Corrupting the Universe [v4.0] [Strange Girl, CorruptionStudio]

Corrupting the Universe [v4.0] [Strange Girl, CorruptionStudio]

June 4, 2024F95

Corrupting the Universe is an immersive fantasy supernatural RPG with adult themes.
You start the game as a boy whose dream is to become an adventurer
in a world full of weird and powerful monsters and girls.
The problem begins after he realizes that he can’t level up no matter how many monsters he kills
will he give up on his dream or keep fighting?
Choose for yourself and see what will happen.

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Thread Updated: 2024-06-03
Release Date: 2024-05-03
Developer:  Strange Girl, CorruptionStudio Patreon SubscribestarTwitterDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 4.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Link
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2DCG, 2D game, Vaginal sex, Male protagonist, Mobile game, Big ass, Big tits, Graphic violence, animated, corruption, rpg, monster, Gore
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1. Extract and run.
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+ Juvia Gangbang Animation
+ Juvia’s After Gangbank Picture
Juvia sex animation
Bug fixes (check the Discord server for more details)
Hey guys, the new Version is there the dialogues, character, and icon designs are already finished. in the next update, I will add all the sex scenes.
+ All Pictures and animations were added to Shions Slut route
(3 Sex Animations and some pictures)
+ Finished Kaguyas Slave Route
+ The dialogues for Shion’s Slave Route have been successfully added. Animations and pictures will be included in the upcoming update.  
+ 2 New Sex Animations for Kaguya
+ 1 Masturbation Animation For Kaguya
+ reported Bug’s fixed
+ Promotion To the Elite Guard Rank available
+ Kaguya Sex Scene
+ Shion’s Design
+ Kaguya Weeding Design
+ Kaguya Kissing scene while weeding
+ Mansion (Player House)
+ Kaguya Pregnancy Sex Animation
+ Kaguya in Weeding Dress Design
+ Kaguya Pregnant Picture
+ Kaguya Holding her Baby in the Hospital
+ Sleeping with Kaguya in bed. (Picture)
Bug Fixes:
Ochako Invisible when in the Party = Fixed
Broken Save Option for Kaguyas Sneek event in the Night = Fixed
in the tower. the statues in the 3rd floor block the path towards the stairs = Fixed
gif animation of sex gets stuck in the screen after the sex = Fixed
Katsuki’s Defeate Route is finished
+ 1 Sexanimation
+ Oger Drawing (enemy)
+ Orc Drawing (Enemy)
+ Goblin Drawing (Enemy)
+ Orc Female Drawing (Enemy)
+ Goblin Female Drawing (Enemy)
+ Goblin Rape Animation
+ Orc Rape Animation
New Weapons
New Potions (HP + MANA)
New Skills:
+ Kaguya Ass Slap Animation
+ Kaguya Handjob Animation
+ Kaguya Blowjob Animation
+ You can now do stuff to Kaguya while she sleeps.
+ 3  Sex Animations for Kaguya in total
New Scenes:
+ Ryuko Sex Animation
+ Ryuko Demon Design
+ Demon Ryuko Blowjob Animation
+ Demon Ryuko Sex Scene Animation
+ New Design for Kaguya
+ Kaguya Kiss Scene
Yoko Demon Form:
+ 4 Pictures for the Cumming Inside Scene for Yoko’s Demon Form
+ Blowjob Animation
+ Cumshot Mouth
+ Cumshot Face
+ Blowjob Animation (10 Pictures)
+ Cumshot Face (This is a choice you can choose in the Blowjob Animation)
+ Cumshot Mouth (This is a choice you can make in the Blowjob Animation)
+ New Dialogues
+ New Locations
+ New Time System
Yoko Scenes Update
+ Blowjob Animation
+ Sex Animation
+ Yoko Demon Transformation
Yokos Demon Form:
+ 2 Sex Animations
+ Face Cumshot Animation
The Report Route for Ryuko is now available, you can play it simply by doing the Goblin Quest for the Guards, or you can use the Recollection Room.
Guard Arc:
+ Ryuko Design Finished
+ Ryuko Rape Animation Finished
+ Yoko Design Finished
+ Yoko Rape Animation Finished
+ Drawing Naked Ryuko
+ Naked Yoko Drawing
+ Yoko Smiling Animation
+ Ryuko Shocked Face Drawed
+ Yoko Shy Face Drawed
+ Katsukis Standing Animation
+ Yoko Horny Face Drawing
+ Katsuki Talk Drawing
+ Ryuko Sure Face Drawing
+ Yoko Fucked by Katsuki
+ Yoko Cum Animation
+ Yoko Sperm From Pussy Animation
+ Yoko Horny Face Image
+ Yoko Tentacle Animation
+Ryuko Is Mad Picture
+ Ryuko Spying Picture
+ Ryuko Masturbates Animation
+Ryuko Catched Pictures
+ 2 Ryuko Captchen Picture
+ 3 Yoko Destroyed Picture
+Ryuko Tentacle Animation
+ Ryuko Cumed Drawing
+ Yoko Blowjob Drawing
+ Crotch Tatoo Drawing
+2 Yoko and Ryuko Blowjob Drawing
+21 Pictures
+10 Animations
+ A recollection Room
+ An Option to skip the Intro when starting a new game
Hilda Demon Form:
+ Blowjob Animation
+ Sex Animation
+ She can join your party now
(To remove her simply use the Talk item in your inventory)
Antonia Demon Form:
+ Blowjob Animation
+ Sex Animation
+ She can join your party as well
+ Hilda Blowjob Scene
+ Demon Transformation
+ Hilda can now join your party
Antons Content:
+ Added a Talk Picture for Antonia
+ A new Sex Scene
+ new Blowjob Scene
+ A Threesome Scene (You and Hilda fuck Antonia)
Black Journal on Android was fixed.
v2.0 demo
Reboot’s first release
Developer Notes:
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Deluxe vs. Full version
Deluxe Version
+ Updates every 2 weeks
+ Additional game routes for the characters
Full Version
+ Only the Love Routes for the characters
+ Updates only when an entire Love Route or main story is completed.
Corrupting the Universe is designed and developed by CorruptionStudio,  a German artist who has always had a passion for games. This is their first project but it was no less underdeveloped in terms of design and quality.
Strange Girl Studios served as an advisor regarding the development of the game and has now taken the role of publisher.

WideBoi thanks for the link

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