Corpo Life [v0.17c] [CorpoLife_dev]

Corpo Life [v0.17c] [CorpoLife_dev]

February 19, 2024F95

Assume the role of a newly hired fresh graduate in one of the Wallstreet large banks. Climb the corporate ladder, be the most powerful man in the bank, and eventually in the whole financial industry. Meet beautiful coworkers and fellow corporate drones. Interact, befriend, and date them. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to meet celebrities, date, or have sex with them. The majority of the kinks are Asian Girls, Office Sex, JAV, and pretty faces.

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Let me warn you. If you don’t like a little bit of a grind, and sandbox. Just don’t play this game. This game is not for you. I Wish i can put grinding in the tag, so people who doesn’t like grinding can just skip the game.

But what this game has to offer? 200++ sex repeatable scenes, conflicting story, relationship dilemma, corruption, power- greed drama,  tons of office sex and in laws kinks

And if you’re still curious and want to play the game but don’t wanna download the entire 10gigs of file there’s also online version of the game. Kudos to Mopoga

Thread Updated: 2024-02-19
Release Date: 2024-02-19
Censored: Partial for JAV scenes
Version: 0.17c
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Gakko no Monogatari
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Real porn, Male protagonist, Text-based, Creampie, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Simulator, Animated, Japanese Adult Video, Sandbox, Netori, Blackmail, Drugs, Exhibitionism ,Group sex, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Interracial, Male domination, Masturbation, Rape, Sexual harassment, Sleep sex, Titfuck, Virgin, Pregnancy
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Extract and Run. For update only, extract the file into the game folder
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Corpo Life 0.17c (The Maids: Karen  & Yuu)
What’s new? While 0.17b is about Karen’s route/Remu as Maid, in 0.17c is about Remu’s route/Karen as Maid
New 9 scenes
– Karen story for Remu’s route
– 3 New Remu’s cenes
– 3 New Karen’s maid scenes
– 3 New Yu Shinoda (Karen’s mom) scenes
Corpo Life 0.17b (The Maids: Remu & Julia)
– Bugfixing
– Remu & Julia Storyline progression (Karen Marriage Route)
– 5 New Remu’s scenes
– 4 New Julia’s scenes
Corpo Life 0.17a (The Mansion)
  • Continuing  Yua’s team story
  • New building to buy: Mansion (50 millions)
  • Eva’s story rewritten with 5 new scenes
  • Introducing Agent Candice – Mansion Security PIC with 2 new scenes
Corpo Life 0.16d (Yua’s true intention)
– Final episode for Yua’s Arc: Unveiling Yua’s true motive?
–  New character: Arina Hashimoto
–  7 New scenes with Arina
Corpo Life 0.16c (Miu’s Vacation)
– Weekend activities/vacation with Miu (5 sex scenes)
– Office scenes with Miu (2 sex scenes)
– Drunk/post drunk scenes with Miu (3 sex scenes)
– Family interaction with Remu and your kids at home
Corpo Life 0.16b (Miu and Minami)
– Improved writing (the use case are these 9 new scenes. Please let me know if I should keep the writer or should I fire her :p LOL just kidding)
– Introduction to Miu Shiromune (One of Yua’s team member)
– 3 scenes with Miu (after office drink and chain of events – Ask to go to the bar after office)
– 5 scenes with Minami (MC’s drunk after office drunk scene and chain of events – Ask to go to the bar after office
– 1 scene with Remu (Kitchen evening)
Corpo Life 0.16a (Yua’s Credit Team)
  • Bugfix
  • Yua’s promotion event
  • 7 Yua’s new scenes
  • 3 Minami scenes
  • Medium Apartment now available to rent so Yua can move there momentarily (In the next updates, Minami can also stay in this apartment
Corpo Life 0.15 (Karen’s Pregnancy and Her Mom’s Visit)
-Bug fixing
-Added right side UI bar as a phone to ease up access for calling flings, withdrawal/deposit to bank/stock broker
-Karen pregnancy (All marriage additional sex scenes + few of Karen old scenes)
-Yuna Shiina morning scene (7-8am go to her apartment)
-Introduction to Yuu Shinoda as Karen’s mother (7 new scenes with her)
-New brothel scene with Ameri Ichinose
Corpo Life 0.14 (Pregnancy & Kids
– Remu pregnancy (31 days). random gender boy/girl with equal chance. You can name your newborn
–  Revamped relationship page. On family page you can click on your wife to see her pregnancy progres
– New transport mode: City Train
