Cultural Replay: A Culture Shock Fanwork [v0.32] [Palos69]
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Cultural Replay: A Culture Shock Fanwork [v0.32] [Palos69]

May 10, 2024F95

You are a young man who has just moved to Hawaii with his beautiful mother and sister.
Beaches. Babes. What more could a guy ask for?
Juggle multiple relationships.
Or watch as other men steal your prospects and loved ones away.
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This is a free unofficial fan remake of Culture Shock by King of lust.
Recontextualized and Extra Scenes! Integrated Fanart Renders!
Story Rework and New Dialogue! Community Requested Features and Bug Fixes!
If you like the rewrite, please consider supporting the original game, which is still being developed.
Answers For Common Questions:
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The original game has a myriad of bugs, pacing issues, continuity errors, and sporadic quality in the writing that will probably never be addressed because of the incremental nature of any AVN with a subscription model. Their paid customers want new content and if they don’t deliver, it can hurt their finances. That can leave little time to go back and fix major issues for the health of the game.

If the original developer wants to use any part of this project in the original game, they are welcome to have it. The end goal is to get the story in a state that the community thinks would be a good jumping point for the original developer to build off of. I already post any fixes for bugs that would be in the original game in their discord.

They would need to talk to me first, so we can distinguish which code and renders are mine and which belong to other people. I don’t speak for the other contributors.

Why am I doing this specfically?
I’m unemployed and bored.

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That would require participation from the original developer and they are a notoriously difficult person to get a hold of.

To give context, I patched the original game and sent them documentation and the files months ago. As far as I know, the OG game still hasn’t been patched.

I’d rather post here and actually see people benefit from the effort.

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I was originally posting in the thread for the original game, but it had such little traffic that it felt like entire pages were just me posting updates. It was also very difficult to distinguish which comments were discussing the rewrite and which ones were talking about the OG game. After discussing the situation with the mods of this site, I was advised to make the rewrite it’s own thread.
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I like programming and I like writing. Modifying the game is enjoyable for me. I showed my initial work to a few people I made unofficial patches for and they encouraged me to continue it and share it with others. I’m aware of the ethical gray area of rewriting a game that is still ‘in development’, which is why the project will never be for profit.

The technical reason I chose Culture Shock and not another game is because it has a lot of renders. And those renders were made with a lot of composition choices that allows one to easily reuse or rearrange them.

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Creating the renders is the most expensive and time consuming part of AVN development, imo. Which is why the original creator should receive any financial benefits from this project.

If you REALLY feel the need to contribute, try to commission new render sets for scenes that could be added to the project. Or scrape the unused preview renders from the Patreon so I don’t have to pay for it myself. Last time, I paid extra for access to the Developer discord thinking I could talk to the creator there. To my disappointment, there hadn’t been any traffic for years. I am unwilling to pay that much again.

