Cloud Meadow [v0.2.1.1 Patreon] [Team Nimbus]

Cloud Meadow [v0.2.1.1 Patreon] [Team Nimbus]

July 6, 2024F95

Cloud Meadow is a hybrid farming sim dungeon crawler, where the player can choose the solitude of a quiet sky high farm or the rushing adrenaline of a raging battle inside abandoned ruins, both of which benefit one another. Experience thrilling turn based combat versus a variety of enemies, using your own raised monsters, allies and an array of skills. Explore a huge variety of locations and hidden areas throughout the ever expansive world of Cloud Meadow. Among the three major towns the player will be able to fully navigate through it to discover quests, new npcs , stories and the lore behind the game. Farm to your hearts content and exchange your produce for goods and services, complete quests and raise your farms production! Breed and discover a large variety of monsters whom you can breed with one another AND breed with!

Thread Updated: 2024-07-05
Release Date: 2024-06-21
Developer: Team Nimbus PatreonSteamTwitterWebsiteItch.io
Censored: No
Version: Patreon
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Furry, Simulator, Farming, Animated, Big tits, Oral sex, Incest, Futa/trans, Monster, Vaginal sex, Monster girl, Anal sex, Pregnancy, Combat, Management, Gay, Lesbian, Strategy
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1. Extract & run.
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v0.2.1.1 Patreon
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Full overhaul for Tro’s Lab; a visual overhaul with updated backgrounds, cinematics, lore and general improvements
New optional quest; find & deactivate the poacher’s traps throughout the Savannah
Added character info & unlocking clues to locked sex scenes in the Album UI
Added audiovisual feedback after taking damage in an environmental hazard, such as acid
Fixed Holstaur’s Counter headbutt being triggered by damage reflection
Fixed error when Yonten’s attack executes enemy unit Prism in boss fight
Fixed Garst’s This Is It ability not executing correctly at maximum skill rank
Fixed the player’s return point after the game over screen, when the had previously player fast travelled onto that floor
Fixed issue with lone Cat Stalker mob in Savannah F1 blocking 2 of the missing peasants
Valpongis (Equipment town merchant) should no longer be blocking access to Bilma the bread vendor
Minor Katarina station dialogue improvements
Added some missing character portraits to the Quest Log
Fixed error when the player returns via fast travel into the Katarina intro scene
Fixed Giev’s quest to upgrade the farm appearing when the farm is already at max level
v0.2.1.0d Patreon
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  • Full overhaul for Savannah dungeon F1
    • A complete visual and gameplay overhaul to better introduce dungeon gameplay and narrative to players
    • The first of many dungeon floors to introduce new quest content, obtained in Katarina Station hub
    • 4 new sprite sex scenes as quest reward
  • Fully revised Katarina Station introduction sequence
    • The sequence now introduces Catarella & Joaqim, NPCs who will routinely offer quests related to Savannah as you progress through the game
  • Some UI animation improvements
  • Modified 10 recipes to ensure all recipes only contain unique ingredients
  • Reduced enemy Lamia healing & Shield buff factor
  • Cloverton seasonal clutter (Winter snow, Autumn leaves etc.) should now slowly fade instead of abruptly vanish
  • Cloverton event music & confetti should no longer follow the player onto the Farm
  • Catarella will become non-interactable instead of giving the quest in progress dialogue to avoid confusion
  • Visual and stylistic improvements for new Quest UI
  • Grenadier Pirate enemy units will no longer appear more than once per mob
  • Accidentally clicking at the wrong time should no longer skip a banner message (item popup, warning etc.)
  • Fixed error when opening the Save/Load menu due to impossibly high total play time in save slot; save files with these values will have time progress reset to zero for safety
  • Fixed error immediately after loading a save in which the player has collected a quest twice from Savannah F8 Pirates
  • Fixed error when talking to Summer Solstice NPCs after planting only some event seeds
  • Fixed becoming stuck in combat with a Matron trying to heal itself after being defeated on the first hit of a multi-hit attack
  • Wolf’s upgraded War Scent ability should no longer be able to stack infinitely
  • Fixed Lamia’s combat buffs adding way more HP than expected
  • Fix for quest data-related issue that would prevent the player departing for Katarina Station and could spawn enemy cat visuals on the farm
  • Sieger’s Savannah F8 quest should no longer persist after clearing the boss fight and departing the dungeon
  • Peasants near locked chest in Savannah F1 should correctly skip their dialogue after dungeon reset & previously being rescued
  • Fixed error when Catarella is introducing Katarina for players who’ve just returned from the F3 Cat Ripper boss fight
  • Fixed behaviour with F1 waterfall peasants for cases where the nearby enemy mob was already defeated
  • Fixed tooltip blocking interaction with the Mill farm building manufacturing queue
  • Fixed exception caused by enemy Lamia’s Injection & Defray Cost abilities
  • Fixed error when Lamia’s Coil Strike or Roughback’s Roll Out steals a player-only buff
  • Fixed crash when harvesting Macrinas nodes on Savannah F5
  • Fixed crash when enemy Poacher attempts to summon an ally during the Kiram Getaway sequence
  • Fixed crash after the Godseed battle during Summer Solstice event
  • Fixed save data handler exception when loading saves from or earlier
  • Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when exchanging the Storehouse Key in Savannah F8
  • Corrected layering on Katarina Station battlement walls
v0.2.0.0a Patreon
  • Fixed crash in combat when using Kiram’s Take a Swig ability
