Corruption of Champions II [v0.7.14] [Savin/Salamander Studios]

Corruption of Champions II [v0.7.14] [Savin/Salamander Studios]

July 8, 2024F95

There are many, many worlds.
One, called Mareth, was perhaps the heart of them all. Cracks in the space between worlds, called portals, all seemed to lead there. Many portals led to Mareth, but none left it.
One sacrifice came from the village of Ingnam. This so-called ‘Champion’ was but a pawn in the village elders’ long plot to extend their lives, but the Champion escaped her fate by beating back the demons’ minions waiting on the other side of the portal, and set out on a one woman crusade to bring an end to the Demon menace once and for all. That was a year ago, and a world away.

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You have never heard of a world called Mareth, nor a village named Ingnam. Nearly a year ago, you set off on your own, leaving your former life behind to seek your fortunes on the wild frontier – a year of traveling, exploring, fighting, and surviving alone. You’ve earned yourself a little coin in your travels, enough to book passage to the furthest reaches of the known world: the Frost Marches.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-08
Release Date: 2024-07-07
Developer: Savin/Salamander Studios PatreonFenoxoSteam
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.14
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
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2DCG, Text based, Fantasy, RPG, Adventure, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Character creation, Furry, Futa/trans, Gay, Lesbian, Big tits, Rape, Transformation, Corruption, Virgin, Mobile game, Monster girl,  Milf, Big Ass, Masturbation, Religion, BDSM, Ahegao, Combat, Humor, Handjob, Groping, Monster, Titfuck, Puzzle, Romance, Sex toys, Sissification, Spanking, Teasing, Tentacles, Turn based combat, Virgin, Voyeurism, Dilf, Male Domination, Female Domination, Multiple penetration, Multiple endings, Lactation, Paranormal
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1-Extract and click the .exe
1- Click the link
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0.7.14 Patch Notes:
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  • The PC has more options for participating in maternity duty in the Lumian palace! There are currently two new options to choose from:
  • Yolihuali, the colorful harpy cook previously met in Eira’s intro scenes. She’s a comfy mommy who can be bred or hung out with for cooking and baking content. (by Gardeford)
  • Hjorr, the northern mino woman from the palace intros. She’s a powerful dickgirl who can take you to pound town or lead you in some exercises along with some recently-recruited valkyries! (by Gardeford)
  • While both Karithea the Hellhound and Elthara are at your Wayfort concurrently, you can now choose Kari from among the options for bringing a friend to Elthara’s negotiations. This requires that you have a cock, and has branching paths for if both girls are concurrently also gravidly pregnant or not. If neither is pregnant, and you have a virile cock, you can impregnate them together.
  • The threesome between the Hellhound and Agnimitra is now available again once the wolf’s in the Wayfort.
  • Kiyoko’s Let Her Lead scene is now available in the Orb, too.
  • Various fixes by Spotty.
  • New CGs: Katya Missionary (by Nyah) and Fingering (by Varking)
0.7.13 Patch Notes:
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  • There’s a new character in Rose’s bar down in Khor’minos: a particularly bratty catgirl huntress that’s been trapped down there by the quarantine and could use someone to blow her back out — I mean, help blow off some steam. (by Aury)
  • You can now attach Arona to Svern’s milking machine at the Wayfort. (also by Aury)
  • After you’ve nursed from Genova in the Centaur Village, there’s a new option to help some of the other lonely MILFs in the village get some much-needed relief. Garde saw Juno’s cowgirl mommy orgy and decided the horses ought to have one too!
  • Hashat has 2 new sex scenes: one for elf traps (that is to say, Femininity 40+, male pronouns, and have a cock and no vag), and a Smotherfuck for vag-havers. (by Skow, coded by Squishy)
  • Clementine has a new cowgirl sex scene after you’ve fucked her at least 3 times. (by ScaleTail)
  • Bug/Text fixes courtesy of Spotty and Zag <3
  • New Busts: Leothranized Cait, by Moira.
0.7.12 Patch Notes:
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  • The vulperine DILF up in the Windy Peaks’ fox village has a new host of 5 sex scenes, written by MagentaNeedle.
  • Said DILF also can potentially impregnate a fertile PC, and has some cute additional interactions with pregnant ladies.
  • If you’ve done the Ring of Fate quest (or refused it) from Calise, you can walk in on the Stormcaller from that dungeon visiting her pops in the village.
  • You can bring Kalysea around to visit the Centaur Caravan girls once they’re housed on either Marilla or Nottia’s farms. 15 pages of centaurs getting plowed into the ground, courtesy of Wsan.
  • Kiyoko has a new scene in her home or in the orb, where you can let the ginger fox take the lead. Written by Aury!
  • Fixed a potential softlock from the Nursery’s [Kids] button.
NOTICE RE: ANDROID BUILDS: As you may know, TiTS and CoC2 share a lot of backend. Said backend recently updated to new Android build processing… and TiTS’ last patch appears to have eaten all the Android players’ saves. In light of that we’re going to hold off on releasing the Android version of this patch for a couple days until we’re sure it won’t munch your Champions like a Wraith. In the meantime, I’d suggest opening up the last version of the Android apk you played and making a Save-to-File of your Champion just in case. Always best practice to do so at the end of a play session anyway.
0.7.11 Patch Notes:
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  • There’s a new Marefolk NPC, Tarah! (By Gardeford)
  • Kavi will send you out to rescue her dickgirl daughter, Tarah! She might be lacking in brains, but she makes up for it in hearts. You can help her to find a mate, or take on that duty yourself. If you’re craving an adorable horse, you can fuck and cuddle her to your hearts content. Tarah’s got a lot of wholesome sex and cuddling, with some small penis encouragement for her on the side!
  • Tarah can knock the PC up, if you want to be her mate!
  • Aileh has a new scene for her first time seeing the PC post becoming a dragon-morph yourself. (By Skow)
  • Aileh and Freja have a bunch of new interactions and wholesome family bonding once Freja’s a toddler. Teach her alchemy, have a picnic together, go swimming, visit the purified Hornet Hive, or go have dinner with her grandma (assuming she’s not too hostile with you). (By Skow)
  • Text fixes courtesy of Zag.
0.7.10 Patch Notes:
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  • The Hellhound MILF that has long laired in the Temple of Terrestrial Fire has had enough of being lonesome and uprooted herself in search of her mate! If you’ve upgraded the Wayfort at least once and claimed the fire summons from the temple, the Hellhound will come to the Wayfort and ask to become its new guardian!
  • The Hellhound and her pups have wholesome new interactions with the Wayfort’s denizens. Unsurprisingly, they get on well with Daliza(‘s wolf) and Vatia(‘s little snakes). She and Hana even pump iron together.
  • The Hellhound MILF has new talks at the Wayfort, and through them can be persuaded to make you an outfit that matches the Terrestrial Fire cultists’ pyromancy garb.
  • The Hellhound also has an optional futafication path, and three new scenes for her using her cock on you.
  • With that comes a new PC pregnancy for carrying some warm and energetic hellpups! (Written by Bluebird42)
  • A whole new character: Oma the Genie, written by B! Unlike a typical NPC, Oma, being a genie, is found in a magic lamp. You can currently find the lamp either in the Kobold Queen’s stash of miscellaneous golden goods, or you can purchase it from Nash the backstreet peddler in Khor’minos. You also need a helping of Naptha, which can be found in numerous locations, but is most easily purchased from Ogrish in Hawkethorne. Once you have both the lamp and the Naptha, you can interact with your lamp in any camp.
  • Oma, being a genie, has the power to grant you any three pre-written wishes, ranging from semi-invincibility to increased storage space. Whether or not Oma will grant your wish as you specify them is determined by your hubris. She may be more amenable if you give her something that she wants first…
  • Naturally, she can take advantage of her reality-warping powers to create nearly any sex scene any writer for her can imagine. As two examples, you can have sex with an entire harem of Omas, and you can have her roleplay as someone specific that you might know. And more may come in the future!
  • She comes with lots of interactions with your companions! You can ask anyone in your currently active party (including Lyric) what it is they would wish for. They might also step in and prevent you from wasting a wish if Oma is still acting disagreeable.
  • The Lapis Hoplite can now be summoned at the Wayfort’s magic circle for some fun times, with four new sex scenes! (By SomeKindofWizard)
  • Cait’s old combat busts are now usable again no matter what state of transformation she’s in. Sorry about that!
  • Fixes and typo corrections by Spotty & Zag!
0.7.8 Patch Notes:
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  • Hana has expanded content! If you’ve upgraded the Wayfort at least once, gone on three hunting trips with Hana, and done at least one repeatable sex scene with her, Hana will offer to take you on a new date that can end with you two cementing your relationship as lovers!
  • Once you’re lovers AND if the PC has a pussy, Hana gains a new talk option about having kids. Say yes to her, and from then on, any scene in which Hana cums in the PC’s pussy can result in the PC becoming pregnant with Hana’s child! (Make sure to turn Buttslut mode off if you want Hana to find the right hole. She’s a fiend for that backdoor.)
  • New PC Pregnancy: Hana’s kit! The first child you can have with Hana is a unique, named kid, but she can knock you up repeatedly afterwards!
  • After Hana and the PC have at least one child born, Hana will pull up stakes on her camp and move to be just outside the Wayfort.
  • Hana has two new repeatable sex scenes: Romantic Ride, after you become lovers, and Pregnant Spooning while the PC is heavily pregnant with her child.
  • Hana has new events for the first and second time you approach her cabin after her first child is born, and another that occurs the first time you [Talk] with her after.
  • Kailani’s content has finally rounded out – in more ways than one! One week after completing her quest and accepting her proposal to be her mate, she’ll go into heat and demand that you, her partner, do something about it. Bedicked characters can knock her up, resulting in a single, named, unique babuu named Opal.
  • Kailani has three new sex scenes, each of them varying in content based on whether Kailani is in heat, is pregnant, or is otherwise normal.
  • New Bust: Inaya, Kailani’s adoptive daughter, by Moira
  • New CG: Hana and her newborn (by Moira).
0.7.7 Patch Notes:
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  • There’s a new encounter on the road from the Wayfort to the Den in the Frostwood: a red-headed kitsune fighter named Hana, who might need some help against a pack of local leothrans.
  • After you help Hana out, you can meet her at a camp near the north side ruined bridge in the Frostwood. While at her camp, you can chat with her and get some home-cooked campfire meals.
  • Hana can take the PC on hunting trips! She has four different hunts she can take you on, one of which leads to a set of new lewd scenes between Hana, the PC, and some locals.
  • If you make certain friendly (or horny) choices while having dinner with Hana, and having discovered what she’s packing between her legs, she’ll offer a romantic evening with you between 6-9 PM. Continuing to be friendly with her will unlock her repeat sex scenes.
  • Hana comes packed with 5 repeat sex scenes, several of which are branched, or let you leave Hana blueballed — which you can exploit on future encounters to make her a blushing, leaky mess.
  • Brint/Brienne has a new combat set, the Green Knight. After you’ve recruit the cow and brought either Eryka or Liaden back to town, going into Sanders’ chapel should show a new event with the two that grants your bovine buddy some heavy armor healing power!
  • Arona has a new combat set, the Hawkeye. If you’ve recruited her and Etheryn, and have finished the Palace of Ice dungeon, walking around adjacent to the Winter City’s Waystone will trigger an event with Arona, Ryn, and a handful of Ryn’s vassals learning archery. Arona can walk away with a greatbow that would make a Silver Knight proud, and depending on your choices (and having Dom!Arona), you and her might get to teach some snooty elves a lesson. With Arona’s dick.
  • Cait has a new combat set, the Frostheart. Senja sells a new, cursed-looking spellbook for a fat stack of cash. Bring it to Cait, and your kitty comrade may be able to divine some meaning from its maddened pages so that you can both walk away with potent frost magics. Alternatively, you can get rid of the book after talking to Cait, and the next time you talk to Barney he’ll have his own reward for you both. Turns out he’d prefer his daughter not play with cursed toys, even if they’re powerful!
  • There’s a new CG as part of Lady Juno’s invitation to the witch’s tower, showing all five moo-milfs in their full glory! (Done by the legendary Sulcate!)
  • Zag did a TON of bug/typo fixes. Big shoutout to ’em. <3
  • Ditto Spotty chippin’ in to clearing out bug backlog!
0.7.5 Patch Notes:
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  • The Hellhound in the Temple of Terrestrial Fire has a new scene where she gives you a titfuck and then a blowjob!
  • Lusina has a new scene at the Marefolk Camp where you can dive into the mothy muff and eat her out!
  • Yonzan the lizard man has a new 69 scene over in the bath house! (By Wsan)
  • Ahmri has a new scene for going down on her at the Centaur Village! (By Gardeford)
  • Aileh has a new scene for using her horns like handlebars and fucking her face! Requires that you be lovers. (By Skow)
  • Solveig, the Frost Hound’s half-orc, has a new scene for eating her out! (By Skow)
  • The Manticore Twins up on the Windy Peaks have a new scene for sucking both their dicks while you sit on Leticia’s face! (By Skow)
  • Aestrea the dickgirl salamander has a mighty 40-page one-night-stand scene for after finishing her related quest. A taste of what’s to come when you eventually head to Tychris! This event triggers 10 days (or 2-3 days if you already did it) after finishing Matiha’s Revenge, in the Frost Hound. (By B!)
  • Thalia, the ghostly salamander from NinaQuest, has a new Get Oral scene for her pleasuring either your cock or your vag. (By TheObserver)
  • Thalia has a new Facesitting scene, with the PC on bottom. (By TheObserver)
  • Thalia has a new Anal scene, using either the PC’s cock or a ‘mander tail. (By TheObserver)
  • New Busts: Temple of Mallach’s lupine milfs (by DCL), a new Hethia bust (by Moira)
  • New CG: Elthara covered in love bites after her lesdomme scene (by AnonArts)
0.7.4 Patch Notes:
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  • After finishing Nina’s new quest, she has a couple of new sex scenes! (by TheObserver)
  • One of those sex scenes is a special Impregnation scene that does exactly what you expect: fills that bird full of eggs!
  • If both Nina and Zhara are pregnant at the same time, they have a unique scene together.
  • All of Nina’s existing scenes have been updated to account for her being gravid with eggs!
  • Thalia the Proto-Astrida can be summoned at the Wayfort’s summoning circle if you secure her remains! It’s a bit of a preview, since normally you’d want to take her to Nareva first, but Nareva’s a bit occupied at the moment (ie not in game yet), so this’ll have to do! (by TheObserver)
  • Thalia has new talk scenes the first time you summon her.
  • Thalia has a host of new sex scenes — with a few more still to be added next patch, too!
  • Various bugfixes, including some by Spotty!
  • Azami now has an NPC tile marker in the den for her first time interaction!
0.7.3 Patch Notes:
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  • Updated Ryn’s [Her People] talk
  • Added Pink Fur Scrub to hawkethorne/marefolk stylists
  • Added option to Leothranize Cait without participating in the sex
  • Fix for a crash when using Simple Combat Output and fighting the Doppleganger
  • Fix for not being able to return to the second level of the Warped Wayfort if the Soldier’s Stash event was assigned to the maze entrance tile
  • Fix for Witch Cait’s new Radiant Gift stance crashing the game if it’s interrupted
  • Tons of text fixes
  • Other misc fixes
  • More fixes courtesy of Spotty
  • More fixes courtesy of Zag
  • New Bust: Kailani (by Moira)
0.7.2 Patch Notes:
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  • Nina the Harpy has a new quest with enough narrative content to cover over 150 pages! You can proc if after having finished her previous quest, and talking to her at the bar. This quest’ll just be you and Nina together, so prepare accordingly!
  • Her quest involves a new challenge dungeon, which uses our snazzy random map generator tech for the second time. There’s also several spooky bosses!
