Dark Magic [v0.17.5] [F. Lord]

Dark Magic [v0.17.5] [F. Lord]

June 5, 2024F95

You grew up in an ordinary family with an ordinary life, except for the fact, you’re the only man alive in the world!
You’ve been living among beautiful girls in the Kingdom,  yet, you still have no real actions with any girls.

Then everything changed when you met The Red Witch.
The one who will teach you about the magic power.
The one who will pull you into the Dark Magic world.

All girls in the Kingdom are awaiting you to meet them.
Now it’s your chance to corrupt them all!

” This game is huge, hard, and really long, so please take your time playing and enjoy! “

Thread Updated: 2024-06-01
Release Date: 2024-06-01
Developer: F.Lord Patreon –  SubscribeStarDiscordF95
Censored: No
Version: 0.17.5
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Big tits, Corruption, Fantasy, Futa/trans, Handjob, Harem, Incest, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile game, Monster girl, Oral sex, Pov, Romance, Sex toys, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism
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1- Extract to the desired location.
2- Click on “DarkMagic.exe” to start playing.
1.) Launcher 2.) Content file
Step 0: Download both the Launcher App (1.) and the Game Content (2.) files.
Step 1: Install the Launcher App (from the APK file).
Step 2: Open the Launcher App. If the application requests storage permission, click ‘Allow’. The following splash screen will appear when you launch the app for the first time:
Note: If you tap the screen, the app will close. This is intentional by design.
Step 3: Use an Android file manager of your choice (I recommend ES File Explorer). Navigate to internal storage, and you should see the “Documents” folder. Go inside and that should match the directory shown in the image above.
Step 4: Locate the Game Content zip file (2.). Extract the zip file to the required directory (Documents/RenPy_Saves/com.flord.darkmagic/game/). Alternatively, you can choose any method you prefer to move the contents of this zip file (archive.rpa, and scripts.rpa) to the game directory.
Step 5: Once completed, open the Launcher App and enjoy.
# Alternative way to play on mobile, you can use Joiplay!
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Halloween: Love Letter
Greetings, everyone, my fellow citizens of Dark Magic.
A public release has arrived, and with it, I extend my deepest gratitude to all of you—our cherished supporters and new friends—who have continually supported me in transforming my hobby into what I now proudly call my life’s work.
A love letter is often seen as just a small object, but this update is my heartfelt expression of gratitude and affection to all of you. It’s a piece of my heart that I am eager to share. I am determined to keep sending these updates because now, more than ever, this journey is for both you and myself.
To you: We’ve been stuck here for too long. It’s time to keep moving. This might be a brief one, but I want this special update to be a love letter to all of you, the people of Dark Magic. Your support is the lifeblood of this project, and you are the true masters of our destiny.
From me: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your belief in this journey is invaluable, and it empowers me to continue creating and growing. Let us embrace the future together, stronger and more united than ever.
Stay magical and enjoy the new release!
-Public release!
-Fixed Halloween event keep repeating itself.
The continuation of the main storyline (Main content)
Fixed bugs in some Momoko BOM scenes
Updated Splash Screen image
Updated Location scene background images (Ex. Living room)
Updated Living room time of the day images
Updated Peep Airi dildo solo animation videos
Updated First sex with Airi animation videos
Updated Nami rainy day first sex animation videos
Updated Namie under the counter boobjob animation videos
Updated Momoko room service: Footjob images & animation videos
Updated Dildo with Red Witch & Ruriko sex scene
Updated The Castle images (Kimiko takes you for a tour)
Updated Airi room service: Boobjob (Full scene)
Updated Airi room service: Oil massage – Fingerings videos
Updated Airi room service: Oil massage – Missionary videos
Updated Airi room standing images
Updated Taka at home images
Reworked Kana’s introduction scene (Rewrite)
Reworked Red Witch first encounter scene (Rewrite kinda)
Added new main menu video: The Red Witch
Added Airi sleepover service: Breastfeeding Handjob
Added Airi bathroom services: Foarmy Boobjob & Smooshy Armpits
Added Living room threesome fun with Airi & Momoko
Added Airi & Taka double handjob breastfeedings
Added missing Ruriko’s BOM scene
Added more sound effects
You can invite Airi to Taka’s for a breastfeeding party.