  • Fixed Male Lamia’s portrait showing up as a Female Lamia Silhouette
  • Fixed Job Board monster slots becoming unresponsive
  • Migration units are now selected from a 3-tiered unit table that matches the player’s level
    • Tiers are divided into level ranges 1 – 14, 15 – 39, 40 – 60
    • Third tier also introduces a small chance to include boss units to enemy mobs
  • Balancing improvements for migration mobs rules to eliminate unfair combat encounters
    • Migrations will also have no more than 1 healer class unit
  • Added item drops to numerous enemy unit loot tables
  • New music for cave interior rooms
  • Slowing debuff from Pirate Headhunter’s Caltrops ability will no longer stack
  • Updated visuals for Alpha Wolf’s Huff n Puff ability
  • Fixes monster migration activating on floors that are not yet unlocked for migration
  • Fixed an error in Floor 6 Stonebreaker sequence when the party contains multiple party members of the same name
  • In monster selection UI the party level filter will no longer fully obscure the first row of monsters
  • Cloud bridge from Cloverton to Farm now using the correct material again
  • Prevented integer overflow when generating fixed random numbers for seeding migration results
  • Fixed migration-related error when entering Tro’s Lab or Poacher’s boss stage
  • Fixed Joy King locking the player into a repeated dialogue on Prank Day
  • Fixed Kaleida’s fortune-telling schedule only meeting with Simon
v0.1.4.2b Patreon
  • Significantly reduced memory consumption in the method used to load ambient sound fx
    • This should also fix a crash in Sieger’s Royal Matchmaker date scene
  • Thaumaturgical Absorption Book & Collar of the Companion will now correctly reduce Magical Saturation in monster offspring instead of increasing it
  • Corrected all Magical Saturation values (converted from old Domesticity value) for all eggs held by pregnant monsters, all merchants & all eggs stored in the incubator or hot house
    • Monsters that had a safe level of Domesticity should no longer immediately go feral upon hatching
  • Fixed an error when using Kaleida’s Karmic Intervention in the Poachers boss fight
  • Restored missing chest & loot interactables in Savannah 1-3 that would cause an error if the player tried to interact with them
  • NPCs should no longer disappear when Kaleida is reading their fortune while on Market Day
  • Jerikan will no longer sell contracts for monsters below 100 korona value
  • Camera should no longer become stuck after opening the barricade to the Union Camp in Savannah F6
  • Interaction bubbles should no longer become detached from characters when repeatedly talking to an NPC
  • Fixed error when trying to rename a monster through the Job Board & then deselecting the monster
v0.1.4.1 Patreon
  • 4 new enemy Wolf units have been added
    • Currently these units are only accessible in the Training Hall pending a future update that will include them in dungeon mobs
  • Sky backgrounds have been replaced with an overhauled dynamic skybox system, which should also consume less texture memory in most scenes
  • Monster ‘domesticity’ stat is now ‘magical saturation’ with almost the same function
    • Breeding two monsters of the same species increases magical saturation, which improves the traits passed on, but risks the monster becoming unruly if the saturation reaches maximum
  • Building a dock on top of an existing dock should no longer throw an error, nor withdraw the construction cost again
  • Restored Kreyton’s sleep combat status visuals
  • Kaleida’s frog interaction radius should no longer be overlapping the incubator while on the farm
  • Fixed some seasonal visuals in Cloverton
  • Reduced memory usage for all Royal Matchmaker date sequences, which was potentially causing crashes
  • Widened the gap between two static camera trigger zones by Cloverton docks to prevent player moving off-screen
  • Revised ambiguous language in daily log crop harvesting description
  • Prevented switching menu tabs or closing the menu while modifying a key binding
  • Fixed a crash when moving monsters between barn & pastures
  • Revised Kaleida’s Karmic Intervention ability which causes an error during Sting’s boss fight
  • Monster UI portraits should no longer appear distorted
  • Fertilizer now correctly protects against weather on the last day before it’s expiration
  • Fixed in-season fertilizer appearing as if it were the incorrect season
  • Fixed lower-middle farm plots on Lucia’s construction UI being linked to the wrong plots
  • Fixed jobs board showing the incorrect work amount for Shipping
  • Merchants visiting Cloverton should no longer arrive a day early
  • Centaur’s Quick Draw ability is now considered a ranged attack
  • Sealed walkable space around hole in Savannah F8 poacher island
  • Bireli’s sex scene is now correctly categorized as male
  • Guidebook UI should no longer be able to open two pages on top of each other
  • Adjusted layering of bushes in Cloverton that were overlapping certain merchants
  • Visual updates around the various water/liquid features in the Savannah Dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue where a chest on the Savannah 8 dungeon floor was always empty
  • Fixed issue where units would not fade out of focus during combat while using the Ghost effect from Hallow Haunt
  • Fixed issue where discovering a recipe for an ingredient that’s already in your inventory could cause a duplicate ingredient to appear in cooking experiment options
  • Fixed issue where the combat UI HP bars would not start showing the correct health value on enemies during Hallow Haunt.
  • Fixed issue where difficulty scaling was affecting more than just an enemy’s primary stats
  • Reduced the bonus dodge chance gained by monsters during Hallow Haunt to 33%
  • Fixed Farm action buttons no longer being clickable with the mouse
  • Fixed click to move handling so that click to move “state” can be held during protagonist animations, such as when interacting with crops on the farm.