  • While it’s not currently accessible, there’s a lot of special interaction in this quest for Champions who’ve become godsworn to Nareva — the next and final of the three planned soulbindings. You can look forward to that after Khor’minos’s story is resolved!
  • Cait’s Witch Set has been tweaked a bit by Balak!
  • New Busts: Thalia the Astrida (by Moira)
0.7.1 Patch Notes:
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  • HOTFIX: Juno’s part of the morale boosting doesn’t get skipped the first time anymore.
  • A bedicked PC that has met Livrea, has their Milking Stall work approval, and has finished DraciaQuest can get an invitation from Lady Juno to visit her and the navy’s coven of storm witches at their tower for a Special Morale-Boosting Event (read: you fuck a lot of cowgirl pussy). If you are engaged to Livrea, she’ll come along to supervise you.
  • Every 10th day in-game after the first invitation (ie day 30/40/50 etc.), you can ask Livrea about a repeat performance.
  • The kitsune huntress Azami has a small expansion for repeat content. You can meet her in the den. (By AramenMajima)
  • Azami has a slew of new talk scenes.
  • Azami has new sex scenes for bedicked PCs: missionary, cowgirl, and 69.
  • If you learned the Frost Moth summon from DraciaQuest, you can now summon the chilly spirit at the Wayfort’s summoning circle for some fun. (By Skow!)
  • The Frost Moth has new scenes for riding her face, eating her out, and reverse cowgirl.
  • There’s a new encounter in the Foothills: a male wyvern boy! (By Freed85) (Coded by Squishy!)
  • The wyvern boi has a loss scene and victory scenes for riding his face and then dick, or pitching anal to him.
  • Kailani’s quest has been split into two, and you can now turn her down rather than having to bang her at the end of her first quest.
    • To start the second quest with Inaya, you’ll have to have become Kailani’s mate, and there’s an option to do so if you turned her down the first time.
  • Text fixes courtesy of Spotty
  • New Bust: King Kelsaz (by Moira)
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  • The Main Story Quest’s next chapter is here! After having finished Calise’s convalescence, the paladin’s invitation to the royal feast can now be taken advantage of. This is a chunky 300-ish pages of content, including several sex scenes with new and returning characters, though it’s not a dungeon per se.
  • Please note this update ends after the party’s conclusion: Calise has more content in the works but not quite ready yet!
  • Ashelander has new text for stowing and retrieving her from the Wayfort’s display.
  • New CG: Lumia using you as a seat (by Xoi).
  • New Busts: Crown Prince Vrannus, First Princess Varena, Royal Herald Tricia (all by Moira). Armitia Moongiven (by Bread)
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  • Edit: Hotfix is out to fix some bugs with Initiative. Thanks for the reports!
  • Atugia has a new scene where you can talk to her about getting herself a ghostlight strapon. (By Gardeford)
  • Atugia has a new scene for you riding her ghostlight.
  • Atugia has a new scene for you getting your head squished by those big thighs while you suck her ghostlight.
  • Evelyn’s Wine and Maid Outfit tribute scenes have been ported over to Dragon!Evelyn. (By Wsan)
  • Eryka has a new bodyworship scene. (By B!)
  • Eryka has a new pussyworship scene.
  • Eryka has a new scene for fucking the PC over a table.
  • We tweaked how Initiative works a little bit, so that it’s possible for characters with VERY high Initiative scores to break the normal you-go-I-go stagger of turn orders. Let us know if this makes encounters too hard or too easy!
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  • EDIT: Hotfix is out fixing a crash related to being in heat. We finally managed to crash the game entirely due to a joke. Oops.
  • Kalysea has a set of sex scenes for the camp which, if done in quick succession, offer additional content.
  • You can find out some more about her via talks…
  • A couple of “camping trips”, the first of them giving you additional content for her camp scenes and the second… well, you’ll know by the time you get there.
  • Overworld scenes! Kalysea is an extremely libidinous centauress, and she’s going to take care of her needs one way or another while you’re travelling. These can be toggled off/on in her camp menu.
  • Eubicha scenes! If you so choose, you can introduce your very large and submissive pack-centaur to Kalysea. They hit it off quite nicely, as it turns out. This also includes overworld scenes.
  • A few bonus scenes – blurbs in events, a little bit of integration with another NPC, tidbits around the world.
  • On an unrelated note, Eryka has a new titfuck scene! (By B!)
  • Eryka has some more content for using her pussy after she’s been dedicked. (Also by B!)
  • S&C’s disguises can be toggled at the Wayfort.
  • The Blue Balled status has been renamed Pent Up to avoid confusion. (In silly mode, it may be labeled Submissive and Breedable!)
  • Heat and Rut now give Pent Up when you acquire those statuses.
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  • Kailani has a new sex scene: doggystyle! After fucking her pussy, you can go for the ass in repeat encounters! (Written by B!)
  • You can finish Kailani’s quest by getting to know Inaya, the kit in her care. (Written by B!)
  • You can make Sandre & Caera submit to you and shapeshift their dicks away once they’re at the Wayfort and you’ve fucked them both after winning a gamble. There’s a new talk scene with them, [Remove Cocks]. (Written by Fleep!)
  • The demon couple have a new repeatable sex scene each for the removal. (Written by Fleep!)
  • All of S&C’s sex scenes have been updated to reflect hiding their cocks. (Written by Fleep!)
  • New Busts: Demonic, Dicked, Dedicked and Human Disguised S&C; Rixx the Goblin Mage; Leticia the Manticore Milf. All by Moira!
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  • There’s a hefty new NPC in the Windy Peaks, Kailani, written by B! You’ll need to bump into her in a certain tile, then talk to her in the Vulperine Village on the peaks in order to start progressing your relationship with this foxy huntress!
  • Kailani has a personal quest, which involves proving your worth by fighting some of her fellow vulperine hunters, and then progressing to a much more dangerous prey!
  • Once you’ve handled her quest, you can make the huntress your mate. She has scenes for both tender and vigorous fucking, and a pair of new oral scenes too. She’s got a set of doggystyle scenes that’ll be in for next patch, too!
0.6.32 Patch Notes:
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  • There’s a hefty new NPC in the Windy Peaks, Kailani, written by B! You’ll need to bump into her in a certain tile, then talk to her in the Vulperine Village on the peaks in order to start progressing your relationship with this foxy huntress!
  • Kailani has a personal quest, which involves proving your worth by fighting some of her fellow vulperine hunters, and then progressing to a much more dangerous prey!
  • Once you’ve handled her quest, you can make the huntress your mate. She has scenes for both tender and vigorous fucking, and a pair of new oral scenes too. She’s got a set of doggystyle scenes that’ll be in for next patch, too!
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  • More content for the Peaks’ manticores: you can preg the twins, the twins can preg you, and/or you can preg Leticia. (Written by Skow)
  • Once any manticore pregnancy is 1/3 done, the next time they encounter you, they’ll invite you to their tower to come hang out and have a good time. You can rest, blaze some nip, or bone down in the safety and warmth of their lair. Once born, you can also visit your batkittens.
  • There’s a new tile in north-eastern Harvest Valley, the Tiran Boneyard. Maybe there’s something hidden out there, who knows. (Coded by Squishy)
  • New CGs: Arona and Etheryn at the Bath House (Akira), Gambling Minotaurs (DCL)
  • New Bust: Lapis Hoplite (Moira)
  • New Goblin NPC: Rixx, a mage you can meet in the Khor’minos main street! She can train you in some new witchcraft as well as taking you to bed. (by LooMoo)
  • New Half-Vulperine NPC: Natalia, a priestess of Sorra you can meet in the Windy Peaks’ village! She not only provides Sorra’s blessing in bed, but can be given the gift of motherhood by a virile PC. (By Jstar)
  • New Busts: Natalia (by Moira)
  • Combat Adjustments, including:
    • Rogue’s Ring now checks only that your armor slot isn’t heavy, rather than for any heavy equipment
    • Weapon Buff now properly has its durations and values increased if you have the requisite perks
    • Hoplon Helmet gives 5 base threat and is now Heavy
    • Iron Greaves renamed to Bronze Greaves
    • Mind Snap base damage doubled
    • Baffle effect application fixed
  • Text fixes by Spotty and Zag!
  • You can now marry Brint, all official like, with a whole ceremony and everything. (by Wsan)
  • You can also marry Brienne, with all the same bells and whistles. (by Wsan)
  • Alternatively, you can marry all of Brienne, Cassia, and Rina together, all at once as a package deal. (by Wsan)
  • Elthara has new sapphic content (by Gardeford)
  • Orlaith has a new scene with Eubicha, if the bondage pony’s been recruited (by Gardeford)
  • Sugo has a new ballsworshiping scene. Requires the time be between 8 and 9 AM (by LooMoo)
  • The Drider Queen has a new victory cuddle scene (by LooMoo)
  • New CGs: Brint Marriage, Brienne Marriage, Triple Marriage (all by Moira)
  • Assorted bugfixes by Spotty and Zag.
  • There’s a new explorable area, the Windy Peaks! It can be accessed via the Steps of Sorra (the same place you meet Calise for her 2nd quest) in Undermountain. The mountaintop is a harsh, windswept mistress, but she’s home to a tribe of furry foxfolk and a tribe of harpies, and perhaps a few other denizens yet to be met!
  • New Enemy Encounter: Vulperine Hunters. Take on a pack of furry foxes… in a fight, right? (By Tobs)
  • New Enemy Encounter: Manticore Trio. A manticore matriarch and her heirs are searching the mountainside for easy prey! (By Skow)
  • Tweaked Enemy Encounter: The Demon Cultists. If they’ve been shooed off from the Glacial Rift (by completing Gweyr’s questline), the demon cultists will make their return on the peaks! (By Tobs)
  • There’s a small village of Vulperine folk you can vibe in, similar to Vari’s little village. Its denizens will be expanded on shortly, but for now you can just talk to one of the village’s leaders, resupply, and take some much-needed rest there.
  • New exploration events. Not EVERYTHING on the mountain is going to try and hurt you, unlike down below!
  • New Bust: Manticore Girls (by Moira)
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  • Rina can now get pregnant! She has several events leading up to the birth that you get by interacting with her while she’s pregnant, and the expected adjustments to all her existing scenes.
  • Arona (must be Dom, Lover, and Milky) has a new scene in her rotation where you get your hands and mouth all over her tits and cock.
  • Livrea’s got a new branching scene for using a strapon on you! (Written by Magenta!)
  • Updated Rindo’s Nakano/Hitoshi talks if she’s married them. (By Tobs)
  • Various fixes (Thanks Zag and Spotty)
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  • Cassia pregnancy is here! You can finally make the moo-mom a mother twice (and more) over. She has multiple events throughout the 9-month repeatable pregnancy culminating in birth, and her scenes are adapted for being pregnant. Some of her conversations change (this is also the case for the later-coming marriage), and she has a new talk option. (By Wsan)
  • There’s a new CG for a lil’ bovine poofball saying hello, accessed by visiting Cassia a few times after she’s given birth.
  • There’s a new option to restore the Wayfort’s original lupine statue, rather than replacing it. (by Zavos)
  • Vitra offers a bunch of new Storage slots (for free!) once you get to Khor’minos.
  • Vitra has a new oily footjob scene for bedicked PCs.
  • Desktop download versions of the game are now running on a much, much newer version of Electron. Steam versions are also running on a newer version of the Steam SDK. This should mean better performance and stability, and should fix issues with loading from file.
  • A whole crapload of fixes, courtesy of Zag and Spotty.
See More
  • Sub!Arona has a new threesome with Uncaged!Etheryn.
  • Arona’s scene in the Khor’minos Bathhouse is now repeatable if you are Lovers.
  • You can now take Arona and Etheryn to the baths together if they are both your Lovers. Includes three new threesomes with the girls therein.
  • Grettel has a new victory sex scene for pussy-having PCs. (by Skow)
  • Infrith has a new anal doggystyle scene for bedicked PCs. (by Gardeford)
  • Rina’s quickies have been added to the Moohaus. (by Wsan)
  • The Milking Shed has been added to the Moohaus, with scenes for the PC milking Rina, Cassia, and Brienne, “milking” Brint, and the PC getting milked. (by Wsan)
  • You can now cook a meal for the moos at the haus. (by Wsan)
  • The Milking Machine’s [Make Milky] option now becomes [Make Milkier] if already lactating, and it increases your MilkStorageMultiplier. Bovum Sherry’s MilkStorageMultiplier has also increased.
  • Rina’s Colosseum training cooldown is now just 1 week, rather than 2.
See More
  • Rina’s repeat content is now accessible in Bri’s village. (by Wsan)
  • Rina has a whole slew of sex scenes — I’m pretty sure she’s handily eclipsing the other two residents!
  • Rina also has a training arc for helping her get ready to compete at the city’s Colosseum.
  • Some bugfixes and corrections.
See More
  • If you have (NON-DEMON) Gytha in the Wayfort dungeon, you can now choose her fate. (by Fleep)
  • Gytha has a number of new talks and sex scenes.
  • A new version of her Frostwood combat encounter once again is available.
  • Etheryn has a new set — the Warrior Queen — with an intro event written by Alypia. Unlocking it requires having defeated Alissa (part 2) and having finished Lumia’s quest. This will unlock an event upon entering the Wayfort a day after both are completed (or a day after loading a save where both are already done).
  • More text fixes courtesy of Spotty and Zag!
  • New Busts: Updated Rina, Warrior Queen Etheryn (both by Moira)
See More
  • There are some new quickies in the Haus of Moo with Bri and Cassia. (By Wsan)
  • Pavo has a new option for the PC eagerly sucking him off during Arona’s quest. (By Reathe, Coded by Squishy)
  • There’s a new CG for giving Orlaith a blowjob. (by Moira)
  • A bunch of text fixes courtesy of Zag and Spotty!
See More
  • New this patch: Brint/Brienne companion scenes at the house! Eight of their current sex scenes have been redone for the house, and each of them have one new sex scene apiece! On top of this, they have new conversations and a couple of all-new interaction options. Ever wanted to get your hands on those fuzzy cow ears or brush Brienne/Brint’s hair? Now you can.
  • Cassia! Brint/Brienne’s voluptuous mother, with a full array of seven sex scenes. Three of them also branch off into their own additional sex scenes! There are multiple branches to choose from at night (between 9pm-10pm and 10pm-6am), too. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, the lovely moo-mom *can* and *will* sit on your face.
  • New busts! There is a whole cornucopia of busts for the girls at the house (17, actually) but some are unlocked by pregnancy/marriage. Luckily for you, we get some of them even before that!
See More
  • Cassia! Brint/Brienne’s voluptuous mother, with a full array of seven sex scenes. Three of them also branch off into their own additional sex scenes! There are multiple branches to choose from at night (between 9pm-10pm and 10pm-6am), too. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, the lovely moo-mom *can* and *will* sit on your face.
  • New busts! There is a whole cornucopia of busts for the girls at the house (17, actually) but some are unlocked by pregnancy/marriage. Luckily for you, we get some of them even before that!
See More
  • Cassia! Brint/Brienne’s voluptuous mother, with a full array of seven sex scenes. Three of them also branch off into their own additional sex scenes! There are multiple branches to choose from at night (between 9pm-10pm and 10pm-6am), too. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, the lovely moo-mom *can* and *will* sit on your face.
  • New busts! There is a whole cornucopia of busts for the girls at the house (17, actually) but some are unlocked by pregnancy/marriage. Luckily for you, we get some of them even before that!
See More
  • Cait has a new set: the Vestal’s Raiment, making her a self-healing tank that can stand on the frontlines with aplomb. Check in with Ogrish after completing Cait’s quest and either refusing the temple or building it to acquire her new set and a thank-you treat from the smith and Ivris.
  • Azzy has a new set: the Lightbearer, giving Azzy some healing power while keeping her knightly personality. Acquired by talking to Cait at the Frost Hound after completing both her quest AND Azzy’s recruitment quest.
  • You can now hook Zhara up to the milking machine from last patch as well! (By Tobs)
  • The Corrupted Lupines have a new loss scene if Cait’s in your party and you lose/surrender. Has a 1/3 chance of playing. (By JStar)
New Since Last Public Patch:
  • Gianna’s ratfolk buddy Svern now has a milking machine he can let you and your friends use. Accessing it requires the Wayfort first be fully upgraded. The PC, Cait, and Brienne can use it right now! More to come! (By Tobs)
  • Imora & Seastone have new anal sex options: fuck Imora’s butt, fuck Seastone’s butt, or fuck Imora’s butt while Seastone fucks yours. (By Skow)