New Scene:
  • Remu 2 office scenes
  • Yuna 1 train scene
  • (New Character – Yuhi – Yuna’s daughter): 2 train scenes and 1 home scene
Corpo Life 0.13 (Karen’s Wedding)
– Bugfix
– Karen’s Wedding/Marriage Route with 6 new scenes
– 2 New Remu Marriage Route scenes
– 1 New scene for Yuna (Dinner and Yuna’s Husband Netori scene)
Corpo Life 0.12 (Karen’s Return & Remu’s Marriage)
– Continuation of Karen’s story + 5 new scenes of her (including 2-weekend activities scenes)
– Remu’s Marriage + 5 new scenes
– Married/cheating dialogue reaction (Currently only Karen, in the future more NPCs’ reactions to MC’s marriage will be added)
Corpo Life 0.11d (Talent Hunt – Momo Honda)
Release Note:
– Bug fixing  (missing picture) etc and rebalancing some energy requirements
– New character Momo Honda
–  New 4 scenes with Momo
–  New 4 3-some scenes with Momo-Nene
–  New Car (Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible)
–  New 2 scenes with Yuna
–  Can call Anne H to repeat the scene you had when purchasing the large house
Corpo Life 0.11c (Talent Hunt – Nene Yoshi)
Release Note:
– Bug fixing (obviously)
– New Character: Nene Yoshi  (with 9 new scenes)
– New Character – Yuna Shiina (introduction – drinking and kissing scene)
Corpo Life 0.11b (Talent Hunt)
– Bug fixing (obviously)
– Gameplay: Now you can buy the Large House (10 Million Bucks)
– New Character: Reona Costa  (with 8 new scenes)
– New Character – Special: Previous owner of the Large House
– 3 Additional scenes with Remu Anastasia
Corpo Life 0.11a (Anthony’s Aftermath)
Julia’s event after Anthony’s killed by Saeko
– Bugfix
– 9 New scenes with Julia (full list here JULIA NEW SCENES 0.11a )
Corpo Life 0.10 (My Stepsister Melody)
– Introduction to your stepsister. She will come and stay at your house after your dad called you to provide her leads for her job-hunting
Requirements for this event to trigger
– Finished Saeko’s story.
– Wait for a week, just do your normal things as a banker
– Already purchased a house/not staying at an apartment anymore
– Fixed reported bugs that occurred in 0.09
– added an invisible parameter called $lust_to_melody, a stat where you build your desire towards your little step-sister. This stat needed to be at certain levels to unlock events with melody. To increase this stat you can either talk to her or peep at her when she masturbates
– New scenes with Melody:
1) Melody Masturbates (Peep her at the guest bedroom, around 10PM)
2) Sleeping together with her – sleep only, no sex.. you can still resist her at this point (requires $lust_to_melody >30, at 12pm go to her room and Melody will ask you to sleep with her)
3) Sleeping together with her – 1st Sex with Melody(requires $lust_to_melody >60)
4) Morning Sex – After sleeping together with her (requires event 3 – 1st Sex with Melody to trigger at the night before went to sleep)
5) Morning Sex – Waking her up (Sleep at your own room at night with/without your girlfriend, In the morning, go to the guest bedroom and wake melody. This event requires $lust_to_melody >50 or already fucked Melody before
6) Melody doing chores in the Kitchen – Quickie sex (Melody’s washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen starts at 10AM – 4PM, you can have fun with her if you already fucked her before)
7) Date with Melody – 7 to 9pm (you can ask her to go to a theme park, or drink at the bar with you)
8) Date – Drinking at the Bar (Melody will ask you to do a “Public Display of Affection” if you already fucked her before)
9) Postdate – Lovehotel lovemaking (A blowjob at the bar won’t be enough, you can fuck each other’s brains out at the lovehotel with her)
10) Bathroom scene (Melody usually takes shower at 10pm, go to the bathroom at that time to check on her, or even join her showering)
11) Postbath – Sex in her bedroom (Melody doesn’t like fucking in the bathroom, so she asks you to fuck her in the bedroom)
12) Cosplay Sex – Waking up after the nap (Take a nap at >1pm, Melody will wear her cosplay outfit and wake you up in an unusual manner)
Corpo Life 0.09: The Investigation
– 0.08 Bugfixes (as usual I can’t really remember what I fixed LOL)
– Story Progression: Banking Industry Investigation & Authority Force (BINAF) sniffed the CFO’s illegal financing activities regarding Yaron’s loan restructuring request. They sent one of their agent, Lieutenant Colonel Saeko Matsu. Will you be able to cover your involvement and escape the investigation?