  • Fixed some sorting issues on the farm
  • Adjusted some colliders in dungeon floors to prevent player getting stuck or pushed out of bounds
  • Fixed the dropdown arrows on the new game setup not being clickable
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed dialog error triggered when viewing the Savannah 5 Stonebreaker statue after Mason moves to Savannah 7
  • Fixed some cases where it was possible to repeat an interaction before it fully completed, causing exceptions when data attempted to update twice
  • Fixed Time Played on the the load game menu not displaying total hours when selecting a world slot
  • Fixed Male Lamias facing the wrong direction when carrying goods back from storage, while working at the docks
  • Attempted a fix to an issue where companion jump animations could fail to complete on slower machines
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• Spring seasonal Matchmaker event has been greatly expanded o During the calendar event week the player will be able to go on various friendly & romantic dates o Selection of 8 minor NPCs from around Cloverton and a bonus scenario for abstainers
• Added alternative monster dialogue for monsters related to the player, when interacting with them while on the farm Changes • Incubator now shows hours and minutes remaining before hatching (previously only showed hours) Fixes
• Fixed an issue that would reset global settings
• When inheriting traits from parents with mutually-exclusive traits, now the stronger trait will always be inherited
• Fixed acid damage continuing to apply after death
• Fixed an error that would occur while traversing rooms in a dungeon after returning from death
• In-game time will no longer pass during dialogue sequences • The dialogue history scroll position will now reset to a new dialog line when opened
• Fixed ‘time played’ text on save file slots showing the incorrect value
• Restored color palette selection for Ev x Monster HD sex scenes viewed in the Album
• Fixed an issue where draggable icons could continue to be held after closing a window
Cloud Meadow v1.2.6i
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  • Reduced memory usage and improved loading process
  • Greatly improved UI scaling solution:
    • Added option for scaling to maximize visibility while game is fullscreen
    • Alternative options will scale the window without stretching the sprite art
  • Numerous UI and usability improvements
  • Updated pregnancy logic, so that a monster with the Dry trait can get pregnant, but can’t make other monsters pregnant.
  • Updated pregnancy logic, so that a monster with the Dry trait can get pregnant, but can’t make other monsters pregnant.
  • Weekly crop logs have been updated with sorting, making it easier to identify events by crop type.
  • The Game will now continue running when the window loses focus
  • Game time will now pause immediately when opening a UI window
  • Enabled opening of pause menu during cinematics & dialogue
  • Pressing Escape key will now close one-button popup windows & cancel a two-button confirmation window
  • Clicking anywhere on the screen will suppress a banner message
  • Exiting a game session will first prompt you to make a save if you haven’t saved already
  • Quest tracker entries should be more visible & notable when quests are added or completed
  • Updated Combat Rewards UI animations
  • Updated Options UI to make components more readable
  • Moved difficulty slider to ‘Gameplay options’ panel
  • Fixed the Infertile trait not preventing pregnancies
  • Fixed the bad page order in the Guidebook farming tab
  • Fixed Harpy Skyborn trait so that a higher grade only scales the percentage of evasion, and not also the swiftness required. Swiftness value changed to 150.
  • Fixed save conversion issue, preventing many saves from being able to load
  • Fixed Brontide Brace damage reflection doing excessive damage
  • Fixed an issue with Jaero’s withered Interception Fist ability
  • Fixed an issue where the logged amount of harvested crops/seeds could be less than the actual amount added to the inventory
  • Fixed an abrupt lighting transition that could occur at midnight when moving from interior to exterior zones
  • Fixed inconsistencies with UI windows that would let the player ‘click through’ to objects behind them
  • Fixed menu opening/closing sounds playing on unintended windows
  • Fixed issue where two sex scenes could be played concurrently while in the Album UI
  • Fixed an issue with audio loading
  • Fixed an issue with seasonal assets when entering buildings in Cloverton
  • Fixed an issue with the game locking up when entering Cloverton
  • Fixed an issue with viewing some monsters in the trait window
  • Fixed an issue where fewer inheritance rolls were made than intended
Cloud Meadow v1.2.6f
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  • Added flour to the Bitecake recipe
  • Tireless and Atlas’ Will traits had their rarity increased to match similar primary stat traits
  • Fixed an issue with work calculation that could allow a unit of work to be applied, even when no monsters were working at the related job.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect plankton harvest logs appearing in daily logs
  • Fixed bad icon positions in the incubator windows
  • Fixed bad icon position for the male dragon
  • Fixed overhead bar display in combat not clearing when canceling the current ability selection
  • Fixed monster dialog sprite positions
  • Fixed some typos
  • The Demon Magic Harvester trait was incorrectly set up as a bloodline trait, but was only being applied to demon abilities. This trait has been changed to a Demon species trait, and is being removed from non-demons.
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Updated monster value calculation.
Value/Penalty of traits is increased (and fixed)
Value now scales with domesticity (<50 worth less. >50 worth more)
Total value now starts at 50% and increases to 100% as a monster nears it’s graduation date
Updated the incubator tutorial to avoid sequence breaks. Jubelle now “holds” the egg until you interact with the incubator
Now preventing random merchants from appearing in town until the tutorial is complete to avoid issues with unintended transactions (like selling the egg from Montalvo)
Player can no longer sleep during tutorial, while Jubelle still has tasks to complete for that day
Disabled accuracy, so all abilities will hit 100% of the time
DOTs will now do a minimum damage equal to their percentage. I.e. A 10% poison will now do a minimum of 10 damage each tick.
