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Champions of Liberty Institute of Training [v0.82] [yahotzp]

May 2, 2024F95

Champions of Liberty Institute of Training is a lesbian dating and school sim with RPG mini-games. Play as Emma, power mimic, as she enters the superhero training academy as a first-year student. Emma, taking on the code name Copycat, will have to balance her studies, social life, and her heroic extracurricular activities!

Thread Updated: 2024-05-01
Release Date: 2024-05-01
Developer: yahotzp F95zone  – PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.82
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
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3DCG, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Dating sim, Superpowers, Harem, School setting, Stripping, Teasing, PoV, Masturbation, Oral sex
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1. Extract and run.
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– 1 Nighttime Encounter for Devya and Tonya
– New class event (there is a permanent power gain available here if you fulfilled the conditions for it)
– New PE event
– 3 Nighttime Encounters for Devya
– 1 Nighttime Encounter for Mei and Tonya
– Increased Affection and Respect gain from spending time with other students in the afternoon. It should be much easier now to qualify for dates.
– Bug fixes
– New Major Liberty Hero Mission. This is the sexiest mission with one of the largest galleries yet!
What’s New:
– Daily repeatable skills/stats increase (a lot of people asked for this one so you no longer need to cheat to see everything you want)
– Daily repeatable Meg call
– Second Pamela date
– Very special Tonya event
What’s New:
– Ada classroom event with Mei
– Training event with Jordan
What’s New:
– Mini-events to help ALEXIS unlock the library door
– ALEXIS event
– Licorice’s 2nd Hero Mission
What’s New:
– Added transparency slider for dialogue boxes
– New classroom event
– New PE event
– 2nd date with Candice
– 1st date with Pamela
– New recurring event with Betty to raise Aff and Resp to help qualify for her nighttime event
– Bug fixes
2 new galleries to discover!
What’s New:
– Stalker’s 2nd Hero Mission (biggest Hero Mission to date)
– Meg Event
– Nighttime Event: Betty (this is a big one that people have been waiting for)
– Tech Wizard Event
There are 3 new galleries to unlock.
What’s New:
– Class event
– PE Challenge Event
– Big Plot Event
– Bug fixes
– Ability to skip Hero Training if you are maxed out
What’s New:
– Farewell Event
– Final Farewell with Meg
– Optional Nighttime Event with Anya, Lisa, or Robbie and Sara
– Nighttime Event with Devya
What’s New:
– Plot Event
– Formal Event: This is the biggest game event so far in terms of how many different ways it can develop.
– New free week
What’s New:
– Bug fixes
– 7 New Evening Events with the other students. These may turn out differently if you are dating Meg and depend on your existing relationship with the student.
– Nighttime Event
– Plot Event
– End of Saturday
– Morning Event with Meg
– Shower Event
– Brunch Event with Ling
What’s New:
– Morning event with Devya and Dayita
– Morning event with Ling, Meg, Mei, and Imani
– Morning date with Meg
– Mixer event
– Afternoon date with Meg
– Afternoon date with Imani, Meg, and Mei
– Afternoon event with Dayita
– Small fixes
A lot of the content in this update revolves around your relationship with Meg and the choices you’ve made with her. This is the first half of Saturday content.
What’s New:
– You can now name save files
– New 3rd dates for all of the students: Anya, Devya, Lisa, Mei, Robbie, Sara, and Tonya
– New Saturday morning event (still in progress)
– Tutoring bug fix
– Linux build fix
What’s New:
– Fully playable Friday
– Morning event with a new guest character
– Morning event with Lainey Rhoades
– Review meeting with Lotus
– Music Class or Library Event based on previous choices
– Evening call event with Meg
– New dates with Licorice and ALEXIS
There are some unfinished future dates with Nightingale and Anya that you can access on the last day but they are incomplete. The 3rd dates will be part of a future update.
– Licorice Hero Mission
– Tech Wizard Hero Mission
– Morning class event with Dr. James and a new character, Lainey Rhoades
– Special story event
– Afternoon PE class event with Major Liberty
– Call event with Meg
– New 3rd dates with Nightingale and Glowstick
– Major Liberty Hero Mission added
– Special story event added
A smaller but important update to wrap up Wednesday in game.
What’s New:
– New class event with Tech Wizard
– New PE class event with Major Liberty and the other students
