Crucial Investigation [v1.70n] [root]

Crucial Investigation [v1.70n] [root]

May 22, 2024F95

Amy is a young policewoman, she wants to help people, serve and protect.
She has just been called to the boss, it’s about a new investigation at a nearby school.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-22
Release Date: 2024-05-22
Developer: rootPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.70n
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Text based, Female protagonist, Animated, School setting, Corruption, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Masturbation, Lesbian, Mind control, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Male domination, Blackmail, BDSM
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Main story continuation (save your game first!)
  • class random events update
  • some new effects in the club
  • fixed some stats
  • Main story continuation: Reyes visit (lv.44)
  • new outfit and animation (principal mansion, sunday)
  • Uncle random events update, backyard
  • club update: new random events while returning home
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  • Club update, new outfit and animation, third floor, vip section (lv.42)
  • class random events update
  • Main story continuation: Reyes update (lv.39), wait a few days for a phone call (lv.40)
  • new school outfit and animation
  • some new random events in class
  • minor home update
  • fixed some old scenes
  • Main story continuation:
  • – Uncle update (lv.38)
  • – Gang update (lv.37)
  • minor cheerleader update (locker room) and dreams, backyard, dangerous st update
  • Sis update
  • TV update
  • home/park/center/school minor update
  • Main story continuation: Reyes update (lv.36)
  • Candy minor update (home/school)
  • random events update
  • some new effects
  • stats update
  • Main story continuation: Liam class & Reyes update (lv.33)
  • bartender: pool update
  • Police station: Laptop
  • class minor update
  • Uncle Makeup/special tutoring continuation patreon events
  • home random events update
  • class update
  • Police station: Laptop Update, Emma update
  • School trip
  • center minor update
  • walkthrough update
  • tutoring update (pill-related,patreon special)
  • Club update (dancing)
  • home random events update (pill-related random events)
  • Police station: Emma update
  • Jamal’s house update
  • little progress in the main story
  • Dangerous St. and pool (bartender)  update
  • extended pill events (cafeteria & class)
  • Principal school update
  • fixed gym and modeling errors
  • Main story continuation
  • pill-related random events (Park, School, Class etc.)
  • Gang update (Dangerous St.)
  • Modeling agency update
  • Police station: Emma update
  • minor home and gym random events update
  • Friday morning/Shower autosave
  • walkthrough update
  • fixed some school errors
  • UI improvement
Skipping game events:
(experimental feature – save your game!)
  • added skip/speed up Prison event button
Corruption events:
— Police station: Emma new path
— school classroom new event
– minor gym update
– new phone call scene
– fixed cheerleader practice error
– fixed some old scenes
– school cheerleaders update
– bug fixed (lv.16-17)
– school update, new location (School car park)
– new visual effects (center)
– Main story continuation: Reyes update
– new visual effects (home,beach)
– bug fix
– new visual effects (home,pool,park)
– sis story update and rebuild
– Gym update + new outfit
– minor bar & school update
– minor changes at the beginning of the game
– walkthrough update
(Remember to save the game before playing.)
– Club random events update (dance floor)
– Landlord update
– Gym, home, school (principal) minor update
– Gym update
– Bonus game “Katie: Cheerleader Camp” update 0.24
– Bonus game “Tiffany shop” new intro
– Main story continuation: Reyes update (wait for the call and go to the club)
– Gym update
– minor school & home update
– Gym update
– Club, park, beach, pool minor update
– Principal mansion (sunday) rebuilding and new patreon event
– Gym minor update
– minor update in school & home
– Amy’s main story continuation
– Gym minor update
– new case continuation (from previous update)
– Gym minor update
– minor update school & home
– fixed an error in prison
– new case (go to the gym a couple of times and boss will call to you again)
– minor school class & cheerleaders update (second floor)
– Gym update
– Principal office new effects
– School class rebuilding
– fixed an error in church and added a new random effects
– last prison update and end of some part of the story
– “Katie: Cheerleader Camp” update 0.22
– prison update
– Police station update
– prison update
– home events minor update
– Prison update
– Police station: Christine update
– new visual effects
– new visual effects
– Police station: Christine update
– school cheerleaders update (second floor)
– Police station: Christine update
– Gym update
– school cheerleaders update (second floor)
– prison update
– club bar scenes: fixed and reworked
– school cheerleaders update (second floor)
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.34
– Police station: Christine path update
– trainer’s house (rebuilding)
– home minor update
– bug fixed (City center)
– Gym update
– Police station: Christine new path
– new tab “Characters”
– walkthrough update (up to date now)
– modeling agency update (patreon ver. only)
– new animation (so now the entire MC profile is animated)
– school update
– prison update
– school random events update
– home events minor update
– five new MC animations (at the beginning of the game)
– walkthrough update
– code optimization and improvement some “passages”
Patreon ver. only:
– new outfit (shop)
– modeling agency update (visit couple times)
– Gym update
– George’s Store (Park) update
– Bank update (patreon ver. only)
– prison and home minor update
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.32