Lowered enemy scaling based on level by 15%
Lowered enemy scaling based on current floor by 17.5%
Lowered enemy extra stamina scaling by 75%
Lowered the Cat Boss’s Ora Ora Ora attack damage multiplier from 2x to 1x
Lowered the base damage of Ora Ora Ora from 20 to 10
Lowered the Cat Boss’s Healing with Cat Lick from 5% to 2% per buff stack absorbed
Cat Boss’s zamboni summoning passive now has a 1 turn cooldown
Increased the Cat Boss’s stamina from 70 to 100
Decreased the Cat Boss’s Physique from 80 to 50
Increased the self stun chance for the Drunken Pirates Healing Brew from 5% to 100%
Increased the stun chance for the Drunken Pirates Full Brew from 1% to 20%
Lowered the healing multiplier for the drunken pirates abilities from 2x to 1x
Lowered the Drunken Pirate’s Physique from 30 to 25
Lowered the Drunken Pirate’s Stamina from 30 to 25
Increased the Holstuar’s bull rush attack multiplier from 1x to 2x
Increased Cat’s minimum Stamina from 10 to 15
Decreased Cat’s minimum Intuition from 20 to 15
Increased Demon’s minimum Stamina from 10 to 15
Decreased Demon’s minimum Intuition from 10 to 5
Increased Harpy’s minimum Stamina from 10 to 15
Decreased Harpy’s minimum Intuition from 10 to 5
Increased Lamia’s minimum Stamina from 10 to 15
Decreased Lamia’s minimum Intuition from 20 to 15
Increased Jaero’s starting Stamina from 10 to 15
Decreased Jaero’s starting Intuition from 20 to 15
Increased Fio’s starting Stamina from 10 to 15
Decreased Fio’s starting Intuition from 25 to 20
Brontide’s Disarm ability now inflicts the Disarm debuff (reduced damage) instead of stun
Fixed issue where party members weren’t being cleared when returning to town. This fixes a related issue if one of those party members is subsequently removed from the farm (sold, graduated, unhappy)
Fixed missing icons in guidebook
Fixed Female Centaur x Crab sex swapping palettes on the farm
Fixed issue with transparent monsters on the farm
Fixed closet UI not having a character limit for renaming the player
Existing saves truncated to current limit (10 characters) on conversion
Fixed unintended input handling (enter/spacebar opening menus, joystick input being read)
Fixed issue where monsters located barn could fail to find a sex spot, triggering related exceptions when interacted with
Fixed issue where Jerikan (monster merchant in town) was not preventing player from hiring monsters when farm was full
These extra monsters (which cause exceptions on the farm) are removed during conversion
Fixed issue where player’s could purchase/hire when they did not have enough Korona (going into infinite debt)
All debt is being erased (korona set to 0) during conversion to this version
Fixed issue where monsters in merchant stocks (Jerikan) were not initializing correctly, which could cause exceptions when viewed to purchase
Fixed bug with leaving input field blank on transaction and cooking menus
Fixed bugs with inventory updating for new items gained by working monsters (time passed with manual refining)
Fixed issue where exception triggered during new save data initialization would soft-lock the game during load (prevent loading screen or exception dialog from appearing)
Fixed issue where player could sell breeding monsters to Montalvo, triggering an exception on load, or when returning to farm
Only idle monsters are now able to be sold (can’t be sleeping, working, pregnant, etc)
Fixed issue where inventory window didn’t block clicking on menus behind it (could interact with party select window behind it)
Fixed issue where usable inventory items (like bundles) would not be cleared when stack was used up
Fixed female holstaur idle animations being the wrong directions
Fixed the storm clouds on the farm and in Cloverton
Fixed bug with resolving active ingredients for a selected recipe when recipe needed to start with a mix of qualities, to be able to cook (would show as 1/0)
Fixed hatching tutorial event triggering when the player didn’t have enough room on the farm to hatch an egg, which was soft-locking the player on the farm
Fixed bugs with Chimera passive traits
Fixed Steam players stuck in “god mode” (since accidentally given access to menu, and after update, can no longer turn it off)
Fixed issue where special patreon contest monsters were not initializing their base stats
  • Dungeons no longer reset if you haven’t completed the first dungeon quest.
  • Nerfed enemy scaling by 40%
  • Enemies scale more with the current floor than the player level
  • Nerf the random random of enemy bonus swiftness from “0 to 5” to “-3 to 3”
  • Monsters that are unavailable will have their status mentioned in the tooltip
  • Changed first cooking tutorial from Shrubstick Tendies to Baguette, also gave the player the correct recipes & some additional Shrubstick Seeds
  • Players who have previously completed or skipped the cooking tutorial will receive some bonus Shrubstick Seeds
  • Message and item prompts will now last longer (2 seconds, was 1 second)
  • Fixed all monsters disappearing when the player has more monsters than barn capacity – however the extra monsters will not be available and may leave the farm due to neglect.
  • Fixed all inventories acting like the food bin after using it.
  • Fixed not being able to remove items from the food bin.
  • Fixed items not being removed from the shop inventory when being bought
  • Fixed Jerkian’s collisions on the market day not letting the player in and out of the Union Barrack.
