Cruel Serenade: Gutter Trash [v0.7.2] [Bitshift]

Cruel Serenade: Gutter Trash [v0.7.2] [Bitshift]

April 24, 2024F95

In the decaying ruins of Midnight City, danger and opportunity lurk in every shadow, beneath every flickering neon light. For Mezz, a cocky and capable crimefighter, a new chance at both has just opened up: A dusty data disc that may be a ticket to the Towers, the gleaming, guarded enclave of the elites. But getting his paws on it may take longer than expected, as the trail leads him straight to the dark, filthy heart of Midnight City: The Gutter.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-24
Release Date: 2024-04-19
Developer: Bitshift Itch.ioSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D Game, Male Protagonist, Rpg, Turn based combat, Furry, Humiliation, Gay, Anal sex, Sex toys, Mind Control, Rape
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1. Extract and run.
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-The center path, at last! A new area to explore, and potential “easy” “shortcut”, though knowing how things turn out for Mezz, maybe not so much.
-Mahir’s bad end, when Mezz loses to him, is now fully fleshed out!
-A new outfit!
-A new mini-game/gameplay loop
-New scenes! 4 new scenes, 4 mini scenes, 6 unique CG, and 28 new images overall.
  -Fixed the “fix” for the plaza. After completing the first of Mahir’s “jobs,” the player
  has to talk to him before before being able to leave the plaza. Jobs 2 and 3 don’t require
  this. “Fixing” this broke other things, as the interaction with Mahir sets several flags.
  Hopefully this is resolved now.
  -Fixed bug preventing player from leaving plaza after completing job for
  Mahir…again. This time for sure!
  -Fixed porn shop job bug where using stairs to trigger scene wasn’t triggering
  the correct switch to allow Mezz to leave the plaza.
  -Fixed collision bugs in hub, Ent. Dist. I
  -Fixed typo in Raspy Voice scene.
  -Redid alignment on chairs in basement party to tidy things up a bit.
  -Added to kitsune dialog in harem to account for different outfits
  -Clarified Satin’s text-entry box in his quest.
  -Added text file describing DataCrystal system.
  -Fixed porn store clerk getting stuck on other npcs when he comes to check on you.
  -Simply talking to the porn store clerk no longer allows you to leave the plaza:
  you actually have to do the work.
  -Fixed typo in battlesex.
  -Increased save slots to 30.
  -Secret hamburger in Haven now actually gives you a hamburger.
  -Fixed typo in lore computer entry.
  -In fight with two Strikers, defeating one while it’s wound-up shouldn’t freeze the
  other now.
  -Player can no longer interact with anklet Kitsune while running from hyenas, which
  caused various bugs.
  -“Should I fight him” scene no longer triggered outside Mahir’s if player has fought
  him and obtained charm.
  -Added a patch plugin to address a weird render glitch effecting systems with
  powerful graphics cards and high-refresh-rate monitors.
  -The fridge in the Abandoned Bar can no longer be moved while standing beside it,
  only below, avoiding troublesome collision and movement issues.
  -Dazzle Blast is now gated from the final boss fight, and will be…artfully
  removed before the player reaches it.
  -When Mezz is captured while sneaking in Entertainment District I and stripped
  after scene, the scripting now removes, and gives back, the bunny suit as well.
  -Fixed “Beg”, “Flatter” and “Serve” skills sticking around if Mezz loses battle
  with certain timing. Will keep an eye out for other stray skills and statuses
  not being reset correctly.
Initial Release

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    Cruel Serenade: Gutter Trash [v0.7.2] [Bitshift]