  • If Zhara’s moved into the Wayfort and you have Brint in your party, you can grab some of the random harpy thieves out of your rafters and use them to show Brint a good time (and double the local harpy population too)!
  • Sanders now has an early-game quest pointing you towards helping Eryka — you haven’t missed anything if you already got her, but it adds a little worldbuilding and bumps her encounter rate while active. Mostly it’s just there to put a big ! on Sanders at the start of the game so people don’t accidentally miss him, which seems to happen more often than you’d think!
  • Sanders also has a new talk about Eryka once she’s rescued.
  • You can now talk to Jael’yn about her sword, and find the missing charms. Each charm you find empowers the blade further. (By Skow)
  • There’s a new Shamanic-themed Wayfort furniture set for sale. (By Zavos)
  • The Effigies in the Old Forest have been revamped after you subdue their mom. If you killed her, they disappear. (By Tobs)
  • A whole host of balance adjustments and bugfixes!
  • New Busts: Kalysea, Xadaron, and the Fungal Amalgam (all by Moira)
0.6.17 :
  • You can now talk to Jael’yn about her sword, and find the missing charms. Each charm you find empowers the blade further. (By Skow)
  • There’s a new Shamanic-themed Wayfort furniture set for same. (By Zavos)
  • The Effigies in the Old Forest have been revamped after you subdue their mom. If you killed her, they disappear. (By Tobs)
  • A whole wagonload of bug fixes, some courtesy of Zagzig, including but not limited to:
    • Hotaru’s talk option no longer blanks out.
    • The Brint/Cait BJ scene now requires having had sex with Brint before.
    • Pure Genova no longer shows up in the centaur village when it’s corrupted.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies with re-caging Ryn.
    • Fixed Berwyn knocking you up pre-BQ2 and it acting like you already’d done so.
    • Fixed a lot of broken or missing text and tons of typo/grammar corrections.
  • Gianna’s ratfolk buddy Svern now has a milking machine he can let you and your friends use. The PC, Cait, and Brienne can use it right now! More to come! (By Tobs)
  • Imore & Seastone have new anal sex options: fuck Imora’s butt, fuck Seastone’s butt, or fuck Imora’s butt while Seastone fucks yours. (By Skow)
  • If Zhara’s moved into the Wayfort and you have Brint in your party, you can grab some of the random harpy thieves out of your rafters and use them to show Brint a good time (and double the local harpy population too)!
  • Sanders now has an early-game quest pointing you towards helping Eryka — you haven’t missed anything if you already got her, but it adds a little worldbuilding and bumps her encounter rate while active. Mostly it’s just there to put a big ! on Sanders at the start of the game so people don’t accidentally miss him, which seems to happen more often than you’d think!
  • Sanders also has a new talk about Eryka once she’s rescued.
  • Adjusted damage values for Righteous Fury, Frozen Flower, and Storm Strikes.
  • Kas now has the Geomancy perk, to make her better at bopping you.
  • Raphael’s precise thrust now gives -200 Evasion instead of -100 to further guarantee a hit.
  • Blank Scroll is now a distinct item.
  • Asira Wing’s stats adjusted up.
  • Caranbrot’s shielding effect has been buffed
  • Sanctify’s secondary damage is now properly Crushing.
  • Reaping Blade heals for half damage now and no long has its healing scaled with Spellpower.
  • Corrupt Dawnsword does more damage.
  • Enemies that are immune to Critical Hits now have an icon representing as much. Right now it may be possible to clear that icon using abilities, but this does not remove their crit immunity!
  • Dragon Eve is even harder on Dark Difficulty — she gets an extra action per round after a point!
  • You can now Exit Game from the options menu in the electron build, rather than going to the main menu.
  • A bleeding bold text issuehas been fixed on the Ring of Fate.
  • A bunch of fixes courtesy of Spotty!
  • New Busts: Kalysea, Xadaron, and the Fungal Amalgam (all by Moira)
  • The Alraune Effigy has a new set of oral scenes. You can eat her pussy, have your pussy get eaten, or do the ol’ sixty-nine together. (By Dreamer44)
  • There is now an additional choice for taking Atugia to the gym! You can now help her do some bench press with optional sexy times. (By Gardeford)
  • Genova(formerly the corrupt unicorn) has brand new interactions after purifying the centaur village. You can ask her about life in the village and, nurse from her, and also receive a milky titjob. Nova’s nursing scene varies based on how quickly you attempt to repeat it! (By Gardeford)
  • Starhome has 3 new sex scenes in the fuckhouse. (By Skow, coded by Squishy)
  • There’s also a new shark park happy ending! (ditto)
  • A bunch of bugfixes courtesy of Spotty!
  • After clearing the centaur village and breaking her butt-curse, Sariel can offer you a new quest and move into the Marefolk Village. (By Skow)
  • Sariel’s got new and updated scenes in the Marefolk Village.
  • Sariel has a new foursome with Atani’s bodyguards.
  • After Sariel moves in, Atani’ll get a new interest in backdoor adventures with you.
  • You can read books with Ahmri in the Centaur Village. (by Gardeford)
  • There are new hairstyles available from the stylists. (by LeoMax)
  • New Busts for Fungus Quest: Lanniere and the Infested Druids (by Moira)
  • New CG: Mara’s Night Event (by AnonArts)
  • Post BerryQuest 2, Berwyn can knock the PC up (genitalia permitting). (by B!)
  • Post BQ2, the PC can knock Berwyn up (genitalia permitting).
  • Post BQ2, the PC can knock Matiha up.
  • Post BQ2, Berwyn’s cock worship bad end has returned.
  • There’s a new DP scene for a bedicked PC and Arona on Cait. She must have lost her anal virginity. (by Shovelry)
  • Adjustments to which items Kalysea will accept.
  • If you gave her the Ring of Fate prior to this patch, it should be refunded to you.
  • Numerous bug/text fixes courtesy of Spotty!
  • Kalysea, a centaur druidess packing a little (more like a lot) extra between her hindlegs, can now be met post-CentaurQuest at the grove of trees in south Harvest Valley wanting your help. Upon accepting her quest you can donate items to her for a reward, if you’re so inclined – though the nature of the druid’s reward might leave you a little sore… (by Wsan)
  • You can take your & Aileh’s adorable dragon daughter out to the Winter City! See the sights, start a child army in the snow! (by Skow)
  • You can now knock up Kohaku! This is a one-time event. (By TheObserver)
  • While Kohaku is pregnant, you can decide to bring her lots of delicious food (or not).
  • There’s a variety of new and modified interactions after the fact.
  • All Kohaku’s old scenes have been updated to account for pregnancy stage (or post) and history with delicious food.
  • All den denizens have had their talks updated.
  • A bunch of new Kohaku scenes.
  • For no reason whatsoever, while Kohaku is pregnant the catfolk merchant in Khor’minos goes on vacation.
  • New CGs: Two new ones supporting Preg Kohaku.
  • New Busts: Yusra and the Wyld Tree from FungusQuest.
  • Zhara has a new 69 scene (Wayfort Only)
  • Lumia has a new 69 scene (by Gardeford)
  • Nikol has a new 69 scene (by B!)
  • Aileh has a new 69 scene (by Skow)
  • The Pupperidge girls, Anna & Morwen, have a new 69 scene (by Skow)
  • Ahmri can be impregnated! (By Gardeford)
  • She will go into heat one day out of every week when you are married and she is not currently pregnant. Even if you don’t have a dick or are sterile, you’ll still be able to help her through this rough patch.
  • While pregnant, her scenes will subtly change to be more safe for the baby. Most of these changes are not major, but add up and might be noticeable in some places. Some of the more noticeable changes include new options for the chain of kiss scenes, and a swimming scene to revisit (or visit for the first time) the chilly mountain cave from her party destressing session.
  • Ahmri’s first baby will be unique. Garde suggests making a save to try out a few names, like “big zooba” or a swear word.
  • The unique kiddo has repeatable meetings/hangouts for each companion(Garde recommends silly mode for Azzy’s) in addition to solo/Ahmri bonding time, as well as a number of one time events that are spaced to roughly a week between them.
  • Every couple of days, Genova will be looking after your kiddo so that you and Ahmri can have some alone time without needing to worry about whether he’s napping.
  • If you kicked Farrah out of the Wayfort, you can now find her again in the Undermountain’s caravanserai (where the fast travel point is).
  • You can recruit Farrah back to the fort from there, or just use her as a merchant. Or bully her again.
  • Farrah’s able to build the Wayfort’s dungeon now, so all three possible renovators can do it if you only have the one.
  • Etheryn has a new scene for milky PCs nursing her after she’s been uncaged. (By Alypia)
  • Fixed a bug with the Vine Restraints effect that would cause a crash. This could effect the Alraune, Amalgamation, Archdruid Xadaron, Wyld Tree, Tanuki Witch (Meira), Prince Nyze, and Hethia fights. it incidentally made the Fungus Dungeon almost- or actually- impossible to finish. No more!
  • Fixed a couple bugs with Magic Missile/Firewyrms, one that could cause it to shoot off randomly when your turn starts, and another that could cause a crash if your previous target was Banished.
  • Fixed a bug where Zhara would keep laying the same egg forever.
  • Fixed a crash with the Kitsune troop encounter.
  • Pre-turn effects (perk procs, combat effect procs, stance procs etc.) no longer work through Banished, except for Burning/Poisoned/Bleeding.
  • If you have helped Shar move to her tower, finished the Cloister quest, renovated the Wayfort, and never kicked Zhara out of your bed when she’s approached you, she and her goons will approach you about moving into the Wayfort.
  • If you accept Zhara’s offer, you’ll either get new guards or a new source of income to supplement your fort.
  • There are several new events for harpy-related mischief (and a chance to be treated to a reverse gangbang) in the fort once they’ve all moved in. Poor Daliza gets bullied even more.
  • In the fort, Zhara can act as both an alchemy bench and a shop for all flavors of harpy egg. She also has some new talks.
  • Zhara’s firstborn chick has a name and face now, and a special interaction if you’ve got Agnimitra in the party when you meet her for the first time.
  • Zhara’s pregnancy content’s been patched up and expanded for her living in the fort.
  • All of Zhara’s night time visit sex scenes have been touched up to work in the Wayfort. (Thanks to Tobs for helping with the edits here!)
  • Atani’s firstborn kid can now be named, and has new hangout and play options (by Skow).
  • Fixed a bug that made Restrained apply Stun instead of Stagger. oops.
  • Fixed a bug that made Kitsunetsuki’s effects not have the proper duration
  • New Bust: Zhara’s daughter.
  • Vitra the ‘Mander Bartender has received several new sex scenes focused on femPCs — her baby momma needs some special attention. Or maybe Vitra needs some special attention from a very milky PC. Either/or!
  • If you bring Viv to Vitra’s bar, the witch can offer to teach the mander some magic. This unlocks a new sex scene between Vitra and the PC where she puts what she learned to use!
  • Prince Nyze has a new victory sex scene! (By BerrySicky)
  • The High Ground quest now has additional support for if the PC, Liaden, and Azzy are all romantic. (By Alypia)
  • There’s a new fungus-themed dungeon, continuing the story of the Boreal Elves and their outcast druids’ integration with the city. You can initiate this expedition by talking to Hethia, after having finish the Specter of the Wyld quest. (By TheObserver).
  • Etheryn gets a new Druid-themed set through doing the dungeon.
  • The combat code’s gotten some overhaul to help smooth out bugs and make things easier to expand on in the future.
  • Etheryn’s appearance screen now accounts for her being uncaged
  • The Critical Error screen no longer allows you to attempt an Autosave, instead you can attempt to load the last checkpoint. The attempted autosaves were always a bad solution, since the autosaves generated could have bad game-state due to the error. Checkpoints should not have this issue
  • Fixed a bug introduced with level 7 that caused all healing to be increased by 25%.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause bald and bearded PCs to have “NONE” beard color
  • Fixed an erroneous NPC marker in the Wayfort if you have the Behemoth
  • Fixed a bug that made Etheryn’s [Royal Dicking] Cait threesome gated by the PC having a cock
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Abyssal Depths Barricade fight to crash if you used certain items
  • Using items here also no properly removes them from your inventory
  • Fixed a bug with the Dracia Tower stairs not always taking you to the right floor
  • Fixed a bug where Kaina would be nude while requesting tea. She’s not that much of a degenerate
  • Made the cock length parsers for Lyric’s new exhib scenes more consistent with the rest of their content
  • Tipping Livrea now properly deducts EC. No more conjuring coin from thin air for her.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the fight with Alissa in Dracia to crash
  • The [Let Elthara Take Her] first-time scene for uncaged Etheryn now properly requires the PC has a cock
  • Drifa [Praise] option now works properly if you’ve never fucked her
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to Hogtie the Demon Dragoon after fucking her even if you don’t have anywhere to send her
  • Fixed a bug that would show “0x Item” in the combat loot
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to the new Cleaving Strikes, Enchanting Acts, and Overflowing Health level 7 perks
  • Also buffed Cleaving Strikes and Enchanting Acts to 40% from 20%
  • Too many misc. text fixes to count
  • There’s a new NPC in the Temple of Mallach after you’ve built it: Yusra! (By TheObserver)
  • Yusra has several new talk scenes and six new sex scenes, including a Cait threesome. (By TheObserver)
  • Evergreen has a new “Cock Sleeve” sex scene if you’ve blown her a bunch! (By LooMoo)
  • Lyric’s sex menu is disabled when all their sex options are, instead of soft-locking the player. Oops!
Etheryn, Daliza, and Livrea all have new or updated talks to reflect the events of RynQuest and the expedition to Dracia it entails.
Lyric (Male or Female base) can be turned into a futa. (By B!)
Lyric has two new public sex scenes. These require 33+ libido and are accessible in populated areas, excluding the Frosthound itself, your Camp, and the Wayfort.
Kitsunetsuki no longer requires the Fox Jewel to use, instead wielding the Fox Jewel increases its duration to 4 rounds.
The Tail Whack power is no longer accessible to the PC.
Etheryn now properly gets the Crown of Winter in her sets if you gave it to her during DraciaQuest.
Ally summons will no longer de-summon between phases in 2 phase fights.
Fixed a bug where un-recruited Ryn would remain in the party after DraciaQuest, causing crashes when opening the party selector.
  • You can now reach Level 7! This level comes with TWO new perks for each class — you’ll pick between one of the options when you level up, or when you switch classes if you’re already Level 7.
  • If you encounter Gytha in the Frostwood, you can now confront her more properly. Might be for her own good that she not stay free…
  • After having done Calise’s first quest and cleared the ghosts out of Etheryn’s basement, you can now head out on Etheryn’s personal quest ‘The Demon of Ice.’ Return to the Palace of Ice’s temple, where you normally meet Elthara, to catch a ride to the dungeon. This is a Level 7 quest.
    • Before you get to the dungeon there’s a travel sequence where you can interact and potentially bone down with some new and some returning characters. Personally I suggest bringing Arona on the quest — she loves big boats and she cannot lie. If you have Ashe’s Mace, she’ll have some things to say during the dungeon too!
    • The dungeon includes several new items, new obtainable powers (especially if you’re a Mirror Mage!), a new summon, and a bad end. There’s also up to two characters you can throw in your Wayfort’s dungeon if you want (and have built it, naturally).
  • After having finished the quest, a certain Companion will be able to relieve a certain accursed problem she’s been having, which unlocks changes in all of her existing sex scenes and grants access to entirely new scenes.
  • If said Companion is at negative Confidence or you upgrade your relationship at the end of the quest, you can optionally reapply said problem after talking to her post-quest for kinky fun.
  • New Busts: all the new RynQuest NPCs, updated Ryn busts post-quest, one other surprise elf’s updated bust for the quest.
  • I wrote everything in this quest EXCEPT some scenes for said surprise elf, which were done by Fleep. Big ups to him for pitching in.
  • Balak’s finished his final major round of combat system updates to go along with Level 7. Here’s the lowdown
  • Once you’ve unlocked Meira at Evergreen’s Manor (ie., fought the Kitsune), fucked her, and you’re in control of the Wayfort (accepted title from Ryn or renovated it), you can now go on dates with her. You can take her to either Hawkethorne or to your Wayfort.
  • New CGs in the following scenes: Lumia’s Missionary by Akira, Kas Dream Palace Doggystle by Satyr, and Brint Kneeling Fuck by Moira
  • Tetsuya’s paper crane CG should unlock for the gallery if you saw the letter before the CG was added.