  • Fixed an issue where you could buy unlimited amounts of items
  • Fixed monsters bought from Jerikian having a blank palette
  • Fixed monsters already having a blank palette with a consistent check
  • Fixed doors in the dungeons reappearing when they shouldn’t.
  • Doubled the wait time to unstop the player from moving from 1/20 of a second to 1/10 of a second
  • Fixed the Mill not correctly producing refined items.
  • Fixed the Mill not confirming that you received refined items.
  • Fixed Jobs eating monsters, the entire monster job system was remade from the ground up to promote stability.
  • Fixed an issue when monsters abandoning the farm during the night would cause an endless sleep loop
  • Fixed an error caused by talking to Montalvo
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would work twice as fast as normal.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would only work on 2/3rd of the field.
  • Fixed Eve x Female Holstaur animation showing Evan x Female Holstaur
  • Zooming the camera while the player is sleeping should be centred on the bed
  • Corrected materials on Farm Mill building and Food Bin
  • Fixed some animations not loading correctly
  • Fixed some UI window not opening
  • Fixed the Market Day not appearing
  • Fixed monsters not loading in the barn
  • Fixed a bunch of exceptions being thrown throughout the game.
  • Added Female Wolf to combat
  • Added Female Centaur to combat
  • Added Male Cat to combat
  • Added Male Holstaur to combat
  • Added Kreyton combat overhaul
  • Using consumable items in combat will now incur an end of turn
  • Improved Fio’s combat UI
  • Fio’s relevant ability cooldowns will reset when rolling a jackpot (1 ability reset) or rigged roll (all abilities reset)
  • Fixed bugs that prevented progress on the tutorial week story
  • Fixed tutorial quests playing again each season
  • Fixed some items missing an icon.
  • Fixed some items not having a description
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed some animations not playing correctly
  • Fixed talking to the captain before talking to Jubelle causing a softlock
  • Fixed items in some shops showing a quantity of 1 instead of the correct amount.
  • Fixed a bug with dialogue not reading if statements correctly
  • Fixed construction window having visual issues on some resolutions
  • Fixed some z-sorting with the broken down farm
  • Fixed one of Ev’s animations not having it pivot set correctly
  • Fixed incubator window not closing when adding the egg during the dialogue with Jubelle
  • Fixed monster emoticons being super offset.
  • Fixed the the lighting at 7am being too dark
  • Fixed the calendar showing incorrect information
  • Fixed farm expansions not loading sometimes
  • Fixed exiting the wizard tower spawning the player too close to the door.
  • Fixed not being able to interact with the egg seller
  • Fixed not being able to interact with Valpongis
  • Adjusted the placement of stands so they block the player less.
  • Fixes issues in Vodan’s dialogue
  • Fixed issues in Rekk’s dialogue
  • Fixed Kreyton, Jaero, and Camellia’s dialogue having a bug with them.
  • Fixed Fio not unlocking HDs in the correct spot.
  • Fixed Jubelle following the player around at the market day
  • Fixed issues when skipping the tutorial week.
  • Fixed it raining on the farming day and preventing the player from completing the farming quests.
  • Added Fio X Evan HD scene
  • Added a small level scroll towards the bottom of the screen when you arrive at an area.
  • Added recruitment dialogue on day 5 for Jaero, Camellia, and Kreyton
  • Fixed an issue with the texture swap shader
  • Fixed Evan X Female Centaur not setting itself to use the palette shader
  • Fixed a quest trying to complete the wrong quest
  • Potentially fixed not being able to expand the farm.
  • Added the Market Day, comes every weekend, and removed rotating weekly merchants and contests for now
  • Reworked the lighting engine
  • Added quests telling you that the tutorial day is done and you can rest.
  • Added an always run toggle to the options menu. When in this mode Shift will bring you down to walk speed.
  • Updated the player’s sprite model
  • Updated animation timing on walk cycles
  • Slight visual changes to the dialogue window
  • Minor dialogue window fixes
  • Minor weather fx fixes
  • Fixed drakeheart not being stackable
  • Fixed a z-sorting issue with the rundown farm.
  • Fixed Giev not expanding the farm
  • Fixed being able to open the options menu and interact with NPCs during a level scroll.
  • Fixed not getting quests after dialogue in some cases.
  • Fio’s jackpot should now reset her cooldowns for that ability
  • Improved party followers and their speed and distancing to better match the player.
  • Expanded the dialogue with montalvo to explain traits.
  • Resolved issue where units entering combat with a Dungeon buff would cause an instant defeat
  • Some enemy units were missing a sleeping animation, making them difficult to target
  • Goldra’s Regrouping should appear in the correct position relative to the target
  • Camellia’s missing abilities were restored
  • Fixed quests not adding and removing correctly.
  • Fixed some dialogue errors
  • Fixed the code not unlocking the album when using it from the album
  • Potentially fixed giev not expanding your farm.
  • Fixed some spelling and grammar issues in dialogue
  • Fixed the foreman following the player around after the dialogue
  • Fixed Katarina Station NPCs using the old interaction system.
  • Fixed the ripper fight not working
  • Fixed the KS captian not returning you to Cloverton
  • Fixed quests not adding/completing from UI properly.
  • Fixed not being able to close the sex scene in the album via Q or ESC
  • Fixed white box in the inventory UI
  • Fixed Jubelle not being by the door when she should be.