– To trigger the event, you need to fuck the CEO at least 10 times. When you’re in your office room, The CEO will call to inform you about the BINAF arrival.
10 New Sex Scenes: To trigger the scenes you need to finish the whole BINAF events
End of Week Drinking Chain of Events:
– Saeko Drink to Sex 1 (7 PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday): Ask her to go to a drink after office hour, then bring her to your studio apartment. You need to rent studio apartment (Aoi’s event)
– After waking up Saeko will cook breakfast for you.. you can ask her to have sex with her after breakfast
– Saeko will take a shower after that, you can choose to bang her in the bathroom
– While getting ready, you can fuck her for another round
Weekdays drinking:
– Saeko Drink to Sex 2 (7 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday): Ask her to go to a drink after office hour
Family Dinner: Saeko’s Husband, Daisuke will invite you for a dinner, thanking you for saving his wife’s life (at least fuck Saeko once to trigger this event)
– You will have dinner with Saeko’s family (Husband & Sister), after her husband passed out due to too much drinking, you can have a sexy time with Saeko (Netori content)
Office Scenes:
– Day sex quickie (< 7 PM)
– Night Sex ( 7 – 12 PM) – This will make you sleep at the office with her
Weekend visit day-sex (7AM – 5PM)
– Visit her on Saturday (Weekend Sex 1)
– Visit her on Sunday (Weekend Sex 2)
v0.08: The CEO’s Project
– Storyline: Introducing Mrs Parker The CEO and Her Best Friend Margot Robbie. When you finished the Transformation Office Project, you’ll be rewarded for your achievements by the CFO. The CEO of the Bank noticed this, and ask the CFO to bring you to her. Explore possibilities with Mrs Parker, as she will handle you the biggest project of the year for the bank, if you succeed, you’ll be rewarded heftily
– Gameplay: Now after transformation office event triggered, you’ll be given 20 days of deadline. You have to complete the work needed before deadline unless you wanna get fired and game over. Don’t worry after the transformation project completed, the transformation office will not be closed as they’re still needed to mantain the project goes smoothly for the long run
– Gameplay: 3 Additional Mercedes cars for you to purchase
– 6 New Sex Scenes:
1) Blowjob at the Cinema: After your success with the Margot Robbie’s hotel financing project, Mrs Freya will ask you for a dinner, and a movie… you can be a little naughty with her
2) Sex after the Cinema: A blowjob atn the cinema won’t be enough.. You can bang her hard after the movie, in her own house
3) Office Sex 1: After getting involved in sexual affair with the CEO, you can bang her at the office (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
4) Office Sex 2: A variant of Office Sex 1, (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)
5) Margot Sex 1: Margot will try to seduce you to ensure you that her hotel project is good enough.. It’s up to you if you really want to have an affair with a celebrity
6) Margot Sex 2: Margot Sex 1 have to triggered before Margot Sex 2 available… In Margot Sex 1 she asked you to wait patiently for her to change.. now you don’t have to wait
– Bugfixing: Lots of 0.07 bugs fixed, I don’t have time to record them all
– New Weekend Activities with Remu (Go to Vacation)
– Relaxing & Soothing activities with Remu