  • In preparation for RynQuest dropping soon, Etheryn’s sex scenes have been recoded with updated mechanics. Her scenes are no longer locked out if your dick is too big. Her Chastity perk and her passive Blueballing has been touched up a bit, and she can gain a perk called Buttslut if you sodomize her often enough (you need to accumulate 10 Buttslut points, which various scenes provide; she loses 1 every 3 days unless she has the perk). It changes some of her sex scene text but is otherwise harmless.
  • Atugia’s recruitment has been tweaked again. She now approaches you on day 5 instead of 3 if you haven’t met her already at the castle, and it no longer requires boning her or grinding RNG.
  • Atugia has a new set: the berserker. Requires that you’ve visited the orc village.
  • Atugia has been nerfed when you fight her in Castle Hawkstone before recruiting her.
  • Cait’s menus have been made a bit more consistent with other NPC menus.
  • Bust display and name display has been updated for parts of the tutorial.
  • Mai’s non-sexual [Cleanse] option is now actually accessible.
  • Bloodrage said it did 50 base damage when it really did 30. Now it says it does 40 base damage and it actually does 40.
  • Dischord no longer auto-hits.
  • Aria of Waves power description properly shows spellpower scalings
  • Tetsuya has a new CG for when he sends you his first letter.


    • Brint has a new set of threesome intros if you haven’t gotten fucked by him before.
    • You can now get together with Brint and Arona at once, via Brint’s threesome menu.
      • You can get double teamed by Brint and Arona, with some options as to where all the mess goes.
      • You and Brint can either double-penetrate Arona together or you can suck her dick while she gets planted on mino-cock, if she’s your sub.
      • If you and Arona are both milky at the same time, you can ask Brint to milk you both together. You can let things stay (relatively) chaste or go all in on letting him make you both his cows
    • Cait has a sequence of new scenes for Kitsune-Champs, where she explores all your sensitive mofu. (By Remi aka CuteBruiser)
    • The Alpha Gnoll has a new PC-Victory scene where you can take her doggystyle. (By Pépère Pervers)
    • Drifa has new content wherein she dresses up as your Wayfort’s new maid. Requires having fucked her 20 time; [Condition]ing her counts as 5 times. (By Jstar)
    • There’s a new followup scene with Kaina after resolving Ashelander’s conundrum. Requires having Ashe with you.
    • New CGs: Hotaru Tied Up (By Su), Drifa Patslut (By Nyah).
    • Azzy’s dragoon sex scenes are properly repeatable from her sex menu after the first time scene. Big whoops there!
    • Liaden’s romance logic/gating has been fixed; she’s now available for all PCs with fem pronouns.
    • Dragoon Azzy has a proper Appearance description.
    • Dragoon Azzy’s spear now properly does Fire instead of Frost damage.
    • Dragon’s Breath now scales off Strength.
    • Dragon Evelyn’s difficulty cap has been increased. Rawr!
    • Kas’s stats in her Winter City encounter are now properly set to 100 instead of 93.
    • Many misc. text fixes and typo corrections.

    0.5.34 Patch Notes:

    • The quest “A Teatime for Dragons” has its resolution now. Once you’ve dealt with the half-dragon’s request in the Rift, head to the western reaches of Harvest Valley to uncover the fate of her last relative. You’ll have to make a choice with this quest, based on who you want to talk to about the problem therein: either Evelyn or Azyrran are going to get an expansion out of it.
    • Evelyn has all-new sex scenes – several different rotating ones, a few deliberately pickable ones, and several incidental ones!
    • All-new conversations to do with Evelyn’s future direction. You can choose (mostly) whether or not you’ll be servicing her during these conversations.
    • More longevity to your stays with her. You now (mostly) stay with her after servicing her, or vice versa.
    • A scaling fight! Owing to the events of the expansion, you can now spar with Evelyn to train her up. She will actually scale up as a result of your training her, resulting in harder and harder fights (to a limit).
    • She will not grow more difficult if you lose twice in a row.
    • Sex scenes for the fight results! Win, lose, or even throwing the fight, there’s six total scenes there.
    • Events! Evelyn can get out and about, now. Just don’t be surprised when her newfound powers make her a little overeager… especially if you’ve sparred with her 3+ times.
    • A new set/tf for Azyrran! Some of you may already know that Azzy’s not-so-secretly had some future-proofing in literally all of her content that’s never shown up. But the future is now! As with the honey-maid, her new gear set is a transformation that comes with a shinier, domme-ier buzz.
    • New Azzy sex! – To nobody’s surprise
    • All-new lesbian Liaden scenes – Both with just you and her, and as a threesome with Azzy.
    • More Azzy/Lia content (featuring loads of tweaks thanks to writer Alypia, she’s a real good bean)
    • A new sexable magic weapon, rub its flanges you dirty slut.
    • A new sexable character, she’s a very good girl.


    • Hotaru now has a talk option about Tetsuya
    • Fixed a bug that caused crashes in combat if anything tried to add Psychic Resistance (most commonly Izkhanti Dress)
    • Fixed a bug that caused Odd Salve to keep swapping the Corrupted Alpha/Breeder/Matriarch perks if you were a herm
    • Fixed Driving Shot sundering for 2 turns instead of 1
    • Fixed a bug that made Kiyoko’s New Year’s and Mother’s Day events not proc after she has been freed
    • Performance improvements, especially if you use a new larger custom icon, and when using the simple combat output option
    • Doing one of Nakano’s tasks is no longer required to advance Tetsuya’s romance arc


    • Ladies (and those who don’t mind becoming one) can now bind their soul to Lumia after completing her quest and become a valkyrie. Remember that this comes with all the same caveats as the Kitsune soulbind: one binding per playthrough, some permanent TFs, reactions both good and bad from different NPCs. (By Gardeford)
    • You can take Ahmri out on a fishing trip, and if you’re married, enjoy some date-night sex scenes.
    • You also can do another cooking-focused date with her! (By Gardeford)
    • Leofric donkey-punching you has been reworked a little. (By Wsan & Bubble)
    • Wings are their own TF category now, with a new reagent to target them. If you notice any wonkiness caused by this, please bug report them!
    • Bugfixes for Annika.
    • New Art: Ahmri date CG by Akira. Also a new Lumia UI token for her valkyries.


    • Eira, Lumia’s courier, has been added to the Palace of Light after her goddess’s quest. (by Gardeford)
      • You can help her deliver the mail (do this form Lumia’s menu to unlock Eira as a repeatable NPC!), hang out, have sex, and even have babies with her.
    • Thanks to the new save system, the max size of custom PC portraits has been increased to 500KB.
    • Thanks to the new save system, you can now save in dungeons!
      • The exceptions are the Astral Plane, the Ways Between, and sequences where you play as other characters (ie Kinu and Gweyr).
      • If you are in a dungeon and bad end, there is an additional button now called [Retry Dungeon] that will take you to your last checkpoint before entering. This is to prevent you soft-locking yourself on your only save for a given character. That said, save often and in multiple slots (including to file every now and then)!
      • This was a bigger face lift to the code than you might think! If you encounter any issues or strange behavior regarding saves or dungeons, please report them on the forum!
    • New busts: Eira and Cassidy (both by Moira)


    • Hotaru has another new sex scene where you might just see double! (By TheObserver)
    • Rindo and Kiyoko have a new coaching scene together. Requires having done their previous scene and that Rindo be your concubine. Complete with its own CG. (By TheObserver)
    • You can now sub to Kas in her sex dungeon, if you’re romancing her. (By SomeKindofWizard)
    • Cait has a new Penis Size talk if you have a dick and have fucked her that’ll lead to some SPH/SPA content if you’re under 5 inches. (By Fleep)
    • Cass the Water Bard can now be summoned in combat, once you unlock it via using the Horn from the Shark Challenge Dungeon in the Wayfort’s summoning circle. Since it was easy to miss, and we’ve now changed getting the horn to be accessible to anyone easily, the horn’s been added to your Key Items if you already beat the dungeon.
    • New CG: Kiyoko Likes to Watch (by Moira)


    • Hotaru has a new lewd scene that can randomly proc upon approaching her after having fucked her. There are two versions of the scene based on whether or not Kiyoko is in the party. (By Su)
    • Several new non-combat minor encounters are in the Undermountain: finding items, loose rubble tripping you up, and the like.
    • You can also encounter a Khor’minoan military patrol down there after beating the Blood Knight. For a little EC, they can escort you to certain points of interest.
    • If you acquired the horn from the shark dungeon, you can take it to the summoning circle at the Wayfort (purchased from Evergreen) to summon Cassidy the Water Bard. He (or she!) has several new sex scenes. He can’t be summoned for combat yet; that’ll probably be in next patch!


    • The next of the Valkyrie war-maidens, Annika the dick-milf, has landed in Lumia’s keep after the quest with a whole smorgasbord of scenes. (By Alypia)
    • Several fixes and tweaks, including slightly larger buttons that can more comfortably accept longer text outputs. The writers are very excited about it.


    • There’s a new valkyrie you can interact with in Lumia’s keep after the quest: Thrud! She’s huge! (By Gardeford)
    • New Busts: Thrud & Jarl Talraed (Moira)
    • Bunches of fixes. Most importantly, some fixes for Lumia’s preg content, allowing the PC to properly do the deed. Light Palace and Shadows Over the Sun have been combined into a single quest. The Redemption quest’s tracking updates properly.
    • There’s a new save system in place (for local saves). This may currently cause brief lag when bringing up the save menu or saving/loading, but should make local saves less likely to get wiped by your computer and has a number of knock-on benefits we’ll be exploiting soon (such as bigger custom portraits).


    • After having met Annika (post GweyrQuest 3) you can enter the Palace of Light, Lumia’s personal domain, and help the goddess out with a problem that’s been brewing for a long time beneath her dawnlit halls. (This and everything else Lumian written by Gardeford!)
    • Lumia has a new quest/adventure, including a number of new characters and a quite challenging boss — at least if you don’t put the clues together to send it packing!
    • There’s a new bad end associated with the quest. Lament the setting of the sun.
    • After concluding Lumia’s new quest, you can interact (intimately and otherwise) with the Goddess of Fertility herself.
    • Several new magic items, offered up as rewards from the goddess.
    • Several new busts for Lumia and the adventure’s guests and foes. (all by Moira)
    • In addition, Drifa has a small new expansion, in which you can have a full-day sex marathon with Drifa and teach her the true meaning of pleasure. (by Jstar)


    • Nina has a quest! (By TheObserver)
    • Zo has new preg busts. (By DCL)
    • Seeing any of the Berwyn/Matiha CG variants will now unlock all of them in the gallery.
    • Hotfix: An issue with flying companions has been resolved.


    • Viv has a new scene for dicking you down. (by Alypia)
    • Viv also has a new titfuck 3some with Cait. (by Balak)
    • Viv has new special interactions: introducing her to Evergreen and talking about Zuzaan. (Also by Balak)
    • Arona has a new scene for femme PCs doing some gentle femdomme to Subrona (by Alypia)
    • Domrona also has a new scene in her general scene pool where you suck her off real, real good.
    • New Busts: Jotun Giant-father and his cheerleaders (by Moira)

    v0.5.21 Patch Notes:
    Viviane, the witch of the woods, has a new questline that ends with her recruitment.
    Bring her some succubi milk to investigate its magical properties, and she’ll pursue that with all the rigor of a mad mage. (By Balak)
    Bunch of bugfixes.
    New busts for a recruited Viv (by Moira)

    After having finished Gweyr’s third dungeon, you can now approach Imora and undertake the siorcs’ challenges below the waves. (by SomeKindofWizard)
    After finishing the Temple of Challenge, you can freely explore Starhome and interact (sexually) with several of its residents. (by SomeKindofWizard)
    Doireann can now give you a lovely titfuck. (By Wsan)
    You can now summon Talsenne from the Wayfort’s Summoning Circle (after buying it from Evergreen, and of course acquiring Talsenne from the Ring of Fate quest) for some lewd fun. (by SomeKindofWizard)
    New Busts: Shaman Seastone (by Sulcate) and THE DREAD HYDRA (by Moira)
    New CG: Shaman Seastone on her Throne (by Sulcate)

    0.5.14 Patch Notes:

    • The Wayfort’s vault now actually functions as a vault! After claiming the fort, you can access your storage there and, if you have either Daliza and her rangers at the fort and/or the Temple of Mallach built, start receiving income every 10th day (day 10, 20, 30, etc.).
    • You can now purchase furnishing for your fort via Gianna (once the fort’s upgraded) or Farah and, once the fort’s fully updated, Gianna will start showing up there as well. You can change your furnishings from the vault tile.
    • Orlaith has a new pair of sex scenes, delivering on her promise of forced blowjobs.

    Steam beta key: eNN6ku5vs5k42Pku4W42
    0.5.13 Patch Notes:

    See More

    • There are several new scenes at the Milking Barn in Khor’minos: if you’re fucking Livrea, she’ll show up for some fun; if you’re romancing Kasyrra, she’ll show up for some fun; if you bring Cait along she’ll now (optionally) join in on your milking adventures with you, with new variants for all the girls (except Kas; she’s shy). Cait sucking titty at the barn will trigger her enthiccening content, the same as her sucking a billion minotaur dicks with you at the guard post.
    • You can now build a dungeon to hold prisoners in the Wayfort once it’s been renovation. The dungeon doesn’t have any occupants at present, but there’s a couple of individuals in Ryn’s upcoming quest that’ll start filling it out…
    • Sandre & Caera can be moved to the Wayfort. They have new talk & interaction options there, including new sex scenes when you gamble with them. (By Fleep)
    • Vari is now a persistent character rather than a random encounter. She occupies a new tile north of the Wayfort a bit. You can now go to Vari’s village whenever you want, even when she’s pregnant, by talking to her.
    • New Busts: Hotaru, Kas at the Barn, and Spirit Wolf’s combat bust.

    2052778 Hotaru.moira .0 | Free Adult Games

    2052779 Kasyrra Pure Clothed.moira .0 | Free Adult Games

    0.5.12 Patch Notes:

    • There’s a new kitsune seamstress on the upper floor of the den by the name of Hotaru! (By Tobs)
    • Hotaru has a number of new talk and sex scenes, and Rindo and Kohaku have talks about her.
    • Mallach’s Temple has new options for working the rooms and with random clients. (By Tobs)
    • New Busts: Marefolk Stylists
    • New CGs: Hotaru Bath, Quin Knight set. Quin’s Knight set CG is currently shown as part of his training regimen with Atugia, in a future patch you will be able to see it from his appearance screen whenever he has the set equipped.

    v0.5.11 Patch Notes:

    • Nash has a new TF for a extra big, spiky, horny lizard folk. (by Wsan)
    • Serena has a new sex scene: nursing handjob/fingerbang. (by Alypia)
    • June has a new sex scene: finger/jerk him till he nuts. (by SuperB1tch)
    • Atani’s Marefolk Guard have a new sex scene: dom them both. Requires having married Atani. (by Funtastic)
    • Drifa has some minor comments during Solveig’s quest. (by Jstar)
    • The forest elfboi has a new sex scene: 69 & Fingering. (by DanielXCutter)
    • Tui has a new talk option during Halloween or on Holiday mode. (by Gardeford)
    • New codex entry: Anubians
    • New Busts: Quin’s new set combat bust (by Sulcate), Moira’s version of his regular set combat busts.

    New Since Last Public Patch:

    • You can knock up Miko OR Mai now.
    • Brint and Brienne have a new gym expansion.
    • Quin has a new set-getting quest and some various new events.
    • Matiha’s tower can be visited directly from the Ways Between.
    • New Busts: Preggo Mai, Klem’s harem.
    • New CGs: Berwyn/Matiha fuckbuddies; Mai bondage; Quin armor-ing.


    0.5.9 Patch Notes:

    • Quin has a new quest that results in him getting a new set of heavy armor to protect his friends with. You’ll need to get his relationship score up then, after a bit of prompting, talk to Atugia about training him into a proper warrior.
    • Atugia and Quin have new events in the Hawkethorne Gym, and Cait, Atugia, and Brienne have updated Quin-centric talks.
    • Quin has new one-off interactions at Ivris’s, the Frost Hound, and any Hawkethorne gate — all of which increase his relationship score.
    • New Quin CG if you spy on him while his armor’s getting fitted (by Sulcate).

    v0.5.8 Patch Notes:

    • You can now knock up either Miko or Mai — you can’t do both on a single playthrough, since one of the sisters needs to be responsible! This comes with a ton of new scenes for Mai and revisions to all her old scenes to accommodate her pregnancy. (by Tobs)
    • Brint and Brienne got a gym expansion: you can work out with them, or “work out” with them. If they haven’t cleared the gym’s field yet, remember that they will after it’s been 3 days since you first visited it and you wake up in Hawkethorne. (by Wsan)
    • New preggo Mai busts, and Klem’s harem bust, by Moira
    • New Mai CG by Moira as well.

    0.5.7 Patch Notes:

    • Berwyn can no longer be recruited into the party, though he’s not gone — he’ll be found in the Guests tab at the inn after you help him against Matiha the first time.
    • A week after completing the Winter City dungeon and Berry’s first quest, a mysterious ‘mander mage will approach you in the inn. Help her find Berwyn, and she’ll help you both find Matiha.
    • If you accept the ‘mander’s quest, you’ll be taken to a very unique dungeon that’s going to play some mind games with you! Read carefully…
    • When it’s all said and done, there are a frankly stupendous number of choices you’ll be making which substantially change a pair of characters’ content. Said characters also have a lot of new sex content — over 100 pages of just pure cheek clappin’, all courtesy of B!
    • Matiha has a scene with the Behemoth (by Tobs), too.
    • Berwyn has a whole assload of new busts by DCL (with edits from Moira). Matiha has new busts by Moira. The ‘manders on the quest have busts by AnonArts.
    • Drifa also has busts now! (By Moira)

    v0.5.5 Patch Notes:

    • While exploring the Old Forest after finishing the Winter City dungeon, you can bump into a priestess in need of saving and who’ll help progress the Corrupted Lupines plotline. You can bring her to the Wayfort as a new resident, and enjoy some quality time with the innocent priestess. (By Jstar) (Coded by Squishy)
    • Lyric has a new scene for April Fools. You’ll, uh, have to turn on holiday mode to see it unless you want to save it for next year :p (By B!) (Coded by Squishy)
    • New Busts: Milly (by Moira)
    • New CG: Daliza Pegging (by AleTs28)


    • Several new sex scenes are available for your lush and sweet maids at the Wayfort (courtesy of Skow)
    • There are a pair of new marefolk stylists in the encampment which serve much the same function as the Hawkethorne pair, but with their own set of scenes~ (by QuestyRobo)


    • There’s a new milfy baker in Khor’minos who doesn’t know she needs a champion to loosen her up and get her in touch with her inner slut. (By Fleep!)