  • Fixed Kreyton animating in the wrong direction
  • Fixed issues with cat event dialogue and having it lock the game up.


  • Added a new cheat to get all of harvest and groceries, found in the options window.
  • Added the tutorial week story into the game.
  • Goldra NPC combat reworked: attack abilities will trigger Goldra’s speed demon test, gaining successive stacks to build combat bonuses.
  • Dragon attacks apply a minor burn debuff instead of a flat damage bonus
  • Minor combat bars & buff tooltip improvements
  • Improved alignment of some HD scenes in the album
  • Loading screen graphical improvements
  • Dialogue window graphical improvements
  • Better 1080p resolution support (some UI will permanently appear smaller than usual)
  • Better support for ultrawide monitors
  • Overworld UI frame improvements – new weather indicator & quick save (pull the chain!)
  • New generic combat sound fx, in place until full combat sfx integration
  • Combat Health Bar & Buff icon animation improvements
  • Fixed dirt turning into a dead crop
  • Fixed typos, grammar, and dialogue flow in various dialogues
  • Fixed Dire & Argontel using old sprites
  • Fixed some of the objects showing the interact flag
  • Fixed not being able to turn off certain types of scenes
  • Ev’s Genodriver should no longer be accessible before being unlocked via exploit
  • Combat floating digits should scale properly to the current resolution
  • Leaving combat during fast-forward should restore game speed to normal
  • Fixed female cat and Camellia HDs not setting the gender correctly
  • Combat unit UI overlapping, visibility & tooltip issues resolved
  • Max HP Up buff will now expire only after the buff wears off, instead of immediately when the extra health is lost
  • Yonten’s Axe/Hammer throw was showing the wrong weapon sprites
  • Combat debuffs that can naturally fail (not dodged/resisted) will show a “Fizzle” message instead of “Resist” or no indication
  • Added an evil theme that appears in various plays.
  • NPCs have the highlight when you can interact with them.
  • Fixed the game starting at midnight
  • Fixed being able to open a UI right before cloverton level scroll and having it up the entire time.
  • Fixed some of the NPCs showing the interact flag
  • Fixed issues in Pondopulous’s dialogue
  • Fixed issues in Kellam’s dialogue
  • Fixed issues in Other dialogues
  • Fixed the code not working in some cases.
  • Fixed dialogue portraits not rendering when they should.
  • Fixed the union marine showing up as UnionSoldie
  • Fixed not being able to talk to the merchant in the monarch inn.
  • Fixed some issues with quests not triggering/completing correctly
  • Added Fio X Eve HD
  • Added Cloverton Night music
  • Added Farm Night music
  • Added sleep jingles
  • Added a new interaction bubble for all dialogue
  • Added introductions to a variety of minor NPCs on Day 1
  • Fully Implemented farming traits.
  • Fixed some old interactions message still existing
  • Fixed some missing sprites from the new Monarch Inn
  • Fixed the mark of creativity and the Drakeheart not having an icon.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with traits referring to both grade and rank on common traits.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would fertilize more crops than they should.
  • Fixed the outline of the player not matching the player in some cases.
  • Fixed Camellia’s overworld sprite being invisible.
  • Fixed upgrading fields thinking you are also building a building.
  • Fixed monsters not returning to the list of monsters if you try to breed only 1 monster.
  • Fixed passing out on the farm not placing the player in the right spot.
  • Fixed cat event not triggering correctly
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  • Added Camellia’s new kit to combat
  • Fixed a variety of combat related bugs.
  • Fixed a variety of album & code related bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where you could open the cheat panel from the options window
  • Fixed an error throw with the cooking window
  • Fixed an error throw when upgrading farms
  • Fixed an error throw when the inventory automatically restacks items.
See More
  • You can no longer sell your monsters on day 1. (If you did this on a save and the day 2 cat event is not working then you need to start a new save)
  • Fixed a bug where you could only unlock the album from the main menu.
  • Fixed a character being mispositioned in Cloverton
  • Fixed the egg seller not being interested in selling eggs.
  • Fixed dialogue missing from Sieger after the mine.
  • Fixed bugs revolving around Ev’s gender and animations
See More
  • Added a tending animation
  • Added a petting animation
  • Added tooltips to the farm buttons so you can tell what they do.
  • You can now cook in bulk when using a recipe
  • Added rotating Stock to Jaero it changes every season
  • Added rotating Stock to Yonten it changes every week
  • Added level scroll to Katarina Station
  • Added hotkeys to monster interactions
  • Added missing lamia pregnant sleeping animation
  • Album buttons in game now opens the album
  • Updated the quality star icons to a new ones.
  • Echo stone is now consumed on use. Giev will send you a new one if you reach garst after using your first one.
  • Changed how the starting crops are randomized
  • The water button now disappears if the crop is already watered
  • Temp buffs now last for the day.
  • Removed the weather protector from the game as it is useless
  • You can no longer fill a hole with dirt as there is no reason to do so
  • Merchants who come and go like Jerkan and Egg Seller have their stock randomized each time they come.
  • Optimized all the fence colliders and reduced their size (There will be another pass on them in a future version to make them even smaller)
  • Optimized farm field colliders
  • Made the interactions and nameplate more centered on the monster.
  • Adjusted fade out time on Sieger’s walk away
  • Max zoom on the farm increased from 2x to 2.5x
  • You can now use zoom at Katarina Station
  • Removed manumission/manumit related words as it was not representative of the farmer monster relationship. Now it’s called Graduation and Release.