1) Play on the beach & Forest
2) Swimming in the pool
3) Hanging out in an old & rustic cottage
– 4 Sexual activities with Remu
1) Quick blowjob at the mini-bus while stuck on traffic when going to the beach
2) Semi bondage & creampie sex at the cottage
3) Pool Sex
4) Hotel Sex at night
– New Weekend Activities with Gal (Via call your fling -> Gal Gadot -> Vacation With Gal Gadot)
5 Sex scenes with Gal:
1) Quickie at the Private Jet
2) Handjob at the pool
3) Sex at the pool
4) Wake up sex at the resort
5) Quick blowjob/titjob at the bathroom (day)
6) Sex at the bathroom (night)
v.0.06c: Aoi Sky The Sugarbaby
– New studio apartment for rent (required for Aoi Sky chain of events)
– Can call your flings and sugar baby (Aoi) when you’re at home (moving “contact gal gadot here”)
– Total 7 New Sex scenes with Aoi Sky
– New UI in Office, Bar, and Restaurant
– Bugfixes (honestly I forgot what bugs I fixed, since they were to many lol)
– New sugar baby framework
– Now you can hire Aoi Sky as your sugarbaby (25K a week) It’s expensive, but worth it. Only available when you’re AVP
– You can call her to go for a drink in a bar and which leads to 4 new sex scenes:
1) Quick BJ in Bar toilet
2) Quick Fuck in Bar’s control room
3) Ask her to go to love hotel after drinking in Bar
4) Shower sex in the love hotel
– New studio apartment near Aoi’s home
– Now you rent a second apartment as a safehouse to bang Aoi (Go to property agent, and rent the studio apartment)
– Now you can see Aoi’s day to day activities which leads to 3 new sex scenes:
1) Day fuck with Aoi when her husband’s away buying drinks (4-5pm, you have to stay in your studio apartment)
2) Morning fuck with Aoi when her husband’s taking a shower (7-10am, you have to stay in your studio apartment)
3) Quick BJ at night when her husband’s taking a dump (9-12pm, you have to stay in your studio apartment)
v.0.06b: Aoi Sky Featuring Maria: Way of The  Sugar Daddy
This is will be the introduction to sugar-baby framework. Lots of the players complain that having only one girlfriend sucks, moreover after breaking up we can’t hook up with our ex anymore, and that I don’t plan any harem for the future. Having harem for a corporate drones is quite uncommon, so instead of a harem, here I introduce the sugar baby system. It’s not finished yet, but this is a glimpse of what I have in mind. The sugar baby I introduced here is Aoi Sky, a financially troubled married woman whose husband just got fired recently.
– Fix bug where while dating Karen/Remu you’re still able to ask Eva to be your girlfriend.
New Girl Scene: Aoi Sky, a massage therapist at the brothel. A potential sugar baby
– Massage Scene (Available at the brothel)
– Private room scene (Available at the brothel)
– Bunny costume scene (Available at the brothel)
– Hotel scene (Build relationship by chatting with Aoi in the private room, when she likes you enough, she will agree to go to the hotel)
New Girl Scene: Maria Ozawa, a legendary supermodel
– Sex scene (Available at the brothel)
Additional Scene for Ellen Wang
– Night office scene in the transformation office (at 9pm -12pm)
– Morning office scene after meeting in transformation office (9am – 11am)
v.0.06: Ellen Wang is Not Just a Humble Tutor
– Ellen Wang, The CFA tutor is now available for tutoring you in FRM Certifications. Not only that, her expertise is going to be needed in your bank.