    • Lots of bugfixes have been implemented for the issues y’all have been reporting. Thank you for your help~!
    • The Alraune’s Herald has a new dicksucking scene! (by Funtastic)

    0.5.0 Patch Notes, Part 1: Combat Changes

    • RESOLVE has been removed from the game. Any power or effect that would increase or decrease Resolve now applies to Health. Health is now calculated as follows: 100 + (25 * level) + (toughness * 5) + (presence * 2) + any additional modifiers.
    • Oil of Oliban has been removed, and a commensurate number of Vulneraries have been added to your inventory if any were present.
    • Threat is no longer random. The character with the highest Threat level in your party will now always have priority.
    • At-Will Stances automatically activate as soon as combat starts, without using up your turn.
    • Companions now have the same XP as the Champion. No more needing to take your friends out grinding to keep them leveled; they just share your level at all times.
    • Blue-balled is now a 20% debuff to Focus and Mental Resistance.
    • Champion’s Resolve is now +20 Health.
    • Base Tease damage has been increased, now that it’s targeting the overall Health pool.
    • Arona’s Take Her Pleasure scene now procs based on how long it’s been since her last orgasm, rather than her Resolve levels.
    • Berserker Arona replaced Warcry with Kiaijutsu; Spirit Totem Arona replaced it with Steady Strike. Her Nightfang has +10 Spellpower now instead of +10 CritChance.
    • Kiyoko’s Slip of the Mind perk is now +20% Health instead of +35% Resolve.
    • Brienne now shares the same elemental vulnerabilities as Brint.
    • Etheryn’s Outrider set has been revamped.
    • Etheryn’s Chastity perk gives her some vulnerability to Tease and Pheromone damage.
    • Hornet High now grants +10 Max Health; Venom Craving imposes -20 Health but grants +10% to Tease damage dealt.
    • Bleeding now properly cuts healing in half.
    • Healing’s scaling with Spellpower and Critical power has been cut in half.
    • The Lureling no longer buffs your Companions if he steals them.
    • Only one of the two Jotuns in the Rift gets an extra action per round.
    • Reduced the number of Hobgoblin reinforcements that spawn by 2.
    • Silenced and Disarmed durations are no longer additive if they’re applied multiple times.
    • Trying to stun/prone someone who’s immune doesn’t interrupt their stances anymore.
    • MANY powers have been updated for balance purposes due to the Resolve cut.

    0.5.0 Patch Notes, Part 2: Narrative Changes

    • Dog Days has been moved up to a main story quest; you can no longer enter the Alraune’s garden without getting the loggers from the camp to help cut a hole through a great wall of briars sealing off the Alraune’s inner garden.
    • To compensate, Hethia now has new sex scenes in Dog Days (unless you lose to her in combat, then you get no bitches).
    • Many Etheryn interactions throughout the early game have been revised, including her initial meeting, her first interactions at camp or the Frost Hound, and her reactions to seeing Alissa in the Winter City speech event; mostly this is to make her narrative a little more coherent if you DON’T interact with her a lot before the Winter City dungeon.
    • The Winter City’s actual boer’alvarin name, Njorhaalt, is now sprinkled throughout Etheryn’s content. I got fed up enough with using “The Winter City” in her new quest I’m working on that I decided to give it a real name :V
    • Dreams are now a modal you can turn on/off entirely — well, mostly. Dreams tagged as being actually important will go through regardless, but the at this point overwhelming bevy of fun/random/lewd dreams are all able to be turned off from the options menu.
    • Jael’yn’s lethicite is now a topic of discussion with the Alraune and Farrah, if you sent her to the Wayfort.
    • When you bring Cait to Lady Evergreen, you can now rebuke Evergreen’s offer entirely and go to find Barney yourself without her pointing the way.
    • Cait’s Dancer set is now acquired immediately after the tutorial; just talk to her about her other talents!
    • Brint has an all-new set (also applies to Brienne) he starts with right off.
    • If you turn Brint into Brienne while Elthara is pregnant with Brint’s child, there’s a new scene between them.
    • If you gave the Harem Cats coin to help them get home, you’ll eventually get a letter from Calill saying they made it home safe and sound.
    • Garth has a new talk supporting both the Dog Days changes, and introducing the Corrupted Lupine plotline after they become a thing (which also leads into an upcoming character, Drifa).

    Also New Content Just Because We Love You:

    • Evelyn has a new scene for Champ’s with dicks of 4″ or smaller, and who have done the [Obey] option in her pitch anal scene.

    New scenes: Kasyrra Suck & Fuck — accessible from her Dream Palace sex menu; Brint kneeling doggy-style (by Wsan); Livrea Pussy 69 (by Skow)
    New NPC: Kaina. She can be found in the Glacial Rift and has a small quest attached (and more to follow). (By Skow)
    There is a new option for sending error reports. It is OFF by default. There is an AUTO setting that will automatically send error reports when errors happen, or a PROMPT mode which requires you to hit a Report button from the crash screen

    After sexing her, you can now find Daliza crashing in your bedroom at the Wayfort when you try and sleep — thus unlocking the ability to sleep with her at the Wayfort as you please!
    Speaking of which, there’s now a bedmate-choosing UI that lets you pick who you partner with and where (Frost Hound, the Wayfort, and at camp). Dal’s currently the only person who’ll sleep with you at the fort as far as I know, mind you!
    Khor’minos Main Street has been expanded to include a tavern with a pair of sexable new NPCs, an alchemist and a mage (with several new items), and a minstrel. The salamander dickgirl bar-babe even comes with a new PC pregnancy!


    • After renovating the Wayfort, you can get a little unprofessional with your trusty bailiff, Daliza. Obviously, this requires having taken Etheryn up on her offer of baron-hood.
    • Nakano has a new quest for you: it seems Mai needs some fire gems…
    • Loads of bugfixes!

    0.4.26 Patch

    • There’s a new brothel now open in Khor’minos. Two whores (Mimi, by Skow, and Nikol, by B!) are there already. More to follow. (Coded by Squishy)
    • More progress on the Wayfort, including a new resident you can bump into at the old tower (also by Skow)!
    • Busts for all the new characters + a new CG set for the Wayfort’s horny new occupant.


    • Rindo has a new expansion — talk to Komari about making the crispy cutie your concubine, or let her go her own way. She can get pregnant thereafter, with a new sex scene and updated talks, as well as a new bust.
    • Rumie the Bee Bartender (aka Beetender) will now buzz into the Wayfort after Winter City. She can serve drinks right now, but she’s mostly gearing up for the renovation.


    • After finishing Winter City, you can find a mysterious old lady down on the bridge across the River Ridell near the Wayfort. Helping her out will lead to a whole pile of interesting new content, including a new companion bard, all written by B!
    • Some Wayfort rooms have been updated as coding has started on the Renovation Project. Nothing beyond the text tweaks is implemented in this patch, however.


    • There’s a new bakery and an inn on the Khor’minos main street. (Written by Wsan)
    • You can walk in on Selima and Sanders having a heart to heart about Lumia. (coded by Squishy)
    • You can move Lusina to the Marefolk village without having sexed her. (Written by Alypia, coded by Squishy)
    • Nash sells two new TF items: corrupt sheep and mander. (also by Wsan)


    • After clearing the Winter City, a new fiendish goblin enemy will appear in the Frostwood! Includes a new bad end if you lose to her a bunch. (Written by Balak)
    • Atugia and Brienne have new interactions, including dual sleepwiths! (Written by Gardeford)
    • Lots of fixes for BriHaus.
    • New CGs: Brienne/Atugia (by Akira Raikou), Goblin Hypnotist (by DCL)


    • You can now enter the city of Khor’minos proper, once you’ve finished Winter City and spoken with Calise in the Outskirts. You’ll either be escorted in by a certain martial mare, or else find your own way in. Once again, this is the first patch of many to begin filling out a hell of a lot of city content.
    • If you’ve finished Rina’s dating arc one way or another, you can move on to Cassia.
    • New busts for the milking stall girls, by Moira.
    • Misc. bugfixes.


    • Azzy will talk you about her relationship with Liaden right after you wingman for her — or you can tell her you never want to wingman for her to disable it permanently. (Written by Skow)
    • Gytha is back and wants your knots and cummies. After finishing WC there is a chance to encounter her anywhere in the Frostwood. (Written by Fleep)
    • New edge-case interactions for if Brint knocked up Elthara but has since become a woman.
    • New bust: Gytha’s warg now has black fur like it was always supposed to.
    • Some tweaks/fixes for the incubus/succubus TFs and other misc fixes.


    • You can now train with Rina, Brint/enne’s sister, and take her out on a date! Gotta do training 4 times before you can flirt with her. There is a tremendous amount of variation in these scenes, so they’re going to come out a bit slowly.
    • Two of those variations have a new CG if you also have Brienne!

    0.4.16 Patch Notes:

    • New encounter in the Undermountain: batfolk muggers! (Written by BubbleLord)
    • New TFs: Hornet (Skow), Succubus & Incubus (Shadefalcon, coded by Squishy)
    • Dual-Wielding has gotten a bit of a buff: you can now crit with your off-hand weapon.
    • New option to disable journal notifications.

    0.4.15 Patch Notes:
    You can now enter Brint/enne’s house in the Khor’minoan Outskirts! This is the first of several planned updates with Brint’s family — for now, it’s just intros, talking, and some quickies with Brint/enne. (By Wsan, obviously)
    The fluffy naga race has a codex now! (By Wsan)
    Evelyn and Etheryn now have their own dedicated threesome (Also by Wsan)
    Corrupted Nihara and Brint’s family all have busts now, by Moira. Lyric also has a combat bust now!


    • Nihara, an elementally-infused catfolk, can now be found in the Undermountain. She has a quest, pregnancy, and a whole metric load of wet pussy to play with! (Written by TheObserver)
    • More bugfixes!


    • Khor’minos has a new gate guard, Rooh, you (and Cait) can have some fun with. Along with a lot of his friends! (Written by Wsan)
    • There’s a new dream (or is it…) in the Frost Hound where you might get visited by a certain noble cum-sucker. (Written by Birbs)
    • You can now buy Eubicha a round with Mara — and maybe get involved yourself. (Written by Gardeford)
    • New mini-quest with Nelia for some slutty fishnets. You can also convince Atugia to wear them if you want! (Written by Gardeford)
    • Nash sells a new corrupt Marefolk TF.
    • Critical Hit damage has been nerded considerably.
    • New busts: Rooh, Darius

    There’s a new group of minotaur soldiers in the Outskirts you can have some fun with — in more ways than one! (Written by Wsan)
    You can meet a new group of furry adventurers in the Outskirts with a one-time scene. You’ll see more of them later in the city! (Also by Wsan)
    New busts: Tandi, Sherine, Adventurers (Lessala, Vicky, Yani)
    New CGs: Patting Mai, Patting Kohaku

    A group of centaur can now be found plying their trade in the Outskirts. Poor girls gotta make some coin somehow in these trying times, and they’re all outta rustic handicrafts… (Written by Wsan)
    Ambra, a catgirl merchant, has also been added to the Outskirts. (Written by Tobs)
    A nearby Lupine merchant named Nash has a bunch of twisted transformation items to sell, with more planned for following patches! (Also by Wsan)
    New busts for half the centaurs, by Moira. Rest should be done next patch!

    You can now bump into Calise on the main street of the Khor’minoan outskirts. She’ll send you on the first part of the main story quest in the region (if you can pry your face out of her muff anyway).
    If you’re on Kas’s Romance path, you can now access the demoness’s home any time after The Winter City. You’ll find it in the Ways Between, north of the Foothills (and her WC dialogue has been updated to reflect the changed design). Enjoy repeatable scenes with the Demon Queen — and there’s gonna be a LOT more to come in the palace when we’re not balls deep getting Khor’minos up and running. Note that you can also LOSE access to it if you fulfil certain criteria. Kitsune.
    Bunch of bugfixes for companions and powers being all jacked up. Whoops!
    New Busts: Livernus the Boatman (we’ll get his wang color fixed when the artist is feeling better) and demonic smugglers (by DCL); CaliseQuest’s devilish boss by AnonArts!


    • You can now enter the Outskirts of Khor’minos. There are several small events scattered throughout, with a lot more coming. (Written by Wsan)
    • Eryka can be dedicked, but there’s no scene for using her newly-regained pussy just yet. (Written by Tobs)
    • Sense now has a 100% success chance.
    • Companions gain massively boosted Experience when they are at a lower level than you are.
    • New Codex: Vulperine (unlocked by encountering Raphael in KinuQuest)
    • New Busts: Nottia and Marilla, a pair of Outskirts cowgirls.

    You can now ask Ryn to sleep with you at night. I comm’d the excellent Alypia for this and she delivered like a whole novel’s worth of elfu snuggles (Also, coded by Squishy!)
    After defeating the Undermountain kobolds a few times (or with a little help from your friend Lyric), you can now be invited to the court of the Kobold Queen. (Written by Gardeford!)
    New Bust: Kobold Queen.

    0.4.7 Patch Notes:

    • GweyrQuest finally has its conclusion — time to bring an old dog home! (Written by TheObserver)
    • New TF: Lizardfolk! (By GothPastel)
    • Lots of Lyla fixes. Sorry about that!
    • New Bust: Casual Gweyr (pictured, by DCL)
    • New Busts: Lyric has a bunch of new busts if you give ’em a bunch of coin. (Care of DCL)
    • I get paid to shitpost, not to write CoC2 patchnotes – Gedan


    • Lyla has a new expansion pack full of hot new futadomme! (Written by Fleep, coded by Squishy!)
    • The plantfolk TF has been expanded, including new color options and bodypart types. Plantfolk is now a recognized race! (Written by Kuroko)
    • Hella bugfixes
    • New CG: Lyla leashing the PC, by Anonarts!


    • The hornets in the Old Forest are now switched out with an updated version of the encounter after finishing the hive dungeon. (Written by TheObserver)
    • New TFs: Catmorphs (by Freed), Siorcanna (by Skow)
    • You can now tell the elf boi in the forest to go away forever.
    • Etheryn’s got a new bust series by DCL!


    • There’s a new jotun/lupine Cboy in the Rift, who you can push towards different sexual arrangements. (Written by Birbs)
    • The Wraith Chimera has a new loss scene (Also written by Birbs)
    • New TF: Deer! (Written by Bluebird42)
    • Salamander TF now gives cock types.
    • New hairstyles for dreads and afros! (Written by Leomax)


    • If you’ve built the Temple of Mallach and have romanced Kas past the Winter City, there is a new event that may trigger at the temple…
    • There’s a new scene for walking in on Liaden and Azzy, complete with a new CG. (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
    • You can now give Ryn a dildo or permission to seek out your companions for sexual relief.
    • New Undermountain encounter: Minotaur Miners (by Fleep)!
    • Plenty of fixes. Game should work better, HOPEFULLY, on Android 8 and Apple browsers. We can’t really test this stuff effectively ourselves, but we’re trying!
    • New busts: Elementals, new Temple friend. New CG: Lady Evergreen’s sex menu (Done by Mr. Pink and Waru-Geli)!


    • Atugia has a BUNCH of new sex scenes and talks! (By Gardeford!)
    • New Undermountain enemy encounter: Kobolds! (By B!)
    • New NPC in the Mallachite Temple: Rune! (By BubbleLord, coded by Squishy!)
    • Senja now has much-expanded interactions if you chose to give her a smooch before! (By me and Tobs)
    • Miko’s old scenes now fully account for her pregnancy. (Thanks, Tobs!)
    • New Busts: Rune and Kobold headshots (by Moira)
    • New CGs: Brint x Atugia by Moira, and Lyric gettin’ fucked by DCL.
    • Map navigation should feel snappier now!


    • You can now undertake the final stage of Gwery’s crusade against the cult in the Glacial Rift. Just talk to her again when you’ve finished the previous two quests. Big ups to TheObserver for soloing that whole quest chain. I’d highly recommend bringing plenty of Oil of Oliban to the finale!
    • New Undermountain encounter: Magma Elementals! It’s a big tough wandering miniboss to make sure.
    • New Busts: GQ3’s final boss! Spoilers! Also: Arona Preg Variants (DCL), Leothranized Cait (by BK), Selima Solo busts for Darius’s content, and bigger-titty Zo variants.


