Cross Worlds [v0.20] [Lustful Entertainment]

Cross Worlds [v0.20] [Lustful Entertainment]

May 10, 2024F95

Cross worlds is a game for those who enjoy adventure, dating simulation, and exploring new worlds through interaction with unique characters. The game is currently in development and is funded by Patreon backers.

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We show you the story of our city boy in a small community that drained all the opportunities offered to him. Curiously, everyone has a great life except him. However, for unknown reasons, he switches places with his other dimension alter ego. Clueless about this new world and feeling a strange mystical force that grows and manifests within him, he explores this new and exciting civilization in the company of fantastic characters.
The game consists of different chapters in which you can make decisions that will affect the story. You will learn to take control over your emotions and influence other characters as well while rising to the most crucial ranking of heroes in your city. With an experienced veteran and accomplished adventurer as a guide, and with your new companions, you will discover how far you can go in conquering this new and unknown world.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-23
Release Date: 2024-04-20
Developer: Lustful Entertainment PatreonWebsiteDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.20
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Adventure, Corruption, Big Tits,  Exhibitionism, Dating Simulation,  Fantasy, Male Domination, Male Protagonist,  Mind Control, Monster Girls, Oral Sex, Transformation
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1. Extract and run.
Incest Patch:
just overwrite the file in the game folder
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  • New relationship system for Shael, goes from level 0 to 4.
  • New corruption system for Shael, goes from level 0 to 4.
  • New sprite system for Shael. It’s more dynamic and it will help us to implement new content (clothes, transformations)
  • Expanded one of her CGs, the breast grope. Similar to the above.
  • Updated some of her old content. Also, with Corruption 4, you can access her old exhibition and public use scenes. We will add specific training for each in the future; this is just in the meantime.
A new character, Tazdra, the orc mercenary, just arrived in town for a special mission.
This includes art for her; her portrait is using a new layer system that we were not using before. This will let us be more flexible with their expressions and will also allow us to add new content (i.e. outfits) with ease. We aim to update every character with this system so you can customize them more!
The story continues with a few scenes about Tazdra’s arrival and her relationship with Aldit, the tavern owner.
A few bug fixes, like wrong menus and some grammar.
Preparing the groundwork for a new “relationship system” focused more on quests and building up your relationship through the story instead of grinding stats.
Android version! From now on, new releases will also be available in this platform.
This month, we bring you new art and content for both Jay, the goblin girl, and Aldit, the bartender. This includes four new CGs, and a total of 8 new scenes.
6 new story scenes.
New content for Shael (exhibition and public scenes)
New content for Laia (exhibition and public scenes)
Updates on Ava interactions (costs, stat gains, etc.)
Bug fix (mostly related to interactions with Rowen, Ava, Laia and Shael)
Taking care of typos
5 story scenes, trouble with the cult arises again.
Libido training for Laia
Libido training for Rowen
Two exhibition scenes for Laia
Two public scenes for Laia
Two exhibition scenes for Rowen
Two public scenes for Rowen.
New CG art (For Rowen and Laia)
A few minor bug fixes (typos mostly)
-5 new scenes for Rowen, two exclusive to their feminine version.
-All the interaction content needed to progress from acquaintance to sex friend.
-3 new mind control scenes, in case you want to go through that path.
-We increased their weekly appearances so it’d be easier to find and bond with them. For now, they only appear at the guild hall. -Fixed a few bugs related to Shael (missing images and other minor things).
Added interactions with Shael (Talk, flirt, observe, etc.) from tier 1 to tier 3.
Added five scenes for her too. For T1 and T2, you would need mind control. Otherwise, they all unlock at T3.
Mind control panel for Shael, with three scenes too. You can only change your relationship with her for now.
Bugfix: Some values weren’t correctly resetting, so a character could have over 100 in arousal i.e.
Bugfix: Also, some stats changes in Alistar/Alice were wrong. We realize we must go over and fix most characters in this regard.
New interaction scenes for Alistar.
Now you can pick your roommate’s gender at the beginning of the game.
New portrait and expressions for Alice (fem. version of your roommate)
3 new CGs for her
4 new scenes for her (unlocked when your relationship is “close” using mind control)
One new music track.
You can also change your roommate’s gender (and name) later. Use the setting buttons you can find in your bedroom.
A few bugs were fixed (among them, a few wrong quest markers)
New interactions interface for Aldit.
Added a settings button in your room. For now, you can disable (some) futanari content, but this is *not* complete yet, but we’ll make sure to update all content sooner rather than later.
Created a system (mostly for us) to be able to rebalance the gameplay in case it’s too grindy or not grindy enough. It also might allow us to implement a “cheat mode” in the future.
New interactions for her (Talk, hang, observe, cheer, flirt, tease, and date).
New relationship mechanics for Aldit (Love, mood, and arousal)
New mind control mechanics for her, too (Normalization, which will reduce the cost of control overtime)
A new squat scene for her T3 relationship.
New relationship tier for Laia (s. friend)
Tier 3 scenes for Laia at the tavern.
New scenes (including inhibition and libido training) for Laia at the market.
New scenes for Laia (only bond) at the temple.
3 new CG’s for Laia New inhibition level for Sybil!
Includes new outfit. New xmas scene! This is a short quest, mostly to have fun!
QoL improvements on the map.
A few minor bug fixes.
A new, lengthy main story quest for your party and Shael, the dark elf.
New relationship level (Tier 3) for Sybil, your landlady.
New kiss scenes for Sybil (Tier 2 and Tier 3)
New scenes for Sybil (T3 only)
A few bug fixes and improvements to the mind control screen.
Bugfix update.
Two new lengthy story scenes to set up what will come next for 0.4!
Multiple scenes for Sybil; you can find her at your house, the market, and the tavern.
Multiple scenes for Alistar; You can find him at your house and the guild.
3 new CG arts for Sybil; For kissing, one for her on her knees, and a frontal one, with multiple variations for future use.
One new CG art for Alistar with multiple variations for when you help him at the lab.
A scene with the goblin Jay; you can find her in the industrial district.
Changed Sybil, Alistar, and Laia’s journal entries telling you their weekly schedule, so it’s easier to find them.
A few bugs were fixed related to the journal.
Fixed Isabelle conversation (you could trigger the introduction multiple times)
Removed instances of lines creating exceptions
Added missing images (or rather, fixed the code calling them)
Added a default text for your landlady (she still requires new entries, but at least it won’t be just an empty box now)
Added missing hints
The guild now closes at night always, even if you interact with Ava in the afternoon.
Greyed the unavailable buttons at the mind control UI, just so people now they are not achievable yet.
10 new main story scenes, which will lead you to improve your powers and develop them.
A new character: Aldit, the amazon adventurer and your landlady’s friend.
Two interactions for Aldit: Daily Quest (Work with her at the tavern) And Squats (Exercise!), with multiple short scenes for each.
Two interactions for Ava: Daily Quest (Work at the guild) and Bird Watching. Same as above!
A new interaction for Laia: Play a tabletop game with her, and see what unfolds!
New menus for mind control and interactions for Aldit, Ava, and Laia.
A new background for the industrial district.
Initial release.


*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, Download at your own risk.

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