After the poll, I still decided not to accept donations for the software. The game breaks TOS for a lot of payment processors and it seems like more of  a hassle than it’s worth.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-21
Release Date:  2024-02-21
Developer: Palos69Discord
Original Developer: King of lust PatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.32 (Rewrite up to Day 10)
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Fanart Thread: Link
Original Game: Culture Shock
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3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Incest, Interracial, Milf,  Ntr (avoidable), Romance, Teasing, Voyeurism, Cheating,  Masturbation, Handjob, Creampie, Rape, Mobile Game
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1. Extract and run.
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Notable Changes:
– All – Incest Toggle implemented on both Preferences screens. The toggle has some quirks, but it’ll suffice for now until I come up with a more streamlined solution.
– All – Gallery – Two scenes added to the gallery.
– All – Added a “Save Generator” form to allow players to skip days. This is a work-in-progress feature.
– All – Added a debug logger that tracks route paths. This can be printed as a text file in the game’s directory by clicking a button on the options menu.
– Day 10 – Choice removed from d10 Night. You will now see both scenes as the Weiku/mother scene is key background information.
Community Suggested Changes:
– Day 0 – Line in Day 0 with grammatical error and missing words corrected – credit to Timesucker
– Day 2 – Karla flirt and run away choices have been rewritten so they’re less extreme. The run away choice no longer gives a BETA point.
– Day 5 – Karla and Mary scene has been updated to reflect changes made to Day 2.
– Day 7 – Fixed continuity error between Week 2 and Week 3 – credit to Sorreah
– Day 7 – Fixed old guide text – credit Chemish
– Day 10 – Marcus no longer brings up Emma during the sister conversation in her room unless the MC kisses Sophie during the party. Some minor adjustments to render layout were made to reflect this change. – credit to Sorreah
– Day 10 – Wrapped the two NTR scenes at night with the flag toggle as a redundancy. This scenario would only happen if using a mod or command line inputs. – credit to TurhaanKoitatte
Changes to Previous Days:
– All – Removed references to legacy variables used by the OG game, like corruption and slut values.
– All – Sister Relation Start scene has been adjusted so she’s not turning around so much.
– Sister – Morning Event – Added the morning wood renders as an additional romantic event for the sister route that can be triggered at any time as long as conditions are met.
– Day 1 – Added a scene flag to the Marcus/Sophie spying sex scene on Day 1. This will allow the renders to be reused.
– Day 7 – Karla Swimming render composition has been adjusted to limit the overuse of a render with the strange expression.
– Day 8 – Maude scene at the coffee shop adjusted.
– Day 10 – Mom discovery scene adjusted.
– Day 10 – Marcus/Sister scene render timing adjusted.
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Notable Changes to Day 9 and 10:
– All – Added an additional romantic night event for the sister. It has no plot relevance. Just shows them being affectionate.
– Day 9 – Most Day 8 classes moved to Day 9. The Day 9 classes will be moved to Day 11 or will be kept for later.
– Day 9- Continued to write out Clink and Tink (Anne and Clarissa) when needed. Again, there is no payoff.
– Day 9 – Gloryhole scene cut and reserved for integration towards the end of a route. I think it could completely change a player’s opinion of Emma so early in the story.
– Day 9 – Created a custom Karla scene with old renders to create a more transitional scene for the route.
– Day 9 – Replaced Leia stripper outfit class with a more generic custom class scene. The original renders are being reserved for a future plot point.
– Day 9 – Removed Leia call choice. It was a dead choice that looped back to the choice selection.
– Day 9-10 – Conversations with the mother and sister have been almost completely rewritten.
– Day 9-10 – Study event at James and Emma’s has been merged so you can talk to both characters.
– Day 10 – Removed the choice to play video games instead of talking to the sister in the morning. It skipped content and had no consequence on the story.
– Day 10 – Removed car driving renders in the morning. MC will take the bus to Emma and James’s house. Getting picked up by Weiku was a little too out there.
– Day 10 – Removed quiz mini-game with Emma during her hangout. Scene will change based on the study option.
– Day 10 – Added Liza pickle picture as a James choice option. Removed the sister picture option. At no point in the game did you take that picture, and she wouldn’t have let you anyways.
– Day 10 – Cut out scene where MC spies on Emma showering for later. Those renders have a lot more potential than what they’re being used for.
– Day 10 – Removed Kana references. Unless KingofLust actually puts her in the game, I don’t see any reason to keep her variables. She can be re-implemented later, if needed.
– Day 10 – The Weiku and mother conversation has been changed to better justify certain scenarios later on. Keeping the unused Weiku renders where he’s shirtless in the living room will be more valuable as transition renders.
– Day 10 – Sister room scene changed to better reflect story changes. There are four different variations of the Marcus/Sister scene, not all of them romantic. She will only get to second base with Marcus at this point under very specific circumstances. These renders will show up differently in other routes. This section is being recorded as a potential location for an early Marcus-Sunny sex scene, but with 20+ days to integrate, I’m leaving it as is until I get a better sense of pace.
– Day 10 – Added a jerk-off scene for MC, if Marcus gets to second base.
Community Suggested Changes:
– Added Gallery feature in Preferences screen. See the rest of the post.
– Day 1 – 2 – Added a choice flag that will enable or disable the Mom romance route. Script has been changed to account for this where needed. When the flag to unlock the Mom romance route is not enabled, you and your mother now appear to be a close mother and son pair, rather than flirtatious.
– Day 2 – Added another option for the Karla meeting on the beach. Changed dialogue in subsequent days to account for this.
– Day 6 – You can now get Karla’s number as a beta if you use the new third option on Day 2.
Continuity Error/Bug Fixes:
– All – Fixed a centering issue for the scroll up animation on the sister relationship event.
– Day 1 – There was no explicit party invitation dialogue (they just talk about it) from Marcus on any days before the party. Not sure if I deleted it by accident or if that was part of the OG game.
– Day 1 – Dinner conversation on this day brought in line with the party scene in Day 3. It didn’t seem realistic that she would let her high school daughter go to a college party.
– Day 2 – Some of the swimsuit choice menus were not updating stats correctly. This has been fixed.
– Day 2 – Transition from the choice to take a nap to Lucas bar scene now flows correctly.
– Day 3 – Party – Fixed a render continuity error in the party scene where the sister would show up as clothed during the Alpha path.
– Day 4 – Reworked the morning conversation with Liza about her clothing choice. If the mother buys the sexy dress, the MC will bring it up and you will have an entirely different conversation. This may be reworked to be the default option, but I believe the intention of the dress choice was for there to be a meaningful difference, even though both are equally sexy in my opinion.
– Day 4 – The MC receives a coffee even though they didn’t order anything. The MC now orders a coffee.
– Day 10 – Fixed OG issue with the dialogue where it assumes the sister went to the party even if you took her home.
Changes to Previous Days:
