Commanding a Harem [v1.0.7] [Thomoto]

Commanding a Harem [v1.0.7] [Thomoto]

April 16, 2024F95

You were a commander of a powerful group that protects humanity,
but after being trapped in a memory eating creature demesne,
you are freed but half of your memories are gone.
You decide to start a new life and command a new group.
Interact throughout the world, make new memories and regain your old ones.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-12
Release Date: 2024-04-04
Developer: Thomoto DiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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+ Replaced voice sfx slider just for sound effects
+ Added fetish tag inflation/pregnancy (Currently only in Abigail Sadie’s Christmas event story)
– Removed the UI and Room navigation UI when in Command Center
+ Fixed the use screen of chocolate not closing when used
+ Added two parts of story for Ayane Miyazaki
+ Played around with a few sound effects, will probably start using it more often
+ Added one part of Abigail Sadie
+ Added one part of Eula Willmer
+ Made a few changes on the story intro
+ Replaced mana art, Manipulation to Alteration
+ Added a Christmas event intro skip
+ Added Abigail Sadie’s Christmas date
– Removed the desktop start button
+ Replaced with a shutdown button
+ Changed the developer tools background color
+ Made simple changes on the Home section of HomeEverest
+ Added bookmarks at homepage of internet
+ Made local and world maps start at the middle of the map when opened
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– Revamped deployment missions to CCUN/Commander Coalition Unity Network
  – This drained my soul coding it
  – You no longer have to wait a day for the slayers to return
  – Added other units able to be able to be deployed (More coming soon)
– Removed Instant Return from upgrade center in Fort Anewl
– Fixed the softlock on Vrakia’s first side-story
– Fixed commander’s tablet not receiving but only in after loading a save
– Fixed the bug on Tampula’s misc quest for Moltena
– Fixed same image name when talking to Moltena
– Fixed the bug on Ayane’s beach date
– Fixed Tampula’s Misc quest because it was a different variable that was used
– Fixed the mayor quest to not be able to complete
– Finished Vrakia’s 2nd-story, It’s Just Business
– Eula Willmer is now available for recruitment
– Added a new main story part
– Added a new event story for Christmas date, Seika Suzuki
– Added a bar in Tampula
  – A gossip menu option to find side-stories that are available in the local area
– Changed the tutorial about deployment missions to CCUN
– Made a few changes on the screens textbutton
– Made Seika’s beach date unavailable if it’s night or midnight
– Changed background of the main navigation
– Changed the girls image on the hints
– Changed the girls character cards
– Adjusted the starting position for the local map
– Revamped world map
– Added a side girls view in the hints screen
– Removed stat trackers (vaginal, anal, footjob, blowjob)
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  • -Improved text logo
  • Seperated discord rich presence code
    • This is for people who have problems with discord’s rich presence or have installed betterdiscord, just remove anything discord related in the game folder
  • Decreased money income from deployment missions
  • Fixed when the side-story “MYSTERIOUS PERVERT” would skip a goal during the given of the suspect ID
  • Fixed wrong jump in Seika’s repeatable gallery HScene
  • Fixed wrong goal side-story “MYSTERIOUS PERVERT” at part 5
  • Fixed wrong skill training title Obedience
  • Fixed school on the floors and rooms selection screen
  • Fixed menu option to talk to Moltena after finishing her quest
  • Fixed wrong menu jump when looking around in Tampula’s school canteen
  • Fixed some H-Scenes not having SFX
  • Updated some HScenes that ended with a single black frame
  • Fixed a bug where you could travel to Fort Anewl before completing Chapter 1
  • Fixed not able to play christmas episode at the gallery
  • Fixed last Ayane Miyazaki H-Scene showing black screens
  • Added a part of chapter 3
  • Added a story part for Seika’s level 14
  •   A new HScene in ^ that level
  • Added a new level story for Abigail
  • Added 2 new story part for side-story “MYSTERIOUS PERVERT”
  • Added a new stripper in Tampula’s stripclub
  • Removed restriction on Vrakia’s second story to start in Saturday
  • Removed RNG of different suspected perverts in the side-story “MYSTERIOUS PERVERT”
  • Added the PEEPABOO website
  • Improved splashscreen
  • Improved Main Menu
  • Added two new gallery HScenes for Seika
