Cosplay Relaxation [Final] [CyberStep, Inc., Rideon Works Co. Ltd]
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Cosplay Relaxation [Final] [CyberStep, Inc., Rideon Works Co. Ltd]

May 19, 2024F95

A massage parlor where your “relationship points” change the services available.
There’s an outfit for each “treatment” plan you need the most!

Thread Updated: 2023-11-20
Release Date: 2023-11-16
Original Title: コスプレリラクゼーション
Developer: CyberStep, Inc., Rideon Works Co. Ltd Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, +55
Voiced: Japanese
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2dcg, big ass, big tits, japanese game, male protagonist, no sexual content, teasing, voiced, cosplay
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1. Extract and run.
About This Game:
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Cosplay Relaxation – コスプレリラクゼーション – is a novel game in which the protagonist, whose hobby is finding and reviewing massage parlors, discovers what may quickly become his favorite store.
A Bishojo Game released in 2017 under the “Ater” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players around the world to enjoy.
Ever since I’ve started going to “Unreal,” I’ve been in top form.
The hand care service even has clients complimenting me on my appearance.
It’s all thanks to the girls at Unreal that things are going so well for me.
But I’ve come to wonder who’s responsible for healing them?
I want to repay them for all they’ve done for me.
Satoru Arata stumbles into the massage parlor “Unreal” after a sudden bout of hip pain.
He’s quickly greeted by 2 lovely attendants.
Tamaki Suzukaze, a college-aged beauty with black hair.
Nao Awaumi, an adult woman with a seductive air about her.
Unaccustomed to such beauty, Satoru is slightly taken aback.
Unreal’s business model proved fundamentally different from anything he’d ever experienced before.
The biggest difference was that the attendants chose the course for the customer.
The closer you became with the girls, the more services were available for you.
Casual conversation and pinpoint massages to melt away the tension of a long week.
Special costumes to liven things up a little.
It doesn’t take long for Satoru to become a regular……
– Let Unreal take away the stress of daily life –
・Tamaki Suzukaze
Now I’m not putting that much pressure on it. If it hurts, that’s proof that your liver’s not in top shape.
A college student offering precise, targeted massages to keep you in your best condition.
She’s very service-oriented, going as far as visiting Satoru at home to make sure he’s .
Just don’t get on her bad side or she might put a little extra pressure on those stubborn knots.
・Nao Awaumi
Sure, you chose the outfit. Feel free to look all you want.
Highly experienced, she’s in charge of both the store and training Tamaki.
She’s the teasing type who gladly poke fun at Satoru while simultaneously giving him the best massage of his life.
After he throws her a birthday party, she starts to hang out at Satoru’s house during her free time.
She’ll also gladly dress up in the costumes that Satoru chooses for his sessions.
・Satoru Arata
A middle-aged office worker whose hobby is visiting massage parlors.
While he’s happy to have his body well taken care of, he’s begun to look for something or someone to take care of his heart.
After discovering “Unreal,” he starts to believe he’s finally found what he’s looking for.  

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    Cosplay Relaxation [Final] [CyberStep, Inc., Rideon Works Co. Ltd]