– All – Almost every day has a major scene reworked in some way. Some scenes were made more responsive.
– All – Disabled Delamar action route until a more clear route can be defined.
– All – Removed the flavor text function that switched some text based on status. It was creating issues for some 3rd party tools.
– Romance Sister Start – Scene has been updated with new variables, some dialogue and renders reworked/reorganized.
– Romance Night Events – Images have been manipulated through the engine to make them darker so they fit in with other similarly modified renders.
– Intro – Rewritten and slimmed down.
– Day 0 – Re-added the sister choice for this day to give players access to the point. The route is still disabled and will not start.
– Day 1 – Added a college application option for the computer choice on Day 1. This will alter some dialogue up to Day 5.
– Day 2 – Rewrote beach scenes to better flow with the rest of the story.
– Day 3 – Party – Opened up the Sophie kiss to the BETA path and made the characters more responsive to all of the kissing that goes on in general. Marcus and Sophie will react when their respective partners are kissed. It does slightly change the NSFW scene for some routes.
– Day 3 – Party – Removed the mother’s phone conversation with Aunt Liza from non-NTR path. It doesn’t contribute anything to the story or the characterization. You see her the next morning no matter what. Those are good renders so reducing the amount of times they’re seen in a route will allow for more reuse.
– Day 4 – Removed the sister groping choice from Day 4. The choice didn’t have any point to the story at all. It may be re-implemented in the future.
– Day 4 – Reworked the sister dinner conversation to make it more about the sister and the MC. Remove the choice as it had no impact on the game. A copy of the scene was kept if I want to reintegrate some of those concepts in the future.
– Day 1 – 6 – The college enrollment/mother anger plot-line has been almost completely rewritten for better flow.
– Day 6 – Decoupled scene where sister walks in on MC showering. It has no real story purpose, so it can now be triggered at any point during the game when conditions are met.
– Day 7 – 8 – The Maude coffee shop scene from Day 9 has been reintegrated and put into Day 7 and Day 8. The relevant render has also been re-added to the James scene in Day 10. Some of the renders were removed because it’s a little too much escalation. They may be reintegrated in the future.
– Day 8 – Removed high love sex scenes of the Mom/Son date. It was just too soon and skewed the pace for players who wanted to actually romance the mother. Two different prompts were added so the rape scene is skippable. Because the high love versions of the scene were removed, there was no reason to restrict it to one status. The date was opened to non-NTR alpha players by adding a section after the mom car scene where you can ask her on the date.
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Notable changes to Day 7 and 8:
– Day7+8 – Removed trivia game – passing and failing school will now be based on a player study choice.
– Day7 – Removed ability to skip school that day. Verified that choice has no effect on the rest of the game.
– Day7 – Started shrinking Clarissa and Kate’s role as they stop showing up after day 10.
– Day7 – Temporarily removed the Dr. Rai choice. This will most likely be re-added once I have a better sense of what her character is meant for.
– Day7 – Made getting Emma’s number automatic on all routes. It’s clear she’s intended as a main girl.
– Day7 – Removed little mermaid sister scene choice because it had no characterization and no purpose.
– Day7 – Temporarily removed mom/sis morning wood scenes. Will save the renders for a future scene that is more relevant and when their relationships properly progresses.
– Day7 – Lucas ghosting Mom scene has been rewritten so you can take her on a date on Day 8.
– Day8 – Added sister relationship trigger check before school.
– Day8 – Added sister snuggle trigger check at night if Mom is not taken on date.
– Day8 – Cut all but Karla’s class from Day 8. The teacher’s explained the pop quiz structure as weekly, but you get an additional quiz on the day right after. These cut class scenes will be moved to the following week.
– Day8 – If Mom slept with Lucas, MC can take her on a date and sleep with her.
Favorite removed lines this update:
– Day8 – In the MC and Mom sex scene, the MC says “And away we go.” as he thrusts into her for the first time. Later she’s described with, “she was so wet that she could fill a jug.”
Community suggested changes:
– Added a Walkthrough toggle (called Guide) in the Preferences screen. Reveals immediate point gains or losses, and gives hints to some events. It doesn’t tell everything because some of the results of a choice may vary depending on game logic. Just a gentle reminder, but this is a visual “novel”, just because something doesn’t have a stat change, doesn’t make it less valuable of a choice. I try to put crumbs of information or character interaction in all choices.
– Added line to intro informing players NTR is disabled by default and must be enabled.
– Removed “BETA” requirement to see Mom/Lucas aftermath scene and modified dialogue. It caused some weird route pathing. Now that scene needs to be avoided manually on Day 2. Expanded aftermath and eavesdrop dialogue to account for the removal of the “BETA requirement was added.
-Day6 – Made internal thoughts about asking for Karla’s number status specific.
– Removed unneeded static variables from persistence save files.
– Removed unused renders to make the file smaller.
– Fixed age discrepancy from legacy menu values.
– Started removing unused girls from the stat menu.
– Day2 – Fixed beta dialogue in the shower from showing in other routes.
– Day2 – Fixed incorrect name assignment for Sophie conversation.
– Day2 – Fixed a scenario where someone on the beta path could skip the Lucas bar scene if stepmom_love wasn’t high enough.
– Day5 – Fixed a typo on a text variable that was causing an exception.
– Day6 – Added a missing condition for a line in Karla scene that acted as if sis and MC were dating.
Changes to previously released days:
– Day6 – Aunt Lisa blowjob scene was made more responsive to status.
– Temporarily disabled “Incident” choice until there is more content to work with.
0.2 with Bug Fix
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  • Save games were being saved in the same directory as the original game. This was creating compatibility issues. The initial release was replaced by the fixed version in the Download section.
0.2 – Initial Release
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  • Integrated fanart renders (with permission) into several parts of the story so far.
  • The main character can now start dating his sister by Day 5 if their relationship is high enough.
  • Relationships with the main girls are now responsive. Reaching a high enough relationship score will trigger generic scenes that can happen at certain parts of the story. This is to make the characters feel like they’re actually dating and in love.  These events are not hardcoded into the script at specific times, so they can’t be accidentally skipped or missed.
  • Expanded and rewrote scenes to prevent content from being locked out of specific routes.
  • Rewritten Dialogue –
    See More
    The goal was to fix continuity errors, typos, grammar. Characters were also changed to make for a more emotional story and to provide justification for certain future acts in the story. The core elements of the original story remain intact, but expect major changes in future updates. Some scenes and content may be removed if it doesn’t fit the new tone.
  • Status System –
    See More
    This replaces the Corruption, Confidence, and Slutty stats from the original game. Now choices in the game can give you ALPHA or BETA  points. The game will compare the two values to determine if you are “BETA”, “ALPHA”, or “NEUTRAL”. Some of the dialogue and route pathing is responsive to your character’s status.
  • Stat Points – can no longer go below 0.