  • Added notifcation confirmations everytime an item is dropped, bought, sold, added
  • Positioned the menu choices at the bottom of the screen at every H-Scenes
  • Added an option to turn textbox transparent at start of H-Scene (WIP)
1.0.4 hotfix
  • Fixed upgrade center for having too many arguments
  • Fixed Seika’s image not showing in the dorm
v1.0.3 Remake
  • Fixed Seika’s money still going up despite returning
  • Fixed Android character name on the wrong ypos
  • Fixed the bug talking to Seika and Abby on the dorms
  • Fixed Tampula 4th side-story not starting
  • Fixed missing  requirement in one part of chapter 2
  • Added two parts for Abigail Sadie
    • Added an HScene
  • Added one part for Ayane Miyazaki
  • Added Miscellaneous quest in Tampula
    • New HScene when talking to Moltena (Prostitution)
  • Improved gallery for the main girls
  • Added Abigail in the gallery in main menu
  • Added a 15 day salary creds (Salary increases on every finished chapter)
  • New item, the Commander’s tablet
  • Added an upgrade for fast return from Slayers. (No more waiting for returning)
v1.0.2 Remake
This weekly release is just a series of bug fixes that have been reported and I have encountered in a playthrough.
  • Fixed Seika not returning from a deployment mission
  • Fixed most of the H-Scenes being in the wrong size
  • Missing Abigail.png
  • (And others that I forgot to list)
  • Missing images on the tampulasuspectman1
    • If you have a save file and that error still comes up. Go to the dev tools in the computer, bug fixes, then press Missing images
  • Some story visual fixes
    •   Except on the 2nd side-story vrakia at first. (Need a good basement map)
  • Fixed the story hints that were wrong
  • Fixed Seika’s level not going up at level 12
  • Fixed on the screens when talking to the girls in the fort
  • Fixed not displaying the right chapter number
  • Improved transitions when switching in the UI
  • Fixed the bottom screen rooms, floor levels appearing in stories.
Directions that you can go to in the Taravosk, Vrakia fields.
  • North North South – Old train station
  • South South North – Abby’s hut
  • West South East – Outskirts
  • North North North – Maybell flowers
  • South South South – Common mushrooms
v1.0.1 Remake
  • Fixed android image sizes
  • Fixed menu choices disappearing after clicking an item in your inventory
  • Updated the developer tools looks
  • Added a new item, porn magazine
    • Using it will grant you an additional sluttiness point at every end of a HScene
  • Updated the HScene music
  • Made the secret tampula dojo map item readable
    • Not able to use until the location is ready
  • Added a message system that plays when there’s a side-story available.
  • Added chapter 3
    • Part 1 story only
  • Added 1 Ayane girl story
    • Added 1 repeatable HScene
  • Added 2 Abigail girl stories
  • Updated dialogue for looking for the Witch of Ebony
Chapter 3 will focus more on about being a commander and about the Slayer Federation and meeting the four chief operations officers.
v1.00.0 Remake
After months of work, I’ve finally remade the game, however… the game is still unlisted in search and browse, I will release a small update in a week because of these issues.
  • Abigail’s story needed another remake except the first part
  • Most of Chapter 1 and intro needs again a remake
  • Will add more h-scenes / repeatable h-scenes
  • Add Ayane’s H-scenes
That is most of what I’m gonna do. I reset the game version to 1.0.0 because this is a remake and not gonna lie. I still need a lot of practice of making scenes and hscenes, I’m going to take this week to add more and make better ones. I hope you guys enjoy this new version, and if you have thoughts. You can share it to me, don’t hold back cause I need it. Also, a reason for this release was because most people we’re getting restless.
Vrakia directions:
West West West – Old Train Station
South South South – Common mushroom
North North North – Maybell flower
South South North – Ebony Witch
North North South – Old Train Station
Before Remake
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Fixed ancientime variable bug
Fixed not able to leave after interviewing one of the suspects
Fixed Rina’s photoshoot not showing
Added a reshown tutorial for exploration
Added a randomizer that gives affection randomly at end of H-Scenes
Added a limit on how many times to have a date with a girl for clock to advance
Changed a few affection increases at affection dates
Updated the intro’s images
Updated 3 images in Ayane’s introduction
Updated Ayane’s laying anal doggystyle second video
Added one part of Businessmen doing business
Fixes that fails to buy an upgrade center