Move Yasuko’s office sex service from 4th to 2nd menu level
There are many enhanced images throughout the game.
All new BOM scenes will be in the “Special” segments, such as MC’s birthday.
You can replay the scene using the Book of Memory [Row, Column]
Airi: [3,5], [4,2], [3,3]
Red Witch: [1,1], [2,2]
Momoko: [2,1]
Nami: [1,5]
Hitomu & Namie: [1,6]
Dark Fairy & Kana: [1,2]
Update estimate playtime (V.0.16.0-V.0.17.0): ~3 hour
Start from beginning estimate playtime: ~43 hours
– Fixed click indicator icon didn’t appear in Replaying mode.
– Fixed videos with Windows activation watermark in it.
– Updated Airi sleepover handjob videos.
– Updated Airi room quickie sex videos (Morning sex).
– Updated some of Airi and Momoko’s memories image icons.
– Updated and added more tips in Magic Notes.
– Updated Peek Momoko at night + New Handjob animations.
– Updated Peek Airi at night + New Boobjob animations.
– Updated Airi’s room service: Blowjob + New animations.
– Updated scenes and quests sequences.
– Now Momoko will get upset if you wake her up too early.
– Now you can access the Book of Memory anywhere.
– Added new 205 render images.
– Added new 36 animation videos.
– Added a frame when you give water to Airi at Castle front.
– Added option to make Airi lactate when sleeping over.
– Added Airi Morning quickie and Night quickie.
– Added Airi sleep naked image.
– Added Momoko’s room services: Blowjob, Eat pussy, & Sex.
– Added a new threesome scene with Airi and Momoko.
– Added 3 new memories to Momoko’s memory page.
– Added 4 new memories to Airi’s memory page.
– Added 1 new memory to Taka’s memory page.
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed Book of Memory displayed incorrect page title.
– Added a choice for Dark Fairy to slap Kana (Orc warlord) to progress a true story.
– Added new content: SpookyNight Part 1
*Older save (below V.0.12.3) might not work properly
+ System & Contents Update:
Fixed minor bugs.
Fixed dialogue typo.
Splitted Castle night 1 into scene sections in Book of Memory.
Added Download buttons to download Full-save file both V.0.13.6 and V.0.14.0
Added Manual download links menu (Download save-files manually)
+ Added Book of Memory events for V.0.14.0:
Kimika & Momoko: +6 (+4 Events from 0.13.0)
Nami: (+2 Events from 0.13.0)
Red Witch: +1 (+1 Events from 0.13.0)
Dark Fairy: (+1 Events from 0.13.0)
Castle Day 2:
This version update contains events that take place in the castle on day two. It is an event that will happen in one day but is packed with many events. I think the content in this update has a variety of emotions for you to experience. Please enjoy.
Update estimate playtime (V.0.13.6-V.0.14.0): ~3 hours.
Start from beginning estimate playtime: ~35 hours.
v0.13.6 Public
** Older save (below V.0.12.3) might not work properly **

+ System & Contents Update:

– Reversed RenPy version from 7.4.1 back to 7.3.5
** If you load the game and see the normal error prompt, press “Rollback” or “Ignore” to skip it. That’ll happen because of the differences between versions.
** The reason I updated to RenPy 7.4.1 (latest version) because I thought it will improve the performance but instead it caused me more problems.
– Fixed Airi massaging sex didn’t trigger when select.
– Changed “Learn more magic” quest conditions.
– Added missing dialogues.
– Added more messages in Magic Notes.
– Added version cover in Book of Memory for save file thumbnail.
+ System & Contents Update:
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Added short tutorial.