    • You can now gain access to the next region of the main story quest — the Undermountain! Whether by invitation as the Champion of Frost or by brute force at any point in the story, you can now get past the Chargers at the gates to Khor’minos and enter the vast subterranean labyrinth between the Foothills and the city of the minotaurs. Do note — you won’t be getting into the city itself just yet!
    • New encounter and bad end: the Khor’minoan Chargers! Mess with the bulls, you get the horn(ie)s.
    • New encounter: Hobgoblins! What happens when you cross goblins with minos? These brutes! (Written by TheObserver)
    • New event: There’s some new imp types down in the depths, and you’re in for a memorable introduction to them — and to the mighty warrior that’s been holding Khor’minos back from the brink of defeat!
    • New mechanic: Fog of War! It’s damned dark in the depths of Khor’minos, and even when light can be found, it’s hard to tell which way is which with a demonic invasion underway! If only you could find some source of light to carry with you…
    • New Busts by Moira: Calise, Hobgoblins


    • There’s a new optional Good End if Infrith, Rags, and Hretha are all concurrently pregnant but Arona isn’t.
    • Elthara’s Appearance screen has been updated to account for pregnancy, with a new CG by AnonArts as well!
    • Zuzaan now finally has a pregnant bust.
    • Ryn has a new combat headshot and appearance CG for her queenly garb.


    • Miko can be found struggling with extreme hunger, the kind that can only be sated by sloppy breeding sex! She has 3 new preg-exclusive sex scenes — one of which requires a heavily pregnant kiyoko in the party, and also has a new CG! Several other kitsune including Mai, Komari, Rindo, and Kinu all have updated talks about Miko’s pregnancy. (Written by TheObserver)
    • Darius, a frostscale salamander arcanist, has been added to the Temple of Mallach. (Written by TheObserver)
    • New suite of Miko busts, with 4 different pregnancy levels and post-pregnancy versions, all by Moira!


    • After completing the centaur dungeon, you can now ask Eubicha to follow you around as your personal packmule — she’ll increase your storage capacity, and let you access it from camps. She also has a new host of repeatable sex scenes, and can even be bred! Mayternity still, innit? (Written by Gardeford)
    • A whole load of bugfixes, and some under the hood tweaks for the Wayfort expansion coming on the horizon.
    • New Busts: Eubicha follower/pregnant busts by Moira!


    • After taking the Wayfort (for Etheryn or for yourself) and having fucked Elthara (and also reaching Level 6), Elthara will start coming down to spend her weekends at your fort. While she’s there, you’ll have the opportunity to breed this priestess of fertility~ (Written by Wsan)
    • You can now get pregnant from Crazy Horses (Written by Balak)
    • New TF: Ursus Bulbs, turning you into a monstergirl bear (Written by Jayo)


    • You can now impregnate Arona after she becomes Chieftain of her tribe. You need to go through some rigmarole to get there (impregnate at least one of Infrith, Hretha, or Rags first; take Arona to Hretha after she brings the subject up) but it is repeatable thereafter.
    • Cait can now acquire a magicock from Lady Evergreen (ask about Services with her in the party), and of course, put it to use on you!
    • After completing the three starting quests (defeat Alraune and clear both Centaur Dungeon and Orc Dungeon) and meeting Atugia, the dullahan will bring a summon from the Baroness for a special meet and greet.
    • New Busts: Arona by Moira, and Magicock’d Cait!


    • You can now finish building the Temple of Mallach with Cait, should you desire, giving her a permanent anchor to the Marches and giving Sally a place where she can ply her trade. (All written by TheObserver)
      • Once the temple is established, you can visit Sally at the temple and knock her up (for a princely sum)! If you don’t want to do the deed yourself, several bedicked companions can be put to stud for her as well — with accompanying threesomes!
      • If you’ve done the Convocation of Mirrors event before finishing the temple, and had a certain conversation with River, Cait’s patron might just pay you a visit… or let you pay him a visit.
    • The imp mob has a bunch of new scenes! (Written by Fleep)
    • New busts: Elyon and Leold, both by Moira.
    • New CGs: Zo Equanimity training and Cat Temple welcome.


    • CoC2 now has controller support! You can’t use it for chest puzzles or filling text boxes, but 99% of the game is now playable with a controller. Buttons are displayed on the screen when in use (and you can disable it on Options, of course), but some hints: you can click left-stick to simulate a mouse click, and you can click the right stick to engage a constant rumble effect if you controller supports one. I’m sure you can figure out something stimulating to do with that feature while you’re playing two-handed… There’s three different vibration settings if your controller supports them; we’re not responsible for your battery life/etc. etc.
    • There’s also proper fullscreen support now, and dark mode works better in Firefox.
    • Elyon, the Huntsmaster of the Winter City, can now be found within the palace — if, and only if, you become the city’s vassal. (Written by TheObserver)
    • Cait and Valencia have a hot new threesome! (Written by StrawberryTea!)
    • The Veteran perk (Warrior 1st level) has been redone to be more useful.
    • A bunch of new busts including new marefolk shaman, crazyhorses, and centaurs done by Honeypony, as well as an Appearance screen CG of Dancer Cait by Moira and Zo’s busts by DCL!


    • After completing Cait’s quest, the next time you go to the Frost Hound you’ll get to meet her BFF Sally from back home. They have a load of paired content if you visit with Cait in tow. (Written by TheObserver)
    • New TF: Boreal Elf. Find frosty flowers in the Rift of Frostwood. (Written by Alypia!)
    • Evergreen has new services, including a couple of magical piercings — a clitring that conjures a magical strapon for you, compatible with any cock-using scene, and a pair of nipple piercings that make you perma-milky. She also sells a Summoning Circle you can install at the Wayfort. Currently you can only pet the Ghost Wolf tell him that he was/is a good boy; the actually sexable summons will come later!


    • You can now get a pair of new sets for Arona: one exclusive to her Exiled status (mirroring her Chieftain’s Bronze set) and another accessible only if you’ve taken Arona to one of the ghostly dungeons so she can become properly afraid of spookums. (Written by Balak)
    • Another step in Gweyr’s quest in the Rift has been added, this time taking place on a ship controlled by Tollus’s cult. (Written by TheObserver, coded by Squishy)


    • The Appearance screen has been reworked. You won’t notice much difference on your end, but it’s no longer a giant pile of spaghetti code that’s been dragged from the bowels of CoC1 for the last 10 years across three games.
    • A stylist has finally been added to Hawkethorne! (Written by SomeKindofWizard).
      • You can get hair cuts, change your various colorations, get your hair extended, and even get tattooed up. Enjoy your tramp stamps and slutty womb tattoos.
      • The new Appearance and stylists options are all brand new! Please report any bugs on our bug report forum so we can hammer them out!
    • Cait and Naiyana have some new scenes together (written by myself and Skow). Potentially turn that 3some into a 5some with the Mare Guards!
    • You can now assfuck the Wingleader when she interrupts your sleep. (Written by StrawberryTea)
    • Encounter zones within each region are now color-coded for your convenience — each different set of colored tiles has (and has had, just with no in-game way of seeing) its own encounter table.
    • There’s now a default cock selector if you have multiple tools. May be helpful for fitting into tight places.
    • Viv has a new bust (still by Moira), and Winter Knight Brint has an Appearance Screen portrait.
    • Several new CGs have been added: Zo training has one, blowing Arona on her throne, Cait/Leo Gals 4some, a headpat ceremony with Kiyoko and Kinu (also a new scene, via freed Kiyoko in her home), and sleeping with Hretha and Infrith.


    • Zo the Lupine Monk can now be encounter in Harvest Valley. Help her out, learn kung fu, maybe learn a little about each others’ bodies. (Written by B!)
    • You can now finally catch up with Infrith after the Right of Conquest questline — and have some fun. She looks pretty breedable, doesn’t she? (Written by Gardeford)
    • There’s now a GALLERY feature accessible from the game’s main menu, showing CGs and busts.
      • Busts seen were not previously tracked; you’ll need to see them on your save to unlock them.
    • Roughly one metric fuckton of bugfixes courtesy of Leek.

    You can now finish Cait’s quest, Cat Call, by taking her to the ruined caravanserai in northern Harvest Valley. After the quest, you’ll get a new set for the catgirl, a bunch of new talks, and finally the opportunity to take Cait’s anal virginity (and then take that ass over and over). Alternatively you can enjoy an excellent bad end written by Wsan if you fail the quest! There’s more of her post-quest content coming in the next patch, including a bunch of new sex scenes by Tobs and the ability to turn Cait into a half-leothran like the twins!
    You can meat Imora, the siorcanna shamaness, in all her glory up in the Rift. (By SomeKindofWizard)
    After returning to the ruined Wayfort for the first time, you’ll be introduced to Bailiff Daliza of the Winter City and be given an opportunity to legally assume control of the fort (as well as in reality with or without Ryn’s help). This is meant to be part of the same event where you meet Jael’yn and Farrah there.

    You can now enter the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, located in the eastern Frostwood. A new recurring miniboss can be found inside. You CANNOT yet open the inner doors (see you next patch!)
    Ahmri’s marriage intro has been reworked slightly. You can also smooch her, go on walks, and go to bed with Ahmri after you’re mare-ried. (Written by Gardeford)
    Centaur village has a Waystone now.
    The damage bonus from Sexiness has been reduced slightly. Probably not enough to stop Azzy, Destroyer of Worlds, from continuing to demolish anything that looks at her but we’ll try this for now. Let us know if it’s still OP AF.
    The save screen now remembers what slot you used last.
    New busts: Hellhound by DCL. Brienne now has a CG that displays in her appearance screen when equipping her pyro gear, by Moira.
    Also, Witch Cait, Honey Maiden Azzy, and Pyro Brienne all have unique combat icons for their alternate sets. We’ll be doing this for other sets moving forward soon! Also also, Ahmri’s flower busts are hooked up for during/after marrying her.

    Miko & Mai have a new suite of sex scenes (incl. Arona 4some) (Written by TheObserver)
    Lyric has had some bug fixes and adjustments (preg should work properly, cooldown and damage reduced and can’t crit, electrum should max out and reduce over time correctly)
    The messed up status icon/inventory/equipment UIs on certain screen resolutions should be fixed
    New talk scene with Kiyoko/Kinu once they’ve been freed (Written by TheObserver)
    Lusamine/Cait have a new scene (Written by BubbleLord, coded by Squishy)
    You can return Elthara’s scythe to her
    We’ve started an effort to make Kiyoko/Kinu respect your spousal/parental pronouns, please report any incorrect ones that you still encounter!
    New Codex: Dryad
    New Hime Kinu CG that can show up sometimes when you interact with her
    New Busts: Ogrish, Synneva (Friendly), and Meira (Cocked)
    Fixed Syrish bust (she has spots on her clothed now too)
    As always, you can become a backer and support the game’s development on…


    • Lyric the Kobold can be found frozen solid in the Glacial Rift. Maybe help a scaled friend warm up some…? (Written by B!)
    • New fancy time display! You can turn it off in the options if you prefer plain text.
    • Married Ahmri has some new talks!


    • Gweyr has a new quest, available once you’ve talked with her a bit. (Written by TheObserver). Lot more coming on this line of questing, so stay tuned!
    • You can now finally shag ex-chieftain Naiyana back in the village after her daring rescue! (By SomeKindofWizard)
    • There’s a sexy new(half) knight found in wherever. If you like Evelyn’s brand of content, you’ll probably like Lyla here. (By Fleep)
    • New busts for Hawkethorne townsolk (Sanders, Ivris, Leorah, Ninian) by Moira. Young Garth by DCL.


    • New NPC: Solveig Karisdóttir! Found at the Frost Hound after doing GarretQuest and AronaQuest, this watermelon-flavored half-orc has some questions about her family tree you might be able to help her solve… (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
    • New feature: you can now move around the map by clicking on the map itself whenever the crosshair is up. Just click or tap on the quadrant corresponding to the direction you want to move in! This is mostly for mobile users so you don’t have to chicken-peck the NSEW buttons anymore, but I’ve found it pretty handy on PC too.
    • Also, unexplored adjacent map tiles are now connected with a dotted line, so you know if there’s still exploration left to do!
    • If you’re in a region of the world or a dungeon whose recommended level is higher than yours, there will be a little red skull in the corner of the map to let you know you’re in the wrong neighborhood.
    • Tweaks to how CGs are displayed, and a new CG for Witch Cait, viewable in her appearance screen while the set is equipped.
    • Usual bevy of bugfixes.
    • New Busts: Rroljar, Jen (Redo by Moira), Zhara (aka Harpy Wingleader, redo by DCL with nude and preg variants), Solveig, Sluasaid (with a special Silly Mode variant!)

    To activate the code, right-click the game in your Steam library, click properties, go to the BETAS tab, and then enter the code. Then select “backer” from the dropdown.

    Steam key is: eiLbwc7mofTDYrvpYfiF


    • Valencia, a manticore, can be found in need of help in Frostwood, then Old Forest, then South Harvest Valley, then as a persistent character outside Marefolk Village. (Written by Strawberry Tea)
    • You can [Explore] in Hawkethorne now. Includes a new CG featuring Evelyn, done by AnonArts. Written by several of us!
    • You can now find a mind-altering honey-mead on imps, Rift Cultists, or the painted demon (or just buy it from Farrah). Be warned: drink it more than once is quick succession and its effects will be permanent!
    • New Codex Entry: Currency (Written by Alypia)
    • New Seasonal event with the Leothran Twins if you’ve fucked them before. It wasn’t tracked before this patch, so you’ll need to fuck them again if you did already!


    • Etheryn and Elthara will invite you to the annual winter ball from the palace’s throne room. Enjoy a truly enormous holiday event! Primarily written by TheObserver and Alypia, with contributions from several others!
    • You can now get a new lust-based set for Azzy, which (temporarily) gives her a bit of a personality shift! After purifying the hive, take her to Ogrish to start setting her up.
    • You can now stop the Azzy/Brienne double milkings, and re-enable them from Brienne’s milking.
    • Oh yeah, and you can hit Level 6 now, too!

    New Companion: Azyrran, the Hive Knight! After purifying the hornet hive, you can speak with the queen and get her permission to court her daughter — or at least bring her with you on adventures. She’s got a full slate of sex scenes, she can give you hornet eggs, and she get get you fucked up on lust-venom. Oh, but maybe don’t chug too much at once or else you might end up addicted to it… (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
    The Resolve system has been reworked. Your total Resolve now scales with Presence and with level. Sexiness now acts like Attack Power for Tease attacks (so 40 Sexiness = 40% more Tease damage). Resolve-damage weapons such as Eternal Delusion have had their scaling interactions revamped; it should no longer be possible to dumpsterfuck Kasyrra with resolve weapons. Emphasis on “should.”
    Everyone’s favorite fun-sized fighter, Atugia, has had her powers reworked to make her a more effective tank. Her base damage is also somewhat higher.
    After doing Gweyr’s quest, you can talk to Sanders about what you learned. You can also talk to him about Liaden after they meet.
    Once a week when you enter either the Frost Hound or Etheryn’s throne room, a confident Ryn will come give you a surprise smooch! (Written by William)
    You can now drag the Centaur Behemoth back to the Wayfort to keep him around for yourself. (Written by Wsan)
    There’s a chance that, while exploring the Foothills, you’ll run into a centaur cavalier! It’s only an introduction for now; you’ll see more of this martial mare later on in the story! (Also by Wsan)
    If Berwyn is your dom and you have 95+ Libido, you can now trigger a bad end via his cock worship scene. (Written by B!)
    New Busts: Alante, Atani’s Guards, Sorra.


    • There’s a new accessibility feature allowing you to flip the game’s UI and text to dark mode, for white text on a dark background.
    • New Scene: Arona Nursing Handjob
    • New Effigy loss scene
    • Clementine has a new sexpack
    • Many bugfixes
    • New NPC in the Rift: Gweyr. Also, new side-story starring Gweyr. Be warned, it’s tonally very much darker and bloodier than most CoC2 content!
    • New enemy in the Foothills, Old Forest, and Frostwood: Demon Girl! Found only after clearing Winter City.
    • Sleepy Snake can wake up and find your camps in the Frostwood after you clear the Winter City.
    • New Scenes: Ryn Ice Dildo, Mess with River (after Convocation of Mirrors), Get a New Outfit for Cait from Viv, Thank-You Note from Koko, Rindo Expansion, Etheryn Date
    • New Busts: River, Mallach, Svern, Azyrran Revamp, Gweyr, Young Gweyr, Young Sanders, Ghostly Mino Smith, Rift Selkies, Hashat (Moira Vers.). New CG: Brienne Missionary


    See More

    • New NPC in the Glacial Rift: Gweyr! You can meet her by exploring the southern half of the Rift, and meeting her opens up a new tile (her home) where you can have a chat.
    • New adventure: Gweyr’s story. Take the opportunity to play as Gweyr and experience a bit of Hawkethorne’s past for yourself.
      • Be Warned: This is pretty bloody stuff by the game’s normal standard. If you’re here for a quick fap you might want to come back to it, but it’s really well written. Definitely worth checking out if you don’t mind some dark fantasy adventure.
    • Rindo has a chunk of new content!
    • You can take Etheryn on a cute date through the Winter City once she’s secured the throne. It’s repeatable, and has some different branches for seeing different parts of the city.
    • New busts: Gweyr, Young Gweyr, Young Sanders, Ghostly Mino Smith, Rift Selkies, Hashat (Moira Vers.)
    See More
    • A new demon girl can be found wandering the foothills and both forests in search of fun, and she won’t take no for an answer!
    • After having sexed the Sleepy Snake and beating Winter City, the snake may just wake up enough to wander into your Frostwood camps!
    • You can have Ryn make a dildo of ice for you to use on her.
    • If you mess with River about his identity, his dad will come mess with you. Must have completed Nareva’s debate in the Convocation of Mirrors. Recommend having Cait come with.
    • Everyone’s favorite redhead witch has some new items to sell, and she’ll throw in a bewitching new outfit for Cait for free.
    • New Busts: River and
    See More
    by bk. Svern & Revised Azzy busts by Moira.
  • New CG: Brienne Missionary sex
  • See More
    Amazing fanart of Viv riding with the full moon.

