 15 is closer to a 3/4 of a day
-Finishes off Chapter 6
-Introduction of new “pheromone” ability, that will give options for extra bits in scenes. Thusfar, the only chance to use it is with Max, but there will be more in the future, depending on character personalities
Visuals: – As previously mentioned, this update introduces new visuals with new character models. They’re the same characters you know and love, but they look a bit different. *(Not all characters have a place in this section of the story, so their new models will have to wait to make their official debut)*
Technical: – Added reminder at the beginning, and after MC changes her I.D. about your ability to change your name at any time in the menu
-Added flavour choice before initial kidnapping on Day 7 to attempt to call the police, which fails if you pick this option
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New Scenes:
  • During visit with Mother, MC and choice between Ava & Lia, or Derek *(Old Models)
  • MC and Max, Full scene in his bedroom, option for extra with new Pheromone ability *(New Models)
  • Optional topless scene with MC, Jill & Lily *(New Models)
  • MC and Clara, Full scene *(New Models)
Version 0.6.0
*The game is now divided into Chapters, and has intro text to mark the beginning of each new Chapter and each new Day. This version will cover the first part of Chapter 6.
*This update contains one new full day, similar to the last update. Along with further progression, there will be a couple of new characters introduced in this update which I won’t spoil here, as well as a few new scenes, includiing a new Breast Expansion bit.
*Though the story and everything is still the same, some early dialogue has been tweaked. – Jill shows more concern when initially meeting you in your room on Day 2, instead of being goofy about it so quick.
– Emmett is less antagonistic when you first meet him, playing more to his calm coldness later on.
– Before going out to the Cafe initially, MC is slightly less “excited” about going out, but still deems it a good way to try and take her mind off things.
– The first romance choice has a better explaination about future possibilities with love interests.
– It now takes slightly longer to reveal the name “Mr. Shadow”.
– This may have been in the last update, but the first mention of Clara now occurs on Day 1.
Technical Changes:
*This version is introducing a new feature that a lot of people will likely appreciate, which of course is re-naming Riley. I’ve been able to make it so you should not have to start a new game to use this feature, simply change the name in your preferences (if you do this, and then roll back, it will reset the change).
* More early renders have been re-done, mostly from Day 3 and some from 4 (floating hands, sinking/merging limbs, etc). Also fixed a couple from Day 1, where male MC’s thumbs are sinking into his coat.
*New scenes involving characters being wet contain enhanced wetness effects.
*Saves from early days should be alright to load, if needed.
That pretty much covers the new changes in-game for this version. If you would like to see the new scenes, scroll down below. Once again, I would like to appologize for how long this update has taken, but I want things to be better going forward. The last few months have been very up and down for me, but I hope you can forgive me, and look forward to more updates. I may continue releasing partial chapters to get content out more often.
There is no specific number of chapters planned, it will simply be as many as I feel are needed. What I can tell you is, as of right now, Cellular Shift is still quite a ways from being finished. I’m sure most people have realized this by now, but Cellular Shift’s story is a bit of a slow-burner, and will continue to be so as it continues to develop in new ways.
Regards, Pattern on The Pants
New H-Scenes Below:
– MC x New Male (Submissive, or Dominant)
– MC x Becca (Becca the dominant caretaker)
– MC x Jill (Breast Expansion Sex)
– Seamus x Toy (Skippable Solo Male scene)
Version 0.5.1
– Various bugfixes.
Version 0.5.0
– One full day in game, clocking in at nearly 800 new renders/images along all paths
– New choices, including the first couple of harem options with Raven and Sam (*As before, anything with Sam in that regard requires choosing all of his options, starting from flirting in the gym. Raven’s harem option is available if you had had sex with her twice, after the new scene.)
– New outfits for Riley, Jill, Max, and Lily (part of story)
– Various tweaks and fixes, including all changes from previous update
I hope you will all enjoy the new update! **See below for scene list**
Pattern On The Pants
*scroll down for h-scene list*
NEW SCENES (Scenes dependent on a certain path are marked here):
– Lily Solo
– Riley x Sam (Good path only)
– Riley x Ava x Lia (Evil path only)
– Riley x Derek (Evil path only)
– Riley x Raven
– Shelly Solo (Jill’s mom)
– It is now possible to skip certain scenes that did not previously have the option
– Sound effects! They’re not perfect, but the are in the game now. Things like footsteps, door sounds, etc, etc.
– “I’m gonna make this text box…disappear!” You can now hide the text box. In addition, new fonts are used in-game
– Day 1 & 2 have been overhauled, with new renders and some slightly tweaked dialogue
– **No other new content in this version
Version 0.4.1
– Squirting, or Female Ejaculation, is now a thing in this game. A couple of new scenes have it, and it has also been retroactively added to select existing scenes.
– During this update, you will be presented with a choice to turn Riley into a Futanari. You have the option to say yes or no.
– Story Progression; This update introduces some new major story bits, as well as starting to bring in more morality-type choices into the game
– New Themes; Version 0.4.1 includes a couple of story scenes depicting moments of graphic violence (not sexual)
– Technical; *In new scenes that involve dicks, I have included new options for how to finish (outside or in), with the exception of one.
*I’m really hoping this won’t be an issue, but I have made some ever so slight tweaks to the variable of getting with Sam, so if you happen to experience any issues regarding his choice, you may have to go back on  a save. Again, hopefully won’t be an issue, but please let me know if you experience anything.
*0.4.1 adds a small bit of scripting code to help keep track of moral choices
I have listed the new h-scenes below as well, but I thought I might separate them in case you want to be surprised by them.
I hope you will all enjoy the new update! Regards,
Pattern On The Pants *scroll down for h-scene list*
NEW SCENES (Separated, in case you want them to be surprise):
– New Male/Female scene with side Character (Vaginal, Anal)
– New Male/Female scene with Max (Titjob, Vaginal)
– Split options with Jill; 1 new Female/Female scene (Cunnilingus, Analingus), and 1 new Futa/Female scene (Handjob, Vaginal), depending on choices
– Split options with Clara; 1 new Female/Female scene (BJ, HJ), and 1 Futa/Futa scene (BJ, Frotting) **If you rejected Clara on Day 8, you not get this option at all.
– 1 new futa solo scene (Riley – choice dependent)
– 1 new Female solo scene (Mother)
– 1 additional day in game
– New h-scene with Riley & Raven, obtainable down any romantic path! (Automatic on her path, but choice on the others)
– New h-scene with Riley&Becca
– New h-scene with Lily
– New story progression/scenes
– New Main Menu image
– Builds should now have exe icons (I can’t verify this on the Mac version  myself)
-Added in feature to skip or censor Futanari scenes. No other new content in this build.


– *Drastically reduced download size*
– This version brings the game up to the end of Day 8 (2-3 additional hours)
– New characters revealed/introduced, including family members
– 1 new scene with each romantic partner (decent length)
– 2 Solo Futanari scenes (without Riley)
– 2 Scenes with other characters; one with Sam (pick all his options for this), and one that involves Riley and a Futa (choice)
– 1 Lesbian Threesome scene with Riley (Non-Consensual)
– Minor tweaks to scenes, including adding screen shake transitions where applicable
– Fixed a couple of reported typos
First build.
Developer Notes:
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* In regards to Romantic paths, I am planning harem options for the future.
*Game currently contains about 7-10 or so hours of content, depending on how fast you go through it. *(Rough Estimate)*
*Note* There are Futa, and now one Solo Male Scene that are skippable/avoidable.
*Futa content begins on end of day 6, start of day 7 in-game.

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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