– Added sound effect when cast Magic.
– Added 361 new rendered images.
– Added 10 new videos + 2 reworked.
– Added new background music and sound effects.
– Added 1,300+ new dialogue lines.
– Added location name on location button.
– Added event indicator on location button.
– Added new item: Bottle of water (Consumable).
– Added the “Skip Futa scene” button in only a Futa scene.
– Added a bunch of Magic notes from start to end.
– Improved scenes background music and sound effects.
– Improved quality of life by adding event mark on Map.
– Removed Bravery point system.
– Reduced mana cost from casting a spell to 30
– Reordered story events.
– Reworked intro scene with Nami.
– Reworked peek Momoko bathing scene.
– Reworked on game notify panel and animation.
– Reworked Ruriko mana regeneration blowjob scene.
– Optimized Book of Memory system.
– Made some edits on the Meet the Red Witch scene.
– Now some items can be consumed to increase mana.
– Now Momoko needs to be corrupted at least 10% before she accepts to be naked.
– Now you can stack the wage from working at the Mine.
– Momoko can get upset when you peek at her.
– Introduced Group corruption magic (WIP).
+ Events Update:
This update is a night one inside the Castle after you got attack at Nami’s house. The Queen seems to be both worried and happy to see you. She gives you and our family help, and she only needs one thing in return is a friendship.
– Update estimate playtime (V.0.12.3-V.0.13.5): ~1 hours.
– Start from beginning estimate playtime: ~32 hours.
+ System & Contents Update:
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Made some edits on the Meet the Red Witch scene.
– Reworked intro scene with Nami.
– Added short tutorial.
– Added sound effect when cast Magic.
– Added 208 new rendered images.
– Added 5 new videos.
– Added 1,000+ new dialogue lines.
+ Events Update:
This update is a night one inside the Castle after you got attack at Nami’s house. The Queen seems to be both worried and happy to see you. She gives you and your family help, and she only needs one thing in return is a friendship.
– Update estimate playtime (V.0.12.3-V.0.13.0): ~1 hours.
– Start from beginning estimate playtime: ~31 hours.
v0.12.3 Public
– Fixed bugs and typo (Thanks to Putzi & abcdjh)
– Fixed more corrupted images.
– Removed end of version message from V.0.11.0
– Re-rendered videos that have Windows activation marks on them.
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+ System & Contents Update:
Fixed minor bugs.
Fixed Kimika Beach event happens too early.
Fixed corrupted image files.
Added new Book of Memory page: “Mihina & Tsuki”
Added more music and sound effects.
Added 1,000+ new rendered images.
Added 22 new videos.
Added 5,000+ new dialogue lines.
Added new 33 Book of memory new pages.
Added more Magic notes messages.
+ Events Update:
+ Book of Memory Update:
Airi: +2 memories.
Red Witch: +1 memories.
Nami: +5 memories.
Taka: +3 memory.
Okemia: +2 memory.
Sada: +1 memories.
Mihina: +17 memory.
Other: +2 memory.
– Update estimate playtime (V.0.11.1-V.0.12.0): ~5 hours.
– Start from beginning estimate playtime: ~30 hours.
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– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed bug that caused the game to stuck.
– Fixed some typo.
– Removed auto-update file from the start of the application.
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+ System & Contents Update:
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed Kimika Beach event happens too early.
– Changed menu name from “About” to “Changelogs”
– Changed Flower Fairy & Dark Fairy Lover pages to night time.
– Rerendered on some Red Witch videos.
– Reworked Absorb Magic from Red Witch scene.
– Reworked Castle front images.
– Reworked Taking bath images.
– Added more music and sound effects.
– Added 650+ new rendered images.
– Added 12 new loop videos.
– Added almost 3,000 new dialogue lines.
– Added more Magic notes messages.
– Added system that allows you to update the data from server (Ex. Change-logs)
– Added “Download” button on Magic Notes menu to download more notes from server.
– Added “Download” button on Save/Load menu to download Full-save file from server.