– FRM certification. Apply to unlock scenes with Ellen, passing the exam will greatly improve your work
Added 5 sex scenes with Ellen:
– FRM tutor and sex: You need to apply to FRM Course. It will cost you 5000 bucks
– Sex scene 1 (day): Call Ellen for private tutoring 7am – 7pm
– Sex scene 2 (evening): Call Ellen for private tutoring 8pm-12pm
– Sex scene 3 (evening): Call Ellen for private tutoring, and choose “Go straight to sex” 8pm-12pm
– Sex scene 4 (Office Lunch – toilet): Work in the transformation office, and at lunchtime 12am-2pm, ask her to have lunch together
– Sex scene 5 (Office Lunch – filing room): Work in the transformation office, and at lunchtime 12am-2pm, ask her to have lunch together
v.0.05: Remu The Girlfriend
– Add the option to break up with Karen. This is needed to make Remu your girlfriend, and start the chain of events with her
Remu’s 9 New Scenes: This requires Remu as your girlfriend
– Post-Dating Home: Ask remu to go on a date while in the office
– Home morning sex scene: 7am after waking up
– Home evening living room scene: 7pm to 10pm
– Home night bed scene: 9pm to 12pm
– Home kitchen morning scene: 8am to 9am
– Home kitchen evening scene: 6pm-9pm
– Home bath morning scene: 7am-8am
– Weekend dating beach scene: Go on a date in the weekend to the beach with Remu
– Weekend dating forest camping scene: Go camping in the forest with Remu in the weekend
– 7 Yua Sex Scenes & 1 Gal’s scene: I prefer that you don’t read this spoiler, and find Yua’s scenes yourself to improve immersion. But if you do want to jump right to the scenes, here’s the spoiler.
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  • Dating /Eating out in a restaurant scene, and after-date sex (You need to improve your relationship with her at the office first, and you can ask her to go on dates in the evening This is the initial sex scene in the new structure. Trigger this event to unlock other sex scenes with Yua (including older scenes)
  • Yua’s apartment bathroom morning-sex scene: When you wake up in the morning in Yua’s apartment, go check the bathroom and see if Yua’s in the bathroom
  • Yua’s bathroom evening-sex scene: Check Yua’s bathroom at 8-9pm
  • Yua’s bedroom morning-sex scene before work: Yua’s bedroom at 8-9am
  • Yua’s bedroom evening-sex scene after work: Yua’s bedroom at 6pm-10pm
  • Yua’s office hall quickie sex scene: office hall/banking hall/lobby at 10-11pm
  • Yua’s dining room quick boobjob scene: Yua’s dining room at 8-10am
Gal’s Scene
  • Gal’s Bed scene: Visit her house at 5-12pm (Have to unlock all previous scenes with her)
– Gameplay: initial Car content implemented. Right now you can only buy Mazda’s car . Mazda 2 as an entry level car, Mazda 3 as mid level, and Mazda CX-50 as the High End SUV
– Bugfix: Fix several bugs that i acknowledged previously (ex: Calling Gal is not available when you already bought a new house and many others)
– CFO Story & Content
  • CFO’s story and plot with Gal Gadot & Yaron Varsano. Introduction to celebrity NPC Gal Gadot
  • Two (2) sex scenes with Gal Gadot
  • Introduction to Julia Boinovsky. CFO’s wife and her background
  • Three (3) sex scenes with Julia (Bedroom, Livingroom, & Kitchen)
  • Remu office locker room sex scene
– Gameplay
  • Rebalancing energy: Having sex will cost you 1/5 of your daily energy. In the future, running out of energy will make you sick and needed to be hospitalized
  • Introducing ability to navigate to NPC’s houses
– Few Bugfix & Spelling corrections
– Story: Quick introduction to the CFO, Remu’s Dad. After being promoted to AVP, you’ll be introduced to the CFO. Currently, there’s no content with him yet.. just a brief intro
– Karen’s additional scenes
  • Weekday morning sex scene (if you skip this she will go directly to the shower)
  • Evening teeth brushing leads to a sex scene
  • continue the Office sex scene with Karen (previously only kissing scenes)
– Gameplay: Banker Certification: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) – Casper ‘s suggestion
  • After being promoted as Assitant Manager, now you’re eligible to participate in Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program. If you passed the exam (which you will, you only need to have a private tutoring session with Ellen to prepare yourself), you’ll be a Chartered Financial Analyst
  • If you have CFA, your career will grow much faster
  • Of course there’ll be a hot scene with Ellen Wang, your tutor
– Gameplay: Project-based work with Remu – visiting a potential borrower
  • Before noon, you can ask Remu to do some investigation on a potential borrower’s construction project. MC and Remu will analyze the investment requirement of the project and will present their findings to the boards in the evening
  • It’s a hot day outside, so You and Remu can relax in the lounge.