Fixed school floors still appearing outside the school
Fixed a couple H-Scenes not appearing
Finish Chapter 2
Added Chapter 3
Added 1 story part for Abigail
Abigail can now be recruited after the end of Chapter 2
Abigail still can’t be deployed
Updated World map
Updated the android-preplash image
Changed the window-icon
Changed the file slots image
Fixed missing item side-story 3, ‘Mysterious Pervert’
Fixed the unordered file slots for android
Fixed Ayane and Seika still in fort after being deployed
Added in Ayane and Seika around the fort in the evening
Fixed bunch of multiple wrong jumps
Fixed Ayane still going out on a date in streetcart in Japan, Akihabara
Added in a proper vehicle shop screen
Gallery screen for main-girls and side-girls
Changed the images on world travel
Remade the UI design
Updated the local map for Croatia, Taravosk
Updated the entire desktop
Updated the PeepABoo website design
Might change it from a porn site to a camgirl site
Added a sex-scene for the game
Only one though, it has SFX, music is missing (Which I am trying to make in FL Studio)
Updated the text for travel location description
Updated the allocate screen (notify)
New exploration location, an old train station
Added a gym for Croatia, Taravosk
Added a photoshoot studio fir Japan, Akihabara
Removed update notes
Added new parts of story for Ayane up to level 8
Added 1 new part for Seika
Added in and finished 4th side-story in Japan, Akihabara
Finished the 1st side-story for Croatia, Taravosk
She will still be unrecruitable
Added 1 new side-story for Croatia, Taravosk
Updated the intro images and text
Fixed some grammar issues and spelling
New main menu image
Added in more music
Improved menu choice size for android
Changed android preplash image
Fixed unavailable Seika level 3
Wrong office Fort Anewl jumps
Screen text error in Seika hints
Unable to sleep in last part of chapter 1
New location – Croatia, Taravosk
Schedules for the girls/slayers
Dormitory talks – Increase stats
Training center for Fort Anewl
Improve dormitory/bedroom
Travel pics and description when travelling
Exploration feature
More inventory items
Removed Salary stat item (It was too much)
Added in update notes in the main menu
Two new stories for Ayane
One new story for Seika
One new unfinished side story for Japan, Akihabara
One new unfinished side story for Croatia, Taravosk
NOTE: If you already finished chapter 2 and Seika’s level is 2, you will need to go back to the old dorms to continue her story.
Another note: There will be a gallery and sex scenes in next update.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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There are side-stories in this game, different side stories have different prizes.
You can either get a rare item, money or gems, outfits, slayers and more!
1944563 1657629658749 | Free Adult Games
Stats play a role in your group of girls.
Affection is required to do some H-scenes or to progress throughout her story.  S
can make the girl do more unusual H-Scenes, such as BDSM, Outdoors, etc.
Obedience increases the money outcome of deployment missions and of course do some H-Scenes.
Salary level is the most important to making more money, the more you give them money the more they pay out.
1944564 1657629681245 | Free Adult Games
You be able to travel through different countries, every country has their own Side-stories so watch out.
You will need a vehicle to travel though.
1944565 1657629695103 | Free Adult Games
Stranger, Friends, Crush, In love.
You will need to progress throughout a girl’s story and increase their affection and get to a certain story level.
If you reach 100 affection and the status reaches to In love you will be allowed to marry her.
Reaching the final level, Oath.
1944568 1657629724497 | Free Adult Games
Deployment missions are your number one money income.
There are different deployment missions and will require specific roles to be efficient in the battlefield.
And deployment missions will have different monsters ranging from easiest to hardest and low payout to higher payout.
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Keep track of the development by joining the discord server, follow me or add this game to your collection
  • Vanilla
  • Harem
  • 3D
  • School girl
  • Dark skin
  • Travelling in Akihabara then exiting will let you jump to Fort Anewl
  • List not in item (x) when doing the missing uh1y dev tool(this means that you don’t have the  UH1Y)
NOTE: The game is still in alpha and still doesn’t have any sexual scenes. So if you’re looking for a game to beat your meat, wrong game and wrong place.

Before Remake

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