    Hope you all have a spooky Halloween. Make sure to peek out of your hideaways to check out the full blue moon this year — what a cool coincidence!


    See More

    • You can finally meet up with Eryka after helping her get to town and enjoy some one-on-one time with the paladin. (Written by Franks)
    • New enemy in southern Harvest Valley: Mushroom Druidess
    • After dunking Azzy in the hive’s honey, you can now meet up with her and the queen again for some honey-brained fun. (Edited back together by Skow)
    • Atugia has new talks.
    • There’s a new victory scene for defeating the imps, and defiling the Imp Lord’s treasured fedora. (By JayBee)
    • Gwyn can now examine EGG-preg and normal preg. (Written by TheObserver)


    See More
    See More
    -An ancient tower has surfaced in the northern reaches of the Glacial Rift. Take Brint (NOT BRIENNE) there to face a spooky challenge, and acquire a new set focused on tanking and ice magic!
    -Entropic Winds now leaves enemies Frigid instead of Staggered, and has lower cooldown.
    -Brienne will get another set later, we promise.
    -Two new Brienne sex scenes, one new Brint sex scene.
    -You can go give the Minotaur Border Guards a blowjob. Has bonus text if you bring Cait, because of course it does.
    -Tweaked change to Brint’s talk about Cait.


    See More
    -You can now finish purifying the Hornet Hive! Talk to Liaden at the honey pool after defeating the corrupted Queen and the Honey Goo, and she’ll walk you through it.
    -Alternatively, you can be a dick about it and mess the whole thing up for everybody.
    -n.b. due to a miscommunication on the writing team, if you go the Corrupt route for finishing the hive, we’ve temporarily disabled Queen Nyzerrah’s interactions until we repair some conflicts in the writing. Whoops! Should be fixed in the next couple patches…
    -After purifying the hive, you can (briefly) meet Liaden outside the Frost Hound and finally walk her over to meet Brother Sanders like she came here to in the first place.
    -Berwyn got a small expansion: sleep with, companion talks, missionary sex, and a new dream.
    -New Enemy Encounter: Selkies can now be encountered in the Glacial Rift!
    -New Dream: Rainbow Cait
    -New Busts: Dryads
    -Sex Toys are now key items, rather than inventory items.
    See More
    Farrah Clothed Moira | Free Adult GamesA new demon’s waiting for you at the Wayfort, and you can choose a more corrupt way to start Azyrran’s recruitment quest. We’re still finishing up the Hornet Hive post-dungeon stuff now, but that’ll have even more corruption (and honey-brained!) content.
    -After Winter City, you’ll find a new potential friend waiting for you at the Wayfort the next time you return. Bring Cait along for a bunch of extra content with her. Begins the content to rebuild the Wayfort into a place you can call your own. THIS IS NOT FINISHED AND YOU CANNOT SIGNIFICANTLY ADVANCE REPAIRS YET. It’ll be a long-term project, probably added onto throughout the game’s lifespan. (Written by myself and SomeKindofWizard)
    -You can now find a distressed Sheepfolk girl in Harvest Valley. Help her out and she’ll move to Hawkethorne. Written by Strawberry Tea.
    -Arona now has threesomes with Cait and the Alraune.
    -You can start the quest for the Hornet Hive by beating Azzy down a bunch instead of just being a cuddlebug. STILL WORKING ON THE ENDSTATE, but we’re almost done.
    -New busts: Farrah, Syrish, Jotuns, Roc/Rider, Siorcanna, Taothians.
    -Meira’s bust is fixed and also has a nude version now.
    See More
    -New Glacial Rift encounter: Wraith-Touched Chimera
    -New Glacial Rift encounter: Corrupt Cultists
    -Prince Nyze now has a sexpack for repeatable interactions, plus a new PC pregnancy!
    -Notification now displays if your custom PC icon isn’t viable.
    See More
    -Brienne can fuck you all night long once you’re close with her, and has a new anal scene as well.
    -Elthara can now perform healing after Winter City, much as Cait does at the Frost Hound.
    -Gwyn can now give you a look-over in the nursery and tell you how far along a current pregnancy is.
    -Quests that require items for completion now show you if you have the items.
    See More
    -New Region: the Glacial Rift (finally tho amirite). Take a ride up the glacier that shields the Winter City and explore the frigid wastes of Savarra’s extreme north. Unlocked once you complete the Palace of Ice dungeon. Recommended level: 5+. In includes the following new encounters…
    -New Enemy Encounter: Jotuns. Big ol’ frosty boys gonna smash ya.
    -New Enemy Encounter: Siorcanna (aka shark-people) gonna nom ya. Also their new Codex.
    -New Enemy Encounter: Avanai Roc-Rider gonna zap ya.
    -New Scene: Arona vs. Atugia Sexoff
    -New Scene: Byvernia Butt-Fucking
    -New Busts: Pregnant Hretha, Pregnant Vari, Minotaur Border-Captain.
    -Also plenty of bugfixes.
    See More
    -New Companion: Arona! You can find Arona either on her throne or at the Frost Hound, depending on how you resolved her quest line. If you still have access to the Orc Camp, you’ll also have access to a second set for her (acquired from Rags). Both Sub!Arona and Dom!Arona are fully featured, with sleep-withs and equal amounts of sex scenes. Regardless of Dominance, there are new scenes available from her throne in the orc camp. If you have Sub!Arona, you can work her up into Dom!Arona — NOT the other way around. You know what you wanted.
    -New PC Pregnancy: Orcs! Arona can knock you up at any point, before or after joining your party. She has a special scene in the foothills if you’re pregnant and encounter her. You can also get knocked up from the Orc Lodge gangbang and from Vaush.
    New NPC Pregnancy: Arona’s Bodyguards. Any excuse to get off working, these orcs…
    See More
    -New Event: KinuQuest! Take control of Kinu and protect your home from dastardly villains. Requires you to have done MetalQuest and have an adult Kinu raised up. The event is entirely story; no sex.
    -New Dream: Demon Cait!
    -You can now change your name by asking River to distort time and space, altering everyone’s memories go around asking people to use your new name.
    See More
    -New(ish) NPC: River, the catboy bard. Can be found in the town square. He allows you to switch your character’s title, such as between Adventurer and Champion of Frost.
    -New(ish) NPC: Hethia! You can now talk to (and of course, bone down with) Hethia, the elven druidess, after clearing the Winter City.
    -New scenes for Brint/enne at the Frost Hound, wherein you oil your muscular cow up and get him/her to pose for your amusement.
    -You can now repeat Etheryn’s striptease scenes after doing them in the Winter City.
    -New off-hand catalysts added to Ivris’ shop, a new dress for gramma goblin, and changes to birth control medications.
    -There’s a host of filters and sorting methods for powers now, thanks to Leykoss.
    -You can now page-down text by pressing ` and there’s a Codex page with all the keybindings now. Thanks, Balak!
    See More
    -HOTFIX: A crashing issue with the new combat flow has been resolved!
    -Kohaku has several new sex scenes! (Written by TheObserver)
    -There’s a new option for streamlined combat text. Please report any bugs on the forum!
    -Significant performance improvements have been made to all of the menus and such. Inventory, Journal, Shops, etc. This should be most noticeable on low-end systems and mobile platforms, and should use less battery on those as well. Please report any bugs to the forum if you encounter them!
    -Plenty of other misc. bugfixes!
    See More
    As of this patch, you can now sell your soul for fun and profit to our Lord and Savior Keros. Become THE FLUFFIEST. And of course, Mayternity continues to provide juicy breeding potential~
    -You can now become a Kitsune, with a little help from the Trickster God. Available after completing Nakano’s metal mission.
    -If you’re an elf with a fertile puss, Hashat can now knock you up in a special encounter.
    -If you have big, milky titties you can now give the manticore girl a big milky titfuck!
    See More
    -Spiderfolk TF has been expanded, and Spiderfolk is now recognized as a race.
    -A Monk-ey was added to the Hawkethorne Gym.
    -There is a new and very wide orc boy at the Orc Camp, post AronaQuest.
    -A new kitsune with a penchant for liquor was added to the Kitsune Den post-quest.
    -Nakano now gives a quest wherein you seek our fancy metal relics.
    See More
    -Kinu now grows up into adulthood after freeing her and her mother from the Orb. There’s a lot of content to go along with it. Hashat Nude Nik | Free Adult Games
    -You can now get an extra storage chest from Senja Evergreen after finishing her mother’s quest. Beware: there’s a high cost!
    -After sex, you can now give Cait a smooch where the sun don’t shine.
    -You can encounter a drunk Hashat out in the wilderness and join her for a drink and a thighjob. Must have met her 5+ times before.
    -Hashat’s bust done by Nik!
    -Kiyoko Post-Freedom content should be on the docket for next patch. The floofening continues apace!
    See More
    See More
    -New NPC! Hatsumomo, a kitsune lumberjack, can now encountered in the Frostwood. She is buff and works hard, so maybe help her relax in a little hotspring somewhere…?
    -New busts: Nareva and Kavi!
    -Critical bugfix: the Hornet Queen will no longer crash your game on a certain sex scene.
    See More
    -Azyrran, the Hive Knight, will ask you to accompany her to help redeem her corrupted hive. Requires 5 Trust, gained by succeeding Challenges without sex or by Cuddlefucking her, and a defeated Alraune. Includes bosses and new bad ends. Currently the dungeon itself can be completed; repeat interactions with the queen are coming soon (already written), and curing bimbosis will be a little later.
    -Evelyn has been reintroduced! You can encounter her in the Inn Guests section after waiting for a week after her initial scene. Evelyn is a human shemale that delights in being in charge in the bedroom, and all but 1-2 of her scenes have her dominating the player character. She has a bunch of randomly rotating scenes, and unique virginity loss variants for the player that wants to offer her those.
    -Brienne can get a cowbell and some piercings now! Talk to her about it so the cow can get extra moo!
    -Busts for all the hornets in the dungeon + your human helper.
    See More
    -You can meet a renegade memeber of Tollus’s cult in Harvest Valley, and including a fight and some new lore.
    -Brint’s trap-exclusive anal scenes now have shemale variants. He has a new scene exclusively for lactating shemales.
    -There’s new voyeur scene where you can watch a Marefolk Shaman get railed by her treant.
    -New Busts: Lucia, Janeen, Vaush, Centaur Marauders.
    See More
    -New encounter in the Old Forest: Viviane the Enchantress.
    -New encounter in the Frostwood: the Kitsunes! An extremely large encounter with a variety of possible enemies and scene options
    -New encounter in the Frostwood: Imps! Repeatable encounters with the imps; currently very light on content.
    -New option during Orc Quest: have Cait blow Pavo so you can get the disguises. Cait’s gotta pull her weight too!
    -New feature: you can change your active party members from any Waystone Idol once you unlock the ability to fast-travel! Includes a sweet new animation for rotating through the roster.
    -New feature: keybindings now appear on the button dock. Can turn on/off from the options menu.
    -New bust: Salamander Siblings, Viv, and Gloria
    -New Codices: Boreal Elf, Tanuki
    See More
    -New seasonal dream: Demon Brienne
    -New normal dream: Return of the Mander Siblings (if you have the serpent locket)
    -New seasonal event: Cait Tentacle Grape (by me). Triggers if you’ve lost your anal/vaginal virginity, have brought Cait to Evergreen, and sleep in the Frosthound.
    -New seasonal event: Friendly, pure, and definitely not a demon witch encountered in the forest
    -New scenes: Double BJ scene with Ryn and Boomer if you’ve talked to Boomer with Cait ; Cait/Sugo lewd makeouts if you’ve helped Sugo
    -New bust: Demon Brienne, Lusina
    See More
    -New Enemy: Goblin Cultist! Encountered in northern Harvest Valley.
    -New NPC: Janeen, located at the field in the gym. I didn’t read this but I assume it’s fine.
    -Many bugfixes and such.
    See More
    -New NPC: Ragnild, the orc blacksmith. Replaces Pavo at the camp after making Arona the chieftain. You can buy new items from her and, if you didn’t rape Infrith, date her.
    -New Berwyn/Cait Threesome. (By HugsAlright) Accessed from Cait’s menu after finding her in Berry’s room.
    -New TF: Lycanthorn. It’s like a Lupine TF, but more corrupt!  Found by exploring the forest.
    -New Region: The Frostwood, located north of the Alraune’s garden
    -New NPCs: Lady Evergreen, Senja Evergreen
    -New Enemies: Drider Queen, Kitsune Ninja, and Tanuki Witch
    -New PC Pregnancies: Drider Eggs, Tanuki
    -New Dream by Questy
    -Etheryn can be given better tits and booty via TFs!
    -New Busts: Zuzaan, Drider Queen, Shar, Anna, Azyrran, Thicc Etheryn, Lady Evergreen, Ragnhild
    -New Features: Fast Travel. In-combat character sheets. Perk list in character sheet. Better Brint/Brienne Combat
    See More
    -New Enemy: the Drider Queen, located in the Frostwood.
    -New PC Pregnancy: Drider Eggs!
    -A new dream by Questy! Requires you to have fucked Kas and tell Cait about it (talk was not tracked until now; assumption is yes on old saves). Coded by new friend Leykoss.
    -New busts: Zuzaan and the Drider Queen.
    See More
    -New Enemy: The Tanuki Witch! One of Evergreen’s knotty daughters wants a piece of you — maybe a little more literally than you’d like!
    -New NPC: Senja, one of Evergreen’s loyal and devoted daughters, wants to sell you TFs. Several items were moved from Kavi to her shop.
    -You can now view your accumulated Perks through the character sheet tab of the journal.
    -You can now view character sheets in combat, for friend and foe alike. Using Sense on enemies will reveal more details on their sheets!
    -Brint has received some buffs to help him hit more in combat.
    -New Busts: Shar, Anna, and Azyrran.
    See More
    -You can now give Etheryn purple eggs and melon-infused Bovum Sherry, if you’re the kind of player that likes big butts (and/or boobs) and cannot lie.
    -Busts for TF’d Etheryn
    -Oh god so many bugfixes. Most notably Evergreen Pregnancy won’t crash your game. Mea Culpa.
    See More
    -A new region of the world, the Frostwood, has opened up beyond the Alraune’s garden.
    -New NPC: Lady Evergreen, a tanuki witch who loves nothing more than knocking you up or being knocked up!
    -A new quest, given by Evergreen, which allows you to unlock the Waystone Idols across Savarra and start fast-traveling.
    -New PC Pregnancy: Tanuki!
    -New Enemy Encounter: Kurako, a vexing vixen! Has a bust by Moira as well!
    -Quest Update: Cat Call, one step closer to Cait’s first expansion. Bring the kitty to Evergreen, and maybe let the witch fuck her insensate if that’s your thing.
    -The Sleepy Snake has been moved into the Frostwood.
    See More
    -Atani, the new chieftain of the Marefolk, has been added.
    -New Items: Double Pepper and Knotty Pepper, found at and around Pupperidge Farms. You can guess what they do.
    Also Evelyn has a new bust from Moira!
    -Baad Clover, Carrot Cumpcake, Cinderleaf, Fox Berry, Frostleaf, Glitter Dust, Grottato, and Ring Peach were moved from Ivris’s shop to Kavi’s, in the Marefolk Village.
    -Shiny New Logos!! (Thank you BuntCake!)
    -You can now masturbate, because apparently the kitty cumslut wasn’t good enough :p
    -New Quest: Talk to Brother Sanders about expanding the church and finding a religious relic of the Storm Goddess…
    -New Enemy: Hashat the Marefolk Spellhammer (Harvest Valley)
    -New Events: Orc Gangbang at the Lodge (Orc Camp), the Dream Rings (Hawkethorne) and the Convocation of Mirrors (the Old Forest). Be ready for a real tough fight to get at that one.
    -New NPCs: Azyrran the Hive Knight (the Old Forest), Kavi the Northern Minotauress (Marefolk Village)
    -New Item: Hornet Honey.
    -New Busts: Ahmri, Tainted Witch
    -New Scenes: Cait Blowjob, several new Brint/Brienne scenes
    -New TFs: Wyld Wine, Belharran Stew
    See More
    -A new event can occur at the Warrior’s Lodge in the orcish warcamp, after making Arona the chieftain.
    -New TFs: Wyld Wine and Belharan Stew. Become the elf you always wanted to be, or get a wyld mark of your very own
    See More
    -A new event has been added in the eastern Old Forest, gated behind a tough high-level fight against a frost giant. As part of this event, you can engage in a new conversation battle and/or learn a couple of new powers… and from those powers comes the opportunity to learn a bunch of other new powers. Experiment and see what you can learn! (Event by me, conversation battle by Tobs. There’ll be future developments if you do the optional conversation encounter.)
    -Several new Brint & Brienne scenes, courtesy of Wsan and community member Florgenstow
    See More
    -Azyrran, the Hive Knight, as been added to the Old Forest just outside of the Corrupted Garden. Unlike most of her vesparan sisters, she hasn’t been too terribly tainted by the spreading corruption… but she’s still a big, horny hornet in need of some love.
    -Brother Sanders offers a new quest that leads you to Harvest Valley searching for a religion relic to upgrade the town church.
    -Hornet Honey can now be gotten from Azyrran and the hornet enemies in the forest. It’s a small resolve heal + Focus booster.
    -When at camp or in the Frost Hound, you can now masturbate. Y’all have had a perfectly good catgirl this whole time but I guess you wanted options or something I dunno.
    -Speaking of which, Cait now has a blowjob scene
    See More
    -New enemy: Hashat the Marefolk Spellhammer! Encountered in South Harvest Valley, this magical pony is anything but little — but she is particularly friendly towards elven ladies.
    -New event: you can acquire a special ring from an event in town, accessible after having viewed at least 5 dreams.
    -New NPC: Kavi the Northern Minotauress, found in Marefolk Village.
    -Shiny new logos done by BuntCake. She completely blew me away with the new hotness!
    -Oh also Ahmri, the Tainted Witch on the river, and the ghost lupine mooks all have busts now!
    See More
    -New sex scenes: Brienne x Cait Milk Bath and a scene for Magna
    -New talk options for Brint and Brienne, new Cait talk options.
    -New busts: Nelia and the Jarl.
    -Quality of Life Feature: Unique items are now marked as such, and trying to discard them brings up a prompt to confirm.
    -Assorted bugfixes~
    New This Month:
    -New Companion: Brienne. Bring Brint to the hidden caves in South Harvest to start the quest to get her. Make a save beforehand…
    -New dungeon in the foothills, accessible at level 3+ and after having rescued Garret.
    -New NPC: June the Lupine femboy.
    -More storage can be obtained from the Wayfort.
    -Android save/load is fixed, and it’s blocked from working on ancient android versions that broke it up.
    See More
    -A new but optional female companion is available! Find the hidden cave in South Harvest Valley while Brint is in your party and pay attention to the quest. You might want to keep a save before you go in there!
    -June, a femboi lupine seeking massive gains (of your cummies) has been added to the gym.
    -You can get an extra chunk of storage out of the Ruined Wayfort after the alraune boss.


