Chloe18 [v1.02] [GDS]
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Chloe18 [v1.02] [GDS]

January 16, 2024F95

On her 18th birthday Chloe sets out to fulfill her dreams. Called ‘Plankie’ by her so-called friends, she will have to show them she can also be popular.

Manage Chloe’s school life and job to raise money for rent, food, and clothes. Control her stats: Sluttiness, Fitness, Smarts, Dance, and much more. Meet new people and find out their stories. Let people take advantage of Chloe or make Chloe have all the fun. It’s all up to you!

Thread Updated: 2019-03-08
Release Date: ?
Developer: GDS PatreonWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 1.02
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Female Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Multiple Penetration, Interracial, Incest, Voyeurism, Spanking, Exhibitionism, Bukkake, School Setting, BDSM, Rape, Lesbian, Cheating, Simulator, Domination, Mobile Game, Slice of Life
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Chloe18.exe” to start playing or open Data folder and start “project6.exe”
-MAC FIX: Gatekeeper(Mac Antivirus) wont let Chloe18 to run on some MACs, fix:
  • type “xattr -rc ” in the terminal,
  • drop the chloe18.app in the terminal window and press “enter”
  • It need to be done only once and the game will always run
  • Terminal : sudo spctl –master-disable
  • System Preferences: Allow Apps from anywhere
  • Run Chloe18
  • you can block again anywhere apps if you want,
  • It need to be done only once and the game will always run
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Bug fix
Bug Fix
– New compression system, Game went from 2gb to 400mb with no quality lost
– 3800 images, in total
– 99 Achievements
– All routes so far have a end
– There are no more dead ends in the game
– 11 new Achievements
– Several bug fixes
– Audio fix
– Finally Chloe will have to pay rent, or not
– Find out who Pizza-girl fucked the bikers
– try again to be a cheerleader
700 new images
20 new animations
18 new achievements
New stat –exhibitionist-
New menu to see all stats (no stat is hidden any longer)
New corruption – Hanna – (more of a transformation from saint to slut)
New place – State park
5 new  sub-places in the state park
New scenes with: Liz – Hanna – Otaku – boy from the beach – Guss
Now there are things to do during weekend other than beach and sleeping
Customization for Carrie and Tom relationship (needs to start a new game)
Shader system to make sure Chloe looks her age(18)
All translation were removed,(Patreon ToS request)
park upgrade system linked to Chloe’s new stat –exhibitionist-
Several bugs were fixed
New bugs were added to be fixed at a later date
added several new places to the school grounds: Second hallway, gymnasium, Girls dressing room, club room. Events-only: Principal’s office, storage room.
– 950 new images
– Two new school uniform variation
– New events to the pantie-less uniform (class, bathroom, jocks)
– all new scenes have a variation due to Chloe’s uniform
– Almost 30 new animations
-21 new achievements
– 3 sex scenes with Carrie and her brother
– 2 sex scenes with Pizza-Girl
-9 Scenes with the new Club
– 4 scenes with the principal
-1 Scene with the teacher
– 3 scenes with jocks
– First sex scene with Fat-Beth
– Several sex scenes during class, pantie-less uniform only
-P.E. classes
– Club after School
– Chloe can finish incomplete dares
– New dares
– Chloe’s experience now matters, like Blowjobs-anal-etc
– all Achievements can be reached
– Chloe will not get stuck while buying Scooter with wrong clothes
– Now with a grand total of 50 achievements:
– meet pizza girl and her boyfriend, with their crazy cheating/not cheating rule
– Can Chloe convince Pizza girl to cheat on her beloved boyfriend? – remember with another girl is not cheating –
– Chloe gets a scooter and can get to a new part of town
– Chloe will meet a lot of new people who will try to take advance of her, but now she can also take advance of them
– Chloe will try to join a bikers gang
– new outfit
– New city, with a new night job
– Charm is now relevant
– Stats gain were reworked(will only work with Chloe have not yet maxed stats)
– Gaming skills from last update have a very bug use
– New menu function:  choose what can be skipped, touch screen mode
– new partial Spanish translation
– several bug fixes
– new bugs  added, to be fixed on a later date
Carrie’s route: with a grand total of 457 new images, in which half is story and the other half is for animations.
15 new achievements and scenes, most with Carrie, a couple with Susie and Loane.
New, better and smoother animation system, mostly on the second part of Carrie’s route.
New place: Park, makes the game go faster with no need to go to work every day, and getting a stats boost with different clothes
-New Gym scene
-Clothing store
-Many bug fixes and better game mechanics.
Chloe18 Save Editor:
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Below I’ve attached the newly made save editor so you can skip grinding stats and unlock achievements and such.
78381 Chloe18 Part 1 Save Editor 1 | Free Adult Games
78382 Chloe18 Part 1 Save Editor 2 | Free Adult Games
Make sure you backup your saves before using obviously.
If you start a new save for this and get an error message saying: File Doesn’t Currently Contain Achievements Please Play A Little More First
then just play through the first little section until you have unlocked your first achievement
Fan Signature:
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76373 76189 Choe18 Fan1 | Free Adult Games
By @Krull


*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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