  • Removed some unnecessary narration from some dialogue
  • Updated Camellia’s idle animation
  • Updated Poponddopulous’s idle animation
  • Updated the visuals of the scroll bar in the history window
  • Fixed Beck missing his sprite
  • Fixed a missing dialogue when speaking to Beck
  • Fixed spelling in Beck’s dialogue
  • Fixed a missing word
  • Fixed some cases of the old interaction system being in place.
  • Fixed a bunch of NPCs not having idle animations.
  • Fixed visual issues with the inventory UI
  • Fixed being able to sleep through the cat event.
  • Fixed some of the old player messages showing up when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed crops regrowing themselves instantly
  • Fixed dead crops coming back
  • Fixed crops instantly dying
  • Fixed being able to see the interaction bubble while sleeping
  • Fixed having to walk off a crop spot to get the new buttons
  • Fixed being able to repeat farm animations while one is animating
  • Fixed temp buffs not giving any stats
  • Fixed temp buffs never ending
  • Fixed being able to build a building in the wrong spot
  • Fixed being able break building by trying to upgrade them as if they were a field
  • Fixed an error being thrown when you didn’t have a trainer in the training field
  • Fixed loading the game inside the hot house not moving the camera
  • Fixed egg incubation timing and progress bars not updating correctly
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect monster states
  • Fixed monster interact buttons being above the monster
  • Fixed the cooking window not defaulting food to the first available and only checking to see if you have a 1* quality for that recipe.
  • Fixed a harvesting related issue where crops were not harvesting correctly
  • Fixed the farm buttons not updating correctly when selecting a seed or fertilizer
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes saves would save into a folder not belonging to their save group.
  • Fixed ancestry having some save/load issues.
  • Fixed a save/load issue with merchants that could cause us to do a save break
  • Fixed an error being thrown by the dialogue window
  • Fixed part of the quest text not being visible
  • Fixed In some abilities of a female character it would show a random }
  • Fixed the history window scrolling super slow.
  • Fixed Sieger Idle pivot not matching his walk
  • Fixed Sieger and the union guards taking longer than intended to fade out.
  • Fixed a font error on the inventory window
  • Fixed some distortion in some HDs
  • Fixed album related bugs
See More
  • Fixed eggs taking too long to incubate. (Made the incubation process hourly instead of minutely)
  • Fixed the interaction bubble not working in some places.
  • Fixed a bunch of interactions not being fully moved over to the new system.
  • Fixed training grounds not sizing itself correctly on the job board.
  • Fixed crops not updating their sprites over the night.
  • Fixed 1 monster being able water all fields no matter their stats.
  • Fixed 1 monster being able fertilize all fields no matter their stats.
  • Fixed monsters not removing dead crops.
  • Fixed the player message in various locations being a thin barely visible line.
See More
  • Added a small animated pop-up to let the player know they can interact with the object, in most cases this is in place of a player message.
  • Sped up the fading of the player message
  • The dialogue cursor’s pointer is a little bit more noticeable.
  • Left-aligned the dialogue text
  • Fixed some grammar errors
  • Fixed a 10% alpha banner showing after the fade
  • Fixed a small pop in the banner while fading
  • Fixed not being able to select the first seed/fertilizer in the list.
  • Fixed the album filters not working
  • Fixed some graphical artifacting with the egg emote over monsters.
  • Fixed crab’s palettes not working in the album
  • Fixed crab’s palette not loading in-game
  • Fixed the crab cum animation staying when changing the scene.
  • Fixed nameplates with cut-names
  • Fixed Sieger and Jubelle animating 10x faster than they should.
See More
  • Added a dialogue with Beck the mycoid in the blue liner
  • Added 6 loading screen tips
  • Changed the visuals of the player message
  • Removed a bunch of useless player messages
  • Sieger and Jubelle now have idle animations
  • Fixed the job board cards being the wrong color
  • Fixed wells over filling the watering can
  • Fixed Nameplate having cut-off names
  • Fixed “Union Soldier” not having a space in the nameplate
  • Fixed a grammar error
  • Fixed nameplate being too low for large monsters
  • Fixed lamia missing sprite while pregnant
  • Fixed floating pixels in Montalvo’s idle
  • Fixed a bug with the hot house
  • Fixed a rare story bug
  • Fixed a bug related to crop growth
  • Potentially fixed the extra long hatching speed
See More
  • Added Eve X Kiram
  • Added some deco to the player’s home
  • Reworked sleeping so it does all the job math and there is no loading screen
  • Updated the cat event collision graphic
  • Updated the farm cat event combat scene
  • Player breeding with a monster takes 2 hours instead of 4
  • Fixed being able to open the chests in the mine more than once
  • Fixed tab’s idle animation not animating during story
  • Fixed being able to unlock Giev’s tower before getting told to
  • Fixed incorrect symbols being placed on dock slots in the construction UI
See More
-Adjusted some static cameras on the farm
-Fixed a bug with sex scenes on the farm
-Fixed an animation bug with crab x eve palettes
-Fixed inventory window not working
-Fixed pasture’s duping monsters
-Fixed job board not rendering some jobs correctly
-Fixed there being no dialogue in history
-Fixed infinite watering can
-Fixed some layering issues on the farm
-Fixed infertile monsters getting locked
-Fixed crops not getting watered from the rain
-Fixed harvesting not working
See More
Palette Swaps
  • Evan X Crab
  • Eve X Crab
  • Added Farming Job (Auto-Water/Harvest/Tend/Fertilization)
  • Added item drakeheart
  • Added new storage tabs
  • When the monster tab is selected in the inventory you can now search for the following
Species EX “s: Cat”
Level EX “lvl > 5” or “lvl < 5” or “lvl = 5”
Gender EX “g:male” or “g:female” or “g:eek:ther” (Chimera & Crab are other)
Trait EX “t:TraitName”
  • Fixed not being able to assign monsters to work dock jobs.