– Added Popularity indicator of the character on Corruption menu (From Discord).
– Your room will be decorated with more stuff as far as the story goes.
++ Events Update:
– This update will focus on the Magic route. The event will start after Airi found a mystery box as Red Witch told her.
– New scenes with Emica after induction day.
– New scenes at the School & Clinic.
And as always, I want this game to make you feel happy. Take care and stay strong in a situation like this!
With love and respect, F. Lord.
+ Book of Memory Update:
Airi: +8 memories.
Momoko: +2 memories.
Red Witch: +3 memories.
Tomo & School: +2 memories.
Clinic Namie: +1 memory.
Castle Kimiko: +1 memory.
Flower Fairy: +2 memories.
Dark Fairy: +1 memory.
Emica: +1 memory.
– Update estimate playtime (V.0.10.1-V.0.11.0): ~3 hours.
– Start from beginning estimate playtime: ~25 hours.
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++ System & Contents Update:
– Added more than 900 new render images.
– Added more animation videos.
– Added more nice music, and sound effects.
– Added/Improved bunch of Magic Notes messages for better life quality!
– Added Auto, Skip, Back (Q-Save, Q-Load on Android) Buttons.
– Added replay button for Taka’s murdering case (For someone who missed bath scene).
– Updated Yasuko’s lover page unlock condition and page message.
– Updated Ruriko’s lover page unlock condition.
– Now character’s name info will be updated when you learned their name (Work on most of the characters.)
– Now you can learn the Waitress’s name after Drunk in the Bar 4 times.
– Now I gave more time to each scene music.
– Re-worked some of the previous version scene background music.
– Re-ordered some of the previous version scene sequences.
– Re-rendered Airi & Momoko corruption faces on 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% (Old players can see them as well)
– Re-rendered Chizue morning storefront image.
– Re-rendered Waitress images at Bar midnight.
– Re-rendered Extra work at Yasuko’s Mine.
– Re-rendered Yasue events to match up with Yasuko’s new story.
– Revamped Yasuko’s story. – Castle Front and storefront now have night time images. – Fixed corruption level doesn’t increase for the Waitress.
– Fixed minor bugs.
++ Events Update:
Some said it’s a spoiler so I will sum this update up.
– This update focuses on the MC soldier path, which means you’re going to see some of the familiar characters and a lot of new face characters who’re going to join in the world.
– A lot of nice and touchy moments with your friends and family.
– It’s also a big update for Yasuko’s storyline.
And as always, I want this game to make you feel happy.
With love and respect, F. Lord.
++ Book of Memory Update:
– Airi: +8 memory.
– Nami: +1 memories.
– Yasuko & Yasue: +16 memories.
– Dark Fairy: +1 memory.
– Chizue’s Bar: +1 memory.
– Taka: +1 memory.
– Special Events: +2 memory.
– Update estimate playtime (V.0.8.1-V.0.9.0): ~4~6 hours.
– Start from beginning estimate playtime: ~20 hours.
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– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed typo and some dialogues message.
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– Added new 44 new videos.
– Added new 790+ images.
– Added new 6 musics.
– Added new 15 girl headshot photos (Current + Incoming).
– Added new feature: Book of Lovers (13 girls featured)
– Added cool new main menu video (Featured Dark Fairy)
– Added main menu video switch in Settings.
– Added/Changed main background music.
– Added Book of Memory Character front pages.
– Added Book of Memory background image.
– Added new location: Onsen & Spa
– Added Onsen & Spa activities to increase Mana.
– Scrollable for the inventory item list.
– Changed the way to get Erotic book #2 (To just search a room)
– Always show a Save button.
– Extended a little bit more of the first-day event.
– Rerendered Red Witch & Ruriko talking images (First meet + Filled missing images)
– Rerendered Namie clinic talking images.
– Event: Weak witch.
– Event: Ruriko energy harvest.
– Event: Red + Ruriko ritual.
– Event: Dark Fairy’s prison.
