Cherry Kisses [v1.0.2] [Eevee & Glitched Puppet]
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Cherry Kisses [v1.0.2] [Eevee & Glitched Puppet]

January 23, 2024F95

Cerise the gelbeast is the proprietress of Cherry Kisses, a charming little pink sex shop in one of Dewclaw’s “amorous zones”. She loves to make her customers happy, wink wink. Well, she’s not really the type to wink; she’ll just ask if you’d like to have sex before you go.

It’s up to you to play through a week running her shop and… well, exactly what you do is up to you!

Walk around, talk to folks. Every hour you can only pick one customer to help (and possibly sleep with, complete with illustration). Some are more patient than others, so choose wisely! Or don’t worry about it and just go after the easy ones. You don’t have to make everyone happy.

But watch out — someone keeps trying to sneak in and ruin everyone’s good times…

Thread Updated: 2020-09-26
Release Date: 2019-03-23
Developer: Eevee & Glitched Puppet PatreonWebsiteItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.2 HD
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Furry, Oral sex, Anal sex, Multiple penetration, Female protagonist, Titfuck, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Masturbation, Lesbian, Handjob, Groping, Big tits
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Windows & Mac
1. Extract and run.
1. Download LÖVE for Linux from here and follow the installation guide for Linux.
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The random crashes seem to be the result of an OpenAL bug when looping music, according to this thread on the LÖVE forums: https://love2d.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=85356
I’ve applied the suggested workaround, so hopefully it won’t crash any more, fingers crossed!  And maybe the click when the music loops will be fixed too?  Or maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up.
Hide a nipple I missed in kitten mode.
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Press keys to make things happen. WASD or arrow keys, E or Z or spacebar. F11 or Alt/Cmd-Enter for fullscreen. Esc for the menu.
Gamepad is also supported.
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keep track of how many hearts you gain in each choice encounter, try to go for the ones that gain you the most overall.
all your dialog choices matter. When there isn’t an immediate indication that either option is considered “perfect”, try thinking of the one that would encourage someone to come back again without disappointing them.
some characters react differently when someone is in the room, think about what pattern you could interact with them in such that you gain the most hearts overall.
even if a character sticks around, you might lose out on an option by talking to them later.
“most hearts overall” includes the whole run, not just the day. Sometimes it’s ok to take a few hits for a better payoff later.
some characters react better if you ignore them
sometimes just relaxing is the best option
some characters only come back once, others come back multiple times. To get the most out of them you might have to take a few hits in the moment and leave some characters for a later date
try not talking to anyone all day, keep track of how long each person stays in the store, this can be a good tool to figure out which people you need to talk to first
changing how you look to better appeal to others may sound a little vain, but getting the perfect route isn’t about being yourself or stating your boundaries, it’s just maximizing the amount of hearts overall. If you wanted a route where you’re true to yourself, go play that one instead. You might even like it better.
sometimes the order in which you talk to people matters the most, using the method from Th can help out a lot
there’s a frame on the itch.io screenshots page that shows you where the easter egg is and who you have to talk to to get it.
You can’t get it on a perfect route, but after completing the perfect route you can start that day from the custom menu to jump right into the specific route required
what would make that character so angry that it would be up to them to do something about it
full spoiler walkthrough
hour-customers available (action, choices, heart changes)*
*interesting additional interaction you’re missing on this route
10-no one (activate counter)
11-dorothy (dorothy, dorothy+2)
12-florbet, lexy (florbet, florbet+2, lexy+1)*
1-krypto (activate counter)
2-vess, krypto (vess)
3-krypto (krypto)
*(lexy, lexy+1)
Tuesday (you’re probably here because of this day)
10-claude, xenon (claude, encourage, vanilla, back, Large)*
11-claude, xenon (xenon, where)
12-claude, bloom (claude, claude+1)
1-bloom, krypto (bloom, bloom+1)
2-bloom, krypto (bloom)
3-krypto (krypto, sustain)
*(xenon, claude leaves)
10-ike, toyle, jacklyn (jacklyn, console, jacklyn-1)
11-ike, toyle (ike, ike+2)
12-bloom, toyle (activate counter, toyle+2)*
1-bloom, claude, “krypto” (“krypto”, krypto-1)
2-claude (claude, claude+1)
3-no one (activate counter)
*(bloom, bloom+1, toyle+1, toyle leaves)
10-ike, jacklyn (ike)
11-mellie, jacklyn (mellie, mellie+2)
12-jacklyn (jacklyn, jacklyn+3)
1-krypto (krypto, krypto+2)
2-alice (alice, alice+4)
3-bloom (bloom, bloom+1)
10-lexy, jaxi, vess (lexy, lexy+1, osmose)*
11-jaxi, vess (jaxi, jaxi+2)
12-xenon, papaya, vess (xenon, xenon+2)
1-papaya, vess, quill (papaya, papaya+2)
2-vess, quill (quill, quill+3, papaya+1)
3-vess (vess, vess+2)
*(lexy, lexy+1, adhere, cerise’s sprite now has a dick)
congrats you beat the game with a perfect score, now do the following to get the easter eggs
select friday (w/ krypto)
>talk to lexy
>wait til 1
>talk to lexy, then krypto
select friday (w/ krypto)
>ignore lexy
>wait til 12
>talk to xenon
>talk to papaya
Gain access to cut scene
>talk to masked papaya
(unlock: you have deleted krypto’s entire ass)
>talk to masked lexy
(unlock: hold L.Shift to speed up text, dev commentary)
Walkthrough by Twee_lil_Lass

Extras: ART PACK

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