– George’s Store (Park) update (distribute flyers couple times)
– swimming pool: bartender fixed & minor update
– police station: stolen cars update
– principal tasks update
– Josh friend event update
– stats update
– principal tasks update
– prison update
– school events minor update
– Tony’s apartment: basic path end
-> and start of new tasks: “how to meet Carlos again”
– gym update + new basic gym outfit (patreon ver. only)
– police station: stolen cars minor update
– many changes to the code, hope everything works 🙂
– police station: stolen cars update
– prison: minor update & fix
– swimming pool: bartender update
– school: minor update
– Tony update
– home events update
– minor tutoring update
– bug fixed (uncle event)
– church rebuilding
– pool update, new location (in progress)
– back from school event update
– club, home minor update
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.30
– school: principal tasks little update
– Club update (Tony), new location
– police station update
– school update (cheerleaders) and some minor update
– police station, update and new case available
– home random events update
– cheerleaders minor update
– fixed some “passages” not showing properly
– police station, new side quest available:
board with hints and clues
new cases with different endings (in progress)
opportunity to earn
– new location
– swimming pool minor update
– stats update
– club update, two new characters /in progress (if you are drunk you will get small additional events)
– prison update
– park minor improvements
– uncle random events update
– “back from school” events update
– school cafeteria
– dreams update
– jamal’s friends re-checked and fixed
– prison update
– dream update
– police activity update
– principal mansion update
– school: principal update
– beach update (many changes here)
– school: principal tasks update
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.28
– bar: update “drink” event and “tease” when you’re drunk
– landlord update
– club update: owner and random event (sideroad), Tony (25% investigation)
– home event update
– school update (class)
– stats fixed
– exams update (11 new vids)
– dating update (beginning at the bar)
– school: principal tasks & Candy update
– “Katie: Cheerleader Camp” update 0.20
– new intro
– doctor visit
– new random event in park
– jamal’s friends update (if you pay off all your debt more than twice)
– minor update: club,  principal mansion,  prison
– prison update
– principal tasks update
– dating update (beginning at the bar)
– club update
– tutoring, uncle, dream and school random events update
– new bikini + animations
– principal update
– new school location & tasks
– club strip update
– class random events update
– “Katie: Cheerleader Camp” update 0.18
– fixed some images not showing in profile
– minor update: school, park, home, low quality vids have been replaced
– new MC animations (experimental)
– club update
– minor update: school, principal mansion
– bug fixed (club images, screen shaking)
– new character in the club (check sofa)
– new storyline (check school bathroom) /in progress
– school popularity update: new random school events (up to 35%)
– corrected some minor errors in “school exams” (you need school popularity above 30%)
– new location
– UI adjustments, new images
– police patrol update (corruption above 40)
– pool random event update
– bug fixes
– school exams (three school subjects at this moment)
– tutoring (you can try not to use that too much, lower your skills, be a little naughty, but save game first, just in case)
– new job (modeling agency, great opportunity to earn more money…and more sex? oh no! xD)
– new location
– bar update
– new stats
– new images
– police uniform
– story progress with principal, coach & son (exams in the next update)
– church update (min. lust: 50)
– random events update
– bug fixes
– new intro
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.26
– “Katie: Cheerleader Camp” update 0.16
– uncle update
– Mike’s backyard update
– cheerleaders update (gym)
– bar: pool update
– new stat
– UI improvement
– new cool vids (1000 in game, insane!)
– cheerleaders update (gym)
– club update
– uncle update
– random events update
– new stat
– new images and fade in effect
– random school events update
– new cool vids (950 in game!)
– uncle update
– principal mansion update
– Jamal’s friends update (now you can pay off all debt, the more money you have the harder it is)
– school random events update
– beach update
– new location
– new vids
– UI improvement
– code optimization
– club: rebuild some events
– uncle update
– school update
– new events & new location
– new cool videos (900 vids in game!)
– simple walkthrough added
– police station rebuilding (interrogation minigame)
– coach path update
– new cool videos
– storyline update (tip: sell pills in class) /in progress
– new storyline (park) /in progress
– new characters
– new location
– bar update
– police station update
– trainer house update
– bug fixes
– code optimization
– Mike’s backyard new event
– trainer house update
– club update
– park update
– new special event
– bug fixes
– new cool videos (850 videos in game!)
– new event: police patrol
– uncle update
– club update
– school random event
– new cool vids
– UI improvement
– shop rebuild
– new location
– uncle update
– new random events (park, shower)
– “Katie: Cheerleader Camp” update 0.14
– UI improvement
– new character
– new events (home/kitchen)
– Club update (in development)
– new random events (school, kitchen, shower etc. )
– new cool videos (over 800 videos in game!)
Save often from now on (if you haven’t before) events and storyline is constantly changing,
sometimes you will have to go back if you want full advantage of the game.
– stripper training and work in the club (if you use old saves- visit locker room once again, then office)
– principal mansion update
– jamal friends update
– new stats
– UI improvement and backend coding
– new random events (school, pool, park, club etc.)