– Event: Talking with Ruriko 1 & 2
– Event: Dark Fairy torturing.
– Event: Angry Red.
– Event: Red Dream.
– Event: Dark Fairy unchain.
– Event: Hitomu at the onsen.
– Event: Stinky Fairy.
– Event: Another Fairy in my room.
– Event: Thanks Okemia.
– Event: Meet Okemia’s another student.
– Event: Training more with Okemia.
– Event: Training test 1 & 2
– Event: Okemia pranks her mother.
– Event: Invite Airi & Momoko to the onsen.
– Event: Story progress: They’re coming for you.
– You can now jerk off in your room at some point in the story.
– Red Witch now not normally smile.
+ Book of Memory Update:
– Airi: +1 memory.
– Momoko: +1 memory.
– Red Witch: +10 memories.
– Hitomu & Namie: +1 memory.
– Dark Fairy: +7 memories.
– Okemia & Luna: +6 memories.
– Other: +1 memory.
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+ Updated from V.0.7.0B
– Fixed some of Momoko’s replay scenes that cause bug.
– Fixed some replay scenes require bravery level.
– Fixed some replay scenes require corruption level.
– Updated proofread dialogues.
– Updated Credits scene.
– Added hidden event from V.0.7.0B to special event memories.
See More
+ System & Contents Update:
– Added new 1,000 render images.
– Added new 36 animation videos.
– Added new 1 music audio clip.
– Added more than 4200 lines of dialogue.
– Added Hall of Fame (Patrons name credits) in Credits.
– Added in-game support buttons.
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Updated speaking dialogue visual.
– Rerendered some of Book of Memory images.
– Rerendered Airi Castle front images.
– Rerendered Nami Castle front images.
– Rerendered Okemia Mojo scene images.
– Rerendered Taka Home images.
– Reworked + Extended Momoko room peeking (+Videos)
– Reworked + Extended Airi’s special meal (+Videos)
– Reworked threesome scene with Airi & Momoko.
– Event: Family visit at Taka’s house.
– Event: Taka & Airi bikini test.
– Event: Taka evening nap.
– Event: Taka on the murder case (Choice affects event ending)
– Event: Freedom day at Bar.
– Event: Woman visit Taka’s office.
– Event: Accident in Sada’s room.
– Event: Cast Magic on Sada.
– Event: Sada approach at my front door.
– Event: Sada night visit.
– Event: Sada gun tries out.
– Event: Sada sexual relationship #1
– Event: Sada night hang out.
– Event: Dreaming about Nami.
– Event: Nami, Airi, and Taka talking.
– Event: Lake visits with Sada.
– Event: Stranger asks for Sada’s house.
– Event: Kimika’s mother flashback.
– Event: Dark Fairy Queen first appearance.
– Added Nami’s repeatable event at night.
– Added Sada’s repeatable event at night.
– Added Taka’s repeatable event in the evening.
– Added new location: Lake
– Added new way to earn money: Fishing
– Added 1 more frame on Airi’s cleaning sex scene.
– Added 11 new “Magic Notes” messages.
– There is 1 Hidden event.
+ Book of Memory Update:
– Airi: +1 memory.
– Nami: +3 memories.
– Taka: +8 memories.
– Kimika: +1 memory.
– Dark Fairy: +1 memory.
– Sada: +9 memories.
– Update estimate playtime (V.0.6.1-V.0.7.0): ~3 hours.
– Start from beginning estimate playtime: ~15 hours.
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+ Update from V.0.6.0:
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed typos.
– Fixed music doesn’t change in some scene.
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+ Update System & Contents:
Now scene replaying will display your name instead of “Jack”.
Now you can read Book of Memory in the Midnight.
Added new cool main-menu video & music.
Added cancel keyboard input button.
Added “Wait to click” indicator for speaking dialogue.
Redesigned speaking dialogue appearance.
Redesigned choice menu appearance.
Redesigned all map icons.
Redesigned UI interaction.