  • Fixed swapping palettes during climax makes the animation bug out
  • Fixed a layering issue in the party window
  • Fixed some missing pixels with the dragon
Known Issue
  • monsters do not work while you are asleep
  • There is a small visual bug in Eve X Crab loop, will be fixed in the next version
See More
  • Added a floor counter in the dungeon
  • Added a wait for the next update quest so you know when you have reached the end of the current story content.
  • Fixed cut off dialogue options
  • Fixed missing character dialogue sprites during some dialogue
  • Fixed dialogue arrows showing when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed wrong layering with crop fertilizer
  • Fixed crops not being watered during the rain
  • Fixed Job Board failing to load
  • Fixed a layering issue with the party window
  • Fixed some dialogue in Katrina Station
  • Fixed Shards Currency not showing 0 when you had 0
  • Fixed after combat UI not showing Experience rewards
  • Potentially fixed pasture monster duplication
See More
When a new monster is added they will go to the first barn/pasture with a free spot rather than a random one.
Increased base energy from 75 to 200
Increased energy per Stamina from 3 to 5
Sprinting is now unlimited
Energy no longer regens
The energy bar no longers shrinks as the day goes on.
Fixed docks not showing the building constructed on them.
Fixed monsters still being able to be dragged even if they had a job already.
Fixed scroll zooming when your mouse is over UI.
Fixed Fade in/out not working
Fixed a bug where monsters would move to another barn
Fixed not being able to expand the farm
Fixed blurry text in the trait window
Fixed layering in the party window
Fixed some character darkening bugs
See More
  • Changed Tea’s recipe to include tea-bag mix
  • Adjusted the heights of all dialogue characters
  • Changed the visuals of fertilizer
  • Fixed Yonten combat not working
  • Fixed not being able to talk to shopkeepers
See More
Saves are compatible
Added the winter terrain to the farm.
Full combat rework for Yonten – all new animations, UI and abilities
Combat Attack buff is now a %-bonus of a flat damage bonus
Changed the how crop health is processed so will now die when they should.
Updated the dialogue UI based on patron feedback
Reworking watering system rather than an integer amount of water that ticks down over the day(more or less based on the weather), it is now a boolean so a crop is either watered for the day or it is not.
Fixed crops appearing watered when planted
Fixed grownut having the wrong sprite
Fixed some spots construction on the construction UI being inaccurate with the farm’s locations
Fixed an error in the breeding window
Fixed flimflan not planting correctly
Fixed farms not upgrading correctly
Fixed a bug with the winter bundles
Fixed exiting the hot house putting you in the wrong place
Fixed a visual error with text in the inventory
Fixed a layering issue with the party window
Fixed construction UI’s special slots not showing their sprites
Fixed not being able to cycle food quality in the cooking table
Fixed an option when talking to Giev and Garst not working.
Fixed a bug when generating bloodline traits
Fixed a small bug in the scripting for the dialogue in the first scene
Fixed a bug where a new save would it’s save into an existing file.
Fixed the vertical/horizontal alignment of some crops
Fio’s combat animation should no longer have blank frames
Fio’s combat UI should no longer keep spinning ability reels when skipping her turn before reels have slammed
Shield buff type(used by Lamia & Yonten) will now correctly block damage, and the damage numbers will have their own colour
Potentially fixed an issue where the player would spawn out of bounds of the dungeon.
Known Issues
*You will have to manually move the saves from your old data folder to the new one, these files would be savedata##.xml, global.sav and folders named Dungeon Data #. (The # means number), If there are no dungeon data folders don’t worry about it.
*In older saves incubator will lose all their eggs and the new companions will not be available for combat.
Album Codes:
See More
Code: Third-Partied
code: Breedin Buns
Album and Cheat code: Freefalling Borker
Cheat code: Music Review
v1.2.6k – Album Code June: Strict Bunch
March Code: BBQ Shark
v0.1.2.1e – Album Code:  Sizzling Hot Ogre
v0.1.1.2h – Album Code: Dragon Snax
v0.1.1.2 – Album Code: Crabby Cheer
v0.1.1.1c – Album Code: Crabby Cheer
v0.1.1.1b – Album Code: Soothing Sutras
v0.1.1.1 – Album Code: Soothing Sutras
v0.1.1.0k : Album code: Soothing Sutras
Gallery Code: Dancing Dragoness
Cheat code: Washboard Abs (v0.1.1.0b)
Old codes:
UnlockAllCode = “Mop Diva”;
UnlockAllCode = “Scribble Owl”;
UnlockAllCode = “Sprites Sprites Everywhere”;
GodMode = “What Is Damage”;
MoneyCode = “Money Money Money”;
CombatCode = “Take Me To Fight”;
ResetCode = “Reset”;

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