– new cool videos (over 750 videos in game!)
(and a few other extra surprises, play and you will see!)
– bug fixes
– simple dating system, beginning at the bar (smartfone is alive again! :))
– new random events (school, shop, park, bar, pool etc.)
– stats improvement
– fixed images display on lower resolution
– code optimization: game should run smoother
– UI improvement and backend coding
– new (useful) stats
– Carlos path update
– new characters
– Tattoo studio
– Club update
– stripper training
– Katie path update
– new random event (home, kitchen, principal office)
– bar event rebuild
– pool random events rebuild
– new cool videos (over 700 videos in game!)
– fixed shop errors
(and a few other surprises, play and you will see!)
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.24
– police station update (interrogation, special task)
– new bar event
– beach event update
– school event update (bathroom, class)
– sis path update
– Candy small update
– Jamal job random event
– random events update
– replaced 11 low quality videos
– new cool videos (over 650 videos in game!)
– bug fixes
– Jamal event moved to new location
– Josh bar event
– Carlos club event
– Principal house update
– new street
– new random events
– replaced 10 low quality videos
– new videos
– club update
– church update
– new place: backyard (and random Katie event)
– principal house (bdsm path)
– Josh school event rebuild
– bar event update
– new random events
– new videos
– bug fixes
– church event rebuild
– katie path update
– new random events (back from school, school bathroom, beach/yacht etc.)
– new cool videos (over 600 videos in game!)
– next doctor visit
– bar event/drunk stat update
– new weekend outfit
– new videos
– fix outfit error
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.22
– Jamal event (pool)
– cheerleader update and fix
– new cool videos (obviously)
– replaced 30 low quality videos
– rebuild principal bdsm route
– clean up Candy videos
– cheerleader update
– sis path update
– Night Club (beginning)
– new stat: intoxication/drunk
– new outfit
– new videos
– bug fixes, some random events does not display correctly
From now on (this version) old saves should work! (I know it was annoying. Sorry!) if you have any issues – clear the browser cache.
but still- it’s always worth it starting the game again because a lot events has many random videos (which you could not see before) 😉
– now you can chase criminals, arrest or even release, take bribe (in the future – interrogate them, new stat: corruption) and visit boss on police station
– new rare events (they show up occasionally)
– replace low quality vids
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.20
– “Katie: Cheerleader Camp” update 0.12
– Jamal update
– Candy update
– school update
– new vids
– replace low quality vids
– bug fixes
Over 500 videos in game!
– “Tiffany shop” update 0.19b
– new videos
– replaced low quality videos
– update principal path
– update boss path
– new bar event
– new character:Carlos
– new vids for Candy, school and random events
– outfit update
– replaced 30 low quality videos
– School update
– Candy update
– outfit update
– bug fixes
– Tiffany story update 0.17
– principal path update
– church update
– katie small update
– replace/resize vids
– next game “Katie: Cheerleader Camp”
– new/replace vids
– Jamal path update
– school path update
– new vids
– fixed some video display
– Tiffany story update 0.14
– Amy story update 0.49
– new vids
– Katie path update
– update random events
– new/replace vids
– school path update
– Candy bimbo update
– update random events
– shop update
– new/replace img/vids
– bug fix
– Josh path update
– update random events
– replace some img/vids
– Josh path update
– school path update
– new img/vids
– bug fix
– Amy story update 0.43
– Tiffany story update 0.11
– hospital (hypnotherapy session) path update
– school path update
– principal path update
– new character: “Candy” bimbo friend
– update random events
– new img/vids
– some bug fix
– cheerleader (and trainer) path update
– katie path update
– school path update
– update random events
– new img/vids
– new navigation
– second game
– Tiffany path update
– store now avaliable (under construction)
– principal path update
– new school event
– upgrade random events
– stat changing to make game a little harder
– new img/vids
– Jamal path update
– new school events
– new img/vids
– update Tiffany/store path (dildo etc.)
– new Landlord path (rent, salary etc.)
– new vids
– update josh path
– new random events
– new img/vids
– new locations Church, Police station, trainer, school/cheerleaders
– new path cheerleader (and trainer)
– new path Boss (Police station)
– new path Church (priest/nun corruption – next updates)
– update Katie path (cheerleader)
– new random event
– new img/vids
– new random events
– new vids
– update Katie path (until day 12)
– new weekend outfit
– new random events
– new path – Jamal
– new img/vid
Game prologue completed.
– new locations, kitchen, porn tv etc.
– new img/vid
– update path principal, josh, cable guy, sister etc. (until day 10)
– small update, sister path, calls fix.
– hotfix navigation problem
– some new img/vid
– new pic/vid
– new statistics
– new location – hospital
– BDSM path
– some new events/path dependent on lust,sluttiness, beauty, masturbate(or not) etc. (early versions)
– smartphone, phone calls, text message system
– new statistics
– some new events/path dependent on lust,sluttiness, beauty etc. (early versions)
Updated scene:
Amy status:
First Release.



*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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