Remade Day 1
Added Airi morning event.
Added drawing practise with Momoko.
Added drawing practise with Momoko & Airi.
Added 2 Momoko morning events.
Added 5 events in the Castle.
Added Sada room.
Added Sada room events.
Added Sada bathroom peephole scene.
Added Luna martial arts training scene (Kimiko’s letter quest)
Added morning event in Red Place.
Added calling for Hanako (Flower Fairy) in your room.
Finished soldier final test day (Longest event ever).
Meet 2 new characters.
Rerendered all girl headshots in corruptions stats.
Rerendered + Extra Airi’s room peeking.
Rerendered Dinner with Airi scenes.
Rerendered Living room bg scenes.
Rerendered Living room talking scenes (Talk to Airi/Momoko).
Rerendered Momoko’s going to bathroom scene.
Rerendered Momoko room scene.
Rerendered First night at Red place scene.
Rerendered Taka first meet scene.
Rerendered Taka’s home scene.
Rerendered Yasuko’s workplace scene.
+ Update Book of Memory:
Airi +1 memory.
Momoko +4 memories.
Sada +2 memories.
Kimika & Kimiko +5 memories.
Hanako +1 memory.
Special +1 memory.
Red Witch & Ruriko +2 memories.
New Page: Nana +2 memories.
+ Update note from Developer:
In this update, you will see the major improvement in the scene lighting and game menu appearances. This new lighting style will be my new standard from now on. And In the matter of time, I’ll go back and re-render the old scenes (Include video) to make each scene image style goes in the same direction.
– Estimate playtime for the Update (V.0.5.1-V.0.6.0): ~3 hours.
– Estimate playtime for the whole game: ~13 hours.
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– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed missing name reference.
– Fixed Yasue’s corruption level does not increase.
– Fixed Waitress’s corruption level does not increase.
– Fixed Kana does not open her mouth while speaking.
– Added/Revised dialogues.
– Added new feature: “Magic Note” (What to do)
– Added/Changed Airi’s room images (New Rendering style)
– Added “About” in Main menu.
– Added “Fix-Replay” for Red’s “Absorb Magic” scene.
– Updated “Credits” in Main menu.
– Updated “Join us” in Main menu.
– Updated girls headshots in girl corruption list.
– Updated Airi’s missing BOM memory.
– Updated Kimiko’s missing BOM memory.
– Changed game icons (Your soul is mine)
– Reduced night time darkness.
– Removed “*Knock*” message before entering Airi or Momoko’s room.
– Removed “What to do” menu in living room.
– Removed “Quit” button from any PC version.
See More
– Added more than 1000 render images in this version!
– Added new 29 animation videos.
– Added/Changed House’s background images (Include your room)
– Added “Working” animations when Work at Town Mine.
– Added “Join us” in Main menu (Links)
– Added inside the Local Store.
– Added New location: Home front
– Added New location: Bar
– Introduce 3 new characters through the story.
– Changed “Go to” location UIs from Text to Icon.
– Increased dialogue transition speed.
– Increased Chizue service’s cost.
– You can drink Rum in your room.
– Drinking has small effect on your character (Useful for earlier game)
– Event: The bar drunk events.
– Event: Morning at Red Place.
– Event: Spiders must die.
– Event: Airi & Taka night out.
– Event: Airi morning bath scene.
– Event: Sada comes back home.
– Event: Tamiko sleep problem.
– Event: Taka’s breastfeed.
– Event: Kimiko ran away from home.
– Event: Kimiko & Momoko bath together.
– Event: Kimiko & Momoko night scene.
– Event: Kimiko & Momoko ghost prank.
– Event: Queen at your home.
– Event: Dinner with Queen.
– Event: Extended more 2 scenes in Dinning room (Dessert, Sandwich)
– Event: Human Ruriko (Red Witch power #1)
– Event: Kimiko & Kimika bath #2
– Event: Kimiko interrupt her mother.