  • Lounge sex scene with Remu – A risky quickie
– Typo, error, and bug found by JLP603  in this post Typo, Grammar, & Other issues (only 60% of inputs are accommodated, the rest is in progress)
– Add fashion stores. Now you can buy designer shoes, watches, and suits
– Remove the corporate budget since there’s almost no point in it
– Introducing Karen Davis (Karen Yuzuriha), MC’s colleague in the bank’s management trainee program. She’s always been fond of MC since the program began
Content: The majority of inputs I receive are always about grinding. That MC needs to grind his ass off to the Manager level before it unlocks most of the content. Now I put Karen as MC’s early ingame girlfriend, where MC can interact with her after being promoted to Assistant Manager (still needs 25 working points – but can be skipped by cheat anyway). I put a lot of content with her to fill the emptiness of grinding from Assitant Manager to Manager.
– Lots of lewd scenes with her:
  • After office party drunk scene
  • In the morning after she will ask MC if the MC wants her to be her boyfriend (can be rejected), if MC accepts her before office quickie sex scene will trigger (and it will be repeatable every morning)
  • Office makeout scene (a trial of new corruption stats I plan to implement in 0.04)
  • Before bed sex scene at night
  • Kitchen sex scene in the morning and evening
  • Shower sex scene
  • Living room hanging-out sex scene
  • Morning bedroom in the weekend sex scene
– Few bugfixes
– Compressed the game file to 1.7GB now all scenes have 1000kbps bitrate
– Blowing up your Corporate Budget as a manager now has consequences
– Introduced 3rd new hire-able girl: Remu Suzumori as Remu Anastasia. Daughter of the CFO
– New Place: Remu’s house. Can only be visited alongside with Remu
– Add repeatable sex scenes with Remu
  • Take her to the bar, get her drunk to know her “secret desire” (drunk sex scene)
  • Sleep at her house, and found out nasty things about her (morning sex scene, and bathroom scene)
  • Get kinky with her at the office
Add relationship journal and what to do next with the girls (open by clicking the girl’s icon)
– Add hint on how to invest in financial market, and add lifestyle info section (click Check Stats)
– Add back button after opening journals and checking stats
– Add Lifestyle and Prestige Point.. Relationship gain with NPC now driven by three variables base+prestige+style
– Add money cheat.. now you can ask your mom and dad for money
– Skipping works now have consequences
– If you don’t want the consequences, you can always call your dad to fix it (Yes it’s in cheat section)
– Fix double counts on having sex in club
– Add Bar & Restaurant interactions.. they are quite pricey, but hey you can always ask your mom and dad for money
– Fix Coffee shop menu with icons displaying the price
– Put WIP tag on every passage that are not completed yet
– Now you only need to dance 3-4 times depends on your style to be able to bang the club-girls
– Rebalance lust progression when having sex. now you will cum 2-3 times faster than before
– Available girl sex scenes:
Bankers  (Mia Malkova, Eva Lovia & Natalia Starr) for now you can only date with Eva Lovia, your Boss
Hireable Banker when reach Manager Level (Yua Mikami & Mitsumi Ann)
Sex Workers (Solazola, Morgpie, Suzumori Remu, Ameri Ichinose)
Random girls at the club
– Gameplay:
Sandbox gameplay
Work your way up to the higher echelons (if it’s too grindy, you can always use cheats, but i recommend not to use them)
Invest in stocks, time deposit and properties
– Future plan:
Add more depth in girls interaction, for next release, i will add Yua Mikami as one of the date-able girl
Interaction with celebrities.. discover the dark world of celebrity prostitution
Involved in office politics, illegal financing activities, and even state-politics
Development Roadmap:
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2853023 Corpo Life Roadmap | Free Adult Games
My Next Game Trailer (Gakko No Monogatari):

Update Only Files:
v0.17b to v0.17c

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