    See More
    -There’s a new quest and dungeon, accessible at level 3+ and after having rescued Garret from the logging camp. Pick it up from Garth, find River at the Frost Hound, and then again in the southern Foothills to get access to the dungeon. This one’s a combat challenge; don’t expect any new sex scenes in here for reasons that should become abundantly clear.
    -You can now save/load file on android, and android versions older than 5.0 can no longer install the game (because it didn’t work anyway). Some other very old versions of android can still install the game, but the UI will still be all fucked up. Game’s still playable, but we really don’t recommend it.


    See More
    -New Location: Marefolk Village. Located in South Harvest, this small tribal village is home to the more peaceful female marefolk.
    -New PC: Zuzann the Marefolk Mage Smith
    -New Feature: Visually Impaired Mode. Significantly improves the game’s accessibility for those with visual impairments, especially regarding tooltips and graphical puzzles (like Kiyoko’s door).
    -On mobile, you can hold on buttons to read the tooltips.
    -New bust: Atugia!
    -New Companion: Atugia the Dullahan.
    -New Location: Hawkethorne Gym
    -New NPCs: Nelia the Clothier, Lusamine, Hretha (Post-Orc Quest)
    -New Enemies: Crazy Horses
    -New Scenes: More Brint x Trap, More Etheryn, Berwyn Cuddles
    -New Dream: Taur-centric dream w/ two variants
    -New TF: Mothfolk
    -New Codices: Slimes, Sheepfolk, Wyld Elves
    -Bust-viewer options.


    See More
    -New NPC in Hawkethorne: Nelia the Clothier. Also many new clothes.
    -Bust viewer options.
    -Data screen adjustment to help deal with corrupted saves.
    -New taur-centric dream with two versions.


    See More
    -New Enemy in Havest Valley: Marefolk males, aka Crazy Horses. While male marefolk are normally lustful brutes, the local corruption has only made them bigger and hungrier…
    -New sometimes-guest at the Frost Hound: Lusamine, the wyld elven gossip-monger.
    -New location in Hawkethorne: the gym!
    -Hretha can be approached again at the orc camp. If you didn’t rape Infrith, anyway.
    -Brint has new scenes for trap PCs.
    -New TF: Mothfolk
    -New Codex: Slimes, Sheepfolk


    See More
    -There’s a new combat encounter found in Hawkestone Castle — just keep going up the trail from the temple from the tutorial and check around the castle courtyard. Also your first chance to meet Baroness Carmen Revarra, a rather important future NPC.
    -Etheryn has three new sex scenes (including an oral scene) as well as an option to give her what she really deserves — some nice hugs and cuddles.
    -Berwyn also has a new cuddles scene.
    -New Codex: Wyld Elves
    -New Busts: Gnolls, Manticore Girl, Lupine Scout, and the Lupine Warrior.


    See More
    An issue causing a lot of scenes to crash has been fixed. If you downloaded a build already you’ll need to re-download.
    -Several new consumable items have been added, including small heals and weapon buffs. You can find most of them as new drops on enemies; trail rations are sold by Leorah and the Minotaur Guards. Each of the bosses (The Alraune, Matiha, and Chief Argoth) also has a new, much more powerful consumable drop.
    -You can now interact with the Alraune Herald again in the corrupted grove, assuming you dominated her mother rather than executing her. (By BubbleLord)
    -Garth will now give you a talking-to if you’ve been fooling around with his baby girl.
    -New Ranged Power: Arcane Shot. Sold by Leorah.
    -New Kiyoko-focused Dream. (written by The Observer)
    -New TF: Tanuki. Complete with perks for expanding balls and, with high Corruption, cum cascades.
    -New Busts: Marefolk Shaman, her Treant, and Slimes
    -New Illustration: Character Cards. Explains what each of the bars/icons are. Found in the mechanics Codex.
    Also New Since Last Public Patch:
    -Right of Conquest, a new adventure focused on Arona and her tribe of orcs, can now be completed. Start to quest by winning or losing to Arona several times in succession. Big thanks to Wsan and Observer for helping flesh it out!
    -Ninian the Pixie Twink can now be found in the Old Forest.
    -New Location in Harvest Valley: Pupperidge Farms, staffed with a pair of futa half-lupines and their dairy cows.
    -The Codex has been unlocked along with 20-something new entries in there.
    -The Foothills has been zoned to help alleviate encounter crowding.
    -Brint can now knock up the PC.
    -Kinu has a new scene.
    -Cait has a new scene for losing to the Mercs.
    -The Lupine Archer can now be given a footjob by Dark Knight-personality PCs.
    -Shar has a new story and an appearance screen.
    -Ovilixer now can make Harpy PCs self-impregnate with eggs over time via the Oviparous perk.
    -A whole bunch of new dreams have been added.
    -Leorah now sells Level 4 Ranged powers.
    -New TFs: Goblin


    See More
    -New Location in Harvest Valley: Pupperidge Farms. Staffed by a pair of futa wolf-girls and their buxom dairy cow-girls!
    -Taking Ovilixer while a member of an egg-laying race (just harpies, right now) can grant you a new sexual perk: Oviparous. With this perk, you can begin spontaneously generating colored eggs every couple weeks, just as if you’d consumed an elixir. The perk is suppressed while not a member of those races.
    There’s a new dream associated with having the perk.
    -Two new misc. scenes: Cait getting gangbanged by the mercs on a combat loss, and a Dark Knight-personality PC giving the male lupine scout a footjob.
    -Also a bunch of other new dreams
    -The Foothills has been zoned, so you’ll find different encounter tables in different parts of the region. Should make it easier to find what you want (at least a little bit) in a crowded area.
    -Leorah now sells new Level 4 archery powers.
    -Unlocking Codex entries is now retroactive for older saves.
    -Benny’s bust is in.
    -You can re-enter the Orc Camp after Arona’s quest, but there’s currently no content hooked up there yet. Soon: a new orc blacksmith and repeatable sex scenes with Arona’s sister.


    See More
    -The Codex tab is now unlocked in the Journal. We’ve added a bunch of new codices as well, about ~20 by my count. You unlock codex entries for races by meeting NPCs of that race; certain dialogue options can unlock Lore codices, and story/character progression unlocks mechanical ones. Unlocking entries is currently not retroactive for existing characters.
    -Ninian the Pixie twink can now be encountered in the Old Forest


    See More
    -The sidequest Right of Conquestcan now be finished. You need to either win or lose to Arona several times in succession, which will cause her to ask for your help in dealing with her brother. The quest includes a new dungeon, with all the bosses, bad ends, and new scenes you’d expect. Balanced for Level 4 parties. Please Note: The follow-up for the quest (recruiting Arona, visiting her sister, etc.) isn’t implemented yet. It’ll be a bit before you can go back into the camp after you finish the quest, so get anything from the shop that you want.
    -Brint can now impregnate the PC
    -Goblin TF has been added
    -Usual assortment of bugfixes.
    -Hotfix is now live with a fix for the Kitsune temple’s locks breaking and a load screen crash issue. Thanks for your patience!


    See More
    -The PC can now be knocked up by Garret and the Lupine Scout. Garret has special reactions to being a daddy.
    -Kinu has a new scene
    -Shar has a new story, and her Appearance screen is active.
    -Evelyn’s crippling parser issues have been resolved. Enjoy at your leisure.
    -Blue Egg + Sweet Cream now stops lactation properly.


    See More
    -Shar the Harpy has been added to the northern Foothills. She needs your help finding a wizard who can help with her messed up wings!
    -There’s a new dream starring Kasyrra. It may or may not really be a dream… You can unlock it after defeating the Alraune.
    -Evelyn, a hung inn guest, can be encountered via voyeurism around at the Frost Hound. She can be found after defeating the Alraune, from Day 10 onward.
    -New Pregnancy Speed options: you can toggle between “realistic” pregnancy speeds, or much faster speeds more in-line with CoC1. The faster speed setting is currently the default, though the game world operates on realistic logic (eg. the lupine codex will say their pregnancy lasts for 6 months, instead of a few weeks).
    -You can now level up to Level 4. New powers are unlocked as well, and many old powers have been tweaked or had their tooltips rewritten to fit on their damn cards.
    -You can now access South Harvest Valley, including new enemies such as river cultists, slimefolk, gnolls, and a moth-girl thief.
    -Catfolk and Lupine vagina-havers now experience heat. Orcs with dicks experience rut.
    -New Kiyoko mayternity event.
    -New Brint talk scenes
    -Garret has some serious PC-sub content for being his personal bitch. You can also challenge him to drinking contests!
    -Kas has a new victory scene after the Ruined Wayfort encounter, including a new bad-end for characters with 65+ corruption at the start of the event.
    -A whole slew of new dreams. Check the wiki for the down-low.
    -New TFs: Salamander (Cinderscale and Frostscale variants), Lupine, Ovilixer
    -Ivris now sells birth control for both genders.


    See More
    -Level 4 is now unlocked, along with a new tier of powers. They are vastly stronger than existing powers, so prepare to overwhelm everything currently in-game.
    -Most existing powers have had their tooltips condensed. Several have had their effects reworked and rebalanced. Stances now all have small on-activate effects, like minor damage-dealing or providing a shield.
    -Shield HP is a unified mechanic now, including a glowing health bar covering your normal bar.
    -Salamander TF has been added to Ivris’s shop
    -Kiyoko has a new seasonal event for Mayternity.
    -Many new dreams have been added, thanks to Balak’s efforts.


    See More
    -Catfolk and Lupines now experience Heat. Orcs experience rut. During these periods, your character will be much hornier — and more fertile/virile — than usual.
    -Ivris now sells birth control for both genders, which can also suppress heat and rut.
    -You can now find the Lupine TF in Ivris’s shop.
    -You can now acquire Ovilixer from the Foothills. Drinking it will make your character produce colored eggs, or advance an existing pregnancy. You might be in for a surprise if you get your pussy full of cum while eggnant.
    -The drop rates for non-golden eggs have been increased.


    See More
    -You can now access South Harvest Valley by fording the river; there’s a special fight that occurs when you attempt to cross one way or the other.
    -Slimes can now be found in the south-eastern portions of the valley, near the lake.
    -Gnolls can now be fought throughout South Harvest.
    -Lusina the Moth-girl is now exclusive to South Harvest.
    -New Brint talk scenes.
    -You can now be Garret’s submissive bitch if you meet his specific requirements. (Written by TheObserver) A lupine TF will be coming shortly, for those interested~
    -Hotfix is out to help with birth scenes crashing the game, and allows you to ford the river back north even if you lose against the cultists.


    See More
    -A new enemy is encountered in Harvest Valley — the Moth Girl Thief!
    -Garret can now be challenged to drinking contests
    -Kas has a new victory option in her 2nd encounter for giving her a blowjob. Don’t get TOO overzealous in worshiping her…
    -Combat code refactor is in. Please direct bugs to the bug report section.


    See More
    -Ahmri, daughter of the centaur chieftain, can be rescued in Harvest Valley. You’ll need to encounter the centaur packleader three times before you can encounter her
    -Berwyn has a couple new sex scenes by Hugs! You need to have buttfucked him once (in this patch, not earlier) to access one of them.
    -Kiyoko has a new random scene if she has 4+ kits and you have a meal with her.
    -A new dream featuring a centaur and a wyld elf. You’ll need to have lost vaginal or anal virginity, fucked Sugo, and met Ivris. Thanks to Bubble!
    -Garret’s titjob scene no longer accidentally leads to vaginal sex. You gotta go to that scene on your own now
    -Racial code now works right.
    -Garret has sex in the Frost Hound. His scenes are m/f only.
    -Vaush the orc shaman is in the Foothills.
    -New TF: Gnoll.
    -New Busts for all of GarretQuest.


    See More
    -New racial code should accurately figure out what you are in the Appearance screen after you TF from your starting race. If it can’t, congratulations, a chimera is you.
    -Garret now has sex scenes in the Frost Hound! There’s still more to be added after this, including some pretty intense submissive content if you like being a big wolfboy’s bottom bitch. (Written by Observer) Edit: Apparently I need to stress this ahead of time, but Garret’s scenes are m/f only.
    -Vaush the orcish shaman can now be encountered in the Foothills
    -New TF: Gnoll
    -New Busts: Hethia, Garret, and the Warg from GarretQuest.


    See More
    -There’s a new event in the Old Forest with a trio of not-quite-lupines. Found as a random encounter this week only! Beware: your anal virginity is in peril on this adventure!
    -Garrett has new Frost Hound talk scenes.
    -New busts: Cat Harem and the strange pups. Also a special Silly Mode version of the harem.
    -New Combat Flow: You can now toggle between Player, Manual, or Auto in the options menu or during combat. Lets you switch between just controlling the PC, the whole party, or nobody!
    -New Feature: Initiative Tracker. There’s a bar at the top of the combat window showing who goes in what order. May be helpful now that you can control the whole team.


    See More
    -Combat Update 2.0 is implemented. God helps us.
    -You can now choose auto-battle or direct control of companions. There’s an option to make manual control default.
    -The combat button tray has been revamped. Your At-Will power is now on the main button row. All the “You Lose” buttons are now on the bottom.
    -New Enemy: Centaur Marauders
    -New Enemy: Lupine Scouts
    -You can crawl under the Frost Hound tables to suck Brint off. Plus another regular sex scene focused on oral…
    -New bust: Hirrud Grune, who’s much more handsome than I envisioned.
    -There’s a PC Download version of this patch. Should be with all future patches as well.

    Changelogs  from v0.0.05 to v0.1.13:  HERE

    Mac Instructions:

    See More
    You can play it with any current browser, download the latest and open the index.html from CoC2_028/resources/app/index.html

    Steam Key:

    See More


    Extras: WikiSave Editor* – Mod* –

    HD ART (Cassia, Marriage, Rina)
    *This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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