– New date events with Nightingale and Glowstick
– Completely re-wrote the last two evening calls with Meg and Imani. The option to trigger their scenes together only happens if they already hooked up and you can now choose not to pursue that content.
– Anya is no longer unbeatable without cheats in the shower.
– Small sneak peek at Major Liberty’s Hero Mission. You can start it if you want to see the briefing but it will end right after that.
– This is one of the biggest updates ever with over 200 new renders.
– Hero Mission with Lotus added.
– New second date events for all students: Anya, Devya, Lisa, Mei, Robbie, Sara, and Tonya
What’s New:
– Various bug fixes.
– Cheat menu accessible through the phone for Patrons.
– Some Gallery fixes and additions.
– New English Class event with Glowstick added.
– New PE Class test event with Major Liberty added. Robbie fans should be pleased.
– Small evening call event with Meg.
– Evening date events with Nightingale.
– Evening office visit event with Glowstick.
-Gallery added. This was the most requested feature.
-Dialogue interface modified. There is more transparency to the dialogue boxes to show more of the images underneath. Side images for other characters have -been added.
-Evening event implemented
-Tech Wizard lab event
-Tutoring and dates with each student
-CLIT Command Center added. Train with the mentors and go on missions.
-Stalker Hero Mission event added. This is a big event (almost 100 renders) with 2 branching paths and multiple ways to complete it. Keep in mind that some of -the challenges may be tough if you take on this mission right away.
-Small additions to the daily shower event. You may see some new dialogues and images with some of the other students.
– Please start a save from before the shower event otherwise the other daily events may not trigger correctly
School, Day 1:
– Updates to the repeatable shower event
– History class scene
– New classroom break events (small repeatable events)
– New PE class scene (this is a big scene with over 100 renders)
Day 7:
– Ride scene with Mei
– Dorm scene with Devya
School, Day 1:
– Random shower scene with other students. Not all scenes may be viewable in a single playthrough.
What’s New in 0.25:
– Images have all been compressed. This reduced the file size from 3 GB to 800 MB.
– Tutorial added to the beginning of the game. You can start a new game to view it.
– Due to possible upcoming events, you now have to set your relationship with Mei in the tutorial. “Friend” is the default relationship.
Day 7:
– Morning scene with Meg
– Short breakfast scene with parents
– Pool scene with everyone (2 major branches)
– Lunch scene with family
– Farewell scene with Meg
– Fixed a display name bug with Tonya and Taylor
– Added some quest log variables
Day 7:
– Added morning scenes for Day 7 for some extra content so you don’t just have to download this for the bugfix.
– Minor fixes
Day 6:
– Faithful event for Meg
– Shower event with Meg
– Group event
– 3 possible event branches from the group event
– 3 possible nighttime events
What’s New:
– Cleaned up previous events
Day 6:
– Morning event with Meg
– Breakfast event with your parents
– Morning event with Mei and Imani
– Decision with Meg
– Event with Meg, Mei, and Imani
– Fixed a crash bug at the end of Friday caused by certain routes.
– Added the first event of Saturday morning.
– Jumped version numbers to better reflect the state of the game
– 100+ new renders
– Field exercise with Stalker and Detective Starr
– Brief scene in the dorms
– Ride home with Mei
– Meeting with your parents
– Conversation with Meg. This is a big one and can branch in several different ways. There is also a bonus scene if you were faithful to Meg (or if Meg thought you were faithful).
– This completes Friday, the last day of Orientation Week
– Completed combat evaluation against Sgt. James, multiple outcomes based on what powers you copied and other factors
– Evening scenes with Anya and Meg
– Completed nighttime from previous day (call with Meg or experiment with powers).
– Morning shower scene with Sara
– Combat evaluations, part 1
This update has a lot more action in it, and fans of Robbie should be very pleased.
– Day 2 shower
– Day 2 breakfast
– Day 2 power evaluation
– Day 2 phone call with Meg
– Day 2 dorm party
– New game systems are in place. You will have to start a new save game to avoid crashes. Sorry!
– Day 1 of Orientation is complete.
– 4 new student characters and 5 new faculty characters added.
– Multiple story paths added.
– 100+ new renders.
First Release

Extras: Transparency Mod* – Fan SignCheat PasswordWalkthrough

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