  • Family Bonding Enabled By Default – Players may set incest on or off at the beginning of a playthrough.
  • Last Name – Added a prompt so players can set their own last name.
  • Day to Week Migration – Began the transition from  having in-game time pass in days to weeks. This is to prevent everything within the game from happening within a month period.
  • Gallery and Extra Scene have temporarily been removed until the game is in a more developed state.
  • NTR Flag Toggle – In the original game, the NTR flag was implemented late and does not work before Day 30. Now it can be toggled on and off from the Preferences screen at any time. Note that playing the BETA route with NTR turned off may lead to an uneven story. NTR is disabled as a default.
  • Fixed History Bug – There was a bug that only printed every three of four lines of the dialogue in the History page. This has been fixed.
Developer Notes:
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This is a fan rewrite that I am using to learn the Renpy framework and best practices.  I am hoping it revitalizes interest in the original game. I am not associated with the original creator or game in any way.
It started as an effort to fix the grammatical and continuity errors, but some other fans encouraged me to expand and share my work. I was posting my updates in the original thread, but after talking with several other users and the mods, it was decided that it should have its own thread.
I also won’t implement an ending until the original game is finished or abandoned to prevent loss of income to King of lust.
Feel free to share feedback, report bugs, or even suggest scenes or story changes. Be aware that I am limited by the original renders and fanart.
Planned Features for Next Update – Completion – 10%:
See More
– Days 11-12 added to the game.
– Make Marcus more reactive to the character if he’s an Alpha. (DELAYED)
– Add an entry point for the Aunt romance plot so it can be avoided. Rework all of her dialogue up to Day 12.
– Maude route opened to BETA players. (PRIORITY ADD)
X – Quality of life features added in v0.32 that were originally planned for this release.
Known Bugs:
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The incest toggle is a hacky implementation with a known issue. If you click enough times on a non-clickable option after selecting the toggle from the Main Menu (not the one from Preferences during a scene), it will take you to the Start screen as if you started a new game. You can easily get back to the Main Menu by right clicking. This will be addressed when I figure out a more precise solution, but the original Incest toggle logic was the largest barrier to adding things to the gallery.

If you enable the toggle, and then rewind back to the part before you enabled the toggle, then the title changes will be reverted and the toggle will still show as enabled. This can be fixed by enabling and then re-enabling the toggle.

(I have fixed the bug. It will be included in the next release.)

This project will never be pay-walled or profited from in any way.  It’s just something I do for fun in my free time. If you like it, please consider supporting the original developer.


Extras: WT Mod*

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