COTE: Red Sonata [v0.13.2] [steinercode]
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COTE: Red Sonata [v0.13.2] [steinercode]

July 7, 2024F95

COTE: Red Sonata is a fan-made game set in the universe of Classroom of the Elite.
This is a brand new story. You won’t find any spoilers related to LN or anime here.
It happened.

You are now officially a student of ANHS – an elite school with extraordinary rules, designed to prepare you for the harsh reality of adulthood. Meet iconic characters from the series and become friends with them… Or maybe more?
From there, the story diverges into two paths: You can either be an ordinary student who just wants to graduate, meet new friends and live a peaceful life… But you can also be an evil ****** who will do anything disregarding the consequences – just to win.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-06
Release Date: 2024-06-22
Developer: steinercodeItch.ioPatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.2
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Store: Itch.io
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2DCG, AI CG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Big Tits, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Parody, Romance, Teasing, Blackmail, Pov, School Setting,
Planned: Harem
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1. Extract and run.
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New Features
  • Added inventory system
  • First implementation of exploration
  • Money-making minigame
  • Journal to track stats of other characters
  • Two in-game shops
Other Tweaks:
  • Reduced chess difficulty
  • Reduced game’s size (again)
Two new reading modes:
  • Immersive Mode: The game as it was.
  • Fast Mode: Removes some clunkiness when setting text speed to max.
  • Added Sleep system.
  • Added some animations for backgrounds.
  • Added some missing speaking animations.
  • Improved almost every scene in the 0.13 update (mostly eyes).
  • Improved the gallery replay system.
  • Updated PC icons.
  • Updated MC’s profile pictures.
  • Made improvements to chapter selection.
  • Removed some unnecessary animations on the PC screen.
  • Disabled the music player in some parts of the game (spoiler).
  • Fixed a bug when loading saved games in some parts of the game (spoiler).
  • Fixed a small crash when using the music player.
  • Fixed grammar and improved some dialogues.
  • 2 New Animated NSFW Scenes (One with variation)
  • 6 New Quests (some longer, some shorter)
  • 1 Path-Exclusive Quest
Other Improvements:
  • You can now fully replay the animated scenes (first implementation, expect future improvements)
  • Updated train and Horikita images in the prologue
  • Ibuki now moans in her H scene
  • Fixed some crashes with Discord presence on Linux (needs to be tested)
  • Story Continuation: The story progresses further, extending beyond the prologue.
  • Two New NSFW Scenes, one is animated.
  • New Characters: Ichinose & Ibuki
New Features:
  • Quest System: The story is now divided into quests, making it easier to add future updates. This change was necessary to implement the next feature.
  • Interactable Room: Between quests, you can spend time in your room. Here, you can select quests, listen to the game’s soundtrack, learn new skills, and more.
  • Gallery: View unlocked NSFW scenes.
  • Chess Minigame: Play chess in your room between quests to level up your chess skills, making duels with real opponents easier.
  • New Soundtrack: Enjoy new music tracks.
Improvements & Bug Fixes:
  • Optimized Game Size
  • Improved dialogues throughout the prologue.
  • Other Minor Improvements
  • Fixed chess promotion not working on PC.
  • Fixed some issues with Discord presence
  • Every quest now has its own image on Discord presence.
  • Fixed issue where loading to a new chapter after playing chess would kick you out to your room to play chess again.
  • Extended and improved some dialogues.
  • Improved a scene with Ibuki (the one where she’s sitting).
  • Added some new background animations.
  • Added new sound effects.
  • More game size optimizations.
  • Added some improvements to the music player.
  • Chess Minigame for Android (Simplified version due to Android limitations, redone from scratch).
  • The chess skill stat will now persist between saves (it won’t be reset if you’d like to start with a new path).
  • Chess AI is a bit easier now on the lowest difficulty (still needs some testing).
  • Fixed issue with the music player in the room, where sometimes pressing the ESC key kicked you back to your room, skipping the whole quest.
  • Fixed lag when loading clock animation.
  • Updated game’s icon.
  • Fixed the evil_meter error
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Revised Prologue:
  • New additional changes in the CGs
  • New changes and improvements to the dialogue to prepare for future content.
  • Added an option to input your family name (You’ll be able to do this on the PC in your room if you’ve already played the prologue (in 0.12)).
  • Improvements to the existing scenes.
Improvements & Bug Fixes:
  • Environment and music are now on two separate channels.
  • Windows now properly displays the game’s name.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong music was played when replaying the prologue and then returning to the main menu.
  • Removed the “Load” button from the game menu, as its functions were already included in “Save.”
  • Fixed some minor issues.
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Overhauled Save System: You can now delete saves and lock them to prevent accidental deletion. Additionally, some other improvements have been made to the save system.
NOTE: Old saves may disrupt the appearance of the menu, so they have been reset. I’m really sorry for this, it won’t happen again in the future. If you want your old saves back, here’s what you need to do:
1. Press windows + R and type **%appdata%**
2. Navigate to the renpy folder and copy the files from the RedSonata-saves folder to the RedSonata.saves folder.
However, I just recommend to start over.
Quick Menu Option: On PC, you can now toggle the quick menu on or off. It’s still turned off by default.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the game would return you to the main menu if you decided not to save the photo.
  • Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when loading a save file in which the phone interface was open.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Please keep in mind that the game is a fan-based parody. I have nothing to do with the original series owned by Syougo Kinugasa.
Please, support the official release of the upcoming light novels, manga and anime seasons.
  • Brand new story with our all beloved characters (more are coming soon).
  • No sprites are used in this project. I wanted every scene to be a unique one in it’s own way, without constantly repeating the same character image.
  • Licensed Music and Sound design.
  • Quite a few animations made in Adobe After Effects.
  • NSFW scenes (not many yet, story needs a bigger development).
Questions you may have:
  • Is Xgirl going to be added?
    • Probably yes, just in its own time.
  • How long before the next update?
    • Hard to say. But the initial plan is to update once in one-two months.
  • Is the art AI generated?
    • Not 100%. I find AI generated stuff too unpredictable to generate consistent images, and I also don’t have a powerful enough PC to fully use it. So I’m using AI to enhance my sketches instead. Not using sprites makes this project about 10 times more difficult, but since I’m using AI in some capacity, I’ve decided to take this approach.  

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