– Event: Head check-up with Hitomu & Namie.
– Event: Yasuko’s sick.
– Event: welcome gift for Yasue.
– Event: Added 2 Dreams.
– Event: Morning activities with Ruriko.
– Event: (Mainquest) Final test day #1.
– Event: Meet Flower Fairy (2 Events).
– Scene: Morning mana regeneration.
– Scene: Sleep with Airi: +1 Extended scene.
– And many more!!! (I can’t list all)
+ Added new 36 “Book of Memory” memories:
  – Airi: +7 memories.
  – Momoko: +5 memories.
  – Taka: +3 memories.
  – Red Witch & Ruriko: +6 memories.
  – Hitomu & Namie: +1 memory.
  – Yasuko & Yasue: +2 memories.
  – Kimika & Kimiko: +7 memories.
  – Chizue & The bar: +2 memories.
  – Dark Fairy & Kana: +1 memory.
  – (New) Flower Fairy: +2 memories.
  – (New) Sada: +1 memory.
  – Main quest: +1 memory.
See More
Fixed missing Taka items.
Fixed the problem scene Yasuko’s 69 keep repeating.
Added a Splash screen.
Changed the images in the introduction scene to look better.
Extended the length of Christmas activities (+ Christmas Cum Party).
See More
Fixed minor bugs.
Fixed “Extra work” menu, did not display in Yasuko’s office.
Fixed Airi corruption image, did not display the right condition.
Fixed location “Red place”, was displaying as “Your room”.
Removed [Replay] scene in some characters’ menus.
Removed items from the shop if you already bought them.
Removed read book from shelf in your room.
Rebalanced item cost.
Improved speed on “Hang around” and “Take a nap” actions.
Bravery can be ignored in some scenes if the character’s corruption is high enough.
Added “Go Outside” option in your room menu.
Added “Hang around” cut-scene images.
Added more “What to do?” Help tips in the Living Room actions.
Added 3 more pages to the Book of Memory: Okemia, School, and Special Events.
Added 2 new places: Nami’s home, and School.
Added “Soul Corruption” menu for Momoko bathroom approach.
Added “Book of Memory” events:
  – Airi +2 events (Total: 29)
  – Momoko +2 events (Total: 21)
  – Nami +3 events (Total: 7)
  – Yasuko +1 event (Total: 7)
  – Kimika +1 event (Total: 5)
  – Dark Fairy +1 event (Total: 3)
  – Okemia +6 events (Total: 6)
  – Town School +3 events (Total: 3)
** Events **
Event: SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EVENT (Buy socks > hang in Living room at night > Sleep)
Event: Momoko +2 new event.
Event: Airi +2 new event.
Event: Okemia +5 new events.
Event: Nami +2 new events (Turn music on)
Event: School girls +1 events.
Event: Kimika & Momoko +1 new event.
Event: Dark Fairy & Red Witch +1 events.
Event: Sada first appearance.
Extra Airi’s room service.
Extra night scene when peeking on Momoko sleeping.
Extended Yasuko’s 69 scene (I have to tell someone to calm down here)
Added Quest: Find another book.
** In this update **
+Improved quality of render images.
+769 new render images.
+29 new loop videos.
+Lost count of dialogue & code lines.
+3 new music & sound clips.
♥ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ♥
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Fixed minor bugs.
Changed main menu background.
Small edited on Credits.
Increased speed on dialogue transition.
Added Music into the game.
Added “What to do?” menu in Living room actions.
+ Added new feature: Gallery / Book of Memory
** With more than 80+ replayable scenes:
* Airi: 27 scenes (6 sex scenes, blowjob, boobsjob, etc.)
* Momoko: 19 scenes (3 sex scenes, blowjob, footjob, thighjob, etc.)
* Red Witch & Ruriko: 8 scenes (2 sex scenes, blowjob, dildo, etc.)
* Nami: 4 scenes (Flash boobs, Romance)
* Taka: 3 scene (Flash boobs, handjob, naked)
* Yasuko: 6 scenes (Kissing, flash boobs, naked, 69, etc.)
* Hitomu & Namie: 3 scenes (1 sex scene, blowjob, boobsjob, facesit, etc.)
* Kimika & Kimiko: 4 scenes (Blowjob, bathing, etc.)
* Dark Fairy: 2 scenes (1 sex scene, etc.)
* Emica: 2 scenes (1 pull-up sex, pussy licking)
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– Fixed Yasuko does not pay you in Evening.
– Fixed Hitomu & Namie event does not trigger (After visiting school a quest is end there)
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– Fixed minor bugs.
– Your maximum mana increases with your strength level.
– Now you don’t have to make them show boobs to increase corruption.
– Re-worked the Taka water system scene.
– Added more Quests with Taka.
– Added Corruption level reactions for Airi and Momoko.
– Added Family dinner option.
– Bath with Momoko.
Momoko’s nightmare.
– Extra scene when Momoko sleeping alone in the living room (School uniform).
– Extra scene when peeking on Momoko in her room (School uniform).
– Sleepover in Airi’s room.
– Erotic books for Red Witch.
– More sexy stuff for Red Witch.
– Event: Momoko & Kimiko art practice sessions.
– Event: Dark Fairy’s plan.
– Event: Hitomu and Namie.
– Event: Kimika and Kimiko.
– Main-Quest: Training with Airi (2 Sessions).
– Extended Yasuko scenes.
+780 Images.
+46 Animation video loops.
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– Fixed Code does not work on Android.
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– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed Android name input problem.
– Fixed my broken English (Almost all dialogues)
– Added Credits menu.
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– Added Code menu for activating cheat-code.
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– Maximum
  – Corruptions: 40%
  – Knowledge: 1
  – Magic Skill: 2
  – Bravery: 3
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed some typo.
– Added ability to Replay some scene.
– Added 2 new Momoko’s room services.
– Added 1 new Airi’s room services.
– Added Quest-line for Red Witch & Ruriko.
– Added Chizue (Local shop girl) actions.
– New Girl: Emica (Go exercise at the Park, Morning)
– New Location: Town Park.
– New Items: Rum, and Erotic Book.
– New Quest-line for Hitomu & Namie.
– New scene: Bath with Airi.
– New scene: Momoko’s masturbation in bathroom (Put something in her room)
– New scene: Airi’s drunk in her room (Give something to her)
– New scene: Airi shows boobs at work.
– New scene: Airi and Nami show boobs at work.
– New event: Momoko’s first day of school.
– New event: Meet Momoko’s rich friend.
– New event: Meet Dark Fairly.
– New event: Taka’s breastfeeding.
– New event: Queen, first appearance.
– Extended Airi’s massaging scene.
– Extended small Main-Quest story.
– Re-worked on Momoko in room render images.
– Increased working income (From 5xSpendTime to 10xSpendTime)
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– Fixed too lewd scene with Taka and Kamiko.
– Fixed minor bugs.
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– Fixed missing image file bug.
– Fixed Ruriko needs Candy when regen mana for the first time.
– Fixed bug that causes Yasuko can be corrupted multiple times.
– Added choice to use Soul Corrupts with Yasuko and Nami.
– Airi now clean bathroom on Saturday and Sunday.
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– Initial Release Version.
Developer Notes:
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Fan Signatures:
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BB Code:
BB Code:
BB Code:
BB Code:
BB Code:
BB Code:
BB Code:
BB Code:
BB Code:
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Incest Code:
truestory = incest on
myname (your new name) Ex: myname F.Lord => Change your name.
addmoney (amount) Ex: addmoney 1000 => Add your money.
resetmana # Set Mana amount to 100%
nextday => Increase day.
maxall => Max your state not character’s corruption.
Use it without ‘-‘ in “Code” menu.
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Android players kindly read the Installation


Extras: Cheat ModFan Sigs

*The compressed version is not made by the developers, use at your own risk.

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